Cross Roller Bearing YRT395
Cross Roller Bearing YRT395
Cross Roller Bearing YRT395

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Cross Roller Bearing YRT395

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Model No. : YRT395
Brand Name : AUTO

Luoyang, Henan, China

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Product description

Design and analysis of rotor bearing for wind turbine
In the actual design process, the rotor bearing of wind turbine should be selected and analyzed first, and then implemented with the help of modern CAD technology.
(1) selection of rotor bearings for wind turbines
The rotary table bearing of wind turbine mainly has four point contact ball, three row roller and cross roller. The two-row four-point contact ball structure has relatively long service life, strong bearing capacity and small rotary resistance, but it has relatively large wear amount and low motion precision. The cross roller structure has relatively high precision and long life. The static bearing capacity of three-row roller structure is relatively high.
(2) calculation of the service life of the rotor bearing of wind turbines
The service life of the rotor bearing of wind turbine is calculated in practice due to its relatively large size and relatively low rotating speed. In the calculation of the life of the rotor bearing of wind turbines, the bearing capacity curve method and equivalent dynamic load method are mainly adopted. Carrying capacity curve method in the calculation of actual process, to ensure that the specifications of the wheel bearing transformation has a certain bearing capacity, the load and the ratio of the actual load to work out, and then obtain the basic life of wheel bearings, on the life of the wind turbine wheel bearing in the process of solving, is combined with the actual situation of working condition of a comprehensive analysis was carried out on the wheel bearing life. In the actual solving process of equivalent dynamic load method, first of all, the rated dynamic load capacity should be solved, the adjustment coefficient of life and equivalent dynamic load should be determined, and finally, the life of rotary bearing should be calculated.
(iii) application of CAD technology in rotor bearing of wind turbines
Wind turbine wheel bearings in actual design process, combined with CAD technology, the wheel bearing CAD system is optimized, with the aid of FEN method to do a good job of handling wheel bearings, reducing light load area, and to ensure that has uniform distribution load, reliability and life of the wheel bearing comprehensive assessment, and the wheel hub and the stiffness of tower drum full consideration.
All in all, in the actual design process, the rotary bearing of wind turbine should be well designed, and its life should be calculated. At the same time, modern advanced science and technology should be applied to strengthen the scientific and technical nature of the rotary bearing system of wind turbine.


Model:YRT395 Cross Roller Bearing

Brand: AUTO
Series: deep groove ball bearings, single row, Crb BearingCross Roller Bearing,Cross Roller Bearing
Shape size

d:  395

D:  525

B:  65

Luoyang Auto Bearing Co., Ltd. is located in the industrial park of Luoyang,which is one of the four great ancient capitals of China.Our company is the member of China Bearing Industry Association,cooperating with State Quality Supervision and Testing Center for bearing.Our company is a professional bearing manufacturer which integrated with research ,development and marketing services.

Our major products include deep groove ball bearing, spherical roller bearing, slewing ring, crossed roller bearing and other all kinds of high precision bearings.Our products are widely applied to motor industry,mining metallurgy,wind power generation,petroleum drilling,automobile and motorcycle etc..

Our company not only possesses advanced bearing manufacturing equipments and international first-class measuring instruments, but also has strong strength of manufacturing, inspecting and testing the high precision and reliability bearings.Each process is in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system,which effectively guarantees the precise of products and stability of the performance. AUTO bearings are mainly exported to the United states,South Korea,Europe,etc., which have reached the high level of foreign similar products.

The soul of our business culture is [Detail makes competitive, innovation makes first-class".We believe the production and management philosophy of [quality wins ,casting competitive products".The company adheres to the zero-defect quality management for meeting customer requirements.

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