SBW-100KVA/380V AC CNC power regulator
SBW-100KVA/380V AC CNC power regulator
SBW-100KVA/380V AC CNC power regulator
SBW-100KVA/380V AC CNC power regulator
SBW-100KVA/380V AC CNC power regulator
SBW-100KVA/380V AC CNC power regulator


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SBW-100KVA/380V AC CNC power regulator

$800.00 ~ $12000.00 / Set/Sets


  • SBW-30KVA
  • SBW-500KVA
  • SBW-400KVA
  • SBW-300KVA
  • SBW-250KVA
  • SBW-200KVA
  • SBW-150KVA
  • SBW-100KVA
  • SBW-80KVA
  • SBW-50KVA
  • SBW-800KVA
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Model No. : SBW-100KVA
Brand Name : TNNPI
place of origin : China
use : Svc,Dbw,Jiw
Phase : Single Phase,Three Phase
Power type : Ac,Dc
Product name : Three-phase voltage stabilizer
Product use : Factory/hospital/school/tunnel bridge
Power/KW : 50-600KW
Capacity/KVA : 50-600KVA
Input Voltage : 380VAC /390V/400V
Output voltage : 220V/380V
Protection function : Overvoltage, undervoltage, filtration, phase loss, phase sequence, bypass
Frequency : 50/60Hz
Overload capacity : Overload twice the rated current within one minute
Working temperature : -10℃~+40℃

Zhengzhou, Henan, China

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  • Platform Certification
  • SGS Certification

Product description

Compared with other types of voltage regulators, this series of products has the advantages of large capacity, high efficiency, no waveform distortion, stable voltage regulation, etc., wide range of applicable loads, can withstand instantaneous overload, can work continuously for a long time, manual/automatic switching, with overvoltage protection, phase loss, phase sequence protection and mechanical fault automatic protection, as well as small size, light weight, convenient use and installation, reliable operation and other advantages.

Henan New Electric Power Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product research and development, product sales, import and export services. The production equipment is complete, the testing method is complete, the technical force is strong, and the qualification is complete. We can provide various transformers, voltage regulating power supplies, inverters, frequency converters and other electrical equipment. Medium and high voltage equipment includes oil-immersed distribution transformer and dry-type distribution transformer; Low-voltage equipment includes three-phase isolation transformer, single-phase control transformer, voltage regulator, reactor, inverter, etc. Voltage, specification and other parameters can be customized according to customer requirements. Welcome to consult and purchase.

Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer

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Henan New Electric Power is a manufacturer of high and low voltage supporting products such as three-phase/single-phase isolation transformer, a
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