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Ptfe Non Stick Food Conveyor Belt

Model No:H925AJ/BJ, H935AJ/BJ, H940AJ/BJ, H965AJ, H990AJ

Delivery Time:2 Days

Specifications 1. High Temperature Resistance 2. Non Stick 3. Chemical Resistance 4. Stable, no Shrink, no Elongation 5. Special size avail       Ptfe Non Stick Food Conveyor Belt     We use best imported Fiberglass yarn as the weaving material to plain knit or specially knit into superior fiberglass basic cloth, coat it with fine Ptfe(Teflon) resin then make it into various Ptfe(Teflon) fabric in different thickness and widths.  High Temperature Resistance 0.08mm Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Fabric  ...

Ptfe Non-Stick Food Conveyor Belt

Ptfe Non-Stick Food mesh Belt Ptfe fiberglass Belt 100% Non-Stick Ptfe coating Non-Stick, heat resisting, anti-corrosion 1.High temperature resistance: It can continuously work under -140oC to 260oC 2. Permeability: It can avoid wasting heat and improve drying efficiency for its permeability. 3. Chemical resistance: It can resist all most of chemical medicines. 4. Non-Stick: It can easily remove all kinds of adhesives such as resin. Paint and chemical medicine, easy to clean. 5. Good flex fatigu...

Ptfe coated fiberglass mesh Conveyor Belt

Model No:ptfe coated fiberglass mesh conveyor belt

Delivery Time:1 Days

Ptfe coated fiberglass mesh Conveyor Belt   Product Description   Features of Ptfe :   1. Superior endurance in corrosion   2. Non-flammable, limited oxygen index is under 90   3. Low friction coefficient   4. Non-viscous, Self-lubricating   5. Superior endurance in high & low temperature, can be used at -1800~260°C   6. High electricity insulation   7. Atmospheric aging resistance, Good gas barrier property   8. Low permeability , Good gas barrier property   9. Good physiological compatibil...

Har 900 Series Packaging Machine Separation Chain E Food Conveyor Belt

Model No:Har 900 Series Packaging Machine Separation Chain E Food Conveyor Belt

Delivery Time:2 Days

Har 900 Series Packaging Machine Separation Chain E Food Conveyor Belt Product Description   Product Features:Name: Har 900 Machine Separation Chain E Thickness(including ball):27.2mmThickness:14mm Width:46mmMaterial:POM  Packaging Details:CartonDimensions: As requirementQuantity/Carton: 1set Certificates:ISO9001:2000 / CE  Factory Scale:Total Area of: 20000square metersProduction Staff: 150 to 200QC Staff: 10 to 15R&D Staff: 8 to 10  Delivery Time:Material Preparation Time: 1 dayProcessing ...

PVC Non-Stick Food Conveyor belts Shanghai

Model No:No.216302

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications PVC Non-Stick Food Conveyor belts Shanghai Non-Stick,oil-resistant For sugar industry,foodstuff & general purpose   Product Description PVC Non-Stick Food Conveyor belts Shanghai   1. Non-Stick,oil-resistance2. For sugar industry,foodstuff & general purpose 3. White color, 4 plies, lateral stability polyester 4. PVC smooth surface, PVC smooth bottom 5. Total 6.3mm thickness 6. 3.0mm surface coated thickness    Company Information About NANG® -- Shanghai Nangest Machinery C...

Good quality low price hot selling PVC Food Conveyor Belt in China

Model No:pvc food conveyor belt

Delivery Time:30 Days

Good quality low price hot selling PVC Food Conveyor Belt in China   The proporties of PVC Conveyor Belt: PVC type conveyer Belt's upper and lower layers are PVC coating cover, single-sided tape thickness: ≥1.0mm; PVG type Belt's upper and lower layers are nitrile rubber and PVC, single-sided tape thickness: 1.5mm-4.5mm. PVC type conveyer Belt's inclined angle: <16° PVG conveyer Belt's inclined angle: <20°   Specifications of PVC Food Conveyor Belt:   1.width: 300mm-1800mm 2.thickness:4mm-...

2014-2015 TEFLON Coated Food Conveyor Belt

Model No:food conveyor belt

Specifications Food Conveyer Belt Material: stainless steel wire weaving . Many Kind of Shape for Choice. Supply All Kinds Of Wire Mesh.     Quality Creats Value   Food Conveyor Belt  (JSD Brand)  We only supply high quality Conveyor Belt www.jsdhardware.com     Product Description       1. Conveyor Belt Mesh Type and Usage:   ♣Conveyor Belt With Curved Assembler wire :used in electronic industry ,annealing furnace,Hot-resistant equipment,heat treatment,washing industry,conveying induatry and fo...

Stainless steel Food Conveyor Belt automatic production line

Model No:food conveyor belt

Delivery Time:25 Days

Stainless steel Food Conveyor Belt automatic production line feature: this Conveyor is all made by stainless steel with Food grade white Belt.   specification: 1. Conveyor length: 2500mm 2. Conveyor width: 390mm 3. Belt Conveyor: 310mm 4. Conveyor height: 310mm low end, 1100mm high end 5. Belt: Food grade white Belt with 3mm in thickness 6. material: sus304 7. motor: 0.4kw     this aboved size can be changed as customer required.    

Ptfe Non Stick Food grade liner

Model No:FGT

Delivery Time:50000 Days

Specifications 1) Guaranteed 100% Non Stick 2) No need for any fats or oils 3) Last up to 5 years 4) Dishwasher safe, top shelf   Ptfe Non Stick Food grade liner     Description: Ptfe Non Stick Food grade liner , made from Ptfe and fiberglass fabric, it takes the advantage of the Non Stick and heat resistance of Ptfe with the strength and dimensional stability of fiberglass. Non Stick, reusable, heat resistance, easy clean, all this incredible features made our Non Stick reusable Ptfe insert bak...

Food Conveyor Belt

Model No:ZK6800

Product Description Food Conveyor Belt Jiangsu zhongbang offer a wide range of Ptfe /TEFLON® Coated open mesh Conveyor belts for the different Industry. Open-Mesh Ptfe-coated glass fabric with excellent release properties and dimensional stability, typically used as a Conveyor Belt fabric in textile, screen printing and Food drying applications as well as Non-woven bonding. Our in house Belt fabrication department can supply a wide variety of splices including Bullnose joint & Alligator join...

Polyester pvc dry Food Conveyor Belt

Model No:Polyester pvc dry food conveyor belt

Delivery Time:15 Days

The performance of polyester spiral Conveyor Belt : 1. Has the acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistant, long service life 2. With smooth surface, the tensile strength, permeability is good. 3. According to user requirements in filling in the grid round wire (2 to 5) (a) or black flat silk, adjust at porosity, meet the process requirements. 4. Carbon fiber through internal fill to achieve antistatic effect, with high temperature resistance, wear resistance, etc 5. ...

Ptfe , Non - Stick Coating / Water-based Gloss Coating For

Model No:W6089/W6069 series

Min. Order:1

Ptfe , Non - Stick Coating / Water-based Gloss Coating For Cookware Quick Detail: 1. PFOA-FREE 2. High hardness 3. Excellent Non-Stick property 4. No color stain, bubble and peel -off after long-term using 5. Xynflon Non Stick coating 6. For cookware Xynflon range includes bright new exterior colors ( blue , red , yellow and green penny purple ,sage pink, spruce etc.) These colors work as well as other xynflon coatings on any substrate. They are fully color-stable .and of course , all xynflon no...

Ptfe Coated Non Stick Mesh Conveyor Belt

Model No:YS-6001

Min. Order:10

Mesh Conveyor Belt is widely used in parching access and parching room, it is is suitable for drying T-shirt, fabric, garments, paper after printing. The Belt is made of Ptfe coated fiberglass mesh, Ptfe coating is Non Stick, you do not need to afraid the paint or your textile would Stick on the Belt. High temperature would not damage the Belt because it is high temperature resist. The edge is abrasion resistant and the joint is durable. Features -- Good tempareture tolerance, -70 to 260 cels...

Ptfe (Teflon) Fabric for Conveyor Belt


Ptfe (Teflon) Coated Fiberglass Fabric are typically composed of woven fiberglass fabrics coated with Ptfe or Teflon. These unusual materials offer outstanding Non-Stick performance, high temperature, chemical and fire resistance as well as excellent electrical properties, and they have been used in a wide range of industrial applications. A variety of substrates, thickness, weights and surface textures can be produced in a diversity of styles Properties: - Superior Non-Stick surface, easy to re...

Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Mesh Conveyor Belt for Tunnel Dryer 4x4mm Open Mesh

Model No:PTFE coated industrial conveyor heat belts

Delivery Time:15 Days

Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Mesh Conveyor Belt for Tunnel Dryer 4x4mm Open Mesh:   Tongxiang Keli Composites Co.,Ltd, is the major supplier of Ptfe coated industrial Conveyor heat belts  and tapes, coated Kevlar fabrics, and locally manufactured coated fabric heat belts to the foreign markets.    Ptfe is coated onto high quality fabric substrates to produce flexible composites. The resulting surface  provides the benefits of Ptfe enhanced by the dimensional stability of the woven fabric.   Advantages...

Ptfe Mesh Fabric For Conveyor Belt

Model No:6001-6015

Min. Order:50

Ptfe Mesh Fabric Ptfe Mesh Fabric are made from high quality open mesh woven fiberglass coated with Ptfe resin. The open mesh area allows maximum air flow optimising drying times. Designed to operate in extremes of both temperature and chemical exposure,Ptfe mesh belts have been a natural choice for dryer manufactures.It is ideally suited for conveying products and is commonly used in a wide variety of industries,such as gas,electric,infrared(IR),radio frequency(RF),microwave and ultraviolet(UV)...

Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Mesh Conveyor Belt for tunnel dryer- 4x4mm open mesh

Model No:AD FB

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Mesh Conveyor Belt for tunnel dryer- 4x4mm open mesh 1,high temperature 2,permeability     Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Mesh Conveyor Belt for tunnel dryer- 4x4mm open mesh   Specifications 1. High temperature resistance 2. High drying efficiency 3. Non-toxic & Non Stick 4. Good flex fatigue resistance  Features Of Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Mesh Conveyor Belt for tunnel dryer- 4x4mm open mesh 1. High temperature resistance-It can continuously work under-140 to 36...

Non-Stick Food grade Ptfe oven liner

Model No:0563PL,PTFE oven liner

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications Non-Stick Food grade Ptfe oven liner 1.Ptfe oven liner 2.patented 3.100% Non-Stick 4.Multifunction   Non-Stick Food grade Ptfe oven liner    Product Name   Non-Stick Food grade Ptfe oven liner   Introduction  Non-Stick Ptfe cooking liner is used glass fiber cloth and coated Ptfe with special technology, is a kind of composite material product with high performance and multipurpose.   Specification   - Thichness: 0.08mm, 0.13mm, 0.2mm,etc   - Colour: Black,brown,light brown,white. ...

Good tensile strength Non-toxic Ptfe teflon coated fiberglass Conveyor Belt

Model No:6001 ptfe fabric conveyor belt

Product Description   Product Description Ptfe TEFLON COATED FIBERGLASS MESH Conveyor Belt   Ptfe Belting Vichen manufactures various of belts with its material of smooth Ptfe fabric,Ptfe mesh, kevla, silicon rubber etc to custom specifications, depending on each customer’s individual needs. To help determine the best Belt for your unique application, you need provide the following information for our experienced technical manager to discuss your requirement.   Teflon mesh Conveyor Belt Ptfe(Tef...

Conveyor Belt

Model No:many

Delivery Time:10 Days

Packing:plastic bag or as customers`requirement. Usage:mining coal metallagical industry architectural industry cheical industry electricity,transportation industry,ports,etc. Characteristics: Polyester Conveyor belts also called EP Conveyor belts, whose tension resistant body is canvas woven by polyester in warp and polyamine in weft. The belts have the characteristics of low elongation in warp and good trough ability in weft, good water resistance, good wet strength, no mould is suitable f...

China Factory Heavy Duty rubber Conveyor Belt -G

Model No:conveyor belt

Delivery Time:20 Days

Our company main products have  rubber sheet, Non-asbestos rubber sheet, gland packing, pvc sheet, Conveyor Belt and Ptfe product. Product Description   Conveyor Belt specification and technical data sheet   Fabric type Fabric structure Fabric type Fabric thickness Cover rubber thickness Width Length warp weft Upper Lower EP EP EP EP-100 0.75 1.5-8 0-4.5 400-2500 <=300 EP-150 0.8 EP-200 0.90 500-2500 EP-250 1.15 EP-300 1.25 EP-400 1.45 800-2500 EP-500 1.55   Fabric type Fabric structure Fabri...

Large Conveying Food Conveyor Belt

Model No:belt conveyor

Delivery Time:45 Days

 Large Conveying Food Conveyor Belt   Product Description  Product  Show                                           http://bjpascal.en.alibaba.com/     1. Product Pictures of Food Conveyor Belt                       2. Product Description of Food Conveyor Belt 1). Features of BASKAGH Belt Conveyor System  * Less Stretch. * High Impact Resistance.* High Tensile Strength. * Excellent Trough-ability. * 700-1150 t/h conveying capacity. * ISO, TUV approved.* Rubber: Resistant wear, heat, oil.  * Simpl...

high temperature resistance Food grade Ptfe open mesh dryer Conveyor Belt

Model No:6004,6008 ,6015

Delivery Time:2 Days

               high temperature resistance Food grade Ptfe open mesh dryer Conveyor Belt    lten No. Color Mesh Slze (mm) Weight of Fiberglass (g/m2)±3% Total Weight (g/m2)±5% TensileStrength (N/5cm)±5% Width (m) Temperature(℃) Warp Weft 6001 Brown 1*1 367 440 1800 1650 4.0 -70-260 6001B Black 1*1 367 440 1650 1330 4.0 -70-260 6003 Black 4*4 343 480 1350 1700 4.1 -70-260 6004 Brown 4*4 343 475 1350 1700 4.1 -70-260 6007 Yelow&Brown 4*4 417 570 3200 2300 4.1 -70-260 6008 Brown 4*4 414 570 180...

Food Conveyor Belt

Model No:ESM200/2

Delivery Time:21 Days

Specifications   PE Conveyor Belt 1. material: pe ,tpe2. color: white 3. surface: button 4. thickness:1.0mm-5.0mm    PRODUCT CONSTRUCTION  Number of fabric:1-2 Color: white Number of fibre:2 Fibre type:Polyester,with lateral stability Material topside:PE, TPE Profile topside:  button  Material bottomside:Polyester    TECHNICAL DATA  Total thickness(mm): 1.0mm-5.0mm Cover thickness(mm): 0.5mm-3.0mm Weight(Kg/M2): 1.2-5.5 Maximum production width(mm): 2000-3000 Maximum tension(N/mm): 00 Tensile fo...

Sushi Food Conveyor Belt With Sample

Sushi Food Conveyor Belt With Sample Automation rotary sushi Conveyor Belt has the advantages of no noise, stable and reliable operation, beautiful appearance, safety and hygiene. The advantage of top quality sushi Conveyor Belt is that it has the function of water supply and has the characteristics of fashional sushi Conveyor Belt. Moreover, Plug in advertising screens and other promotional illustrations. 1.Material standard 1)Monorail rotary sushi Conveyor Belt Conveyor chassis with A4 angl...

Non Stick Food Safety Outdoor BBQ Grill Mat

Model No:JXGM200

Min. Order:500

Non Stick Food Safety Outdoor BBQ Grill Mat The features of Grill Mat are :1. Non toxic, environment-friendly; meet FDA, LFGB, DGCCR Food safety testing standard. 2. High temperature resistant; working safe at -70°C-260°C.3. Non Stick; durable and reusable. 4. Easy clean; foldable Grill Mat for storage; 5. Customized size, logo, picture could be made exclusively. The following picture is the effect of display this Grill Mat, you can refer it . Different colors such as black, gold, white for o...

Ptfe Non-Stick And Reusable Stove Genie 

Ptfe Non-Stick and Reusable Stove Genie Specifications 1.Oils and fats free cooking 2.High temperature resistance 3.Non-Stick 4.Reusable 5.Easy to clean Non-Stick oven mat slides beneath your electric oven's bottom is used for catching all the messy drips from pies,cakes,and casseroles that bubble over then you can just wipe them right off the slick surface.With this reusable oven liner with a 100% Non-Stick surface,your days of scrubbing the oven floor are definitely over! The oven liner can be...

Ptfe Non-Stick BBQ Mat, Reusable, Easy to Clean, High-temperature Resistant

Model No:Q013-Black and brown-22-2

Ptfe Non-Stick BBQ mat choose kinds of imported fiberglass fabric, coated with imported Ptfe and are by special process New complex product with high capability and various of usage Features: Hardly to adhere any material, it is easy to wash away the blot or other dust such as resin, coating material, could be used time and again Proofing the oil flow to the bottom of oven when being roasted, the size could be cut bases the oven Large range of temperature resisting, groovy temperature resistant ...

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt

Model No:conveyor belt 1

Stainless steel Food Conveyor Belt Conveyor Belt Conveyor B fonts medicine stainless steel Conveyor Belt Conveyor Belt material: Stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, nickel chromium wire, iron-chromium-aluminum wire, polyester wire. Methodology: Its organizational structure and shape of ordinary weaving, reinforced weaving, knitting and other common segmented. Applications: Widely in petroleum, metallurgy, Food processing machinery, pharmaceutical, ...

PU Belt, PU Food Conveyor Belt

Model No:60A-95A

PU Conveyor Belt 1. Categories: Anti-oil PU Conveyor Belt, Food Conveyor Belt. 2. Text: A)Anti-weak acid, alkali, organic solution agent, animal and mineral oils and grease. B)Comply with FDA, BGA Food hygiene standards. C)V-bottom guide bar can be added, the top can add lead bar and baffle. D)PU Food Conveyor Belt: Thickness 0.8, 1.4, 2.5 white, green; Application industry: Food industry, chocolate coating, cake industry etc on the Conveyor lines. 3. Properties: A)PU Conveyor Belt Standard: HG/...

Non-Stick Food tray

Model No:HX-T1PC3022

Min. Order:3000

Specifications Non-Stick Food tray 1.good quality. 2.durable best choice for every kitchen. Non-Stick Food tray 1.cooking and frying without oil and fat. 2.Food slides effortlessly from the pan. 3.energy-saving pan base. 4.Non-Stick surface. 5.suitable for all types of cooker. 6.extremely easy to clean. Item Non-Stick Food tray Material Aluminum alloy 3003 Size 30*22CM Thickness 2.0/2.5/3.0MM Interior Ceramic coating without Ptfe & PFOA, color optional Exterior Heat Resistance Lacquer Paint ...

Ptfe Non-Stick weber BBQ liner ,bbq hot grill sheet , hot selling

Min. Order:1000

Delivery Time:1 Days

Specifications 1.Non-Stick,easy clean 2.Heat resistant upto 550F/260C 3.Reusable 4.Dishwasher safe 5.No Need for fat or oil,cook health Ptfe Non-Stick weber BBQ liner ,bbq hot grill sheet , hot selling     Keep your grill clean after BBQ ,   Re-usable, Non-Stick and Portable - Take it to all your BBQ'S!       (1) .Non-Stick , No mess in grill any more (2). Cook without oil or fats , more healthy (3). High temperaturer resistance , no harm to health (4). Reusable more than 100 times , eco-friendl...

pvc Food Conveyor Belt,OEM,made in China,Food standard

Delivery Time:10 Days

  Specifications   Good quality PU and PVC Conveyor Belt   pvc Food Conveyor Belt,OEM,made in China,Food standard      Strict control of product composition Conveyor Belt Excellent quality Conveyor Belt Certificate:CE ISO SGS     PVC Conveyor Belt  features: 1, PVC Conveyor Belt with high strength, light weight, wear-resistant, colorful and beautiful, Non-toxic, odorless, antistatic, stretching, long life and resistance is small.  2, from the appearance of the screen can be divided into PVC conv...

Spray Paint Teflon Ptfe Non Stick Coating

Model No:A02 /B01

Spray Paint Teflon Ptfe  Non Stick Coating Product Description Product:  Ptfe POWDER CAS NO:  9002-84-0 Molecular formula: (C2F4)n EINECS NO:  204-126-9   Specification 1.USP/EP/BP/FCC/CP 2.GMP/KOSHER/HALAL/HACCP 3.10 Years Experience 4.Delivery within 5 days 5.OEM ability ITEMS SPECIFICATIONS RESULTS Exterior White fine powder Conforms Net content 99% 99.99% Moisture NMT 0.03% <0.03% Average particle size 1um~5um 1.767 Corrosion resistance No change No change Decomosition 327±5 360 Density G...

Food Conveyor Belt white rubber Conveyor Belt

Model No:NN conveyor belt

Main Products  1           CC Conveyor Belt                                                                 8           Chemical resistant Conveyor Belt                                      2  Polyester Conveyor Belt(ep) 9 Cold resistant Conveyor Belt  3  Nylon Conveyor Belt(NN)                               10 Whole-core flame retartant Conveyor Belt  4 Steel cord Conveyor Belt 11 oil resistant Conveyor Belt  5 chevron Conveyor Belt 12 high temperature resistant Conveyor Belt  6 heat resistant ...

2 layers spray paint Teflon Coating for cookware / Ptfe Non Stick coating

Model No:Top-Coating-PL.BT2101,-Primer-Coating-PL.BT2201

Delivery Time:7 Days

  Product Description 2 layers spray paint Teflon Coating for cookware / Ptfe Non Stick coating     Product name    High quality two-layer teflon Non Stick ceramic coating/paint Series Kingkong series  Product feature Reinforced double-layer ceramic coating,super hardness and son-sticky  Application of Base Matetial Cooking Utensil of Aluminum, Stainless Steel Applied to pan, oven, rice cooker, electric pressure cooker, die casting, soup pot Product Certification Approved by FDA, ROHS, LFGB Etc....

Heat resistant Non Stick Food grade fat-reducing pyramid cooking mat

Model No:Dr-Silicone Fat Reducing Mat

Delivery Time:10 Days

Heat resistant Non Stick Food grade fat-reducing pyramid cooking mat                Product Description Product  name Pyramid pan silicone cooking mat fat reducing,Non Stick Fat Reducing Silicone Cooking Mat Oven Baking Tray Sheet,FDA Silicone Cooking Mat Kitchen Utensils Pad Household Utensils New Pyramid Pan Fat Reducing Textured Non Stick Mat Material 100% eco-frienldy silicone ,harmless to body,soft feeling,durable Size/weight   400*290*10mm,weight 220g OEM Logos 1) Logo: Embossed , Debossed...

ISO Standard Food Conveyor Belt Type Dryer

Model No:DW

Min. Order:1

ISO Standard Food Conveyor Belt Type Dryer Mian Features: 1. Pumpkin Slice Dryer have Name of materials, nature, solid content (or moisture content), viscosity, surface tension, PH value. 2. Daylily Special Dryer have high efficiency . 3. Chive Hot Air Dryer is a kind of dry the vegetables 4. Pumpkin Special Drying Machine heated by steam source 1. Descriptions Vegetables Special Drying Machine is a continuous penetrating flow drying equipment applied for drying pieces strip and particles state...

Dry Food Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

Model No:EJH-360

Min. Order:1

Dry Food Conveyor Belt Metal Detector EJH-360 Food metal detector has Simple operation menu, all settings and using are simple and convenient without any adjustment for operators.All the equipment parameters of detection are locked automatically, when use the metal detector, you can just place the product that needs detected on the conveyors, then the system of detection will recognize automatically Apply to Food (including aquatic products and quick-frozen Food, extruded Food, salted foods...

Non-Stick Food Safe Silicone Kitchenware Sushi Mat With Non-toxic

Model No:NS2239

Min. Order:3000

Non-Stick Food Safe Silicone Kitchenware Sushi Mat With Non-Toxic Quick Detail: Material Silicone Size 23.5*19*0.3cm Weight 136g Color Green,yellow,red Heart Resist -70℉---430℉ Non-Stick Food safe Silicone Sushi Mat Making sushi from scratch is loads of fun, but hand washing every delicate bamboo item? Less fun. The fantastic silicone sushi rolling mat makes rolling (and cleaning) a breeze. Simply place the mat ridged side down on the counter, make up your sushi roll, and roll away from you, as ...
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