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Baby Pillow

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Product description

Texpack Manufacturing was founded in 2002, and has grown up into one of the largest biodegradable packaging suppliers and aims to be the leading manufacturer of this industry in the world.


Custom Baby Pillow Wholesale

Baby pillow generally refers to the pillow used by the newborn to 3-year-old baby. Generally, 0-3-month-old babies are called newborns, 3-12-month-old babies are called infants, 1-3-year-old babies are called infants, and 3-year-old children are called children (3-6-year-old is preschool, 6-12-year-old is school age).


Baby pilot& main function is to prevent the baby& head from rotating and not to compress the baby& cervical spine. The neck of the newborn is straight, but the neck of the baby is compressed by the pillow. Therefore, the baby pilot requires to have a pit suitable for baby's head.


Baby Pillow Function

Slow rebound

The pillow with a slow rebound characteristic is given the title of "memory pillow". This kind of pillow will automatically deform with the change of head and neck position, and keep a close fit with the neck at any time. The infant memory foam pillow can promote the blood circulation of the brain and give the baby enough cushion on the head. However, it should be noted that the memory pillow made in China is replaced by sponge + chemical additives, which is low-cost, not only can& repair the cervical vertebrae, but also harmful to the human body, so special attention should be paid when purchasing.


Shape correction

Baby pilot with protective orthopedic and anti-slide propaganda mostly has protective areas with protrusions on the left and right sides. The protective area can effectively prevent the baby from falling off the pillow, and at the same time bring the baby a certain sense of security. If the elastic force is not enough or the filler is hard, the capacity of the pillow core can be reduced.


Baby Pillow Features

Normal curvature suitable for human cervical spine

For the baby pillow, the pillow should be able to shape the contour curve of the head, adapt to the normal curvature of the cervical vertebra, naturally shape with the sleeping posture of the human body, automatically adjust the sleeping angle, and adapt to the bearing capacity of the cervical vertebra, to ensure the smooth blood supply of the head and neck, promote metabolism, enhance cell vitality, ensure the healthy growth of the baby, and shape a beautiful head.


Appropriate height

Children's pillows still need to be different from person to person. Children's body differences before the age of 1 are also very large, so children with different bodies need to be treated differently.


We care about the feeling of you and your baby-GIVE YOUR BABY A BEAUTIFUL HEAD SHAPE-Correct and adjust the baby's sleeping posture, support for baby's head and natural head movements to prevent plagiocephaly and avoid pressure on the head, Can be uniformly dispersed the pressure of the baby's head, protects the baby's neck and shapes a perfect head form.


Sleep Well Grow Well -The baby seems to be in the arms of his parents, and sleep peacefully.

Our baby pillows feature advanced slow-rebound soft memory foam and breathable Skin-friendly covert protects the baby's delicate skin, and it is easy to clean without hiding dirt.


Perfect Pillow Size for Newborn Baby(0-12 months) It is recommended to start using it as soon as possible to prevent flat head from the 1st day. Sleeping on both the left and right sides is suitable.


Baby Pillow Parameter


30x17x4cm, 34x24.5x1cm, 27x21x3.5cm, 22.5x21x3cm, 34x24.5x5cm

Pillow core

High-quality skin-friendly memory cotton




Environmental friendly, sterile, tasteless, easy to clean; slow rebound material is beneficial to the development of the baby's head shape, and the unique curve structure conforms to the curve of the baby's head.

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