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ZA Petrochemical Pump

Model No:ZA Petrochemical Process Pump

Delivery Time:30 Days

Specifications 1. Take place of IH Chemical Centrifugal Pump 2. Change the material depends on the transported medium    Transport medium 1. Sulfuric acid,Nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid of various temperature and concentration and other inorganic and organic acids. 2. Sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate of various temperature and concentration and other alkaline solution 3. Various Petroleum liquids, chemical products, organic compounds and other corrosion products or raw m...

Factory Pump, Chemical Petrochemical Pump

Model No:IH Chemical Pump

Delivery Time:7 Days

Factory Pump, Chemical Petrochemical Pump       The Depon® IH Serial chemical centrifugal Pump is single stage suction cantilever centrifugal pumps. It used to deliver corrosive liquid which not containing solid particles and similar to water in viscidity. It featured by wide range of performance, high efficiency, superior standardzation, easy maintenance etc.   Product Description      Factory Pump, Chemical Petrochemical Pump   Pump Structure Features High efficiency Single-stage Durable, low ...

Type QZ Submersible Axial Flow Pump,chemical centrifugal Petrochemical Pump

Model No:QZ Submersible Axial Flow Pump

Delivery Time:30 Days

Type QZ Submersible Axial Flow Pump,chemical centrifugal Petrochemical Pump   Product Description Submersible Axial Flow Pump Type QZ Submersible Axial Flow Pump  is the upgraded and renewed one based on the traditional Pump-motor unit.It is widely used for water supply & drainage in factories, mines,docks and cities as well as sewage drainage projects and flood control works.It is used to transfer clear water or other liquid which is physically and chemically similar to clear water.The Pump...

ZA type Petrochemical Pump

Model No:ZA

Min. Order:10

1.Overview ZA type Petrochemical Pump belongs to Single-stage single suction cantilever centrifugal Pump.Mainly applied in Petroleum, chemical industry, synthetic fiber, fertilizer, power plant, metallurgy, food and medicine and other industrial sectors for transporting 2.Product features The Pump is a kind of Pump that owns single stage, horizontal and spiral. Pump body gets the foot support, single suction impeller. Axial suction, radial discharge; According to the using condition before and ...

Petrochemical Pump

Model No:HPA

Petrochemical process Pump:This Petrochemical Pump is a signle-stage, single-suction cantilever type volute Pump. It was designed in accordance with API610, API682VDMA24297 standard.The structure owns the following features:Central line support of Pump body, axial inlet, radial outlet, the axial force hydraulically balanced by the rings at the front rear and equilibrium holes. API682 recommended sealing plan.Seal:1. Mechanical seal---171(A) mechanical seal (this kind of seal is the national-pate...

HB Pump Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Hangzhou

3G three screw mechanical seal Petrochemical Pump

Model No:3G

Delivery Time:3 Days

                        3G three screw mechanical seal Petrochemical Pump Application:   It applies to deliver lubricating medium,such as oil ,bitumen, with the viscosity of 3-760cSt at temperature below 350°C The Pump’s working pressure range from 0.6Mpa to 2.5Mpa  Flow rate range from 0.6m3/h to123 m3/h. The are mainly suited to fuel delivering, hydraulic engineering, shiping engineering, Petrochemical  and other industry fields. Standar seal:Mechanical seal,packing seal is available Direction...

API610 OH1 stainless steel centrifugal Petrochemical Pump from China

Model No:FMD

          API610 OH1 stainess steel centrifugal Petrochemical  Pump from China     Product Description  API 610 OH1 stainless steel centrifugal Petrochemical  Pump produced by Damei Kingmech Pump Co.,Ltd is specialized for petrochemcial industry.It is OH1 type produced according to API 610 standard.It can used for delivering fuel,chemical solution and so on.The material we choose is staniless steel.While if you require other material such as cast steel ,CD4MCu, Titanium, Titanium Alloy, Hastello...

Chemical Centrifugal Petrochemical Pump

Model No:AM

Delivery Time:7 Days

  Product Description Chemical Centrifugal Petrochemical Pump Shijiazhuang An Pump Machinery Co.,Ltd. Shijiazhuang An Pump Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional all kinds of pumps manufacturer with  years' experience. 1.The main Pump products:slurry Pump,gravel Pump,sewage Pump,split Pump with large capacity,Multistage Pump with high lift,self priming Pump and Pump spares,could meet various requirements of all the customers.2.Scale:we have 120 workers and 15 professional engineers3.Certification:...

high self-priming Pump / Petrochemical Pump

Model No:YB sevies

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications *High self-priming Pump / Petrochemical Pump *The Pump has its obvious advantage in the transmission of high flow   High self-priming Pump / Petrochemical Pump   Main FeaturesYB series high self-priming Pump / Petrochemical Pump is with by-pass valve built-in. The high self-priming Pump Pump uses a rotor with sliding vanes to drive the liquid transfer. The material of construction is nodular cast iron with self-lubricating vanes. Due to its superior performance, the Petrochemical ...

API610 OH1 Horizontal Petrochemical Pump

Model No:OH1 (FMD)

Min. Order:1

Product Description Single-stage horizontal, radially split volute casing pumps with feet below and single-entry radial impeller, end suction branch, radially upwards discharge branch. Depending on operating conditions hydraulic balance provided by front or rear wear rings and balance holes. Casing cover with cooling or heating connections , shaft sealing by packings or mechanical seals of any design (single or double working ), connections for cooling, flushing or sealing liquid. Standardize p...

Petrochemical Processing Pump (ZA)

Model No:ZA

The Petrochemical Pump is a kind of chemical process Pump, which is horizontal centrifugal Pump, with single stage, single suction. Complies to AP610 standard 10th Q: 3~2600 H: 3~300m Max. Pressure: 5Mpa Petrochemical Pump(APIOH2): This product is a signle-stage, single-suction cantilever type volute Pump. It was designed in accordance with API610, API682VDMA24297 standard. The structure owns the following features: Central line support of Pump body, axial inlet, radial outlet, the axial force h...

API Bb3 Petrochemical Pump

Model No:VTP

Product Description Extensive ApplicationsOil and GasThere are thousands of multistage split pumps operating around world on water flood, crude shipping, product pipeline, LPG pipeline, supercritical ethylene and supercritical CO2 onshore or offshore, the multistage is probably the most widely used ISO13709(API610) BB3 Pump in the world.Hydrocarbon ProcessingMultistage split pumps are found in crude charge, boiler feed and lean amine services in most gas plants, refineries and Petrochemical plan...

Petrochemical Process Pump/Chemical Pump/Oil Pump/API Pump/Power plant/Sea Water industry

Model No:Series Z

Delivery Time:2 Days

  Pump introduction Series Z Petrochemical process Pump is designed and manufactured according to API610 standard. The application of this series widely covered many fields, since it is suitable to transport most of the medium for it has perfect design, and multiple structures. Advantages of this series makes it has a high cost performance with good marketing prospect.     Application Series Z Petrochemical Pump is suitable for neutral or corrosive liquid of low or high temperature with or witho...

ZGB ash removing slurry Pump

Model No:ZGB

Delivery Time:45 Days

Notation   In order to meet the requirements on the development of the electric power, metallurgy and coal industries , our works has designed and developed Series ZGB(P)Up-to-date Generation Slurry Pump with large capacity , high head , multi-stages in series to remove ash & sludge and to deliver liquid-solids mixture , based on the experience of slurry Pump design and manufacture for many years , and abstracting the research of slurry Pump design and manufacture for many years , abstractin...

Nuclear Pump

HA Series Petrochemical Process PumpApplication: It is mainly used in transporting low or high temperature liquid, neutral or corrosive liquid, clean liquid or liquid containing solid grain, especially suitable for Petrochemical industry, refinery, coal processing plant, metallurgy, pharmaceutical plant, oilchemical, electricity, paper works, pulp, sugar making and medium with special requirements. Transferring Media: Organic acid and inorganic acid of different temperature and concentration. Al...


Model No:IMC

Delivery Time:6 Days

Specifications IMC Series pharmacy Magnetic Driven Pumps This Pump is suitable for transporting different kinds of liquids in Petrochemical Pump     Product Description  Introduction   IMC series magnetic drive pumps are standard chemical process pumps, which can be classified into horizontal, cantilever, single-stage, single suction centrifugal pumps. They all comply with DIN24256, ISO2858, GB5662-85, API685 standards.   The greatest figure of the pumps is 100% non-leakage. They are suitable fo...

QDQ-L filter

Min. Order:1

Product introduction: QDQ-L filter 1. Overview : Vertical filter is widely used in chemical, petroleum, electricity, water supply and other industries filtration unit. The filter has big filter area, high filtration precision, small pressure loss and long service life and stable performance, etc. Choosing different filter medium, reasonable filter structure and polarity combination, separation efficiency can be as high as 99% ~ 99.99%, and separation efficiency is the highest and most stable sep...

Petrochemical Process Chemical Pump

Model No:BCZ/BBZ

Min. Order:1

This is Chemical Process Pump,you can call it Stainless Steel Chemical Pump,Petrochemical Process Pump and Ss304 Chemical Pump.It type is BCZ/BBZ Petrochemical Process Pump Application: For pumping cold or hot, chemically neutral or aggressive. clean liquids or liquid containing solid particles, especially used in: Chemical and Petrochemical industries Refineries Pharmacy and sugar industries Steel plant and power station Petrochemical Process Pump Operation Data: Capacity: 2000m3/h Head: 160m ...

ZA.ZAO Series Petrochemical process centrifugal Pump

Model No:ZA80-315

Min. Order:1

Application: In refineries, Petrochemical industry, coal processing and low temperature engineering, chemical industry, fiber and general processing industries, particularly in paper and pulp industries, sugar industry, water industry, particularly seawater desalination plants, heating and air-conditioning system, fossil and nuclear power-stations, condition protective project, ship and offshore industries. The Pump is used to transfer various clean or slightly grain contained, cold or hot, chem...

Petrochemical Centrifugal Pump (ZE40-25-200A ~ ZE200-200-500)

Model No:IH

ZE Heavy Petroleum Chemical Pump1. Capacity: 3.6~1800m3/h2. Head: 4~250m3. Speed: 1450~2900r/m4. Material: SS304, 3165. Size: 40~400mm6. Working pressure: 5mpa7. Temperature: -80~450degree1. SummarizeThe Petroleum Chemical Pump is designed based on, API610, API682 and VDMA24297(heavy type). This Pump is single-stage, Pump-absorption cantilevered Pump. The Pump body is supported by centerline. It is Inhalation axial and radial discharge. Axial force adopts before and after ring and balance holes ...

Stainless Steel Screw Pump, SS Screw Pump, SS304 Screw Pump

Model No:Stainless Steel screw Pump

Stainless Steel screw Pump|SS Screw Pump|SS304 Screw Pump 3QGB Stainless Steel Heat Insulation fuel oil Triple Screws Pump with warm jacket Stainless Steel screw Pump 1, Application: It applies to deliver clean and non-corrosive medium which has lubricating property at temp blow 150 with the viscosity of 3-760cst. The Pump working pressure range from 0.6mpa to 2.5mpa and flow rate range from 0.6m3/h to 123m3/h. They are main suited to fuel delivering, hydraulic engineering, shipping engineering,...

Slurry Pump (EHM-12ST SLURRY Pump)


EHM Slurry Pump Introduction: The Frame Plates For Type EHM Pumps Have Replaceable Wear-Resistant Metal Liners. The Impellers Are Made Of Wear-Resistant Metal. The Frame Plate Liner And Impeller For EHM Pump Are Adoptable Of Hard Metal Only. Bearing Assembly Use Cylindrical Structure, Adjusting The Space Between Impeller And Front Liner Easily, Being Removed Completely When Being Repaired. Bearing Assembly Use Grease Lubrication. The Shaft Seal Could Use The Packing Seal, Expeller Seal And Mecha...

Xbc Diesel Fire Pump

Model No:XBC fire pump

XBC automatic fire engine pumping systems as a fixed fire extinguishing equipment has been widely used in fire segregation, especially in the absence of power or power (electricity) is not the normal circumstances of the accident, such as fire water supply. Units in the distribution of water pumps for the Division I single-stage production of horizontal, multi-level fire for pumps, which are domestic, with a diesel engine manufacturing industry backbone enterprises of 495, 4135, X6135, 12V135 se...

Pacific Pump Group Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Province Yongjia Town

Pump for milking machine

Model No:SK Series of liquid ring vacuum pump

Min. Order:1

vacuum Pump milking machine   Features:Our liquid ring vacuum Pump added a air valve on the air inlet to adjust the air. Mechanical sealing improves the running reliability. Motor and Pump are designed in the same shaft which saves installation space. This single grade water loop vacuum Pump is designed with assimilation of the internationalstandard.   Water ring vacuum pumps are widely used for machinery, Petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, sugar-making and electronic industries.          ...

Mining Horizontal Slurry Pump

Model No:Slurry Pump

Delivery Time:3 Days

Product Description Introduction: Slurry Pump can be widely used in mines, electric power, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and other industries transport slurry containing abrasive solid particles.Such as metallurgical mill pulp conveying, hydraulic ash thermal power plants, coal washery coal slurry and heavy media delivery, dredging river, river dredging, etc.In the chemical industry, also can carry some corrosive slurry containing crystallization. Structure: Single stage, single suc...

Apply to Petrochemical API 610 double suction horizontal split case centrifugal Pump

Model No:MH25B

Delivery Time:3 Days

Company Information Shijiazhuang Gravel Slurry Pump Industry Co.,ltd locates in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China, it is an integrative  production, research, design and sales company, specialized in manufacturing slurry Pump products. The company  acting as one of the national heavy machinery industry unit, now has been developed into a professional manufacturer of slurry Pump, mud Pump, slush Pump, foam Pump, sand-slurry Pump. Apply to Petrochemical API 610 double suction horizontal split ca...

Industrial slurry Pump, corrosion resisting slurry pumps

Model No:slurry pump

Min. Order:1

Introduction: Slurry Pump can be widely used in mines, electric power, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and other industries transport slurry containing abrasive solid particles.Such as metallurgical mill pulp conveying, hydraulic ash thermal power plants, coal washery coal slurry and heavy media delivery, dredging river, river dredging, etc.In the chemical industry, also can carry some corrosive slurry containing crystallization. Single stage, single suction, overhang shaft, centrifug...

Foam tank centrifugal froth flotation slurry Pump series AF

Model No:centrifugal slurry pump series AF

Delivery Time:15 Days

Foam tank centrifugal froth flotation slurry Pump series AF    Froth pumps series AF is efficiency Pump product which is manufactured by Shijiazhuang Tech-macro industry Co.,ltd under the advance manufacture technology introduced from abroad . These froth pumps are suitable  for handing solids-liquid mixture,special for delivering frothy pulp generated in flotation machines in metalliferous and coal flotation circuits. Features: 1.AF series is suitable for transporting slurry with froth,especial...

slurry Pump and spare parts , metal and rubber lined slurry Pump

Model No:submersible slurry pump

Delivery Time:8 Days

Product Description 1.  Materials: The wear parts material of MV,RV series Pump is high-chrome alloy. This kind of material is wear resistant and has good performance under erosive conditions.   2. MSV(RSV)-200 Vertical Slurry Pump Outlet Dia 300mm Capacity (Q) 288-1267m³/h Head(H) 6-33m Max Power(KW):   200KW Speed(N) 350-700r/min Effiency 50% Impeller Dia 610mm Impeller No 5   3. Vertical Series Pump Features:  MV,PV type vertical slurry pumps are vertical centrifugal slurry Pump, generally in...

Hot Sale High Quanlity CQB model 2 Fluorine Plastic Magnetic Pump

Model No:CQB 40-25-200F Magnetic pump

Delivery Time:15 Days

   Hot Sale  High Quanlity CQB model 2  Fluorine Plastic Magnetic Pump Product Description CQB series  fluorine plastic  magnetic-driving pumps, magnetic coupling dynamic seals, does not exist, so thoroughly eliminate the general shaft driving centrifugal pumps running, the shaft seal leakage  phenomenon. Its flow  components by fluorine plastic and high purity industrial ceramic, excellent corrosion resistance and sealing, therefore, is widely  used in chemical industry, medicine, aluminum foil...

power plant Pump

Model No:boiler feed pump

Min. Order:5

Design: Type CHTA barrel Pump is horizontal. multi-stae centrifugal Pump but type HDSR Pump is single casing horizontal, section ring Pump. The components of which are same as that of CHTA except the saing. The surface of handling liquid are clad with layers of aesthetics stainless steel both the suction and discharge nozzles are upwards. The suction branch can also be downward it required.The stage casing(104) inle annulus(103) and diffuser (106) are made of chrome steel. The casing wear ring(1...

8 Inches Sand Dredge Gravel Pump

Model No:10/8 F-G

Min. Order:1

8 Inches Sand Dredge Gravel Pump ShiJiaZhuang NaiPu Pump Co.,Ltd , Is one of professional factory of slurry Pump, sand gravel Pump , dredging Pump , Water Pump and spare parts . NaiPu Pump is devoted to Pump solution industry for more than 30 years! Feature and Application 8 Inches Sand Dredge Pumps are widely used for pumping gravel, dredging , or pumping solids which is too large to be transported by others Pump. 8 Inches Gravel Sand Pump outlet diameters is 250 mm, Inlet size is 300mm. ...

Horizontal Three Screw Oil Pump

Model No:3G

Min. Order:1

3G Horizontal Three Screw Oil Pump 3G Horizontal Three Screw Oil Pump is a positive displacement Pump rotor type, due to the driving screw and driven screw spiral groove on the pitch.They cooperate with bushing three hole surface, between the import and export of the Pump Form number level dynamic seal chamber, and the dynamic seal chamber will continue to move from Pump axial liquid Pump discharge, and lose a liquid booster step by step, thus forming a continuous, smooth, axial movement of liqu...

SK Vacuum Pump

SK series water ring vacuum Pump and compressor are used to suck in or compress air and other air that have no corrosives, undissolvable, and without solid particles, in order to form the vacuum and pressure in the airtight container, gas mixed with a small amount of liquid is allowed. SK series water ring type vacuum Pump and compressor are widely used in machinery, Petrochemical industry, pharmacy, food, sugar industry and electronic field. Because in the course of job, the compressed gas is c...

AH slurry Pump

Model No:Ah slurry pump 01

Min. Order:1 SET

Description of AH series slurry Pump Company Profile: Tangshan Relia Industrial Pump Co., Ltd is a professional slurry Pump manufacturer in China. With the accumulation and development of years, we have formed a complete system of slurry Pump design, sel ection, application and maintenance. Quick details of AH series slurry pumps: Theory: centrifugal slurry Pump Structure: Single-stage slurry Pump Usage: slurry pumping Power: Electric Standard or ...

Rexroth A4VG56 A4VG63 A4VG71 A4VG90 A4V125 A4VG180 charge Pump

Model No:Rexroth A4VG56 A4VG63 A4VG71 A4VG90 A4V125 A4VG180 charge pump

Min. Order:5pcs

Rexroth A4VG56 A4VG63 A4VG71 A4VG90 A4V125 A4VG180 charge Pump rotary group parts A4VG125F00/A4VG125F02/A4VG125F69/A4VG90F00/A4VTG90F00/A4VTG71F00/A4VG71F00/A4VG40F02/A4VG56F69/A11VG50F02/A10VG63F02/A4VG180F02/A4VG250F02 charge Pump/gear Pump/oil Pump concrete Pump truvk/concrete blender piston Pump/concrete mixer truck piston Pump/motor Rexroth A4VG28(A4F028)/A4VG40/A4VG45/A4VG50/A4VG56/A4V56/A4VG71/A4V71/A4VG90/A4VG125/A4V125/A4VG180/A4VG250/A4V250/A4VHW90 charge Pump/complete Pump and Replac...

Ningbo Oilmax Hydraulic Pump Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Province, China Ningbo

Diaphragm Pump

The main application areas of Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump & the suitable fluid Chemical in dustry : Acid, alkalis, solvents, suspended solids, decentralized system. Petrochemical industry: Crude oil, dense oil, grease, slurry, mire, etc. Coating industry: Resins, solvents, coloring agents, paints, etc. Daily chemical industry: Detergent, shampoo, latex, emulsion, hand cream, surfactants Ceramic industry: Slurry, ceramic mud, lime mud, clay, etc. Mining industry: coal mud, lava, mud, slurry, explosi...

Single Stage Organic Petrochemical Hot Oil Pump / Oil Heating Pump

Quick Details:   1, High performance, high efficiency, 2, low noise, low energy consumption 3, PTFE dynamic seal 4, single-stage, single-suction, cantilever type   Single - Stage, Single - Suction Organic Petrochemical Hot Oil Pump / Oil Heating Pump, WRY-25-20-120   Description:   WRY series hot oil pumps have a widely use in the organic carrier heat system, which has been used in Petrochemical, oil production, plastic, rubber, textile, printing and dyeing, synthetic fiber, road laying and othe...

slurry Pump

Model No:slurry pump

Slurry Pump overview: AM series pumps are a kind of cantilevered centrifugal horizontal slurry Pump. Slurry Pump application: AM series pumps are mainly used in transporting slurry with strong corrosion and high concentration for many industries, such as: metallurgy, mine, coal, electric power, building materials and so on. Typically design for cyclone feed, mill discharge etc. Model meaning: 1.5/1B-AM 1.5: the inlet diameter=1.5inch 1: the outlet diameter=1inch B: frame type AM: An Pump centrif...

YAZ Open Impeller Paper Pulp Pump

Model No:YAZ

Min. Order:1

Capacity:(6~1600)m3/h Total head:(5~160)m Working temperature:(-20~200)℃ Max working pressure: 2.OMPa conform to ISO5199,ISO2858 .API682 standard API610 0H1 Semi-open impeller,three-slice impeller,8% pulp,chipstock 1.Introduction The YAZ series pulp Pump is the improved product of the HTZ series pulp Pump, which is a successful design based on long-term technology accumulation and on the experience of domestic and overseas advanced technology. The Pump has a strong capacity to convey fiber, part...
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