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Heavy duty strut 41x41mm solar stud Rollforming Line


Min. Order:1

Heavy duty strut 41x41mm solar stud Rollforming Line Heavy duty Strut 41x41mm solar stud Rollforming Line can produce the strut with teech on the edge. Whole solar stud Rollforming Line capacity is 10-15 meters/min, the punching holes system is offline punching system, full automatic offline punching system Line.strut 41x41mm solar stud Rollforming Line is designed the pillar structural, the gerabox transmission, it is a heavu duty rollformers. Heavy duty Strut 41x41mm solar stud Rollforming lin...

Corrugated Cold Roll Forming Equipment / Roll Forming Line 7.5KW

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:60 Days

Best Quality Corrugated Longspan Roofing Panel Roll Forming Machine with Driving Motor 7.5KW Introduction This metal roof corrugating machine adopts 7.5KW driving motor and 2.2KW hydraulic pump motor to realize a fast forming speed and stable working condition. The finished corrugated aluminium longspan roofing sheets are widely used in living houses, warehouse and other construction buildings. Corrugated Cold Roll Forming Equipment / Roll Forming Line 7.5KW Technical Parameters of Corrugate...

High performance c type thickness 3.0mm Rollforming machine Line

High performance c type thickness 3.0mm Rollforming machine Line C&Z Purlin Profile : C TYPE Range for size W 80-300±1mm H 30-80±1mm E 10-22±1mm    Z TYPE Range for size W 140-300±1mm H 50-80±1mm E 10-20±1mm Thickness of the material:1.5-3.0 mm Feeding width:160-500mm Material:Q235Mpa galvanized steel Length tolerance : ±3mm     C/Z steel production process sketch: Hydraulic Decoiler——Straightening——Roll forming M/C——PLC control System—— Hydraulic Pressing&Cutting——Production Stand We ar...

c shape cold roller machine ,c channel roll forming Line, c Rollforming machine

Model No:Roll Forming Machine

c shape cold roller machine ,c channel roll forming Line, c Rollforming machine Product Description    c shape cold roller machine ,c channel roll forming Line, c Rollforming machine production ?           What is the c shape cold roller machine ,c channel roll forming Line, c Rollforming machine parameters ?     No Item Parameter Note 1 Suitable   Material Type Steel sheet   Roller Shutter Thickness: 0.7-1.0 mm   2 Product Specifications Detail as the attached drawing 3 Power Requirement Type 3...

CNC Choi steel uncoiling flatting cutting Line

Model No:XF3X1250uncoiling flatting cutting line

Min. Order:1

Color Steel Sheet CNC uncoiling flatting cutting Line Leveling cutting Machine Series,Color Steel Sheet cutting machine,Sheet cutting Machine Quick Detail 1.Suitable to process: Color steel plate 2.Width of the plate: 1250mm 3.Rollers: 6rows 4.Dimensions: 3.6*1.55*1.51m 5.Power: 5.5+4kw 6.Thickness of the plate:3mm 7.Diameter of the roller:Φ80mm 8.Weight: About 1.9T 9.Voltage: 380V 50Hz 3phases 10.Hydraulic: 40# 11.Processing precision: Within 1.00mm 12.Control system: PLC control Uncoiler Usage...

Model 1250 MM slitting machine Line cut to length machine sheet separete machine

Model No:ZT-009-25

Min. Order:1

Model 1250 MM slitting machine Line cut to length machine sheet separete machine Slitting machine Production process Decoiler, guiding device, slitting device, cutting device, length measure device, extension device, recoiler, coil car, hydraulic station, PLC controlling system. Production parameters: Processing material: Pre-painted steel Material thickness 0.3--1.0mm Material hardness 195 mpa---350 mpa Materisl width 900-1250mm Inner diameter 508mmmm Max out diaeter 1200mm Max weight Max weig...

High Quality Automatic Single S PP Spunbond Nonwoven Machine Line

Model No:Single S, Single S PP Spunbond Nonwoven Machine Line

Delivery Time:30 Days

High Quality Automatic Single S PP Spunbond Nonwoven Machine Line     1. Technical Information . Material:PP chips Fabric usage: Medical applicant,shopping bag,packing  The Line is application for PP chips as raw materials input, undergoes the process of extrusion, spinning, quenching, closure air stretching, web formation, calendaring, winding and cutting as per requirements and then packed for storage and delivery.    2. Technical Data for PP Spunbond Nonwoven Machinery Production Line.     3....

Billet Aluminum Line Seperator

Model No:Line Clamps And Brackets

Kage manufactured Hose Tube Line Seperator Clamps using using alumnium alloy that meet or exceed minium requirements for hose fittings, each component is precision-machined to exact tolerances for trouble-free performance for Billet Hose Seperators Tool, Hose Line Clamp Securely holds 2 hoses. Item: Line Clamps and Brackets Process: CNC machining Design: Universally or Customized Material: Aluminium Size: Custom Size Thickness:Customized Plating: Imitation gold, silver, brass, chrome or Custom...

Incoloy 825 Downhole Hydraulic Control Line Tubing

Model No:Incoloy 825 Downhole Hydraulic Control Line Tubing

Min. Order:500

Incoloy 825 Downhole Hydraulic Control Line Tubing Super alloys have the ability to function at very high temperatures and mechanical stress, and also where high surface stability is required. They have good creep and oxidation resistance, and can be produced in a variety of shapes. They can be strengthened by solid-solution hardening, work hardening, and precipitation hardening. Super alloys consist of a number of elements in a variety of combinations to achieve the desired result. They are fur...

EPS Foam Sandwich Panel Production Machine Line

Model No:EPS Foam Sandwich Panel Production Machine Line

Min. Order:1

EPS Foam Sandwich Panel Production Machine Line Brief Introduction Sandwich panel production Line is used for the special purpose of producing the new type constructional material (Sandwich panel), with the function of compounding EPS or Rock wool board to the color steel sheets. Sandwich panel is very light weight. (1/40 to 1/10 of common brick).It is high strength, warm conservation, water proof, convenient for construction, short construction period etc...

Windshield Dust-controlling Board Producing Line

Model No:XF 840 Windshield Dust-controlling Board Producing Line

Min. Order:1

Windshield Dust-controlling Board Producing Line The wind and dust suppression net has the functions of wind and dust suppression, flame retardant, impact resistance and antistatic. It is an environmental protection project to control dust pollution in open storage yards. It is widely used in bulk storage ports, fuel storage yards in thermal power plants, raw material fuel storage yards in iron and steel enterprises, raw material fuel storage yards in chemical enterprises, and coal storage sites...

TF Silo Roof Roll Forming Line

Delivery Time:30 Days

Equipment overview: TF silo roof roll forming Line adotps cantilever structure,pneumatic turnover platform to produce variable cross-section. TF silo roof Rollforming machine function group description: The production Line is divided into two parts: the blanking zone and the forming zone. In the unloading area, the unwinding machine needs to be manually wound up, the oblique slitting specification is adjusted, and the blanking needs to be manually assisted. Partially PLC controlled automatic ...

QU/XU/WU/ZU-A Series Oil Return Line Filter

Model No:FST-Q/X/W/Z-A Series Oil Return Line Filter -10~100L/min

Min. Order:100

QU/XU/WU/ZU-A Series Oil Return Line Filter (FST-Q/X/W/Z-A Series Oil Return Line Filter -10~1000L/min): Production describle: The filter is installed at the return pipeline of the hydraulic system, which is used to filter the worn metal powder of the components in the oil and the rubber impurities worn out of the seal, so that the oil in the flow back tank is kept clean, which is conducive to the recycling of the oil in the system. Filter element types: The filter is divided into four types: ...

YPM 330S5TRV1B7 medium pressure petrol Line filter

Model No:YPM 330S5TRV1B7 line filter

Delivery Time:10 Days

YPM 330S5TRV1B7 Medium Pressure Petrol Oil Line Filter is one kind of medium pressure filter. We produce Hydraulic filter assemblies. It is installed in the hydraulic pressure system to filter solid particle and slimes in medium and effectively control cleanliness. Company Information OUR ADVANTAGE Filtration Specialists with 15 years experience. Quality guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008 Vendors for Eaton FiltrationChinaBranch. Professional technical data systems guaranteed the correctness of filt...

Automatic joint hidden roof panel Rollforming machine

Model No:FY-760

Min. Order:1

Automatic joint hidden roof panel Rollforming machine Product Description The 760-type joint hidden steel tile equipment is called the angular machine. It is an upgraded traditional roofing screw installation. The machine is mainly composed of the loading rack, the loading rack support, the feeding introduction platform, the molding host, the forming shearing device, and the hydraulic pressure. Station, computer control box and other parts. Our joint hidden roll forming machine can be profile ...

EPS Foam Sandwich Wall Panel Production Line

Model No:Sandwich Panel Production Line

Min. Order:1

EPS Foam Sandwich Wall Panel Production Line Special uesage Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine is for speical kinds of roofing sheet , for example the Composite panel forming machine. It is also named sandwich panel production Line. It is a large equipment. Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine makes the sandwich panel, which has an insulating effect. And the machine can be divided into eps sandwich panel forming machine and rock wool sandwich roll forming machine, the filler between two steel she...

Animal Feed Pellet Production Line

Model No:Feed Pellet Production Line

Description This series poultry feed production Line, is suitable for pigs, chicken, duck, and other animal feed processing and production. 1) As a professional feed equipment manufacturer, we have a powerful designing, producing, construction and after-sale service team, and could provide more efficient and reliable service for you. 2) Possessing 30 years of experience in poultry feed production Line design and construction, we are capable of offer a tailor-made services and total solution. 3...

Fine Line Grains Surface Nature Floor

Model No:Fine Line Grains Surface Nature Floor 40X-002

Min. Order:2200

Fine Line Grains Surface Nature Floor 40X-002 SPC flooring grains suface floor Plastic Composite. RONGDIDA`s SPC floor is designed to exceed normal floor products. Spc Flooring Elegant Series is industry lingo for Stone Plastic Composite or Stone Polymer Composite (these terms are used interchangeably). It describes the ultra-tough core of rigid core luxury vinyl flooring. The stone plastic composite makes that core layer virtually indestructible, maintaining its form even on top of uneven subf...

CNC Bearing Grinder Machine and Automatic Line

Model No:Automatic Line

1. The ball bearing grinding Line is used with world lead techniques, such as the self adoption control system, quick approach and prevent impact, etc. All the control system and machine tools used are from internationally famous brands, thus having the features of high precision, high efficiency and long lifetime. 2. The ball bearing grinding Line has the function of choosing technical data based on grind cuts self adoption control. It has size error feedback and can be adjusted by itself. I...

Biomass Pellet Making Line

Model No:Biomass Pellet Making Line XGJ850

Min. Order:1

Biomass Pellet Making Line XGJ series CE certificate rice bran pellet making machine is our main product which has adopted the essence of pellet mill in oversea market. The heart parts "double layer die" has unique structural assembly and "rollers" are made of high wearable alloy materials. These two parts have the following characters: Particular design, reasonable structure, low energy, high efficiency, long life and so on. Through many technical experts' hard work, our company has developed t...

Shantou Air Direct Line

Model No:Shantou Air Direct line To Kuala Lumpur

Min. Order:1

Shantou Air Direct Line Shipment type : Air YITONG are major handle the shipment from the ports of Shantou/ Shenzhen/ Xiamen ( including Chaozhou Chenghai Chaoyang Jieyang )to all over the ports. We will be your best local forwarding agent to make you satisfied with our service. Even you have many little order from difference suppliers,we could help you consolidate different suppliers' cargo into one shipment with lowest price. Why Yi Tong are different and competitive 1. We hold a win-win mind ...

Finishing Line for 12V40Ah-200Ah Starter Lead Batteries

Model No:line I

1. Production Capacity: This finishing Line can produce 800pcs semi-finished batteries per shift (taking 120Ah as example) 2. Required Operator: From acid dumping to coding, it requires four operators. 1 for top cover heat sealing machine, 1 for on-site inspection, 1 for carrying. 3. Technical Parameter: a. Power: 3-phase, 380V, 50HZ, total power is about 76KW. b. Compressed air: 5Kgs/ cm2 c. Water for the washing machine is tap water; d. The conveyor adopts stainless steel frame and PVC chain p...

Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

Model No:Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

Min. Order:1

Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine From Stainless wire to Scourer stainless steel ball for cleaning utensils 1. fast delivery 2. low price and good quality Our service : 1)Invitation can be available, which is helpful for you to our china for business visit and investigation 2) Free treatment of how to operate and maintain the machines for five to seven days. 3) Professional analysis of how to open your market easily, which will do a great help for your business. 4) Provide you rich ...

API 5L Seamless Steel Line Pipe

Model No:Line Pipe

Min. Order:10

API 5L Seamless Steel Line Pipe API 5L Line Pipe Physical Properties Steel Line Pipe grade designations come from API Spec 5L Specification for Line Pipe. Standard Line Pipe has grade designation A and B. Stronger grades have the designation X followed by the specified minimum yield strength of the pipe steel, measured in kilopounds per square inch (abbreviated ksi), e.g. X60 for pipe having a minimum yield strength of 60 ksi. Line pipe (Api5l Steel Pipe) mechanical testing usually omits Reduc...

Storage Rack Shelf Rollforming Equipment

Model No:customized

Min. Order:1

Storage Rack Shelf Rollforming Equipment Products information: Storage Rack Shelf Rollforming Equipment is consisted with auto-de-coiler, guide frame, lever/feeding section, continuous bottom hole punching section, forming section, positioning and cutting section, collection table and electrical control system etc. According to market demand by the collection year production cold rolling equipment experience independently designs a series or products. Product: Shelf column, Shelf crossbeam, S...

Plastic cabinet Line array speaker box

Model No:line array speaker box

Min. Order:500

Professional subwoofer sound system dj speaker box Line array speaker box convenient and stylish sound has arrived. Plastic cabinet speaker box enjoy a clean,elegant look in your living room.Line array box with easy and convenient installation.Enjoy your favorite music stored on mobile devices through the Line array box.Our Tower Speaker products mainly include 5.1CH Tower Speaker , 3.1 Multimedia Speaker , 2.1 Stereo speaker , etc. The first factory mainly manufactures Home Cinema System , PA S...

Aggregate Stone Crushing Plant Production Line

Model No:100M3/H Crushing line

Min. Order:1

Aggregate Stone Crushing Plant Production Line Product Introduction Big materials are fed to the jaw crusher of New stone crushing plant evenly and gradually by vibrating feeder through a hopper for primary crushing. After first crush, the material will transferred to impact crusher by belt conveyor for secondary crush; the crushed materials will then transferred tovibrating screen for separating.This step is very important in New stone crushing plant . After separating, the parts that can mee...

New Line Diesel Generator Sets Powered by Dongfeng Cummins 4B Series

Min. Order:1 Set/Sets

Product Name: New-Line diesel generator setsModel Name: NL24C-NL50CPlace of origin: China1) Features:1. Low cost, high efficiency, compact structure,, environment friendly.2. Heavy load durable, four-stroke, water cooled engine3. Excellent transient

pulp molding production Line

Model No:pulp molding production line

pulp molding production Line The new-style Pulp Tray Machine which is produced by our company was developed on basis of the existing the Net and Fruit Bag Machines. It fills a gap in the domestic market. The Pulp tray machine can produce : (1) Agricultural pulp trays for packing of fruit, eggs and earthenware bowls (2) Industrial pulp trays for packing of bottles, electrical appliances for the farming industry, mobile phones etc. The Pulp Tray Machine replaces the traditional plastic foam packin...

Longkou City Jin Meng Machinery Co.Ltd

Shandong Province Longkou City

Semi-Auto production Line

Model No:Semi-Auto production line

Block Making Machine(Semi-Automatic production Line) Des.: Block Making Machine(Semi-Automatic production Line); It can produce different kinds of block by only change the mould(such as Hollow block, solid block, interlock block, curbstone block ect. ); Capacity: Different capacity due to different model of block making machine; Semi-Automatic production Line Spare Parts List: Cement Silo, Screw Conveyor, Batcher, Mixer, Water Scale, Belt Conveyor, block making machine, PCL control unit, hydr...

Peanuts Sesame Butter Processing Line

Model No:Peanuts Sesame Butter Processing Line

Sesame paste processing Sesame paste machinery Sesame paste production Line Melon seeds sauce production Line Melon seeds sauce machinery Seeds sauce production equipment

Automatic CNC Reinforcing mesh welding Line GWC-2500

Model No:Automatic CNC Reinforcing mesh welding line GWC-2500

Min. Order:1SET

Automatic CNC Reinforcing mesh welding Line GWC-2500 wire mesh welding machine, Reinforcing mesh, mesh welding machine, welded mesh machine, mesh machinery, steel reinforcing machine, machine mesh, wire mesh welded machine, welding machine, welding Line, welding mesh machine, wire mesh machinery Products Introduction: The equipment for the steel bar mesh welding production lines, can be welded construction with steel mesh, welded moves fast, accurate and reliable. Widely used in building con...

ADS-1 All Cars Fault Diagnostic Scanner ADS-1 is a Full-Line vehicles fault diagnostic scanner system, which is based on pc desktop and laptop platform. It ca

Model No:ADS-1 All Cars Fault Diagnostic Scanner ADS-1 is a Full-line vehicles fault diagnostic scanner sys

ADS-1 All Cars Fault Diagnostic Scanner ADS-1 is a Full-Line vehicles fault diagnostic scanner system, which is based on pc desktop and laptop platform. It can test cars manufactured in Asia, America and Europe countries. It supports all kinds of vehicle communication modes. Feature: 1. Hardware is compatible with kinds of pc, both desktop and laptop. 2. Software is compatible with WIN98/2000/XP operating systems. 3. Can test various vehicles from Asian, European, Amer...

Platform Line

Model No:Platform Line

China casting, China foundry, Dalian HongJunYuan Machinery Co., Ltd. is china’s largest casting manufacturer of casting process. As an advanced casting production-oriented enterprise, has the capacity, strong technology, advanced technology, strict management and so on. And now our company’s production capacity is more than 1000 tons of castings, especially at the manufacturing of large castings, and the largest casting is 50 tons. Company owning a brand-new modern manufactory, equip...

Microwave oven Fuse-0.55A(With Line),microwave oven parts

Model No:0.55A(With line)

Model: Microwave oven Fuse 0.55A(With Line) We offer good quality and low price products. If you are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information right now.

Auto Sushi Conveyor Line

Model No:Auto Sushi Conveyor Line

Min. Order:1

Sushi conveyor Line Sushi conveyor Line is a production Line which is a fashionable sushi conveyance device. Its design and made is various and customized. Its construction need to comply with the real site and actually situation. As a featured Japanese food series, Sushi is increasingly absorbing people love it. Where it is made Sushi conveyor Line is by our smart engineers from Taiwan. It adopts new technology and strict test on its performance. Quality control is following Taiwan and Jap...

fly reel very smooth nylon fishing Line with high quality

Model No:fishing line

Min. Order:100pcs

nylon fishing Line Color: amber,white, green, yellow,blue, orange, ect. any color is available. Diameter: 0.1mm-up Length: normal is 100m one spool, others are 50m/150m/200m or more you can choose Shape: round and stright but soft Character: low memory, quick-sinking,abrasion resistance, great sensitivity, very smooth, non-toxic, heat-resistance Packing: 100m in one spool, pakced with pvc,paper card,logo can de desighed by yourself 12pcs in p...

shenguang trading Co.,Ltd

Chengxin 1st District Yiwu

Seamless Line Pipe

Model No:Line Pipe

Product Name: Seamless Line Pipe Product Keyword: Steel Pipe, Oil & Gas Pipe, Petroleum Pipe, API Pipe, ASTM Pipe, Seamless Pipe, Line Pipe, Steel Tube Brief Description: Seamless Line Pipe, Outside Diameter: 5/8 to 36 Inches, Wall Thickness: 1.24mm-45mm Type of End-Finish: BBE or PE Product Details: Operative Standard & Grade: API 5L PSL1, PSL2: Gr B, X42, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70 Addition: NACE MR-0175, ISO 15156 1, 2, 3 ASTM/ASME: A53: GRADE A & B A106: GRADE A, B & C A178: GRA...

Mixing-extruding-sheeting Line

Model No:Mixing-extruding-sheeting line

Purpose mixing mill in china It is designed to carry out the continuous automated operations of mixing rubber, plastic, synthetic resin or nonmetallic material and then extruding and sheeting the compounded stock so as to turn out slabs having different thickness and widths. 1. This machine comprised of the dispersion mixer (or mixer), the bucket lifter (or feed chute) and the double conical-screw extruder sheeter has the functions of mixing, lift conveying, extruding and sheeting so as to reali...

resin sheet production Line

Model No:resin sheet production line

Delivery Time:60 Days

Synthetic resin board production Line Purpose: It is comprised of the dispersion mixer, the bucket lifter, the double conical-screw extruder sheeter, the coating calender, the air-cooled conveyor, the pulling slitter and the pulling cross-cutter, and usable for continuous operation of resin and asphalt slab coating. Catalog: Rubber(plastic) dispersion mixer ,dispersion kneader, lab mixing mill, lab kneader, kneader mixer, rubber mixing mill, open roll mill, Foam plastic dispersion mixers , Rub...
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