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Silicone Sealant Dispensing Machine

Model No:ST06

                                        Glass Machine---ST06 Sealant-Spreading MachineFeatures:1. The wholly pneumatic Machine's main parts (including A and B component glue pump, gelatinize gun and safety valve) are imported from Korea, or made of high-tension and quality stainless steel with thermal treatment, the reliability and durability of the Machine is greatly improved.2. The Machine's curing agent system is fully closed, which can prevent the agent from exposing to air and getting solid...

CE Dispensing Machine for Distribution Board

Model No:CE dispensing machine for distribution board

PU foam glue strip sealing device with beckhoff system 1. ModelHGTJ401- 50 2. Effective stroke2200mm*1200mm-190mm(Zaxis adjustable) 3. Amount of output1.0-4.0 g/s 4. Strip width8-30.0mm 5. Control SystemGermany Beckhoff System, the most advanced in the world 6. ProcessFIPFG 7. Cleaning MethodWater Cleaning 8. NameRubber/resin/pu Foam Sealing Machine 9. Application Electricalpanel, enclosure, Cabinets, Lighting, Automobile, Electronics, Filter, Battery etc. 10. Process detailsFoam Machine is foam...

WD automatic epoxy Dispensing Machine

Model No:WD 500 AB

Min. Order:1 set

WD epoxy Dispensing Machine is made for producing logo,trademarks and Crafts and Gifts industrial covering the surface of glue,So it widely used in glue all kinds of product surface.for example,clean oil and so on.Six head working together , especially researched for a singe bulk order.and completed three function that are Two-component glue adhesive,qualitative glue and trajectory glue integration. Model:WD 500*600 AB Parameter: Range:X: 450 Y:680 Z:70(Made of order) X...

Special Silicone Paste Machine 

XK-230*630 Silicone paste Machine               Main parameter: No. Item specification 1 Working roller diameter 230mm 2 Working roller length 630mm 3 Roller adjust distance 0-10mm 4 Two roller speed ratio 1:1.2 5 Front roller rotation speed 14.7 6 Back roller rotation speed 17.4 7 One time plastic volume 5-10kg 8 Gear box type ZQ350 9 Speed ratio 12:64 10 motor Y160L-6 11 power 11KW 12 Rotation speed 960 R/min 13 weight 2400kg 14 Copper bearing stand temperature Max 120℃ 15 Nylon bearing stand ...


Zhejiang Ningbo

BQ332 Ice Cream Dispensing Machine

Model No:BQ332

Product Details Basic Specification Model BQ332 Flavor 2+1mix Capacity 30~ 35 L/H Hopper 5 L x2 Cylinder 2 L x2 Cooling Type Air-Cooling With Accessories or Not No Voltage 220V Colour Others Current Type AC Power 2.7 Kw Frequency 50HZ Body Materials Stainless Steel Detail Description Jin Li ShengBQ332 Ice Cream Dispensing Machine  Model BQ332 Flavor 2+1 mix  Main power 220V, 50Hz / 220V, 60Hz / 110V, 60Hz Phase 1 Ph Rated power 2.7 Kw Capacity 30~35 L/H Hopper 5 L x 2 Cylinder 2 L x 2 Refrigeran...

Hot selling PVC garments logo-Dispensing Machine

Model No:WD600E-12B-5

Applications: garments labels, footwear logos, sandal uppers, zipper pullers, footwear accessories, advertisements, gifts, garments, electronics, electrical appliances, hardware, stationery, cars accessory, computer accessory, toys, fashion gifts and fields Hardware: Dispensing Machine + handle + Dispensing gun Features: Software can read CNC graph directly Good performance of fast speed Easy operation, just get the design parameter from the mold through handle One Machine dispenses 8-10 differe...

Paint / Adhesive Dispensing Machine , Digital Pneumatic Aut

Model No:VS-983

Min. Order:1

Adhesive Dispensing Machine/vs-983 Automatic Glue Dispenser Specifications: 1, Digital display Dispensing time and space time, very clearly. 2, Standard configuration,, Vacuum structure to prevent Drooling 3, Many models of liquid dropping function, High efficiency. 4, Widely applicable pressure range, can suit Various viscosity liquids 5, Will be very easy to debug, having debugging switch 6, With perfect liquid dropping signal terminal functions can be used with robot use Model Vs-983 Control ...

Label Dispensing Machine LD-150

Model No:LD-150

Min. Order:1

Features: The label Dispensing Machine releases and advances all types of butt-cut and die-cut labels either opaque or transparent on rolls, auromatic label web re-winder eliminates tmess and hazards in the work place.Operation of this mahcine is simple,when an operator removes one label the next one is automatically dispensed.Outstanding price/performance ratio. Specifications: Label Length:4-200mm Label Width:150mm(customizable) Max. Outer Diameter:200mm Power Supply:220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ Power ...

Automated Chemical Adhesive Dispensing Machine Epoxy Dispen

Model No:VS-983

Min. Order:1

Adhesive Dispensing Machine/vs-982 automated epoxy dispenser robot Specifications: Adhesive Dispensing Machine/vs-982 automated epoxy dispenser robot use the high-pressure air within time to set for, use the pedal control to put out the liquid. Very flexible adjustment is manual, semi-automatic state, adopt the regular controller of the high-accuracy number, control titrimetric time each time perfectly, is precise as to millisecond, control the material flow of the liquid correctly, will never w...

3m Stickiness Silicone Packaging Machine Heating Pad (DT-S071)

Model No:DT-S072

3M Stickiness Silicone Packaging Machine Heating Pad(DT-S071) Features: 1. The Silicone heating pad is with good insulation capacity and high-temperature resistance. 2. Temperature rise steady 3. Totally safe and silent. 4. Up air outlet for better convection 5. Optional size and shape, totally customized as your required 6. Thermistor and thermocouple switch automatically cuts off power when dumping Application: It is suitable for oil tank heating, and can be applied for the pharmaceutical mach...

Dispenser/Dispensing Machine

Model No:TODD200

Product Name: Desiccant Dispenser,Dispensing Machine TODD200 Introduction: TODD200 Desiccant Dispenser is economical and easy to operate. The Machine can automatically cut off the belted desiccant and insert it into the container accurately and speedy. This fully automatic Machine inserts a predetermined length of desiccant coil into containers at speeds up to 60 cpm. Key Features: 1. Insert speed up to 60 CPM 2. Heavy duty construction 3. Guillotine tearing device 4. Easy operate with automatic...

Cake Paper Cup Dispensing Machine

Model No:PCT -13

Automatic cup Dispensing Machine is designed special for soft bread and cake. Dispensing paper cup into baking plate ( any size can as customers' ) with automatic. It's improve producing quality. Control system made by PLC from Japan Mitsubishi brand and View Touch Screen. Reliability, easy cleaning and maintenance. Can change working parameters by customer with different products. Technical Parameters:

Dy810s Automatic Silicone Labels Machine

Model No:DY810S

DY810S automatic Silicone labels Machine Silicone labels Machine features: 1. Be applicable to square bottles or flat bottles in automatic single side labeling Machine. 2. Can increase round bottle institution; Realize round bottles of automatic labeling at the same time. 3. The independently shape structure is designed specially and independently to label irregular bottles in cosmetic industry. The optional air driving and roller labeling set can label round bottles precisely. 4. The shape belt...

Polyurethane Dispensing Machine (SJ303)

Model No:SJ303

SJ303 polyurethane Dispensing Machine for electrical cabinet    Advantages:High protective level of gasket—IP66Intelligent dozing and mixing system bases on Germany technologyIntelligent control system— high precision & stability, easy operationAutomatic water cleaning---environment-friendly, low costMultifunctional sealing: 2D/3D workpieces Technical dataMixing tip moving range:  Length: 0-2250mm   Width: 0-1250mm   Height: 0-200mmSealing strip width: 5mm-35mmSealing speed: 0-30m/minWorking...

Automatic Silicone Coating Machine (LX-ST02)

Model No:LX-ST02

Automatic Silicone Coating Machine 1. Applicabe to woven tape and narrow fabrics coating 2. Can Line/Wave/Reticulation coating Automatic Silicone coating Machine is used to Silicone coating on fabrics, especially on elastics. The elastics with Silicone are used on the garments which has advantages of anti-slippage. The Machine is controlled by PLC, so it is very easy to operate.

Mechanical Arm Used in Dispensing Machine and Dispensing Machine,

Model No:all

Product Description Mechanical arm used in Dispensing Machine and Dispensing Machine, Linear Modules: Linear modules can be installed according to every customer requirements. Its main motion way is to control the motor which connected with couplings and ball screw to move by CNC system. So it can move the sliding motion table straightly that's to say move from front to back. It's Positioning accuracy error range can be≤ 0.02mm, if re-positioned, the accuracy(error range) can be ≤ 0.01mm. Under ...

Semi-Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine (SS98)

Model No:SS98

(SS98) glue Dispensing Machine glue dots Machine liquid Dispensing Machine     Features of SS98 semiautomatic glue Dispensing Machine:   1. can control the glue Dispensing quantity precisely.   2. can set up to be manual and Auto. For glue quantity.   3. It is used for all liquid glue or cold liquid solder.   4. you can control it in footswitch.   5. the Machine can be suit to many type size glue Dispensing nozzle and barrel.   6. one set include: one PCS Dispensing Machine, one PCS foot switch,...

Automatic Desktop Glue Dispensing Machine (PY-550D)

Model No:PY-550D

Automatic desktop glue Dispensing Machine PY-550D Main features of the equipment: 1. Keyboard control in English version, easy operation. 2. Functions: Drawing point, line, surface, arc, circle, irregular curve continuous complement and triaxial linkage. 3. Equipped with software that has the area display, translation rotating operation functions. 4. Be able to set size of gluing area, speed of gluing, Dispensing time, stopping glue time. Stable glue exudation without glue leaking and dripping. ...

Liquid Silicone Injection Machine

Model No:CGY-700*850

Product Description Liquid Silicone Injection Machine XLB serie rubber injection moulding Machine is mainly used for all kinds of rubber, bakelite, plastic materials, and other products of the injection and pressure molding, it is especially suitable for high quality requirements, complex shape, thick wall and embedded parts products forming. 1. Injecting Rubber after the mould being blocked, high molding pressure in inner cavity of the mould, high density construction of products, precised size...

Insulating Glass Pneumatic Silicone Extruder Machine-Graco Pump Silicone Extruder Machine

Model No:ST01/02/03/04/06

Two component sealant Machine, Silicone extruder Machine, insulating glass sealant spreading Machine, insulaitng glass Machine, glass Machine 1. Functions and Features: 1. It is composed of raw material pump, solidification pharmaceutical pump, proportional pump, sealant-mixture system, hydraulic pressure system, electric system and so on. Raw material pump, solidification pharmaceutical pump and proportional pump adopt the special high-pressure filling pump and the materials can be supported eq...

Silicone Extruder Machine for Insulating Glass Processing (ST02)

Model No:ST02

Silicone extruder Machine, glass processing machinery Silicone Extruder Machine for Insulating Glass Processing (ST02) Main Features 1. This extruder is the special Machine for spreading double-component sealant. 2. It is full pneumatic type and do not need electric supply, can be easy to move and operation in the building site. 3. Easy operation, easy maintenance, stable working, high efficiency, It can suit the request of insulating glass & glass curtain wall batch production.

Silicone Sealing Machine Robot/ Double Glazing Machine

Model No:TCC300A

                   Silicone sealing Machine robot/ double glazing Machine Model: IGV22 Feature: 1. This Machine has self-diagnose system, easily check the error.2. It can identify the Low-E glass and coating glass automatically. So it can stop the first hard brush automatically protecting the glass from scratching. 3. The PLC and proximity switch adopt OMRON imported for Japan. 4. It has high precision and works steadily. Because we adopt the screw and flat press. 5. Servo driver and servo motor...

Vending Machine: Milk Dispensing Machine

Model No:UD-150L UD-200L UD-300L

Stainless steel automatic milk vending Machine/milk ATM/milk Dispensing Machine Brief introduction: 1. After putting the fresh milk into the Machine, turn it on, then it would work automatically. 2. There's an automatic refrigeration system inside the Machine, which is in order to keep the milk fresh for a certain time in low temperature condition. 3. The bottles are carried by customers self. A bottle of milk will be filled after the coin or Swipe IC card is inserted. 4. The unit price could be...

LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber

Model No:RTV-1040

Min. Order:200kg

Description of LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber MC RTV1040 Silicone rubber is a two component elastomeric cross-linking at room temperature. The polymerization can be accelerated by heat (max.1500 ℃). The Silicone components are delivered as liquids, which once mixed and cured transform into a transparent, elastic and resistant material. Polymerization occurs without formation of heat. Advantages of LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber 1. Easy Curing: MC Silicone RTV1040 polymerizes at room temperature (2...

3d Cartoon Cell Phone Silicone Cases , Silicone Smart Wallet Mobile Phone Cover

Product Name: Mobile Phone Silicone Smart Wallet Material: 100% Silicone Rubber Customize Logo: Embossed, Debossed, Printing, CMYK Printing, Color Filled Colors: PMS Colors Available Standard Size: 86x55.82x3.51mm       3D Cartoon  Cell Phone Silicone Cases , Silicone Smart Wallet Mobile Phone Cover     Mobile Phone Silicone Smart Silicone iwallet :     1. Made by top grade Silicone 2. It is light and easy to carry 3. MOQ: 1000pcs 4. Color: any PMS colors are available, and it can be Camouflage ...

ruler / study product /wholesale Silicone slap bracelet /reflective slap bracelet

Model No:1

Min. Order:1000

2014 new produt fashion Silicone slap bracelet /silione slap ruler/ Silicone slap wristband /Silicone slap band Material 100% Silicone+stainless steel Logo Printed,debossed,embossed,customized logo Types Glow in dark; Engrave bracelet, UV; Solid color; Swirl color; Segmented; Anti-mosquito bracelet Color any pantone color Design OEM are welcome Certificate SGS,ROHS,FDA,LIGB MOQ 1000pcs Size 240*30*3mm, 210x12x2mm / 202x12x2 / 180x12x2mm(Also can be customer design) OEM If you want add ion and li...

Epoxy glue Dispensing equipment with pressure tank

Model No:Y&D820

Min. Order:1

A popular analog dispenser series featuring dual 110/220V operation. An all-purpose dispenser, versatile and easy to use in a few simple steps .Suitable for all types of fluids, includes a suck-back feature to ensure low viscosity liquids do not drip. Common application scope: automobile mechanical parts coating, cell phone buttons point glue, mobile phone battery packaging, laptop battery package, the coil point glue,PCB bond fixed sealant,IC sealant,horn external punctuateglue, PDA sealant, LC...

Debossed with color filled Silicone bands

Min. Order:3000

Delivery Time:7 Days

Silicone kids twist bracelet&chain link bracelet 1.Factory wholesale directly 2.Custom logo and design 3.Any color can be offered 4.High production capacity Material 100% Silicone Logo Printed,debossed,embossed,customized logo Shape customized Color any pantone color Design OEM are welcome Certificate SGS,ROHS,FDA,LIGB MOQ 1000pcs Size kids size, adult size Company profile 1. Li&Fung audit report 2. Owned Silicone Machine and printing workshops 3. Advanced equipment and excellent R&D...

Lid Glue Dispensing and Drying Machine for 18L Square Can

Model No:MWK-120

Product Description This Machine is used for the lid of 18L square tank glue Dispensing and drying,it can equipment with 18L square can making Machine.The Machine including the material feeding system,glue Dispensing Machine, drying Machine,receiving equipment,electric system and pneumatic system,The above mentioned Machine can separately working or connect to one line.Material feeding system : put the lid on the material tray,then by vacuum suction system put the lid on the working station.Glue...

Stone-Coated Metal Roof Tiles Production Line Machine


CUS-STEEL is a professional enterprise that manufactures the building and decoration materials. It has more than 15 years' export experience and the products have been sold more than 60 areas and countries with high quality and resonable prices. We have advanced production line, strict quality control, rich export experiences, customers good feedback and we are a star company. 1, Description Component: Hydraulic decoiler, automatic rolling forming Machine, cutter Machine, trimmer, stamping formi...

Black Cute Portable Silicone Horn Stand Amplifier Speaker For Iphone 4s 

  New generic Silicone Horn Stand Speaker compatible with Apple iPhone 4 /4S, Black Quantity: 1 Go ahead and toot your own horn with this Silicone horn stand speaker foryour Apple iPhone 4 / 4S Wireless speaker amplifies the sound from your iPhone by concentrating anddirecting it through the horn's tubing for Silicone speaker . No external power needed to bring your music to life acoustically for Silicone speaker . Speaker holds iPhone vertically or horizontally for comfort and hands-freeviewing...

L/d Of Screw 12:1 Silicone Rubber Cable Extrusion Line Equipment For 6 - 80 M/min

  L/D of Screw 12:1 Silicone Rubber Cable Extrusion Line Equipment for 6 - 80 m/min   Application:   Applied to Silicone rubber extrusion production line.   Specifications:     Parameters:     45 65 Screw dia. 45mm 65mm L/D of screw 12:1 12:1 Output 30kg/h 60kg/h Wire pay off dia. 0.2-3.0mm 0.3-5.0mm Pay-off bobbin Ф300-400mm Ф400-630mm Hoper capacity 12kg 30kg Main power 10HP 20HP Finished dia. (mm) 0.8-5.0 1.8-8.0 Line speed (m/min) 6-80 6-80 Capstan power 3HP 4HP Vulcanize length 12m 16m Heat...

Medical Dispensing Machine for hospital

Model No:XT-46C

Min. Order:10

Product name: Automatic shoe cover Machine Model No.: XT-46C Working principle: This automatic shoe cover Machine uses the principle that the thermo shrinkable film will shrink at proper temperature. It is different from other shoe cover Machine. This shoe cover Machine only takes seconds to let the PVC film become shoe cover and cover your shoes. It automatically outputs and cuts the film and provide hot air with accurate temperature control. It can cover shoes of different sizes, a layer of fi...

Hot-selling Automatic Dispensing Machine with 3-axis, Sized 1,360 x 1,035 x 1,710mm

Model No:AT-D100-61

Introduction: Designed and manufactured by team of APM, is a high-reliable, smart liquid Dispensing system This automatic high-speed Dispensing system is based on the modern and advance science and technologies such as motion control system, computer and software science, liquid control (hydrodynamics), accurate measuring, which are integrated into entire linking automatic Dispensing system Widely applied into the PCBA as well as electronics encapsulation, which greatly improve stability and acc...

Supply Silicone Wristband and Silicone Wristband Machine

Model No:201210262308

Product Details Basic Specification Jewelry Type Bracelets, Bangles Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland) Jewelry Main Material Silicone Occasion Gift, Party Gender Unisex Material Others Detail Description Customized Silicone bracelet ,rubber wristbands ,silcione wristband, printed Silicone wristband ,debossed Silicone wristband ,Silicone band , embossed Silicone bracelet ,multicolor bracelet ,silione hand band , glow in dard silione wristband imprint Silicone bracelet ,band   Quick Detai...

Two Component Low Pressure Dispensing Machine

Model No:LXPU-R2R36, LXPU-R2J6,…

Product Details Basic Specification Machine polyurethane products Capacity Min.2g/s Max.1000g/s Material Stainless Steel Detail Description Equipment Characteristics:   Sandwich type material bucket, good heat preservation.   PLC touch screen human-computer interface control,  easy to use and the operating situation of machines easy to see.   New type mixing head, even mixing, low noise, and the Machine sturdy and durable.   Imported pumps, accurate metering.      Technical Parameter: Injection ...

Rubber product, customized Silicone rubber compression molding for automotive

Model No:rubber product 017c

Mold steel: NAK80, P20, S50C and 4140 Customized Silicone rubber compression molding for automotive Compression/transfer/injection (both hot runner and cold runner are available) types Currently making molds for Japan, Italy, UK, USA, Canada and South Asia companies Materials: Silicone or rubber, NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, CSM, CR, HNBR, Viton and aflas RoHS Directive-compliant Hardness: 8 to 95 shore A, tolerance can be ±5 shore A, some special products and can reach ±3 shore A tolerance Colors: For r...

Silicone Rubber Compression Mold, Used for O-ring Rubber Parts

Model No:FM-231

Mold steel: NAK80, P20, S50C and 4140 Customized Silicone rubber compression mold for 0-ring rubber parts Materials: Silicone or rubber, NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, CSM, CR, HNBR,  RoHS directive-compliant Hardness: 8 to 95 shore A, tolerance can be ±5 shore A for some special products, can reach ±3 shore A tolerance Colors: For rubber: black For Silicone: customized Machine type: 50 to 380T Molding service: mold workshop which have 12 sets CNC machines and provide compression/transfer/injection rubber ...

Mgt-02 Silicone Extruder Machine

Model No:MGT-02

Distinction: MJGT02 sealant extruder Machine is the key equipment which produce the insulating glass applies to insulating glass production and manufactrure of echanical seal bonding the equipment will berequired for supplying ratio mixing, spraying, which integrates the work sets finally sealedinsulating glass whth bicomponent glue and which must be uniformly mixed in proportion the wasout of glue guns sealed insulating glass edges. Main Technique Parameter: Mixing ratio 6: 1-14: 1 Mattroal bar...

2014 Hot Selling New Personality Fashion Mini Silicone Alarm Clock

Model No:P2200

2014 new personality fashion Mini Silicone alarm clock Double bell Silicone small alarm clock Materials: Silicone, electron, Machine Packing: 20pcs/box, 240pcs/carton Color: Red, pink, blue, orange, purple, green (red, pink, each box has 5, blue4, orange, purple, green, the 2 units) The built-in button electronic a Product size: 6.5cmx5cmx2cm Use: Easy to carry for example: Travel. Customized with your brand logo, please contact us.
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