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List Of Water Based Paint Used Products And Quality Supplier Of Water Based Paint Used From China, Bossgoo.com Provide You Reliable Water Based Paint Used Manufacturers With Through The Certification. You May Also Be Interested In abp Water Faucet ,abrasion Resistant Floor Paint ,abrasive Water Jet ,abs Water Tank ,absorb Water Mat

Automobile Water-Based Paint Spray Booth

Model No:ANS-768S

Automobile Water-Based Paint spray booth Outside size(L*W*H)mm 7000*5550*3450 Inside size(L*W*H)mm 6880*3880*2750 Main door(W*H)mm 3000*2700 Personal door(W*H)mm 700*2000 Total power(KW) 9.8 Heating system With the hybrid energy design concept, Baochi is achieving an integrated heating model of oil, electric and gas. You will not worry about the rising cost or short-cut of the energy. A one-time investment, long-life benefit! To break the energy limit, Baochi is doing. For your option, BCSR7 sel...

Water-Based Paint use titanium dioxide R218

Model No:R218

Min. Order:1

Within the rich experience dealing with World TOP 500 companies like BASF, we have the confidence to offer you the most suitable titanium dioxide with excellent service. 1. Products made by titanium dioxide Rutile R218 Decorative coating(Exterior), Coil coatings, Water-Based Paint, Oil-Based Paint, General Industrial paints,plastics (PVC, PE, polystyrene and polyurethane), masterbatch, rubber, Water-Based printing ink and paper 2. Main Property lGood whiteness lGood dispersion lExcellent weather...

Water-Based Paint Complete Production Line (KCT-A)

Model No:KCT-A

Product Description This Water-Based Paint Complete Production Line mainly includes: Dispersing system, milling system, multi-functional mixing & tinting system, filling system, air controlling system, automatic measurement system. The whole line works under complete closed condition to make the workshop without dust and to obtain finished products with good quality. Operation is easy, it satisfies every Water-Based coating user's technologic requirement. Design highlights: This production l...

White Water-Based Paint PVC Shutter Window Profile

Model No:PVC shutter components

White Water-Based Paint Pvc Shutter Window Profile PVC shutter, made from PVC, is a perfect Choice for a wet-room inside or outside of the home. PVC shutters come in five standard colours With classic white as a representation, also the color can be customized. The blade sizes are 64mm and 89 mm or 115 mm with either stainless stapled centre control bar or Aluminium hidden Controls at rear or an aluminium face control on the side. PVC is an important addition to the Shutter materials collection,...

General Colors Water Based Paint

Model No:TE8008

General Colors Water Based PaintThis product is environmental -protective formula without lead, applying for ironware, woodenware, The cement surface, plastic ( except PE, PP soft wooden plastic), acrylic, poly-foam, glassware etc. And application for interior spray Paint (Water base) using, outdoor can also use. After dried, not fall off and not fade with Water. Smell gentle, without strong organic solvents the pungent taste.Directions1. Remove thoroughly the oil, soil, Water stain and dust fro...

Spray Booth for Water Based Paint (CE,ISO 9000 Safety Control) (BTD 7500-1(with 32 Nozzles))

Model No:BTD 7500-1(with 32 Nozzles)

Spray booth for Water Based Paint(CE approved, ISO 9000 safety control) 1. CE approved 2. German Technology 3. Suitable for Water painting with nozzles 4. Spray booth professional manufacturer 5. Factory price, energy saving 6. High quality, best sell service, timely delivery 7. We can meet at customer's special requirement Model: BTD 7500-1(with 32 Nozzles)

BTD (HK) International Group Limited

Guangdong Province Puning City

Water-Based Paint Booth (Model: JZJ-9500)

Model No:JZJ-9500

1. CE Certificate.2. Water-Based Paint.3. External lighting.4. Proof-explosion motors.

Water Based Paint Spray Booth (Standard Type)

Model No:OURS-2014107

Water Based Paint Spray Booth (Standard Type) 1. Low energy consumption 2. Convenient color change 3. High capacity 4. Reasonable price 5. Easy to use and maintain 6. Full automatic or manual operation We specialize in the whole line: 1) Pretreatment: Dipping pretreatment with overhead crane, or fully automatic spraying pretreatment 2) Conveying system: Closed-circuit conveyor, power and free conveyor, multi-track conveyor, and so on 3) Oven: Batch oven, combination oven, bridge curing oven, tun...

Yangzhou OURS Machinery Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Province Yangzhou City

Water Based Crackle Paint

Model No:BL100

Min. Order:200

Water Based Crackle Paint is the green environmentally-friendly coating that is Used with our Water Based Paint for furniture and handicraft and toy etc...It is nontoxic, odorless, non-combustible and unexploded and has strong adhesion. After painting, much crackle is formed, which is concise-sprightly, high-natural, and unsophisticated. The crackle's color, size and texture were controlled by you .This product was Used for the architectural decoration, the room decoration, the furniture and han...

Flexo Water Based Printing Ink for kraft paper

Model No:Flexo Water Based Printing Ink for kraft paper

Product Details Basic Specification Certificate1 Msds Certificate2 SGS Type Flexo Water Based Printing Ink for Corrugated Cart Type Solvent Based Ink Color Colourful Printing Type Flexo Printing Detail Description Yantai Hengxing Printing Ink CO.,Ltd Product   Flexographic  Water Based printing ink for  kraft paper Fature 1) High clarity, bright color, good printing compatibility 2) Fluently using, without any broken line while long time printing 3) Good chemical stability 4) Bright in color exp...

Epson DX5 Water-Based print head

Model No:DX5 water-based

Min. Order:1

The Epson DX5 Water-Based print head is Used by different series of Epson and Mutoh printers as decsribed in the printer compatibility. It is a new generation print head that allows fast speed, high resolution printing with Water-Based inks. The Epson DX5 original print head is delivered in a sealed Epson package. This is the original Mutoh print head. Printer compatibility: Epson 4400 / 4450 / 7400 / 7450 / 7800 / 7880 / 9400 / 9800 / 9880, Mutoh RJ901C / 900C / 1604W Part number: PPHEP48V5W Po...

PT. Pompa-Electronic

Sulawesi Selatan Makassar

Water Based Solid Grade Acrylic Resin (for coating, ink)

Model No:water-based

Water Based solid grade acrylic resin(for coating,ink)Water souble acrylic resinWater Based Solid acrylic resin (Similar to 678 )Similar to Basf Joncryl 678Mainly be Used for Water Based printing inkFeatures & Benefits:General purpose MID-range molecular weight Acrylic ResinHigh Gloss and HoldoutPromotes ResolubilityFine Clarity

Bulk Water Based Dye Ink for Epson

Model No:E850 Bulk Water Based Dye Ink for Epson

Water Based dye in/Universal dye ink for Epson t50/p50/60 printers Model: E850 Colors: 6 colors, BK, C, M, Y, LC, LM Suitable for Printers: Epson Stylus Photo R210/R230/R310/RX510/RX630 Stylus Photo R270/R390/RX590/290/1390/RX610 Stylus Photo R260/R380/RX580 Stylus Photo R265/R360/ R285 Epson Stylus Photo 1400/TX800FW, etc Epson desktop printers Specifications Universal DYE ink for Epson Desktop printer /Six colors /high quality 1. Universal dye ink for Epson desktop printers 2. Factory direct s...

Mimaki Dx4 Water-Based capping

Model No:DX4 water-based capping

Min. Order:1

We are menufacturer 1.The capping is for Mimaki Dx4 Water-Based printhead 2.Best price and good quality 3.Have stock

Aluminum Tape, Made of Acrylic Water-Based Adhesive, Used for General Purposes

Model No:G LB30W-38

Widths: 50, 75 and 100mm Thickness of aluminum foil: 0.03mm Raw materials: aluminum foil, acrylic Water-Based adhesive Peel adhesion: ≥10N/25mm Rolling tack: ≥14# Adhesion to liner: ≤1N/25mm Resistance temperatures: -12 to 80°C Jumbo rolls and finished cutting rolls are also available Used for conditioning systems in constructions and refrigeration

Water-Based Environmental Paint

Model No:5334

Characteristics: High weathering and Water resistance Good adhesion, Paint film is tough Good color retention Quick drying ​Product description: single component waterborne acrylic (modified) Paint for steel structure building Performance features: Can be applied directly on rusty steel (rust layer ≤50mm) Single component Completely Water-Based eco-friendly Quick drying high coverage Color and appearance: gray or more Coating thickness:53, ±5mm Solid content: 65, ±3% Density: 1.2G/³ Voc ≤50g/L P...

Bentonite for Water Based Paint Cp-Ew

Model No:CP-EW

CP-EW is mainly Used in Water-borne system. Typical properties CompositionInorganic modified montmorillonite clay AppearanceFine powder, white Moisture(105 Degree, 2hr)Max. 10% Bulk density0.40~0.60g/cm3 Viscosity, 3% in Water, mPa. SMin. 1500 Fineness( Application: Industrial Water reducible Paint Toothpaste and tooth polish Cream and Lotions Emulsion Paint Pigment Water-borne sealant, adhesive Using: It can be added directly in powder, with its addition to be 0.2-0.3%.

Tunnel Water-Based Core Drying Furnace

Model No:EG350R-3.5/3.96

Product Description I Equipment PurposeThe tunnel-type core drying oven is Used for drying and cooling the core when dipped with Water-Based Paint. II Factory Production Conditions                            1, Power supply: 380/220V±10%,50Hz±2%.2, Humidity:61%~81%.3,Compressed air pressure:0.5MPa~0.7MPa.4,Gas pipe pressure 0.08MPa,Calorific value 33.453 MJ/Nm3~35.544 MJ/Nm3.Description:.The lifting roller conveyors consist of lifting platform and transferring roller conveyors.,,,,.,20mm,390mm,1...

Water Based Ink

Model No:water based

Water Based Ink 1. Bright color and high gloss 2. Good heat resistance and oil resistance 3. Superior freeze resistance and Water proof Use scope: 1. Paper, paper cup, napkin, label, paper bag, carton, cardboard, kraft paper coated paper and adhesive -bonded fabric 2. Plastic film such as PP/PE/PA film Advantages: 1. Water Based, environmentally-friendly, no toxic and no heavy metal 2. Bright color, high gloss 3. Superior heat resistance and oil resistance 4. Good adhesive force, rub resistance ...

Water-Based Paint

Model No:AK-PC2005

Features:-Water-Based technology!-Low odor!-Weather-resistant-Superior durability -Ultra-smooth finish -Excellent adhesion   Description:AK-PC2005 Water-Based spray Paint is a quick drying, decorative Paint suitable for interior and exterior applications, including outdoor furniture, household accessories and art and craft projects. The products contain Water-borne and unleaded environmental formula and can be sprayed on iron, wood products, cement surface, plastics (except PE and PP), acrylic, ...

LANTIDEN Long Lifespan Soundproof & Fireproof Water-Based Paint, Humidity Controller

Model No:LTT-P-003-7

Product ingredients: diatomite, photo catalyst, anion powder, imported odor emulsion, distilled Water Origin and formation of diatomite: diatomite is a unicellular aquatic plant originates from marine algae plants and diatom fossil after one hundred million years It absorbs the free silicone of the Water in the process of growth to form solid and its porous cell walls even after the death of the diatomite, its cell wall will not decompose, but deposit to the bottom, after hundreds of thousands o...

Water Based traffic lines marking Paint

Model No:DY-cold

Min. Order:1

cold solvent Water Based traffic lines marking Paint Acrylate resin is a polymer of acrylate and methacrylate monomers according to the set ratio generated by polyaddition reaction, such resins in outdoor exposure durability under long-term exposure in ultraviolet difficult to decompose or yellowing, and has good heat resistance, all these properties make it very suitable for the manufacture of road marking Paint, and its ample supply, procurement, and the price is not too expensive. Selection o...

Phthalocyanine Blue 153 In Water-Based Coating 

  Specifications pigment blue 15:31.mainly Used in Water Based ink 2.emulsion 3. panit 4.for textile,with red and green hue 1 Pigment blue 15:3 (Fast Blue BGS)Main Application on Offset Ink and Plastic and Can Use For Water base Ink , Industrial Paint ,Textile Printing etc . 2. Physical, Chemical and Fastness Properties Molecular Weight: 576.07 Molecular Formula: C32H16CuN8 P.H. Value: 7.0-8.0 Density: 1.8 Oil Absorption(ml/100g): 35-45 Light Fastness: 7 Heat Resistance: 200°C Water Resistance: ...

Pigment Blue 150 For Water Based Ink 

1. Product Information 1) Product name Sunfast Blue 5510 2) Color index name Pigment Blue 15:0 3) Chemical type Copper Phthalocyanine 4) Molecular formula C32h16cun8 5) CAS No. 147-14-8 6) EU No. 205- 685-1 7) Relative trade name 2. Physical Properties 1) PH Value 7 2) Specific gravity 1.50±0.1 3) Water soluble 1.0% max 4) Oil absorption 45±5% 5) Heat stability 200 Degree C 6) Resistance to Water (1-5) 4 7) Resistance to Oil (1-5) 5 8) Resistance to Acid (1-5) 5 9)Resistance to Alkali (1-5) 5 10...

3m Brown Water Based Packing Tape, Lightweight, High Resistance, Non-stretchable, Economical

Model No:Water based Packing tape-A025

Material: BOPP Customized sizes are welcome Applications: brown packing tapes for cartons, general binding,sealing and reinforcing Various PVC packing tape, printed packing tape and Water basedpacking tape are available Widely Used for automatic carton packing machines throughoutvarious industries Various colors and designs are available Packaging: 24 pieces/carton

Normal Temperature-resistant Masking Tape for Painting Protection, Rubber Adhesive or Water Based

Model No:911-k1-k1-1-1

Features: Material: crepe paper Width and length: as per customers' requirement Rubber adhesive or Water Based Leaves no residue Shadowing when spray painting Peels off easily Reduces surface scratches Compositions: Backing materials: beige crepe paper, colorful crepe paper and yellow washing paper Adhesive: rubber acrylic oily pressure sensitive adhesive or Water-Based pressure sensitive adhesive and more Applications:Mainly Used for spray Paint, parts masking in Paint coating and plating proce...

JHAO-60A Combined Paint Tinting Machine with Water-Based or Oil-Based Colorant

Model No:JHAO-60A-1-1

Description: This model is combined of automatic Paint shaker and manual Paint dispenser Whole machine size (L x W x H): 725*760*1,515mm Container loading: 20ft container can load 18 sets, 40ft container can load 36 sets Automatic Paint shaker: With digital display showing the machine working time, people can add or reduce the time they want before the machine working Automatic closing and opening, but there is also the manual open and close keys for different needs Maximum working time is 60 mi...

Water Based Paint Spray Room

Model No:AUZ-WD 1001

Products DescriptionThis automatic Paint spraying/baking booth is Used for air purification during auto Paint coating operation and drying operation after painting spray. Paint spraying and drying are performed in the same booth. This Paint spraying/baking booth is typical of Paint spraying and baking functions, provided with automatic thermostat Paint spraying, ventilation, air purification, Paint mist treatment, and winter hot-air supply functions during Paint spraying, and automatic heating, ...

Pigments with Water Based Colors

Model No:Pearl Pigments

Pigments with Water Based Colors In automobile construction, architecture, entertainment electronics or objects for daily use today, we meet effect coatings and paints wherever we go. They protect surfaces and contribute significantly to the design and attractiveness of the product. Kolortek has developed a comprehensive product portfolio with a large number of decorative and functional pigments for effective paints and coatings for interior and exterior applications. There are three basic ingre...

Water Based Acrylic Resin

Model No:BAW-561

Water Based acrylic resin BAW-561 Mainly be Used for Water Based printing ink and Paint. Features & Benefits: General purpose MID-range molecular weight Acrylic Resin High Gloss and Holdout Promotes Resolubility Fine Clarity transparent

Water-Based Project Use Exterior Emulsion Paint

Model No:Model

 Why Maydos ? 1. Professional laboratory and technical team 2.Top 5 Paint and adhesive manufacturer in China 3. Experienced in export, customers from more than 80 countries 4. Professional technical guidance and good after-sales service 5. Customer satisfaction is our mission   Mr.Neo Song Mobile:+86 13924880253 / 13620323473 Tel:0086-0757-27332103    Packaging & Shipping Size:6kg, 20kg, 22kg, 24kg, 180kg  Plastic can,Metal cans, cartons     Our Services   Small sample for free , color modul...

Water-Proof Paint and Anticorrosive Paint

Model No:PN-1

Intended Uses   Suited for all kinds of concrete constructions, pipes steel  structures,  cans  outside,  underground constructions. tunnels etc.as anti-corrosion Paint.It can form tough coating film with good adhesion function and excellent anti-corrosive performance.Product Description     Two packages, Be mainly composed of PU-QN pre-polymers,  color  paste,  catalyst,  assistants,  solvents etc,the films are tough, compact, Water-resistance,stable to chemicals, anti-corrosive and anti-rust.P...

Water-Based Non-Toxic Peelable Nail Polish for Kids

Model No:mini2401

Min. Order:12000

1. Enjoy our Water-Based nail polish for children. It is the most natural nail polishes ever! 2.The polish doesnt contain any harsh chemicals and never tested on animals 3. The key feature of this nail polish is that no nail polish remover needed to remove it. You can easily peel the polish off 4. Used for children 3 years and older. Better for kids use under adult supervision. Also great for anyone to use especially for travelling, and for special occasions. 5. Non-toxic earth-friendly formula,...

Fluoroesin Water-Based non-stick coating:

Corilon SL-W9213/M700 Fluoroesin Water-Based non-stick coating, it uses a combination of PTFE mixed with a high performance resin. It is our best two-coat system currently available, with excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, heat-resistance, non-stick, and also has good gloss and saturation. It can be Used for two-coat fluorocarbon coating of aluminum and stainless steel.

Environmentally friendly Water-Based silicone oil KC-650

Model No:KC-650

Water-Based silicone oil also known as brightener, leather varnish, silicone oil. By special process to take advantage of special nature of Silicone guarantee stability, together with special emulsifier emulsifying ground into high stability of Water-Based emulsion. Having following characteristics: 1, It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, no pollution, no fire hazards. 2, Quickly form in mold film, product easy to shiny. 3, After using, residual minimal, facilitate secondary processing of product. 4,...

VCI Water-Based concentrated liquid

Model No:Popular type

Min. Order:500

Rustoper® VCI Benefits Industry Proven Track Record Many years of application and testing ensure reliable results Multimetal Protection Same product provides protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals Simple Application Recessed and non contact areas are protected Safe for personnel and Environment Non-toxic and recyclable ,Rustopvci alleviate health and environment concerns We are VCI products manufacturer that specialized in producing and exporting VCI antirust packaging materials and chemi...

Paint &cementing Compound Preservative 

Performance characteristics:      1\Long-acting broad-spectrum, to kill a variety of bacteria, fungi and yeasts, concentration of 0.2%-1.5% can achieve good antibacterial effect.      2\The applicable pH range than similar products more widely, pH is Used in 5-11.       3\Stability: -2 ℃ to 35 ℃ stored for a year without change.      4\Low toxicity, does not contain heavy metals and halogen compounds.      5\Does not contain formaldehyde, low odor. Physical and chemical indicators: Project Indic...

Pigment Paste For Interior Paint 

Model No.:KS sereies Water Based pigment Style:Water-Based Usage:Paint State:Liquid Coating  property:Water Based pigment paste  Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)  Brand Name:ZFC  Other Names:pigment paste  Port:Shanghai  Specifications Paint raw material pigment paste 1. Wide applicantion 2. Test: SGS MSDS 3. Avaiable sample 4. Enveriomental 5. Fine paste, good dispersion and bright color6. Resist DMF, not easy to fade. KS series Water Based Paint raw material colors for choose       F...

0.40mm 30 Layer Blue Clean Room Sticky Mats With Water - Based Acrylic For Computer

0.40mm 30 layer Blue Clean Room Sticky Mats With Water - Based Acrylic For Computer Specifications  30 Sheet Clean Room Sticky mat/ Non Slip sticky Mat /           Sticky mat is designed to contain dust and dirt from your shoes before it can enter an area that  requires minimal contamination.The sticky mats come as a pad of sheets, and every time the top  sheet becomes sufficiently dirty/contaminated you simply peel it off to expose the next clean tacky  sheet (similar to a lint brush roller).St...

Nonwoven Art Deco Wallpaper , Italy Style Water-Based Ink

Nonwoven Art Deco Wallpaper , Italy Style Water-Based InkOEM / ODM offerWallpaper Type:European StylePrint Type:Synchronized and Embossing printingMaterial:PVC Based paper with Water-base inkSize:53cm(width)*100cm(length)Import Non-woven and Water-Based foam, 53CM*10m,Design inspiration come from European old castle.Design: Small Calico, idyllic Italy styleMaterial: Non-woven wallpaperDimensions: 53 x 10m/rollAdvantages:Eco-friendly Water-Based inkDeep embossed designs, synchronized printing, Pa...
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