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List Of Graphite Filled Packing Products And Quality Supplier Of Graphite Filled Packing From China, Bossgoo.com Provide You Reliable Graphite Filled Packing Manufacturers With Through The Certification. You May Also Be Interested In Abnormality Graphite Complex Gasket ,abrasive Papers Packing ,abrasive Service Packing ,absorber Packing Ring ,acrylic Braided Packing

Graphite Filled PTFE Gasket

Model No:Graphite Filled PTFE Gasket

Min. Order:100

Specifications Graphite Filled PTFE Gasket 1.high quality and the competitive prices 2.short delivery Graphite Filled PTFE Gasket PTFE Gasket Type Flat Gasket,white,natural,Graphite Filled,Cooper powder Filled,Glass fiber Filled,Carbon fiber Filled,Seal Ring ,Reinforced , Standards SGS ,ISO9001-2000,FDA,ROHS,FDA,QB/T 3624-1999 BH(brinell hardness) 3-10×104J size Any size available wall thickness  0.5 ~ 5.0mm  length 100~300mm Properties Unit                   Aparent Density 2.10-2.30 g/ cm3    ...

Graphite Filled PTFE Tube&Rod

Model No:Graphite Filled PTFE Tube&Rod, pressed and extruded

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications Graphite Filled PTFE Tube&Rod 1-Size:1mm-500mm 2-Color: White or Colorful 3.Free sample 4.Advanced equipment Graphite Filled PTFE Tube&Rod   The Ptfe resin is shaped,extruded, and sintered into extroded rods. The rods can be used as working liners,seals and lubrication materials in all kinds of mediums. Spceification diameter 4~diameter250*1meter(white and black)   The Ptfe resin is shaped, moulded, and sinterd into moulded rods. The rods can be used as working liners, sea...

Graphite Filled bronze bushes,bush

Model No:1 class graphite filled bronze bushes

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications 1.Solid Lubricants-embedded Special High Strength Brass Bearing 2.Excellent Wear Resistance 3.High Load Carrying Capacity   Graphite Filled bronze bushes   DNB#50 Graphite plugged brass bushing is a type of solid metal bearing. This type of self-lubricating bearing is also called #500 oilless bearing,brass bearing,cooper bushing,solid sliding bearing,guide bushing and Graphite Filled bearing.   Material:   Standard material: CuZn25A16Fe3Mn3 + Graphite   Main Alloy Material:     So...

High performance Graphite Filled ptfe rods

Model No:graphite filled ptfe rods

Delivery Time:1 Days

High performance Graphite Filled ptfe rods   Product Description  PTFE Rod is made of Virgin PTFE material, there are three processing method of PTFE rod:       Property Of PTFE     Of all the known plastics, PTFE has some remarkable properties: it will not attacked by corrosive acids, even if they were hot; it did not dissolve in solvents; it could be cooled to -180°C without becoming brittle and it could be heated to 260°C without impairing its performance. PTFE materials also are extremely st...

Reinforced Graphite Braided Packing

Model No:Reinforced Graphite Braided Packing-007

Product Description Graphite Packing with Inconel wire is An universal low-chloride Packing for valve Braided Packing and pump braided Packing in high temperature duty and high pressure. Graphite braided Packing with Inconel wire was made of reinforced Graphite yarn with inconel wire reinforcement for asbestos in all applications. Graphite Packing with Metal Wire is for Seal hot water, high temperature and pressure steam, heat transfer fluid, hydrogen gas, ammonia. Olvents. Hydrocarbons. Cryogen...

copper wire Graphite PTFE Packing

Model No:HS-graphite ptfe packing

Delivery Time:15 Days

Graphite PTFE Packing with lubricant Braided PTFE yarn containing Graphite particles and anti-corrosive lubricant. It is recommended for shafts for almost all chemicals. Stability and long service lift are achieved by low friction coefficient. It’s has great tear strength and high thermal conductivity. This self-lubricating Packing does not damage the sleeve replacement cost. It can be used to seal alkalis, solvents, water, steam, acids except strong oxidizing acids (aqua regia, fuming nitric ac...

Cixi sealing material tamper proof paper seals factory good quality Graphite gland Packing impregnated with ptfe

Model No:graphite gland packing impregnated with ptfe, graphite gland packing impregnated with ptfe

Delivery Time:7 Days

    Cixi sealing material factory good quality Graphite gland Packing impregnated with ptfe 1.Pictures of gland Packing     2.Descriptions of gland Packing   Temperature -200~+800℃ Pressure Rotating 20bar Reciprocating 100bar Valve 200bar Shaft Speed 12m/s PH 0-14 Density 1.0-1.7g/cm3   3.Features of gland Packing   1,Excellent performance of self-lubricating,high strength,high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance 2,Especially for high-pressure media with contain particles rotating in hig...

Sintered Artificial Graphite Filled rod

Model No:graphite filled rod

Delivery Time:25 Days

Specifications 1.Direct manufacturer 2.Delivery time: within 25 days 3.Competitive prices 4.High density 5.Low resistivity     high quality  Graphite Filled rod     Product Description Technical data   Items Unit  Grade Max Grain Size   2.0mm 2.0mm 0.8mm 0.8mm 25-45μm 25-45μm 6-15μm Bulk Density            ≥ g/cm3  1.63 1.71  1.70 1.72 1.78  1.82  1.85-1.90  Resistance               ≤ uΩ.m  9.0 9.0  8.5  8.5  12  12  10-12  Flexural Strength     ≥ Mpa  9.8 13.0  10.0  14.5  30  35  38-45  Compre...

TENSION high quality expanded Graphite gland Packing TS2065

Model No:expanded graphite gland packing TS2065

Delivery Time:15 Days

TENSION high quality expanded Graphite gland Packing TS2065 Product Description TS2605 Pure Flexible Graphite Packing is made from expanded Graphite yarn braided into through all kinds of technology of braiding . They are almost suitable to all media, such as hot water, steam, acids, alkalis, organic solvents,hydrocarbons, low temperature liquids, etc. The sealing cap ability is more better and safety,it is the most effctive composite parts forsolving problems, Pure Flexible Graphite Packing is ...

Graphite gland Packing

Model No:Graphite gland packing

Graphite gland Packing Product Description Graphite gland Packing  is a multi-yarns Packing. The corners of Packing are made of aramid fiber yarns impregnated with Graphite PTFE, the friction faces are made of Graphite PTFE yarns. This structure enhances the lubrication ability of aramid fiber and improves the strength of the pure Graphite PTFE. Multi-yarns in zebra braided Packing consisting of Sunwell Graphite Packing yarns and aramid fiber. it has excellent lubrication ability and thermal con...

Graphite Filled ptfe products

Model No:Graphite filled ptfe products

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications Graphite Filled ptfe products 1.rod ,tube ,sheet ect 2.size as order 3. 5%,10%,15%,20%,25% Graphite Filled  Graphite Filled ptfe products   5% Graphite 10% Graphite 15% Graphite 20% Graphite 25% Graphite             Graphite has good chemical resistance to corrosive environments and exhibits good initial wear and rubbing/sliding characteristics in dry and water applications. Commonly blended with carbon and PTFE.     all the existing plastics, PTFE has the best corrosion-resistanc...

PTFE-Graphite Packing With Kevlar Fiber Corner Braided

Model No:ptfe graphite gland packing

Delivery Time:15 Days

PTFE-Graphite Packing With Kevlar Fiber Corner Braided Product Description   PTFE Graphite Gland Packing Description:1. Kevlar PTFE Graphite Packing style 6500G is highly-quality combination of PTFE with Graphite incorporated yarn with corner of Kevlar fiber, to prevent gap extrusions within the high pressure and temperature range.2. Kevlar PTFE Graphite Packing style 6600G is made from pure 100% Dupont's Kevlar yarn incorporated with Graphite Teflon GFO yarn throughout the sliding surface in al...

Carbon Yarn Graphite Filled Braided Packing industrial grade Packing seal

Model No:ASL 345

Carbon Yarn Graphite Filled Braided Packing industrial grade Packing seal Model: ASL 345   Product Description Carbon Yarn Graphite Filled Braided Packing industrial grade Packing seal Feature: Braided by the high quality special synthetic fiber, Graphite particles and lubricant. Texture soft higher density of cross section good self-lubricating properties low coefficient of friction,  excellent chemical resistance excellent resilience will not produce the pump and shaft wear.   Application: Use...

Carbon Yarn Graphite Filled Braided Packing

Model No:DF-CGCP

Delivery Time:3 Days

Dinfn Carbon Yarn Graphite Filled Braided Packing       Product Description 1. CONSTRUCTION  Dinfn Carbon Yarn Graphite Filled Braided Packing is manufactured from pure carbon yarn, which is interlock braided and impregnated with proprietary lubricants and Graphite particles which fill voids, block leakage, and act as a break-in lubricant. The end product has a low coefficient of friction and tends to wear more evenly than most braided packings.   2. APPLICATION/ SERVICE Carbon Yarn Graphite Fil...

3in 1500Lb SS316 Graphite Filled Spiral Wound Gasket

Min. Order:10

Delivery Time:15 Days

3in 1500Lb SS316 Graphite Filled Spiral Wound Gasket 3in 1500Lb SS316 Graphite Filled Spiral Wound Gasket applied to pipe connections with premium stainless steel. We have succeed to cooperated with SHELL,LUKOIL and other famous oil &gas companies with small order,best quality,reasonable price. 1.Technical Parameters 1.Name:Spiral wound gaskets 2. Type Type Thickness(mm) Basic form 3.2 4.5 With inner ring 4.5 With outer ring 4.5 With inner and outer ring 4.5 3. Structure type: Filler Hoop ...

Graphite Filled Natural Color Molding type PTFE Teflon Bar

Model No:10B - 023

Min. Order:100

Graphite Filled Natural Color Molding type PTFE Teflon Bar is a specialized engineering plastic which has excellent non stick properties - it has a surface to which no substance will adhere . Molding type PTFE Teflon Bar is not affected by all most all chemical and solvent .It meets the FDA requirements, doesn't have any corrosion and is able to be stored without any time limits. Some of its features are that it has Good Flexibility, Good Seal ability, highly compressible, Non Contaminating, an...

PTFE Dispersion Coated Graphite Fiber Packing

Model No:PTFE Packing

Min. Order:100

PTFE Dispersion Coated Graphite Fiber Packing Each individual strand is coated with pure PTFE and cured, prior to braiding. During the braiding process, pure PTFE is applied throughout the body of the Packing. The Packing is lubricated under hydraulic pressure with a proprietary non-petroleum lubricant, containing no sulfur, silicone, or waxes. Features High density, dimensionally-stable Very little water absorption Ideal for valve and slower shaft speed applications PTFE dispersion ensures low ...

Chemical Pure Flexible Graphite Gland Packing

Model No:6200/6200GFO

Min. Order:20kgs

Chemical Pure Flexible Graphite Gland Packing Chemical Pure Flexible Graphite Gland Packing Specification: 1. Pure Flexible Graphite Packing Impregnated with PTFE is made from Expanded Flexible Graphite Packing and impregnated with PTFE emulsion as a blocking agent thus creating a nonstraining Packing. 2. Pure Flexible Graphite Packing Impregnated with PTFE is recommended to be widely used in general service pumps where a high quality performance product is needed in food industries, pulp a...

Graphite Ptfe Packing With Aramid Corner 

product name :Graphite PTFE Packing with Aramid Corner PARAMETER VALUE Pressure 20Mpa Working temperature -150-280℃ Velocity 15m/s PH 2-12 Graphite PTFE Packing with aramid corner is braided by kevlar and the fiber which composite with Graphite and PTFE, Aramid strengthen in the corners. Then high lubrication in processing and impregnated with PTFE emulsion.Can expand application in the condition of high temperature and high pressure. With better lubrication and heat conductivity.Applicable to r...

Carbon / Graphite Filled Ptfe Teflon Tube Lightweight With High Water Resistance

Detailed Product Description Material: PTFE Color: White,colorful Temperature: -180 - + 260 ℃ Filling: Graphite,carbon, Bronze,glass Fiber. Methord: Molded, Extruded Density: 2.1-2.3 G/cm³ Specification: Outside Dia:1~1800mm Wall Thickness: 0.1~500mm   Carbon / Graphite Filled Ptfe Teflon Tube Lightweight With High Water Resistance   Quick detail (a) O.D. 1mm-25mm and wall thickness 0.1mm-2.5mm are extruded from imported dispersion PTFE resin (b) O.D. 25mm-200mm and wall thickness 1.5mm-8mm plun...
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