Outdoor energy storage system 200KWh
Outdoor energy storage system 200KWh
Outdoor energy storage system 200KWh
Outdoor energy storage system 200KWh
Outdoor energy storage system 200KWh
Outdoor energy storage system 200KWh


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Outdoor energy storage system 200KWh

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Model No. : RT-EnerCube-100KW/200KWh
Brand Name : EMoreShare
place of origin : China
use : Svc,Dbw,Jiw
Phase : Three Phase
Power type : Ac,Dc
Capacity : 200KWH
Rated Power : 100KW
Battery Rated Voltage : 716.8V
Type of battery : Long life type prismatic LiFePO4 cells
Cycle life : 8000
Dimension (W*D*H, mm) : 1200 * 1100 * 2280+1500 * 1100 * 2280
Weight : 2500kg+1500kg
Water proof level : IP55

Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

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Product description

100KW/200KWh Outdoor Cabinet Renewable Energy Storage System


Introducing the EnerCube-100KW200KWh, a cutting-edge solution for clean energy storage. This smart commercial energy storage system combines advanced technology with battery energy storage capabilities to provide reliable power storage in a distributed energy storage system of on grid solar system.



The EnerCube-100KW200KWh is designed to meet a variety of applications, making it a versatile choice for different energy storage needs:

Residential and Commercial Power Backup: Ensure uninterrupted power supply during outages.

Grid Stabilization: Support grid stability by injecting stored energy when needed.

Integration with Photovoltaic Systems: Maximize the benefits of solar energy with efficient storage.

Industrial Power Management: Optimize power usage in industrial settings and ensure power supply.



High-Capacity Battery: Equipped with LFP 280Ah cells, providing a substantial 200KWh of energy storage.

Efficient Design: The battery system configuration of 1P224S ensures high efficiency and reliability.

Advanced AC Performance: Rated at 100KW with a maximum AC power of 110KW for robust energy delivery.

Wide Voltage Range: The battery operates within a voltage range of 627~806V, ensuring flexibility in various setups.

Intelligent Control: Smart MPPT technology allows for efficient photovoltaic input management.

Durable Build: With an outdoor battery cabinet and IP55 protection class, it can withstand harsh environments.

Safety First: Fire protection systems and temperature monitoring ensure safety in operation.

User-Friendly Interface: The touch LCD display and various communication modes make it easy to manage and monitor the system.



Battery Parameter:

Cell Type: LFP 280Ah

Battery Pack Configuration: 14.336KWh/1P16S

Battery System Configuration: 200KWh/1P224S

Battery Voltage Range: 627~806V


AC Parameter:

Rated AC Power: 100KW

Maximum AC Power: 110KW

Rated Voltage: 400V

Rated Current: 144A

Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

Overload Capacity: 110% long term


Photovoltaic Parameter:

Maximum Photovoltaic Input Voltage: 1000V

Maximum Photovoltaic Power: 120KW

MPPT Voltage Range: 250VDC-850VDC


Common Parameter:

Outdoor Battery Cabinet: Hybrid inverter outdoor cabinet

Protection Class: IP55

Fire Protection System: Perfluorohexone + aerosol

Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to 55°C

Cooling Mode: Air conditioning cooling

Size WDH (mm): 1200 * 1100 * 2280

Weight (kg): 2500

Communication Mode: CAN, RS485

Display: Touch LCD display

Relative Humidity: 5~95%RH, no condensation

Highest Altitude: 4500m (> 3000 Derating required)

Noise: <70dB

Outdoor Energy Storage


The EnerCube-100KW200KWh-H Photovoltaic Energy Storage System is a dependable and environmentally-friendly solution for all your power storage needs. Whether you require backup power, grid stability, or efficient use of solar energy, this system has you covered.


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