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39ZYJ 12V 24V DC Worm Gear Motor

Model No:39ZYJ 12V 24V DC worm gear motor

Delivery Time:30 Days

  Product Describe 12V 24V DC Worm Gear Motor  - 39ZYJ This type Motor is PM DC Motor assembled with Worm Gear box. Following specifications is our standard type. Regarding Voltage,power,and Gear ratio, we can design as per customer’s requirement. 12V 24V DC Worm Gear Motor   Product Data   Data Sheet of 12V 24V DC Worm Gear Motor 39ZYJ                     Specifications of 12V 24V DC Worm Gear Motor 39ZYJ Voltage 12VDC,24VDC Rated Speed 14r/min Rated Torque 20N.M Lock Torque ≥60N.M Gear Ratio  ...

Worm Gear Motor with encoder 12V

Model No:Worm Gear Motor with encoder 12V

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications Worm Gear Motor with encoder 12V 1.12V DC Motor 2.High power,low noisy 3.Precious Metal Brushes 4.HighTorque Worm Gear Motor with encoder 12V       1 Voltage:3V2 Direction of Rotation:CW3 Weight :34 g 1). Our main products: Motor,Worm Gear Motor,auto dc Motor,electric Motor, Gear Motor, DC Motor, Brush DC Motor, Worm Gear Motor with encoder 12V ,Spur Gear Motor, Micro Motor, Vibration Motor etc 2). Voltage:  24v 3). Output speed at 60Hz:1.0 RPM-5000RPM.4). Power:  30w5). Motor dim...

110ZYTRV050 dc Worm Gear Motor 350W

Model No:110ZYTRV050 dc worm gear motor 350W

Delivery Time:30 Days

Specifications DC Worm Gear Motor: wide range of voltage, Big torque low noise   DC Worm Gear Motor TECHNICAL DATAS:   Product Description     Model I n2 r/min M2 N.M 0.06KW NMRV025 7.5 186 2.6 NMRV030 7.5 186 26 NMRV025 10 140 3.4 NMRV030 10 140 3.4 NMNV025 15 94 4.9 NMNV030 15 94 4.7 NMRV025 20 70 6.1 NMRV030 20 70 6 NMRV030 25 56 7 NMRV025 30 47 8.2 NMRV030 30 47 8 NMNV025 40 35 10.2 NMRV030 40 35 9.7 NMRV025 50 28 11 NMRV030 50 28 11.3 NMRV040 50 28 12.7 NMRV025 60 24 11 NMRV030 60 24 12.5 N...

45# high efficiency brass large Worm Gear Motor

Model No:large worm gear motor

Delivery Time:30 Days

45# high efficiency brass large Worm Gear Motor   Company Information                    Konic Gearbox (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. •  Konic gearbox is a manufacturer mainly processing customized nonstandard gearbox and gearbox parts for  many years. Located in a seaport, Dalian. Established in 2007 and renamed konic gearbox in 2011.    • Konic own more 20,000 square meters plant, has an integrated high quality and energetic design, managementand marketing team    • Experience in provide OEM service for pr...

NMRV050 speed reduction gearbox Worm Gear Motor NMRV050

Model No:NMRV050 speed reduction gearbox worm gear motor NMRV050

Delivery Time:20 Days

Specifications NMRV050 speed reduction gearbox Worm Gear Motor NMRV050 1.Output torque: Up to 650Nm 2.Output speed: 14~187r/min   Product Description RV series small   Worm Gear box     use the high quality aluminum alloy die-casting filling, the strength is high, the contour is artistic, the volume is small, the heat dissipation is easy, the output torque is big, the transmission is steady, the noise is small, the installation is mutual-faced and so on.   Output torque: Up to 650Nm Output speed...

ZD Worm Gear ANGEL Motor

Model No:worm gear motor

Delivery Time:7 Days

ZD  Worm Gear angel  Motor       output power 25,40,60,90,120w Gear ratio 3, 3.6, 5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12.5 15, 18, 25, 30, 36, 50, 60, 75, 90, 100, 150, 180:1   Certification: CE, UL, ISO9001 and RoHS       our package: our machines: our factory: our certifications:

Industry Aluminum Motor Worm Gear Speed Reducer

Model No:Worm Gear - 019

Min. Order:1

Product Description Industry Aluminum Motor Worm Gear Speed Reducer Worm Gear Reducer production according to customer request . Worm Gear Motor's material selection according to customer requirements (steel, bronze, fabric laminate or plastic) All process steps of Worm Speed Reducer (turning, hobbing, annealing, flank grinding, grinding, measuring) from a single source We perform all major soft and hard machining steps in-house, including annealing in our own ovens. Thanks to extensive product...

Transmission MFG Inc

Guangdong Dongguan

Nmrv Worm Gearbox & Gear Motor

Model No:NMRV worm gear motor

NMRV Gearbox Quick Details Gearing Arrangement: Worm Output Torque: 2.6N.m ~ 2379N.m Rated Power: 0.06KW ~ 7.5KW Input Speed: 750~3,000 Rpm Output Speed: 10-400 Rpm Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Model Number: RV/NRV/NMRV25~150 Worm gearbox Brand Name: HITON Certificate: ISO9001, CE, CCC Mounting Position: Horizontal (foot mounted) or Vertical (flange mounted) Color: According to customer's request Material: Steel or cast iron Gear material: 20CrMnTiH Transmission ratio: 7.5 -100 Gear precisi...

3v dc Worm Gear Motor

Model No:DM-58SW31ZY

Min. Order:5

DM-58SW31ZY DC Worm Gear Motor 58mm Dc Worm Gear Motor contains DM-58SW31ZY 24v Dc Worm Gear Motor and DM-58SW555 24v Worm Gear Motor. 58mm Dc Gear Motor Worm is usually applied on Range Hood, Tv Holder and other equipment with a lower speed. And it is also with self-lock function. 58mm dc Gear Motor refers to 58mm dc Worm Gear Motor. DM-58SW31ZY is the first Worm Gear Motor we produced. Some customer request the Gear Motor with self-lock function, then we start to develop Worm Gear Motor. ...

Garage Door Motors 12v / 24 V Permanent Magnet Industrial Dc Worm Gear Motor

Detailed Product Description DC garage door Motor 12V / 24 V Permanent Magnet Industrial DC Worm Gear Motor For Reel Winder High Torque   Quick Detail:   Industrial DC Worm Gear Motor used for Reel winder 12V/24V 75-95W Low noise, long life,high torque, Hard-wearing     Description:   Permanent Magnet Brushed DC Motor, Worm Gear box reduction Gear material: Bronze Aluminum Diecasting Gearbox Motor housing: D59mm, Black coating Rolled Steel Housing Construction Output Shaft:Screw thread or flat C...

Industrial DC Worm Gear Motor, used for reel winder, low noise, long life, high torque, hard-wearing

Model No:CRL-7005 12V/24V 75-95W-1-1

Description: Permanent magnet brushed DC Motor, Worm Gear box reduction Gear material: bronze Aluminum die-casting gearbox Motor housing: D59mm, black coating Rolled steel housing construction Output shaft: screw thread or flat Circuit breaker compliant with the RoHS Directive Specifications: Voltages: 12/24V Power range: 75 to 95W No-load speed: 70/160rpm (1.1 to 1.5A) On-load speed: 60/140rpm (5 to 6A) Stall torque range: 15 to 30Nm Rotate direction: CW and CCW Protection class: IP44 Applicati...

12V 24V DC Micro Worm Gear Motor (WGM370)

Model No:WGM370

DC Worm Gear Motor:1. Voltage: 3V, 5V 6V, 9V 12V, 24V2 .Right angle DC motor3. High Torque to 30kg. Cm4. Low rpm to 1rpm5. Special requirement can be customized6. Packing Details: Carton size: 41x26x23cm 100PCS/carton N. W 16.5kgsThe datasheet and price range only typical data for reference, Please fell free to contact with me if you wantSpecificaiton: 

Helical-Worm Gear Motor

Model No:W Series

TS series helical-Worm Gear Motor / Gear reducer. Product range: TS38...TS98 Mounting mode: Foot-mounted Flange-mounted Hollow shaft output Besides the routine characteristics, TS series helical-Worm speed reducer adopts the helical Gear-Worm wheel type to make the structure more reasonable. The series not only has higher tramsmission efficiency and loading capability than those of single-stage Worm wheel transmission, but also reduces space. Input Motor: 0.18-22KW Output speed: 0.3-145r/min Out...

DC Worm Gear Motor (NMRV series)


dc Worm Gear Motor NMRV series is combined DC Motor with Worm gearbox NMRVthe ratio of the Worm gearbox can be7.5,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60,etc.DC Motor including DC servo Motor,PM DC Motor,rare earth PM DC Motor,planetary Gear MotorWorm Gear Motor. DC Motors can operation with SCR & PMW power supply,use for auto control and transportation,conveyors,hydraulic,printing,gumming machine,packaging machinery,textile,welding equipment,fitness equipment,food machinery, wheelchairs,lifts,vehicle equ...

NMRV Worm Gear Motor RV Gearbox with Electric Motor

Model No:NMRV Series

NMRV Worm Gear Motor 1.0Description It include two parts; RV gearbox; Electric Motor Electric Motor: 60-3000W B3 B5 B14 RV type: 025 030 050 060 075 090 115 2.0Specification: 1) Motor type: B3 B4 B14 Flange type 2) Power: 60W-3.0kw 3) Voltage: 110V, 220V, 380 4) Speed: 2P 3000rpm 4P 1500RPM 6P 1000RPM 5) Reduction ratio: 3~ 100K Gear ratio 3 to 100 6) Application: Medical appliance, packing mechanism, printing mechanism, cup making machine, textile machinery, Our company has designed, developed ...

12v dc micro Worm Gear Motor

Model No:WGM370

Delivery Time:5 Days

  1 Dc Worm Gear Motor Specification:           Motor name Rated volt.v    No load                    Load torque Stall torque Current Speed Current Speed Torque Output power Torque       mA   r/min   mA r/min kg ·cm          W kg· cm   WGM370123100-276K          12    ≤20    11.2   ≤80    8.3    1.7        0.15     7   WGM370123100-552K          12    ≤20     5.6   ≤80    4.1    3.5        0.15    14   WGM370123100-828K          12    ≤20     3.7   ≤80    2.7    10        0.15    20   WGM370123...

High quality 28mm dc micro Worm Gear Motor

Model No:IRS-390

Delivery Time:20 Days

Specifications High quality 28mm dc micro Worm Gear Motor 1) High quality CE/ ROHS 2) Shaft and data custom made. 3) Gearbox is available. High quality 28mm dc micro Worm Gear Motor   MODEL VOLTAGE NO- LOAD AT MAXIMUM   EFFICIENCY STALL TORQUE SPEED CURRENT SPEED CURRENT TORQUE OUTPUT EFF OPERATING RANGE NOMINAL rpm A rpm A g·cm W % g.cm IRS-390PM-5028 1.5-12.0 7.2v  18600 1.00 16360 5.55 170 28.5 71.3 1410 IRS-390PM-11450 20.0-36.0 24.0v  3902 0.05 3167 0.15 61 1.97 54.7 320 IRS-395PM-2470 6.0-...

12v DC Worm Gear Motor

Model No:80ZYJ-W

      Product Description  It is developed by our own company. Used as the drive element in tarpaulin automatic cover device or similar devices in truck. Model Voltage Torque Current Speed Ratio Power 80ZYJ-W 12v 13Nm 30A 76rpm 59:1 240w         Company Information       Zibo Chuanqiang Motor Limited Corporation was founded in 2002. It devotes itself to the production, research and development of direct current MotorWorm Gear Motor and special Motor. It produces all kinds of micro motors with ...

ac 230v hollow shaft Worm Gear Motor, speed reducer

Model No:tj bhade with motor

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications ac 230v hollow shaft Worm Gear Motor 1.technology&material from TaiWan 2.practical, durable 3.cost-effective   ac 230v hollow shaft Worm Gear Motor, speed reducer   ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................       ♦NMRV/NRY Series Worm and Gear Motor   NMRV Series High Quality Worm Gear Motor contains Worm...

high power small Worm Gear Motor for parking boom barrier

Model No:YDK-180-12

Delivery Time:25 Days

  Product Description high power small Worm Gear Motor for parking boom barrier                       Details  Rated voltages  110-240V  Rated frequency 50/60Hz Power 180W Number of pole 12 pole  Working condition Continuous  Insulation class class F  Environment temperatures  -10-43 degree  Loaded condition Barrier gate     High efficiency, high reliability, little vibration and low noise               Packaging & Shipping Packing details 30000 piece/pieces per MonthExport standard package ...

12v 24v dc adjustable Worm Gear Motor

Model No:U3-2T

Min. Order:1

12v 24v electric height adjustable desk Motor Tomuu U3-2T 12v dc Worm Gear Motor is a single-Motor especially designed for Electric height-adjustable desks, equipped with strong loading power and functions with a low noise level. The Hall-Sensor feedback function is available to be optional. Demension We have wide range of actuators for adjustable table application, contact us with your specific needs.

DC Worm Gear Motor for elevator door

Model No:GK44

Min. Order:100

DC Worm Gear Motor for elevator door The elevator door Motor is a transmission device installed on the elevator door to control opening and closing of the elevator door. Some motors do not have a control function,so it has to rely to frequency converters and encoders achieving their operation.Currently, there are three types of motors in the market, permanent magnet synchronous elevator door motors, AC door motors and DC door motors.G-Motor is a manufacturer which can supply the Elevator Do...

High Torque Worm Gear Motor DC Brushless

Model No:GC-4632-2430BL

Min. Order:1000

GC-4632-2430BL is a 2430 Motor dc brushless plus 46*32mm Worm gearbox, which belongs to high torque Gear brushless Motor. This kind of Worm Gear Motor used in many field, such as central ari-conditioning value, amusement enquipment, coinrefund devices, grill, oven, robot and so on. The reduction ratio includes 146.188.300.438.563.700.900.1020.1313.1688. All parameters can be customized, feel free to contact us if you have any questions for this kind of high torque Gear brushless Motor. Detailed ...

12v Brushed Worm Gear Motor Dc 

 The parameter of this 12v brushed Worm Gear Motor dc: ITEM Voltage(v) No loading current(A) No loading speed(rpm) 0.1NM Current (A) 0.1NM Rated Speed (rpm) 0.3NM Current (A) 0.3NM Rated Speed stall.torque (N.m) stall current(A) CZD52 12/24 ≤2.5 5000 ≤7.5 ≥4000 ≤16.5 ≥3100 ≥0.95 ≤55 The profile drawing of this mini 12v dc Gear Motor for car seat The quality certification of this 12v brushed Worm Gear Motor dc: The more specification The detailed photos of mini 12v dc Gear Motor for car seat: The...

Nmrv Worm Gear Motor (Size NMRV25-150)

Model No:NMRV25-150

NMRV Worm Gear Motor(Size NMRV25-150)Size: NMRV025/040. NMRV030/040. NMRV030/050. NMRV030/063, NMRV040/075, NMRV040/090. NMRV050/110, NMRV063/130It is combined by two single step reducers and has all the virtues of them, with larger ratioStructure Features1. Made of high-quality aluminumalloy, light in Weight and non-rusting2. Large in output torque3. Smooth in running and low in noise, can work long time in dreadful conditions4. High in radiating efficiency5. Good-looking in appearance, durable...

DC Worm Gear Motor (63ZYJX)

Model No:63ZYJX

Worm Gear Motor MODEL: 63ZYJX THE Worm Gear Motor is used for the automatic equipment installment doing as actuation part which of good quality, convenient installment, simple structure and so on at best price. Worm Gear Motor data such as voltage, speed, power, ratio, current can be designed accordingt to customers request! Worm Gear Motor MODEL: 63ZYJX DC VOLTAGE: 24V

Nmrv Flange Mounted Worm Gear Motor for Conveyor

Model No:XGNMRV series

NMRV Flange Mounted Worm Gear Motor For Conveyor 1.Small Cubic gearbox2.Worm Gear speed reducer3.hollow shaft output       Products Adavantages:   1.Die cast aluminum housing,cubic structure,beautiful in appearance,samll valume,fine heat loss and fiexible mounting   2.The Worm Gear and the Worm shaft adopt precision process and meshing to ensure the stable transmission,low temperature,low noise level,high efficiency and long service life.   3.Input and output parts are treated by smooth,and dust...

Nmrv 50+PC Helical Worm Gear Motor for Conveyor

Model No:RV

Product Description NMRV 50 +PC helical Worm Gear Motor: RV series Worm-Gear Motor is a new-generation of products developed by our factory on the basis of perfecting WJ series products with compromise of advanced technology both at home and abroad.Its appearance adopts advanced square box type structure.Its outer body is made of high quality, aluminium alloy die casting into forming.It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, high in radiating efficiency, large in output torque, s...

NMRV...YL Worm Gear Motor

Model No:RV30~RV90

NMRV...YL Worm Gear MotorDie-cast aluminum alloy Worm Gear Reducer, Worm gearbox, Worm Gear Motor, Gear unit, right angle Gear boxFeature:(1) Housing is made of die-cast iron(RV110, RV130) or aluminumn alloy(RV25~RV90).(2) Appearance attractive, structure compact, light mass.(3) Installation mode is various: By feet, shaft installation and flange(IEC) mounting.(4) Stable transmission, noiselessness and easy maintenance.(5) Output shaft: Hollow shaft, solid shaft, involute solid shaft, involute h...

Worm Gear Motor with Brake

Model No:30BYJ46

Worm Gear Motor with Brake 1. Weight: 50g 2. Rated Voltage: 12DCV 3. Operation Frequency: 100pps 4. Step angle: 7.5/85.25 5. Typical Appliances: Refrigerator, Intelligent Sanitary, Automatic Door Lock Typical Applications: Home Appliances: Air-conditioning Refrigerator Intelligent Sanitary Automatic Door Lock CCTV Monitor Electronic Instruments NOTED: Transmission Shaft Can be made according to cutomer's requirement

AC Double Worm Gear Motor

Model No:GVM28-750-20

AC DOUBLE Worm Gear Motor To meet a high ratio also high torque, we afford a combined double Worm gearboxes, and available model as below: RV030/040, RV030/050, RV030/063, RV030/075, RV040/050, RV040/063, RV040/075, RV040/090, RV050/063, RV050/075, RV050/090, RV050/110, RV063/090, RV063/130, RV075/110, RV075/150 Available AC Motor power from 0.06kw to 7.5kw Available two Worm gearbox models as below: NMRV, which means hole input with input flange. NRV, which means shaft input without input flang...

Dc Window Riser Motor 12 Volt Worm Gear Motor

Model No:ZD12401L

Delivery Time:20 Days

Specifications 1 12 Volt Worm Gear Motor 2 For Universal Car 3 With 3 Hole And 8 Teeth 4 Delivery In Time 5 OEM And ODM   ZD12401L Window Motor   Dc Window Riser Motor 12 Volt Worm Gear Motor    1 12 Volt Worm Gear Motor 2 For Universal Car3 With 3 Hole And 8 Teeth4 Delivery In Time5 OEM And ODM           Our company established in 1997,with certificates of ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2009.We are specialized in producing window regulator and window Motor.   1.China direct supplier2.ISO9001 and...

NMRV050 Worm Gear Motor, Gear reducers, Gear box

Model No:NMRV050

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications Worm Gear Motor 1.CE.UL.CCC 2.High quality, Competitive price 3.Customizing is available 4.Low temperature, low noise NMRV050 Worm Gear Motor,Gear box Features: (1) With excellent quality (2) Reasonable price (3) Promise to delivery on time (4) Large output torque (5) Safe,reliable, economical and durable (6) Stable transmission, quiet operation (7) High heat-radiating efficiency, high carrying ability (8) Certificate ofquality: ISO9001:2008 (9) Every product must be tested before...

Small Elevators For Homes 12V Worm Gear Motor

Model No:12V Worm Gear Motor (YJ200A)

Delivery Time:60 Days

                                                         Description   v With CE Certificate    v Eco-Friendly & Energy-Saving & Noiseless   v Stable& Efficient   v Widely used in Cargo Elevators and Commercial Elevators.   Product Characteristics   Drive: AC-2,VVVF Drive Rated Speed: 0.5,1.0m/s Rated Capacity: 1000~2000kg Static Capacity: 5000kg Noise Level:<64dB(A) Torsional Vibrations: <3.0mm/s Horizontal and Vertical Vibrations: <0.8mm/s Mounting: Mounted in Machine Room...

Worm Gear Motor shaft for tractor part

Delivery Time:30 Days

Specifications 1. Motor shaft 2. High precision 3. Surface can be plated 4. customized manufacturing 5.Rohs/TS 16949/ISO 9001   Product Description Name:   Worm Gear Motor shaft for tractor part Type:   customized products,             strictly in accordance with customer's drawings and instructions Machinable Material: stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and carbon steel etc Machining process:  turning, cutting, milling, grounding, drilling, broaching, threading,heat treament Surface finis...

U WILL LOVE UR SMILE dc micro Worm Gear Motor

Model No:DMM-50

Delivery Time:3 Days

U WILL LOVE UR SMILE dc micro Worm Gear Motor     1. Product: dc micro Worm Gear Motor DMM-50     2. Details of DMM-50: YOU ARE DEALING WITH TOP DENTAL SUPPLIER IN CHINA! Product: dc micro Worm Gear Motor Model no.: DMM-50 dc micro Worm Gear Motor Warranty: 6 month warranty Certificate: CE ISO Grade: high quality material + excellent techniques + great service OEM/ ODM: available, please let us know your information. Payment: (Please choose the mode you need) 1. L/C, T/T 2. Western Union, MoneyG...

GIE 630Kg 1.0m/s Worm Gear Motor

Model No:GS-160

Delivery Time:25 Days

GIE TRACTION MACHINE GS-160( GIE 630Kg 1.0m/s Worm Gear Motor )   Product Rated Ration Motor Main Sheave Max Rise Roping Speed Load Rated Poles Fre Dia. Rope Static Height Type Power Voltage Current (Dia.×No.×Pitch) Load m/s kg kW V A P Hz mm mm×R×mm kg m GS-160 0.75 450 2/77 3.5 244 11.5 4 37.5 500 12×3×18 3500 30 1:1 GS-160 1 450 2/77 4.5 325 11.5 4 50 500 12×3×18 3500 30 1:1 GS-160 0.75 550 2/77 4.5 244 14 4 37.5 500 12×4×18 3500 30 1:1 GS-160 1 550 2/77 5.5 325 14 4 50 500 12×4×18 3500 30 1:...

OEM High quality and custom-made casting steel Worm Gear Motor

Model No:YSPB-02

Delivery Time:30 Days

Specifications Worm Gear Motor 1.iron/steel/brass 2 furan resin sand casting    Worm Gear Motor Donggang City Customized centrifugal pump impeller Customized centrifugal pump impeller ity Yingshuo Machinery co., ltd. specialized in manufacturing casting and forging parts with  free shaped, such as pump parts, valve parts, mining parts are all in our main scope, which is made of iron, steel, non-ferrous metal. 1. Detailed specification of our business ability and scopes follows:   Material Ductil...

helical motox Worm siemens Gear Motor

Model No:siemens gear motor

Delivery Time:3 Days

  Product Description   helical  motox  Worm siemens Gear Motor     The compact angular geared Motor for simple MOTOX Worm geared motors are single-stage angular geared motors with high-performance Worm gearing. They represent the space-saving solution for simple applications in the low torque range as a result of their compact design with low height. They can be individually adapted to many drive situations due to the wide range of output shafts and mounting possibilities. MOTOX Worm geared mot...

Helical-Worm Gear Reducer

Model No:helical-worm gear reducer

Product Description Our helical-Worm Gear reducer have many items for your choosing and we can produce as per your drawing or sample to meet your special request Planetary Gearboxes have been designed for different transmission. The power is transmitted from the Motor to sun gearboxes. The sun gearbox drives three Planetary Gearboxes, which are contained within an internal toothed ring gearbox. The Planetary Gearboxes are mounted on the planetary carrier. The planetary carrier is part output sha...
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