Expensive Makeup Brush Set
Expensive Makeup Brush Set
Expensive Makeup Brush Set
Expensive Makeup Brush Set
Expensive Makeup Brush Set


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Expensive Makeup Brush Set

  • $6.46

    ≥28 Set/Sets

  • $5.77

    ≥300 Set/Sets

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    ≥500 Set/Sets

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Model No. :
Brand Name : YANSE
place of origin : China
Application area : Cheek,Eye,Eyebrow,Lips,Eyelash,Face
appropriate types : Lip Liner,Concealer,Shaving Brush,Blusher,Lip Gloss,Eyebrow Pencil,Eyeliner,Foundation,Eye Shadow,Lip Balm,Mascara,Lipstick
Brush head material : Artificial Hair
Brush rod material : Wooden
pack : 10 Pcs Champane Wooden Handle Brush Sets
effect : Easy To Use,Light Weight,Handmade
shape : Sharp Angle Brush,Fan Brush,Flat Brush,Smoke Makeup Brush

Changchun, Jilin, China

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Product description

Many of us like to go to counters or various physical stores to buy tools such as cosmetics and makeup brushes. When we are choosing, the counter sister will come over to introduce us to the products, but many counter sisters introduce good products. , But for her own workload, she will always "fudge" you to buy more products, or simply buy a full set.

However, novices do not need to buy a complete set. In fact, we often use only six, seven, or eight. Novices do not need to buy a brush set, try to buy a single brush. Many brushes are multi-functional brushes. Blush and contouring can also be done with the same brush. There is no need for a carrot or a pit. It is wise to buy brushes one by one. The full set of makeup brushes looks satisfying, but it is inevitable that there will be some impractical and expensive brushes in it.

Of course, if you like to collect all kinds of exquisite and beautiful makeup brushes, it is of course OK to buy a full set of makeup brushes!

XQC offers Lipstick,Lip Glaze,Eye Shadow,Liquid Eye Liner,Foundation,Pressed Powder. Make Up Brush Set Always Means ,Makeup Brushes Tools,Makeup Brush Sets,Professional Make Up Brush Set,Make Up Brush Kit,Make Up Brush Set etc.

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