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Ptfe Skived Film

Model No:plastic film ptfe skived film

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications plastic Film Ptfe Skived Film 1).anti-voltage intensity 2).high breakdown voltage 3).wide operation temperature range plastic Ptfe Skived flim     specifiction: thickness: 0.1-0.5mm. width:10~1200mm. length: unlimited.     whited color, -180oC-260oC(no load),  Ptfe Skived flim.   surface: homogeneous, smooth without rift, crack, air bubble, and mechanical scratch.              A few exogenous impurity is permitted.   application: all sorts of corrosive medium.                     ...

Surface Protecting Ptfe Skived Film, Anti scratch,Easy Peel

Model No:Ptfe Skived Film

Delivery Time:2 Days

Specifications Ptfe Skived Film 1.Thickness:0.02-0.20 mm 2.Width:<1600 mm 3. 6 color overprint Surface Protecting Ptfe Skived Film, Anti scratch,Easy Peel   Product advantage ( Ptfe Skived Film ): Protect your product surface from pollution, damage & UV .corrode, and scratch during the process of produce, transport, store and installation Durable, recyclable, health & safe; Hot-temperature endurable, anti-aging. 6 color over print to improve your brand image by having your logo & ...

color Ptfe Film ,Ptfe Skived Film

Model No:color ptfe film ,ptfe skived film

Delivery Time:7 Days

color Ptfe Film ,Ptfe Skived Film Used in the gasket seals and lubrication material of all kinds of working medium , and electrical insulation used under all kinds of frequency, the capacitor dielectric, wire insulation, and electrical meter insulation Product feature   1.low coefficient of friction   2.anti-aging   3.resistance high, low temperature properties   4.chemical resistance   5.high dielectric properties size     Main technical index color Ptfe Film ,Ptfe Skived Film  color Ptfe Film ...

Ptfe Skived Film Tape Laminating Machine (DP-650)

Model No:DP-650

Ptfe Skived Film Tape laminating machine(DP-650) Funcional characteristics: Electric laminating ue and machine complex for the sticking of material without base glue and other materials. Ptfe Skived Film Tape laminating machine(DP-650) Applicable to the lamination of material of wide breadth, and characterized by automatic meter counting and length setting, automatic stop. Magnetic powder brake controlling over the unreeling tension, frequency-change stepless speed regulation, And magnetic powde...

Ptfe Skived Film Tape

Model No:TOSHEN 003

Ptfe Skived Film Tape is the one using Ptfe Film as base material. Single surface treated and coated with silicone adhesive with excellent heat resistance. The Tape exhibits superior features such as desirable electrical properties, heat resistance, chemical resistance and non-adhesiveness. Properties: - The non-adhesive side exhibits excellent features of polytetrafluoroethylene (Ptfe) such as electrical properties, resistance to heat, weather, chemical, and water (water shedding), and non-adhe...

Polytetrafluoroethylene(Ptfe)Skived Sheet Tape&Film

Model No:TGYD-1

Delivery Time:20 Days

Product Description    Polytetrafluoroethylene(Ptfe)Skived Sheet Tape&Film     1. Ptfe Factory China more than 20 years supply   2. SGS approved3. Free Sample    4. OEM Services are available   Ptfe Teflon Film has made extensive investments in the latest skiving technologies, enabling us to provide customers with high quality, competitively priced products. For its excellent dielectric capability, anti-aging and anti-corrosion property, super thin Ptfe teflon Skived Tape&Film has been u...

Ptfe Skived Film Silicone PSA Tape

Model No:T-310FM

Specifications Pure Ptfe Adhesive Tapes 1. Stable chemical properties 2. Non-Adhesive surface 3. Pressure sensitive 4. Nonflammable Ptfe Skived Film Silicone PSA Tape   Description:   TIANTA T-310FM Tapes are constructed of pure Ptfe coated with adhesive, providing superior non-stick surface and allowing your equipment to work smoothly and more efficiently.   TIANTA T-310FM Tapes have been designed to meet the tough requirementsdemanded by the packing industry: high speed durability and long lif...

100% Chemical Resistant Teflon Ptfe Film , Ptfe Skived Film / Membrane

  Chemical Resistant Teflon Ptfe Film , Ptfe Skived Film / Membrane 1.Details Ptfe Film /Cut belt is made of die-pressed Ptfe blanks and has excellent dielectric performance and weathering. It is a non-orientated Film and may be pressed to become orientated or semi-orientated Film, i.e. suede pads, seals and lubricating materials in various media. They can also become insulating pieces under various frequencies, a capacitor medium, conductor insulator and insulation for electricity meters.2.Spec...

100% pure polytetrafluoroethylene Ptfe Skived Film


Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications 100% pure polytetrafluoroethylene Ptfe Skived Film 100% virgin T:0.1mm~10mm Size:1m*1m,1.2m*1.2m,1.2m*1.5m,1m*10m FDA,Rohs 100% pure polytetrafluoroethylene Ptfe Skived Film Ptfe Molded sheet is manufactured by suspend Ptfe resin after molding. It has the best ability to anti chemistry corrosion, and non-aging, and can be used under -180C ~ +260C without load, and it has the lowest fiction coefficients in known solid materials. Skived Ptfe Sheet, Virgin white Ptfe Sheet of advanta...

Ptfe Film / Insulation Electronic Grade Ptfe Skived Film / (teflon) Skived Ptfe Film

Model No:ptfe parts

Delivery Time:1 Days

 Ptfe Film / Insulation Electronic Grade Ptfe Skived Film / (teflon) Skived Ptfe Film Product Description   Products Name:   Ptfe Bellows   Material Comparison:   Ptfe, Filler Ptfe, PEEK, PVDF Optioned   Application:      Customer:   From U.K   Design:   By Customer  Manufacture:   Dechengwang  Processing Method:   By CNC Machine   Do you always find it difficult to get the exact custom Ptfe Parts or Components you require for your engineering project in the market? Or you have no idea whether t...

100% Virgin Ptfe Skived Film

Min. Order:10

Delivery Time:5 Days

100% virgin Ptfe Skived Film Skived films and foils are semi-finished products, available with a maximum thickness of 6.5mm. For thickness larger than 5mm, we direct you to section Ptfe sheet. Width and length are according customer specification. The films and foils are Skived from large Ptfe blocks (round). For applications in which the Ptfe Film or foil must be bonded, we recommend a one side etched (or two side) etched Ptfe Film or foil. We can supply you the etching agent or the etched PTF...

Ptfe Sealing Film Tape

Min. Order:1000

Delivery Time:18 Days

Ptfe Sealing Film Tape, like all the other Film tapes, it also retained the excellent performance of Ptfe, which has the lower friction coefficient, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance etc. With the backing high pressure sensitive silicon adhesive leads the products to a better performance, the product is easy to fit and no adhesive residue after long time and high temperature using. Ptfe Film TAPES It has the excellent high strength property. It is made of the basic Film with the a...

heat resistant 100% Ptfe teflon Film Tape made in China Supplier's Choice

Model No:TFC013

Delivery Time:5 Days

heat resistant 100% Ptfe teflon Film Tape made in China Product Description   ZH-TFC013 is based on pure Ptfe Film, single-sided coated with high-temp resistant pressure sensitive adhesive.  Product composition:        →   Ptfe Film →  Silicone adhesive Physical Parameter Item                           Unit Specification Test method    Notes Color   grey, white   Visual test   Backing thickness mm 0.05 ASTM D-3652 ±0.005mm Total thickness mm 0.12 ASTM D-3652 ±0.005mm Peeling strength N/25mm 6.5~...

100% virgin Ptfe Skived sheet

Model No:DQ-2-3

Delivery Time:15 Days

Ptfe sheet 1. manufactured by molding with Ptfe granular resin 2. virgin Ptfe and recycled materials available. 3.MOQ:50PCS. Ptfe sheet   is manufactured by molding with Ptfe granular resin. It can be used to make corrosion-resistant liner, seal, lining and gasket, scrap, guide rail, dielectric material for different frequency bridge bearing slide.   (1).Ptfe moulded sheet thickness: 4~80mm width : 10~1200mm length: 10~1200mm density :2.22g/cm3 Property Unit Mould sheet specific gravity -- 2.1-2...

Electronic (electrical) use Skived Thin Ptfe Tape


Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications Electronic (electrical) use Skived Thin Ptfe Tape Material: Virgin Ptfe High Temperature Resistant Dielectric Property   Product Description Electronic (Electrical) Use Skived Ptfe Film Tape Features:   Electrical (Electronic) use Skived Ptfe Tape Film is made from Ptfe resin, Ptfe resin is first molded into work-blank and then Skived.  The Electrical (Electronic) use Ptfe Skived Film / Tape is highly dielectric, chemical resistant and not aging. They have a wide range of operatio...

Ptfe Skived Film Acrylic PSA Tape

Ptfe Coated Skived Film Acrylic PSA Tape is made of Skived Ptfe Film, with a high temperature pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive backing. Acrylic adhesive backing offers much better bond strength than silicone adhesive backing. It has two types: one has lining, the other hasn`t. It adheres reliably in a temperature range of -87 to +275F (-60 to 135C).While this material lacks the dimensional stability and abrasion resistance of other tapes, it has excellent chemical resistance and superior r...

Ptfe Skived plates Ptfe sheet

Model No:ptfe skived sheet

Delivery Time:5 Days

Ptfe Skived plates Ptfe  sheet  : 1.Low temperature and high temperature resistance (-190 °C- +250 °C) 2.corrosion resistance , weather resistance3.high lubricity, no adhesion 4.non-toxic, 5.non-flammable 6.acid and alkali resistance (except molten alkali metals) 7.antioxidant. Item length(mm) width(mm) thickness Molded sheet 300 300 2-100 400 400 2-100 450 450 2-100 500 500 2-100 600 600 2-100 800 800 2-100 1000 1000 2-100 1200 1200 2-100 1500 1500 2-100 1800 1200 2-50 1800 1800 2-50 2000 1000 ...

water pipe Ptfe thread seal Tape for Europe

Model No:A12 Anbang ptfe thread seal tape

Delivery Time:30 Days

Specifications Item :A12 Anbang Ptfe thread seal Tape width:12mm thickness:0.075-0.12mm length:5-20m density:0.18  Ptfe THREAD SEAL Tape PROFESSIONAL Ptfe THREAD SEAL Tape Ptfe Tape has lots of excellent features,such as very low friction factor, non-stick surface,excellent aging-resistance and corrosion resistance,etc.   Specification: Width:  12mm  Thickness:  0.075mm- 0.2mm Length: 10m-30m Density: 0.1g/cm3--0.3g/cm3 According to customer's requests Color: White,pink,yellow or others Delivery...

Ptfe Skived Film Tape

Model No:FGT

We supply both Skived Ptfe Film Adhesive Tapes and Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Adhesive Tapes, which are made from our high quality Ptfe coated glass fabrics and Skived Ptfe Film, plus imported silicone or acrylicadhesives. Thickness from 0.06mm up to 0.30mm, max width can reach 1500mm. The General Characteristics is: *Optimal release*Low friction*Electrical insulation*Dimensional stability*Excellent temperature resistance: *Acrylic adhesive: -40° F - +350° F (-40° C - +177° C)*Silicone adhesive: -10...

15 Mpa -180--260c 100% Virgin Teflon Ptfe Skived Sheet With

Model No:100% Virgin PTFE Skived Sheet

Min. Order:1

15 Mpa -180--260°c 100% Virgin Teflon Ptfe Skived Sheet With Corrosion Resistant Specifications Ptfe Skived sheet is made from 100% virgin Ptfe resin, by molded and Skived. It has best chemical corrosion resistance, aging resistance, insulation ability and low coefficient of friction. In the condition without loading, it can be used in the temperature of –180 ~ 260 degrees centigrade. 1.ROHS certification 2.ISO9001 passed 3.More than ten years experience 4.Ptfe, TEFLON sheet Quick Deta...

Expanded Ptfe Joint Sealant Tape Graphite Packing

Model No:expanded ptfe joint sealant tape

Delivery Time:15 Days

Expanded Ptfe Joint Sealant Tape Graphite Packing Product Description   Braided Joint Sealant Packing Description: 1. It is a braided strip,made of expanded flexible graphite-fibres with a self-adhesive-Film on one side. 2. It shows good thermal resistance and high elasticity.   Braided Joint Sealant Packing Application: 1. To be used as a endless gasket-strip for vessels and flanges of the extreme uneven faces, providing high temperature and high pressure. 2. For Heat-exchanges, boilers, pipes,...

High Temperature Ptfe Fiberglass Tape

Model No:7008SR-7035SR

Min. Order:50

High Temperature Ptfe Fiberglass Tape Ptfe Fabrics Self-Adhesive can be supplied as slitted tapes,and we name it as "High Temperature Ptfe Fiberglass Tape". High Temperature Ptfe Fiberglass Tape provides an excellent release surface for a diversity of industrial applications requiring high temperature, electrical resistance, mechanical strength,and fire retardancy. Properties: Good holding property at elevated temperatures and dimensional stability. Superior mold-releasing and sliding properties...

digital mini lab,digital minilab,Film Sleeving,Film Tape,fro

Model No:digital mini lab,digital minilab,Film Sleeving,film tape,frontier laser

We are professional exporter for photosinishing products,studio equipment, Minilab Accessories,minilab Necessities, darkroom accessories, mini lab machine such as Noritsu, Fuji, Konica, Agfa etc, digital carrier, passport lens, paper magazine, filter, splicing Tape, twin check label etc Our product include: 3001 AOM,Analog-to-digital converter,AOM Driver,c carrier,C-Carrier,Dcarrier,D'CARRiER,d-carrier,digital carrier,digital mini lab,digital minilab,Film Sleeving,Film Tape,frontier laser,Fuji a...

Ptfe Thread Seal Tape with Different Sizes and Patterns Available, Wide Working Temperature Range

Model No:PTFE Thread Seal Tape-Z013

Fabricated by dispersion Ptfe powder, unstinted Ptfe Tape hasexcellent property of high-tensile strength and easy to operate,wide working temperature range, corrosion resistance and perfectsealing This Tape is adaptable to thread sealing of connections ofchemical industry piping, water piping and heat piping, it caneffectively alleviate many of your piping headaches, whilesubstantially reducing piping cost and maintenance Ptfe thread seal Tape use for cable unstinting Tape, colorunstinting Tape ...

Zipper Film Tape

Model No:Film Tape

1. Name: Zipper Film Tape 2. Specification: 12mm 13mm 15mm 18mm 20mm 22mm 24mm Film Tape For Metal/Plastic/Nylon Zipper 3. Kinds Of Standard: Woven Film Tape, Double Face Nylon Film Tape, Single Face Nylon Film Tape 4. Color: Any Colors Possible 5. Applicable Range: Metal Zipper, Plastic Zipper, Nylon Zipper 6. Packing: Export Packing 7. Mini Order Quantity: USD3000/Order 8. Delivery Time: About 15 to 45 days 9. Payment: T/T, Sight L/C, Western Union Remark: Various Types And Designs Are Availab...

Teflon/Ptfe Skived Sheet Roll

Model No:any

We can supply all size of Ptfe sheets, the thickness is from 0.25to 100mm, the width is from 300 to 2000mm and different quality. 1. Ptfe Skived sheet: I. Specification: T: 0.2~8mm Width: 1000~2000mm Length>1000mm; Ii. Applications: Lining, sealing and oilless lubricating material and dielectric at any frequencies. 2. Ptfe mold sheet: I. Specification: T: 3~50mm Width: 150~1800mm Length: 150~2000mm; I. Applications: Lining Bearing pads, seals, and electrical insulation. 3. Ptfe Skived Tape I....

Double Sided Film Tape

Model No:DS film tape

detailsbacking : bopp/petadhesive : water-based acrylic , hot melt , solvent-based acrylicinitial tack : water-based ≥ 12# , hot melt ≥ 6# , solvent-based ≥ 8#holding power : water-based ≥ 24hrs , hot melt ≥ 4# , solvent-based ≥ 24hrspeeling : water-based ≥ 8N/25mm , hot melt ≥ 12N/25mm , solvent-based ≥ 10N/25mmtemperature resistance : water-based 70ºC , solvent-based 90ºCThickness : 80-100miccolor : clearpicture of manufaturerproduct descriptiondouble side Film Tape coated on both sides with w...

pe Film Tape

Model No:pe film tape

Min. Order:2000

pe Film Tape         1.Excellent weatherability and chemical resistance. 2.Good quick-stick makes application easy. 3.Good combination of flexibility and conformability with strength & wear resistance. 4.High shear strength gives high load bearing ability.  5.Foam gives good thermal insulation properties. 6. Composite die-cuts easily.     1.General mounting of mirrors, signs, nameplates, hooks and soap dispensers as well as mounting of  reflectors and signs. 2.Filling and sealing gaps around...

Seamless fusing glue Film Tape and trimming fabric bonding machine

Model No:Seamless fusing glue film tape and trimming fabric bonding machine

Delivery Time:7 Days

Seamless fusing glue Film Tape and trimming fabric bonding machine      :   1.Technical Parameter Belt speed 4m/min Nozzle temp 0-300℃ Ompressed air 0.5Mp Power supply 220V-240VAC/110VAC50HZ/60HZ Roller width 8/10/12mm or customized Power 900W   2.Basic information  Applicable scope 1.seamless lingerie paste glue tape2.seamless underwear ,3.seamless Low cut ped socks paste a strip of cloth4.seamless sports wear5.seamless outdoor wear paste tapes6. swimming wear , bicycle wear ect paste Tape Feat...

Hot sale competitive price Ptfe sealing joint Tape

Model No:PTFE sealing joint tape, PTFE sealing joint tape

Delivery Time:7 Days

    Hot sale competitive price Ptfe sealing joint Tape   Product Description   1.Pictures of sealing Tape   2.Descriptions of sealing Tape Package 2 kgs/roll,other sizes are also available on request Temperature -240 up tp +550 deg.C under oxidizing environment -240 up to +3500 deg.C under non-oxidizing environment PH 0-14 Max.Pressure 100 bar(without wire reinforcement) 200 bar(with wire reinforcement)   3.Features of sealing Tape   1,Easy handling and installation to every size. 2,Used as univ...

Ptfe Gas Sealing Tape

Model No:PTFE Gas Sealing Tape

Delivery Time:15 Days

Ptfe Gas Sealing Tape Used to sealing for Valve, Pipe & Tap with Quick, Easy, Clear, Economical & Effective   Length: 5m & over Width: 10mm ~ 300mm Thickness: 0.060mm & over Density: 0.20g/cm3 to full density Ptfe Gas Sealing Tape Plumbers Thread Sealing Tape  

Custom design colorful PE Film Tape with free sample

Model No:PE film tape(RH33)

Delivery Time:20 Days

  Product Description Colorful PE Film Tape       Information sheet    PE Film Tape           Item: PE Film Tape Type: RH33( PE Film Tape) Material: Made from PE as backing material Size: All size are acceptable according to customers’ requirement Thickness: 170±10um; As per customer requirements   Mesh Available: 35mesh/50mesh/70mesh or customized Adhesive: Hotmelt Release force: ≥10N Initial adhesion: ≥10# Color: Various; As per customer requirements Feature: Good looking, strong adhesion, hig...

professional manufacturer of bopp Film Tape

Model No:professional manufacturer of bopp film tape

Delivery Time:7 Days

professional manufacturer of bopp Film Tape Product Description Material  professional manufacturer of bopp Film Tape are mainly Acrylic adhesive coated on BOPP Film. Features high adhesiveness, high resistance, tensile strength, practical, durable viscosity, no discoloration, antifreezing, environment protection, stable quality   Specifications Width: 24mm, 48mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 72mm, 144mmThickness:  48mic,50mic,52mic, 55mic and othersCommon Length:   66M, 80M, 100M,150M, 990M Color:  transp...

Ptfe teflon adhesive Tape

Model No:FTAP

Delivery Time:30 Days

Specifications Non-stick and high temperature resistance Pure Ptfe Film or Skived Tapes are manufactured from 100% selected Ptfe Granules and / or Resins. These Films are then Chemically Etched and Primed according to the type of Adhesive that We apply. Our Adhesive Backed Ptfe Coated Glass Fabrics are also properly Etched and Primed before the application of high grade Silicone or Acrylic Adhesives.   The best Silicone Adhesive can withstand temperatures from -40°C., and up to +260°C., and we p...

SGS and ISO9001 certificate bopp Film Tape jumbo roll

Model No:bopp film tape jumbo roll-jv065

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications bopp Film Tape jumbo roll 1.Manufacturer since 1993 2.SGS&ISO9001 3.China Top Brand 4.Production capacity:300000 t/y bopp Film Tape jumbo roll Standard thickness of TapeFilm+ acrylic glue (unit: micron=UM) we professionally choose different thickness of Film according to  related thickness of Tape.    Thickness of Tape Thickness of Film 36um-43um 23um 44um-49um 25um 49um-53um 28um 53um-55um 30um 59um-63um 37um We can do according to customer’s requirements.                  ...

Ptfe Skived SHEET


Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications Ptfe resin is first molded into work-blank and then Skived. The Ptfe resin Skived sheet & Tape are highly dielectric. Ptfe resin is first molded into work-blank and then Skived. The Ptfe resin Skived sheet & Tape are highly dielectric. Chemical resistant and not aging. They have a wide range of operation temperature     Main properties ] Property Unit Result Appetent density g/cm3 2.10-2.30 Tensile strength (min) MPa ≥15.0 Ultimate elongation (min) % %150 Dialectic strengt...

12mm Width Water Pipe Ptfe Thread Seal Tape


Delivery Time:20 Days

Specifications Water Pipe Ptfe Thread Seal Tape 1.Professional Manufacturer 2.100% Pure Ptfe 3.Density:0.075-0.3g/cm3 4.length: 5 - 50m 12mm Width Water Pipe Ptfe Thread Seal Tape    1, Ptfe seal Tape has processing technology advanced 2, Ptfe seal Tape is widly used in applicable strong oxidant, strong acid, oxygen, gas, high  temperature steam and various chemical corrosive of Pipes and valves interface. 3, Ptfe seal Tape can be long term used in the temperature between -190°C to +370°C 4, PTF...

High temperature polyimide Film price, polyimide Film Tape

Model No:polyimide film,polyimide film price,polyimide film tape

High temperature polyimide Film price/polyimide Film Tape   Is there any product that you need? Is it really can be customized as per your requirement? How to get personalized service? Let’s find answers...  Technical parameter polyimide Film,polyimide Film price,polyimide Film Tape,polyimide Film,polyimide Film price,polyimide Film Tape Accurate specifications ensure that we provide professional products Density : 1.42+/-0.02 g/cm3 Tensile Strength : 135 MPa (MD), 115 MPa (TD) Elongation : 35% ...

Virgin Ptfe Skived Film

Model No:AIDMER78-023

Ptfe Film Skived Ptfe Films is made by plunger extrusion of suspension polymerized Ptfe resin. Among all the existing plastics, O Ring Ptfe Gasket has the best corrosion-resistance and dielectricity. Lead insulating Film, corrosion-resistant Skived Ptfe Thin Film, and corrosion-resistant insulating Skived Ptfe  Thin Film for different corrosive conditions, heat exchanger. Skived Ptfe films exhibits good strength, abrasion resistance and low friction. It conforms well to irregular surfaces and of...

Aluminum Film Tape for data cables wrapping

Model No:Aluminum film tape

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications 1.Be laminated of aluminum foil and polyester Film 2.Act as high shielding for cables 3.Strength insulation of polyester Film   Product Description       Aluminum Film Tape for data cables wrapping           Aluminum Film polyester Tape (ALU PET) provides conductivity and electromagnetic insulation. Aluminum foil acts as conductivity and high shielding.Polyester Film (PET) provides electrical insulation and high mechanical strength.     Advantage: 1.High strength of polyester Film...
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