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High Pressure fog Misting Machine 70 Bar

Model No:BM4-4-1.1-Z-C

Min. Order:1

Product Details Our high pressure fog Misting Machine comes with high quality components and provides unparalleled performance to cool outdoor space. The ultra fine mist from the residential fogging Machine evaporates instantly, which reduces temperatures up to 8 degree. Our innovative design and affordable price will give you a complete satisfaction. With our innovative oil free pressure mini pump, our fogging Machine has a 4-15 L/min flow at 70bar, driven by a single phase 110-220v/ 50-60hz mo...

Mini Misting Machine Pump

Model No:BX

Mini Misting Machine Pump Feature: 1. Ceramic Coated Plunger 2. Performed Water Seal& Oil Seal 3. Stable& Durable Quality 4. CE,CCC,ISO9001 Approval 5. Robust Performance, Energy Saving Description: 1. Forged Brass Cylinder 2. Anodized Aluminum Crank Case 3. Durable Water Seal & Oil Seal 4. Stable Ceramic Coated Plunger 6. Precise, Hardening Crank Shaft 7. Pressure Adjustable 8. Water Filter Built-in 9. Performed Bearings 10. Quick Connector Mounted Mini Misting Machine Pump, BX Seri...

750W 3L/Min Misting Machine (YDM-2803B)

Model No:YDM-2803B

3L/Min Industry Duty Misting Machine:Standard features:1, Triplex high pressure heavy-duty crankshaft pump;(1), Forged brass manifold, provides high strength and corrosion resistance.(2), Anodized die-cast crankcase, with large cooling fin for maximum heat dissipation.(3), Hardened and precision grinding crankshaft, for maximum durability and long life.(4), First-grade ceramic plunger, to increase resistance to pitting and wear, for maximum durability.(5), Strengthened one-piece alloy aluminium ...

Water Misting Machine

Model No:BM1

Feature: 1. Good Performance, Durable Quality 2. Energy Savings, Digital Display 3.Compact Size, Light Weight 4. Quality Plunger Pump, Easy Operation 5. CE, CCC, ISO Approval Description: The Misting & fog Systems is for outdoor cooling & fog effects. The Misting & fog Systems produces small water droplets, the small droplets evaporate quickly and then takethe temperature away from the atmosphere to cool down. The Misting & fog Systems has: 1. High Pressure Pump 2. PE Pipe 3. Inl...

Humidify Project Mist Project Humidify System Mist Misting Fog System Fogger Mist Misting Machine

Model No:AM-MH01

Humidify system mist Misting system cooler system fog system Machine humidify project, mist project Humidify project, mist project Specifications As a professional manufacture, we produce outdoor Misting systems, outdoor mist system, fan with mist, Misting cooling fan. To drop the temperature, themisting fanis one of the highly versatile products with low cost and low consumption in power for environmental control. The principle is using high-pressure plunger pump to make a high current of 10-mi...

Henan catchance agriculture irrigation fog cannon /mist cannon /fog Machine

Model No:CA-40

Min. Order:1

Product Introduction Main Features 1. Environmental protection: City pm2.5/10 dust control, Disinfection epidemic prevention, City Demolition, etc. 2.Industry dust suppression: Open pit mining blasting load, Transport dust, Port material storage yard dust. 3. Agriculture Protection: The sprayer can be used for pest control in agriculture, orchard, garden area, farmland etc. Product Details Henan Dingchneg DC-55 Pest ...

Pump moto unit for Misting Machine ELMV

Model No:ELMV

Min. Order:1

MODEL MAX FLOW MAX PRESSURE POWER REQUIRE INPUT RPM Power L/min gpm bar psi hp kw rpm V/HZ LMV0210 2 0.53 100 1450 0.75 0.55 1450 380/50 LMV0410 4 1.06 100 1450 1.1 0.75 1450 380/50 LMV0610 6 1.45 100 1450 1.5 1.1 1450 380/50 LMV0610 7.2 1.87 70 1015 1.5 1 DC MOTO 220V LMV0910 9 2.38 100 1450 3 2.2 2800 380/50 LMV1010 10 2.64 100 1450 3 2.2 2800 380/50 LMV1210 12 3.17 100 1450 3 2.2 3400 ENGINE

Saintfine Misting Machine

Model No:SFXD-CD05A

1. Adjustable hose to any angle, 2. Instant switching on/off, efficient and convenient. 3. High power motor, super speed sprayer. 4. Quick spraying, solution and labor saving. 5. Rotating spraying, without any blocking. Fields of Application: 1. Disinfection, sterilization, pest control, air purification, Antivirus, disease prevention, epidemic prevention for hospital, School, hotel, household, warehouse, factory etc., 2. The spraying disinfection and immunity for poultry farm, veterinary hospit...

Sewing Machine PL Puller

Model No:Sewing Machine Puler - PL

Min. Order:10

PL Puller For Single & Twin Needle sewing machines, Chain Stitch sewing Machines, PL-S1 for Flatbed Interlock sewing Machine, PL-S2 for Cylinder bed Interlock sewing Machine, With various optional rollers for different kinds of materials. With large space for operation. Diameter 55mm Roller. Special Bracket. Diameter 55mm Roller. More than 65mm Between Needle and Roller. For General Material. More than 50mm Between Needle and Roller. For General Material Specifications: Application Single an...

Galvanized Sheet Double Roof Roll Forming Machine

Model No:XF27/32Double Roof Roll Forming Machine

Min. Order:1

Galvanized Sheet Double Roof Roll Forming Machine Roof Forming Machine; Profile Roll Forming Machine; Glazing Metal Roll Forming Machine Industrial Process And Component Specification Uncoiler Usage:It is used to support the steel coil and uncoil it in a turnable way. The steel coil is uncoiled by hand. Loading capacity:5000KG.Inner diameter: 500-508mm Roller Material of rollers:45# steel,roller surfaces polishing, hard plating , The polished surface and the heat treatment towards the molds als...

Polishing Machine

Model No:polishing machine

Min. Order:1

Straight edge blades grinding Machine Process:Max length 700mm straight edge blades. Mobile motor:2.2KW,2830r/min. Grinding wheel:Φ125*Φ95*Φ32(MM). Bench rotation angle:0-90. Pump:40W. Machine size:L1100*W650*H1290(mm). We also offer other Copper Wire Granule Machine,such as: Scrap Cable Granulator, Copper Wire Recycling Machine, Heavy Duty Wire Stripper, Cable Granulator Machine, Cable Grinding Machine, Motor Recycling Machine, Radiator Recycling Machine, Cable Wire Cutter, Aluminium Composit...

mma-250 single phase 250Amp portable arc welding Machine inverter welding Machine price

Model No:mma-250 WELDING MACHINE

Min. Order:20

mma-250 single phase 250Amp portable arc welding Machine inverter welding Machine price Advantage:Reliable,easy and simple welding,competitive price The main components are designed to put far away from the wind crossing,they are protected against dust. Frequency is up to 65KHZ,responding faster and accuracy. Apply SAP technology,protect IGBT and DIODE sharply.We have applied patent for it. High-power radiator components is settled,high efficiency cooling,extends machines' working life. We fou...

Airline Headrest Making Machine

Model No:Airline headrest making machine

Min. Order:1

Airline Headrest Making Machine This Machine is specialized in producing non woven headrest cover,which is widly used in airliner,train and bus.one operator can run the line easily.With PLC system control,high stability,low failire and Fabric comfort.Simple and convenientoperation.Beautiful rugged aluminum frame,never rust. Machine size 4500*1070*2050mm Yield 120pcs/min Machine weight 600KG Voltage 220V Power 2.7KW Pressure 6kg/cm² Fuselage material Aluminium alloy Control mode PLC Detection mod...

Misting Modes Wood Grain Ultrasonic Dispenser Machine 400ml

Model No:1701-8

Delivery Time:1 Days

Misting Modes Wood Grain Ultrasonic Dispenser Machine 400ml BIG 400ml CAPACITY:The ultrasonic essential oil diffuser features a 400ml (13.6 ounces) water tank to provide up to 14 hours mist time and it will shut off automatically when water runs out of for unattended use. Furthermore, this diffuser can produce cool mist up to 30-60ml per hour with low and high Misting mode, a larger spray quantity than other diffusers A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE:The diffuser uses ultrasonic waves technology to diffuse c...

Galvanized roof tile roll forming Machine

Model No: roof panel machine

Min. Order:1

Galvanized roof tile roll forming Machine Colored coated galvanized roof step tile are produced by glazed tile roll forming Machine from high quality prepainted sheets most time apply as roofing on Villas or some residential buildings. There is only one but key difference between a metal glazed roof tile and a regular metal roof panel: Steps! Generally speaking, a regular metal roof panel with steps is called a metal glazed roof tile! The final product can be cut as per set length controller,an...

CNC Water cooling Steel Plate Drilling Machine

Model No:TPHD2012 plate drilling machine

Min. Order:1

Vertical Steel Plate Drilling Machine for Flanges These exchangeable worktables can greatly reduce the loading and unloading time and improve the production efficiency. The clamping thickness is 15 ~ 80mm. Pressure of hydraulic system is 6Mpa. The servo motor of X axis is 1.5 kW. Servo motor of Y axis is 1.0 kW. Moving speed of X and Y axes is 10m/min. The precision of the hole place is ±0.5mm. This cnc plate drilling Machine can process max workpiece size is 1600*1600mm (L×W). The plate drillin...

Coated Sheet Metal Slitter corrugated Machine

Model No:DX corrugated machine

Min. Order:1

Dixin automatic a very convenient Machine building material making machinery steel sheet roof & Wall panel forming Machine In the current industry leader in roll forming Machine, can according to the requirements of customers design and production, we have more than 10 years of production experience, and products sold to all over the world, especially in South Asia, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America, very popular, and receives the customer the consistent high praise, ...

840 Roof Roll Forming Machine

Model No:XF 25-210-840 Roof Roll Forming Machine

Min. Order:1

840 IBR Metal roofing forming Machine It is kind of Trapezoidal roof roll forming Machine. The effective width of the panel is 840 mm. The peak height and peak separation can be different according to your requirements. This type of sheet can be widely used in plant, house, storage and simple steel roof and wall. It has advantage of pretty appearance, durable using and so on. Welcome to visit our factory to see our kinds of metal roofing making Machine. The following is the details about 840 ...

2 Needle Waistband sewing Machine With Rear Wheel

Model No:Waistband Sewing Machine

Min. Order:1

2 Needle Waistband Sewing Machine With Rear Wheel & Automatic Waistband Stretching Device · Stretch The Waist Band Device · Sewing Position

Auto C Purlin Steel Roll Forming Machine

Model No:C Purlin Machine

Min. Order:1

Auto C Purlin Steel Roll Forming Machine We are a professional manufacturer of roll forming machines. The c/z steel Machine is also our main products. We have a professional designers team and a team of engineers. metal roof purlins c z u purlin roll forming machinery. We will definitely design a Machine that will satisfy you. If you are interested in our stud and track making machines. please let me know. we'd like to cooperate with you. steel structure c purlin roll forming Machine C Purlin St...

YULONG XGJ560 ring die wood pellet Machine

Model No:ring die wood pellet machine

Min. Order:1

XGJ series efficient centrifugal ring die wood pellet Machine is our main product which has adopted the essence of pellet mill in oversea market.The heart parts [double layer die" has unique structural assembly and "rollers" are made of high wearable alloy materials.These two parts have the following characters:particular design,reasonable structure,low energy,high efficiency,long lift and so on.Through many technical experts hard work,our company has developed this typical patent product which ...

YQLM-3000 Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Model No:YQLM-3000 Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

YQLM-3000 Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

JINLU Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine

Model No:automatic chain link fence machine

Min. Order:1 set

Good performance: 1:the production efficiency is about twice of same species 2:the fault is the lowest in the same species 3:the Machine is easy and simple to handle.the worker has the common mechanical konwledge can master it in one hour 4:the loss of the raw materials of the same species is 5%-7%,while the innovative JLZ-4000diamond mesh Machine is nearly zero. 5:the electrical energy the innvovative JLZ-4000 diamond mesh Machine can save is about 20% 6:it is suitable to all kinds of mild st...

CNC Saw blade Sharpening Machine

Model No:Sharpening Machine

Hss Saw Blade Sharpener- the ultimate in sharpening machines. With quality construction, precision sharpening is simple and easy. Setup can be completed in just minutes. The elimination of time-consuming adjustment reduces labor costs. EMC-620 CBN.CNC full automatic computer numerical control circular saw blade grinder is made by the innovated technology; it is full automatic CNC processing center controlled and is with precise structure, its speed is faster than other equipments of the same r...

Beer bottling monoblock Machine

Model No:Beer bottling monoblock machine

Min. Order:1

Beer bottling triblock Machine combines the bottle washing, filling and capping on one Machine. Beer tank liquid level control probe, regulate the beer level sleeplessly. Steady liquid level confirms steady filling. Life the filling nozzle by cylinder instead of traditional spring. Filling nozzle press against the bottle mouth completely. Protect the bottles. Twice pre-evacuation. Keeps the original beer flavor, good taste. Washing: The lifting device adjusts according to the bottle height. ...

Mini lab supplies,mini-lab Machine,minilab Machine,minilab r

Model No:Mini lab supplies,mini-lab machine,minilab machine,minilab repair

Tel: 0086-134-5799-7972 Email: minilabmachine@gmail.com http://www.maynoraminilab.com We are professional exporter for photosinishing products,studio equipment, Minilab Accessories,minilab Necessities, darkroom accessories, mini lab Machine such as Noritsu, Fuji, Konica, Agfa etc, digital carrier, passport lens, paper magazine, filter, splicing tape, twin check label etc Our product include: Doli minilab,minilab AOM Driver,minilab digital mask,minilab digital carrier,digital mini lab,digi...

Membrane filter Machine

Model No:Membrane filter machine

Min. Order:1

This Machine is very popular in the world , it contains protect and filter system , the protect system is cotton cloth. 1.Brief introduction This Machine is very popular in the world , it contains protect and filter system , the protect system is cotton cloth , the fillter system is mini hole filter .Use the mini hole to filter the sediment ,make the beer clearly .To work with vane type diatomite filter , plate frame type diatomite filter ,level disk type diatomite filter and column diatomite ...

Column type diatomite filter Machine

Model No:Column type diatomite filter machine

Column type diatomite filter Machine includes diatomite mix tank, diatomite provide pump and the automatic control system. The filter Machine can make a filtration in beer, yellow wine, beverage, syrup, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Diatomite filter Machine work processes including,Preparation of CO2 pressure→Fill water→Exhaust→Pre-coated diatomite 1-3.5mm thick →Pre-coated diatomite 400-500g/m2→Pump wine diatomite mixture 80-300g/100L→circulate→filter produce→Maintain the pressure in ...

CCP-HP600VB Servo cradle horizontal packaging Machine

Model No: CCP-HP600VB Servo cradle horizontal packaging machine

Min. Order:1

CCP-HP600VB Servo cradle horizontal packaging Machine Features Pillow packaging Machine also means horizontal packing Machine, Suitable packaging for all kinds of food, pharmaceuticals, sundries and industrial components and so on. Packaging materials are: POF shrink film, BOPP film, PE film, sometimes also used the film from paper and aluminum foil. Features Detail 1. Can match double knifes (300 bags/min), three knifes (500 bags/min), four knifes (1000 bags/min); 2. High speed (20-1000 bag...

JYPZ1740E Single color Offset Printing Machine

Model No:JYPZ1740E Single color Offset Printing Machine

The press is designed to print on a wide range of stock thereby giving the printer the capability to satisfy the various demands of their customers. The press drive is infinitely variable within parameters (3.000-12.000 s/p/h), based on the design of the electric motor and inverter. The forward inch and reverse inch buttons allow the operator to conveniently adjust or clean all press cylinders. The up-swing gripper with a positive pressure cam assembly ensures that the infeed and transfer of she...

Bed Gantry Type Milling Machine

Model No:ST-LX 720*3000 milling machine

Min. Order:1

Bed Gantry Type Milling Machine Quick Detail: Planer type milling Machine Horizontal travel of cutter head:460mm Speed range of cutter head:75-420r/min Motor power of cutter head:5.5kw Apply to chemical machinery, automobile manufacturing ST-LX 720*2000 is suitalble for processing variousl large-diameter flanges,valves,pressure vessels and boilers etc. Description: This lathe is reasonable in structure and strong in rigidity with large power and good stability, and what's more, it's beau...

Secondhand Machine, 3.2-meter bending width

Model No:160T*3.2m bending machine-3

160T hydraulic bending power Bending width: 3.2 meters 10T secondhand gantry crane All kinds of steel material, such as steel plate, steel pipe, profile bar and more All kinds of second-hand grant type milling Machine, lathe, huge bed and more

Shearing Machine, Equipped with Lighting Alignment Device and Uses Steeples Control

Model No:QC12Y Plate Shearing Machine-S

Guillotine with normal display and E 10 display Machine employs hydraulically-driven swing beam, steel plate welded structure and accumulator based pullback cylinder with steady and reliable operating Indicator-based adjustment of gap of blade is convenient and fast Machine is equipped with lighting alignment device and uses steeples control for stroke of up tool carrier Machine uses protection fence for safe operation Digital display device for size of back gauge and shearing times are availabl...

Handle Loop Bag Making And Sealing Machine Non Woven Fabric

Model No:Handle Loop Making & Sealing Machine

Min. Order:1

Quick Detail: CE Certificate 220V HERO BRAND Handle loop making and sealing 30pcs/min Non woven bag Description: Product Description Soft-hand ring bag Machine is behind the release of a vice-Rack, vice expected to equal the width of the hand-held length of the article, this pair is expected to cut into the long and narrow strip, and deliver it into the top part of the fold, soft bag of hand-held vice Material transportation systems using stepper motor transport, it has a precision of deputy exp...

Agricultural Waste Plastic Recycling Machine , Granulating

Model No:LD 500 of Agricultural film recycling and granulating machine line

Min. Order:1

Agricultural Waste Plastic Recycling Machine , Granulating Machine Agricultural film Waste recycling cutting Line Plastic Granulating Machine Agriculture film recycling Machine line ,Crush, Wash, Dewater Recycle PP / PE film line Waste Plastic Recycling Machine PP, PE material recycling Machine crush, wash, dewater and dry waste PP, PE Main flowing : belt conveyor with metal detector→crusher→friction washing Machine→screw loader→forced screw loader→steam cleaner→scr...

HS41-210-420 Concealed Roof Panel Rool Forming Machine

Model No:Roof Panel Forming Machine

Min. Order:1

Concealed Roof Panel Forming Machine Custom made Machine according to customer's requirements Working Flow Decoiling--> Sheet Guiding--> Roll Forming--> Cutting to length--> Output Table Technical Data 1. Thickness of forming sheet: 0.3-0.8mm 2. Width of forming: 600mm 3. Forming stands: 19 stands 4. Motor power: 5.5KW 5. Hydraulic power" 3KW 6. Controlling system: PLC 7. Operation: touch screen operation

Automatic High Speed T-Shirt Bag Making Machine

Model No:DFHQ-350*2/450*2 T-shirt bag making machine

High Speed T-shirt Bag Making Machine Characteristics:This Machine is applied to manufacturing and printing the uncolored vest bags made of HDPE, LDPE roll film. It adopts PLC control, double servo(step) motor fixed length and the liquid crystal touch screen actual display to finish the feeding, sealing, cutting, punching holes and transporting only in one process. It is of high degree of automation and good economic result.

Cappuccino Coffee Machine WSD18-010B

Model No:Espresso coffee machine WSD18-010B

The Supplier for Olimpic games and Shanghai Expo V Part One. Product Information 1. Coffee Machine features WSD18-010B is a Fully Auto ESPRESSO Coffee Machine with a brewing unit and grinder inside, elegant appearance, compact structure and human-oriented design. 1. LCD display, 10 languages menu. 2. Rotary switch adjusting coffee volume from 30ml to 240ml. 3. Programming key, programming the water hardness, temperature, time, auto switch on/off time, cups counter, aroma, languages, and so on. 4...

Fog Machine Misting System Three Cylinder Piston Pump Fog (ST6002)

Model No:ST6002

Features(Misting product): Stop working automatically when lack of waterFog can spray with different frequencies controlled by the timerFirst-grade ceramic plungerForged brass manifoldNSK bearingItaly SealThe complete set of fog Machine includes 30m hose and 30 nozzlesApplications: It is suitable for spraying fog
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