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NFT System Skyplant Indoor Greenhouse Hydroponic Shelving

Model No:SP-indoor hydroponics system

Min. Order:1

NFT System Skyplant Indoor Greenhouse Hydroponic Shelving Hydroponic Garden Greenhouse A Hydroponics Vertical Hydroponics Hydroponic Growing Greenhouse Garden Hydroponics Hydroponic Greenhouse Hydroponic Grow System Greenhouse Hydroponics Hydroponic System Home Garden Grow Kit Indoor System grow more faster, and the output is higher, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, its output can be twice than plant in the soil. Feature : 12 pieces of 63# food grade PVC Planting Pipe with 108 holes Frame Size :...

100W LED Grow Light for Flowering Hydroponics System

Model No:GLB-100W

Min. Order:1

100W LED Grow Light for Flowering Hydroponics System We use the best LEDs available that allow us to have good quality led grow lights.The manufacturer that makes enough different nanometer(nm) LEDs in all of the wavelengths necessary to provide a full spectrum is Cree and Optotech. Many researches shows that Cree and Optotech chipset are good for led grow lights.Right choice if you choose to buy our lights. Specification of LED Grow Lights ITEMS LED Grow Light LEDs Power 100W Dimension(L*W*H) 5...

Promotion Greenhouse Hydroponics 768W LED Grow Light

Model No:RYGH-3F1924IB - 768W

Min. Order:5

Promotion Greenhouse Hydroponics 768W LED Grow Light For decades, indoor growers have relied on artificial light sources such as HID, High Pressure Sodium, and Fluorescent to mimic the sun`s rays in an indoor environment. Whether used for Hydroponics Systems or Aquaponics Systems, these light sources all have varying degrees of effectiveness. Now there`s a new player in the game, LEDs (Light-emitting Diodes), and it`s a technology that`s been around for decades, mostly as instrument panel in...

Greenhouse Irrigation System

1. Greenhouse irrigation System include sprinkler irrigation System, drip irrigation System, fog irrigation System and mist irrigation System. 2. We have good quality and best price. 3. We design irrigation System need know the lay out of the Greenhouse or farm.

China Longyoung Greenhouse Industry Company Limited

Tian'an Road Jimei North Industry District

120*3W Hydroponics System LED Grow Light for Fruit and Vegetable (CL-GLW120-3)

Model No:CL-GLW120-3

120*3W Hydroponics System LED Grow Light for fruit and vegetable(CL-GLW120-3)Application: 1. Hydroponics, 2. Greenhouse, 3. Indoor grow, 4. Flower, 5. WeedHydroponics System LED grow light Specifications: Modular design easy to fix700mA more powerfulSpectrum customise660nm/630nmDescription: 1. Revolutionary heat dissipation design, availably alleviate the internal thermal cycle, 10-15 celsius lower than its precursor in performance. 2. Using advanced isolated power driver, UL standard output vol...

100/100mm PVC Square Pipe for Greenhouse Hydroponics Plant and Cable Protection

Model No:pvc square

Min. Order:1000

Product Name: 100/100mm PVC Square Pipe for Greenhouse Hydroponics Plant and Cable Protection Physical properties: Tensile yield strength : ≥30Mpa. Longitudinal retraction rate: ≤5.0 %. Vicat softening temperature: ≥75 ℃. Drop weight impact test(0℃): 9/10 Don't burst Outside the load resistance: ≥9.5 (KN/200mm) Static friction factor: ≤0.35 Product Features: 1, Corrosion resistant. 2, Compressive strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance. 3, Low friction coefficient, high value of utilization...

Vegetable Greenhouse Control System Industrial Grade Controller

Model No:JMDM-VG01

JMDM-VG01 vegetable Greenhouse control System controller  Description1. Brief introductionGreenhouse control System  plays an important role in the development of agriculture and provides anti-season vegetable, shortening the period of crop growth, and raise the survival rate of crops and so on. It has strong interference resistance, powerful, stable and reliable, the hardware is high performance, industrial level of imported 32 bit ARM micro controller and imported components, has a strong stab...

indoor Greenhouse detection System air quality monitoring

Model No:AQM-CBL0001

Delivery Time:7 Days

indoor Greenhouse detection System air quality monitoring     The AQ-Alert+ is designed to monitor and control indoor air quality in the home, workplace and public areas, resulting in benefits such as improved comfort and health.While most customers chose a monitor from our range of standard products, the configuration of the AQ-Alert+ may be defined by the user, making it ideally suited for use in a wide range of applications with varying requirements. The AQ-Alert+ can be fitted with up to fiv...

glass Greenhouse cooling System

                                          Glass Greenhouse cooling System   1. Description:   Cooling Pad System uses evaporation of water to realize cooling purpose; it 's comprised of water supply System, drainage System, water screen and fan.     2. Features:   1. Good cooling effect, low cost; 2. Indoor fresh and moist air good for plants growing; 3. It could use with shading System will be better; 4. Forced draft and moist removing could lower the humidity.   3. Parameters:   Height(mm) Wid...

168 x 3W LED Grow Light for GreenhouseHydroponics System, 2 years wanrranty

Model No:LJZWD-168X3

Specifications: Size: 470 x 310 x 70mm N.W.:6 kg Actual power: 230W Input voltage range: 90 to 260V AC LED quantity: 168 pieces Lifespan: 50,000 hours LED type: 3W Working environment range: -20 to 40°C Working frequency range: 50 to 60Hz Luminous flux: 8400lm Standard ratio: Red/blue: 8:1 Red/blue: 7:2 Red/blue/orange 7:1:1 Special ratio is use red (630, 660nm), blue (460nm), orange (610nm), UV (410nm), IR (730nm), white (14,000K), purple (440nm) and green (510nm) We suggest using red wavelengt...

Hydroponics System for Tomato Greenhouse

Model No:Substrate System

I. What is hydroponicsHydroponics, simply defined, is the growing of plants in a water and fertilizer solution containing the necessary nutrients for plant growth. The word was derived from two Greek words, hydro, meaning water, and ponos, meaning labor, or literally, water working.II. The advantage of Hydroponics- Save land. You can plant anywhere , even on the roof top- Save water- Save labor- Save fertilizer- Save pesticide- High production- High product quality and more safety- Product harmo...

LED plant growth lamp, with automatic Hydroponics System for indoor grow for agriculture/Greenhouse

Model No:OH-GL-001-26

Specifications: Power of unit: 90W Output power: 60W Size: Ø200 x 107mm Input voltage range: 85-264V/AC LED quantity: 30 pieces x 3W PPFD: 911umol/m²s at 0.1m Operating environment range: -20 to 40°C Gross weight: 1.5kgs Lifespan: 50,000 hours Three-year warranty Features: Standard color ratios: red/blue, red (660nm), blue (440nm), full-color System and more Color ratios can be changed according to plants growing environment and customers' requirements Built-in power supply 1pc built-in fan and ...

Hydroponics System Kit, Fashionable Household Goods

Model No:SMNG-44

Functions: Size: 26.5 x 11.5 x 11.4cm Hydroponics and soil-less cultivation (indoor) Auto-watering Smart reminder for adding water No need for too much care Plants suitable for growth: Most of seasonable seeds Most of potted plants can transplant Hydroponic green plants Hydroponic bulbous plants To keep it clean: Planting medium is soil-less which will not make table dirty Liquid fertilizer planting Add tap water only Water is in a sealed box and it will not pour Eco-friendly and harmless: Plant...

Butterfly Window Greenhouse Cooling System/ Exhaust Fan

Model No:48inch

Applications: 1. Industrial fields: Textile, socks/clothes making, glass, molding, rubber, coating, silk-screen printing, toy, electronics, home appliances, shoe making, printing, food stuff, processing, dyeing, laundry and other workshops with high temperature. 2. Civil fields: Net bars, stores, supermarkets, mess hall, food markets, waiting-rooms and recreation places and other occasions with air-conditioning. 3. Agricultural fields: Large farms, Greenhouse and livestock farms, etc. 1. Rugged ...

Economical Greenhouse/Vegetable Greenhouse/Flower Greenhouse/Seeding Greenhouse/Shading Greenhouse

Model No:CUS-SX-GH

*Specification:Width: 8m-150mLength: 20m - 100mRoof height: 5m - 7mGutter height: 3m - 5m *Features:Made of hot galvanized steel pipe, anti-rust treated, 15-20 years life.Covered by 150 miron or 200 micron plastic film, 3-ply or by 30 mesh or 50 mesh white insect screen.Rooling or fixed vent on roof or on sides for natural ventilation. Auto-controlled pad & fan cooling System, irrigation System, shade SystemHydroponics System, heating System, metal table, plant pot, cocopeat grow bag etc i...

Full Spectrum LED Grow Panel Light for Hydroponics System

Model No:LU-Apollo 6

Apollo 6 get ETL cetification, all of components comply with UL standardDescription1. Aluminum alloy housing with glass lens2. power: 270W, input voltage: AC100-240V3. high lumen: 3600lmFeatures and advantages1. Use 3W high quality LED lighting source, the lifespan is over 50000 hours for led grow light2. Replace 3~5 times of the HPSL power, 80% electric energy saving than the tradition HPSL and MHL.3. High lighting effect, 90% of the light will be absorbed by the aquatic plant, but to the tradi...

Hot Sale 135W UFO LED Grow Light for Hydroponics Lighting

Model No:WY9100

Wholesale Flower bulbs 135W full spectrum LED grow light for Hydroponics System Product Description: 3watt single chip applied by Epistar, Bridgelux Build-in fans for active heat dissipation and cooling operation Classic Type and high cost performance Unique style and beautiful appearance make it also a nice decoration Full spectrum is available for better blooming, fruiting and growing Color ratio could be customized, blue is good for vegetative and red is good for budding and flowering Driver ...

700W Hydroponics System Induction Light Red+Blue+Violet+Orange+Infrared+White

Model No:LVD-ZD10000

This bulb was developed for accelerating growth in Greenhouse grown crops. It is best used in situations where plants receive some sunlight, as in a Greenhouse or near a window. The additional added energy in the far-red region of this lamp's color spectrum promotes the photosynthetic performance. AC: 220V, 277V, 347V, 110-277V Main Features 1. Rectangle shape, good horizontal light distribution 2. Compared with point sources, the surface brightness of its large lighting surface area is lower, w...

Greenhouse medicine valve sump hydroponic trays flood System

Model No:rolling bench01

Min. Order:100

Ebb and flow bench rolling bench is a form of Hydroponics that is known for its simplicity, reliability of operation and low initial investment cost. When pots are filled with an inert medium which does not function directly like soil that contribute nutrition to the plants, but which as a temporary reserve of water and solvent mineral nutrients in the anchors the roots. The hydroponic solution alternately floods is allowed to ebb away Table Specification & Accessories Name Ebb and Flow Rol...

Hydroponics activated carbon air filter price

Model No:carbon air filter

Min. Order:10

Hydroponics activated carbon air filter is applicable for treatment of a wide variety of environmental contaminants. The carbon filter is simple to install and easy to operate and maintain. The efficiency of activated carbon for solvent vapour removal is by far superior to a refrigerating process. Hydroponics activated carbon air filter Featuers: 1.Regeneration unit 2.Continuous absorption process 3.Carbon is a natural product and can be specifically selected for ...

Drip Irrigation

Model No:LY

1-Irrigation System; 2-Drip line/Dril Tape; 3-For Greenhouse/Openland 4-Drip/Mist/Sprinkley offere 5-easy installation and dismantle 6-no taste,non-toxic,age inhibiting 7-long life service Greenhouse irrigation System 1.keep the soil structure 2.improve quality and increase efficiency 3.water saving, fertilize saving, work saving We can design the drip irrigation System accoding to your Greenhouse specification Web:http://www.cnlongyoung.com TEL:+86-592-5653587 or +86-592-5653912 FAX:+8...

evaporative cooling pad for Greenhouse

Model No:ZR

Min. Order:20000

Detailed information of evaporative cooling pad: 1.Use the new material and the spatial crossing linking technology, high absorbability, high water resistant, anti-mildew and long service life. 2.Large evaporative area, cooling efficiency as high as 80%. 3.The products include surface active agents, absorb water naturally, fast speed of pervasion, lasting effectiveness. A drop of water can diffuse in 4-5 seconds. Height of absorb water; 60-70mm/5seconds,200mm/1.5hours, can meet internation...

Greenhouse screening AC 380V 5.2rpm Gear Motors XWJ40-5.2 ,

Model No:C12405200

Min. Order:1

Greenhouse screening AC 380V 5.2rpm Gear Motors XWJ40-5.2 , low noise Quick Detail: This gearmotor is used to drive the racks and pinions for Greenhouse screening System. Description: This gearmotor integrates a gearbox, a electric motor, and limit switches. It is connected with a steel shaft to turn the pinions for Greenhouse screening System. With the support of electrical panel, it can run and then stop after set number of turns. Then it can open and close the shading/energy screen of greenho...

Three phase pump PV System without battery

Model No:A1.5KL-1.5HP

Min. Order:1

System Structure: The solar pumping System mainly consists of PV modules, solar pumping inverter and pumps. Principle of Operation The PV modules supply electricity to inverter. The inverters DC into AC to drive pump according to the intensity of sunshine. Application: 3Ph solar pumping inverter can convert DC into AC to run pumps, and control the System operation, suitable for all kinds of 3-Ph motors. More solar System used for irrigation System/swimming pool/daily water supply/water supply fo...

Full Spectrum 600W LED Grow Light for Hydroponics System and Garden Plants

Model No:SOS-G288*3W

600W super efficient LED grow light garden light hydroponic light horticultural light best for planting medical herbs Features: 1. CE and RoHS certification. 2. Eight bands and 6 colors for your option. 3. Plug and play, free hook for your installing. 4. Best for plants growing, such as tomatoes, lettuce, flowers and medical and medical herbs. 5. Increase the production by more than 30%. 6.3 years warranty, CE, RoHS approved 7. Powerful fan 2800 RPM 8.2W LED as light source, more powerful in out...

Greenhouse Cooling System

Model No:H76H

Leveraging the principle of heat absorption though evaporation and exhaust fan, Glitter Pad-Fan Cooling System proves to eliminate waste gas and reduce the temperature, thus improving the environment and keeping cool and favorable air. "Pad--Fan" cooling System is a best economical and effective option for cooling in the summer.

PPR pipe fitting female union

Min. Order:100

Delivery Time:10 Days

Female union Application product range: Hot and cold drinking water supply System for civil and industrial buildings Purified water, pure water piping System Industrial fluid delivery System Garden and Greenhouse irrigation System Hot water circulation heating System Compressed air piping System Feed production and delivery System Central air conditioning System Product Characteristic: Light quality Good heat resistance Good corrosion resistance The pipe is firmly connected Low thermal ...

Silage Cover- Extrusion Blown Molding type

Delivery Time:20 Days

Silage cover • Applying good wilting practices should produce circa 25-30% DM content in 12-24 hours. Wilting can be speeded up if the grass is spread and conditioned. It is important to remember that over-wilting will increase dry matter losses. • Adequate rolling is essential to ensure good compaction and the effective expulsion of air. • Clamps containing high DM crops will require thinner layers and additional rolling to ensure good compaction and the expulsion of air. Silage cover is a kin...

(RCNH) Automatic feeding pan for broilers

North Husbandry , Poultry Machinery , Chicken Farm , Pig Farm , Farm , Cattle Farm , Green House , Evaporative Cooling Pad , Greenhouse Cooling System , Poultry Cooling System , Greenhouse Fan , Exhaust Fan For Poultry House , Poultry Fan , Farm Fan ,Chicken Fan , Industrial Fan Mainly providing poultry equipments for poultry : Auto feeding System, metal and plastic parts. Can be design and make as local condition. 1. The pan is used on automatic pan feeding System. 2. There are 14 grills; Fa...

Poultry Fan

Model No:1530/1380/1250/1100/900/600

Min. Order:30

Model Diameter Blades(mm) Air Volume Power Outer Size(mm) Voltage Frequency NHXS-1100 1000 34500 m3/h 0.75KW 1100*1100*400 380V 50HZ NHXS-1220 1100 38000 m3/h 1.1KW 1220*1220*400 380V 50HZ NHXS-1380 250 42000m3/h 1.5KW 1380*1380*400 380V 50HZ Note: other kinds of model can be custumized NHXS1380/1220/1100/900/600. NHXS series Centrifugal Exhaust Fan: 1).Standard parts like washers are made of stainless steel, no rust, beautiful appearance.The outer frame is made of hot galvanized p...

North Husbandry

Shandong Weifang

In-Line Booster Fan for Hydroponics System

Model No: BF001 - BF003

Min. Order:1

Product Description Can be mounted in-line with your existing duct work to increase airflow Quiet-running Made with UL recognized components Includes an 8', 120v power cord Product Specification/Models 6",8",10"

Garden Accessories Hydroponics System Self-Watering Planters

Model No:BH-FRP pot

BEIHAI produce many kinds of Fiberglass Planter/ Pot, Our Prismaid FRP planter is made from FRP, the advantage"s of our fiberglass flower pots/planters: 1. Fiberglass flower pots are both light weight and extremely durable, made from a tough Fiberglass exterior that is 100% waterproof. 2. Non-corrosive & maintenance-free, requiring only soapy water for normal cleaning. 3. Easily withstands harsh elements without fear of cracking, splitting or warping. 4. Finish provides a long-lasting, prote...

Honeycomb Evaporative Cooling Pad for Greenhouse Cooling System

Model No:001

Specifications   high absorbility hi water resistant anti-mildew,long service life large evaporation area,without harmful chemicals   poultry evaporative cooling pad   1. Innovate Detachable Frame,Facilitate to clean water pipe and exchange the cooling pad;   2. Use Aluminum alloy frame,light weight,easy installation;   3. Self-produced Nylon End cover,Ensure high quality,lower cost;   4. Adopt thickness of upper plate of 2mm,1.4mm for bottom plate;   5. Multi colours cooling pad for your choice...

Iris Rainbow High Power 5W LED Grow Light for Hydroponics System, Tomato, Medical Plants

Model No:CF-PD-460W

Features: 1. CF Sunlight spectrum LED: Guarantee good growth results of your herbal, flower, vegetable etc. Suit all the stages of plants growing. Two kinds powerful LED can be option: 40W/73.5W LED 2. PD-CF-250W grow light can replace more than 600W HPS PD-CF-460W grow light can replace more than 1000W HPS 3. Anti-waterproof Power supply with aluminum housing: Make sure the steady performance and long life time. 4. CF lens: High index and euphotic index (97%), heat resistant and cold-resistant,...

Large Volume Greenhouse Cooling System with CE

Model No:SFXD-GA60A

Product Description Industrial water mist fan/ centrifugal mist fan/ water cool fans Industrial water mist fan Fields of Application: 1. Disinfection, sterilization and pest control for hospital, airport, stadium, station hall and other public sites. 2. Humidification, sanitation, dedusting for industries like textile, tobacco, wood, animal husbandry etc., Industrial water mist fan/ centrifugal mist fan/ water cool fans Feature: 1. Large volume sprayer; Even and fine particle size. 2. No blockag...

vegetables growing bags planter black plastic bag for plants, Grow Bags Type and Plastic Material planter growing bag, 1,2,3,5Ga

Model No:bagplastics@vip.163.com

Min. Order:100

Product name Grow Bags Type and Plastic Material planter growing bag Material 100% virgin PE +UV stabilized protection Color white and black or black Thickness 75micron, 100micron, 120micron, 200micron or more Size 1gal, 2gal,3gal or customed Logo Logo and logo color can be customed MOQ 1 Ton Lead Time 25days after payment transfered Loading Port QINGDAO ,China Package Carton box+pallet Feature Heavy duty, durable.Low cost and convenient,Light-reflective for better growing Application Indoor g...

self watering plant bucket for home potted plants

Model No:LYHS-007

Min. Order:1

self watering plant bucket for home potted plants Product Description Name watering systems for potted plants home used self watering plant bucket Size 30*25*23cm Volume 11L Material Plastic Detailed Pics Advantage 1, Suitable for vegetables or flowers, etc. b, Save the land, no soil is needed for Hydroponics c, All the growing conditions can be controlled with Hydroponics System d, Stable and high productivity e , Environment friendly. f, Plants grow healthier a...

2015 new vertical garden systems

Model No:vertical garden systems-nbsuliao

2015 new vertical garden systems  Hydroponics System vertical  Hydroponics vertical grow System hydroponic gardening systems    So cute and practical ! ! !   1. It's specially designed for cultivating seedlings indoors.The plastic cover is clear,which is convenient to observe the growth of seedlings,and there are 2 vent holes on the clear cover,helping seedling's respiratory metabolism.   2.You just need to open the clear cover and pour some water! The seedlings will germinate about 3-7 days,and...

Plastic Film Multi-Span Greenhouse

Model No: Plastic Film Multi-Span Greenhouse

Min. Order:1set

Plastic Film Multi-Span Greenhouse 1. Stronger than tunnel Greenhouse. Foundation is required. 2. Big inside room, suitable for large area. 3. Usually used to grow vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, chili etc, also grow cut flowers. 4. All structure by hot galvanized steel pipe, Anti-rust for 10-15 years. 5. Covered by 3-ply (PE+EVA Material) poly film (plastic film), Anti-UV, Anti-Drip 130micron/150micron/180micron/200micron thickness for your choice 6. Wind Load: 130KM/H, Snow Load: 0.28KN/...

Used Grow Lights Led Plant Rcg90w For Hydroponics Greenhouse

Used Grow Lights LED Plant RCG90W for Hydroponics Greenhouse   LED Grow Plant Light RCG90Wuse high efficient 1w LED as the light source , base on 90*1 high power LEDs with metal cover , built in 2 pcs 45w constant current source , it will more energy efficient   1) 90W LED grow light can replace the 270w-450w HPS , over 80% energy saving . 2) Base on  the 1w LED chip. 3) Over  50000 hours . 4)Our common light ratio :8:1 , 7:2 , 7:1:1  with the mixture of  red , blue , orange  , yellow and  white...
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