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Cotton Anti Bacterial Medical Cleaning Cloth

Model No:medical cleaning cloth

Cotton anti bacterial Medical Cleaning cloth 1. Fabric technical parameters of Medical Cleaning cloth: Medical Cleaning cloth protective clothing have high quality cotton, perfect protective characteristics, high tenacity, Durable to use, high fastnesses, soft touch, comfortable. We can provide Proban, Pyrovatex and Frecotex treatment. 2. Other series of Medical Cleaning cloth 3. Advantages of Medical Cleaning cloth --Durable flamability property protection dyes and chemical at the maximal level...

Oral Cleaning Swabs

Model No:FY1406

Min. Order:50000

Oral Cleaning Swabs Description: Oral Cleaning Swabs gently clean, moisten and refresh mouth, teeth and gums. Ideal for those who may need extra moistening due to medication side effects, radiation therapy, dental surgery, teeth sensitivity or disease. They can help caregivers clean the teeth of a stroke victim or person suffering from dementia when normal brushing with a toothbrush is no longer possible. Specification: Material:PP and sponge Color: green, red, blue, white, or others Product Spe...

Cleanroom Foam Swab FS708 Cleaning Swabs

Model No:FS708

Cleanroom Foam Swab FS708 Cleaning Swabs Description: Mediclean's Cleanroom Sterile Swab FS708 feature a rounded, large head and a long handle. FS708 Foam Cleaning Swabs is specifically designed to clean curved or twisted areas. Thermal bond produce less contamination. 100% polypropylene handle provides ease of use. Its closed-cell polyurethane foam head provides excellent solvent-holding capacity and durability. The main application include: Cleaning printer print head, Cleaning curve surfaces,...

Medical Gauze Swabs with Good Quality

Model No:as your request

Specifications Medical gauze Swabs with good quality 1. Made of 100% natural refined from high quality cotton yarn with high absorbency and softness. 2. Cotton yarn of 21s, 32s, 40s; Mesh of 22, 20, 18, 17, 13, 12 threads, different sizes available 3. With detectable threads, folded edge or non-folded edge for your choice. 4. Pouches: Paper+paper, paper+film 5. Packaging detail: In 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s ect packed in pouch 6. Delivery detail: Usually 40 days after 30% deposit Features 1. We are th...

Disposable Medical Cleaning Sponge Brush

Model No:QJS-3001

Disposable Medical Cleaning sponge brush Sponge brush: Cleaning functions, many shapes and sizes, good quality, applicable to many fields. Medical sponge brush Material: Sponge head is made of foam, or memory foam, or PU soft polyurethane Shapes: Square, shaped, circular arc and other various shapes Pole: PP, PE, paper and wood, various materials Color: Green, white, red, blue, yellow, pink and other colors Size: 50x50x25-150mm, or according to the customer's requirements Bonding method: Adhesiv...

Solvent Printer Cleaning Swabs

Model No:FS707W

Min. Order:10

Solvent Printer Cleaning Swabs Description: Solvent Printer Cleaning Swabs is a tool for any type of Cleaning, including those that require high absorbency, low particle generation, and uniform dispersing of solvent. The large rectangular foam head swab FS707 is an excellent choice for Cleaning on thermal print head, inkjet print head, check scanner, reader transport rollers, opto-electronic sensors, automotive parts, firearm and gun, prepared surfaces in aerospace and much more. It can also b...

Disinfectant Medical Cleaning alcohol wipes

Model No:MW001-2

Min. Order:10000

Features 1)Rapid sterilization 99.9% sterilization to staphylococcus aureus,colibacillus in 30 seconds. 2)Cottony texture Using high-quality spunlace nonwoven,soft and thick. 3)Carefully chosen prestigious essence of seaweed, give you a fresh and natural care. 4)Clinically Proven Mildness Alcohol-free and passed through the skin irritation test. Additional Service: a) We can help you to search other Cleaning products in China for free. b) We can offer official invitation if you need it when you...

Adhesive Cleaning Sleeves And IPA Cleaning Swabs

Model No:Re-transfer DIK10268

Min. Order:200

Re-transfer DIK10268 Cleaning kits- Adhesive Cleaning Sleeves & Cleaning Swabs & Wipes Compared with needle printer, thermal printer has the advantages of fast printing speed, low noise, clear printing and convenient use. But the thermal printer can't directly print the duplex, and the printed documents can't be kept permanently. If the best thermal paper is used, it can be kept for ten years under the condition of good light avoidance. Needle printing can print duplex, and if a good...

Optical Fiber Connector Cleaner Kit Include Clean Air 1pcs, Fiber Cleaning Swabs ø1.25mm

Optical Fiber Connector Cleaner Kit Include Clean Air 1pcs, Fiber Cleaning Swabs ø1.25mm   Quick Details Brand Name: DYS Model Number:Fiber Cleaning Swabs ø1.25mm Insertion Loss≦0.2dB Insert-Pull Test:1000 times Operating Temperature(°C):-40~85 Applications: 1, FiberCleaner 1pcs                             2, Fiber Cleaning Swabs ø1.25mm 100pcs   3, Fiber Cleaning Swabs ø2.5mm 100pcs 4, Cleaning IPA Wipes 10pcs                      5, Clean Air 1pcs                     6, replacement reeel 1pcs ...

Fiber Optic Cleaning Swabs 1.25mm Swab

Model No:DTL-FCC

Fiber Optic Cleaning Swabs It is a cost-effective Cleaning swab and specially used for Cleaning optical adaptors and test equipments ports. The size includes two types, one is 2.5mm universal and the other is 1.25mm universal. We use the imported head to make sure the high quality of this Swab. Packing: 100 units per box

Print Heads Cleaning Swabs (Cleaning sponge sticks)

Model No:SI-PT-PRH1940#

Printers Compatibility: All Print Heads. Aliases: Print Head Cleaning Sticks, Print Head Cleaning Swabs Package: 100pieces/pack. 50pack/carton. Brand Name: SuperImage Origial of Certification: China Applicable Ink Types: All Inks, etc. Certifications & Standards: Original Manufacturer's Standards/CE Standards. Main Points: 1). Excellent soft materials. 2). Excellent Cleaning effect. 3). Do not make any damage to the print heads and parts. 4). Suitable for all types of Inks 5). Durable and Re...

Medical Procto Swabs (QDMD-174)

Model No:QDMD-174

Medical Procto SwabsModel No.QDMD-174Specifications:1.Medical Procto Swabs Size:16" xΦ13mmStick:16",PlasticMaterial:absorbent cotton2.Striled 3.absorbent cotton 4.CE,ISO certificate 5. Competitive price,good service Packing:50pcs/pack, 80pack/carton

Gun Cleaning Swabs

Specifications Gun Cleaning Swabs Description:Gun Cleaning SwabsCotton Swabs are soft and will not scratch smooth shotgun bores.Additional Information:Rifle/Pistol

Medical Bamboo Cotton Swab

Model No:YM-F011

Min. Order:10000

Cotton Swab commonly used in a variety of applications including first aid,cosmetics application, Cleaning, and arts and crafts. Medical cotton swab used in hospital are usually relatively long, about six inches (15 cm).Cotton buds manufactured for home use are usually shorter, about three inches (7.6 cm) long, and usually double-tipped. The handles were first made of wood, then made of rolled paper, which is still most common (although tubular plastic is also used). Plastic bud stems exist in...

Cleaning dust-free anti-static polyester Swabs stick

Model No:CM-PS758

Min. Order:1

Cleanmo polyester Cleaning Swabs is made from 100% polyester nonwoven material double layer for enhanced absorbency, and engineered to resist snagging and abrading. Superior cleanliness and consistency for a variety of applications. The complete thermal bond construction eliminates adhesive contamination. Laundered and packed under an ISO Class 4 Cleanroom,and the polyester head used hot seal edge that is free from particle, providing ultra low levels of contamination control. Engineered for use...

Medical Spunlace Nonwoven Swabs, 5 x 5cm, 7,5 x 7,5cm, 10 x 10cm, 4-ply, Y-cut or O-cut Available

Model No:CQMED-21-10

Medical nonwoven Swabs/pads/sponges Available in various spunlace nonwoven mesh, closed or open configuration Available in 100% cotton, 100% viscose, and 70% viscose+ 30% polyester Available in with/without X-ray detectable Available in multiple unit weight of spunlace nonwoven material Weight: 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50g Available in sterile or non-sterile, packed in paper/paper or paper/film pouch or blister packaging in 1's, 2's, 3's, 5's, 10's and more Packaging: both soft blister and hard bliste...

Cleaning Swab for Printer Head

Model No:Cleaning Swab for Printer Head

Printer Cleaning Swabs Description : Cleaning Swab for Printer Head . This Printher Cleaning Swab cleans the print head by using a back & fourth motion to remove dirt and debris from the print head extending the life of the print head and maintaining a readable image. Excellent for intermittent Cleaning during printing process and at time of media change. This Cleaning Swabs is reusable - please be careful not to over use this product. Cleaning swab Package :50 Cleaning Swabs per Box ...

Print Heads Cleaning Swabs (Cleaning sponge sticks)

Model No:FS742

Min. Order:10

Compatible with Texwipe TX742B-MEDITECH FS742 Foam Swab Texwipe TX742B Foam Swab - MEDITECH FS742 Foam Swab Product Description Cleanroom Foam Swab FS742(Compatible with Texwipe TX742B) Universal Foam Swab with firm, compact, round core handle. Description: Meditech`s Universal Foam Swab FS742 is an excellent general purpose Cleaning swab.It features cleanroom laundered, 100 ppi (Z) open cell polyurethane foam head that possesses high solvent capacity and good cushioning. It has a compact and fi...

gun Cleaning Swabs

Model No:PS758

Polyester Swab PS758 (Compatible with ITW Texwipe TX758B) Polyester Swab with Flexible Head Paddle and Compact Handle Description: Meditech`s Polyester Swab PS758 is an excellent swab for Cleaning parts and assemblies in confined thin groove space where thickness height is a major concern. Its double layer knitted polyester head possesses high level of cleanliness and excellent solvent resistant and is the ideal swab to use effectively in eliminating contamination on surfaces and Cleaning small ...

Sterile Cotton Buds Medical Cotton Swabs with CE & ISO Approved

Model No:OEM

100pcs/bag, plastic stick cotton swab Details of products description: 1) Tips are made of 100% pure cotton, full and soft 2) Stick is made from bamboo, wood, plastic, paper 3) The whole cotton buds are treated with high temperature, which can ensure hygienical property 4) Weight of tips and sticks adjustable according to customers' requirements 5) Excellent service and competitive price Our cotton Swabs are the versatile Ultimate Beauty Tool for safely and precisely applying, blending, touching...

High precision and quality alcohol pointed Medical cotton swab bud

High precision and quality alcohol pointed Medical cotton swab bud Product Description   Medical cotton Swabs are made of cotton balls and Swabs,The long pole cotton swab applied to gynecology is made by hand wrapping.For the convenience of clinical use,There are 5, 10, 20, 40 and 50 packages respectively.This product is used for clinical skin disinfection and clean wound.   Product name Specification Units Packaging Medical cotton swab       40piece bag 1000bag/1carton 50piece bag 50bag/middle ...

Medical Cleaning Wipes Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

Min. Order:3000

Delivery Time:30 Days

Non Woven Fabric Usage and Applications: 1. Medical health cloth: gown, protective clothing, disinfecting cloth, mask, diapers, women's sanitary napkin, etc; 2. Family decorative cloth: wall covering fabric, table cloth, bed sheet, bedspread, etc; 3. Garment cloth: cotton lining, fusible interlining, flocculus, all kinds of synthetic leather base cloth, etc. 4. Industrial fabric: filter materials, insulation materials, cement bags, geotechnical cloth, coated fabric, etc; 5. Agricultural fabric: ...

CB-PS913 Fiber Optical Cleaning Swab

Model No:CB-PS913

CB-PS913 Fiber Optical Cleaning Swab Product images Detailed description The Fiber Optical Cleaning Swabs can clean micro-contamintion encountered in fiber optic telecommunications. From removing end-face contamination on a fiber optic connector, to Cleaning contamination from your fusion splicer, these ultra-clean Swabs will make clear, clean and safe connections, fast and easy. Features Use Ultrafine fibre clean cloth to make dry clean, excellent performance for demanding Cleaning. Availa...

Cleaning cards and kits

Model No:card

Microcosm Controller Cleaning card with various type and size almost can satisfy all kinds of card readers, card printers, Thermal Printers and Check Scanners. We also develop a selection of Cleaning products like adhesive Cleaning roller, Cleaning Swabs, presat wipes, Cleaning pens to apply with Cleaning card for Cleaning machine better at every point. / Currency Counter Cleaning Cards / The presaturated with IPA solution currency counter Cleaning cards have two type, one is the flat Cleaning c...

100pcs Disinfectant Medical Cleaning Wet Wipes

Model No:DW-3811-b1-2-1

Certificate: ISO 9001:2008 BV test report Quality: under strict quality assurance standards Fragrance: fragrance free or custom-made Material: non-woven spunlace Sheet size: 150*200mm or customized Weight: 50g or 35-60gsm (optional) Packing: 100pcs/barrel or customized Outer pack: glossy surface, matte surface, can be customized Cleaning: soft and thick Samples: free, welcome to get the free samples from us Weave: pearl weave, plain weave or customized Features: Enriched with aloe-vera extracts ...

High Speed PVC Medical Tube Extrusion Line

Model No:SXG-T

Spvc material is the largest usage amount and the most widely used material in Medical tube industry, such as PVC infusion tube, dialysis tube, gas intubation, oxygen mask pipe that we are familiar with etc.The first set of spvc Medical tube extrusion production line of kingswel machinery baodie company can be traced back to the 1990s, until now it has nearly 20 years research and development accumulation as well as debugging experience of Medical spvc polyester extrusion technology. We constant...

Ultrasonic Medical Cleaning Machine

Model No:BK-360

Ultrasonic cleaner series are mainly used in laboratory, Medical and dental clinics, electronic workshops, also can be applied to semi-conductor silica chip, optical glass, Jewelry, Watches straps and bands, glasses, dentures, toothbrushes, tableware, hardware, plastic ceramic parts. 1. Bakr is the first one to use full-bridge IGBT high-power integration modules-Germany Siemens to control power source, good protection against high temperature, high pressure and overheating, makes the cleaner per...

Mini First Aid Pouch

Model No:DN-001

A smallest kit includes necessary adhesive plasters and wound Cleaning Swabs, for small injury treatment in daily activities. Soft PVC-coated nylon bag makes it possible to take with you everywhere. It s also a good promotion gift.

Skymen Ultrasonic Transducer

Model No:JP series

Skymen Ultrasonic transducer (with digital Timer & Heater)JP series for benchtop models:from 0.8liter to 30liters capacityindustrial models for large tank, double tanks, three tanks cleanig equipment.for both commercial Cleaning use and industrial Cleaning purpose application,such as lab equipment Cleaning, Medical Cleaning, tools Cleaning, car parts,motor parts clean,mould Cleaning,engine block Cleaning,etc.We are origital ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer and ultrasonic transducer manufactur...

Cervical Scraper (Medical Cotton Swab, Disposable Tongue Depressor)

Model No:WH-AP

wooden tongue depressors.Size: 150cmx18cmx1.6mmPacking: 100pcs per box, 50boxes/ctncotton swabsSize: length: 6" (150mm) tip dia: 6-7mm    stick dia: 2.5mmPacking: 100pcs/bag, 20,000pcs/ctn.We will always be grateful to you for your enquirements for disposable Medical products: Buccal swab, disposable swab, disposable waxing spatula, disposable tongue depressors, plastic tongue depressors, gauze sponge swab, disposable Swabs, non-woven swab, vaginal spatula, tipped applicator, sterile collection ...

Large Quantity and Economic Medical Use First Aid Kit

Model No:BM-8001

Model:BM-8001Alcohol Pad:6pcsSterilized wet wipes:4pcsGauze Swabs:1bagWound dressing:2pcs/bag,2bagsEye pad:1bagPBT elastic bandage:6cm*4m,2bagsTriangular bandage:72*19mm,24pcsDidansi card buckle a tourniquet:1pcsBurns dressing:60*40cm,1bagSelf-adhesive wound dressing:60mm*100mm,6bagsNon woven tape:1.25*4.5cm,1rollSilver emergency blanket:1pcsIce packs:80g,1bagPVC gloves:1pairSmall scissors:1pcsPlastic tweezers:1pcsElectronic thermometer:1pcsMulti-function saber card:1pcsSafety pins:10pcsManual:1...

Promotional First Aid Kits - Mini

Model No:16FS010

Product Description 16FS010 Custom brand your unique promotional giveaway and engage your audience with our promotional first aid kits - mini or one of our other logo printed promo first aid kits products. Our smallest promotional first aid kit with custom print on bag includes all the necessary adhesive plasters & wound Cleaning Swabs, for small injury treatment in daily activities. Contents: Soap sachet; Cleaning wipe; Six alcohol wipes; Antiseptic wipe; 10 adhesive plasters; And five smal...

27 PCS Universal Cleaning Kit

Model No:HD-114

Product Description * 27 PCS Universal Cleaning Kit * Suitable for Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun * Specifications/Features: -for pistol, rifle and shotgun. -3 solid brass rods for shotguns, rifle or pistols. -universal handle adapters for rifle/pistol. -2 solid brass adapter for shotgun mops/brushes and rifle/pistol brushes. -3 plastics slotted ends for shotguns and rifles/pistols. -50 Cleaning Swabs.

JMC 4x2 Transit Emergency ICU Ambulance Car


Min. Order:1

JMC LHD Transit Medical Clinic New Ambulance [reference configuration] Rescue system Automatic mounted stretcher (domestic); Shovel type stretcher; Infusion bottle holder; Oxygen supply system (oxygen cylinder, oxygen centralized control system, oxygen terminal, oxygen inhaler, ventilator connector, oxygen pipeline). Interior and cabinet systems The interior is made of high polymer material, which is light and easy to clean. Cabinet system USES high-density polymer composite board, folding edge ...

Nonwoven Shoe Cover with Non-Slip DOT Sole (TS01B)

Model No: TS01B

Min. Order:100000

Model NO.: TS01B Shoe Covers Size: L Shoe Covers Type: Shoe Covers for Machine Room Origin: Hubei, China Shoe Cover Material: Non-woven Feature of Shoe Cover: Anti-Skid Shoe Covers Color: Blue                                PP+PE Disposable shoe cover,waterproof shoe cover for Medical hospitalProduct Description Standard size: SIZE WIDTH/CM LENGTH/CM S 15 36 M 15 40 L 18 42 XL 20 45  Special requirement:With half elastic or full elastic on sole are availablethe elastic of sole turn outside or in...

Air cooled screw water chiller

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:60 Days

Advantages of Air-cooled screw chiller: Air-cooled screw chillers can be used without cooling towers; easy use; applying to wide fields: Such as plastic , electroplating , electronics , chemical , Medical , Cleaning , food , metallurgical and other industries , which can cool off their facilities . It also provide high-performance water systems for shopping malls , office buildings , hotels , hospitals , residential villas and other places , which create a quiet and comfortable living and workin...

smt spare parts for SIEMENS on sale

Model No:all model available

Min. Order:1

00141099 3*8 gold feeder 00141098 3*8 silver feeder 00141088 SL feeder 00117010 Dispensing feeder POP 00141092 12/16 feeder 00141093 24/32 feeder 00141094 44mm feeder 00141095 56mm feeder 00141097 72mm feeder 00141070 88mm feeder 00141289 X FEEDER 2X8 SENSOR 00141290 8mm X feeder 00141391 smart feeder 12mm 00141271 12mm X feeder 00141392 smart feeder 16mm 00141293 24mm X feeder 00141275 44mm X feeder 00141270 8mm X feeder 00141269 2*8MM X feeder 00321736 STAR servo card 00321735 servo card 00321...

Mini travel first aid kit

Model No:FS-048

A smallest travel first aid kit includes necessary adhesive plasters and wound Cleaning Swabs, for small injury treatment in daily activities Soft PVC-coated nylon bag makes it possible to take with you everywhere It's also a good promotion gift Contains: Adhesive plaster: 10pcs Adhesive plaster, small: 5pcs Adhesive plaster, KN: 4pcs Round size plaster: 4pcs Soap wipe: 1pc Cleansing wipe: 1pc Wet tissue antiseptic: 1pc Alcohol pad: 6pcs PVC-coated nylon bag 1pc Size: 10.5 x 8cm Adhesive plaster...

100% Cotton Medical Gauze Swabs, Non-sterile, BP and USP Standard

Model No:JFMGS-01-1

Material: 100% pure virgin bleached cotton fabric Features: highly absorbent, soft, 100% natural, nofluorescence Standards: BP, USP, CE, ISO 13485 Types: edge folded-in or edge unfolded, with or without X-raydetectable thread Main specifications: 2x2 inches (5x5cm) 8/12/16 ply 3x3 inches (7.5x7.5cm) 8/12/16 ply 4x4 inches (10x10cm) 8/12/16 ply Main yarn and mesh: 40S, 12x8/18x8/19x9/19x15/26x18/30x20 Packaging: non-sterile: 100pcs/pkt Storage: stored in dry, humidity below 80%, ventilated,non-co...

Portable Two Floor Cleanroom Pass Box With Mechanical Inter

Model No:KEL-PB500-F2

Min. Order:1

Two Floor Type Clean Room Pass Box For Animal Lab Research Quick Detai : External size : 895x600x11950mm Internal size : 600x500x500mm Interlocker : Mechanical or electronic Material: inside is SUS304/201. Outside is steel with power coated Material thickness : 1mm/1.2mm UV Light : 1 pcs Power: 220V/50HZ or 220V/60HZ Applications: pass box for clean room description,For Medical Cleaning Rooms,Cleaing Room Equipments, For Hospital Clean Rooms, Operating Theatres, ICU. operating features : 1: Mech...
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