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Portable Medical Ventilator (PA-100C) Medical Equipment

Model No:PA-100C medical Equipment

PA-100C Portable Medical Ventilator Medical Equipment Return Ventilation Mode C A/C SIMV SPONT PEEP(Choice of suppliers) Tidal Volume 50~1200ml Breath Rate 5~60 bpm PEEP 0~2KPa %O2 45~90% Sigh 1~10 per 100 breath Peep 10-60 hpa (Choice of suppliers) Trigger Level -10~0hpa Over Pressure Relief High Pressure Alarm Limit 2~6kpa flash, red indicator Low Pressure Alarm Limit 0.2~2kpa Red indicator Alarm Silence 60 sec. Max W× D× H 300× 160× 230mm Weight 3kg

Medical Equipment dry cabinet

Model No:Mingtai YGZ medical dry cabinet

Min. Order:1

YGZ-1600D, YGZ-1600S Medical Dry Cabinet YGZ-1600D.YGZ-1600S drying cabinet is kind of large capacity Medical drying Equipment designed according to the requirement of market to fulfill dry treatment of surgical instruments, glassware and respiratory therapeutic items. Easy to operate, the setup scope of drying temperature and time is 40℃to 90℃ and dry time range is from 0-500 min. It is user custom, which can be set up freely. Two models of single-door and double-door are available. To solve th...

Medical Equipment Infant Incubator Yxk-2000g

Model No:Medical Equipment Infant incubator YXK-2000G

Medical Equipment Infant incubator YXK-2000G Infant incubator YXK-2000G 1) Box temperature, skin temperature controlled by computer servo; Instrument panel with backlight display 2) Self-detect function 3) Separately display set temperature, box temperature, skin temperature and humidity 4) >37º C high temperature setting mode 5) Self-test alarm and acousto-optic prompt of over-heating, deviation, circulation, sensor, power outage 6) Double thermostatic cover, automatic wind-shade setting 7) ...

Ceiling type Medical Equipment lamp

Model No:CreLed 5700/5500

Min. Order:1

About products Our ceiling type Medical Equipment lamp CreLed 5700/ 5500 is hot product. Double dome operating room light, Clear lighting field: with flow forming cover design, follow the classic Light- emitting principle of the operating light, light 360° uniform exposure to the surgical area, light beam is more concentrated, deep cavity lighting is more outstanding, to create more realistic, clear surgical area for doctors. Double dome ceiling operating light, Outstanding color rendering index...

Fh1500 Medical Equipment Laminar Fume Hood 

FH1500 Medical Equipment Laminar Fume Hoods: 1. Electrical controlled glass. 2. Removeable work surface. Easy to clean. FH1500 Medical Equipment Laminar Fume Hoods Product Description FH1500 Medical Equipment Laminar Fume Hoods FH1500 Medical Equipment Laminar Fume Hoods are the first defense to minimize chemical exposure to research workers. They are considered the primary means of protection from inhalation of hazardous vapors. FH1500 Medical Equipment Laminar Fume Hoods Advantage of FH1500 La...

Luxury Icu Emergency Trolley , Crash Trolley Medical Equipment

Application: Medical, Hospital, ICU, Ward Apply Crowd: Nurse, Doctor Feature: Luxury Material: ABS Name: Crash Cart, Emergency Trolley, Crash Trolley Type: Hospital Furniture   Luxury ICU Emergency Trolley , Crash Trolley Medical Equipment   Quick Detail:   Emergency trolley for Medical use CE&ISO certified hospital crash cart Four aluminum alloy columns with colorful steel body With six drawers: two small size, three middle size and one big size, each inner with partitions which can be orga...

Diagnostic Ultrasound System Medical Equipment For Veterinary

Feature: Wide Angle Of View Monitor: 15-inch LCD Type: Ultrasonic Diagnostic Devices Application: Abdomen, OB&GYN, Small Parts, Urology, Cardiology Etc.   Diagnostic Ultrasound System Medical Equipment For Veterinary      Description:   DC-3 is designed with customer’s comfort in mind, accordingly providing various solutions to relieve operator's fatigue.     Specifications:   High-resolution 15-inch LCD monitor with wide angle of view Omnidirectional arm, together with a rotatable and heigh...

Medical Equipment Spare Parts With High Quality and Economical Price

Model No:020 Medical Equipment Spare Parts

Min. Order:1000

Specifications Medical Equipment Spare Parts With High Quality and Economical Price 1.High shape complexity, low cost 2.RoHS,SGS,TS16949,CTI Medical Equipment Spare Parts With High Quality and Economical Price 1. We specialized in the PIM technology of research and development, production and service, which include Medical Equipment Spare Parts and so on. 2. Process: Medical Equipment spare parts 3. High precision,100% quality with competitive price for Medical Equipment spare parts. 4. We can m...

1064nm Long Pulse ND YAG Laser Hair Removal Medical Equipment

Model No:OW-G2, 3 medical equipment

1064nm Long Pulse ND YAG Laser Hair Removal Medical Equipment1. Medical Equipment2.1064nm Long pulse laser Medical equipment3. Permanent hair removal Medical equipment4. Vascular removal/ spider veins removal Medical equipmentI Treatment principleA. 1064nm for hair removal treatmentThis is "selectively thermal absorption of laser", there is melanin in hair follicle and follicle stem cells. When laser do hair removal, melanin, hair follicle and around tissues absorption huge laser power. The temp...

Hospital Medical Equipment Trolley

Model No:SKR001

Hospital Medical Equipment Trolley1. Size: 539X366X900mm2. With rail at table top3. Noiseless casters with brake

Orich Wall Mounted Medical Equipment Dental X Ray Machine Ge Quality Reasonable Price

Model No:IntrOs 70

Orich Wall Mounted Medical Equipment Dental X Ray Machine GE quality reasonable price Dental X Ray Unit 1. Dental radiography unit 2. Adopting international technology 3. Three types: Wall Mounted, mobile, fixed 4. Single Dental X Ray Unit 5. Excellent advanced technology single dental X ray unit 6. Wide range of exposure times, from 60ms to 3.2s 7.70kVp grants sharp images 8. The AutoSet timer

Orich Medical Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Tianjin Economic Technological

High Precision Machined Medical Equipment Spare Parts

Model No:medical equipment spare parts

Product Description: DELTA is ISO/TS16949/14001 certified manufacturer, and dedicated to R&D and manufacture of precision CNC machining Medical Equipment spare parts. In the future, more and more industries rely on sophisticated Equipment and high degree of automation, DELTA dedicates to the field of key parts of precision Equipment, precision Medical instrument, automobile and aviation, to provide customized machining services. DELTA would like to cooperate with our customers to work out th...

Powder Coated Medical Equipment Gynecological Table / Bed F

Model No:A045

Min. Order:1

Powder Coated Steel Frame Medical Equipment Gynecological Table , Gynecological Examination Table Specifications: * Powder coated steel frame * Leather table surface, with high density sponge * This bed is designed for gynecological diagnosis, operation and parturition *It can be folded and easily dismantled *Back-rest and foot section adjustable by ratchets Main Technical Parameters: Dimension 1800*520*740mm Back Section Raised from the Horizontal ≥55° Back Section Lowered from the Horiz...

High precision plastic Medical Equipment mould manufactory

Model No:plastic medical equipment mould

Min. Order:1

Specifications 1.plastic Medical Equipment mould 2.Mould base:LKM,HASCO,JLS,DEM 3.ISO9001:2008 certificated 4.Great team work Product Description Some injection plastic products we ever made(*^__^*)     Why choose us : 1. OEM plastic products manufacturer. 2. Both injection mould making and plastic parts producing. 3. Design software: CAD/CAM/CAE, UG, PRO/E 4. Machine: High Speed CNC, Mirror EDM, Sodick WT machine, CMM Equipment, etc.  5. Advance: Efficiency with excellent quality. 6. Certificat...

Medical Equipment Mobile Medical X-ray bed

Model No:PLXF151

Min. Order:1

Usage of x-ray table PLXF151 The Simple Surgical Bed is a device for the hospital's consultation, treatment,and surgical operation,apply to X-ray inspection. Partly applicable the investigation and surgical under the C-arm X-ray TV system.Surgical Table for C-arm is a Medical x ray table for surgical operation.The brand of the table is Perlong. Features of Medical Equipment Mobile Medical X-ray bed PLXF151 The surface of bed is a dedicated Medical firberboard, absorption of X-ray dose are very...

Medical Equipment x-ray PLX112E

Model No:PLX112E

Min. Order:1

Usage of surgical X-ray machine price PLX112E Orthopaedics:osteopathy, diaplasis, nailing Surgery: removing foreign body, cardiac catheter, implanting pace maker, interventional therapy, partial radiography, local photography, and other work. Features of Medical Equipment x-ray PLX112E 1.New integrated design,compact appearance, convenient operation.; 2.Unique hand-held remote controller, more convenient operation. 3.Graphical colorfully LCD touch screen console interface, convenient operation, ...

Fluoroscopy unit digital Medical Equipment PLD8700

Model No:PLD8700

Min. Order:1

Fluoroscopy unit digital Medical Equipment PLD8700 Features of digital x ray imaging systems price PLD8700 1. 1000mA digital gastrointestinal configurations support a wide variety of clinical applications. 2. Advanced spare parts accompanying with image processing system get excellent image quality. 3. Beautiful designed table, auto SID adjustment ,comfortable and convenient . 4. 9[ and 12" image intensifier are both available, realize large image coverage area. Nanjing Perlove Medical Equipmet ...

Pharmaceutical Water Distillation Equipment

Model No:DGJZZ-200

Min. Order:1

Pharmaceutical Water Distillation Equipment Water distiller machines first heat or boil the water, much like the sun heats the Earth`s waters. This kills bacteria and viruses that may be present in the water. Then, the purified water vapor rises, leaving behind contaminants. Like a mini-cloud, water then condenses into drops and falls into the clean container, ready for your use. This product use electric heater vapor the water, to get the high purity water. 1.Working Principle Just as rain is p...

Medical Equipment LED Shadowless Surgical Operating Light

Model No:KDLED5

Min. Order:1

Medical Equipment LED Shadowless Surgical Operating Light Utilising the most advanced LED technology available. The Medical Equipment LED Shadowless Surgical Operating Light have been designed to provide a high quality, shadowless beam with extremely low running costs. The new, slim, fully enclosed head with color touchscreen digital controls is a perfect LED lighting solution complementing all surgical room. LED (light emitting diodes) have been around for a long time. Recently this technology...

Customized Medical Equipment Supplies Waste Storage Bag

Model No:Medical Waste Bag

Min. Order:500

Customized Medical Equipment Supplies Waste Storage Bag Medical storage bag - is perfect for use as a nurse's bag, doctor's bag, or a Pharmaceutical rep bag. Stores Medical Equipment as well as medication in organized sections Medical waste bag - make for quick and easily accessible storage areas for frequently used items such as stethoscopes, meters, and other accessories Professional and durable design - features a padded shoulder strap, reinforced carrying handle, tighly woven Ripstop nylon, ...

Pharmaceutical Ingredients Mixer Equipment

Model No:DSH

Min. Order:1

Su li dry professional production Pharmaceutical ingredients mixer Equipment. Pharmaceutical ingredients mixer Overview The drug component mixer enables the material to produce composite motion in the cone. It has four types of motion: 1. The spiral orbits the wall to make the material move in a circular motion along the cone wall; 2. The spiral rotates the material from the bottom of the cone. Spiral rise; 3. The male and female composite movement of the spiral causes a part of the ma...

Handheld Color Doppler Ultrasound Imaging System Medical Equipment

Model No:RZ-WD5

Min. Order:1

Handheld Color Doppler Ultrasound Imaging System Medical Equipment Hunan Runkun's Color Doppler Ultrasound can be fully applicable to clinic, first aid, emergency, patrol, ward round, bedside Color Doppler ultrasound scanning, ICU, nursing, interventional Color Doppler ultrasound, primary screening, and field Medical treatmentetc. This Doppler Ultrasound for Linear Probe Technical specifications as below: Model:RZ-WD5 Probe:Linear probe Standard Frequency:7.5mhz Frequency Range:5-10mhz Paramet...

Medical heat sterilization Wholesale

Medical heat sterilization Wholesale Medical heat sterilization is a heat sterilizer desktop Equipment with safe and reliable automatic control program.Steam sterilizer using the European CLASS N standard,it is the most sophisticated and economical sterilization solids Medical Equipment with beautiful appearance.Medical heat sterilization suitable for health care center,Pharmaceutical companies and research institutes and so on.It can sterilize those items that are resistant to saturated steam,s...

UV Sterilizer UV Intensity Monitor for Medical Equipment Disinfection

Model No:PDC

                             UV Sterilizer UV Intensity Monitor for Medical Equipment Disinfection Detailed Product Description1.High germicidal efficiency2.No secondary pollution3.Reasonable price4.Good quality5.China famous brand certificate Application 1.Food processing industry, including juices, milk, drinks, beer, practical oil and canned food.2.Electronic industry.3.Hospitals, various laboratory and high levels of pathogenic body water disinfection.4.Households building, residential, offi...

Large Medical Equipment Models Rapid Prototyping

Model No:medical equipment

REACTION INJECTION MOLDING-RIM, MOLDING-RIM is a new process for Rapid Tooling Production. After the mixing of the Polyurethane materials, then inject the mixed materials into the rapid mold under the room temperature and low pressure environment, according to the chemical and physical reaction of the polymerization, crosslinking, solidification of the materials, the part is molded. At KAIAO, our high efficiency, short cycle and low cost project production can provide you the correct solution of...

Pharmaceutical Product Pulverizing Equipment

Model No:30B

Min. Order:1

Description: Pharmaceutical Product Pulverizing Equipment features are simple and solid in structure, stable in operation, high crushed efficiency. The crushed raw material can be dischargedthrough the grinding chamber. Moreover, different size of raw material to be crushed can be got through exchangingscreen with different mesh. Moreover Model 30BV is made from stainless steel. Its inner wall is processed finely, so it is smoothand level. It overcome the shortcomings existed in Model 30B III su...

Pharmaceutical Solvent Recovery Equipment(90L)

Model No:B90Ex

Min. Order:1

Pharmaceutical Solvent Recovery Equipment(90L) B90Ex Solvent Recycling Machine B90Ex, special Equipment made for organic solvent recovery, stationary structure and circular water-cooled system, safe structure, is manufactured according to Chinese explosion-proof standards (CNEX) and European standards (ATEX). By distillation and cooling, clean organic solvents are recycled for use. It is suitable for a medium amount of organic solvent to recycle. After waiting few hours, waste solvent has been r...

Medical Equipment Rotary Damper Vane Damper

Model No:DN12B-R/L

Min. Order:100

The internal structural design is vane, vane damper is more suitable for soft close. ABD vane dampers are used to dampen drives, control speed, and many other applications. Medical Equipment vane damper a typical application is Medical Equipment. The damping direction of the vane dampers with continuous rotation can be clockwise, counter clockwise, or in both directions. In vane dampers with continuous rotation, a fluid damping is produced by the shearing or braking force of silicon fluids resis...

Medical Equipment PSA Oxygen Gas Plant For Sale

Model No:ETO

Min. Order:1

Medical Equipment PSA Oxygen Gas Plant For Sale Medical Equipment PSA Oxygen Gas Plant For Sale Description: Oxygen is an indispensable gas for supporting life in the earth, special in the hospital, Medical oxygen plays a very important role to saving the patients. ETR Medical Equipment PSA Oxygen Gas Plant can produce 93%±3% Medical level oxygen from the air directly, the produced oxygen can be delivered to the wards by the hospital pipelines, and then breathed by the patient with a humidifica...

EMI EMC Passive Line Filters for Medical Equipment

FILTEMC offers a complete line of Passive EMI Filters, EMC Filters, Line filters & EMI power line filters designed to help you meet UL, TUV, CQC & CE requirements. 1. FILTEMC IS A COMPANY WITH OVER 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN EMI EMC Passive Line Filters for Medical Equipment MANUFACTURING 2.OUR VALUE MESSAGE IS "QUALITY IS OUR CULTURE" 3.WITH US YOUR MONEY IN SAFE YOUR BUSINESS IN SAFE 4.OUR COMPETENCIES HAVE GOT SEVERAL APPROVALS WORLDWIDELY (UL/TUV/CQC/CE/ROHS) Featrues of EMI EMC Passiv...

Medical Equipment Dynamic Air Sterilizer

Model No:VBY-B-1000

Min. Order:1

Medical Equipment Dynamic Air Sterilizer * Display indoor temperature. * Timing function of UV lamp cumulative use. * Adopt quick disassembly filter, easy to clean and maintain. * Air volume status display, high/medium/low air volume adjustable. * Built-in high brightness, long life, ozone - free, U - type UV lamp. * The super-infrared receiving device can realize long-distance remote control and easy operation a any 45 degrees. A built-in hidden remote control is placed to prevent the remote f...

High Quality Medical Equipment Hospital LED Overall Reflect Surgical Operation Lamp

Model No:LED700

Min. Order:1

High Quality Medical Equipment Hospital LED Overall Reflect Surgical Operation Lamp Product images: Product descriptiopn: Diameter of lamp head: 700mm CLio glhotrfriee nlddderiain mgeitnedre: x 1:29 05-2%50Rmam Light intensity at 1m distance: 40k-160K L Color temperature: 4500±500K Illuminance depth: ≥1200mm Light source: Osram LED lighting Height for installation: 2.8-3.0m Power transforme: AC110-220V/50Hz G.W.: 36KG/CTN T.G.W.: 54KG, T.VOL: 0.54CBM Ctn size ( lamp head): 93*88*37CM...

SAM First Aid Adventure Medical Splint

Model No:AZ-ST36

Min. Order:1

SAM First Aid Adventure Medical Splint Splint Introduction: This type of splint is highly customizable and can be used to splint virtually any bone in the body. It's pliable enough to be molded to all sorts of shapes, depending on the injury and application. The splint is built from a thin core of aluminum alloy and sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam, the splint can be bent into any of three simple curves, becoming extremely strong and supportive for any fractured or injured limb...

Brass Worm Gear and Pinion for Medical Equipment

Model No:Worm Gear - 035

Min. Order:1

Product Description Brass Worm Gear and Pinion for Medical Equipment Worm Gear and Pinion production according to customer request . Modules :1-8 ( according to customer's requirement ) Gear precision : class 1-7 Material : Delrin, brass, steel, stainless steel, alluminum and cast iron Heat Treatment: Hardening and Tempering, High Frequency Quenching, Carburizing Quenching and so on. Surface Treatment: Galvanizing/Zincplating, Dacrotized, Black Anodic Treatment, Spray Printing, Mirror Finish, B...

Transmission MFG Inc

Guangdong Dongguan

63mA Mobile X-ray Equipment

Model No:PLX101

Min. Order:1

The mobile x ray machine is a kind of Medical Equipment. The brand of mobile x ray machine is PERLONG. Usage of mobile x ray machine: The mobile x ray machine is a combined high frequency X-ray video camera that can be conveniently moved to wards, ICU, operating rooms and so on for taking film. Feature of mobile x ray machine: 1. Structure designed based on anthropotomy, with beautiful appearance, and easy to operate. 2. Two-button adjustment by kV and mAs, display by LCD and memory by parame...

Medical Equipment Microplate Reader DNM-9602G

Model No:DNM-9602G

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications 1,self-checking 2,Error data displaying 3,aperture detection 4 high speed of detection 5 self-checking Medical Equipment Microplate Reader DNM-9602G Microplate Reader Introduction: This microplate reader is also called elisa reader. The microplate reader is widely used . The Microplate Reader DNM-9602G is also called elisa reader. Usage of Microplate reader (DNM-9602G) The microplate reader is compatible with registered diagnostic EIA kit, primarily used in hospitals or so...

Medical Equipment - One Arm Motorized Operating Theatre Pendant For Hospital Medical Gas Pipeline System 

Medical Equipment - One Arm Motorized Operating Theatre Pendant for Hospital Medical Gas Pipeline SystemThe One Arm Motorized Surgical Pendant is mainly for hospital operating theatres (OT) using. It is installed in the ceiling, above the operating table, supply Medical gas and electrical power. The shelves are used to place the Medical equipments such as Monitors. And the Infusion and Syringe Pumps can be appended with the I.V. Poles. It solves the most problems of efficiently management of exp...

Conductivity Sheet Metal Components For Electromagnetic Shielding And Medical Equipment

Conductivity sheet metal components for electromagnetic shielding and Medical Equipment       Sheet metal parts is made through sheet metal process .We cannot live without them .Typically, the three most important steps of sheet metal factory is shearing, punching/cutting and folding. It has many performance characteristics: such as a light weight, high strength, conductivity,low cost, mass production and ext. Now it has been widely applied in the field of electronics, communications, automotive...

White Teflon Bracket Machined Plastic Parts For Hardware, Electronics, Medical Equipment

White teflon bracket machined plastic part for hardware, electronics, Medical Equipment   Teflon bracket machined part, plastic machining part. 14 years experience from design andManufactureprecision machined partsManufacturer & Supplier in China, providing Precision CNC Metal Parts Machining.Aluminum extrusion parts, die casting parts machining, plastic part. 1) Precision CNC machined metal parts for motorcycle,automotive parts and machine parts, and electronic components 2) Precision parts...

Medical Equipment Anodised Custom Aluminium Extrusions Profiles

Medical Equipment Anodised Custom Aluminium Extrusions Profiles     Supply Medical Equipment Aluminium Profile Division I professional production of Medical Equipment aluminum. With mold design, manufacturing, extrusion of autonomy, the company has large, medium and small extruder several units to meet the needs of different clients, a group of senior engineers and technicians, the use of high quality aluminum ingots as raw material, the use of advanced mold design and manufacturing technology a...
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