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off gird pure sine wave low frequencty Three Phase inverter

Model No:three phase inverter

Product Details Basic Specification color black,white,red,blue,yellow,green capacity 30kw model built in controller Weight 53kg Output Frequency 50/60hz Input Voltage 384vdc Zone Of Application The Middle East Output Type Triple Output Voltage 220VAC Type DC/AC Inverters Output Power >1000Kw Output Current 14 Detail Description low frequency solar Three Phase inverter1.1year warranty2.online interactive3.shor circuit protectionpure sine wave   Model  XD 3KVA 6KVA 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 60KVA...

Tops AC Single Phase and Three Phase Motor

Model No:Three Phase Motor

TOPS AC Motor YC/YCL series motors are totally enclosed fan cooling single Phase squirrel cage induction motor. Motors of this series are integrated with up-to-date design, manufacture with the best quality materials, possess the features of pleasant looking appearance and meet the IEC standard. YC/YCL series cast iron housing motors are suitable for small size machine tools and water pumps, especially for family workshops where only single Phase power supply is available. ----------------------...

AC Three Phase Output Type Diesel Generating

Model No:AC Three Phase Output Type

There are some of details. So please note us to send you all product catalogues and more details. Diesel engine: *Heavy load durable, four-stroke, water cooled engine *Excellent transient response *Four valves per cylinder, stainless steel crankshaft, bolt, cast iron steel, replaceable humid cylinder liner *24V DC safe isolate valve *Dual spin-on paper element fuel filter *Gen-sets equipped with dual flexible fuel union pipe. AC Three Phase Output Type diesel generating Alternator: *Brushless, f...

Three Phase Asynchronous Motor Electric Explosion Proof Mot

Model No:YB2 series flameproof three phase asynchronous motor

Min. Order:1

Three Phase Asynchronous Motor Electric Explosion Proof Motor Flameproof YB2 series Descriptions : Y2 series Three-Phase motor basic frame from H63 ~ H355. The motor speed of 2950 r/min, 1450 r/min and 980 r/min, 785 r/min, power 0.55 KW to 315 KW. At the same time, Y2 series Three-Phase asynchronous motor can also be designed to be derived series and other special series and different voltages and different frequency of the Three-Phase asynchronous motor. The user can according to different req...

30KW STC Three Phase High Power Alternator Price

Model No:STC-30KW / Three Phase Alternator

Min. Order:1

30KW STC Three Phase High Power Alternator Price New Alternator Price are mainly designed to serve as power generating unit of small capacity, STC Dynamos supply electricity for lighting purpose in ships, brush dynamos for house-hold electric devices used in towns or villages. Cheap Alternators for Sale of harmonic wave self-exciation constant voltage system and automatic voltage control excitation constant voltage system, both of them have Excellent dynamic performance, convenient and relia...

Energy saver of industrial sewing machine(Three-Phase)

Model No:three-phase

Working conditions Sewing machines divided into single-Phase and Three-Phase, the voltage of single-Phase is 220V, the voltage of Three-Phase is 380 V. Sewing machines have flat car and electronic vehicles. The power of single-Phase imports, domestic flat car and double needle motor vehicles is 150 W-300W, the power of electronic motor vehicle is 300W-600W, the power of motor vehicles is 600W-1100W; The power of Three-Phase imports, domestic flat car and double needle motor vehicles is 250W-600W...


Guangdong Shenzhen

Hanyuan Motor - Y2 series Three-Phase asynchronous motor

Model No:Y2 series three-phase asynchronous

Y2 series Three-Phase asynchronous motors are designed and produced through new technology, as substitute of Y series induction motors. 1) Conform to the IEC standards. 2) Be made of sel ected quality materials, latest design in entirety. 3) Possess new construction, good appearance, high efficiency, low noise, high starting torque, and be maintained very conveniently. Customer benefits: 1) Water dust and vermin resistant. 2) Quiet operation 3) Electricity saving 4) Dependable and superior life...

Portable IGBT Chip DC Industrial MMA Welder with Three-Phase, ARC-315G

Model No:ARC-315G three phase-1

IGBT chip With Three-Phase Product introduction: Latest plastic panel design, exclusive and attractive appearance as well as better protection Transparent shielding cover protect machine from dust, moisture, corrosion and make machine work more reliably in bad working environment Protective circuit design give safe operation Compact and portable, easy and simple to operate Start arc easily, stable welding arc, deep weld pool and beautiful welding shape Hot striking arc current is adjustable whic...

Main Distribution Box Three Phase

Model No:Three Phase

Product Details Basic Specification Material Cold roll steel Rated Voltage 415VAC, 50/60HZ Rated Current 100A Installation type Flush and Surface Surface Treatment Dull Polish Material Steel Shape Other Detail Description NO. Ways Flush type Surface type Single Phase,Standard Consumer Unit-100Amp DP Switch. 4way 4PASFM 4PASSM 6way 6PASFM 6PASSM 8way 8PASFM 8PASSM 12way 12PASFM 12PASSM Single Phase,Standard Consumer Unit-63Amp main DP Switch/DP RCD 4way 4PA6CFM 4PA6CSM 6way 6PA6CFM 6PS6CSM 8way 8...

Copy Stamford 110KW Single Bearing Three Phase A.C.Alternator

Model No:BS-110Kw Sigle Bearing Three Phase A.C.Alternator

Product Details Basic Specification power 110kw Frequency 60Hz Fuel Alternative Energy Rate 1500-2000 Output Type AC Three Phase Rated Current >150 Maximum Power >70 Rated Voltage 400V Detail Description Copy Stamford 110KW Single Bearing Three Phase A.C.Alternator1.With Stamford Technical2.With Excellent Quality3.Single Or Double Bearing4.50HZ Or 60HZ 6.5-1000kw Stamford Type Design Brushless Alternator  TYPE  POWER(1500rpm/50Hz)400V     POWER(1800rpm/60Hz)440V    KW KVA KW KVA BCI164A 6....

Three Phase Gasoline Generator 6KW Equipower!

Model No:HT7800LXT(Three phase )

Product Details Basic Specification Type brush Voltage Rgulator AVR Rated voltage 220/380 V Rated Power 5.5/6KW Engine single cylinder,4-stroke,Air-cooled,OHV Frequency 50HZ Rated Voltage 380V Maximum Power <10 Output Type AC Three Phase Rated Current 10-30 Fuel Gasoline Rate >3500 Detail Description HAOTE---Professioal Gasoline  Machinery manufacturer, Value of the trust  · We inspect every machine before packing.· All orders are shipped directly from our warehouse.· Protective packing ma...

B3 mounting Y2 Three Phase asynchronous motor

Model No:Y2 three phase asynchronous motor

Product Details Basic Specification Frequency 50HZ Power Other Revolving Speed Other Rated Current 20-25 Phase Three-Phase Efficiency IE 2 Protection Feature Totally Enclosed Rated Voltage 380V Detail Description Brief   Induction   Y2 series Three-Phase asynchronous motor is Y series motor the upgrading of product, is the totally enclosed, fan-cooled induction motor for general purpose .        It was the newest product in the 90S\' ,its overall level has reached the same products abroad at the...

Three Phase inverter, solar/wind/home system

Model No:T1KW-T100KW three phase invertr-1-1

Three Phase inverter feature: Capacity: 1kW-100kW super wide input voltage: 285V-475V completely controlled by CPU, LCD automatic page turning display protection against output short-circuit , against overload, and when you throw off its load, it will turn on the unit automatically working for single Phase and Three Phase 110V/220V single Phase: 240v/380v/415V/440V option With charger built-in, its charging current is 10A-156A Different DC voltage:  24V, 48V, 96V, 384V for optional Make it with ...

TTN PCSVC Three-Phase Voltage Stabilizer with 50/60Hz, 380V/220V Output Voltage Adjustable

Model No:three phase Votlage Stabilizer-1

1. Model: PC-6KVA, 10KVA, 15KVA, 20KVA, 30KVA, 45KVA Three Phase 2. Technology: servo motor control system+microcomputer programmed control 3. LED display information: input voltage/output voltage/load usage/time delay/normal working/protection 4. LED display language: English/Russia/Chinese 5. Input voltage: 270-430V 6. Output voltage: 380 ±3% adjustable 7. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz 8. Phase: single Phase 9. Protection: Over voltage: output voltage: e420±4V Lower voltage: output voltage: d325V±4v Ov...

SVC (LED) (Three-Phase) Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Model No:SVC(LED) (Three-phase)

Application:SVC(LED)(Three-Phase) automatic regulator voltage consists of contact voltage regulator, sampling control circuit and servomotor as well. It has excellent features, such as small waveform distortion, high efficiency, high power factor, free from the effect or frequency variation of supply. It can be widely used in most situations where the voltage stabilization is required.Picture:

Stainless Stee Water Pump, Submeisible Pump (GW-SS Three Phase)

Model No:GW-SS three phase

Characteristics & use range: Using single(Three) Phase power source, it's complete stainless steel structure, rust free and anti corrosion. The vortex type or double-vane impeller features powerful sewage disposal capability. The maximum solid diamerer of passage up to 40mm on requst. It kan be made of standard AISI SS 304 for common acid or alcali( PH value 4-10) or 316L for sea water or chemical industry( PH value0-12).

PC-SVC20KVA Series Three Phase Full-Auto AC Voltage Regulator

Model No:PC-SVC20KVA Three Phase

PC(programed control computerized)SVC series Three Phase SERVO MOTOR CONTROL AC automatic voltage stabilizer, which is the leading select of the American chip by our company, uses the computer digitization procedure to Control the functional movement of the entire machine. It improved many shortcomings of the formerly simulated voltage stabilizer and made the quality of the products to be more reliable, the performance to be more stable, the function to be more formidable. The product has the lo...

3 Three Phase Pole-Changing Yd Series Asynchronous Electric Motor (AC motor)

Model No:Three Phase Motor

3 Three Phase pole-changing YD series asynchronous electric motor(AC motor) YD series multi-speed Three Phase electric motors are designed and manufactured under incorporating the advantages of the counterparts in the word. And are in full conformity with IEC. This AC motor employs method of changing the pole numbers so as carry out speed adjustment, the series motors have features of small volume, light weight, low nosie, well starting performance, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, th...

Stainless Steel Three Phase Motor

Model No:Stainless steel three phase motor

Stainless steel Three Phase motor The AQUA-TECH series of Stainless steel Three Phase motor which have special features, performance and value, top notch feature make AQUA-TECH series stainless steel motor the best worldwide influence. It includes NEMA standard stainless steel motor and IEC standard stainless steel motor which has per different manufactures standards. Special features of stainless steel motor One: Special advanced stator AQUA-TECH insulation system 1: Efficiency A: NEMA stainles...

Gm-P200 Three-Phase Desk Grinder

Model No:GM-P200 Three-phase desk grinder

Product Description GM-P200 Three-Phase desk grinder The grinder is used to grind various of props, tools and equipment. Grinders is mainly based by the wheel, electric motor or other power source, the bracket, shield and feed water etc., Power(kw) Volrage(v) Speed(r/min) Wheel Size(mm) Work Quota(%) Temperature Rise(° C) G. W/N. W(kg) Dimension(cm) 0.5 380 2850 200*25*32 40 75 21/18 51*31*36

Stc 100% Copper Wire Three Phase AC Alternator, 10kw St/Stc Alternator

Model No:St/Stc Single/Three-Phase a. C Generator Alternato

The ST series generators are mainly designed to serve as power source of small capacity which supply electricity for lighting purpose in ships as well as for household electric devices used in towns or villages. The generators are excellent in appearance, consolidate in construction and easy to maintain. Dimensions adopt IEC standard. They are suitable for Australia, Europe, America and other countries if the end covers are mabel B.The generator adopt harmonic wave self-excitation constant volta...

10kv, 35kv Three Phase on Load Tap Changer Transformer

Model No:10kv, 35kv Three Phase on Load Tap Changer

Model10kv, 35kv Three Phase on Load Tap Changer Transformer 30 Years in Electrics Equipment OEM Manufacturing FeaturesPhase: 1 or 3 phasesCooling type: ONAN, Forced Air Cooling, Water CoolingMode of Regulation: Off Circuit Tap Changing, OLTC 10kV-35kV Power Transformer can be divided into 10-35KV Series Off-circuit Transformer and 10-35KV Series on-load-tap-Chang Transformer. 10-35KV Series Off-circuit Transformer are in accordance with the National Standards GB1094 "Power Transformer", GB/T6451...

380~415V\50Hz Three Phase Fan Motor Manufacturer


  Application: Suitable for   fan  of  outdoor   unit     of   central  air  conditioer   and  similar   purpose  1,Voltage 380V~450V,Frequency 50/60Hz,Output power 250~1200W,can be customized.2,Adopt imported low-noise, high quality ball bearing.3,Approved SIO9001,CCC,UL,VDE,TUV,ROHS Certificates.4,Ambient working temperature: -40C~80C,humidity 40%~99%.5,Able to withstand 24h salt spray test, can be customized.6,Insulation grade B,out shell protection grade: IP00~IP44,can be customized. YS143 S...

Famous Bedford Strong Quality Solar Pump Inverter Three Phase

Model No:B503SL-2001 solar pump inverter three phase

B503SL Solar Photovoltaic Bedford solar pump inverter Three Phase 1. Product Description for Bedford solar pump inverter Three Phase This product is suitable for solar photovoltaic pump system, aimed at environmental and economy market, to replace battery with retain water and without any battery components. Photovoltaic Pump Controller receives the DC which produced by Solar Modules and then transform into AC to drive all kinds of pump directly. 2. Solar power inverter Characteristics: 1)Throug...

Three-Phase Cable Price 6/12kv 12/20kv 120mm2 XLPE PVC Power Cable

Model No:12/20KV 120mm2 three-phase cable price

Three-Phase cable price 6/12KV 12/20KV 120mm2 XLPE PVC power cable: 1. The applications: Rated voltage (U0/U) 0.6/1kv 8.7/15KV 26/35kV in transmission & transformation line & for water-proofing purpose. 2. Standards: 60502IEC ISO9001 3. Product features: 1) No necessary to heat up in advance while installing above 0oC. 2) Max. Continuous normal operating Temperature: 90oC (PVC Sheathed cable). 3) Max. Permissible temperature at short circuit (5s. At longest): 250oC. 4) Permissible bendin...

Aluminum service drop cable/ XLPE insulation, Three Phase with neutral 0.6/1KV for Philippines market

Model No:Aluminum service drop cable/ XLPE insulation, three Phase w

Min. Order:1

Aluminum service drop cable/ XLPE insulation, Three Phase with neutral 0.6/1KV for Philippines market    Conductor(AAAC) have been widely used in power transmission lines with various voltage levels, and also used in power lines acro Aerial bounded cable duplex service drop-aluminum conductor 1, Application To supply 120 volt aerial service for temporary service at construction sites, outdoor or street lighting. For service at 600 volt or lower at a conductor temperature of 75° C maximum. 2, Con...

2015 New Arrival Motor Soft Starter Three Phase 50/60hz

Model No:Motor Soft Starter three phase 50/60hz

Delivery Time:50 Days

Motor Soft Starter Three Phase 50/60hz     Application:      THT2 series soft starter can work with Three-Phase,Acsquirrel cage induction asynchronous motor,the voltage is 320V-460V,50Hz/60Hz and the current is 1200A and below,the soft starter is a device type.it's necessary to add breakers(short-circuit protection) and AC contactor (Bypass)inside the cabinet,together with switches are made up of electric motor control circuit.   Technical Data   Item Description Power Current(A) Soft starters 3...

Gear Motor Stepper Motor Motor Electric motor Three Phase Stepping Motor 42 Series

Model No: 42 Series Stepper Motor Three Phase

Min. Order:1

Product Description Stepper Motor Gear Motor Model Number: 42 Series Stepper Motor Three Phase Phase: Three Type Hybrid Certification: CE ISO Step Angle(degrees): 1.2° Holding Torque:8-20 N.cm Current / Phase: 4.3-6.9 A Frame size: according to customer Leads: 4 Shape: Square Usage: Industrial Protect Feature: Enclosed Function: Control Speed: Low speed

Three Phase Electric Energy Meter Test Equipment System With Ict

  YC1893DAI Three Phase electric energy meter test system is Three Phase meter test equipment with ICT can measure close link Three Phase mechanical meter, electric mechanical meter and electronic meter by the way of automatic, semi-automatic or Manual.    Function: Starting test and creeping test Measuring the different constant Meters synchronously.  With the protect function of overload,  short voltage circuit and open current circuit. The testing software with friendly Windows 2000 and XP in...

Aging and counting control board for Three-Phase watt-hour meter

Model No:HS-6325-1-1-1-1-1-1

Technical parameters: Input power source: 50Hz, 3x220V AC±10% Operating environment: temperature 20±5℃; relative humidity: ≤75% Output voltage: 3x57V AC/100V AC, 3x220V AC/380VAC, adjustment range: 0-120% Output current: 3x40A/20A/10A/5A/1A, adjustment range: 0-120% Output Phase: 0-360°, macro-adjustable Phase: 30°/shift, micro-adjustable Phase: 0.1° Waveform distortion: both voltage and current waveforms: not larger than 5% Hanger carrier and watt-hour Meters power supply are aluminum alloy str...

Three Phase Portable Energy Meter Testing Equipment

Model No:GF333B

3 Phase portable energy meter testing equipment   (accuracy class0.05%) Product Description  GF333B is one of the most versatile reference testing equipments ever. This reference meter with accuracy class 0.05 is commonly used for testing Three Phase Meters and single Phase Meters, designed to measure actual values for test voltage, test current, test power and Phase angle in the field or in the laboratory.  Features High accuracy up to 0.02% Wide testing range: voltage: 5V-480V, current: 1mA-12...

Portable Three Phase Energy Meter Test Unit

Model No:PEC-H3A

Applications:  Test electronic and electromechanical Meters with 2-wire, 3-wire and 4-wire circuits on-site or in the laboratory without disconnecting consumers supply Verify active and reactive Three Phase Meters (3 or 4 wires) and single Phase Meters (2or 3wires) Verification of the accuracy of energy Meters Test two Meters simultaneously Functions:  Measurement of voltage and current of each Phase; waveform display of current and voltage Measurement of active, reactive, apparent power; Measur...

High Accuracy Electric Three Phase Portable Meter Tester For Energy Meters 100a

Detailed Product Description Product Name: Portable Meter Tester Phase: Three Phase / Single Phase Accuracy Class: ±0.1% Usage: Auto Electric Meter Test And Calibration Power: Electronic Current Range: 5A,20A,100A,500A,1000A,2000A,3000A High Accuracy Electric Three Phase Portable Meter Tester For Energy Meters 100A   Name: Portble energy meter tester, electric meter tester, electricity meter tester Phase: Three Phase / single Phase Accuracy Class:  ±0.1% Usage: Auto Electric meter test and calib...

Three Phase Induction Meters / Electric Meters

Model No:DT217

Product Details Basic Specification Detail Description Three Phase Induction Meters / Electric Meters Model: DD217 Phase: Three Phase Wires:four wires Rated voltage: 120V 127V 220V 230V or 240V Rated current: 5/20A 10/40A 10/60A or 20/80A Rated frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz Class: 2.0 As for the iron core of meter, we carry out the phosphorization treatment firstly, then carry out the ion electrophoresis impregnated lacquer. As for the standard parts and metal parts of meter, we carry out the followin...

Self-contained Autoloaders With Three Phase

Model No:RAL-403I series

Min. Order:1

Note: 1) I category machine can not attach P, 2 category have included E. 2) The Test Condition Of Conveying Capacity: Height 4 Meters, Distance 1 Meter. 3) All Other Specifications Of Machines are 3®380v 50hz, except the specification of RAL-300(I) is 1®220v 50hz.The voltage can be changed as you require. Description: Self-contaied auto-loaders with Three Phase(Induction type)use stainless-steel hopper and high-efficient vaccum motor. It has motor overload protection device and auto-alarming de...

Low Voltage Three Phase Inverter

Model No:FG100A

Min. Order:1

Vector control distributes the current value of the motor to determine the value of the motor current component and other current components (such as the excitation component) that produce the torque. This FGI FG100A series Low Voltage Three Phase inverter features overload capacity, start torque and flying start function. This Low Voltage Charging Inverter has good performance and high reliability, low voltage ac motor speed controller can be widely used to textile, paper, wire drawing, machine...

QL Series Three Phase Centrifugal Electric Submersible Pump

Model No:QL Type

Delivery Time:15 Days

QL Series Three Phase Centrifugal Electric Submersible Pump is a new equipment,used to pump the undergound halogen water, well used in pumping the water containing caustic chemical matter and well used in salt field of the coast ways.It is made up of the motor and pump as a whole body dipping into the water to work,features will be small body,light weight,compact structure,convenient to use,good airproof capability,and high efficiency. Use of the environment: 1. the power: frequenc...

Cummins AC Three Phase Diesel Genset

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:20 Days

AC Three Phase Cummins Diesel Generator set, composed of Cummins diesel engine and World Famous brushless AC alternator. Equipped with 24V DC start motor and storage battery. Lower noise performance, good service and competitive price compare to same level products. Options: 50Hz Cummins AC Genset, 1500 RPM. 60Hz AC Diesel Genset, 1800 RPM. Cummins AC Three Phase Diesel Genset Options: - Open canopy type, Sound-proof canopy type, Container type, Trailer type - Single Phase/Three phases four line...

Three Phase Turbine Generator from QNP

Min. Order:1

Three Phase Turbine Generator from QNP: A steam turbine generator is a device that uses steam to rotate a turbine generator to produce electricity.Steam turbines use water that is heated to extremely high temperatures and converted into steam to rotate the blades of a turbine, in order to create mechanical or rotational energy. This rotational energy caused by the high pressured steam turbine is used to generate electricity in an attached generator. Steam turbine generators require an outside ...

DT862 Three Phase Kilowatt-Hour Meter

Model No:DT862-4

DT862 series Three-Phase kilowatt-hours meter are induction Meters which are applicable to measure the rated frequency 50Hz active energy. The series active energy Meters are completely conformed to IEC521.
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