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Economical Portable Oil Filtration System (JL)

Model No:JL

Product Description 1 Replacement for pressurised filtering machine 2 Can be 1-5 stages filter JL Portable Type High Precision Oil Filtration & Oil Filling Machine (Small, Simple, Cheap)Oil purifier, Oil Filtration, Oil purification, Oil filter, Oil treatment, Oil saving, Oil recycling, Oil processing, Oil filtering, energy saving, Oil regeneration, Oil processor, Oil filter, Oil process, Oil purify, Oil regenerating, Oil restoration, waste Oil disposal, Oil reclaimed, Oil reclaiming, waste ...

Zhongneng Oil Filtration,Used Lubricant Oil Purifier, Oil Recycling Model

Model No:TYA

Application Series TYA is special for purifying all kinds of lubricating Oil such as the hydraulic Oil, mechanical Oil, coolant Oil, gear Oil, and heat treatment Oil and so on. This machine can operate automatically (don’t need the person when it is working). According to the lubricating Oil’s nature, this machine can rapidly remove water, gas, particulate matters and impurities from lubrication Oil, so guarantee lubricating system of machi...

Vacuum multi-stage transformer Oil purifiers, vacuum Oil Filtration, vacuum Oil purification plant

Model No:ZYD-150 Vacuum Oil Purifier

Min. Order:1

The machine can remove water, gas (hydrocarbons, impurities acidic components, suspended matter, sediment, etc.) and other harmful ingredients in Oil This plant is designed to remove moisture [free as well as dissolved], gases, dirt and oxidation products from mineral-based and synthetic, silicon oils and others. Systems are in flow rates from 300 LPH to 12000 LPH. Custom built plants can be provided as per customer`s specific requirement, with more flow-rates. These High-Vacuum T...

Transformer Oil treatment, Transformer Oil Filtration, Dehydration and degasificate for Power Transformer Oil

Model No:Series ZYD

The series ZYD Double-stage vacuum Transformer Oil purifier plant is designed for the following application: I. Series ZYD Double-stage vacuum Transformer Oil purifier machine adopts the double stages vacuum system, which can improve the machine working vacuum value highly, so it can remove the water, gas and impurities in transformer Oil high-efficiently, increasing and maintain the Oil's dielectric strength higher, make sure the electric device running safely. II. Degassing, dehydration and...

Mobile vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration machine/ Oil purification mounted on trailer for outside use

Model No:ZYD-M

Min. Order:1

Contact Email: susanhuang0101@hotmail.com OR oilpurifier.susan@zhongnengcq.cn Mobile: +86-13647641182 MSN: susanhuang0101@hotmail.com Skype: susanhuang1984 Application: According to fieldwork requirement, this machine equips the car wheels, which can be easy to move to any work point by traction. It is special suitable for purifying the transformer Oil which locate in different fields. This machine can recover the seriously transformer Oil. The treated transformer Oil can reuse again in transfor...

Unqualified Insulating Oil Filtration Set

Model No:ZY

Delivery Time:20 Days

As transformer Oil is oxidized and carbonized, it will effect the insulation performance badly. In order to achieve optimal dielectric strength, ZY single stage insulating Oil Filtration machine builds the high effective vacuum system and multi-stage precision filtering system, which can separate solids, water, trace water, gas from Oil quickly. This vacuum Oil Filtration machine is widely applied in power generation plants, transformer stations, electric transmission, industrial and mining ente...

vacuum transformer Oil Filtration machine

Model No:ZYm

ZYM trailer type vacuum transformer Oil Filtration machine is mounted on four pneumatic wheels with weather proof doors and cover, which is special for outdoor use. Gnerally high vacuum type consisting of high vacuum pumps and mhanical booster pump, which create high vacuum for degasifying dissolved gases and moisture in transformer Oil. Firstly,before degasifying the Oil is heated up to the desired temperature and then it is filtered through specially designed filters like magnetic strainer, p...

Lubricant Oil Filtration Equipment,Vacuum Gear Oil Purifier

Model No:TYA

Min. Order:1

1.Advanced medium cooling system 2.Three grades filtering structure Vacuum Machine of Lubricant Oil Filtration Application: The TYA lubricating Oil Filtration machine adopts pressure purification or vacuum evaporation, the pressure Filtration type mainly remove solid impurities and the vacuum type remove water and gas. This machine is mainly used in power plants, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises for turbine Oil and lubricating Oil purification and regeneration. Particularly suitab...

SJL Portable Oil Filtration Machine for Engine Oil

Model No:SJL

Technical feature: Portable Oil purifier applied to insulation Oil, lubricant Oil, all kinds of mineral Oil and vegetable Oil filtering and delivery. This machine is low cost and easy to use with small size, Portable, light. It is widely used for machine tool, vehicle, Oil tank, Oil switch and mutual inductor's Oil filling, filtering. The process cost is low. No need use paper filter. Usage: SJL series Portable Oil purifier widely used in factory, power plant, Oil storage, laboratory and aviatio...

Series Zyd Double-Stage Transformer Oil Purifier for Oil Filtration, Oil Recycling

Model No:ZYD

Series ZYD Double-stage transformer Oil purifier can quickly remove water, trace water, gas, particles as well as acetylene, hydrogen, methane and other harmful ingredients from Oil effectively to improve Oil's dielectric strength, effectively making sure electric equipments working safely and normally.  Application:Series ZYD Double-stage vacuum transformer Oil purifier can remove the water, gas and impurities in insulation Oil high-efficiently, increasing the pressure force and quality of Oil,...

Wood Pulp Phenolic Light Duty Oil Filtration Paper

Model No:Wood Pulp Phenolic Light Duty Oil Filtration Paper

1. Product name: Wood Pulp Phenolic Light Duty Oil Filtration Paper 2. Any color & Size can be made as customers' requirement. 3. Payment terms: T/T in advance or 100% L/C at sight 4. Packing: Inside: Plastic film middle: Kraft paper outside: Plastic film 5. Delivery Time: Within 15 days after received your prepayment or the L/C at sight. 6. Advantage of our filter paper A. Imported special type of long fiber wood pulp which is exclusively used for the purpose of Filtration from US, Candan, ...

Portable Oil Heater (NSD-200-C)

Model No:portable oil heater(NSD-200-C)

Product Description Portable Oil heater(NSD-200-C) Specificates: 1. Availble with 5fins to 15fins 2. Two heat setting 3. Adjustable thermostat control 4. Overheat protection 5.2 kpa high pressure tested for safety 6. Available with/without timer Packing Details: Color box: 5 layers strenghthened type. Color box can be designed for you specially Delivery time: About 30 days after received your deposit. If you have any questions about our products, please let us konw, welcome to contact us! Fins  ...

Good quality product in alibaba china supplier factory sale Portable Oil heater

Model No:portable oil heater

Delivery Time:25 Days

Good quality product in alibaba china supplier factory sale Portable Oil heater   Company Information Introduction of Portable Oil heater * Company history: established in 1999. professional manufacturer specialized in heaters.* Industrial fan heater, industrial diesel heater, gas forced heater,radiator heater,quartz heater etc.*Main markets: Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, UK, France,Russia, Australia, America and Asia etc. * Employees: 320-400 * Production capacity: 6+ lines , 800,0...

Mini Portable Oil-filled Radiator with one heat setting

Model No:YL-B13 Mini Portable Oil-filled Radiator

Delivery Time:30 Days

Specifications Mini Portable Oil-filled Radiator with one heat setting: 1)Adjustable thermostat control 2)Overheat protection system Mini Portable Oil-filled Radiator with one heat setting  Specification: 1)One heat settings2)Adjustable thermostat control3)Overheat protection system4)Indicator lights                                                5)Pressure tested for safety                                                                          6)Smooth castors for easy movement Rated Voltage:...

Alibaba Express Portable Oil-Free Air Compressor JPS-46

Model No:Alibaba Express portable Oil-Free Air Compressor JPS 46

Delivery Time:7 Days

  Alibaba Express Portable Oil-Free Air Compressor   JPS-46   Shanghai JPS Alibaba Express Portable Oil-Free Air Compressor is usually used in dentals, clinics, hospitals and laboratories. It is a machine designs for pure Oil-free with a high efficiency, low loss and gas super clean lubricated piston system. Alibaba Express Portable Oil-Free Air Compressor protects the safety of the operating personnel and it is easy to operate, the electrical connection and the automation design work without an...

HOT! Sinolift DE450D Eagle Grip Portable Oil Drum Trolley

Model No:HOT! Sinolift DE450D Eagle Grip Portable Oil Drum Trolley

Delivery Time:15 Days

HOT! Sinolift DE450D Eagle Grip Portable Oil Drum Trolley   1) Features  Oil Drum Trolley - One person operate easily and handle drums quickly. - Self-standing with kickstand. - Multiple wheels can be optional and operate with less effort. - Safely carry and grip the drum. Durable and reliable.   2) Specification Data  Oil Drum Trolley Model DE450D Rated Capacity  kg  450 Wheel Numbers 4 Drum Size 30 gallon (Ø450x700)/55 gallon (Ø572x900) steel ,210L  plastic Overall Size mm  1450x700x850 Wheel ...

Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Systems

Model No:VPM

Min. Order:1

For purification of transformer Oil at outside, the Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Systems is design for being mounted on mobile trailer especial for on-site live working at outside, it adopts closed structure with cover and doors. So that the Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Systems have the functions of weather-proof for outside working. The trailer can ensure 80km/h speed and this machine can do a stream line Oil Filtration process of sludge purification, moisture removal and gas removal....

vegetable Oil Filtration

Model No:vegetable oil filtration

Specifications vegetable Oil Filtration 1.professional team of bentonite 2.strong decoloring-ability 3.good adsorption 4.low free acid Specifications: 1.Refining ability>=90%  2.Par tical size(-2um)>=95% 3.Free acid<=0.25% 4.Moisture<=9% 5.PH:4 6.Specific surface area:285m2/g 7.Density:0.59g/ml 8.Heavy metal<=0.005% 9.Arsenic content<=0.0005%   NAME: vegetable Oil Filtration Brand: BEST PLACE OF ORIGIN: China SUPPLY PERIOD: All year Supply capacity monthly: 3,000mts. Remark: 1)...

Best price cooking Oil Filtration machine on sale

Model No:1st series cooking oil filtration machine

Delivery Time:30 Days

Best price cooking Oil Filtration machine on sale      Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.     1. Why is always Doing???   a. 20 years manufacturing experience.   b. 26 technical engineers research on new efficient processing craft and instruct manufacturing and installation.   c. 76 technicians-professional installation team-with rich and mature installation and training experience.   d. CE and ISO9001     2. What's kind of machine we can manufacture???   Oil seeds press production line:...

Leo Filter Press Oil filter press for waste Oil Filtration

Model No:XLeo Filter Press oil filter press for waste oil filtration

Delivery Time:20 Days

Leo Filter Press Oil filter press for waste Oil Filtration Leo Filter Press Oil filtering  filter press,such as wasted transformer Oil,engine Oil etc. black Oil which need to be recycled  1. High temprature PP filter plate and frame for Oil Filtration  2. for higher temprature filtering Oil products,stainless steel filter plate and frame filter press 3. if asked to have special cast iron filter plate and filter frame,we also have iron material filter plate/frames 4. Hot Oil purifying plate and f...

Waste Hydraulic Oil Filtration Cleaning Machine

Model No:VHF

Min. Order:1

VHF Hydraulic Oil Filtration Cleaning Machine from Acore Filtration Co. Ltd adopts advanced technology, innovative design, 304 stainless steel materials, Germany pumps, filter and electrics. Pipeline connection use special aviation stainless steel Mechanical seal. Hydraulic Oil Filtration machine has the performance of high vacuum, high precision and high constancy. VHF Hydraulic Oil Filtration Cleaning Machine is designed for repairing high-precision Oil and synthetic Oil, and removing water,...

TL Series Portable Oil Filtration and Injection Unit

Model No:TL-15,TL-30

This unit is light convenient and simple in operation, and can be used to filter out all kinds of mechanical impurities It is usually used for long-distance Oil Filtration and injection as well as Oil transportation. Chemical parameter Type Unit TL-15 TL-30 Nominal flow capacity L/min 15 30 Motor Power KW 0.55 0.75 Diameter of inlet-outlet hose mm 25/20 32/25 Weight Kg 20 25 Working pressure Mpa ?0.5Mpa Working power 50Hz 380V 3-Phase 4-wire Filtering accuracy ?m ?5~8?m Delivery lift m ?15m

Portable Oil Filtration Machine (JL-100)

Model No:JL-100

Series JL Portable Oil purifier mainly deal with unqualified insulating Oil, turbine Oil, lubricating Oil etc., this machine can do precision filtering, it usually equips three-stage filters, also can equip four or five stage filters as per user'srequirements. Light weight, easy operation, it can be used as oiling machine for long distance and high-lift oiling works. Cleanness can achieve NAS 6 grade.

Portable and Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration

Model No:Series ZYD-M

Min. Order:1 set

Application: Series ZYD-M Double-stage vacuum Transformer Oil treatment plant/ Transformer Oil purification/ Oil purifier Portable and Mobile High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Systems (Model ZYD-M) is used for transformer Oil dehydration and transformer Oil degasification and vacuum filling Oil to transformer and remove impurities from Oil as well as other electrical insulating liquids such as silicone fluids. The ZYD-M Process is able to increase and maintain the Oil's dielectric strengt...

Small Portable lube Oil Filtration equipment,Oil refinery machine

Model No:JL

JL series small Portable lube Oil Filtration equipment introduction As composed of three-stage precise filtering, this machine is an ideal for particulate contaminants removal. It is also can serve as oiling unit. Advantage The product is equipped with three-stage purification, Portable, easy to operate, very low price, no need of purification paper, no contamination to the ground. The product can effectively purify the tiny and fine mechanical impurity in Oil, enabling it to be a prior choice ...

Series JL-C Small Portable Edible Oil Filtration Machine

Model No:JL-C

Min. Order:1 set

Contact person: Justin Hu Application: As composed of three-stage precise filters and the regeneration tank, this machine can effectively remove water and tiny impurities from used cooking Oil, vegetable Oil and biodiesel Oil collected from restaurant, hotel, fast food shops etc. Features: 1. The product is equipped with three-stage purification, Portable, easy to operate. 2. No need of purification paper, no contamination to the ground. 3. Fast degas, dewater, and remove the impurity (ha...

Vacuum Portable Lubricant Oil Filter machine/Oil Filtration

Model No:TYA-50

Min. Order:1

Vacuum Portable Lubricant Oil Filter machine/Oil Filtration TYA Series Ms.Karen Kung Skype: kitty526114 Application: TYA Series is designed for clean Lube Oil/ lubricant Oil/ lubricating Oil. It includes to clean Hydraulic Oil, gear Oil, thermal Oil, cutting Oil, seal Oil,... Features: 1. TYA Series can remove big & small impurity by precisely FH rectangular filtering system 2. TYA Series can remove impurity, particles deeply down to 1um---5um. 3. TYA series can protect your lubricant system...

Portable Best Quality High Precision Oil Purifier Oil Filtration Machine JL

Model No:JL-30

Min. Order:1

Best Quality High Precision Oil Purifier Oil Filtration Machine JL Application It is specially used for highly precise machine process and designs which keeping Oil in good condition all the time. Features It is used for highly precise machine process and designs, such as processing center, NC machine, jig borer and so on which are in need of highly clean hydraulic Oil in their operation process while filters of the equipments themselves could not remove mechanical impurities of large quantity f...

Portable Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Model No:ZYD-II

Min. Order:1

ZYD-II Application: ZYD-II Portable Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is used mainly applied in power plant, power station, transformer factory, electric power company, power transformation, metallurgy, petrifaction, machinery, traffic, railway and so on. ZYD-II Portable Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is equipped with two horizontal evaporator , it can remove particles, dewater, degas from the old and new insulating Oil. Especially for the 110KV-500KV large-scale transformer...

Portable Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Dewatering, Degassing,

Model No:zys

Min. Order:1

Portable Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Dewatering, Degassing, is used for removing moisture, gas, particles from the transformer Oil, insulating Oil, switch Oil, cable Oil, and electric condenser Oil. In this way, it can improve Oil dielectric strength very quickly and effectively. ZYS Single stage vacuum transformer Oil purifier machine is mainly used for the power station, industrial and mining enterprises. At the same time, ZYS transformer Oil purifier machine can be used to power...

Used Oil Purifier Engine Oil Filtration Equipment

Model No:BOD Oil Purifier

Min. Order:1

Small Engine Oil Purifier Oil Filtration Equipment LYE series Oil refinery machine is special for treating engine/car/ship/black Oil,you could get clean and refreshed engine Oil after treated by this machine. Application: LYE series Oil filter machine can treat with regeneration of waste gas engine Oil. It not only removes the impurities, water, and acid matter, organic and inorganic acid effectively, but also can remove carbon particulate matter and peroxides. In gas engine Oil, bitumen and col...

Hydraulic Oil Purifier, Lube Oil Filtration, Oil Recycling Machine

Model No:TYA

Contact Person: Cathy Huang Yahoo Mail/Gmail ID: hlrcatherine Company Mail ID: oilpurifier.cathy(at)zhongnencgq.cn MSN/Hotmail ID: hlrcatherine Alibaba Trademanager ID: hlrcatherine Yahoo Messenger ID: hlrcatherine Skype: hyt728 Mobile: 0086-13512336824 Tel: 0086-23-68060729 Fax: 0086-23-86197078 Any of your requirement is highly welcomed, we are ready to reply you very soon. Application Series TYA is special for purifying all kinds of lubricating Oil such as the hydraulic Oil, mechanical Oil, c...

Easily operation of transformer Oil purifier,Oil Filtration,Oil purification machine

Model No:ZY/ZYA

Min. Order:1

ZY Series High Efficiency Transformer Oil Purifier,Insulation Oil Purifier System This type of machine can degas, dewater, removing the impurities of insulating Oil quickly and effectively. It improves the value of voltage value, and make sure electrical equipment work safely. The power station and mine mainly use the machine to deal with transformer Oil, mutual inductor Oil, switch Oil and so on. Feature: 1, This machine is small, hi-efficient conveniently. And it can live operated with elect...

Turbine Oil purifier (Emulsified turbine Oil Filtration, Oil purification, Oil treatment)

Model No:TY

Application: Series TY vacuum Turbine Oil purifier used for treating the unqualified turbine Oil, especially the seriously emulsified turbine Oil. Widely applied to turbine, gas turbine and hydraulic turbine online Oil treatment in the power, chemical, papermaking and metallurgic industries. This series, which can rapidly and effectively remove the water, gas and impurities aiming at turbine Oil's nature of high water content, easily emulsified and high impurity content, make the Oil reach new...

Vacuum Oil Filtration of Transformer

Model No:VFD

Save the cost on Oil replace. Reduce ecological disposal problems. Keep equipment working at peak efficiency. Reduce the downtime for transformer maintenance. Improve production yields. Extend the life of equipment. Oil Filtration of transformer specialize in purifying branded Oil, transformer insulating Oil of high and super high voltage transformer, breaker etc. Additionally, it is suitable for treating low viscosity lubricating Oil. It is mainly used to inprove the properties of insulat...

PLC Controlled System, Fully-auto Transformer Oil Purifier, Transformer Oil Filtration, Oil Recondition

Model No:ZYD-PLC

Delivery Time:15 Days

In order to achieve optimal dielectric strength and insulating performance inside of transformers and circuit breakers, dielectric oils must be kept absolutely clean and dry. ZHONGNENG designs and builds the most effective, durable, and easily operation high vacuum transformer Oil purification system on the market today. ZHONGNENG high vacuum Oil purifiers are designed for use in treating electrical insulating Oil in the Oil-filled electrical equipment. Through the dehydrator, degasification, fi...

Transformer Oil purifier, transformer Oil filter, transformer Oil Filtration, transformer Oil purification, transformer Oil recycling plant

Model No:LA

Min. Order:1

LA series Double Stage Transformer Vacuum Oil Purifier Attn: Ms Cicilin Green E:cicilingreen at yahoo com SKYPE ID: cicilin.green Mobile: 0086-15922705004 Application: The LA series Double stage transformer vacuum Oil purifier used for: 1, Remove water content from the Oil, can deal with the tiny water which cannot be seen by the eyes, the index reach 3-5PPM. 2, Remove the waste gas from the Oil, which made the Oil bad smelling and damagethe Oil specification. 3, The impurities after treat...

Portable transformer Oil Filtration machine series ZY

Model No:ZY

Contact: Ms Abby T/F: +86-23-88901306 Skype ID: topoilpurifier Yahoo messenger ID: topoilpurifier Hotmail ID: topoilpurifier Application: Series ZY high vacuum insulating Oil purifier, is specially designed for purification of aging transformer Oil, mutual inductor Oil, switch Oil, capacitor Oil as well as for other electrical insulating liquids. The process maintains the Oil's dielectric strength, removes free, soluble water, air-gases and particulate matter. Features: 1. This machine is sm...

Cheap Waste Engine Oil Filtering Device/hydraulic Oil Filtration plant/lube Oil purifier

Model No:JL

Min. Order:1

Cheap Waste Engine Oil Filtering Device/hydraulic Oil Filtration plant/lube Oil purifier Why choose us? 1. We are one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Oil purifier in China 2. We have more than 10 years experience 3. We offer our customers high quality products at competitive price 4. We offer our customers excellent after-sales service 5. We are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied! Application: This machine is potable and can be widely used to remove impurities either i...

Portable Oil Purifier Series TYB for Diesel Fuel

Model No:TYB

Min. Order:1

Application: This machine integrates fine filter, high efficiency demulsification and dehydration into one body. This machine, which can remove large of water without heating, creates the fastest dehydration speed in domestic at present. This machine can quickly separate water from the Oil, which even contains half water, to attain cleanness of NAS 6 grade, Convenient using with the go-cart model designed. Features: 1. TYB series purifier adopt special Oil water separator which requires no heati...
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