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Static Rope/High Quality UL Rope

Model No:ROPE

Min. Order:500

Static Rope is of double-layer structure. Sheath is made of woven nylon 6 fibers, to protect the inner core, decrease the overall abrasion, and to increase the strength. Inner core is three parallel twisted twins composed of a certain number of nylon 66 fibers, to meet the requirements of ultra-low Static elongation, and most importantly ensure the utilization rate of the strength.

Rope Net Group

Shandong Taian

8mm Static Rope

8mm Static Rope Material: nylon Diameter: 8mm Structure: double braid Color: yellow with black fleck Package: reel MOQ: 1500kg Lead time: 36 days Payment term:T/T,L/C,Western Union

Best Static Rope for Rappelling

Model No:SR9100

Min. Order:10

Best Static Rope for Rappelling Static Rope It can be used as Static Rope, safety Rope, caving Rope, industry lifting Rope, rescue Rope, escape Rope, protective cap Rope, Climbing Rope, Rope climbing, rock climbing Rope, climb Rope, climbing Rope for sale, mountain climbing Rope. Static Rope is mainly applied with caving, rescue, industry lifting, high place work, and high altitude downhill. It is High strength, abrasion resistant. Description of Static Rope Static Rope is of double-layer str...

Outdoor braid climbing Rope

Model No:TWC-1

Min. Order:100

Climbing Rope is divided into a power Rope and a Static Rope. Power Rope characteristics and performance indicators: diameter of 8 ~ 12mm, commonly used is 10mm or 10.5mm; ductility is 6% ~ 8%. And performance indicators: Static tensile force is 2000kg; ductility is 20%; color is covered by a primary color of more than 80%, suitable for operation, drop, cave, rescue Wait. Climbing Rope Features: UV retardant Chemical resistance Wear resistance Cut resistance Certificate: CCS, ABS, LR, NK, BV, GL...

Rope Silicone Custom Zipper Pulls Durable Anti-Static

    Rope Silicone Custom Zipper Pulls Durable Anti-Static     Rope Silicone Custom Zipper Pulls   Add functionality to your backpack or jacket with these new zipper pulls. Designed for use with our Daypack, these pulls come with a strong abrasion-resistant nylon cord attached to an ergonomic finger tab allowing you to operate zippers with ease. Compatible with just about any backpack, bag, glove or jacket, these made-in-USA pulls are sold by the pair. Easy to install, just insert the cord throug...

10.5mm 25kn Nylon Rope with CE En 1891 for Safety, Caving, Canyoning, Security and Rescue

Model No:10.5mm Nylon Rope

  1. Product: Safety Rope 2. Type of ropes2.1 Type of ropes: Dynamic Ropes, Static Ropes, Fire-fighting Ropes, Military Ropes and Accessory Cords. 2.1.1 Dynamic Ropes:Dynamic ropes includes single Rope, half Rope and twin Rope. It is made up of 48 strands; it can absorb impact force when falling; you must use the dynamic Rope if there is rush falling, such as climbing, mountaineering, bungee jumping etc. The dynamic Rope usually has various colors. 2.1.2 Static Ropes: The elongation of Static ro...

Elevator Rope Tension Meter

Model No:DGZ

Product overview Elevator Rope tension meter ( DGZ) can be used to quickly measure wire Rope, wire Rope, strand, single wire, cables, etc. Tension widely used in elevators, bridges slings, tower wiring, overhead wires, ropes and other issues involving cable tension index construction, commissioning and operation of the tension detection. Features 1. Structures with tension ropes, without disassembly, measurements can be installed within a few seconds; 2. Φ 8 ~ Φ 15 diameter can be measured relat...

high strength polypropylene 3 strand Rope

Model No:bagplastics at vip.163.com

Min. Order:1000

twisted Rope, polyamaide Rope, polyester Rope, polypropylene Rope, PET+PP Rope, pp Rope, nylon Rope, pp Rope used in ship, nylon dock line , safety Rope, climbing Rope, protective escape Rope, braided polyester Rope, archor line Rope, floating lifeline, twisted dock line, nylon braided Rope, Static Rope, dynamic single Rope, dynamic twin Rope, accessory Rope, military parachute Rope, ship Rope, marine Rope, chainsaw Rope, start Rope, traction Rope, polyester fiber Rope, braided annular Rope, dru...

Elasticity Fabric Anti-Static Silicone Negative Ion Power Bands Colorful Braised Rope Bracelet

  Elasticity Fabric Anti-Static Silicone Negative Ion Power Bands Colorful Braised Rope Bracelet   1.1000-2000 ion 2.New sports silicone bracelets 3.Hot Rope balance bands Brand Name SOBON Product Type  elasticity fiber  colorful negative ion power bands braised Rope bracelet from china manufture with high quality Material Silicone +High elasticity fabric Energy Elements Germanium +Titanium +Negative ion Features Hightech Rope bracelet looks nice on wrist good choose for promotion and gifts to f...

AISI 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Thimble in US Type

Model No:wire rope thimbles-1

Material: AISI 304 or 316 S-T01, stainless steel extra heavy-duty wire Rope thimble, US type: Dimensions meet Federal Specification FF-T-276b Type 3 Sizes: 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8 and 1 inch or others



Min. Order:500

The ESD floor uses the PVC resin as the main component, and utilizes the plastic particle interfaces to form the permanent conductive/anti-Static network. The floor tile is looked like the marble. It provides fine performance in the decoration projects. In addition, they feature abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, long life, ageing resistance and low dust emission etc. Conductive PVC floor tile:2.5x104-1x106 Static-dissipative PVC floor tile: 1x106-1x109 Size: 600x600mm, 610x610mm, 900x90...

Ceramic Fiber Square Rope (650C-1260C)

Model No:Ceramic Fiber Square Rope

DescriptionCeramic Fiber Cloth (tape, Rope,) is a thermal fabric woven from Ceramic Fiber Yarn. Ceramic fiber textile with stainless steel wire reinforcement and glass filament reinforcement. The textiles are used for high temperature sealing.FeaturesLow thermal conductivityResistance to high temperature and chemical attackHigh mechanical strengthGood thermal shock resistanceAsbestos freeExcellent insulating performanceExcellent tensile performanceTypical ApplicationHigh temperature Static seal ...

3 strand sisal/jute/manila Rope for sale

Model No:Marine rope

Min. Order:300

The sisal fiber Rope/ natural fiber Rope is made from natural fibers , and is very popular for maritime use on chemical and gasoline tanker vessles for its lack of Static electricity.Besides, it is also commonly used for architectural and decorativepurposed. Manila Rope is very soft , slip resistance, good tensile, apply to the constructution site, factory, ship operation, has a strong tension, acid-proof alkaline, friction resistance, cold resistance and other characteristics. Material: Nylon, ...


Shandong Qingdao

Wire Rope Vibration Dampers JGX-0320 Series - Max Static Load from 12kg to 22kg

The JGX-0320 series wire Rope isolators are the new generation isolators designed for the required customers. With small size and light weight, the JGX-0320 series isolators are easy to delivery and install without the user manual. For its unique characteristics, the JGX-0320 series have now been accepted by more and more customers.The max Static load of the JGX-0320 series wire Rope isolators is from 12 kg to 22kg, which is the new generation of the JGX series. Now the JGX-0320 series isolators...

Pangu Rope cable pink 10mm X28m 12mmx30m synethetic winch Rope for atv utv suv winch line for off road parts

Model No:sybthetic winch rope

Min. Order:1

product name:Pangu Rope cable pink 10mm X28m 2mmx30m synethetic winch Rope for atv utv suv winch line for off road partsPlace of Origin: Shangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name:PANGU Power Source: Electric Application: Boat 4X4 off rode winch Rope Capacity: 2000-20000lbs Product: synthetic winch ropeCapacity:2000-20000lps Material: steel, UHMWPE Color: Black orange grayPackage: carton ba...

UHMWPE And Nylon Mono Mixed Rope

Min. Order:1

UHMWPE and nylon mono mixed Rope Material: UHMWPE and nylon monofilament Products Description: UHMWPE and nylon mono mixed Rope is made of UHMWPE and nylon monofilament, each strand covered by nylon monofilament. UHMWPE and nylon mono mixed Rope's woven by separate six [S" and [Z" strands, which makes the UHMWPE and nylon mono mixed Rope does not occurred rotation, the UHMWPE and nylon mono mixed Rope has two to three times wear resistance than other Rope, service life is longer than normal rop...

Steel Wire Rope for Elevator Traction

Model No:Elevator Traction Rope

Min. Order:1000

Steel Wire Rope for Elevator Traction Steel Wire Rope for Elevator Traction Fiber Core For Low Rise Elevators Steel Wire Rope for Elevator Traction Fiber Core For Mid-rise Elevators Steel Wire Rope for Elevator Traction Fiber Core For High Speed Elevators Part No. Rope Diameter Part No. Rope Diameter Part No. Rope Diameter SWR-TG-D8 8mm SWR-TG-Z8 8mm SWR-TG-H8 8mm SWR-TG-D10 10mm SWR-TG-Z10 10mm SWR-TG-H10 10mm SWR-TG-D12 12mm SWR-TG-Z12 12mm SWR-TG-H12 12mm SWR-TG-D127 12.7mm SWR-TG-Z127 12.7mm...

W1 dia 1.8mm tungsten wire Rope on sale

Model No:tungsten wire rope

Min. Order:10

W1 dia 1.8mm tungsten wire Rope is the main products of our company. W1 dia 1.8mm tungsten wire Rope is widely used in industrial, eapecially used in single crystal furnace and vacuum furnace. The material of W1 dia 1.8mm tungsten wire Rope belongs to refractory metals, and W1 dia 1.8mm tungsten wire Rope has the high melting point. so the feature of W1 dia 1.8mm tungsten wire Rope is high temperature resistance. Product Information Product Name W1 dia 1.8mm tungsten wire Rope Grade W1 W2 Pur...

Greenhouse Vegetables Hanging Rope With Clips

Model No:Tomato Rope With Clip

Min. Order:240

Greenhouse Vegetables Hanging Rope With Clips Hello ,our twine are used to support vegetables,such as tomato ,cucumber and others .it is 3kgs /roll ,length up to 3800m .Tomato Rope is imported from dutch bucket ,which are good for plant pin . About US Jiangsu Skyplant Greenhouse Technology Co., Ltd. registered capital of 5.00 million , is a greenhouse design, construction, maintenance, greenhouse facilities installation, commissioning and maintenance of an integrated engineering company. Prod...

Europe style 5 ton wire Rope electric hoist

Model No:Lifting handling machinery

Min. Order:1

Europe style 1-5t ton wire Rope electric hoist Overview: It is widely applied to lifting heavy weight or being installed with sigle-girder electric crane or straight and curve T-shape beam;It is also used in the hoist double beam, gourd gantry crane or cantilever crane;It is easily operated in the factory, warehouse, railway and dock etc. Features: In General:Compact structure, light weight, safe and reliable Wide used and interchangeable of components Lifting capacity strong, maintenance easy...

7x19 7x7 Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

Model No:galvanlized 7x19 wire rope

Min. Order:1

7x19 galvanized steel wire Rope LS 7*19 WIRE Rope Diameter (mm) Min.Breaking Load (KN) Approx.Weight Kg/100m 0.75 0.392 0.231 1 0.66 0.41 1.2 1.01 0.59 1.5 1.57 0.923 2 2.65 1.6 2.5 4.02 2.5 3 5.3 3.6 4 9.4 6.4 5 14.7 10 6 28.8 14.4 8 37.6 25.6 10 52.1 40 12 75 57.6 14 102 78.4 16 133 102.4 18 169 129.6 20 208 160 22 252 193.6 24 300 230.4 26 352 270.4 28 409 313.6 32 534 409.6 Our Services 1.The most professional production and sale team, can give you the most professional on the products. 2...

Mini Single-Rope/Wire Rope Mine electric Drum Hoist

Model No:JK-2*1.5~2JK-5*2.3

Min. Order:1

Mine hoist is mainly composed of motor, reducer, drum or friction wheel, brake system, depth indicator system, speed and other components of the system and control system of speed, driven by ac or dc motor. According to the working principle of hoisting wire Rope, there are winding mine hoist and friction mine hoist. Single-Rope Mine Drum Hoist Technical performance ITEM PRIDUCT NUMBER WOUND ROLL MAXIMUM Static TENSION OF WIRE Rope MAXIMUM Static TENSION OF WIRE Rope MAXIMUM DIAMETER OF WIRE RO...

220v Electric Hoist Mini wire Rope hoist 200kg

Model No:LST

Min. Order:1

mini wire Rope hoist 200kg Mini wire Rope hoist 200kg is also called civil electric hoist, a kind of lifting tool for lifting hoist . Simple structure, easy to install, small and exquisite, and single-phase electric power is used as the power source. Mini wire Rope hoist 200kg is suitable for various occasions, The upper hook design of mini wire Rope hoist 200kg is divided into dynamic loading and Static loading. Features of PA mini wire Rope hoist 1.Capacity: ranges from 200kg-1200kg...

fire retardant anti Static hi vis workwear uniform

Model No: anti static uniform

Min. Order:200

fire retardant anti Static hi vis workwear uniform Product Details Choose Xinke Protective, Choose high quality and service * Professional FR garment manufacture, Exquisite workmanship, High quality accessories *Adapt to the customer and their needs *Find a solution to get things done and act on that solution *Commitment to embracing change *Deliver an unique customer interaction * Flexible delivery time * Strict Quality Control The Sheet the sheet of fire retardant anti Static hi vis...

High Strength Recovery Towing Rope for 4wd Off-Road

Model No:UW-0190930020

Min. Order:1

Product Description high strength recovery towing Rope for 4wd offroad -Made from 100% high-tenacity, double braided nylon Rope -High strength/Replace steel wire. -Allows for an even pull during recoveries. -Reduced stress to vehicle components compared to Static tow straps. -Very useful for flat towing in tight trails. -Smooth surface and not fluff. -Excellent abrasion resistance and UV resistance. -No difference in tensile strength when wet or dry. Item high strength recovery towing Rope for ...

WDW-100 Rope Tensile Strength Testing Machine

Model No:WDW-100

Min. Order:1

Brief Introduction: WDW-100 Electronic Universal Testing Machine with special tensile fixtures can do tensile strength test of Rope . It is computer-controlled precision testing machine, Computer automatically control test program , display test date and analyze test results . The capacity is 100kn , so Static tensile load can reach to 100kn. Application : Electronic Universal Testing Machine is suitable for non-metallic material such as rubber,wire ,Rope,waterproofing membrane ,wood-based pa...

Stainless Steel Flexible Rope Cable Mesh

Model No:EM-RM001

Min. Order:100

Stainless Steel Flexible Rope Cable Mesh Stainless steel, a versatile material with elegance and robustness, has inspired architectural designers for projects of all kinds. Constructed of quality stainless steel wire ropes, flexible wire Rope mesh has unique characteristics that allow design flexibility in architecture. It incorporates the tensile strength of the indestructible stainless steel and aesthetically diamond opening which is graceful and beautiful. All stainless steel Rope meshes are ...

cheap plastic pp Rope

Model No:pp rope

Min. Order:5000

cheap plastic pp Rope specification 1material:pp 2size:25m 3 Widely used in many fields 4quickly delivery 5 BEST Price Any question pls fell free to contact us Our advantage: 600 people work together with over 15 years` experience. 200 million dollars per year cover over 120 countries. 8000 square meters showroom 100000pcs item exhibition 14000 square meters warehouse 3000 good cooperation manfactures Our Promise: Offer the lowest price to our customers Ensure the excellent quality of the goods ...

1.0Mm Stainless Steel Rope Mesh

Min. Order:100

Delivery Time:15 Days

1.0Mm Stainless Steel Rope Mesh 1.Material: steel wire Rope, common steel wire grille and Tecco grille 2.Configuration: steel wire Rope, wire Rope rock bolt, upportrope, suture Rope and steel wire grille 3.Feature: with high flexibilty, high protective strength, easy to spread sex. Adapt to any slope surface topography, installation procedures as standradized, systematic 4.Purpose: 1) protection and stabilization of steel slope surface 2) protective linings of channels and hydraulic struct...

High quality jump Rope with foam handle

Model No: jump rope

Min. Order:1000

High quality jump Rope with foam handle Specification: 1.Color:Black,blue,green ect. 2.Material: PVC cord,PP and foam handle 3.Dimension:2.5-4.5mm 4.Length:3-4.5m 5.handle length: 14cm 6.package: oppbag or color box Feature: 1. Develop speed,quickness,coordination and agility with the Speed Rope.This training tool is sure to evoke high-performance game days. 2. The jump Rope features foam handles,ball bearing and tangle-free cord versatile action.Easy swivel design for unrestricted Rope mov...

5 Ton Diesel Engine Wire Rope Winch

Model No:5 Ton Diesel Engine Wire Rope Winch

Min. Order:1

Stringing Equipment 5 Ton Diesel Engine Wire Rope Winch Engine Powered Winch,Engine Driven Winch,Manual Winch,Motorized Windlass,Motorized Winch Features: Safe and reliable. The machine has the interlocking brake device, accurate positioning, excellent braking performance , flexible usage, safety and trust.Widely used. According to customers` response and field investigation, this machine has wide usage, such as rod up, a vertical rod, the pull rod, line release, line reel, the bridge plate trac...

Twisted Soft UV Treated Fibrillated Packing Rope

Model No: fibrillated rope

Model NO.: fibrillated Rope Certification: ISO9001: 2000, SGS Material: PP, PE, PP+PE, Polyester Use of Yarn: PP Cable,Optical Friber Filler Diameter: 1mm,2mm,3mm,4mm Tpm: 20-40 Trademark: LT Origin: Jiangxi, China Usage: Packaging, Agriculture, Shipping, Security Type: Twist Rope Feature of Yarn: High Tenacity and Good Prcie Color of Yarn: Raw White,Black and as Clients Place of Origin: Jiangxi, China (Mainland) Denier of Yarn: 2000d--85000d Specification: 10000D, 20000D, 300m/KG, 600m/KG, 1000...

Mini Wire Rope Electric construction Hoist Winch

Model No:PA

Min. Order:50

PA Mini Wire Rope Electric Hoist Mini electric hoist is also called civil electric hoist, a kind of lifting tool for lifting hoist . Simple structure, easy to install, small and exquisite, and single-phase electric power is used as the power source. It is suitable for various occasions, and can raise the goods below 1200kg, which is especially suitable for lifting heavy goods from the lower floors to high ...

PET Braided Cotton Rope Ball Dog

Model No:PET Braided Cotton Rope Ball Dog

Delivery Time:15 Days

Product Description PET Braided Cotton Rope Ball Dog Toy/ Teeth Cleaning Chew Toys for small and medium sized dogs A Perfect toy to keep your four legged friend active and fit Great in Tossing, Fetching and Tugging games. Our Products are 100% sturdy cotton Rope with NON- Toxic Dyeing Discourages problem behaviour resulting from Boredom and Excess Energy Helps massaging your dog's gums promoting dental health and reducing plaque build- up Other hot sales pet product:,Dog Beds,Dog Clothes,Pet Car...

Heavy Duty Anti Static Rubber Gym Flooring

Model No:Heavy Duty Anti Static Rubber Gym Flooring

Min. Order:1

Heavy Duty Anti Static Rubber Gym Flooring Heavy Duty Anti Static Rubber Gym Flooring have been designed for use as flooring for high rise and roof top decks in both warm and cold climates. Water permeable and durable, these rubber tiles are constructed with a grooved bottom that allows water to easily flow under the tile. Perfect over fragile waterproof roof membranes, these tiles are installed with the use of dowels ensuring maximum protection for your roof. Backed by a 5-year warranty, thes...

8-Strand Polypropylene Monofilament Rope

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:20 Days

8-Strand Polypropylene Monofilament Rope 8-Strand Polypropylene Monofilament Rope has a wide range of applications, the cable is light in weight, excellent in water repellency, very efficient in ship operations, and "good quality and low price" is the highest usage rate in the cable market. The products have the advantages of high strength marine Rope, low elongation and wear resistance, and are mostly used for ship mooring, towline, marine fishing, marine aquaculture and the like. Length pe...

Forged Galvanized G-411 US Type wire Rope thimble

Model No:wire rope thimble

Min. Order:100

Forged Galvanized G-411 US Type wire Rope thimble Our products have reached international advanced level, they are sold well and to obtain high reputation from more than 30 countries and regions of the world. Welcome to visit or factory and discuss business, and we also undertake to process with supplied drawings or samples. We will provide you with the most honest service. Our company's rigging factory that has senior management, professional technicians, advanced domestic production facilities...

steel wire Rope,electric hoist,lifting machine,hoist

we are manufacture produce all kinds of steel wire Rope with long history and much experience.steel wire Rope,electric hoist,lifting machine,hoist

led stage lamp Soft Rope Light

Model No:kt-12-AT

LED Rope: Features and Specification: Voltage avaible: 12V, 24V, 110V, 220V, 230V, AC or DC Diameter: 10 - 13mm (round) or 11.5 x 17.5mm (flat) Lifetime: 25, 000 hours. 36,72,108,144 led bulbs/m Round and flat are available 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire and 5-wire are all available Flexible, easy to cut Indoor or outdoor use Structure: Hollow or solid; Two wires or three wires Easy to assemble and maintain Selection of connectors, mounting hardware and 8 function controller Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, G...

Steel Wire Rope

Model No:Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope Material: Black iron wire, galvanized iron wire, steel wire, galvanized steel wire twist into ropes Specifications: 1*2, 1*3, 1*7, 3*7, 7*7 Line diameter: 0.25mm-10.0mm Used for mining, lumbering, cableway, winch, crane, shipping, loading and unloading Packing: Wooden pallet or according to requests.
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