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Newly produced original Goji Juice

Model No:newly produced original goji juice

Min. Order:100

Newly produced original Goji Juice The Ningxia Love Goji berry--The world's most powerful Antioxidant, Anti-aging Superfood. This berry was found to be the most nutritionally dense Superfood on earth. Dried Goji berry-- tested by Eurofins Germany Botanical name:Lycium Barbarum Plant Part: Whole,ripe fruit Product format: Dried berries Origin: China Appearance: Dried berries,no impurity100% - Crop: 2017 - Taste: Sweet - Granulation: 220 size per 50g - Moisture: Max 12% - Nicotine: ND μg/kg -...

Goji Juice Fresh Goji Juice Concentrate Organic Goji Juice Pure

Model No:goji Juice

Goji Juice has been traditionally used to alleviate the following conditions:1.to strengthen the heart and alleviate heart palpitations2.fights insomnia and forgetfulness3.contains polysaccharides which control the pituitary glands that produce which is a powerful anti-aging hormone4.can be used by pregnant women to alleviate morning sickness.5.Has in clinical trials shown a partial reversal in sexual dysfunction in seniors6.Used to boost the function of the immune system7.Has some anti-cancer p...

Hot sale Ningxia 100% Natural Goji Juice

Model No:Goji Berry Juice

Min. Order:100

Hot sale Ningxia 100% Natural Goji Juice After washing,sterilizing,spay washing again,the gojiberries are smashed, and moved away seed&peel.Then been grinded to exquisite pulp Juice. Fillered in aseptic foil bag or bottle by the aseptic machine.No preservatives added. The Brix of Goji berry raw Juice is between 13% to 18%. About Payment and delivery. Payment We usually use T/T T/T deposit before production and balance when shipment. Payment terms: Western Union, Escrow, Paypal, T/T ,L/C.,etc...

Goji puree Juice/Goji Juice

Model No:100% goji juice

Min. Order:1

Product Description Fresh Goji berry Juice which introduce into a set of advanced Juice line is manufactured through per-treatment, juicing, color protection, sterilization and sterile filling according to The USA Code of Garden Spgarden Stuff Juice Product HACCP---21CFR part 120 and The HACCP System of our corporation. The problems to keep Goji berry Juice fresh at normal temperature have been solved. After the treatment with natural color protector, the original taste, color and nutrient conte...

High Quality Certified Top grade Organic Goji Juice

Min. Order:1

Our Top grade Organic Goji Juice are made by 100% fresh Goji berries originated in Zhongning County,the hometown of gojiberry. Fresh Goji berries is made within 6 hours of the berries being picked,which introduce into a set of advanced Juice line is manufactured through pre-treatment sorting,washing ,sterilizing,seeds and peel removed,color protection,the puree were juicing and grinded to make a better taste, none preservative added.The problems to keep Goji Juice fresh at normal temperature ha...

2017 NFC Goji Juice

Model No:Brix≥16.5%

Min. Order:200

34 Reasons to drink Goji Juice 1. Extends Life, through its powerful antioxidant action 2. increases strength and energy, especially when fighting disease 3. Makes you feel and look younger, by stimulating the youth hormone (hGH) 4. Maintains healthy blood pressure 5. Reduces Cancer risks 6. Reduces cholesterol 7. Promotes normal blood sugar 8. Enhances sexual performances and treats dysfunction 9. Helps lose weight 10. Relieves dizziness and headaches 11. Relieves insomnia and improves quality...

Certified Goji Juice Concentrate ≥36% Brix

Min. Order:500

Delivery Time:20 Days

Certified Goji Juice Concentrate ≥36% Brix Certified Goji Juice Concentrate ≥36% Brix is made from 100% Organic Goji Juice, also called wolfberry Juice concentrate. Our Concentrate starting from 100% Goji whole fruit pure made from berries picked within 6 hours and the Goji Juice concentrate was found to have the top ORAC value of all fruits. An amazing 122,000 ORAC units for per liter! It is a miracle in fruit Juice concentrate industry! More details about Goji Juice concentrate: Specification:...

100% Pure best selling Goji Juice in bulk

Model No:Natural Extract

Min. Order:200

Goji Berry Juice has been carried out by Scientists clinical studies from the aspect of health preservation and medical treatment, and found that, Best seeling Goji Juice can restrain free radical, protect DNA, enhance immunity, benefit heart and blood vessels and protect pancreas, liver and eyes. Especially pure Goji Juice, it is 100% from fresh Goji berry. So the function will be better. Goji Berry Drink is a kind of healthy drink.You can drink it everyday and you will get away from cancers an...

Goji nutritious Juice healthy Goji Juice

Model No:BSHX-e003

Min. Order:100

Goji nutritious Juice healthy Goji Juice in our daily diet is a powerful way to concentrate our efforts towards a healthy immune system,also antioxidants in Goji nutritous Juice can slow the process of aging, and help the body to make repairs.Healthy Goji Juice is derived from berries of the plants Lycium barbarum and Lycium chinense. The high quality Goji Juice is not only a health tonic but also for treating some diseases. Goji Juice usage The Goji raw Juice contains phytochemicals an...

Ningxiahong healthy red Goji fruit wine 150ml

Model No:150ml*24

Min. Order:600

Made from Goji: Ningxiahong Goji wine use fresh high quality Zhongning Goji as material, and use Goji low temperature fermentation technology , to keep maximum color, aroma and flavor of Goji, ensure its nutrition and healthy function are fully exploited. Patent gold medal: Ningxiahong Goji wine use Goji Juice low temperature fermentation technology, it is the only company own this honor in wine industry. This methods of production can open and active the wax layer on the surface of Goji , relea...

China Dried Goji Berry 2014 New Crop Organic Goji Certified Organic

Model No:China Dried Goji Berry

China Dried Goji Berry 2014 New Crop Organic Goji Certified Organic 1. Organic Goji Certified 2. Certification: GAP, ISO, HACCP, Kosher 3. Be rich in VC, B1, B2, iron 4. Taste: Sweet 5. Size: 380grains per 50g Description Feature and advantages: 1)Variety: 1. Goji berry 2. Goji berry Juice 3. Goji Juice concentrate 3. Goji berry powder 4. Goji chewing tablets 5. Goji berry Extract 6. Gift Goji berry 7. Goji effervescent tablet 2)Specification Features 100% All Natural Organic certified No sugar,...

Ningxia Goji Berry Raw Juice

Model No:(ZQY-0014)

Ningxia Goji Berry Raw Juice Why Goji berry and Goji Juice so popular, and used in so many fields?With the development of people's material standard of living and their sense of health, Ningxia Goji berry and raw Juice have been widely used in medicine, health food, food and health drink fields.Because of these characteristics such as its surface bacterium and highly contented polysaccharide, etc., the fresh fruit of wolfberry is difficult to achieve fresh under normal temperature. The company c...

100% natural Goji Juice

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:20 Days

It is formed through washing, crushing, homogenization, filtration, sterilization and aseptic filing. It protects the maximum amount of nutrients of the berries. Ingredients: 100% natural fresh Goji without any artificial color, additives and preservatives Specification: Brix 13, Brix 36 Package: 200kg/drum, 25kg/drum Main Use: Fruit Juice Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation.

Size 500 Low Pesticide Goji Berry

Model No:Size 500

Min. Order:1000

General knowledge of Goji berry: Keep your Energy and Mood Upward According to a study from the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, drinking Goji berry fruit Juice regularly may help increase energy, moods and also improve digestion health, way too. Participants that drank Goji Juice for just two weeks acquired improvements with regards to their emotions of [general well-being," increased energy levels far better gastrointestinal function. Attempt to have some gojis like a pre-wor...

Fresh Goji Berry organic

Model No:20171208huaxingfresh

Min. Order:500

Wolfberry, commercially called Goji berry, is the common name for the fruit of two very closely related species: Lycium barbarum (Chinese pinyin: Ningxia gouqi) and L. chinense (Chinese pinyin: gouqi), two species of boxthorn in the facmily Solanaceae (which also includes the tomato, eggplant, deadly nightshade, chili pepper, and tobacco). It is native to southeastern Europe and Asia. Goji Series Specifications Product Name Active Ingredient Specification Test Method Goji Extract Polysaccharid...

Snack Food Red Goji

About the product •QiLiXiang Goji Farm has been working on providing organic dried Goji Berries and Goji Juice to U.S. market. •Early testing in laboratories shows that Goji berries help enhance the effectiveness of flu vaccinations in aged mice. This is important because the flu vaccine doesn`t always provide adequate protection against the virus. •Antioxidants for eyes and skin Studies have cited the high level of antioxidants in Goji berries, especially zeaxanthin. It`s the zeaxanthin that gi...

2017 Chinese Most Salable Goji Berry/Goji/Wolfberry

Model No:280/50g

Min. Order:20

Goji Berry, Factory Directly Supply Goji Berry Dried Wolfberry Description Feature and advantages: Variety: 1. Goji berry 2. Goji berry Juice 3. Goji Juice concentrate 3. Goji berry powder 4. Goji chewing tablets 5. Goji berry Extract 6. Gift Goji berry 7. Goji effervescent tablet Specification Features 100% All Natural Organic certified No sugar, color, or preservatives added Super nutritious, super delicious From Ningxia Produced in an FDA Inspected Organic Lab Hand Picked Goji Berry Size 220g...

Ningxia ZhongYuanDa Agel Ecommerce Ltd.

Dawukou,Shizuishan,Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Shizuishan

Natural healthy wolfberry Juice

Model No:13%

Min. Order:200

About Goji Juice Goji Juice is made from Goji berries, also know as wolfberries. Native to China, the Himalayas, and Tibet, the berries themselves are slightly bitter tasting. When made into Juice, the flavor becomes more of a sweet and sour mixture. Goji Juice and berries are believed to have many medicinal benefits. Studies have shown that they contain anticoagulants, antioxidants, and plenty of vitamin C. While the healthful claims can tend towards the outrageous, some that have been proven i...

High Quality Goji Berry Extract 20% 30% 40% 50% Polysaccharides

Model No:NM-WOPE

Information about Goji berry extract Product name: Wolfberry extract Botanical Name: Lycium barbarum L Appearance: Yellow- brown powder Specification: 20% 30% 40% 50% polysaccharides Introduction about Goji berry extract Wolfberryextract grow on an evergreen shrub found in temperate and subtropical regions in China, Mongolia and in the Himalayas in Tibet. They are in the nightshade (Solonaceae) family. Goji berries are usually found dried. They are shriveled red berries that look like red raisin...

Andrographolide 98% Chinese Herbal Extract Health For Medic

Model No:XRT-231

Min. Order:1

Andrographolide 98% Chinese Herbal Extract Health For Medicine Quick Detail: 1.Andrographolide is a labdane diterpenoid that is the main bioactive component of the medicinal plant Andrographis paniculata. 2. Andrographolide is an extremely bitter substance extracted from the stem and leaves of A. paniculata. 3.Andrographolide is used experimentally in different areas of research including cell signaling, immunomodulation, and stroke Detailed Description: Andrographolide is a labdane diterpenoid ...

PVC Polish White Sheet PVC Plastic Sheet for Thermoforming

Model No:goji Juice

Pvc polish white sheet pvc plastic sheet for thermoformingWe are proud to inform that we successfully passed all the assessment by Technischen Uberwachungs Vereine. For Products Character: 1. High chemical stability, fine anti-fire, super-transparent2. Highly UV. Stabilized, good mechanical properties, high hardness and strength, 3. The sheet aslo has well aging resistance, good selfextinguishing property and reliable insulativity. 4. Moreover the sheet is waterproof and has very good smooth sur...

halal natural plant extract

Model No:halal

Min. Order:1

Natural plant extract Top Quality 100% Pure Halal Natural Plant Extract Widely used into health-care food/products, dietary supplement, cosmetics, medicine/pharmaceuticals, food. Fla Lignans Flaxseed Gum Chorogenic Acid(s)  Acid(s) Citrus Synephrine Hesperidin Hesperetin Citrus Bioflavonoids Complex Diosmin Naringin Naringenin Neohesperidin PMFs; Blood Orange Juice and Powder 1%-15%,Anthocyanins Polyphenols Olive Fruit Extract Hydroxytyrosol 2%-40% Olive Oleuropein5%-50% Lemon Essent...

100% Natural Goji Berry Juice Powder

Model No:G003.S30100

Min. Order:1

Goji Berry Fruit Powder / Goji Berry Juice Powder / Goji Berry Fruit Juice Powder. 100% natural no carrier! Goji Berry Extract Juice Powder is extract from Fructus lycii berry (wolfberry, Lycium barbarum, Wolfberry, Lycium chincnse Mill. ) . Scientists in modern China have extensively studied wolfberry fruits, their nutrients and their medical benefits. They have further substantiated the ancient medical applications such as: Maintain healthy immune system (including specific and non-specific im...

Healthy Food Goji Berry Juice

Model No:280PCS/50G

Min. Order:5

Healthy Food Goji Berry Juice 1. Ingredients and Efficacy of healthy food Goji: (1): Nutrient Ingredients: Wolfberry fruit is rich in vitamin B1, B2, C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other elements and a variety of amino acids. (2): Efficacy: In pharmacology, it can reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, expand blood vessels and lower blood pressure. At the same time, wolfberry flavor Ganping, lung, liver, kidney three meridians, to nourish the liver and kidney, Yishuangmu effect known 2. Company B...

Organic Goji Berry Juice Powder

Min. Order:25

Delivery Time:5 Days

Product Name: Organic Goji Berry Juice Powder Basic Information: Product name: Organic Goji Berry Juice Powder Botanical Source: Lycium Barbarum L. Specification: Powder Descriptions: Goji Berry species are deciduous woody perennial plants, growing 1–3 meters high. L. Chinese is grown in the south of China and tends to be somewhat shorter, while Lycium barbarum is grown in the north, primarily in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and tends to be somewhat taller. Since the early 21st century, i...

10ml Goji Flavor E Liquid

Model No:Goji-C-1

Goji Flavor E Liquid-Without tea polyphenols (10ml) Model: Goji-C(10ml) -----Product Description 1. Different Formula: With or without tea polyphenols optional. 2. Patented in microencapsulated nano-technology production worldwide. 3. E liquid E Juice for all electronic cigarettes devices. 4. Strength options: 0/6/8/12/18/22/24/26mg, or according to your desire. 5. Main Ingredients: PG, VG. Food-grade flavorings, Tea Polyphenols, Nano Particle. 6. Can provide any flavors of e-liquid with big/sma...

2014 New Harvest Goji Berry

Model No:wolf berry/goji berry

What Is a Goji Berry? The Goji berry is also called the wolfberry. It is a bright orange-red berry that comes from a shrub that's native to China. In Asia, Goji berries have been eaten for generations in the hopes of living longer. Over time, people have used Goji berries to try and treat many common health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, fever, and age-related eye problems. Goji berries are eaten raw, cooked, or dried (like raisins) and are used in herbal teas, juices, wines, and m...

High Quality Goji Berry Juice

Model No:plant extract

Product Description 1. Our advantage 1). ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, BRCcertified 2). Professional service, free sample 3), Fast shipment 4). Export to EU and Japan 1. Goji berry Juice introduction Latin Name: Lycium barbarum L Color Orangered Active Ingredient: Goji berry polysaccharide Form: Juice Grade: Food Specification 1) Goji berry crude Juice: Brix 13-14% 2)Goji berry concentrated Juice: Brix 35% Brand: Sunrise Source: Fresh fruit Origin: NingXia province in China Advantage Free pesticide ...

Factory supply Wholesale Natural Goji Honey

Model No:Goji Honey

Min. Order:20

Factory supply Wholesale Natural Goji Honey--- Easyfood (Jiaxing) Co, Ltd Our advantages: 1) Completed beekeepers and bee honey resources:More than 20 apiaries, bee farms more than 1000, beekeepers reach 5000 people,raw honey supply capacity more than 20000 tons/year. 2) Thorough raw honey material management: More than 500 bases in 30 years bee planting experiences, strictly accordiance with EU,Japan and other marketing quality requirements to make qualified bees; 3) Strong product...

ningxia 2018 Dried wolfberry/Goji/gojiberry in bulk

Model No:Organic Goji berry

Min. Order:100

Benefits of Goji berry: 1) Anti-Aging Superfood - Goji berries are considered the world's most powerful anti-aging food. They're rated #1 on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale, which measures the antioxidant level of foods. Antioxidants fight free radical damage associated with diseases and premature aging. Dried Goji berries contain 3x the antioxidants of pomegranates! 2) Protect Eyesight - Goji berries contain two key nutrients that support vision: lutein and zeaxanthin. Studi...

Goji berry Juice powder

Ningxia LuNing FengCheng expanded limited liability company, the enterprise is composed of making pioneering machinery co., LTD. Transformation of food production enterprises, since its establishment in June 2015, the company through unremitting efforts, the development of sweet potato leaf Juice, sweet potato vermicelli, Chinese wolfberry Juice and carrot Juice, sweet potato vermicelli. "LuNing card" sweet potato vermicelli since put on the market successively participated in the Shanghai inter...

Dry Red Goji Berry Traditional Healthy Fruit

Since the early 21st century, the dried fruit has been marketed in the Western world as a health food, amidst scientifically unsupported claims regarding such benefits. In the wake of those claims, dried and fresh Goji berries were included in many snack foods and food supplements, such as granola bars, yogurt, tea blends, fruit juices and Juice concentrates, whole fruit purées, and dried pulp flour. There have been also commercial products of whole and ground wolfberry seeds, and seed oil. Red ...

Juice infuser stainless steel filter tea filter

Model No:Juice infuser stainless steel filter tea filter

Min. Order:10

Juice infuser stainless steel filter tea filter Specializing in the production of Juice nets, the Soymilk nets, coffee maker filter, teapot strainer and blender net cups, filter, stainless steel etched pieces etching. Attracted customers favor products from the market since its look and feel beautiful, good finish, fine mesh, corrosion resistance, no rust, every other residue effect, etc., high quality and low price, according to the manufacturer's requirements to design! Featuer: Can make the s...

Fresh canned orange Juice wholesale

Model No:canned orange juice

Min. Order:1000

Fresh canned orange Juice wholesale Description for canned grape Juice beverage 1. Name:Orange flavor Juice drink beverage 2. Mainly material: Water, sugar,orange,high fructose corn syrup, tartaric acid 3. Packing: Canned packing 4.Net Content: 240mL 5. Valid time: 2 Year 6. Original: China

industrial masticating vegetable orange Juice machine

Model No:orange juice machine

Min. Order:1

industrial masticating vegetable orange Juice machine Product Description The Description of the orange Juice machine 1.The machine is made up by Front seat, hopper, screw shaft, filters, container Juice, slag troughs and so on. 2.The left of screw shaft is in the rolling bearing, the right is in the handwheel, the motor can work through a pair of pulleys drive the screw shaft. The working principle of the orange Juice machine 1.Screw shaft is rotated in the clockwise direction along the dross...

wholesale Mophie Juice Pack Plus Case and Rechargeable Battery for iPhone 4 Retail Packaging (Yellow)

Product Features and Technical Details Color: Yellow Product Features Rechargeable smart battery concealed inside of a light-weight, soft-touch, 2-tone matellic case; made for iPhone 4 Adds up to 8 hours of talk time (up to 16 on 2G) and 7 hours of Web browsing on 3G (up to 11 on Wi-Fi) to your iPhone Integrated LED status indicator on the bottom tells you exactly how much Juice is left at the push of a button Charge and sync your iPhone to iTunes without removing it from the Juice pack air by u...

wholesale Mophie Juice Pack Plus Case and Rechargeable Battery for iPhone 4 and 4s Retail Packaging (Black)

Model No:1101

Tel:0086-138-609399780 Cheapest Wholeale Price all over the world, Free DHL shipping to USA,CA now~~~ Shipping time 4 work days payment method :W.U T/T Money Gram paypal,Add 10% fees. (mini order only 20 pcs,accept Mix Styles & Colors); DHL Free Shipping;1 : 1 Top quality; Competitive price ; Fast shipping;Combined order ;Drop shipping available;Best and Timely Service;100% Satisfaction ;Big discount for big order Product Features and Technical Details Col...

Juice iphone ipad mini 4 4s 5 cellphone cases&Samsung Galaxy S4 9500 mobile phone cases leather gold painting hole

Model No:JUICE

Min. Order:5

Juice iphone ipad mini/4/4s/5 cellphone cases&Samsung Galaxy S4 9500 mobile phone cases leather/gold/painting/hole. E-mail: sally(@)hisungrp.com SKYPE: hstech003 Quality: AAA Packing: Original boxes and packages MOQ: 5pcs, can be mixed Payment: WesternUnion,MoneyGram,T/T,Escrow Carrier: EMS, DHL, HKPOST Delivery Time: sent goods out within two days after received payment OEM, ODM: Acceptable Drop shipping: acceptable PS: Many types for choose

Mango Juice Powder

Model No:4:1 , 10:1, Juice Powder

Min. Order:1kg

Latin Name: Mangifera indica L Active Ingredient: Flavonoids, Albumins Testing Method:HPLC Part used:Fruit Main Function: lowers cholesterol, blood sugar level and lose weight Specification: 4:1 , 10:1, Juice Powder , Food grade 100% natural No synthetic pigments No chemical essences or flavors No preservative agents Benefit : 1. Benefit stomach, stop vomiting. 2. Mango carotene content is extremely high, benefit vision, can moist skin, is a ladies' beauty preferred fruit. 3. Contain gal mango g...

mophie Juice Battery Case For iPhone 4 4s Portable Mobile Charger Backup Battery Case For iphone4/4S

Model No:mophie juice Battery Case For iPhone 4

Min. Order:1

mophie Juice Battery Case For iPhone 4 4s Portable Mobile Charger Backup Battery Case For iphone4/4S Features: 1) Battery and case in one 2) Double electricity. 3) Advanced Battery Manufacturing Technology 4) High-efficiency electronic products 5) 4 LED Display battery capacity 6) Quick charge 7) Comfortable handfeel 8) USB Port 9)eight colours for optional: Black, White, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red, Purple,Orange. Specification : Cell type: Li-polymer battery Input: DC 5V 500mAh Output: ...
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