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LED Bulb Light

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Brand Name : Anern
place of origin : China

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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Product description

The appearance of the LED light bulb adopts the bulb shape that people have been accustomed to-spherical, and the internal light source is an LED chip. The LED bulb bulk has all the advantages of LED lamps: environmental protection, energy-saving, long service life, and no flicker. The largest market for LED bulb lighting is the civilian market, and the bulbs used by citizens are also the largest. The LED bulb sold by Anern solar company adopts the existing interface methods, namely screw port (E26\E27\E14, etc.), socket mode (B22, etc.), and even imitates the shape of incandescent bulbs in order to meet people's habits. As a professional wholesale led bulb light manufacturer, Anern offers LED bulbs wholesale at competitive prices. Feel free to contact us now.  

LED Bulb Bulk For Sale

A60 LED Bulb Light(OBL10-B2)
The A60 LED bulb has the same size as the traditional spherical bulb and is the first choice to replace the old light source.
A60 LED Bulb Light(OBL10-B2)
Large Beam Angle LED Bulb Light(OBL13-A3)
Different from the traditional LED bulb shape, this series of led bulb light uses a large-diameter cylindrical lampshade with a larger light-emitting angle.
Large Beam Angle LED Bulb Light(OBL13-A3)
Smart Dimmable LED Bulb Light(OBL10-WF)
The LED bulb with wireless dimming function can realize remote switch and color temperature adjustment.
Smart Dimmable LED Bulb Light(OBL10-WF)

Advantages of Anern LED Bulb Light
Adopting branded LED lamp chips, with high luminous efficiency, the light emitted by Anern LED Bulb Light is soft and not dazzling.

The self-developed high-efficiency and low-energy drive power supply truly realize energy conservation and environmental protection.

Through a complete raw material supply chain, Anern industry group limited can provide ultra-high cost-effective LED bulb bulk to ensure an advantage in the market.

As one of the professionals a60 led bulb supplier in China, Anern also provides long-term OEM services for our LED bulb lights and we also have the best service support for long-term strategic partners.

Are LED Light Bulbs Bad For Your Eyes?
The answer to this question is actually quite ambiguous. In fact, all the artificial lights, including the led light bulbs, will have a certain impact on our vision. And comparing to the traditional lights on the market, the LED bulb lights have already used better measures to reduce their damage to people's eyes. Under normal circumstances, as long as you don't stare at the LED light bulb for a long time, the damage of it will be too minimal to be counted.

When choosing the LED bulb bulk for your business and customers, you can purchase the LED bulb lights with small power as indoor lighting so as to lower the stimulation of bulbs to human eyes.

Why Are Led Light Bulbs Better?
Comparing to the traditional incandescent lamps, the led light bulbs for sale on the market normally have lighter and more compact structures. Due to its smaller sizes, the led bulb lights can save a lot of materials and space in the production and storage process. Moreover, the energy consumption of the current wholesale led light bulbs is also very low. Using LED light bulbs can contribute greatly to our environmental protection. Lastly, compared to ordinary light bulbs and fluorescent lamps, LED bulb lights are also impregnable, infinitely stronger, and infinitely more durable.

LED Bulb Design
Replacing the traditional incandescent bulbs, the latest LED bulb designed by Anern can save 90 percent of the electricity bill. It has high brightness and long service life.  As one of the professional LED bulbs wholesale suppliers in China, Anern Group provides custom design services for LED bulb bulk cases. Professional designers from Anern will definitely embellish your brand. In line with CE certification requirements, our LED light bulb cases are available in a variety of sizes, patterns, and designs. Feel free to contact us for our high-quality customized LED bulb lights.

FAQS of Anern LED Bulb Light

How to convert the power of LED bulbs to replace traditional incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps?
According to the illuminance of the three lighting fixtures, the power conversion of our led light bulbs for sale can refer to the following:

1W LED=3W CFL (energy-saving lamp)=15W incandescent lamp

3W LED=8W CFL (energy-saving lamp)=25W incandescent lamp

4W LED=11W CFL (energy-saving lamp)=40W incandescent lamp

8W LED=15W CFL (energy-saving lamp)=75W incandescent lamp

12W LED=20W CFL (energy-saving lamp)=100W incandescent lamp

QWhat are the main content of LED bulb OEM service?
Under the premise of satisfying a certain order quantity, Anern, as a mature led bulb light manufacturer/company in China, can customize the exclusive color box for you. Our custom wholesale led light bulbs can be printed with the brand trademark required by the customer, and the outer box of the LED bulb bulk can also be customized.

QThe voltage in our country is 110V, can the light bulb still be used?
Under this circumstance, the LED bulb light can be used, but a wide voltage power supply is required.

QCan you provide sample testing?
Yes. As one of the most mature led bulbs wholesale suppliers in China, Anern does provide sample testing services for our LED bulb bulk. You can send the required model to our sales staff, and we will provide samples, as well as the corresponding, LED bulb components list, as soon as possible.

Anern solar company is a professional led flood lights manufacturer, we provide led bulb light, solar street light with battery and panel, wholesale a60 led bulb and etc. Want to know anern solar street light price or more, contact us.

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