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electric motor for Trolling Motors 3hp

Model No:electric motor for trolling motors 3hp

Delivery Time:25 Days

      electric motor for Trolling Motors 3hp     Company Information Who we are?     Wingo Star electric motor Manufacturer was founded in 1958. Our factory covers an area more t han 260,000 square meters, to be the biggest in north China. We are specializing in various series  from low voltage (like Y, Y2, YR, YE2, YE3, JS, JR, YZ and YZR series) to high voltage (like Y, YR, YKK, YRKK and YKS series) three phase asynchronous electric Motors with high efficiency  and energy saving, economization...

Unfolding/Folding Electric Trolling Motors

Model No:TFTML

Unfolding/Folding Electric Trolling Motors Transom Mount 2 Year Warranty Salt&Fresh Water Use 10 Point LED Battery Antirust Indicator CE Certification and ROHS Certification Suitable for inflatable boat and KAYAK

Adapter with 12V Accessories Directly from Battery, Suitable for Trolling Motor/Scanner

Model No:TE4-1821

Turns 12V battery into accessory power source Power: 12V accessories directly from battery Suitable for handheld spotlights, air compressors, TVs, radios, Trolling Motors and scanners

Adapter with 12V Accessories Directly from Battery, Suitable for Trolling Motor/Scanner

Model No:TE4-1821

Turns 12V battery into accessory power source Power: 12V accessories directly from battery Suitable for handheld spotlights, air compressors, TVs, radios, Trolling Motors and scanners

2013 New Fishing Kayak with Electric Trolling Motor

Model No:Torrent

Why choose frontier kayaks? 1. Design: Comfortable designs in every detail parts from nose to stern, easy paddling for all users from entry level to experienced. 2. Quality: Roto moulded uv resistant material with advanced technology provides lightweight and durable construction. 3. Extra values: Our kayaks are available with electric Trolling Motors, fishing rod holders, storage hatches with dry bag, scupper plugs in the floor, and carry handles on both the ends and the sides offering great val...

12V 26ah SLA Battery for UPS

Model No:TL12260

Features- Maintenance-free lead acid battery- Small internal resistance, high output power- Up to 5 years service life- Complete sealed (no liquid leakage, no acid gas spill)- Low self-discharge rate, less than 3.5% per month- Can be used any direction, easy to transport- Good corrosion resistant performance and deep discharge recovery performanceApplications- Solar power system- Wind power system- Emergency lighting system- UPS and emergency power supply- Control system- Medical equipment- Tele...

Trolling Motors Flower Pattern WATER TRANSFER Printing Film Width 100CM GWA64-2

Model No:GWA64-2

Min. Order:10

Specifications 1.Type:Camouflage Grain ,Wooden grains,Stone grains, marble grains,geometry grains 2.SIZE:Width100CM Hydrographic films ,hydrographic equipment,hydrographic dipping tank,hydrographic machine,Camo dipping ,hydro dipping ,hydrographic printing,hydrographic supplies ,hydrographic training,hydrographic process,water transfer printing process,cubic printing,3D cubic printing,water transfer printing,3D printing,Water Transfer Imaging, LIQUID. PRINT,immersion printing         Developnent...

Marine 300W/400W kayaking small electric scooters

Model No:SF50601

Delivery Time:1 Days

Marine kayaking small electric scooters   SF50601-1 Trolling Motors Trolling Motors Power:300W Voltage 12V Amp:27A Battery: 30AH Speed Steps: 5 forward, Propeller Dia. :230mm Max. Thrust: 8kg/17lbs SF50601-2 Trolling Motors Trolling Motors Power:300W Voltage 24V Amp:13A Battery: 30AH Speed Steps: 5 forward, Propeller Dia. :230mm Max. Thrust: 8kg/17lbs SF50602-1 Trolling Motors Trolling Motors Power:400W Voltage 12V Amp:33A Battery: 40AH Speed Steps: 3 forward, Propeller Dia. :285mm Max. Thrust: ...

Group 31 Deep Cycle lithium 12v deep cycle battery 100Ah wi

Model No:AIA-1

Min. Order:1

Group 31 Deep Cycle lithium 12v deep cycle battery 100Ah with Automatic Internal Cell Balancing Description The OPTIMUM 12V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery is the perfect replacement from a group 31 AGM, GEL or Lead Acid Battery. The OPT-12100 is designed as a "drop in replacement" meaning all you have to do is take out your old group 31 battery and place the OPT-12100 in the same way. Specifications Model OPT-12100 Group Size 31 Nominal Voltage 12.8V Charge Voltage 14.4v to 14.6V Max Charge...

Sudan telecom OPzV2-2500 2V 2500Ah tubular GEL batteries

Model No:OPzV2-2500

Delivery Time:4 Days

Sudan telecom OPzV2-2500 2V 2500Ah tubular GEL batteries   1. Maintenance-Free Operation Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology ensures efficient gas recombination up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance. During the expected float service life of Prostar batteries, no need to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte or add water.2. Good Discharging AbilityTight assembly technology ensures an excellent high-rate discharge performance.3. Long Service LifeA unique corrosion-resistant ...

autboard motor cart in china

Model No:TC0103

Delivery Time:20 Days

  Great Lakes Skipper Please visit Great Lakes Skipper for THOUSANDS of new, hard to find boat parts and other marine surplus! We are selling a new, in the box, Outboard Motor Cart with Gas Can Holder. Manufactured by LW. Trac part number: T01.Specifications: Max. Motor Rating: 20HP/130 lbs. Model Number: T10044 Makes maintenance or storage convenient Strong & durable powder-coated steel tubular frame For both long and short shaft Motors Transport outboard and Trolling Motors with ease      ...

12V Cigarette Lighter Plug Wiring with Battery Clip

Model No:TE4-1821

Delivery Time:30 Days

Specifications 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug Wiring : 1) Turns 12V battery into accessory power source 2) Input :DC 12V,Out put: DC12V, Max 10A   12V Cigarette Lighter Plug Wiring with Battery Clip Turns 12V battery into accessory power source Power any 12V accessories directly from the battery For hand-held spotlights,air compressors,TVs,radios,Trolling Motors,sanners and many more 12V accessories. Place of Origin: Hangzhou, China (Mainland) Brand Name: TN Model Number: TE4-1821 Certification: CE&...

600kg Rolling Door Motors

Model No:600kg Rolling Door motors

Delivery Time:20 Days

600kg Rolling Door Motors     Trade Mark      Please notify this Registered Trade Mark. Jielong Shutter Motor Ltd, Since 1988, the LEADING manufacturer in China.     Verified Informatio    Verified Information  This  supplier was Verified by Bureau Veritas and is valid for the following period: 2015/09/02 --- 2017/09/01 The information below covers both the Gold Supplier and its related companies, which are defined according to china laws and regulations, and which will also be clearly displayed...

Brushless dc Trolling motor 24v

Model No:GC-4260BLDC

Min. Order:1000

Brushless dc Trolling motor 24v GC-4260BLDC high power BLDC motor, with 42mm diameter and 60mm length. Shaft diameter is 5mm, shaft length can be customized. The regular voltage is 12V and 24V, both CW and CCW direction of rotation. The main features of thei high power BLDC motor includes: high power, long life span and low noise. Typical applications: Medical stirrer, medical pump, electric curtain, fanner, small appliance, printer, copier, projector, ATM, electric screwdriver, drill, air comp...

ABB Motors

Model No:all models

Min. Order:11

ABB Motors AMA 450L10L 1059 HXR 355LD2 97 AMA 450L10L 1060 HXR 355LC4 208AMA 500L10L 1061 HXR 355LE6 323AMA 500L10L 1062 HXR 400LH8 429AMA 500L10L 1063 HXR 400LK10 516AMA 500L10L 1161 HXR 450LK12 603AMA 400L12L 1064 HXR 400LD2 98 AMA 400L12L 1065 HXR 355LD4 209AMA 400L12L 1066 HXR 400LD6 324AMA 400L12L 1067 HXR 400LH8 430AMA 400L12L 1068 HXR 450LF10 517AMA 400L12L 1069 HXR 450LN12 604AMA 400L12L 1070 HXR 400LE2 99 AMA 450L12L 1071 HXR 400LC4 210AMA 450L12L 1072 HXR 400LE6 325AMA 450L12L 1073 H...

Gear Motors For Deflection Compensation Of Press Brake 

Volt: 380VAC, No Load Current: 1.1A Power: 0.3KW, Motors Speed: 1340RPM worm output speed: 47RPM Efficiency: 62% Reduction Ratio: 1:29 Loaded Current: 1.3A  Used for hydraulic press brake, hydraulic bending machine.    Compact drives precisely adjust the crowning systems on folding presses (sheet metal bending machines). This compensates for the sagging of the table and press bar.       integrated mechanical or electrical limit switches low noise level lightweight construction explosion-proof  w...

DC Spur Gear Motors for Actuator/Power Tools/Vending Machine/Coffee Machine/Small Lock/Hand Blender

Model No:Small DC Spur Gear motors

Specifications: Size range: 12 to 80mm Voltage range: 1.5 to 24V Speed range: 1 to 2,000rpm Torque range: less than 100kg.cm Main products: motor, gear motor, DC motor, brush DC motor, spur gear motor, micro motor and vibration motor Size (Ø): 6 to 66mm Voltage: 1.5 to 42V DC AC rectify: 100, 110, 220, 230 and 240V Speed range: 1 to 30,000rpm Stall torque: 5g.cm to 30kg.cm Construction of Motors: Two-pole stator SR ferrite permanent magnet 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 12 slots armature Silicon steel lamina...

AC pumps, DC pumps. electric Motors

Model No:DC 12V, 24V. AC 110V, 220V motors

We can design special motor for customer requirement AC, DC pumps with ABS injection parts AC, DC gear Motors, reduction gears Motors Series excited Motors Shaded pole motor

Trolling Reel with Two Speeds, Suitable for Fishing

Model No:2 Speed Trolling Reels-15W

Fishing reels 2 speeds Trolling reel 15W Used for fishing Weight: 12W We supply samples, but customers have pay for the samples costand delivery charges

6 / 8 Pole 18.5KW / 22KW High Temperature Electric Motors 1

Model No:Y2GW H180

Min. Order:1

Ambient Temperature range: -15~55℃ Ambient humidity: 90%less than relative humidity Altitude: less than 1000m above sea level Ambient condition: no causticity gas, no dust, no heavy mental pollution, no flame, no salt crystallization Supply power: Voltage variable ±5% frequency variable ±2% Combine voltage and frequency variable : ±5% Standard Feature: Standard IEC /DIN Efficiency Level IE1 Phase Three-phase Frame Size H180 cast iron frame Protect Feature Totally Enclosed Ou...

IP54 IMB3 3KW / 4KW 4 Pole Textile Motors With H150 Cast Ir

Model No:FSM150

Min. Order:1

FSM150 textile Motors in textile Industry Description: FSM150 series Motors are specially designed for the cylinder of the carding machines under the working conditions of large moment of inertia , long start time, plentiful dust and short fibers ,high temperature and humidity . Applications: FSM150 series Motors are specially designed for the cylinder of the carding machines AmbientTemperature range:-15~40℃Altitude:less than 1000m above sea levelAmbient condition:no causticity gas, no heavy men...

Stepper Motors

Model No:IE2-Stepper Motors

Electric Motor; Ac Motors; Three Phase Motor; 55kw Motor; Induction Motors; Bicycle electric motor; China electric motor; Three-phase electric motor; Torque motor; Brushed motor; Brush motor; Electric brushless motor; Starting motor; Air motor; Series motor; Motor manufacturer; Bicycle motor; Micro gear motor; Capacitor start; Dc geared motor; Yc motor, yb2 motor, single phase motor; Three phase motor; Brushless motor; Stepper motorIE2 ie3 standard motor; Gost anp standard motor; Nema motor; Adj...

415V Y Three Phase Electric Motors


Property and Features: Electric motor of Y series motor is a kind of low-voltage 3-phase cage induction motor, which is a basic series for general uses with frame range 80-315 and it's a new product with the national unified design. Y series has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, fine operation performance, small vibration, low noise, long service life, high reliability, convenient maintenance, big breakaway torque, Fixing measurement and power grade completely conform to IEC stan...

Electric Trolling Motor for Fishing Boat (EM Series)

Model No:EM Series

Economically designed Motors for small to medium sized boats.POER's EM series has all the essential elements of a great Trolling motor, and aimed at suiting the economy conscious anglers. It's a classic style. Simple appearance, easy to tilt/stow/deploy. It's sturdy, powerful and reliable.Featuring 28, 34, 44, 54, 84 pounds of thrust, and 3 horsepower. Running on 12-volt, 24-volt, 48-volt power. EM Series has a telescoping tiller, 5 forward/2revers speeds, a 3-blade weed-less propeller, LED batt...

Hydraulic Spare Parts for Poclain (MS 50 Motors)

Model No:MS 50 Motors

Poclain MS 50 spare parts. These are the spare parts MS 50 series Poclain Motors, and alll of them could be best replacement of the original Poclain MS 50 Motors. Include drive shaft, front cover, stator, rotor, plunger piston, roller, distributor, rear cover, dynamic friction, static friction, checking cylinder, break plunger, cover plate break shaft etc.

Construction Hoist Part Driving Device -2 Motors Hoist

Model No:2 Motors hoist\3 Motors hoist

SpecificationsHoist Driving Device- Material and passenger hoist spare parts- High quality construction hoist parts construction hoist spare parts- 2 Motors hoist- 3 Motors hoistHoist Driving Device The Major export products :- Gear rack M8 40x60x1508mm Gear pinion: M8, 15teeth- Motor: 11kw, 15kw, 18kw- Construction elevator Safety Device: 30KN, 40KN, 50KN, 60KN- Gear and Roller- Gearbox : 16: 1, 14: 1, 12: 1, 10: 1- Driving device with 2-Motors / 3-Motors- Motor: 11kw, 14.5kw, 18kw;- Motor spar...

Earrow Comparable with YAMAHA Outboard Motors 30HP for Sale

Model No:outboard motors 30hp for sale

Specifications1.  Lower Noise2.  More Stable3.  Factory price4.  Beautiful shape and appearance 5.  Top cover more durable6.  Various engine series7.   New design Series:Two stroke:3hp;5hp;9.9hp;15hp;30hp;Four stroke:2.5hp;4hp;6hp  CertificationCE/SGS/ISO 9001 ITEM:EARROW comparable with yamaha outboard Motors 30hp for saleAdvantages  High grade marine aluminum alloy for ultimate corrosion protection  Tilt & trim with shallow water drive various positions  Low oil indicator for increased pro...

Small Electric Motors

Model No:small electric motors

TOPS Y Series sewing machine motor Advantage: 1. Outstanding performance 2. High efficiency 3. Energy-saving 4. High starting torque 5. Low noise 6. Little vibration 7. Reliable operation and easy maintenance Application: Y series three-phase Motors are widely used in places where there doesn't exist combustible, explosive or corrosive gas, and without any special requirements, such as machine tools, pumps, fans, transport machinery, mixer, agriculture machinery and food machines, etc. Operating...

Machine Cut Seawolf Big Game Trolling Reel

Model No:big game trolling reel

SpecificationsMachine cut seawolf big game Trolling reelBig fishing gameTrolling reelMachine cut seawolf big game fishing reelBig fishing gameTrolling reelPrecise Machine Cut Stainless Steel Pinion Gear.8 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings.Machined aluminium spool.Super Strong 1-Piece Graphite Composite Frame.Fast Gear ratio 3.4: 1., Brass Drive Gear.Heavy Duty Bait Clicker System.Line Capacity:18lb/675yds, 20lb/560yds.0.50mm/620M, 0.55mm/510M

OEM DC Motors Double Shaft with Drawings

Model No:OEM dc motors double shaft

OEM DC Motors double shaft with drawings All kind of motor shafts can be made by customers' drawing and samples. Supporting all kind of motor shafts by CNC maching or forging. Most of our products are OEM and ODM, OUr OEM ad ODM are 100% If you have any inquiry of OEM motor shaft, please feel free to contact us. Quotation will be provided within 24 hours. ISO9001, 2000 Certificate OEM is acceptable. Good quality and low price Contace us without hesitation Inspection Euqipment: We have the chemic...

60W to 180W single phase AC Motors reliable performance for

Model No:SH-WM

Min. Order:1

60W to 180W single phase AC Motors reliable performance for washing machines Compact design with quality copper windings and ball bearings. The endcaps with paint finish to extend the life-cycle. By and between the front and rear endcaps, it lies in an extra mounting plate to help the complete motor with a further assembly. Dedicated workmanships and full-range inspection to ensure a consistent quality level before delivery. Applications: This range of single phase ac Motors is typically applied...

3.5HP Outboard Motor Trolling motor (gasoline engine) for boat

Min. Order:5

Delivery Time:7 Days

3.5HP Outboard Motor Trolling motor (gasoline engine) for boat     1. Introduction of Starblaze  Outboard Motor Trolling motor (gasoline engine) for boat :   Chongqing Starblaze Import&Export Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer  which specializes in producing marine outboard Motors and engines.Founded in 1990, we are the only manufacturer which preserves integrated product series of outboard engines in Europe.   2.Starblaze  Outboard Motor Trolling motor (gasoline engine) for boat Pictures:       3....

TOPS Y2 small powerful electric Motors

Model No:Y2 small powerful electric motors

Min. Order:5

    TOPS Y2 small powerful electric Motors Y2 serise 3 phase Motors are widely used as driving equipments of various machineries such as:machine tools, blowers, pumps, compressors, transporters, agricultural and food processing.   Ambient temperature -15°c to 40 °c Altitude ≤1000m Rated voltage 380V, 400V, 415V, 220V, 230V, 240V, etc Rated frequency 50HZ, 60HZ, 50HZ/60HZ Duty Continuous(S1) Insulation class Class B, Class F Protection class IP44, IP54, IP55 Cooling method IC0141   Q: Do you offe...

New design hot sale high quality cheapes Park Amusement Rides Electric Motors

Model No:Park Amusement Rides Electric Motors

Min. Order:1

Specifications Park Amusement Rides Electric Motors 1.direct manufacture 2.vivid and beautiful design 3.exported to many countries 4.ISO Park Amusement Rides Electric Motors     1.Description  amusement motor is a new type of amusement park rides for kids,which drives on the interchange   track. It consists of beautiful shaped, composition of different styles, mighty fleet of sports cars.   Each driver runs simultaneously, along the track direction of automatic steering. The amusement   ride is ...

JCT machine for resin head Trolling lure

Model No:FYF- 8000

Min. Order:1

JCT machine for resin head Trolling lure   JCT glue making machine   1. Instruction of the reactor: 1). The chemical reacting equipment.   2). Widely used in resins, adhesives, paint, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other chemical production.     3) Mechanical seal.   4). Inverter for frequency control.   5). Jacketed type, outside pipe type, outside & inside pipe type.   6). Heated by oil, water, steam or electric.   7). Three-layers paddle style, made of stainless steel.   8). Consists of bo...

china manufacturer hot selling electric Motors bearings 358/354

Model No:electric motors bearings 358/354

Min. Order:1

Specifications electric Motors bearings 358/354 1. Various size of bearing for option. 2. The shortest time   china manufacturer hot selling electric Motors bearings 358/354 Product Description    Tapered roller bearings consist of four independent components: thecone(the inner ring); the cup(the outer ring); the tapered roller(the rollingelements); and the cage(the roller retainers). This type bearings are designed to accommodate both radial and axial loads. Seprable design, i.e. the cone,consi...

Hot sale! 10kw wind generator Motors for sale

Model No:FD8.0-10kw wind generator motors for sale

Min. Order:1

Specifications 10kw wind generator Motors for sale 1.ISO&CE certificate 2.automatic partial tail protection;   Hot sale! 10kw wind generator Motors for sale       Our horizontal axis wind  generators can supply power for lighting, Charging Device, Color TV, Washing Machine.   FEATURES: 1. Low speed permanent magnet generator2. Tiny friction, low noise, and high strength3. Galvanized tower to prevent rustiness4. FRP material5. Blade design according to the structure and technology of airplane...

2015 best quality welling fan Motors

Model No:welling fan motors

Min. Order:24

item name: 2015 best quality welling fan Motors   Product Description   item name 2015 newest fan Voltage  DC12V or DC 24V material Metal + Plastic size 6inch of fan package color box G.W 0.75KG N.W 0.65KG COLOR many color can available usage For cars, trucks, buses, boats and vehicles Term of payment T/T,Western union,Paypal,T/T   Our Services     Company Information     Packaging & Shipping          

50hp bolaite brand electric Motors compressors

Model No:BLT-50A electric motors compressors

Min. Order:1

Specifications 50hp bolaite brand electric Motors compressors 1>Motor Power:37kw 2>Working pressure:10bar 50hp bolaite brand electric Motors compressors     Features   ¨1,Air ends: Sweden Atlas Origin   ¨2,Bearing: 100% Sweden SKF (LIFE60000hours )   ¨3,Air Intake Valve: Sweden Atlas Origin   ¨4. Electro motor: ABB WOLONG   ¨5. Thermostat valve : Austria Hoerbiger   ¨6. Pressure sensor: UK GEMS Origin   ¨7. Container: Shanghai ShenJiang   ¨8. Oil filter: Germany MANN Origin   ¨9. Oil/Gas s...

CE Certificate Small Electric Motors Micro Motor RS-555 RS-550 DC Motor

Model No:RS-550 RS-555

Min. Order:1000

  Specifications DC Motors models RS-550 or RS-555, Carbon brush dc motor, Cylinder, Diameter35.5 mm, length 57 mm; shaft 3.175 mm, fixing screw 2-M3.0 mm. Operating voltage: 3.6~60V, At no load Speed 3,000~25,000 r.p.m, Output about 3~90 W. Fit for power tools, massager, paper Shredder, vacuum cleaner, printer, air pump, vending machine, blender, , drill & screw driver, forest tools, etc. Model Voltage No Load At Max. Efficiency Stall Torque Operating Range(V) Nominal Speed Current Speed Cu...
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