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variabal high speed Water Based Paint vacuum mixing machine for sales

Model No:SXJ Series variabal high speed water based paint vacuum mixing machine

Delivery Time:40 Days

variabal high speed Water Based Paint vacuum mixing machine for sales stand dissolver blender machine electric industrial mixer           Apply to Sealants, adhesives, resins, polymers, inks, li-battery pastes and so on Function Used for high viscous materials mixing and dispersing Characteristic 1.Materials mixed in vacuum surroundings. 2.Tank with jacket for heating or cooling demand. 3.Mixer has both high speed dispersing and low speed mixing 4.Orbital revolution and axial rotation for all sh...

UV Coating Machine For Water Based Paint Used In Furniture

Model No:PRT-R2106

Delivery Time:30 Days

      Product Description Name: UV Coating Machine For Water Based Paint Used In Furniture Introduction:  This machine is avalible to color the wood piece of the furniture board, also can be Used for the Water Paint coating. It can be choose with the separate electronic box and the thickness of workpiece controlled by the PLC , and board protection for the coating rollers, Paint heating function or more automatical choosing outfit.                             Specifications and Parameters: Model...

Water Based Paint Used Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:10 Days

TECHNICAL DATA Test Items Technical Parameters Appearance White powder Moisture % ≤1.5 The PH Value 6-7 Residueon sieve % 325-1250mesh 0.5 Max Oil absorption 30±5 P2O5 % 40-46 Al2O3 % 13-20 SiO2 % 10-15 ZnO % 15-25 Standard Q/84XS02-2004 Used for Water Based Paint and coatings.

Refills Water Based Paint

Min. Order:600

Delivery Time:30 Days

Product Description TR' Refills – Water Based Paint: * Easy pour spout alleviates any mess * Colors can be mixed and customized * Can be thinned with Water * Xylene and toluene free * Suitable for use with pump action marker range, airbrushing and other brush Based applications Packing and...

Automobile Water-Based Paint Spray Booth

Model No:ANS-768S

Automobile Water-Based Paint spray booth Outside size(L*W*H)mm 7000*5550*3450 Inside size(L*W*H)mm 6880*3880*2750 Main door(W*H)mm 3000*2700 Personal door(W*H)mm 700*2000 Total power(KW) 9.8 Heating system With the hybrid energy design concept, Baochi is achieving an integrated heating model of oil, electric and gas. You will not worry about the rising cost or short-cut of the energy. A one-time investment, long-life benefit! To break the energy limit, Baochi is doing. For your option, BCSR7 sel...

Horizontal Lab Bead Mill for Water-Based Paint

Model No:CLG-0.4

Horizontal lab bead mill for Water-Based Paint 1. Working principle: Compared with the industrial sand mill, CLG-0.4 laboratory horizontal bead mill has features of small volume, compact structure, small power, easy movement and disassembly, relatively small production, low noise, low price etc. The biggest difference between CLS series laboratory horizontal sand mill with the industrial production sand mill is grinding tank volume. Laboratory horizontal sand mill's grinding tank volume is 0.1-1...

machine for Water-Based Paint

Model No:FYF

Min. Order:1

Specifications Water-Based Paint 1.stainless steel 2.vacuum/ high pressure 3.balanced agitating 4.CE Water-Based Paint   1.Introduction: 1). Operating principle: Break down or recombined the materials through mixing, filling and cooling, to promote the reaction of polymerization. 2). Components: Body, gears, mixing devices, heating devices, cooling devices, seal, etc. 3). Auxiliary Equipment: Distillation column, head tank, condenser, Water separator, collecting cans, filters, etc.. 4). Widely u...

2015 New Design Water Based white board marker ink

Model No:Water based Paint Marker Ink

Delivery Time:7 Days

ball point pen Product Description Whiteboard Pen Ink Features 1. Erasable on whiteboard, Non-toxic, non-toluene 2. Ink dries faster and non-tonic 3. More design and various colors available 4. Smooth writing, sharp color, completely erase 5. Easy to write and easy to erase 6. They are suitable for export 7. Ink color: blue, black, red, green or others   Difference between the Alcohol Based Whiteboard marker Ink and Water Based Ink Ink Type Time of drying Harmness to whiteboard Cap-off time Wet ...

China Wholesale Custom Water Based Paint

Model No:Epoxy Paint

Delivery Time:8 Days

Specifications Water Based Paint 1.The coat is excellent in decorative effect. 2.Water resisting property is excellent China Wholesale Custom Water Based Paint     Product Show                                                                                              1. Product Pictures of Water Based Paint           2. Product Description of  Water Based Paint Projects Standards   Color and appearance of the film Steel gray,smooth Drying time Surface drying,min <30 Drying time Hard Drying ...

Non Toxic 100ml Metallic Water Based Paint

Model No:710100-24Z

Delivery Time:35 Days

Specifications 1.Non-toxic Metallic Water Based Paint 2.100ML Single Tube 3.Meas:690*260*210mm 4.Packing:24pcs/set 4set/carton 5.G.W:17 kg  Metallic Water Based Paint           EN71, ASTM4236, REACH- Non-toxic Acrylic Paint    100ML*5PCS Transparent Plastic Box Packed SetMeas:       690*260*210mmPacking:    24 pcs / set 4 sets / cartonG.W:         17 kgs   Acrylics color are extremely versatile, fast-drying, non-toxic paints, and can be Used straight from the tube like oils or thinned with Water...

Transparent thermal insulation glass Paint/Water Based Paint/Manufacturer/supplier

Model No:AW-020

Specifications Transparent thermal insulation glass Paint IR Rejected 85%and above,UV Rejected 99%and above ,VLT 80%and above,nature dry If you have any specific requirements for IR rejected,UV rejected,hardness etc. please contact us ,we will make effort to design new product  to meet your requirements.   Transparent thermal insulation glass Paint/Water Based Paint/Manufacturer/supplier   [Introduction] AW-020 is one kind of coating that can be applied on glass to prevent UV rays and heat insul...

Water Based Paint Machine

Model No:YRCE

Delivery Time:40 Days

    Water Based Paint Machine   Introduction   Complete production line with an annual output of 40000tons.Ranen provides customized made design to satisfy different production process and throughput.   The whole process of the line is dispersing-milling-mixing-deironing filter-discharge tank    1 .The production of solvent Based coatings can reach to1000 tons to 50 thousand tons annual , the complete production line is particularly suitable for large-scale production.   2 Configuration of equip...

In stock AP-AZ1201 Water Based Paint spray gun

Model No:AP-AZ1201

Delivery Time:3 Days

  In stock AP-AZ1201 Water Based Paint spray gun Features 1, Gun shape static eliminator 2, Small size and easy installation 3, Safe and reliable working under high voltage and micro current 4, With compressed air source and longer working distance   5, Static eliminating while cleaning the surface dust  Industry Applications Used in electronics, injection molding, printing, film and pharmaceutical machinery industries  Working ways (AC) Specification    Model        AP-AZ1201 Input voltage     ...

Water Based Paint ANTIFOAM

Model No:HS_X9PJ

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications 1. Paint defoaming agent 2. Use in painting, adhesives 3. Stop foams and inhibit foaming 4. No toxic, no pollution Defoamer manufacturer: Shijiazhuang City Horizon Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. XPC-35B is mainly Used in painting, adhesives, is one kind of Paint chemicals ( Paint defoamer also have types: XPG-201, XPC-20B, XPF-20A, XPF-202 etc.) We produce all kinds of types and uses defoamer, food and industrial grade. XPC-35B specifications: ( antifoam silicone oil )    Standard GB/...

Color dye and pigments yellow red powder and iron oxide brown orange black for Water Based Paint/ceramic glaze

Model No:many types

Delivery Time:2 Days

Color dye and pigments yellow red powder and iron oxide brown orange black  for Water Based Paint/ceramic glaze   Product informations & Specifications   1. Product Description   1). Bright-colored exquisite powder.   2). Good weatherability (Lightfastness, heat-resistant and alkali resistant)   3). Strong tinting power, excellent covering ability and fine dispersion.   4). We can supply iron oxide with different color, specifications and packing2.Specifications Type Fe2O3 Fe3O4 Oil Absorpti...

Water Based Paint usage Pigment Red 122

Model No:Pigment Red 122

Delivery Time:15 Days

  Product Description 1. Product name                  Water Based Paint usage Pigment Red 122           2. Product Series    We also have other organic pigments as follows: Pigment Red 2, 3, 8, 21,  22, 48:1, 48:2, 48:3, 48:4, 49:1, 49:2, 53:1, 57:1,81,112, 122, 146, 149, 170, 176,179, 184, 185 Pigment Yellow 1, 3, 12, 13, 14, 17, 42, 65, 73, 74, 81, 83, 138, 139, 151, 154, 174, 180, 181,183, 191 Pigment Orange 5, 13, 34, 36 Pigment Violet 3, 19, 23, 27, 29 Pigment Blue 15, 15:1, 15:2, 15:3, 15...

PE First-Class Aerosol Water Based Paint

Model No:PE-236

Delivery Time:25 Days

PE First-Class Aerosol Water Based Paint Product Description Spray Paint(Aerosol Paint) can provide vivid electroplating effect, which can replace the traditional chroming techniques. It is able to effectively resist UV radiation, enhance the aging-resistance of the decorated goods and prevent eroding. It can be widely applied to metals, wood, glass, ABS and other surfaces. The film finish has excellent hardness, adhesion and flexibility. The film should avoid scrubbing or clashing to prevent th...

450ml ISO9001 Water Based Paint

Model No:C1-13A

Delivery Time:25 Days

 450ml ISO9001 Water Based Paint    Product Name              Spray Paint   Description: Place of Origin Brand Model NO. Capacity Content China OTMAN C1-13A 450ml 240g   Packaging: Type of Package PCS/CTN G.W./CTN(KG) N.W./CTN(KG) Size of Carton(mm) Carton Box 12 4.48 4.22 276*208*208    Features: 1. Spray Paint is a thermo plastic acrylic aerosol spray Paint and it has the characteristic of easy performance, good atomization, high spray rate. 2. The Paint can dry fast and the film finish has ex...

acid free Water Based Paint making chemical mixer for steel bar bonding

Model No:300

Delivery Time:15 Days

 acid free Water Based Paint making chemical mixer for steel bar bonding   Kastar adhesive for bar planting   Application:   Planting bar adhesive is a two-component epoxy resin modified structural adhesive, drilling anchoring is suitable for various kinds of steel, bolts and various metal material and concrete, rock, brick and other solid substrates, steel bars are widely Used in building structure, the screw implant. Building structure reinforcement, anchorage. Frame structure, shear strong an...

DELI High Performance Water Based Paint for Wood

Model No:Wood Paint

Delivery Time:15 Days

DELI High Performance Water Based Paint for Wood   Advantages/Features:1. Soluble in Water, environment-friendly.2. Benzene free, no hazardous toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, CAC and free TDI.3. Strong adhesive force; superior gloss and color retention.4. Low viscosity, but high solid content; good fullness, hardness and durability.5. Easy application, rapid drying and yellowing resistant.         Product Description   DELI High Performance Water Based Paint for Wood  formulated with the up-to-da...

Water-Based Paint use titanium dioxide R218

Model No:R218

Min. Order:1

Within the rich experience dealing with World TOP 500 companies like BASF, we have the confidence to offer you the most suitable titanium dioxide with excellent service. 1. Products made by titanium dioxide Rutile R218 Decorative coating(Exterior), Coil coatings, Water-Based Paint, Oil-Based Paint, General Industrial paints,plastics (PVC, PE, polystyrene and polyurethane), masterbatch, rubber, Water-Based printing ink and paper 2. Main Property lGood whiteness lGood dispersion lExcellent weather...

Water-Based Paint Complete Production Line (KCT-A)

Model No:KCT-A

Product Description This Water-Based Paint Complete Production Line mainly includes: Dispersing system, milling system, multi-functional mixing & tinting system, filling system, air controlling system, automatic measurement system. The whole line works under complete closed condition to make the workshop without dust and to obtain finished products with good quality. Operation is easy, it satisfies every Water-Based coating user's technologic requirement. Design highlights: This production l...

White Water-Based Paint PVC Shutter Window Profile

Model No:PVC shutter components

White Water-Based Paint Pvc Shutter Window Profile PVC shutter, made from PVC, is a perfect Choice for a wet-room inside or outside of the home. PVC shutters come in five standard colours With classic white as a representation, also the color can be customized. The blade sizes are 64mm and 89 mm or 115 mm with either stainless stapled centre control bar or Aluminium hidden Controls at rear or an aluminium face control on the side. PVC is an important addition to the Shutter materials collection,...

General Colors Water Based Paint

Model No:TE8008

General Colors Water Based PaintThis product is environmental -protective formula without lead, applying for ironware, woodenware, The cement surface, plastic ( except PE, PP soft wooden plastic), acrylic, poly-foam, glassware etc. And application for interior spray Paint (Water base) using, outdoor can also use. After dried, not fall off and not fade with Water. Smell gentle, without strong organic solvents the pungent taste.Directions1. Remove thoroughly the oil, soil, Water stain and dust fro...

Spray Booth for Water Based Paint (CE,ISO 9000 Safety Control) (BTD 7500-1(with 32 Nozzles))

Model No:BTD 7500-1(with 32 Nozzles)

Spray booth for Water Based Paint(CE approved, ISO 9000 safety control) 1. CE approved 2. German Technology 3. Suitable for Water painting with nozzles 4. Spray booth professional manufacturer 5. Factory price, energy saving 6. High quality, best sell service, timely delivery 7. We can meet at customer's special requirement Model: BTD 7500-1(with 32 Nozzles)

BTD (HK) International Group Limited

Guangdong Province Puning City

Water-Based Paint Booth (Model: JZJ-9500)

Model No:JZJ-9500

1. CE Certificate.2. Water-Based Paint.3. External lighting.4. Proof-explosion motors.

Water Based Paint Spray Booth (Standard Type)

Model No:OURS-2014107

Water Based Paint Spray Booth (Standard Type) 1. Low energy consumption 2. Convenient color change 3. High capacity 4. Reasonable price 5. Easy to use and maintain 6. Full automatic or manual operation We specialize in the whole line: 1) Pretreatment: Dipping pretreatment with overhead crane, or fully automatic spraying pretreatment 2) Conveying system: Closed-circuit conveyor, power and free conveyor, multi-track conveyor, and so on 3) Oven: Batch oven, combination oven, bridge curing oven, tun...

Yangzhou OURS Machinery Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Province Yangzhou City

Water Based Paint Booths WLD8400 (CE)

Model No:WLD8400

1. Paint booths for Water Based Paint. CE certificate we have 2. Real Paint booths manufactory in China. 3. High quality and factory cost Paint booths

SB100, Large bus spraybooths with industrial Paint systems Water Based Paint booth

Model No:SB-100

Min. Order:1

Specifications Water Based Paint booth : Spray Booth (Down Draft) Size:7050x5250x3600mm Air velocity: 0.25m/s CE approved SB100, industrial Paint spraying booth Water Based Paint booth : Product Description   DETAILS :   Dimensions: Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Booth Outside 7,000 5,200 3,600 Booth Inside 6,900 3,900 2,750 Entrance Door Equipped with Handle & Lock 3,000 2,700 Personnel Door Equipped with Handle & Anti-Explosion Lock 800 2,000     Features: Total Power 10.5 KW; 380v...

Water-repellent Elastic SL-200 Water Based Paint

Model No:SL-200

Min. Order:10

Specifications Water-repellent Elastic SL-200 Water Based Paint 1. Elasticity 2. non-toxic Water quality   Water-repellent Elastic SL-200 Water Based Paint   SL-200 is a kind of Water Based acrylic polymer emulsifier. It can be spray on construction. It can forms a Water-resistant layer on the concrete and offers resistance to Water.    Product features   1.Good waterproof SL-200 can form soft waterproof layer with high elasticity, good Water-resistance, and resistant to hydrolysis. Good waterti...

2015 Newest high quality electric portable Water Based Paint spray gun CE/GS/EMC/SAA/UL/ROHS approved

Model No:CX15

Delivery Time:25 Days

2015 Newest high quality Water Based Paint spray gun/ Paint sprayer    Model CX15 -The real professional factory for electric hvlp Paint sprayer -high quality hvlp Paint sprayer portable -wall Paint spray gun -spray Paint sprayer -OEM & ODM accepted -CE/GS/EMC/SAA/UL/ROHS approved   Product Description   Features Powerful two stage turbine sprarys latex, as well as thinner materials such as lacquers and stains Variable air pressure control means less overspray with thin materials 20 foot hei...

Paint marker permanent Paint marker Water-Based Paint marker

Model No:PMW706

Delivery Time:30 Days

Quick Details: PMW706(Liquid type plastic barrel) Name: Water-Based Paint MARKER Size:141*15mm Line:2.0~2.5mm Packaging & Delivery : 1Box(12PCS)/1Carton(1152PCS) Specifications: Ink: Import ink, Conforms to ASTMD-4236 and EN71-3. Nib: Take Japanese, special,Acrylic,Fiber nib,be outflow smooth. Environmentally non-toxic, colorful, strong adhesion, never fade, low odour(odor). Writing Color: WHITE,BLACK,BLUE,RED,GREEN,YELLOW,ORANGE, VIOLET,PINK,BROWN,GOLD,SILVER,GREY,LIGHT GREEN,LIGHT BLUE Ran...

Water-Based Paint body art

Model No:30ml

Specifications Water-Based Paint body art original manufacturer FDA and CE certification Water-Based ,food grade pigment Water-Based Paint body art we are the professional body Paint manufacturer in China it is Water-Based ,food grade pigment . passed American FDA and European CE certification ,nontoxic and safe on the skin package : 10ml,30ml and 75ml we can supply common color, pearly color and UV color . custom package is ok

Long lifetime Chrome Water Based Paint sprayer

Model No:JM030202

Delivery Time:45 Days

NEW! Factory supply Water Based Paint sprayer WHY CHOOSE US? 1.Factory 2.Leading professional manufacturer of Water Based Paint sprayer. 3.Our factory owns a group of high quality and high-tech professional designers and staff members. Our major products are as below: Faucet Aerator,Toilet Seat Hinges,Drain Cleaner,Kitchen Aerator,ACP CLICK HERE,BACK TO HOMEPAGE,YOU WILL GET MORE INFORMATION OF US! PRODUCT CATEGORIES Sanitaryware & Hardware LED Faucet Light & LED Hand Shower Water Saving...

Hot sell educational Water Based Paint wooden toy trucks

Model No:E3013A

Delivery Time:60 Days

Description of wooden toy trucks Item name     Hot sell educational Water Based Paint wooden toy trucks Model E3013A Materials Wood, Water Based Paint, ABS, POM, PP Age Group 3Y+ Color-box Code 417193  Barcode 6943478011991 PCS 1 Description A must for any construction to begin is with this Dumper truck to transport materials.   Play Tips Fuel imagination by allowing the child to tell what is being transported.   Picture Of wooden toy trucks More Products Too Choose Advantages Of Procuct 1. Sele...

Good price Water Based ink Used Novajet 750 printhead for Novajet 750 printer

Model No:750, Novajet 750

Delivery Time:2 Days

Good price Water Based ink Used Novajet 750 printhead for Novajet 750 printer     Advantages: 1. The materials and processing technics are entirely in line with the industry standard. The casings are made of PC imported form Japan, not ABS.(The cost of PC is four times as ABS)   2. The print head is manufactured and managed by ISO9001 Advanced Total Quality Management, which have sales traceability. Every cartridge has its own SN(series number).   3. The print head have longer lives, which can p...

Water Based Paint Production Line

Model No:GPL Series

Delivery Time:40 Days

Specifications Automatic control and PLC with high efficiency. Advantage dispersing and milling system Good fineness.           Water Based Paint Production Line 1. Introduction Latex Paint complete plant (annual output 2000 tons) is up to technology development of international tend in coating industry. It can realize to high fineness, high efficiency for any working procedure, such as dispersing, milling and Paint mixing etc. The equipment consist of feeding system, outlet system, filtering sy...

Sinotruk 6*4 Water Based Paint spray gun For Sale With Best Quality

Delivery Time:20 Days

  Sinotruk Water Based Paint spray gun For Sale With Best Quality    Product Description   Chassis No ZZ1167M4617C Brand SINOTRUK—HOWO Driving type Left Hand Driving (Right Hand Driving form) Dimension(LxWxH)(unloaded)(mm) 8300×2496×3048 Tank Volume (m3) 12m3, Tank body(thickness):5mm,material:carbon steel; sprinkling equipment both in front and in rear; special anti-corrosion treatment Approaching angle/Departure angle(°) 15/18 Overhang(front/rear) (mm) 1500/2090 Wheel base 4600 Max speed(km/h)...

350W Water Based Paint spray gun

Model No:JS-HH12A

Delivery Time:40 Days

Specifications 350W Water Based Paint spray gun 1) GS/EMC/CE/ETL 2) Max.viscosity: 60din/sec 3) Flow: 800ml/min 4) 2 nozzles: 1.8/2.6mm  350W Water Based Paint spray gun Approval   GS/EMC/CE/RoHS Voltage 220-240V~  Frequence 50Hz Power 350W Package Color Box Ctn.Size(cm) 53*34*30 Qty/Ctn (pcs) 4 G.W/N.W (kg) 8.4/7.8 Qty/20 (pcs) 2016 Accessory 1 Viscosity Cup                          Features: 1. sliding quick-release button, easier for cleaning. 2. two exchangeable nozzle fors different spray e...

Water Based Paint spray gun

Model No:HC-2031

Product Description Product  Water Based Paint spray gun  Water Based Paint spray gun Picture Model HC-2031 HC-2030 Branding OEM/ODM Meterial Stainless Steel Technology Casting,Cutting by Numerically controlled lathe                                                 Surface treatment: Plated or pickling. Application Use for plumbing, sanitary ware, machine part and so on. Size                                    Standard                                  standard Product Details     Other Products  ...
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