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EPT 7.4V / 10400mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack with protection

Model No:Lithium ion battery pack

Product Details Basic Specification 7.4V 10400mAh Model: Lithium Ion Battery Pack Capacity >2500mAh Nominal Voltage 6-9V Detail Description Model: EPT 7.4V / 10400mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack with protectionSpec.Description:Cell: Lithium Ion 18650-2600mAhCapacity: 10400mAhVoltage: 7.4VBattery Pack: 2S4P 7.4V 10.04AHPack: PVC Shrink tubeWeight: 390g (About)Technique:Charging Voltage: 4.25V Over charge protection:Over charge detection voltage: 4.28V +/- 0.025VOver charge release voltage: 4.08 +...

Lithium Ion Battery Pack for golf trolley, power tools, lawn mower, more than 1,000times cycle life

Model No:BAK lithium ion battery pack 12V

Lithium Ion Battery Pack Rated voltage:11.1V Rated capacity:10Ah Battery cell parameters: BAK 18650 3.6V 2Ah  Weight: about 850g (800g for Battery cells, and 50g for PCM) Current: standard charge current: 0.2C quick charge current:1.0C standard discharge current: 1.0C  Max continues discharge current:4C   Voltage: charge cut-off voltage:12.6V, discharge cut-off voltage: 9V  PCM: custom design for each series Battery Pack  Size: about:60*100*75mm  Sealed package: PVC or hard plastic case Applicat...

Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 24V 20ah

Model No:Deep Cycle Lithium-ion Battery Pack 24V 20Ah

Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 24V 20Ah Product Features 1. Safe: Rigid aluminum alloy housing protection, BMS or PCB built inside to protect the Battery over charge or discharge. 2. Environmental-friendly: Accredited with RoHS, without any hazardous and noxious substances. 3. Lighter and smaller: 1/3 weight of lead acid Battery, 70% size/weight of Ni-MH/Ni-Cd Battery. 4. Powerful: Able to discharge at -20 and 65° C max. 5. Long cycle life: Over 2000 cycles with capacity staying at minium 8...

7.4V Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Model No:7.4v lithium ion battery pack

7.4 volt Lithium Ion Battery  High quality 7.4 V Li-Ion rechargeable Battery Pack : Made of li-Ion cells with PCB for full protection Light weight and higher energy density than any rechargeable Battery No memory effect and rechargeable Longer storage life than NiMH Battery Built-in IC chip will prevent Battery Pack from over charge and over discharge and prolongs Battery life Technical Specs Capacity 2600mAh Voltage 7.4V(peak at 8.4V) CAUTION: when working with Li-Ion cells, they are very sensi...

Deep cycle Lithium Ion Battery Pack 3.7V 2200 with PCM 18650 rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack

Model No:lithium ion battery pack 3.7V 2200

Type: Lithium-Ion Voltage: 3.7V Capacity: 2200mAh Rechargeable Materials: 2200mAh cylindrical 18650 cells with PCB and poly switch for full protection Lightweight and higher energy density than any rechargeable Battery No memory effect and rechargeable Longer storage lifespan than NiMH Battery Long cycle lifespan (up to 2,000 cycles) Can built 7.2, 11.1 and 14.8V Capacities: 2.2, 4.4 and 6.6mAh by connecting several PCB ready batteries module in parallel and in series Built-in IC chip will preve...

Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Model No:lithium ion battery pack

Cell: 18650 Cell voltage: 3.7V Battery size: 73*67mm*19mm 66.2mm*37mm*37mm 70mm*40mm*40mm We accept to customize Battery Pack as per your requirements. Battery Pack for notebook Agent Brand Cell(Panasonic, Maxell, GP, LG, A123, Samsung, SAFT, etc. ), Customize Battery Pack.

11.1V19.8ah 3s9p Lithium Ion Battery Pack for 18650

Model No:11.1V li-ion battery pack

Product Name: 11.1V 19.8AH 18650 Li- Ion Battery Pack Composed Type:3S9P Single cell: Samsung 18650 3.7V 2200mAH Size of Battery Pack:L162 x W54 x T65mm PCM: PCM-Li03S10-188

36V 24ah Battery 36V Battery 10ah Battery Deep Cycle Battery 36V/10ah Ebike Li-Ion Battery Pack Rechargeable Battery 36V 24ah Lithium Battery 36V Battery Packs

Model No:NH36100 - ebike li-ion battery pack

36v 24Ah Battery 36v Battery 10Ah Battery Deep Cycle Battery 36V/10ah Ebike Li-Ion Battery Pack Rechargeable Battery 36v 24Ah Lithium Battery 36v Battery packs Packaging & Delivery Packaging Detail: 1. Carton package, one Battery one carton 2. Welcome OEM package Delivery Detail: 7-15days Specifications 1. Long cycle ebike li-Ion Battery Pack 2. Cost-performance ratio ebike li-Ion Battery Pack 3. Stable and easy to use Top quality electric bike Battery e-bike Battery 36V24Ah e-bike Battery B...

7.4V 5200mAh Cylindrical Lithium Li-Ion Battery Pack

Model No:Li-ion Battery Pack

Product Description 7.4V 5200mAh Cylindrical Lithium Li-Ion Battery Pack *Packing of Li-Ion Battery Pack 7.4V 5.2Ah Li-Ion rechargeable Battery Module is made of 4 pcs High quality LG 2600mAh 18650 cell with PCB Wrapped by PVC tube Voltage of Li-Ion Battery Pack  Voltage: 7.4 V (working) 8.4 V ( peak) 5.5 V ( cut-off) Capacity of Li-Ion Battery Pack     5200 mAh Protection of Li-Ion Battery Pack One PCB installed with the Battery Pack and protects the Battery from Overcharge (>8.4V) Over disc...

HCT Electric Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Shenzhen

Lithium Ion Battery for Electronic Tool

Model No:lithium ion Battery (18650 2200mah)

Lithium Ion Battery for Electronic Tool Li-Ion Battery 18650: High voltage & energy density, Low self-discharge & internal resistance. Wide application.Type: Bluetooth/MP3 Polymer Li-Ion; Mobile Phone Polymer Li-Ion; Li-Ion Button; Notebook Computer/DVD/PDA Polymer Li-Ion.Capacity: 2200mAhDimension: 18650Voltage: 3.7V.Weight: 46gHigh energy density.Low self-discharge.Chargeable up to 500 or 1000 times.Low internal resistance.Widely applied in Telecommunications, Audio and Video Devices, ...

12v 150ah Motorhome And Boat Lithium Ion Battery Pack Lifepo4 Rechargeable Battery

12V 150AH Motorhome And Boat Lithium Ion Battery Pack Lifepo4 Rechargeable Battery 12V 150AH lifepo4 Battery Pack for communication base,solar light,ups,electric car,electric bike,e-bus and so on   Specification 1)Rated voltage                        12V 2)Rated capacity                      150AH 3)Max charge voltage              14.6V 4)cut off voltage                        10V 5)charge method                     CC&CV 6)Weight                                  about  20kg   Lifepo4 batter...

2014 Hot-selling Q88 Cheap Tablet PCs, Allwinner A23 CPU, Dual-core, 2,200mAh Lithium-Ion Battery

Model No:Q88 Tablet PC Lithium-ion Battery

Specifications: CPU: A23 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A7 1.2GHz GPU: 400MHz Memory: 512MB DDR3, 8GB memory chip Screen: 7-inch LCD resistive touch screen Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels/16:9 Video format (720P): WMV/MKV/MOV/AVI/RM/RMVB/MPEG-2/4 Audio format: MP3/WMA/3GP/AAC/FLAC/WAV/OGG Software: supported Word/Excel/PPT/PDF/MSN/Skype Games: 3D/G-sensor/classic/touch games Automatic screen rotation: a four-direction of rotation screen Hard disk: 4GB Wi-Fi: 802.11 Camera: 0.3MP front 720P/3D video output Opera...

Lithium Ion Battery Pack, Electric Bike Battery Pack 36V 10Ah with BMS

Model No:KY-3610A

Product Details Basic Specification Detail Description   Lithium Ion Battery Pack, electric bike Battery Pack 36V 10Ah with BMS and Charger,Aluminium Alloy Case   1. E Bike Battery Specification: KY-3610A 36V 10Ah, 20A discharge current. Dimension(H*W*L): 396x77x86mm or 389x76x110mm Weight: 3.95kg including to Charger, PCB, BMS.  e bike Battery   No. Item General Parameter Remark 1 Rated Capacity 10Ah Standard discharge(2A) after standard charge 2 Minimal Rated Capacity 9Ah Standard discharge(2A...

29V 11Ah Li-Ion Battery Pack

Model No:29V 11Ah Li-ion battery Pack

29V 11Ah Li-Ion Battery Pack Nominal voltage: 29V Nominal capacity: 11Ah Cell dimensions: to be confirmed Cycle lifespan: ≥500 times Charge temperature: 0 to 45°C Discharge temperature: -20 to 60°C Cells features: high discharging current, safe and non explosive Can make the Battery packs according to customer's voltages, capacities and dimensions request Also we can add the proper PCM on the Battery Pack according to customer's requirements Can provide the matched charger Main application: UPS,...

Rear Rack Style 36V, 10Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for Electric Bicycles

Model No:GEB3610RR02

36V, 10Ah rear rack style Lithium-Ion Battery Pack For electric bike Composed by 18650-3.7V, 2Ah, 7S5P Continuous discharge current: 10 to 15A Peak current: 30A Overcharge protection voltage: 4.25V ±50mV Over-discharge protection voltage: 2.8V ±50mV Temperature protection: 65 ±5℃ Dimensions: 57 x 144 x 270mm (internal dimension of case) With LED lamps With 2A charger

36V 10.4ah Bottle Lithium Ion Battery for Electric Bicycle with Samsung Cell

Model No:Lithium ion battery

36V 10.4ah bottle Lithium Ion Battery for electric bicycle with Samsung cellLithium Ion batteries are common in consumer electronics. They are one of the most popular types of Battery for portable electronics, with one of the best energy-to-weight ratios, no memory effect, and a slow loss of charge when not in use. In addition to uses for consumer electronics, Lithium-Ion batteries are growing in popularity for defense, automotive, and aerospace applications due to their high energy density. Li-...


Jiangsu Changzhou

14.8V high temperature 18650 Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Model No:14.8V 12.5Ah

Min. Order:100

The major advantages for High Temperature Battery Pack,18650 Lithium Ion Battery Pack,14.8V Battery Pack 1.) Excellent high discharge rate for smart Battery Pack. 2.) Extra-low internal impedance; 3.) Discharge in high-temperature; 4.) Long cycle life and high quality; 5.) Easy customized, energy density; 6.) Low self-discharge etc. Low Temperature Battery Pack 14.8V(4S5P) details as below NO. Items Specifications 1 Charge voltage 16.8V 2 Nominal voltage 14.8V(4S5P) 3 Initial impedance 190mΩ 4...

36V Power Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Model No:GREEB2436

Min. Order:200

36V Power Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Electric Bike Feature 1. Electric bike Battery and Power Lithium Battery Pack. 2. E-bike Battery Pack Lithium Ion with low self-discharge and good discharge performance at low temperature. 3. Strong charging acceptance and quick-charging capability. 4. Strong over-discharge resistance and charge retention. 5. Maintenance-free and no acid or water for maintenance in usage. 6. Excellent large current discharge performance, and have obvious advan...

Manufacturer For Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Bp1030 For Samsung 

Manufacturer for rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack BP1030 for Samsung Specifications 1. Type Li-Ion Battery 2.  Voltage 7.4V 3.  Capacity 1030mAh 4.  Weight 47g 5.  Color Black 6.  Warranty 12 months 7.  Certificate CE UL RoHS FCC Descriptions Our rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack BP1030 for Samsung NX-200, NX-210, and NX-1000 cameras is designed for high performance and safety. BP1030 Battery can be charged with either the original Samsung charger or other replacement charger, The batte...

36v 13ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack , Electrical Bicycle Battery

Capacity: 13Ah Dimension: 330*146*52mm Name: LiFePO4 Battery Pack, Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, Customize Rechargeable Battery Voltage: 36V Use: Electric Wheelchair, Electric Mower , Power Tools, Solar System, LED Light Feature: High Energy Density, Long Cycle Life, Environmental Friendly, High Power   36V 13AH Lithium-Ion Battery Pack , Electrical Bicycle Battery   Quick Detail:   1. Long cycle life: 1200+ times, 70% capacity remained after 1200 cycles 2. Low self-discharge rate: less than 5% 3. S...

Custom Made 12v 20ah Lifepo4 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack For Electric Car, Golf Cart

Custom Made 12V 20Ah Lifepo4 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack For Electric Car, Golf Cart   lifepo4 Battery 1,Ultra-Long Lifecycle 2,Lighter Weight,Smaller Size 3,Higher Safety and Green 4,Maintenance Free   Features: a. Extremely safe and stable chemistry: PCB and/or BMS built inside to balance protect the Battery. b. Long life-cycle: Can be circularly used, best can up to 2000 times recycles, 8 times of Lead acid Battery. c. Lighter weight, with the best power-to-weight ratio: 1/3 of Lead acid Battery...

5200mah Li-Ion Rechargable Heated Socks Battery , Lithium-Ion Battery Pack With 4-heat Settings

Model: LX-DRF03H Voltage: 3.7v Capacity: 5200mAh Cell Type: Lithium-Ion 5200mAh Li-Ion Rechargable Heated Socks Battery , Lithium-Ion Battery Pack With 4-heat Settings     18650 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for thermo heated socks, 4-heat settings & capacity indication, CE FCC ROHS, 1 year warranty   Description: 1. Item: thermo heated socks Battery 2. Model: LX-DRF03H 3. Voltage: 3.7v 4. Capacity: 5200mAh 5. Cell type: Lithium-Ion 6. LED display: 4-step temperature control, capacity indication ...

48v Lifepo4 Rechargeable Batteries, E-bike Lithium Ion Battery Pack Pp-488b002

48V Lifepo4 Rechargeable Batteries, E-Bike Lithium Ion Battery Pack PP-488B002   Specifications lifepo4 rechargeable Battery 1,e-bike Lithium Ion Battery Pack 2,water bottle style 3,48v 8ah Specifications: Type 48v 8ah e-bike Battery 1. Basic Characteristics Size 91*420mm   Weight ≤4.8kg    Working temperature Charge Temperature 0~45°C Discharge Temperature -20~65°C Retention of charge (store in one month) ≥95% 2. Technical Data Rated Voltage 48V  Rated Capacity C1                               ...

24V 60AH Lithium Ion Battery Pack For Golf cart , golf trolly

Model No:OPT-2460W

Product Details Basic Specification cut off voltage 20V Rated capacity 60AH Weight about 20kg Rated voltage 24V Max charge voltage 29.2V Voltage 24v Capacity Other Battery Type Li-Ion Detail Description 24V 60AH Lithium Ion Battery Pack For Turn Table Cart Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries  Using LiFePo4 Battery instead of Lead acid Battery is inevitable trend.   24V 60AH lifepo4 Battery Pack for communication base,solar light,ups,Photovoltaic Power Generation and so on Specification 1)Rated volt...

Lithium Ion Battery Pack 5200 mAh

Model No:SS-PB-043

Product Details Basic Specification Dimension L97*W45*H23mm Intput:5V/1.0A Output:5V/1.0A Net weight 116±3 g Capacity 2500-10000mAh Type Li-Ion Detail Description Lithium Ion Battery Pack   5200 mAhSpecification:Type: Normal Power BankCell type: 18650 Li-Ion  BatteryCapacity: 5200mAhInput : 5V 1000mAhOutput: 5V1000mAhOutput Charging speed for mobile 1000mAh/HInput charging time: 4-5hours  Full power can charge Iphone : more than 2 times  Description :Input port:Mini USB Output port:Single USBPow...

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack with 11.1V Nominal Voltage and 4,200mAh CapacityNew

Model No:175-8010 11.1V 4.2Ah*-1-1

Nominal voltage: 11.1V Capacity: 4,200mAh With PCM Item name: Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

OEM 12V 9800mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack with 12V Li-Ion charger, for CCTV camera

Model No:YB-1209800-111

Type: Lithium Ion Battery Pack Voltage: 12V Capacity: 9,800mAh Size: customized Input: 12.6V Maximum continuous charge/discharge: 2.5A (adjustable) Battery cells: A grade 18650 cells Switch: on/off LED indicator: red Connectors: 5.5*2.1mm DC jack + 5.5*2.1mm DC plug Recharge cycle: more than 500 times Charger: US plug/EU plug/UK plug Applications: LED strip, CCTV/IP camera, router, solar energy storage system and others Certificates: CB (UL), EC, CE and MSDS

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack with 3.7V Voltage, 4,400mAh Current, and Over-discharge Protection

Model No:ATB-LP1S2P

Features: Item: Lithium-Ion rechargeable Battery Pack Made of two-piece 2,200mAh cylindrical 18,650 cells with PCB and polymer switch for full protections Lightweight and higher energy density than any rechargeable Battery No memory effect and rechargeable Longer storage lifespan than Ni-MH Battery You can built-in 3.7V/4.4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack by connecting two or three PCB ready Battery module in parallel Built-in IC chip will prevent Battery Pack from over charge and over discharge and ...

Makita 14.4V3ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack/Akku (WP-MAK-BL1430)

Model No:WP-MAK-BL1430

Makita 14.4V3Ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack/Akku Manufacturer(WP-MAK-BL1430)I. Technical Data: Battery Type: Li-ionVoltage: 14.4VCapacity: 3AhRating: 43WhrWeight: 550gDimension: 94.6 X 73.5 X 44.9 mmCondition: Brand new with fresh cellsCompatible for: Makita 14V power toolsMOQ: 50PCSWarranty: 1 yearII. BMS specification1. No memory effectConvenient charging - regardless of whether the Battery is 3/4 or 1/2 empty2. Low self-dischargeAfter 30 days the Lithium Ion Battery still has 96% of the capacity...

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7.4V 1500mAh (18500)

Model No:chx18500

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7.4V 1500mAh (18500) Nominal capacity: 1500mAh Nominal voltage: 7.4V Internal impedance: ≤ 230 mΩ Max. Charge current: 1C Max. Discharge current: 3C Discharge cut-off voltage: 6V Cycle life: ≥ 500 times Weight: About 80g Dimension: 21mm X 37.5mmX 53mm Application Range: Power supply general usage, like for lawn lamp, electric tools, flashlight, LED torch, etc. Remarks: 1. No memory effect and fast rechargeable 2. Almost no ''self discharge'', so it is always...

3.7V 2200mAh 18650 Lithium Ion Battery Pack (1S of FLC-18650-2200)

Model No:FLC-18650-2200

1. Model: 3.7V 2200mAh 18650 Lithium Ion Battery Pack (1S of FLC-18650-2200). 2. UN, RoHS, CE approved Li-Ion Battery Pack. 3. Li-ionBattery Pack OEM orders are welcomed. 4. Li-on Battery Pack is widely used to Notebook, Power Bank, Information Devices, Power tools, Medical Device, Lighting, LED, Portable device, etc. 5. Battery packs are available. 6. Bulk Pack, blister card are available. 7. For Li-Ion 18650 cell, other capacity are available from 1500mAh to 2600mAh. 8. Individual cells can be...

Ebike Battery 36V 10ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack 36ls10

Model No:36LS10

Ebike Battery 36V 10ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack 36LS10 36LS10 Lithium- Ion Battery Pack is specifically designed for deep cycle application (scooter, electric bicycle, wheelchair, etc) with more than 800 cycles at 100% DOD) PACKING & DELIVERY *Packaging Detail: International standard packing or customer' s request. *Delivery Detail: 25working Days after the confirmed order Specification 1. Cell Type: Li-Ion 2. Long cycle life 3. OEM is welcomed 4. UL, CE cert. Ebike Battery 36V 10ah Lithium ...

72V 150ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack Price

Model No:PL-72V/150AH

72V 150Ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack Price FEATURES 1. Safety: Passed abuse and safety test-short-circuit, dropping, nail penetration, impact, crush, thermal shock, over-charge, over-discharge: No fire, no explosion with stable chemical structure. 2. Smaller space: 1/3 of the lead acid Battery. 3. Low self-discharge: Less than 3% per month 4. Wide range temperature adaptability: LiFePO4 Battery could work at -20º C~ 60º C 5. Long life cycles: 1C mor than 2000 times, with long lifespan 5-10 years. ...

Rechargeable 3.7V 2.2ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

Model No:LP0037-2200-L

Rechargeable 3.7V 2.2AH Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 1)Safe & reliable 2)12 months warranty 3)Eco-friendly Advantages High energy density Potential for yet higher capacities. Relatively low self-discharge Self-discharge is less than half that of nickel-based batteries. Low Maintenance No periodic discharge is needed; There is no memory. · Very low profile Batteries resembling the profile of a credit card are feasible. · Flexible form factor Manufacturers are not bound by standard cell formats. W...

Icr18650 Lithium Ion Battery Pack 3s7p 12V 18.2ah

Model No:CN-18650-1218.2

Lithium Ion  Battery Pack High Quality Long Lifespan   Advantages Of Lithium Ion  Battery Pack 1: Highly Safe, Edure High temperature,2:Long Lifespan: 2 to 3 times longer than the lifespan of seal lead acid battery3:Variable type of cell: 14500,18650,14430,18500,17500,26650,26500 etc.4:Wide Capacity Range: 0.2C to 70C5: Stable Performance6: No memory effect7:Light Weight: 1/3 of the weight of NiMH Battery, 1/2 of SLA battery8:Reach ROHs, CE, UL quality standard9: Low maintenance  Application:   ...

12V60ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Model No:12v60ah

12V60AH Lithium Ion Battery Pack 1.12V60AH LFP Battery Pack with high energy density: >100 wh/kg 2.12V60AH LFP Battery Pack with long cycle life: Over 2000 cycles (80%DOD ) 3.12V60AH LFP Battery Pack with good safety: It is non-explosive & will not catch fire under collision due to overcharging or from short circuit. 3.12V60AH LFP Battery Pack with excellent rate capability: 3C Max. Discharge rate and 1C Max. Charge rate. 4.12V60AH LFP Battery Pack with surpassed the national testing stan...

14.8V 4400mAh 18650 medical device Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Model No:FLC-18650-2200

Min. Order:1000

Battery Name: 14.8V 4400mAh 18650 medical device Lithium Ion Battery Pack Battery Model: 4S2P FLC-18650-2200 Battery Keywords:14.8V 4400mAh 18650 medical device Lithium Ion Battery Pack,14.4V Lithium Ion Battery,Li-Ion Battery,Li-Ion 18650 Battery Pack,18650 torch Battery Pack,Li-Ion 18650 LED Battery,outdoor light Li-Ion Battery Pack,Samsung 18650 Battery Battery Applications:Flashlight,LED light,outdoor light,industrial portable device Battery Features: 1. UN38.3,RoHS,CE certificated Li-Ion ba...

Double Row Electric Scooter Lithium Ion Battery Pack Repalc

Model No:AIA-1

Min. Order:1

Double Row Electric Scooter Lithium Ion Battery Pack Repalcement , Long Cycle Life Specifications: Voltage/V 60 Capacity/Ah 2.2 Energy/Wh 132 Working Temp/℃ Charging 0~45 Discharging -20~60 Storage Temp/℃ -20~40 Max discharging current/A 10 Max charging current/A 2 Weight/kg 0.81 Dimension(mm) 155*68*46 Description: Connect 16 pieces of batteries in parallel in one Pack so the voltage is 60V,capacity is 2.2Ah,energy is 132Wh.We use the protection board which is made by ourselves to make sure the...

rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion Battery Pack 3.7V 6600mAh

Model No:18650 1S3P

Min. Order:10000

Company introduction: Shewnzhen Powecome, the headquater of powercome group, concentrates on the R&D and production of various types of batteries, Lithium Ion Battery, Lithium polymer Battery, 18650 Battery cell, Battery Pack etc. With our highly efficient teams comprised of engineers, sales persons, production and quality managers as well as a very strict quality control system (with GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008 certifications), Powercome Electronic is able to provide OEM & ODM service...

48v120Ah LiFePO4 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for electric cars

Min. Order:100 Pack/Packs

48V120Ah is made up of 6P 48v20Ah LiFePO4 Lithium-Ion Battery packs. It is built with BMS, to protective from overdischarged, overcharged, overloaded, and balancing systems.The weight of the Battery Pack is about 62kgs,the max. driving speed of the f
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