350/pcs sanitary cotton strips per minute OEM
350/pcs sanitary cotton strips per minute OEM
350/pcs sanitary cotton strips per minute OEM
350/pcs sanitary cotton strips per minute OEM
350/pcs sanitary cotton strips per minute OEM

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350/pcs sanitary cotton strips per minute OEM

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Product description

A tampon is a type of menstrual hygiene product for women, used to absorb menstrual blood. It is made of materials such as pure cotton fiber, polymer, and cellulose. Sanitary tampons are widely used in various countries and regions around the world.
The processing of sanitary tampons is a complex process. Firstly, raw materials need to be screened and cleaned to ensure that they are free of impurities and pollutants. Then, the raw materials are mixed and processed to form the basic structure of the sanitary cotton strip.
Next, after processing with high-tech equipment, the internal fibers of sanitary cotton strips can form different absorption layers. According to different needs, different specifications of sanitary cotton strips can be produced, including lightweight, soft, and ultra long ones.
The surface of sanitary tampons is usually specially treated to give them a smooth texture and avoid irritation to the skin. At the same time, sanitary tampons are also equipped with convenient drainage channels and leak proof structures to ensure safety and comfort during use.
The sanitary tampon is also subjected to strict aseptic treatment to avoid bacterial infection. It can provide long-term absorption effect, making women more confident and confident during menstruation.
The method of using a tampon is very simple. Users only need to insert the tampon into the vagina to ensure that the tampon is fully open and close to the vaginal wall. After use, the tampon can be easily removed by pulling out the rope or following the product instructions.

In short, sanitary tampons are a finely processed female hygiene product with the advantages of strong water absorption, softness, and comfort. It not only effectively absorbs menstrual blood, but also keeps the vagina dry and comfortable, allowing women to maintain confidence and happiness during menstruation.


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