A356 Low-Pressure Casting Motor Parts
A356 Low-Pressure Casting Motor Parts
A356 Low-Pressure Casting Motor Parts


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A356 Low-Pressure Casting Motor Parts

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  • Packaging:carton
  • length:272.7
  • thickness:4.68
  • weight:361.2g
  • Normal Precision Tolerance:±0.025
  • Special Precision Tolerance:±0.01
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Model No. : L190067
Brand Name : BMG
Incoterm : FOB,CFR,CIF,FCA
Deck : Double
Raw Material : Aluminum Alloy
Status : Custom Made
Cavity Number : 1
NC Machine : Brother,Japan
Type : Power System
Surface Finish : Polishing
Size : φ298.9*272.7
Casting Machine : 1M*1M

Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

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Product description

This part is using in motor,the raw material of this Machinery Parts is A356.

The main processes of this Low-Pressure Casting Parts are Low-pressure casting,T6 Treatment,Shot Blasting,CNC Turning.

Low pressure die casting is a manufacturing process used to produce high-quality metal components with complex shapes. It involves injecting molten metal into a reusable steel mold, also known as a die, under low pressure.

The process starts with the preparation of the die, which is preheated to a specific temperature to ensure proper metal flow and solidification. The die is then closed, creating a sealed cavity that matches the desired shape of the final product.

Next, the molten metal is introduced into the die through a riser tube connected to a furnace. The low pressure is applied to the molten metal, usually using a gas or vacuum, to fill the entire cavity. This controlled filling helps minimize turbulence and ensures uniform distribution of the metal.

Once the cavity is filled, the metal is left to solidify and cool within the die. The cooling time is carefully monitored to achieve optimal mechanical properties. After solidification, the die is opened, and the casting is ejected.

Low pressure die casting offers several advantages. It allows for the production of intricate and precise components with excellent surface finish. The low pressure used in the process reduces the risk of porosity and other defects, resulting in high-quality castings. Additionally, the reusable nature of the die makes it a cost-effective method for large-scale production.

Overall, low pressure die casting is a reliable and efficient process for manufacturing complex metal components, widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods.

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