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List Of Welby Instant Ear Thermometer Products And Quality Supplier Of Welby Instant Ear Thermometer From China, Bossgoo.com Provide You Reliable Welby Instant Ear Thermometer Manufacturers With Through The Certification. You May Also Be Interested In Accurate Food Thermometer ,Accurate Thermometer ,Acrylic Thermometer Keychain ,adhesive Instant ,adjustable Angle Glass Thermometer

Infrared Ear Thermometer

Model No:Infrared ear thermometer

Min. Order:2000

Specifications Infrared Ear Thermometer 1) Digital clinical Thermometer wth flexible tip and waterproof 2) Nice looking and high accuracy Infrared Ear Thermometer Features: (single scale or double scale display) 1) Display range: 34 - 44°C / 93.2 - 111.2°C 2) Accuracy: ±0.2°C / ±0.4°F 3) Min. scale: 0.1 4) Memory: 10 memories 5) Measurement time (reference only): 1 second 6) Beeper function 7) Auto shut-off (1min after idle) 8) Battery: AAA x 2, alkaline batteries 9) Battery life: approx. 4,000 ...

thermo-hygrometer infrared Ear Thermometer digital Instant-read Thermometer

Model No:ZD-W001

Min. Order:1

Specifications thermo-hygrometer infrared Ear Thermometer digital Instant-read Thermometer 1.Easy and safe to use 2.OEM is welcome thermo-hygrometer infrared Ear Thermometer digital Instant-read Thermometer       This thermo-hygrometer infrared Ear Thermometer digital Instant-read Thermometer is to check the temperature suitable for different wines such as red wine, champagne, rose, etc.   Simply attach the Thermometer to any type of wine or champagne bottle and read off the brightly coloured nu...

Instant Read Thermometer with CE

Model No:Instant Read Thermometer with CE

Specifications HVAC andindustrial use without corrosive environment Features: 1) High quality 2) Reasonable prices Features: 1) Remote reading Thermometer 2) This remote reading Thermometer is easy to reading and safe 3) It is widely used in various devices 4) Dial: 2", 2.5", 3", 3.5", 4", 6" 5) Case: SS-304 6) Material: A) Bulb: Brass/SS-304 B) Capillary: Brass/SS-304 C) Capillary protection: Copper/SS-304 7) Range: -50-650° C Remote Reading Thermometer 1. Dial: 50, 63, 75, 100mm 2. Case: Black...

Hakin Group Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Hakin Industrial Park

Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer

Model No:JKF-MY-A

Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer Advantage: 1. Voice broadcasting: Broadcast the test result and test time 2. Instant measurement: Can detect the body temperature in 2~3 sec. 3. Memory function: With last measurement storage function 4. Readily read: Digital LCD display 5. Multiple functions: Display year, month, date and time, etc. 6. Safe and Reliable: Contains no dangerous glass and mercury

Infrared Ear Thermometer in Ear Thermometer CE RoHS (EET-1)

Model No:EET-1

Product Description Infrared Ear Thermometer Operating Instruction Directions: 1, Instant temperation in 1 second. 2, Easily operation. 3, Readable LCD display. 4, Last ten memories. 5, Shut off automatically after 5 mins of non-operation 6, Low battery display. 7, Beeper function 8, Fever alarm The unit if temperature can be transferred between C and F freely Technical Specifications: Temperature range: 32C~42C Temper. Range of environment: 12C~38C Temperature range of storage: -20C~50C Measure...

Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer, Instant Temperature in 1 Second, Easily to Operate

Model No:EET-3-31

Infrared Ear thermometers are developed by using the latest infrared technology digital infrared Ear Thermometer can measure your temperature quickly (only 1 second) and easily by inserting the tip into your Ear, great for testing potential SARS patients Model: EET-3 Specifications: Temperature range: 32-42.9°C Environment temperature range: 12-38°C Storage temperature range: -20-50°C Measurement time: within 1 second Display choice: showing in °C or °F Display mode: LCD Memory function: 10 grou...

Top digital home care Ear Thermometer

Model No:SUN-100

Min. Order:5

Top digital home care Ear Thermometer   SUN-100     Product Description   Introduction: With the unique technology, the Dual mode infrared Thermometer, Sun-100 of Shanghai Sunbright  can give the result with Dual modes, stable measurement and without the interference from ambient  temperature. The product will self-test every time it starts up to make sure the normal operation and  accuracy.   The Dual modes infrared Thermometer Sun-100 can be used to read the body temperature by measure  the ea...

Infrared Ear Thermometer

Model No:CL-TR0020

Min. Order:15

Product name : Infrared Ear Thermometer Item : CL-TR0020 Detail : Features: 1) Display range: 34.0~44.0oC/93.2~111.2oC 2) Accuracy: ±0.2oC/±0.4oF 3) Min. scale: 0.1 4) Memory: 10 memories 5) Measurement time (reference only): 1 second 6) Beeper function 7) Auto shut-off (1min after idle) 8) Battery: 3V, Button battery(LR/CR 2032) 9) Battery life: approx. 4,000 takes 10) Dimensions: 118 x 28.5 x 21mm 11) N.W.: 36g (including batteries) 12) Safe and hygienic 13) Easy-clean and cover free design

Medical or hospital non-contact braun thermoscan Ear Thermometer handheld

Model No:IR-805

Min. Order:5

Medical or hospital non-contact braun thermoscan Ear Thermometer handheld Features: 1. Emissivity: fixed at 0.95 2. Fast response time: <250ms 3. Resolution 0.1°C/°F 4. User selectable unit °C or °F 5. Alarm buzzer 6. Record 32 readings 7. Backlight LCD display 8. Auto power off Specification: Measuring Range BODY: 32.0 C~42.5°C(89.6°F~108.5°F) SCAN: -50°C~260°C(-58°F~500°F) Accuracy 32.0°C~35.9°C(89.6°F~96.6°F): ±0.3°C/0.5°F 36.0°C~39.0°C(96.8°F~102.2°F): ±0.2°C/0.4°F 39.1°C~42.5°C(102.3°F~1...

Infrared Ear Thermometer (HT-01)

Model No:HT-01

Infrared Ear Thermometer 1. Easy to carry 2. Fashionable design 3. Environment with high quality Infrared Ear Thermometer Features: 1) Range of displayed temperature: 34.0° C-44.0° C(93.2° F-111.2° F) Display L° C(L° F)when the temperature is under 34.0° C(93.2° F) Display H° C(H° F)when the temperature is under 44.0° C(111.2° F) 2) Display resolution temperature range: 0.1° C(0.1° F) 3) Accuracy: ± 0.2° C(from 35.5° C to 42° C) ± 0.4° F(from 96.0° F to 107.6° F) 4) Power consumption: 0.6million...

EET-2 Infrared Ear Thermometer

Model No:EET-2

Infrared Ear Thermometer(EET-2)Specification:1. Temperature range: 32~42° C.2. Temperature range of environment: 12~38° C.3. Temperature range of storage: -20° C~50° C.4. Measurement time: Within 1 second.5. Display mode: LCD.6. Memory function: 10 group.7. Raw material: ABS plastic. MOQ 100 Supplying ability 3000 Packaging N/A

Infrared Ear Thermometer

Model No:NB-10

Product Description The Ear Thermometer adopts the latest infrared ray technology to develop. It can use to test the SARS, take and can measure the correct body temperature only one second, no wait. And Can measure continuously, the number of times is not limited. It is convenient to weak and sickly old man that lie in bed, cry or sleeping child carry on body temperature measure at any time. The working technique is simple, put the Thermometer into your Ear then press the button gently, after 0....

Infrared Ear Thermometer Et-100A

Model No:ET-100A

Infrared Ear Thermometer ET-100ATheory: Temperature SensorMaterial: PlasticUsage: Medical/HouseholdFeature: InfraredBusiness Type: ManufacturerService: AnycarePacking Type: Gift BoxCertificate: FDA, CE, ISO9001, ISO13485Infrared Ear Thermometer ET-100A:1)Display range: 34º C~44.0º C(93.2º F~111.2º F)2)Accuracy: ± 0.2º C(± 0.4º F)3)Min Scale: 0.14)Memory: 10 memories5)Measuring time: One Second6)Beep function7)Auto shut-off in 1 min nonuse8)Battery: AAA× 2, Alkaline batteries9)Battery life: Appro...

Infrared Ear Thermometer (MB77)

Model No:MB77

Infrared Ear Thermometer(Mini-Type) Operating temperature: 5-40c degrees celsius. Measuring range: 32--42c degrees celsius. Temperatures for storage and transport: -20-50c degress Celsius For indoor use only. Battery: One CR2032 lithium batter One single battery can be used for more than 5000 times'measurement with in one year Individual packaging: 170*140*60mm

Ear Infrared Thermometer, Ear Thermometer (XR-HTD-8206)

Model No:XR-HTD-8206

 Ear Thermometer   Item no.: XR- HTD8206 4 In 1 Function: Ear/Forehead/Clock/AmbientAdvantage: Test Ear/Forehead/Room Temperature and Clock Function, Slight/High Fever Alarm, 4 in 1 mutual-function, Three-color backlight (color alarm). can be also for temperature of milk, bath water etc.Measuring Range: 0.0°C~100.0°C(32.0°F~212.0°F)Accuracy: 0.0°C-31.9°C: ±1.0°C/(32.0°F-89.4°F:±1.8°F)                 32.0°C-35.0°C:±0.3°C/(89.6°F-95.0°F:±0.5°F)                 35.1°C-39.0°C:±0.2°C/(95.2°F-102.2°F...

Instant Bottle Thermometer Crystal-Wine Thermometer (BE-10002)

Model No:BE-10002

Instant bottle Thermometer crystal-wine Thermometer 1. General descriptions 1) Designed for wine temperature measurement, wine gift set 2) Food safe stainless steel material 3) Temperature Range 2~24° C 4) Instant read lcd crystal display 5) High accuracy 6) Easy to carry 2. Specification sheet Item No.: BE-10002 Description: Instant bottle Thermometer crystal-wine Thermometer Dimensions: L17*H6cm Probe size: NA Temperature range: 2~24° C Accuracy: +/-1% of full scale Materials: Stainless steel ...

Infrared Ear Thermometer (MT01040001)

Model No:MT01040001

MT01040001 Infrared Ear Thermometer Features and specifications: 1) Measuring range:32-43 oC (89.6-109.4oF) 2) Accuracy:±0.2 oC/±0.4 oF 3) Response time:4 seconds 4) oC/oF switchable 5) Memory:10 memory 6) Easy to read large LCD display 7) Last reading memory display 8) Beeper alarm 9) Low battery indicator 10) Auto shut-off function 11) Battery replaceable 12) 15 probe cover included Infrared Ear Thermometer (Ear digital Thermometer)

Yht-102 Digital Thermometer Infrared Ear Thermometer

Model No:YHT-102

YHT-102 Digital Thermometer Infrared Ear Thermometer Features: 1. No Mercury, passive infrared receiver, without radiation 2. Large LCD screen Specifications: 1. Measure way: Put into the Ear, and get accurately measure 2. Measurement time: 2 ses ± 1 ses 3. Memory group: 9 groups memory function 4. Measure temperature range: 34~42.2C 5. Degrees Celsius / Fahrenheit unit conversion 6. Microcomputer automatic detection technology

My-G025 Medical Multifunctional Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer

Model No:MY-G025

MY-G025 Multifunctional Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer     Advantages 1. Accuracy: ±0.2°C 2. Memory: 10 data for records. 3. Large LCD screen display,3 color back light. 4. Show by °C and °F.   Description: 1. Ear and forehead test 2. Lighting and warning tone. 3. Brand new infrared detector 4. Accuracy: ±0.2°C 5. LCD back-lighted digital screen. Large LCD screen display, makes clear digital performance in any ray.  6. Memory: 10 data for records. Data Storage: Save measuring data for analysis...

Infrared Ear Thermometer (KFT-22)

Model No:KFT-22

KFT-22 Infrared Ear Thermometer/digital thermometerMeasuing Range: Ear temperature 32º C-42.9º C(89.6º F-109.2º F)Room temperature -20º C-60º C(-4º F-140.0º F)Display resolution: 0.1º CMeasuring accuracy: ± 0.2º CResponse time: Merely 1 secondScanning mode: Automatically latches on maximal temperature reading with 600 scanning sequence per secondFever alarm: A cry face display on LCD with 3 beeps to alarm when the temperature reah 38º CMemory: 10 groupsAuto power offer: 10 seconds idleBattery li...
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