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Vacuum Pumping Device, ZHONGNENG ZV Vacuum Pump Machine

Model No:ZV

Min. Order:1

ZHONGNENG Vacuum Pumping Machine Device Vacuum Pumping ZV Application ZV Series Vacuum Pumping Device is quick start, big capacity of Vacuum evacuating etc, widely used in vacuuming process in the production, installation and maintenance of many electric power equipments, and also in Vacuum smelting, welding, pharmaceutical and electric power system, particularly suitable for transformer Vacuum operation. Notice ZV Vacuum Pumping Device is not suitable for the Vacuum process for air and gases co...

Top Vacuum Evacuating Device (ZKCC-150)

Model No:ZKCC-150

Product Description Vacuum Pumping and evacuating system (ZKCC-300) 1. Drying transformer 2. Double stage Vacuum (Vacuum pump and roots booster pump) 3. Pumping Speed from 108 m3/hr to 4320 m3/hr ZKCC series Vacuum Pumping Device is a new type of vacuuming equipment developed and produced by our company. It is widely used in the process of producing Vacuum condition for various equipment. Its Vacuum pressure can reach much lower than any other products in the same field. Application: It is widel...

Dichloromethane Vacuum decompression Device

Model No:V60

Min. Order:1

Dichloromethane Vacuum decompression Device Vacuum decompression Device Vacuum decompression Device, special auxiliary Device, use for organic solvent recovery, removeble and safe structure, pneumatic operation, is manufactured according to Chinese explosion-proof standards (CNEX) and European standards(ATEX).Vacuum decompression Device is suit for suitable for assembling with Calstar organic solvent recycling machine 10L/20L/25L/30L/40L/60L solvent recycling machine.The vaccum decompression re...

Red Wine Corkscrew Wine Vacuum Pumping Opener

Model No:608217

Min. Order:2000

Red Wine Corkscrew Wine Vacuum Pumping Opener Cork Wine Bottle Opener It has the most stylish and innovative design, the most sophisticated smart structure; The front needle straight-through bottle, pull the tail of the piston can spare gas bottle; Good Vacuum operation can maintain the wine's freshness and alcohol; It can be ingenious to open the wine wine stoppers, can also be the perfect recovery; It is perfect for vintage bottles whose corks always tend to crumble.

Vacuum Pumping System

Model No:Series NKVW

Min. Order:1

Vacuum Pumping System Application: Series NKVW Vacuum Pumping system is composed of Vacuum pump and Roots pump, Roots pump automatically works by the controlling of relays or electrical-contact Vacuum gauge. NKVW equips an electrical control system and a cooling water system. It is quick start, big capacity of Vacuum evacuating etc, widely used in Vacuum smelting, welding, chemical, pharmaceutical and electric power system, particularly suitable for transformer Vacuum operation. Contact: Rainn...

Transformer Vacuum Pumpimg System

Model No:ZKCC

Min. Order:1

ZKCC series Vacuum Pumping Device is a new type of vacuuming equipment developed and produced by our company. It is widely used in the process of producing Vacuum condition for various equipment. Its Vacuum pressure can reach much lower than any other products in the same field. Application: It is widely used in the vacuuming process in the production, installation and maintenance of many electric power equipments, like electric power transformer, capacitor etc., and is also used in the technic...

Used Current Transformer Oil Filtration Apparatus with no pollution,fast degas,dewater,Vacuum oiling and Vacuum drying

Model No:ZYD-30

Min. Order:1

Specifications 1.Transformer Oil Filtration Apparatus 2.enhance oil quality comprehensively 3.saving energy Used Current Transformer Oil Filtration Apparatus with no pollution,fast degas,dewater,Vacuum oiling and Vacuum drying Introduction: 1. The unit is widely used in power plants, power stations, power companies, transforming industries, railways, petrochemical, metallurgical, and other fields. 2. Fast and efficient extrusion of moisture, gas, machinery impurities in the oil, and other harmfu...

Nv-606 Diamond Dermabrasion & Vacuum Therapy Device (CE Approved)

Model No:NV-606

NV-606 Diamond Dermabrasion & Vacuum Therapy Device   1.Functions :   Diamond dermabrasion    it was  the best method of medical beauty. This method successfully has developed in Europe for several years, cures patient thousands of examples, and has obtained the extremely satisfactory effect.   Vacuum Therapy Physical therapy,stimulating pituitary to excrete hormone,exerciing elasticity of muscletissue and fabric function,making breast elastic and smooth,Breast enlarging breast lifting ,sunk...

40k Ultrasound Cavitation Vacuum Slimming Device Hs-560V+

Model No:HS-560V+

40k ultrasound Cavitation Vacuum slimming Device Hs-560V+ Ultrasonic Cavitation technology enables a concentrated energy to be directed within the patient only at localized adiposities zone, and is thus capable of selectively disrupting the subcutaneous fat cells. After destruction of adipose tissue, the fat in the form of triglycerides is released into the interstitial fluid between the cells, where they are enzymatically metabolized to glycero and free fatty acids. Water-soluble glycerol trave...

Pjg9l-/10 (6) (Y) (a, b, c, d) Mining Explosion-Proof Type (permanent magnet mechanism) High-Voltage Vacuum Distribution Device

Model No:PJG9L

PJG9L Mining Explosion-proof Type(Permanent Magnet Mechanism) High-Voltage Vacuum Distribution Device Function This series mining explosion-proof type high voltage Vacuum distribution Device is applicable in AC 50Hz circuit rated voltage of 10kV, 6kV and rated current of 630A for control and protection of power network in underground coal mines with explosive and dangerous gas (methane) and coal dust, and it can also be used as big capacity motor for non-frequent start. The Device is classified ...

Vacuum Metering Device Packing Machine

Model No:DXD-420A

Vacuum Metering Device  Packing MachineIt' s suitable use in lifting and delivering the different character of material. Such as grain, bulk shape. Powder etc. According with the technical requires of food, chemical, pesticide dustrial.About our after-sale serviceRuiAn haicheng machinery Co., Ltd. Owns a serving idea "what you think is what we do", a serving tenet "Exquisite, enthusiastic and efficient", and a serving quality "prompt respond, carefulness and patience" for our each client. Upon e...

Newest Vacuum Slimming Device with Medical CE

Model No:GP899 Omnilslim

Newest Vacuum Slimming Device with Medical CE A NEW CONCEPT OF BODY SLIMMING AND FIGURE RESHAPING Nowadays, with various equipments in aesthetic and medical market, Omnislim opens a new page, it is a multi-functional machine which combines 4 technologies--ART RF, bi-polar RF, infrared light and Vacuum suction, offering non-invasive, comfortable and effective treatment for cellulite reduction, body shaping, muscle pain relieving, skin smoothing, lifting and tightening, leaving you smoother appear...

WPC Profile Vacuum Shapping Device (Length from 1200-6000Meters)

Model No:length from 1200-6000Meters

Shortly introduction for WPC profile Vacuum shapping Device: SJYF Series PVC Profile Calibration/Forming Table is an assistant machine which is used to produce PVC/wood-plastic profiles etc

Vacuum Agitation Device

Model No:SN500-8000

Summary: 1. Full-automation 2. Up and low triple 3. High speed agitation 4. Stainless steel Vacuum agitation Device Made by full stainless steel Emulsion stank, handle stabel, stand and handle are all made of the motor is covered by stainless steel. Even frequent cleaning can not lead to corrosion. The performance and shape is same. Can according to the request by consumers.

HOT SALE TOP fast 3 handles weight loss Vacuum slimming Device

Model No:S90T

Min. Order:1

Specifications Vacuum slimming Device 1 Body slimming system Manufacturer 2 OEM & ODM Service body slimming 3 Easy to operate 4 CE HOT SALE TOP fast 3 handles weight loss Vacuum slimming Device  keywords: Vacuum slimming Device Cavitation S90 combines RF + Vacuum + Auto roller + LED + fold weight loss machine pouches, black orbit removal  Why do you choice our body Vacuum slimming Device?   (1), Technology: 940NM LED+Vacuum +RF+Auto roller.   Effect: In general, fat people' waistline can red...


Model No:HFVD60-SA

Delivery Time:25 Days

Specifications 6M3 Vacuum DRYING Device FOR TIMBER a.Veneer/panel/hardwood b.Fast*drying cycle c.Uniform heating d.PLC automated system Vacuum DRYING Device FOR TIMBER HFVD60-SA   Features Fast drying cycle  Automatic feeder Large capacity PLC automated systems with touch screen control panel  Uniform heating No sparking or bending problem Veneer, panels, hardwood Description   * Vacuum DRYING Device FOR TIMBER are many times faster than traditional kiln dryers. The drying process can range from...

Mobile Vacuum Oil Purifier

Model No:ZYD oil purifier

Min. Order:1

Mobile Vacuum Oil Purifier Brief introduction: This ZYD series high voltage transformer oil purifier is special for 110kv or higher transformer,our another machine ZY series transformer oil purifier is special for low voltage transformer witch is lower than 110kv. Why need to purify used transformer oil? Power transformers utilize transformer oil as a heat transformer dedium and a dielectric material,therefore, to keep the purity of transformer oil is of the most important.Because dissolved gas,...

Transformer Vacuum Pumping Unit with Factory Price ( ZJ Series )

Model No:ZJ Series

Min. Order:1

Introduction It is mainly used for Vacuum drying and Vacuum oil-injecting for high voltage electrical transformer as 220KV, 500KV, 800KV, 1000KV. Strong Vacuum pumps make working Vacuum degree to 10 Pa and limit Vacuum degree to 1 Pa. Features 1. GIS connection available. 2. Digital Vacuum degree management. 3. Anti-absorption. 4. Machine can start fast. 5. Strong Vacuum Pumping capacity. 6. Stable performance. 7. Easy operation.

Oil Purifier Machine

Model No:ZYD-50

Series ZYD Double-stage Vacuum transformer oil purifier Application: Series ZYD insulating oil purifier is double-stage transformer oil purifier can quickly remove water, trace water, gas, particles as well as acetylene, hydrogen, methane and other harmful ingredients from oil effectively to improve oi's dielectric strength, effectively making sure electric equipments working safely and normally. Series ZYD oil purifier is particularly suitable for treating high-grade transformer oil, super-volt...

Auto Parts Metallizing Vacuum Coating Machine, Automotive Parts Metallizing Machine

Model No:ZZ for automotive parts vacuum metallizing machine

Auto parts metallizing Vacuum coating machine, automotive parts aluminum Vacuum metallization machineThis machine is mainly used for plastic car parts to get a decorative coating, like chrome coating, alumnium coating, nickel coating etc. the coating is strong adhesion, shinning and smooth. There are different sizes for different prodcution capacity, machine is full automatic control, so easy to operate. This is evaporation-coated Device in a Vacuum chamber using electrical resistance heating, w...

Evaporating & Magnetron Vacuum Coating Machine

Model No:ZC

ZhiCheng Evaporating & Magnetron Vacuum Coating Machine  the series coating machine  is mainly used in flat glass, acrylic, PC, PET, plastic, metal surface to plat high-quality, multi-function metal film, electromagnetic shielding film, the reaction film composite film, transparent conductive film, antireflection (AR), reflectance-increasing film, LOW-E, etc. Our Company can make design according to your requirements, provide complete equipment, answer for the process, hand in the "key" in t...

Large pulsating Vacuum sterilizer

Model No:MAST-V pulsating vacuum sterilizer

Min. Order:1

Usage: MAST-V pulsating Vacuum sterilizer is high temperature sterilization products researched and developed according to CSSD newest requirement, designed according to industry specifications and product standards, in accordance with GB150-2011 and [Standard Practice for Safety Technical Supervision of Fixed Pressure Vessels", GB8599-2008 large steam sterilizers technical requirements. If used for lab, please customize 316 inner shell configuration ● Strict and standard manufacture process f...

ZJC-R serise Vacuum turbine oil purifier

Model No:ZJC-R

Min. Order:1 set

ZJC-R Vacuum turbine oil purifier I Brief Introduction The Lubricating Oil Filtration machine is widely suitable for electric power, metallurgy, mine, machinery, chemical industry, transportation, manufacture and food industry etc. And it is particularly used to recover and regenerate all kinds of high precision lubricating oil, including unqualified hydraulic oil, refrigerator oil, pressure dissolving machine oil, gear oil, heat treatment oil anti-rubbing hydrau...

1×103pa Ultimate Vacuum 850℃ Bell-type Bright Copper Annealing Furnace

1×103pa Ultimate Vacuum 850℃ Bell-Type Bright Copper Annealing Furnace   Technical Specifications of High Convection Bell-Type Bright Annealing Furnace   Main parameters 1, Name:RBG-1400-3500 annealing furnace for copper strip 2, Quantity:one set. 3, Main parameters  NO. ITEM PARAMETER REMARK 1  Loading diameter Φ1400mm Inside coverФ1600mm 2 Loading height 3500mm   3 Maximum temperature of heating cover 850℃ Can be adjusted 4 Inside cover working temperature 200-750℃ Can be adjusted 5 Loading ca...

Vacuum Drying Oven, CE Certified, User Friendly

Model No:LT-VBX23-

Applications:Vacuum drying oven designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed and oxidized materials and especially can also quickly dry some of items with complex components Suitable for powder drying, baking and disinfection and sterilization of variety of glass containers in researches and applications including biochemistry, chemical pharmaceutics, health care, agricultural research and environment-protection User friendly LCD displays content necessary for experiments including devi...

JGM-VPC Series Roots, Water Ring Vacuum Unit, Suitable for Pumping Gases or Gases Insoluble in Water

Model No:JGM- VPC

Features: Remarkable energy-saving effect than single pump Covering small area and working reliably Rapid working, high Pumping rate in high Vacuum working condition Suitable for Pumping gases or gases insoluble in water, containing no solid particles as well as non-corrosive gases Can pump a large number of condensable steam, and pump inflammable and explosive gases when equipped with explosion-proof motors and electrical equipment and observe the relevant safety rules Application: Widely used ...

Continuous Thermoforming Vacuum Packing Machine (Hz420 520)

Model No:HZSW 300

Continuous Thermoforming Vacuum Packing MachineApplicationThis packaging machine is a fully automatic Vacuum packaging machine and is applicable for Vacuum, gas-filling and skin packaging of foods, meat products (frozen meat, sausage), seafood (smoked fish, crab, fish fillet, clam, prawn), fruits, vegetables, pickles, metal elements, and sterile medical apparatus (syringe, safety needle, pledget, medical phial). It is suitable for both flexible and rigid film packaging. Features: 1. Photo-electr...

Screw Vacuum Pump (LG30, LG70, LG150, LG220, LG300)

Model No:LG30, LG70, LG150, LG220, LG300

LG Dry Screw Vacuum PumpFeatures: 1. No pollution to the Vacuum system, because of no oil in pump house, it improves the quality. 2. No oil in pump house, to solve the problems, oil emulsification, changing working fluid and maintenance, to save the cost. 3. Dry working without polluted oil and smoke, it's good for environmental protection. It can pump a lot of steam and dust gas, also it can pump flammable, explosive and radioactive gas with additional Device. 4. Higher ultimate Vacuum, suitabl...

Vacuum Casting Prototype for Mobile Phone Housing

Model No:Vacuum Casting Silicon Moulding

Vacuum casting silicone mold Platinum Cure Silicone for Tyre Mold MakingBasic Info. Model No.: Vacuum casting silicone moldMaterial: Silicone RubberAppearance: LiquidColor: As RequestExport Markets: GlobalAdditional Info. Trademark: HongYe silicone rubberPacking: 20kg/Drum, 200kg/DrumStandard: RoHS. MSDS. SGS ISO9001: 2000Origin: Shenzhen ChinaHS Code: 39100000Production Capacity: 8 Tons Per DayProduct DescriptionPlatinum cure Silicone For Tyre Mold makingDescription of Addition cure silicone fo...

Vacuum Pumping Unit (ZJ Series)

Model No:ZJ Series

Use: This unit is suitable for Pumping in substation industries, administration of power supply, power generation plants, and transformer manufactory for electrical Vacuum devices, and is also suitable for Pumping in Vacuum melting, welding, drying, chemical pharmacy. It can achieve an operating Vacuum degree of 133Pa at the same time attain an limit Vacuum degree of 5Pa. But gases which are unsuitable for Pumping include toxic gases, explosive gases, gases with high oxygen content, gases with h...

Automatic Glass Jars Vacuum Capping Machine (CSM-300B)

Model No:CSM-300B

Introduction of this machine: This Vacuum capping machine is designed and developed by our company after drawing on world famous technology and so many years' production experience. And this machine is the only one type of Vacuum capping machine in China. This machine is full automatic with bottle conveyor belt, cap arranging Device and cap twisting system and so on, with high production capacity and stable and reliable performance as well. And therefore, it is widely used in the Vacuum capping ...

Vacuum Drying Oven (LT-VBX23/50/100)

Model No:LT-VBX23/50/100

The Vacuum drying oven is designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed and easily oxidized materials, and especially it can also quickly dry some of the items with complex components. This product is suitable for powder drying, baking and disinfection and sterilization of a variety of glass containers in researches and applications including biochemistry, chemical pharmaceutics, health care, agricultural research and environmental protection.CharacteristicsUser friendly* LCD displays th...

Roots Vacuum Pumps (ZJC-30)

Model No:ZJC-30

Innovation: 1, the sealed motor, using static seal instead of dynamic seal. That is no oil seal, mechanical seal, a motor connecting seat, shaft coupling and the oil cup. 2, the fluorine rubber and sealing sealing sleeve, the rotor isolation in the interior. 3, the axial flow fan cooling, can realize the variable frequency starting. Advantage: 1, the static seal durable and reliable, does not reduce the degree of Vacuum. Suitable for high Vacuum Pumping system. 2, no oil seal structure, no lubri...

Dz-500/B Automatic Vacuum Bag Sealing Packing Machine with CE Certification

Model No:DZ-500-2SB

Table Top Vacuum Packaging Machine DZ-500 Table Top Vacuum packaging machine adopt micro computer program control, It could precisely to set control Vacuum and sealing working program according to your Requirements, so that Vacuum Pumping packing sealing more precisely. Characteristic Easy structure, steady performance, easy maintenance, once you press the Vacuum Cover, you could accomplish the whole procedure of Vacuum dumping, air charging (selectable), sealing, lettering, cooling, air exhaust...

Jzj2b 600-4.1 Roots/Water Ring Vacuum System (package unit)

Model No:JZJ2B600-4.1

Summary JZJ2B package unit is composed of one set of ZJ Roots pump as the main suction pump and one set of 2BV water ring Vacuum pump or a package unit as the fore pump. Except for Pumping the normal gases, they can also pump other gases that contain moisture, organic solvent or dust. Comparing with the common mechanical Vacuum pump, the Roots unit is not easy to be the polluted by the oil, moisture and dust. And comparing with the water ring Vacuum pump, it has higher Vacuum and bigger suction ...

VD/VOD Vacuum Ladle Refining Furnace

Model No:VD/VOD Vacuum Ladle Refining Furnace

Min. Order:1

Application: VD-type Vacuum refining furnace can conduct Vacuum degassing for molten steel, alloy composition trimming and argon stirring in Vacuum. VOD-type Vacuum refining furnace carries out oxygen blowing and decarburization, Vacuum degassing and alloy composition trimming in Vacuum, mainly used for refining ultra-low carbon stainless steel, electric pure iron, etc. Features of the equipment: VD / VOD type Vacuum refining furnace can adopt either single or dual station. Overhead, pit or veh...

IR film Coating Machine Vacuum Coating System for Optical Coatings

Model No:ZZS1120

Min. Order:1

Coating System for Optical Coatings 1.Vacuum chamber sizeΦ1120×1300MM,which is made of high grade 304 stainless steel ,inner surface by polishing treatment, surface with cooling water jacket,postposition Pumping system,vertical front opening door structure. 2.Substrate holder speed 3~30rpm, AC variable frequency speed regulation(Korea LG),up driven way.Workpiece plate axial and radial runout≦±2mm;ferrofluidic seal,whole substrate holder structure adopts 304 stainless steel. 3.Vacuum Pumping ...

Medicine Vacuum Drying Machine

Model No:FZG

Min. Order:1

Medicine Vacuum Drying Machine Principle FZG Vacuum Dryer (Medicine Vacuum Oven,Medicine Vacuum Dryer,Vacuum Dryer Device ) uses Vacuum pump to pump damp air out and make the working chamber form Vacuum status. and let the raw material to be dried at Vacuum condition ,Therefore, the drying speed of raw material is improved and the energy is saved greatly. Because the raw materials load inside the tray (standard tray size :640x460x45mm), so It is static v...

thin film deposition systems

Model No:HYJ-303

Min. Order:1

HENGYIJIA Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum Coating Machine Main Feature 1. It equipments cryogenic ion secondary source, some substrate without heating the material, It can directly do the cold plating film at room temperature, save energy, increase productivity. 2. The maximum of the temperature for tool coating chamber can 600 degrees, In addition to the tool Coater coating applications require heating Device, other applications do not need the Device. 3. High deposition rate, High coating speed, I...

Pulse steam sterilizer equipment

Pulse steam sterilizer equipmen Sanqiang Brand 45-literPulse steam sterilizer manufacturers are mainly used for high temperature Dry heat sterilizer of dressings and surgical instruments.In the pharmaceutical industry,Dry heat sterilizer is possible to sterilize cloth items such as corks,operating tools,and a large number of work clothes that do not require cooling and explosion proofing,and can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of sanitary materials,dressings, instr...
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