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Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:40

Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer Feature: 1. Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer is mainly used for granules and block material 2. Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer is special Table Salt Dryer 3. Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer is big capacity Continuous Coffee Bean Dryer 4. Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer reach GMP 5. Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer is Soybean Fluid Bed Dryer 6. Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer heating way is steam or electric or natural gas and so on 7.Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer is big capacity. Produ...

Food Drying Machine

Model No:Food Drying Machine

food Drying oven Drying oven oven belt Drying Machine roasting oven cutiing Machine food equipment vegetable slicer

Film Drying Machine

Model No:Film Drying Machine

Drying Machine Quick Details Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland) Brand Name: HAIHONG Model Number: PDM300 Material Processed: Film Plastic Type: PP Drying Machinery: Plastic Recycling Machine Washing Machine: Plastic recycling Plastic washing Machine: Plastic washing line PP PE Film recycling plant: Recycling Machine Dryer: Plastic recycling plant Packaging & Delivery Packaging Detail: Wooden case or other moistureproof packages. Delivery Detail 45 Working days after order confirmed. S...

Zhangjiagang Haihong Machinery Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Province Zhangjiagang City

Ultrasonic Golf Cleaning & Drying Machine

Model No:Cleaning & Drying Machine

Ultrasonic Golf Cleaning & Drying Machine Jinan Bakr Ultrasonic Technology Co., Ltd. Is a professional ultrasonic cleaning equipment R & D manufacturing, products encompass all kinds of automobile repair and maintenance specifications for ultrasonic cleaning Machine; Widely used in engine parts, oil dump and rostra, Pressurized, automated all kinds of auto parts and cleaning, also used in large bus companies, long-distance transport companies. Our products were not only sold to different...

High Efficient Hot Selling Cylinder Drying Machine

Model No:popular new type drying machine

The dryer is mainly used for building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments to dry material with certain humidity or the granularity. The production of the dryer to material adaptability is strong, and can dry all kinds of materials, and equipment operation is simple and reliable, so obtains widespread adoption. 1, the Machine can make the large intensity of Drying, because of the high dispersion of the material in the air, all the surface area of particles extremely dry...

Zhengzhou Ruiyong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhongyuan District Zhongyuan West Road

Best selling meat microwave Drying Machine

Model No:meat microwave drying machine

Min. Order:1

The meat Drying Machine manufactured by our company is a kind of microwave Drying Machine. Meat microwave Drying Machine can be used to process various meat products and is widely employed to produce dehydrated meat products. Meat microwave Drying Machine highlights: 1. Multiple heating methods by electricity, steam, far infrared and hot water. 2. High heating efficiency inside the Drying oven. 3. Balanced processing temperature for the utilization of positive draft, air separating board inside ...

High Speed Centrifugal Spray Drying Machine

Model No:LPG

Min. Order:1

High Speed Centrifugal Spray Drying Machine Description: The High Speed Centrifugal Spray Drying Machine is the technology most widely used in the liquid technology shaping and in the Drying industry.The Drying technology is most suitable for producing solid powder or particle products from liquid materials,such as: solution, emulsion, suspension and pumpable paste states,For this reason,when the particle size and distribution of the final products, residual water contents, mass density and the ...

Centrifugal Spray Drying Machine

Model No:LPG

Min. Order:1

Centrifugal Spray Drying Machine Applications of High Quality Spray Dryer LPG centrifugal spray dryer Machine is ideally suited for Drying of polymers, resins, dyes, pigments, ceramics, glass, rust removers, pesticides, carbohydrates, dairy products, detergents, fertilizers, organic compound and inorganic compound liquids, and other materials. Specifically, this spray dryer is used in the following areas: Chemical Industry Potassium chloride, alkaline dyes and pigments, dyestuff intermediates, c...

Paper UV Drying Machine

Model No:M-50200UVC

Min. Order:1

Flat UV Drying Machine//Parameter Technical parameters M-50200UVC Conveyer width:500mm; Total wattage:7KW; Wind fan wattage:200W/380V; Conveyer motor wattage:1000W/1P/380V; Conveyor speed:0~10m/min; Speed adjustment:Stepless; Outer dimension:2000×660×680mm(l×w×h); Net weight:180KG; Lamp wattage:3KW/380V×2pcs; Max height of production: 80mm. M-75200UVC Conveyor width: 750mm Max curing Objects:750×60mm(W×H); Total Wattage:7KW; Fan Motor Wattage:1000W/380V; Transport Motor wattage:1000W/1P/380V; C...

High Efficiency Boiling Fluid Bed Drying Machine

Model No:GFG-60/100/120/150/200/300/500

Min. Order:1

Product information: ★The fluid bed Drying Machine is suitable for Drying damp granule material in many fields such as pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry. ★ Its fluid bed is round structure. So it avoids dead corner. ★In the bed there is stirrer. It avoids agglomeration of damp material and forms channel flow during the period of Drying. ★The bag filter on the top is made of anti-static special fiber. The operation is safe. ★Discharged by turning over. It is quick, and complete. ★Operate...

Glass Cleaning & Drying Machine

Model No:BX2500

Min. Order:1

Brief Introduction The Glass Washing & Drying Machine is a highly efficient glass washing Machine and is used to wash and dry glass before manufacturing insulating glass which ensures the cleanness of the glass surface. The Machine is of horizontal structure. And feeding, washing, Drying and glass discharging can be operated continuously. The automatic conveyor has easy adaptability with stepless speed regulating. The Machine is an ideal economical and practical glass washing equipment for...

Automatic Glue Drying Machine

Model No:glue drying

Automatic Glue Drying Machine Feature: With the circulation air system, high heat efficiency, fast temperature rising, low power consumption, high constant temperature precision, uniform temperature; with the function of inlet air adjustment, over-temperature alarm, transmission speed is stepless regulating. Main transmission motor power: 0.75KW Circulating blower power: 5.5KW Transmission speed: 2.4~20m/h Heating power: 24~48KW/pc Dairy production capacity: 4000-10000pcs/shift Temperature cont...

Flash Drying Machine

Model No:XSG

XSG series Grinding Dryer Description XSG series rotary flash Drying Machine is my factory in the introduction, absorption, on the basis of foreign advanced technology, successfully developed a new type of Drying equipment. This advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, wide scope of application, large production capacity, products of good quality and high efficiency, energy saving, in a dry equipment, crushing, sieving one-time completed, eliminate the pollution of the environm...

Square/Round Vacuum Drying Machine

Model No:YZG/FZG

Min. Order:100

Square, circular vacuum Drying Machine Features: ● Under the condition of vacuum, the boiling point of raw material will decrease and make the evaporation efficiency higher. Therefore for a certain amount of heat transfer, the conducting area of dryer can be saved. ● The heat source for evaporation may be low pressure steam or surplus heat steam. ● The heat loss is less. ● Before Drying, the treatment of disinfection may be carried out. During the period of Drying, there is no impurity material ...

New Design Rotary Sand Drying Machine

Model No:Φ2.8×24

Delivery Time:30 Days

New Design Rotary Sand Drying Machine Introduction of Sand Drying Machine Sand Dryer is a kind of highly efficient, stable and reliable heating Drying equipment, designed to dry materials with high moisture or strong stickness. Sea Sand Dryer is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement plant to dry sawdust, construction sand, abandoned tailings, new energy material, ore, coal and other powders.Silica Sand Dryer is mainly made up of rotary body, lifting blade, driv...

LPG Spray Drying Machine

Model No:LPG

Min. Order:1

LPG High Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer Product Introduction LPG high-speed centrifugal spray dryer is a kind of dedicated equipment for Drying suspension, emulsion, paste and solution. This spray Drying Machine is particularly prominent in Drying resins, polymers, dyes, pigments, glass, rust remover, ceramics, pesticides, carbohydrate, detergents, fertilizer, dairy products, organic compounds and inorganic compound liquids. Fishmeal spray dryer Machine Working principle Air is filtered and heat...

Double Conical Revolving Vacuum Drying Machine

Min. Order:1 Set/Sets

Vacuum Drying Machine is suitable for vacuum mixing and Drying of powder and granule raw materials of pharmaceutical industry,chemical industry,foodstuff industry etc, it is suitable for raw materials that have the following requirements:1. the heat

Vegetable Dehydration belt Drying Machine

Min. Order:1 Set/Sets

Drying Machine for Vegetable DehydrationZL 99 2 29732·XDescriptionDWT Series belt Dryer for Vegetable Dehydration is special equipment researched and developed on the basis of traditional net belt dryer. It has stronger pertinency, practicabil

Bottle Drying Machine

Model No:GD-003

After capping and inspection, the bottles should be dried with our Drying Machine. Before sleeve labeling, the bottles should pass three suits of our special wind knives, for which the wind origins from whirlpool pump. The whirlpool generates pressure wind, and becomes high speed wind curtain through the wind knife mouth, and then the wind blows the bottles up and down till dry. Therefore it is more convenient for the (sleeve) labeling and carton packing. In this way, this Machine solves the pro...

Chemical Vacuum Tray Dryers High Performance Vacuum Drying Machine

Application: Pharmaceutics Industry Function: Drying Advantage: Easy Operating Quality: GMP Chemical Vacuum Tray Dryers High Performance Vacuum Drying Machine   Description:   When the dryer vessel rotated, the heat-receiving surface of target materials are to be replaced every moment to quick the Drying speed so that the products are dried evenly. Meanwhile, it is heated indirectly to avoid it being conitaminated. Others include no dead angle inside, easy operating and cleaning, the optimized s...

JY Series screen Drying Machine

Model No:JY

Use JY Drying Machine for screen-printing is a Drying device for screen printing ink (pigment) operated together with the screen printer. The product is mainly used in printing industry, for example,porcelain pattern, lottery ticket, and package, ect. Since coming onto the market, the product has won trust and favorable comment from customers for its reliability, cheapness, maintainability and excellent after-sale service.Characteristics JY series Drying Machine for screen-printing transfers pap...

Glass Washing and Drying Machine - flat glass cleaning Machine

Model No:Glass Washing and Drying Machine

Product Details Basic Specification glass washing Machine horizontal glass Machine glass washing Machine Production Capacity as per Machine specification Voltage as per Machine specification Power(w) as per Machine specification Weight as per Machine specification Level Of Automation Full Type Glass Washing Machine Detail Description Glass Washing Machine Hundreds of our washing machines are now being operated in hundreds of glass fabricators which require high cleanliness of glass for packing  ...

Pharmaceutical / chemical Vacuum Dryer Drying Machine with

Model No:FZG

Min. Order:1

Quick Detail: Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland) Brand Name: chuangxin Model Number: FZG Application: Tablet Type: Drying Machine certification: ISO9001 purpose: dryer feature: less heat losed Description: Vacuum tray dryers is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and electronic industry, and it is well known that vacuum Drying is put raw material into the environment of vacuum for heating and Drying, if use vacuum pump to draw air and humidity out, the dry speed will be fas...

Pharmaceutical / chemical Vacuum Dryer Drying Machine with

Model No:FZG

Min. Order:1

Quick Detail: Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland) Brand Name: chuangxin Model Number: FZG Application: Tablet Type: Drying Machine certification: ISO9001 purpose: dryer feature: less heat losed Description: Vacuum tray dryers is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and electronic industry, and it is well known that vacuum Drying is put raw material into the environment of vacuum for heating and Drying, if use vacuum pump to draw air and humidity out, the dry speed will be fas...

Bottle Drying Machine

After capping and inspection, the bottles should be dried with our Drying Machine. Before sleeve labeling, the bottles should pass three suits of our special wind knives, for which the wind origins from whirlpool pump. The whirlpool generates pressure wind, and becomes high speed wind curtain through the wind knife mouth, and then the wind blows the bottles up and down till dry. Therefore it is more convenient for the (sleeve) labeling and carton packing. In this way, this Machine solves the pro...

Suction Self-Controlled Flux Drying Machine (YJJ)

Model No:YJJ

This Drying Machine features automatic material feeding and dusteliminating. The inner housing adopts stainless steel plate, the heating unitis composed of stainless steel electric heating components in tube state, which can let the flux to be heated evenly to most ideal Drying extent.

Bottle Brushing and Drying Machine

Model No:Drying machine

Bottle brushing Drying machineAppliance: After filling or sleeve labeling, bottle itself have water, not convenient for sleeve labeling or carton package, this facility will let bottle dry, let sleeve labeling or carton package smoothly. Size: Length: 955mm Width: 605mm Length: 137mm

Glass Washing and Drying Machine

Model No:SY-2000

Glass washing and Drying Machine This glass washing Machine suitable for washing and Drying of electronics, home appliances and optical glass, the washing speed is adjustable, also you can control the winding temperature as your need. Features of glass washing and Drying Machine Washing and Drying Adjustable speed Adjustable winding temperature Main technical data of glass washing and Drying Machine

Vacuum Drying Machine

Model No:LPG

His Drying Machine is a new drier that integrates mixing and Drying in the one body and equips with condensor and accumn pump. Therefore the vacuum drier is formed (If the solvent does not recover, the condensor may be not used). The drier is advanced in design, simple in inner structure, easy for cleaning, to discharge all raw material, convenient in operation, lowing the strength of labor and improving work environment. Meanwhile raw material is rotating accompanying with the rotating of conta...

Fluiding Drying Machine

Model No:YS Series

"YIBU" considers that Fluiding Drying Machine is an organic combination of mechanical design and manufacture technology. Therefore hundreds of Granulating machines either for China or exported to USA, Japan, Indonesia, Iran and many other countries are designed in accordance with the process of raw materials. We have manufactured decades specifications and 150 different machines to meet different needs. These practical experiences will be very beneficial to customers. The flow ability is improve...

Horizontal Glass Washing & Drying Machine (WX1600B)

Model No:WX1600B

                                WX1600B Horizontal Glass Washing & Drying MachineMain feature:1. It is for glass washing and Drying.2. The Machine is combined of glass washing section, sponge absorption section and heating air Drying section3. Glass washing section is made of stainless steel.4. Washing sections operation speed is frequency changeable.5. Adopts 3 pairs of brushes, 2 pairs of Sponge Roll, fully guarantees the glass washing effect.Main technical parameter:

Vacuum Belt Drying Machine

Model No:VBD

The low-temperature continuous vacuum multilayer belt drier developed by this company is a wholly-sealed vacuum belt Drying equipment that can feed and discharge materials continuously. According to the capacity required by customer, 3-11 layers of belts can be designed inside the vacuum dryer. This product is suitable for Drying various sugars such as paste, maltose, cane sugar and beet sugar, and this product solves a big problem on Drying of high-concentration, hygroscopic and high-viscosity ...

Clay Drier - Drying Machine

Model No:HG

Features Rotary Kiln Drier Clay drier - Drying Machine The mechanisation level of the barrel is high, and the production capacity is high. The resistance that the material passes through the barrel is less, and the power consumption is low. Application capability to different characters of materials is high. The operation is stable, the operation fee is low, and the uniformity of product Drying is good. Descriptions Wet material is loaded from one head of the drier, and then it is stirred by the...

ZX1020-2200 UV Drying Machine

Model No:XB-UV1020-2200

Min. Order:1

Specifications Refracting UV Drying Machine deals with the dry of UV oil ink on gold and silver cardboard, PVC and other materials. features: 1.this Machine use stainless steel or import polytetrafluoroethylene feeding equipment. the feed speed is tranquilization .and the speed can hand adjust control. 2.this Machine have two UV light. they can open together shine or single shine warranty you need. 3.this Machine have moment dry function what can use printed paper have high rigidity and resist...

Fruit Slice Drying Machine

Model No:DW

Min. Order:1

Fruit Slice Drying Machine Features: 1. Fruit slice dryer ,Fan speed is controlled by VFD (Optional), and it can adjust the air volume . 2. Fruit Slice Drier have high effiency . 3.Fruit Slice Dryer have low engery consumption 4.Fruit Slice Drying Device heated by steam source 1.Fruit Slice Drying Machine Descriptions Fruit Slice Drying Machine is a continuous penetrating flow Drying equipment applied for Drying pieces strip and particles state materials with good ventilation. The Machine owns t...

Plastic Chamber Drying Machine

Model No:AMD-9P AMD-20P

Min. Order:1

Products Name: Plastic Cabinet Dryer AMD-P Series Plastic Cabinet Dryer Machine are mainly used to dry different kinds of plastic material like PP, PE, PVC, PET, ABS,PA, etc. We have two model cabinet dryers for customer option. The small cabinet dryer has 9 drawer and big Machine hace 20 dryawer. The chamber Drying Machine is the most important and popular in plastic injection and processing industry. Features & Specifications: > P.I.D. temperature controller to achieve an accurate ...

Stainless steel box type Drying Machine

Model No:HGX-4000

Min. Order:1

1. This Drying Machine used hot air to make vegetables dehydration 2. Equipment should be installed in the flat and hard ground. 3. The equipment shall be strictly in accordance with the standards for the installation of electrical equipment, and reliable grounding. 4. Equipment before use, should check the lubrication part of the equipment required to fill the oil tank in the appropriate amount of oil.And also check the various parts, fasteners are loose in the way of transportation . 5. ...

Corn Rice Drying Machine

Model No:5XHG-5

Min. Order:1

Corn Rice Drying Machine Introduction of Corn Rice Drying Machine Wheat, maize, paddy beans grain dryer is used for Drying after seed coating machhine, it has a simple heated device, there are nine heating wires in the front and one air blower in back. Working Principle The hot air will be sucked into the cylinder by air blower, it is contious type Drying Machine, which can process material such as wheat, maize, paddy beans and other grain seed. Specification of Corn Rice Drying Machine ...

150kg Industrial Drying Machine

Model No:JN-150

Min. Order:1

150kg Industrial Drying Machine Description for Industrial Drying Machine: JN Series Energy Saving is a newest energy saving Drying Machine for laundry industry; same capacity.more faster. 35% steam saving than old system Finished a Drying time in 20-25mins To maximize use the heat with channel design Various of size which are good for different productions

Drying Machine dust collector series

Model No:96-6

Delivery Time:30 Days

LFEF dryer deduster uses microcomputer to control the counter blowing, timing, constant resistance and ash cleaning, temperature detection and display, so as to make the glass fiber bag dust collector run efficiently and steadily in the dry flue gas dust removal, and the emission concentration of the chimney outlet is lower than the 150mg/m3n emission standard stipulated by the state. It is the.LFEF system of the best equipment for the flue gas dedusting in the country. The glass fiber bag filte...
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