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Easily-Mobile Type Transformer Oil Purifier, Oil Purification System

Model No:ZYD-M-200 Oil Purifier

Min. Order:1

Series ZYD-M Oil purifier(Oil filtration, Oil Purification, Oil recycling, Oil treatment, Oil regeneration, Oil restoration, Oil filtering, Oil filter, Oil purifier, waste Oil disposal, Oil reclaiming, waste Oil management, energy saving) Applications: According to fieldwork requirement, this machine equips car wheels, which can be easily moved to any work point by traction. It is especially suitable for purifying transformer Oil which locates in fields. This machine can seriously recover ...

Series Tya Waste Management Lubricating Oil Purification System with High Oil out Rate

Model No:TYA Oil Purifier

Product Description Series TYA waste management lubricating Oil Purification System with high Oil out rate What TYA can do for you? 1. Removing gas, water, impurities from used Oil 2. Strong demulsification 3. Restoring technical parameters and performance 4. Prolonging Oil service life 5. Ensuring industrial equipment working normally and safely Features 1. Double primary filters structure, three-stage filtration System (primary filter, seconday filter, fine filter) with gradually incresing fil...

Fully enclosed type Insulating Oil Purification System plant

Model No:ZYD-50

Min. Order:1

Application: Moisture is one of the most significant contaminants which effects the performance of the dielectric fluid and ultimately the transformer lifetime. ASSEN ZYD High vacuum Insulating Oil Dehydration and Purification plant combines with unique and advanced vacuum dewatering, degassing components and three grades filtering System for rapidly and effectively separating water, gas, particles from Oil,and restore property of insulating Oil. After treatment,Oil quality guarantees to the fol...

TYA High Vacuum Cooking Oil Purification System, Vegetable O

Model No:TAY

Related Website: http://www.oilrenew.com http://www.leizeyan.com TYA High Vacuum Cooking Oil Purification System, Vegetable Oil Filtration Unit Application: The TYA High Vacuum Cooking Oil Purification System is especially designed to remove water, gases and particulates from waste cooking oils, vegetable oils, palm Oil, rapeseed Oil, sunflower seed Oil, olive Oil, peanut Oil coconut Oil, etc. This specification describes the equipment supplied by Zhongneng for the processing (degasific...

Zyd-50 High Efficiency Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System

Model No:ZYD-50

Specifications   Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System 1. dewatering&degassing 2. removing impurities 3. Recover Dielectric Strength ZYD-50 High Efficiency Vacuum Transformer  Oil Purification systemThe importance of Purification: 1.       Moisture, Solid & Gaseous contaminants can seriously affect the function of electrical Insulating Fluids as a coolant & insulator. (It have been recognized as a necessity for regular Purification for electrical insulating fluids) 2.       With...

TYA Gear Oil Purification System/Multi-function Vacuum Lubricant Oil Purifier/Engine Oil Purification

Model No:TYA

Min. Order:1

TYA Gear Oil Purification System/Multi-function Vacuum Lubricant Oil Purifier/Engine Oil Purification Application: this machine is applied to refresh and filter all sorts of high-precision lubricant Oil, such as hydraulic Oil, mechanic Oil, coolant Oil, gear Oil, heat treatment Oil and so on. Feature: 1. it is good at breaking emulsification 2. it combines the coalesing separation with dehydration 3. the deeper and preciser FH rectangular Filtration System 4. zhongneng's unique technology with H...

vacuum lube Oil Purification System

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:10 Days

Application: ZYL vacuum lube Oil Purification System also can be used as Oil filtration systems for turbine Oil, gear Oil, engine Oil, compressor Oil, refrigeration Oil and other industrial oils, so it is wildly applied in electric power, metallurgy, mining, chemicals, transportation, manufacturing, petroleum, railway etc. ZYL- vacuum lube Oil Purification System is the most reliable, versatile, durable, and user-friendly machine in the industry today. ZANYO outstanding features: A. Evaporation...

Steam Turbine Oil Purification System

Model No:TOP

Application TOP Turbine Oil Purification System will be special made for waste turbine lubricating Oil to remove a large number of moisture in addition to impurity. Like power plant life, power stop steam generator in the process connected with running, wetness, dust plus impurities will probably be mixed in often the turbine acrylic, will increase the oxidation of lube Oil, and improved with polyurethane foam, fouling and even Oil sludge, cause the exact Oil emulsified serious, together with le...

Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System for Super-Voltage Transformer Oil (ZYD)

Model No:ZYD

ZYD series vacuum transformer Oil Purification System for super-voltage transformer Oil is specially designed for improving Oil's dielectric strength and making sure electric equipments working safely and normally. ZYD vacuum transformer Oil Purification systemequipped with double-stage vacuum System, it can quickly and effectively remove water, trace water, gas, particles as well as acetylene, hydrogen, methane and other harmful ingredients from unqualified insulating Oil. ZYD vacuum transforme...

Used Oil Purification System

Model No:HCY

Used Oil Purification System Regarding our model HCY Used Oil Purification System. It can be disposed waste engine Oil, motor Oil, mixed Oil, used tire Oil and so on. We use the distillation technology to purify waste Oil, only our company have this technology, we have passed CE certification and also we have own patents. During process, there is no any pollution environment, because no smoking, no odor. And the same time, you don't need to add any chemicals like Tetraethylenepentamine (TEPA), W...

Fully Automatical type insulation Oil Purification System plant

Model No:ZYD-100

Min. Order:1

Application: ZYD series vacuum insulation Oil Purification System is mainly used to extend the lifetime of oils used in transformers, circuit breakers, mutual inductor, voltage regulators and switch gear, or to inject the insulating Oil into the transformers. Equipped with regenerators, ASSEN insulation Oil Purification equipments can improve the effect of de-acid, de-color and remove dielectric and acid more effectively. The value of breakdown voltage will increase from 15KV to 75KV. The perfor...

High precision sea Oil Purification System for generating units with two-level filtration

Model No:JY-DFS15A

Delivery Time:7 Days

 High precision sea Oil Purification System for generating units with two-level filtration   Excellent performance: •New polymer membrane filtration technology •Selectivity characteristics of polymer membrane is core technology. •Filtering diesel Oil contains a lot of free water •High precision and deep filtration •Guarantee the cleanness index of diesel Oil •Improve the efficiency of the engine •Prolong engine service life •The cost of filtration is low • Automatic cleaning tank   Technical Par...

Enclosed Type Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System

Model No:DVTP

DVTP Double Stages High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System is widely used for Purification and drying of insulating Oil in various types of large-scale transformer equipment installation and maintenance, especially for the 110KV-500KV high-pressure, ultra-high voltage transformer Oil Purification treatment, and also for high-grade new Oil, the depth of imported Oil Purification. DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant adopts vacuum roots pump boosting System, high vacuum sepa...

Engine Oil Purifier/ Oil Regeneration System

Model No:Engine Oil Purifier/ Oil Regeneration System Series LYE

Min. Order:1

Application LYE used engine Oil regeneration System is particularly used in such industry as mines, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, mechanical manufacture in which lubrication Oil like hydraulic Oil, engine Oil, cooling Oil etc are used. Gas/Diesel engine Oil used in the field of transportation like shipping, land-carriage etc. also can be treated with regeneration by LYE series machines. Features 1.Adopting high-precision stainless steel strainer with excellent mechanical intensity ...

Engine Oil recycling System,Oil purifier

Model No:series LYE

Application: LYE series Oil regeneration System machine is particularly suitable to regenerate of waste engine Oil including diesel engine Oil, gasoline engine Oil and internal-combustion engine oils and used hydraulic Oil, machinery's lubricating Oil and blended oils. It not only removes the impurities, water, and acid matter, organic and inorganic acid, carbon particulate matter and peroxides effectively. In gas engine Oil, bitumen and colloid and other sludge can be removed similarly. But als...

Offer HV Transformer Oil Purification System,Dielectric Oil Purifier

Model No:ZYD-II

Min. Order:1

How does ZYD series Transformer Oil Purification Equipment work? When this machine start working, the used Oil will be injected into the primary filter under the pressure, the primary filter will remove the big impurities, then the Oil which just contains the particles is heated by the heater. Then the treated Oil enter into the vacuum separator, the vapor is separated from the Oil and refrigerate to water under the process of the lowest-vacuum pressure and the degassing equipments. The last p...

Cooking Oil Filtration System

Model No:TPF-10

Delivery Time:15 Days

n k ( dot ) r o b i n e (at) h o t m a i l ( dot ) c o m Introduction: This filtration plant is special for filtering waste cooking Oil; it removes impurity, odor, water, acid and alcohol etc. from Oil completely and effectively. Treated cooking Oil color is limpidity, Oil is good smell. This filtration plant is suitable for food factory, cooking Oil factory, vegetable Oil factory, it can help factory reclaim remnants Oil. Also, TPF is a good filtration part for bio-diesel Oil mak...

Oil Purification System for insulating Oil, dielectric Oil, transformer Oil

Min. Order:1 set

Delivery Time:20 Days

Keywords/Tags: Oil purifier, China Oil purifier, Oil Purification machine, Oil regeneration System, transformer Oil purifier, turbine Oil purifier, lube Oil purifier, engine Oil purifier, car Oil purifier, motor Oil recycling System Product Description: As is well known the Transformer plays an important role in the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Under load the transformer, dissipates heat and the insulating Oil acts as a coolant as well as an effective dielectri...

Transforemr Oil filtration machine/ Oil Purification System

Model No:ZYD

Min. Order:1

Application: The series ZYD Double-stage vacuum Transformer Oil purifier machine is suitable for dehydration to remove moisture as well as dissolved gasses from Transformer. It is exhausting and dehumidifying the transformer to ensure good insulation levels. Series ZYD Double-stage vacuum transformer Oil purifier is special for treating the new and old transformer Oil, mutual Oil, switch Oil. Comparing with the single stage type, this machine adopts the double stages vacuum System, which can im...

Hydraulic Oil Cleaning System, Hydraulic Oil Purification Plant, Hydraulic Oil Restoration Machinery, Hydraulic Oil Cleaner, Oil

Model No:TYA-I

Min. Order:1

Generally, hydraulic Oil is to be maintained at very high quality of Purification. The Oil often having large sizes of particles is passed through coarse type filter, to trap the large sized particles. Having taken care of micronic and sub-micronic particles, it is further finely cleaned by electro-statically, operated hydraulic Oil cleaner & brought to the international standards. Feature: 1. The machine adopt deeply and precisely FH rectangular filtering System and highly polymeric adsorbi...

Vacuum Turbine Oil Purification Machine

Model No:TVP

Min. Order:1

TVP Vacuum Turbine Oil Purification Machine utilizes a vacuum dewatering and coalescing process to remove emulsified and dissolved water from turbine Oil, it also equips micron filter elements to remove particulates. TVP Vacuum Turbine Oil Purification Machine are self-contained, skid mounted and offer electric control panel for easy operation. The purpose of Vacuum Turbine Oil Purification Machine is the removal of water and particulate and recover the property of turbine Oil, so that used turb...

Onsite high vacuum transformer Oil Purification System

Model No:zyd-i

Min. Order:1

Application: ZYD-I Onsite high vacuum transformer Oil Purification systemr is used mainly applied in power plant, power station, transformer factory, electric power company, power transformation, metallurgy, petrifaction, machinery, traffic, railway and so on.ZYD-I Insulation Oil purifier can remove particles, dewater, degas from the old and new insulating Oil. Especially for the 110KV-500KV large-scale transformer station, ZYD-I Onsite high vacuum transformer Oil Purification systemis particul...

Air Purification System for Film Industry

Model No:air purification system

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications integrated air compressor System widely used in kinds of industries world-famous brand&quality equipped by client's request Air Purification System for Film Industry / Integrated Air Compressor System   Shanghai Goodair Compressor Co.,Ltd is a professional compressor sales company.We have kinds of compressors to meet different requirements.   1.Air Compressor Our company has Anest Iwata Oil free piston/scroll screw compressor,Atlas Copco Bolaite screw air compressor,electrical...

Portable Hydraulic Oil Purification Plant

Model No:LVP

Achieving proper cleanness level in hydraulic and lubrication systems requires the successful capture and removal of contaminants. Purification must be done by minimizing fluid oxidation, maintaining lubricity properties and reducing aeration. LVP Portable Hydraulic Oil Purification Plant removes 100 percent of free water and 80 percent of dissolved water. It also can removes 99 percent of particulate more than 1 micron. LVP Portable Hydraulic Oil Purification Plant is designed to be robust and ...

ZYD Mineral Transformer Oil Purifier,Oil Purification

Model No:ZYD-25

Min. Order:1

What is an Oil purifier plant? Transformer Oil is generally mixed with gas, water and contaminants. The content of the contaminants generally increases with time. In the ZHONGNENG Oil purifier plants (ZYD type) these associated gases, water and contaminants are separated from the Oil and taken away. In transformer applications, it is electrically critical that the Oil does not contain too much of these substances. After treating the Oil in the Oil treatment plant, the stabilized Oil is then agai...

Used transformer Oil recycling System, vacuum dehydration

Model No:Zyd-150

Used transformer Oil recycling System, vacuum dehydration Series ZYD Double-stage transformer Oil purifier can quickly remove water, trace water, gas, particles as well as acetylene, hydrogen, methane and other harmful ingredients from Oil effectively to improve Oil's dielectric strength, effectively making sure electric equipments working safely and normally. Series ZYD Oil purifier is particularly suitable for treating high-grade transformer Oil, super-voltage transformer Oil and new transf...

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine

Model No:ZYD

ZY transformer Oil Purification machine can purify and dry Oil in transformers on and off-line, The machine is designed for heating, drying and refining of transformer Oil from liquid and solids. It is also intended for insulation restoration of current and voltage Oil-filled transformers, for solid insulation cleaning of power transformers, for insulation drying of power transformers. ZY transformer Oil Purification machine also can be used for vacuum filling and vacuum drying of transformers a...

Home Water Purification System

Model No:Water Purification System

Model: NW-RO50-C2 RO System auto flushing, RO water filter, domestic RO water purifier5 stage RO water filterUndersink water Purification System RO systemReverse Osmosis system5 stage undersink RO System water Purification system5 stage RO water filter systemUndersink RO System water Purification systemUsing famous brand reverse osmosis membrane, high pressure pump, and convenient and economical replacement filter to make pure and tasty drinking water. Function of stage cartridgeStageDescription...

Power Equipment Insulating Oil Purifier/ Single Stage Insulation Oil Purifier (Oil Purification System) (JY)

Model No:JY

Use: JY is widely used to regenerate and purify the deteriorated transformer Oil, circuit breaker Oil, capacitor Oil, low viscosity lubricating Oil, in power generation plants, transformer stations, electric transmission and supplying company, factories, mines, railway transportation, etc. It can be used as special equipment for electric power transformer maintenance. Not only can it remove water, gas, and other impurities from the Oil, but also it can remove oxide materials and remove free carb...

Vacuum Phosphate Ester Fire-resistant Oil Purification Machine TYA-I

Model No:TYA-I-10

Min. Order:1

Vacuum Phosphate Ester Fire-resistant Oil Purification Machine TYA-I Application It is specially used in the treatment and regeneration of fire-resistant hydraulic Oil in the big and medium-sized thermoelectric generator speed-governing System. Features 1.Small in volume, light in weight, and easily moved. 2.This machine`s body is made of acid and dissolving resistant stainless steel; the stage-to-stage dandified filter element is made of special materials. 3.The materials and phosphate ester ar...

High quality cooking Oil Purification machine with CE and ISO

Model No:1st series cooking oil purification machine

Delivery Time:30 Days

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.     1. Why is always Doing???   a. 20 years manufacturing experience.   b. 26 technical engineers research on new efficient processing craft and instruct manufacturing and installation.   c. 76 technicians-professional installation team-with rich and mature installation and training experience.   d. CE and ISO9001     2. What's kind of machine we can manufacture???   Oil seeds press production line: 5-2000T per 24 hrs   Solvent extraction production lin...

vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier,Oil Purification System , Insulating Oil Regenation Purification unit

Model No:YH-RH-121

Min. Order:1

Specifications 1. Environmental Protection 2. Energy Conservation 3. PLC intelligent detection 4. Automatic control 5. Turnkey plant Waste to Oil Energy   Day be day, waste tire, waste plastic, waste rubber, waste Oil cause serious environmental pollution. Most people have no idea about how to dispose of these house waste or industry waste. Burning, landfill, actually are not the right way to solve the problem.   We have the honor to introduce you the green technology for waste recycling. Waste ...

Double Stages Transformer Oil Purification Machine

Model No:DVP

Min. Order:1

Application: DVP double stages vacuum transformer Oil Purification machine is designed and built as user friendly high vacuum Oil Purification System for every applications. It uses advanced and unique technology, double stages horizontal vacuum towers, which speed up the dewatering and degassing more quickly and completely than normal type. After treatment by DVP double stages high vacuum transformer Oil Purification machine, the water content can reach 3ppm, gas content can reach 0.1% and 95% ...

ZYM-50 (3000L/H) Double-Stage Transformer Oil Purifier, Insulating Oil Purification

Model No:ZYM-50

Min. Order:1

ZYM Movable vacuum transfomer Oil purifier CNNK ZYM Movable vacuum transfomer Oil purifier adds Roots vacuum System, second stage of separating System to improve the efficiency of Purification. It can remove free soluble water, carbon, free and dissolved gases, and particulate matters from insulating Oil effectively and rapidly. Series ZYM Oil purifier is particularly suitable for treating high-grade transformer Oil, super-voltage transformer Oil and new transformer Oil. It can be used for filtr...

Recycled hydraulic Oil filtrator System,Purification System,save 50% costs,dewatering,degassing,remove particles

Model No:TYA-30

Min. Order:1

Specifications hydraulic Oil filtrator System 1.effectively break emulsification 2.reduce damage to machines from contaminated fluid Recycled hydraulic Oil filtrator System,Purification System,save 50% costs,dewatering,degassing,remove particles Why do we choose Oil purifier? After a period of operation, owing to its exposal to oxygen and mixed with water, copper and iron and other foreign materials and high working temperature acceleration , transformer Oil will oxidize and lose its original pr...

Turbine Oil Purification machine Sino-nsh TF series

Model No:TF

Turbine Oil Purification machine Sino-nsh TF series is particularly suitable for purifying turbine lubricating Oil. It also applys to treat hydraulic, coolant Oil and other lubrication in which contain large of water, vapor, impurities, sludge, dielectric and colloid. Turbine Oil Purification machine Sino-nsh TF series can eliminate them effectively and efficiently. TF series will result in the improvement of the properties of turbine Oil, other lubrication and extend the maintenance period of t...

Lubricant Oil purifier, lubrication Oil Purification, lubrication Oil recycling plant, lubrication Oil regeneration System

Model No:LD

Min. Order:1 set

Attn: Ms Cicilin Green E:cicilingreen at gmail com Skype: cicilin.green PH: 0086-15922705004 LD Series Used Lubrication Oil Purifier Usage: Lubrication Oil purifier, hydraulic Oil purifier used in: 1, Its mainly used in hydraulic Oil recycling and machinery Oil Purification etc. which include more impurities in the Oil. 2, can separate the water, gas, impurity. Increase the flash point, viscocity. Feature: 1. The lubrication Oil purifier used strong demulsifying capability, which could separat...

Vacuum Dry-Out Tranformer Oil Purification Machine

Model No:ZYD-I-150 Oil Purifier

Min. Order:1

skype ID: topoilpurifier0 Application: This plant is used for transformer Oil dehydration and transfromer Oil degasification as well as other electrical insulating liquids. The ZYD is able to increase and maintain the Oil's dielectric strength and includes the removal of free and soluble water, free and dissolved air and gases and particulate matter. Meanwhile, Series ZYD Oil purifier can be used as independent vacuum source with functions of vacuum drying and vacuum injecting. Features: 1....

Oil purifier, Oil Purification unit, Oil filters, Oil Purification plant, Oil Purification machine, Oil Purification System, Oil filtration plant, Oil filtrat

Model No:JT Series

Series of JT automatic Collecting-Dehydration Oil-Purifying equipment is designed to dehydrate the Oil by use of filer assemblies and dehydration-filtering elements, which are separately made of hydrophilic and hydrophobic synthetic material. The plant can collect the free and emulsification water to become large drips to subside and drain them expediently. The plant also can demulsify?dehydrate and filter exactly. So they could filter water and impurities in turbine Oil or lubrication on-line, ...

SINO-NSH GER Used Oil Regeneration System

Model No:GER-5

Min. Order:1

NSH GER Gas engine Oil recycling System is particularly suitable to recycle internal-combustion engine Oil including diesel engine Oil, gasoline engine Oil and internal-combustion engine oils. GER series can effectively remove colloid, oxid, acid, pitch, particles, impurities, water, gas in the Oil. Specially, GER can restore the color of used internal-combustion engine Oil and remove the scent rapidly. Product Catalogue GER Series Gas Engine Oil Regeneration System Insulation Oil Series VFD Dou...
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