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Teflon Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Conveyor Belt Mesh

Model No:YS-6008

Product Description Specifications of Conveyor Belt mesh:1. Ptfe Mesh Conveyor Belt2. Heat resistant, Microwave safe3. High drying efficiency4. Non-toxic & non-stick5. Great tensile strengthDescription of Conveyor Belt mesh:Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Conveyor Belt mesh is ideally suited for conveying products within highly efficient air distribution systems allowing optimised moisture removal to take place and is commonly used within ultra violet and infra red dryer unitsThe open area allows max...

High Tensile Strength Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Conveyor Belt

Model No:PFB100

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications Glass Fiber Belt 1.High temperature 2.High insulation 3.Fireproof 4.High tensile strength Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Conveyor Belt   Description: Owing to the sound experience of the market, we have been able to offer Ptfe Coated Fibreglass Open Mesh Fabric Conveyor Belt. These are offered by us in upto maximum width of 4200mm, having both edges reinforced and with varied types of joints to suit the diverse needs of customers. The products we offer are widely used for rotary printing ...

Ptfe Coated mesh Conveyor Belt aramid fabric

Model No:FGT0620BW

Specifications Ptfe Coated mesh Conveyor Belt aramid fabric It's widely used in insulation, packing , garment, food industry Ptfe Coated fiberglass or Aramid fabric     Description:    TIANTA Ptfe Coated fiberglass or Aramid fabric, it’s made by Germany imported weaving machine, and Coated by our unique technology,   It is typically used as a release sheet and Conveyor Belt for various thermal lamination processes and solar cells.   Feature:    Resistance temperatures ranging between -55°C and +...

Good tensile strength Non-toxic Ptfe teflon Coated fiberglass Conveyor Belt

Model No:6001 ptfe fabric conveyor belt

Product Description   Product Description Ptfe TEFLON Coated FIBERGLASS MESH Conveyor Belt   Ptfe Belting Vichen manufactures various of belts with its material of smooth Ptfe fabric,Ptfe mesh, kevla, silicon rubber etc to custom specifications, depending on each customer’s individual needs. To help determine the best Belt for your unique application, you need provide the following information for our experienced technical manager to discuss your requirement.   Teflon mesh Conveyor Belt Ptfe(Tef...

Ptfe Seamless Conveyor Belt

Model No:WP20

Product Description Jiangsu Zhongbang's Ptfe fusing machine Conveyor Belt Ptfe Seamless Conveyor Belt is made from high strength glassgiber or Keviar, weaved by special-customized equipment, and Coated in premium Ptfe dispension. Ptfe Seamless Conveyor Belt overcome the problems of traditional fusing belts with joints, such as poor stability, off-track, and deflecting for different girth on two sides at the joint part. The advantages of Seamless fusing belts are as follows: I. Smooth surface, Ii...

Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Mesh Conveyor Belt for Tunnel Dryer 4x4mm Open Mesh

Model No:PTFE coated industrial conveyor heat belts

Delivery Time:15 Days

Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Mesh Conveyor Belt for Tunnel Dryer 4x4mm Open Mesh:   Tongxiang Keli Composites Co.,Ltd, is the major supplier of Ptfe Coated industrial Conveyor heat belts  and tapes, Coated Kevlar fabrics, and locally manufactured Coated fabric heat belts to the foreign markets.    Ptfe is Coated onto high quality fabric substrates to produce flexible composites. The resulting surface  provides the benefits of Ptfe enhanced by the dimensional stability of the woven fabric.   Advantages...

Ptfe Coated Mesh Conveyor Belt

Mesh conveyer Belt is excellent release, dimensional stability and high anti-tensile strength, high operating temperature. This conveyer Belt is excellent release ,dimensional stability and high anti-tensile strength,high operating temperature: Main features: 1.Heat resistant stability---It can be used in -60oC~+260oC. 2.Excellent adhesive resistant property---It is easy to remove most adhesive matters,such as paste,resin,eliminate dope. 3.Mechanical property---It is no distortion and low fricti...

Fire resistant metallurgy/coal mining PVC Coated rubber Conveyor Belt

Model No:mining PVC conveyor belt

Delivery Time:20 Days

Fire resistant metallurgy/coal mining PVC Coated rubber Conveyor Belt   Features: Entire core fire resistant metallurgy/coal mining Conveyor Belt has the advantages of strong strength, large freight volume, transportation balance, etc., while in the meantime this Conveyor Belt has very good flame resistance, antistatic property , impact resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.    Applications: This product is mainly used in coal mining underground transport, it can also be used ...

Ptfe Seamless Conveyor Belt 

Ptfe Seamless Conveyor Belt good at heat resistance,adhesive resistant property,chemical resistant. Ptfe Seamless Conveyor Belt's Feature: 1.Seamless Belt overcomes former problems of bad stability, ruptures, and deflecting for different girth on two sides at the joint of traditional joint fusing machine Belt. 2.The Seamless Ptfe Fusing Machine Belt work much longer using life than all kinds of joint Ptfe Fusing Machine Belt. Applications: 1.Being used as band fusing machine arrangement 2.Roasti...

Ptfe Fiberglass Endless Conveyor Belt , Fiber Glass Fusing Belts

  Seamless Ptfe fusing machine Belt Seam joint fusing machine Belt 2ply fusing machine Belt High temperature resistance and adherence resistanc   Ptfe Fiberglass Endless Conveyor Belt, Fiber Glass Fusing Belts   Description: The Belt is made of high tensile fiberglass or Kevlar, knitted by special equipment and Coated with fine Ptfe. Seamless Belt overcomes former problems of traditional joint fusing machine Belt such as bad stability, ruptures, and deflecting for different girth on two sides at...

Ptfe Belt , 1*1mm Teflon Coated Mesh Conveyor Belt

Model No:ADA-FB

Delivery Time:3 Days

Specifications Ptfe Belt/1*1mm Teflon Coated Mesh Conveyor Belt 1.High strength,good permability 2.Safe and pollution-free 3.Heat resistant   Product Description Ptfe Belt , 1*1mm Teflon Coated Mesh Conveyor Belt    Teflon Coated mesh Conveyor Belt is also named of teflon wire mesh Conveyor Belt, high temperature Conveyor Belt .   Details of teflon Coated mesh Conveyor Belt :   1) Overlock style : Turning film package edge; kevlar cloth; teflon cloth edge 2) Joint : Key connector, Docking, lap, ...

rubber Coated impact Conveyor Belt idler for coal mining equipment Supplier's Choice

Model No:impact conveyor belt idler

Delivery Time:7 Days

impact Conveyor Belt idler   HuaYun brand impact Conveyor Belt idler has been exported to more than 30 countries all over the world and particularly suitable for South America market. we have professional engineers and all of them have rich experience in this field, we can design the goods independently and make roller by your design. Certification of Conveyor idler, impact Conveyor Belt idler HuaYun brand impact Conveyor Belt idler have been certificated by the ISO9001/2008 and Safety Certifica...

Open Ptfe Coated Dryer Conveyor Belt

Model No:FGG

Delivery Time:20 Days

Specifications The Teflon Coated clothing dryer Belt is made by Ptfe Coated fiberglass mesh cloth for the clothing drying. Ptfe Mesh Conveyor Belts are made from high quality open mesh woven fiberglass Coated with Ptfe resin. The open mesh area allows maximum air flow optimising drying times. Designed to operate in extremes of both temperature and chemical exposure,Ptfe mesh belts have been a natural choice for dryer manufactures.It is ideally suited for conveying products and is commonly used i...

Trade Assurance teflon Coated Ptfe fiberglass mesh Conveyor Belt

Model No:EIL-TC

Delivery Time:7 Days

  Trade Assurance teflon Coated Ptfe fiberglass mesh Conveyor Belt   1,Thebrief introduction of Trade Assurance teflon Coated Ptfe fiberglass mesh Conveyor Belt :   teflon mesh Conveyor Belt  define specifications by size. According to the different warp and weft, divided into single and double weft weft teflon mesh cloth. 2,The felture of  Trade Assurance teflon Coated Ptfe fiberglass mesh Conveyor Belt : Resistance to high and low temperature to 70 °C to 260 °C.The climate resistance, anti-agi...

2014-2015 TEFLON Coated Food Conveyor Belt

Model No:food conveyor belt

Specifications Food Conveyer Belt Material: stainless steel wire weaving . Many Kind of Shape for Choice. Supply All Kinds Of Wire Mesh.     Quality Creats Value   Food Conveyor Belt  (JSD Brand)  We only supply high quality Conveyor Belt www.jsdhardware.com     Product Description       1. Conveyor Belt Mesh Type and Usage:   ♣Conveyor Belt With Curved Assembler wire :used in electronic industry ,annealing furnace,Hot-resistant equipment,heat treatment,washing industry,conveying induatry and fo...

Ptfe Fiberglass Mesh Conveyor Belt

Model No:AG_LKC_11001

Product Description Ptfe fiberglass mesh Conveyor Belt 1)Pass CE, ISO9001. TUV certificates. 2)one of the biggest producers of Ptfe fabric/mesh Ptfe fiberglass open mesh Conveyor Belt We are the main manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Teflon Coated fiberglass products. We select fine glass fiber or Kevlar as basic weaving material, Coated with excellent Ptfe resin to make it into various Ptfe open mesh Conveyor belts. Properties: 1. High temperature resistance_It Can continuously work under...

Ptfe thread for Ptfe open mesh Conveyor Belt

Model No:H608

Delivery Time:5 Days

              Ptfe thread for Ptfe open mesh Conveyor Belt           Ptfe(Teflon) Coated fiberglass open mesh Belt select fine fiberglass, Kevlar or Nomex as basic weaving material, Coated with excellent Ptfe(Teflon) resin to make it into various of Ptfe(Teflon) Conveyor Belt.   Usage: Ptfe(Teflon) open mesh belts are used in screen printing to transport imprinted materials through drying ovens and cooling chambers. These belts are long lasting and perform well over a wide range of operating tem...

480 Degree Centigrade Kevlar Seamless Conveyor Belt

Model No:HT-HKK-B

Min. Order:1

480 Degree Centigrade Kevlar Seamless Conveyor Belt Product Introduction Kevlar Felt Belt also called high temperature Seamless Belt, also known as Kevlar endless Belt, Belt For Aluminium Extrusions , Aluminum Conveyor Belt, Kevlar Felt Belt etc. This kind of felt Conveyor Belt's highest temperature up to 480 degrees Celsius. It mainly used in aluminum extrusion line on the first and second level cooling bed. On the cooling bed, due to the delivery speed, friction, and therefore there will requi...


Hebei Shijiazhuang

Ptfe Fiberglass Mesh Conveyor Belt Mesh

Model No:MJ-409MV

Haining Jorhom Imp. &Exp. Co., Ltd. Produces Fiberglass Products, Such as Fiberglass fabric, Fiberglass Mesh, Fiberglass Rod and so on. Ptfe Coated fiberglass mesh Belt is one of the main products and made of high quality woven fiberglass substrates and Ptfe coating, resulting in excellent abrasion resistance and a low coefficient of friction, enhancing release of various coatings and materials.    Specifications of Ptfe teflon fiberglass mesh Belt:  1. Mesh size: 4*4mm, 0.5*1mm, 1*1mm, 2*2....

grain Belt conveyors / pipe tube Conveyor Belt / Seamless Conveyor Belt

Model No:1200

Delivery Time:30 Days

Specifications 1.large conveying amount 2.simple structure 3.easy maintainance grain Belt conveyors / pipe tube Conveyor Belt / Seamless co    grain Belt conveyors / pipe tube Conveyor Belt / Seamless Conveyor Belt       Belt Conveyor is a kind of machine that to transfer the material continuously. The Belt works under the effect of frictional force. It is not only the components to transfer the material, but also the components to transfer the force. The Belt Conveyor is advanced and simple in ...

special surface Coated canvas Conveyor Belt

Model No:NO.262062

Delivery Time:2 Days

Specifications special surface Coated canvas Conveyor Belt 1. Canvas both sides 2. Creamy white   Product Description   special surface Coated  canvas Conveyor Belt product modle:NO.262062 Color:creamy White Fiber layers:2plies  Fiber class:canvas  Surface material:PVC  Surface pattern:Fabric  Bottom material:canvas  Total thickness:2.0mm  Weight:1.9kg /square meter  Maximum width:2000mm  Elongation 1% force:6N/mm  Working temperature:-20~+110℃  Minimum pulley diameter:30mm  Application:Pallet o...

rubber Coated customized Conveyor Belt steel rollers

Model No:Diameter 159mm

Delivery Time:20 Days

rubber Coated customized Conveyor Belt steel rollers Product Description    Product  Show                                           http://bjpascal.en.alibaba.com/     1. Product Description of customized Conveyor Belt steel rollers     1). Features of Large Conveying Capacity Belt Conveyor Steel Roller        BASKA Belt Conveyor rollers are designed for smooth rotation, low noise, long service life and great operating performance. A wide range of types of rollers are available for customers, th...

Ptfe Open Mesh Conveyor Belt

Model No:SR-TC

Delivery Time:15 Days

Ptfe Open Mesh Conveyor Belt   Description:  Our open mesh Belts are widely used for drying of screen Printed and dyed textiles at higher speed and higher temperature. Mesh sizes of 4X4 mm and 2X2 mm provide a high percentage of open surface area, creating maximum airflow and sufficient operation with minimum heat loss. Width and length stability of the belts are retain over full range of operating temperature.   Properties: 1. Outstanding temperature resistance (-170°C + 260°C) 2. Low thermal m...

100% nomex Seamless Conveyor Belt

Model No:Belt-N

Delivery Time:3 Days

100% nomex Seamless Conveyor Belt Product Description   Temperature resistance:continues:200°C, speaks: 300°C.The material will lose weight turn brown ,and reduce its self life if it is exposed to high temperature aluminum profile(about 400°C) for a period of time (longer than10 minutes)Kevlar is thermo setting material and therefore,it will not pollute the aluminum profile.     Total thickness Scope :1.5-15mm;common specifications are 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm Width Scope :20mm-3,600mm;common specifica...

Ptfe Coated fiberglass mesh Conveyor Belt

Model No:ptfe coated fiberglass mesh conveyor belt

Delivery Time:1 Days

Ptfe Coated fiberglass mesh Conveyor Belt   Product Description   Features of Ptfe :   1. Superior endurance in corrosion   2. Non-flammable, limited oxygen index is under 90   3. Low friction coefficient   4. Non-viscous, Self-lubricating   5. Superior endurance in high & low temperature, can be used at -1800~260°C   6. High electricity insulation   7. Atmospheric aging resistance, Good gas barrier property   8. Low permeability , Good gas barrier property   9. Good physiological compatibil...

Ptfe Conveyor Belt

Min. Order:5

Delivery Time:7 Days

Ptfe Fusing Machine Belt Zobon developed Ptfe Fusing Machine Belt for fusing machines,such as Oshima,Kannegiesser, Meyer, Macpi,and many others.These belts are specifically engineered with the mechanical strength needed for the fusing and laminating industries. Its non-stick surface, thermal transfer and high temperature resistance characteristics ensure the flow of woven and non-woven materials through the fusing and lamination process. Three Types of Fusing Machine Belt: Seamless Fusing Belt m...

Ptfe (Teflon) Fabric for Conveyor Belt


Ptfe (Teflon) Coated Fiberglass Fabric are typically composed of woven fiberglass fabrics Coated with Ptfe or Teflon. These unusual materials offer outstanding non-stick performance, high temperature, chemical and fire resistance as well as excellent electrical properties, and they have been used in a wide range of industrial applications. A variety of substrates, thickness, weights and surface textures can be produced in a diversity of styles Properties: - Superior non-stick surface, easy to re...

anti abrasive rubber Coated Conveyor Belt roller

Model No:anti abrasive rubber coated conveyor belt roller

                          anti abrasive rubber Coated Conveyor Belt roller      Conveyor Roller Character:   Roller Type Carrying,Impact,Return,Friction,Tapered,Guide,Spiral,Comb and so on Material Carbon steel, stainless steel,nylon,plastic,ceramic,hdpe, uhmw-pe Usage Used in coal,mine,steel,cement,harbor,crusher heavy industry   Roller Feature Low vibration, low noise Reduced power consumption (to start and run the Conveyor) Min 30,000 hours standard life time   standard set of tests Load capa...

PVC Conveyor Belt Coated with Felt/NOVO

Model No:Conveyor Belt coated with Felt/NOVO

Delivery Time:2 Days

Specifications 1.Belt: PVC Smooth Finish- green 2.Coated: Felt/ NOVO 3.Max.Width: 2000mm 4.Max.Thickness: 9mm PVC Conveyor Belt with Felt/NOVO   Belt : PVC Smooth Finish- green Coated : Felt / NOVO Coated material temperature resistance level : H / M / L Color : Belt - green ; NOVO - Grey ; Felt - Beige ,Rice white Special materials , pattern, specifications and color are available on request                 If you need more information, welcome to contact us

High Quality Conveyor Belt-G

Model No:conveyor belt

Delivery Time:20 Days

Our company main products have  rubber sheet, non-asbestos rubber sheet, gland packing, pvc sheet, Conveyor Belt and Ptfe product. Product Description   Fabric type Fabric structure Fabric type Fabric thickness Cover rubber thickness Width Length warp weft Upper Lower EP EP EP EP-100 0.75 1.5-8 0-4.5 400-2500 <=300 EP-150 0.8 EP-200 0.90 500-2500 EP-250 1.15 EP-300 1.25 EP-400 1.45 800-2500 EP-500 1.55 Teflon mesh Conveyor Belt Ptfe(Teflon) Coated fiberglass open mesh Belt select fine fibergl...

2015 new product powder Coated Conveyor Belt

Model No:conveyor belt

Delivery Time:3 Days

2015 new product  powder Coated Conveyor Belt Company introduction Shanghai Meike Aluminum Product Co.,Ltd founded in 2006, a professional aluminum profile manufacture. We provide  all types of aluminum profile and aluminum accessories for modular assembly, Conveyor system, mechanic fence, walking  board & handrail, etc. We now occupy more than 7000 sq. meters factory, own extrusion and die casting lines with more than  200workers, Annual output reach 20,000 tons.    What kind of products an...

Ep/Polyester Rubber Conveyor Belt

Model No:EP/polyester Rubber Conveyor Belt

Min. Order:50

EP/polyester Rubber Conveyor Belt Variety: According to the performance of covered-colloid products can be classified into designated crack-resistant, designated wear-resistant, general, and resistance to acid-base, and anti-burning. Features: Polyester Conveyor Belt used by the multi-layer polyester (or to the polyester, polyester weft for amine) bond canvas with a certain way, up and down the high-strength plastic cover, good wear-resistant flexible rubber. Structure: It uses polyester c...

Fabric Rubber Conveyor Belt

Most of different Conveyor Belt can be supplied with good price. Such as fabric Conveyor Belt (EP, NN and CC rubber Belt), steel cord Conveyor Belt, PVC/pvg solid woven Conveyor Belt, elevator-bucket Belt, high inclination of sidewall Belt, steel cord sidewall Belt, chevron Conveyor Belt, heat resistant rubber Belt, rubber sheet as well as rubber liners used for ball milling machinery etc. EP (Polyester/Nylon) Conveyor Belt STANDARDS GB/T7984-2001, DIN22102, BS490, AS1332, RMA, JISK6322, SABS117...

Conveyor Belt

Model No:many

Delivery Time:10 Days

Packing:plastic bag or as customers`requirement. Usage:mining coal metallagical industry architectural industry cheical industry electricity,transportation industry,ports,etc. Characteristics: Polyester Conveyor belts also called EP Conveyor belts, whose tension resistant body is canvas woven by polyester in warp and polyamine in weft. The belts have the characteristics of low elongation in warp and good trough ability in weft, good water resistance, good wet strength, no mould is suitable f...

Ep (Polyester/Nylon) Conveyor Belt (100/150/200/300/400)

Model No:xingmao003

STANDARDS GB/T7984-2001, DIN22102, BS490, AS1332, RMA, JISK6322, SABS1173 etc.STRUCTUREIt uses polyester canvas as carcass, and finished through the processes of calendering, firming and vulcanizing, etc.FEATURESWith the advantages of thin Belt with light weight, high tensile strength, fatigue and wear resistance, erosion resistance of water, steam, chemical, good impact resistance, excellent groove formation ability, low elongation, good stability ever heated and long service life, it's the dev...

Coal Mining Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt

Model No:Ep Conveyor Belt, Nylon Conveyor Belt

Product Description Name: Rubber Conveyor Belt; Application: Coal mining, metallurgy, port, harbor, , power, chemical, construction, quarry for material handling. It is suitable for conveying in normal temperature various non- corrosive pointless lumps, granular or powders such as aggregate, coal, foundry, grains, hard rock, wood prodcts, sand, coke cement in bulk or packaged produts etc. Specification Conventional Conveyor Belt, generally used for power, grain and block material. 1) Structure: ...

High temperature Ptfe Coated adhesive tape

Model No:High temperature ptfe coated adhesive tape TF013

Delivery Time:5 Days

Specifications High temperature Ptfe Coated adhesive tape 1.its smooth surface, 2.chemical resistance 3. high temperature resistant    Product Description   High temperature Ptfe Coated adhesive tape    Product description:   ZH-TF013 is based on high density Ptfe impregnated alkali-free Glass Cloth, single- sided Coated with heat resistance pressure sensitive adhesive . Product composition:                                                   Ptfe glass cloth   organosilicon pressure sensitive adh...

Hanfor HF-802A low price high capacity Conveyor Belt joint machine

Model No:Hanfor HF-802A low price high capacity conveyor belt joint machine

Delivery Time:5 Days

Hanfor HF-802A  low price high capacity  Conveyor Belt joint machine WELCOEM TO VISIT OUR FACTORY  hope it can help to know more about the HANFOR 1.Technical Parameter Rller speed 5m/min Nozzle temp 0-300℃ Ompressed air 0.5Mp Power supply 220V-240VAC/110VAC 50HZ/60HZ Roller width 12/20/25/30mm or customized Power 1150W   2.Basic information  Applicable scope Seamless lingerie folding. Rubber string/ spandex yarn double side bonding. Sport wear folding and bonding. Out door wear folding and bondi...

Ptfe Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Model No:PTFE coated fiberglass fabric

Delivery Time:10 Days

Ptfe Teflon Coated fiberglass Fabric Ptfe (Poly–tetra-fluoro-ethylene) is a synthetic fluoropolymer . It is well known by the DuPont band name Teflon.   Ptfe is a material of remarkable properties; non-stick, friction-free, self-lubricating, non-wetting, non-flammable, non-brittle, non-toxic, resistant to atmospheric conditions, resistant to fungus growth and resistant to all chemicals (except molten alkali metals and fluorine at elevated temperatures and pressures). Its electrical properties ar...

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt latest technology mine

Model No:Conveyor Belt

Delivery Time:7 Days

Product Description Conveyor Belt uses steel cords as carcass material,and it can be improved for more performances by changing the ingredient of the cover rubber.The advantage: 1.High tensile strength       2.Low elongation               3.Impact resistant              4.Good troughability          5.Long distance                  6.Heavy duty & High speed  Company Information HYRUBBERS CO.,LTD is specializing In manufacturing, exporting and developing Conveyor Belt, in the same time rubber...
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