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S Series Helical Worm Gear Motor 1:30 Gearbox

Model No:S/SA37~107

Min. Order:1

1. The Product Description S Series Helical Worm Geared Speed Reduce This series S Helical Gear Reducer was designed after RV worm micro reducer, which have a complete norm, wide speed for selection, and many mounting positions. Its performance and mounting dimensions conform the same kinds Of foreign. The combination Of worm and Gear has higher efficiency and wider speed range to single worm. Designation Of square shape, beautiful shape, compact structure, radiate heat efficiently and low n...

N10 micro Gear Motor output shaft positioning pin

Model No:N10 gear motor

Min. Order:500

With dowel N10 dc Gear Motor, the outer diameter Of 12 mm N10 Motor, gearbox assembly according to customer requirements Of welding wire. Output shaft are using the type D axis, axis type D in the call a perforation, take a locating pin. Customer is mainly used in intelligent door. N10 micro Gear Motor output shaft positioning pin Product Description: Parameters in a certain range can be customized according to customer's demand. N10 3V micro Gear Motor Voltage range: 3~12 V (eg:1.5V 3V 4.5V ...

220V 125mm Ac capacitor-run security Gear Motor for community gate

Product Description Description Of Gear Motor for community gate The barrier gate mechanism consists Of an AC capacitor-run Motor and worm reduction/cylindrical Gear reduction integrally. It features high transmission efficiency, high torque output and self-locking function at any position. The product has temperature protect function. It can protect the Motor operating at high temperature avoid damage. Typical application Of Gear Motor for community gate The Asynchronous gearmotors are mainly u...

micro 3v dc Gear Motor

Model No:DM-12SSN20

Min. Order:5

micro 3v dc Gear Motor Except for micro 3v dc Gear Motor, dc Gear Motor also including 12v dc Gear Motor, 24v dc Gear Motor. These are all standard dc Gear Motor, mostly specification could be customized. For 12mm dc Gear Motor, in theory the Motor could be 3v, 6v, 12v or 24v. In reality we usually suggest 3v dc Gear Motor or 6v dc Gear Motor for DM-12SSN20, the voltage should be not higher than 12v. 12GB is the most widely used gearbox in the world. Mostly electronic locks use this kind Of gea...

China wholesale type Of hydraulic Motor for mixer truck

Model No:MF20 type of hydraulic motor

Delivery Time:10 Days

type Of hydraulic Motor       China wholesale type Of hydraulic Motor for mixer truck          Product Description  Application:Concrete mixers,Crane machinery,Combine harvester agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, mining machinery,industrial machinery, aviation and transport machinery etc.    Technical Specification:   Technical Spec. for Hydraulic Motor Parameter Units Specification Model No.   MF20 MF21 MF22 MF23 Max displacement ml/r 33.3 51.6 69.8 89 Max. pressure Mpa 35 Rated pre...

Micro Planetary Gear Motor 24mm Big Torque

Model No:GC-24GP-370

Min. Order:1000

GC-24GP-370 Micro Planetary Gear Motor 24mm Big Torque. Medical equipment specialized low spm Motor Widely used in robot,lock. Auto shutter, USB fan, Money detector, Coin refund devices,Currency count machine, Towel dispensers, Automai\tic doors,Peritoneal machine,Automatic TV rack, Office equipemt ,Household appliances,Automatic Low noise, low current, no spark This kind Of micro planetary Gear Motor's specification and shaft length can be tailor-made according to customers' requirements. Detai...

Crane Gear Motor, Close and Precise Gear Ratio

Model No:Crane Gear Motor

We tend to design various components Of our crane Gear Motor separately so that they can be used in different system to drive multiple functionality Various drive solutions tailored to customer specific requirements on range Of speed and torque Advantages: Close and precise Gear ratio Require little space for installation Drive multiple functionality within a rugged design Optimized added functions Quite and maintenance-free operation Speed: Output rotational speed marked on Gear Motor is a refe...

High Quality Small AC Gear Motor

Model No:AC Gear Motor

Product Description Geared Motor, reduction Motor, Gear Motor. We have developed a new series Gear Motor which is from 100w to 3.7kw. The reduction ratio is from 3~1800K. Please contact us if any question. Type: Horizonal/Vertical, High Ratio, brake series Certification: CE, UL, ISO9001 and RoHS

24V DC Gear Motor 300W

Model No:24v dc gear motor 300w

24V DC Gear Motor 300W 1. CCC, CE, UL, RoHS 2. Many Of our equipment imported from abroad 3.40 men engaged in R&D 4. Custermized products are welcome. TypicalApplication: Machine tools, textile machinery, medical appliance, conveying machines, printing mechanism, food machinery, vending machinery, packing machinery, and gumming machinery. Note: It's just the typical technical data for you reference, The specification such as voltage, speed, torque, shaft can customized.

Ningbo Zhongda Leader Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.

New Industrial Zone No.185 3RD Xinxing Road

60mm 6W/10W DC Gear Motor

Model No:60mm 6W/10W DC GEAR MOTOR

1. Motor size: 60*60 2. Motor power: 6W/10W 3. Motor speed: 3200r/min 4. Motor voltage: 12V/24V/90VDC 5. Reduction ratio: 3 3.6 5 6 7.5 9 10 12.5 15 18 20 25 30 36 40 50 60 75 90 100 120 150 180 200 You can see the model details here http://www.lwmotor.com/products/DC-Gear-Motor-DC2GN6-10-1688549.html.

Smart Car Tire Kit with Gear Motor

Model No:Smart Car Tire Kit with Gear Motor

Smart Car Tire Kit with Gear Motor Product List: 1, Smart cart tire X 1 PCS 2, Smart Car Gear Motor X 1 PCS Smart Car Gear Motor Electronic Parameter: 1, Operating voltage: 3V ~ 12V DC (recommended value is 6 ~ 8V) 2, Maximum torque: 800g. Cm (3V) 3, Speed without load: 150RPM or 27RPM (3V) 4, Reduction ratio: 1: 48 or 1: 220 5, Load current: 70mA (250mA MAX) (3V pm) We also have reduction ratio: 1: 220 version car Gear Motor, the speed without load: 27RPM, if you need this kind Of Motor, please...

MTD series inline helical Gear Motor speed reducer gearbox

Model No:MTD series inline helical gear motor

Min. Order:1

Model: MTD series inline helical Gear Motor Size:27,37,47,57,67,77,87,97,107,137,147,167 Power range:0.12KW-160KW Ratio: 3.4– 280.6 Output Speed:2.6-529rpm Output torque:110-15300KNm Input speed:750rpm,1000rpm,1500rpm,1800rpm. Output shaft diameter:25mm-120mm Reduction stage: single stage, two stages, three stages, Mounting way: foot mounted, shaft mounted, flange mounted Output way: Solid shaft Weight:6.2KGS-770KGS Ambient temperature:-15.00 [°C] ~ +40 [°C] Direction Of rotation Of Gear output ...

railway side Frame bolster axle box coupler knuckle yoke bearing adaptor pivot draft Gear Motor housing for bogie

Model No:HMS004

Min. Order:1

railway side Frame bolster axle box coupler knuckle yoke bearing adaptor pivot draft Gear Motor housing for bogie Our Certifications and Features are: 1. Got the American "AAR" Certification; 2. Got the Russian Certification; 3. Got the Ukrainen Certification; 4. Got the Belarusian Certification. 5. Using the German "V" modeling technology; Side Frame - one Of the main structural elements Of the bogie framework Of the model 18-100. It is manufactured by casting, with additional machining and r...

DATONG 3-4 family Manual/automatic Gear Motor home


Min. Order:1

DATONG 3-4 family Manual/automatic Gear Motor home There are several versions Of the original chase chassis, which has a rear extension and a top and bottom rental. This is a rear longitudinal bed design. It is more suitable for a family Of 3-4.bile-type villas. Type B RV. Features: low price, light weight, easy to use, many models. A. For many people who purchase a RV for the first time or those who have children, they want to buy a cheap model as a preliminary attempt to make a RV tour. The lo...

PB01643 NXT Feeder Film Frame Of Keyboard Plate

Model No:PB01643

Min. Order:1

PB01643 NXT Feeder Film Frame Of Keyboard Plate PB01643 NXT Feeder Film Frame Of Keyboard Plate, which belongs to Fuji NXT spare parts, with high quality and low cost, and it is in stock now. Most products Of our company are in stock. Part number: PB01643 Quality:workable Port: shenzhen Warranty: 6 months Certification: CE,SGS Packaging details: foam + carton MOQ: 1 piece Packing: cleaning Condition: new Stock: Yes After-sales service: A: Unconditional return or replacement within one month...

Gear Motor Stepper Motor Motor Electric Motor Three Phase Stepping Motor 42 Series

Model No: 42 Series Stepper Motor Three Phase

Min. Order:1

Product Description Stepper Motor Gear Motor Model Number: 42 Series Stepper Motor Three Phase Phase: Three Type Hybrid Certification: CE ISO Step Angle(degrees): 1.2° Holding Torque:8-20 N.cm Current / Phase: 4.3-6.9 A Frame size: according to customer Leads: 4 Shape: Square Usage: Industrial Protect Feature: Enclosed Function: Control Speed: Low speed

Aluminum Alloy Frame Fixed Gear Bike Cycling

Model No:IKIA-RB-B30

Min. Order:500

Aluminum Alloy Frame Fixed Gear Bike Cycling The Fixed Gear Bike Cycling is popular as a reliable, green and economic means Of transport now. We are very welcome OEM orders to production. Our colorful racing bike also have the comfortable handle grips and seat. Specifications: Fixed Gear road bike, single speed or 6 speeds available Customized colors accepted 700*28C, Hi-ten Frame 46cm or 52cm tube height for different height Of people Alloy handle stem Grip-BMX125 Alloy pedal 42T crank ...

DC Gear Motor stator and rotor

Delivery Time:90 Days

The synthesis Of the Motor current method is simplified as a single winding Motor with the oval rotary magnetic field inside the Motor is decomposed into a positive and an inverse two circular rotating magnetic field, the magnetic field that produced two only by the main phase current, winding current through the other expression turns and a phase conversion phase current components. The phase current and the main direct sum can be positive and reverse current. The Principal Activities Of Yuanzh...

Vending machine AC Gear Motor

Model No:GB24-AC

Min. Order:100

vending machine AC Gear Motor G-Motor's GB24-AC series is a kind Of the vending machine AC Gear Motor.Vending machines provide fast and easy access to dispensable products. Reliability in the Gear motors is essential, as they must be able to operate in various environmental conditions and meet the demands Of your specific requirements.Our vending machine Motor is designed to be low noise with small body(the no load noise this less than 45dB).The input voltage Of Gear Motors is 110VAC,rated cu...

The product Of Crane Motor

Model No:Eurocrane-T0016

Min. Order:1

We tend to design the different components Of our crane Gear Motor separately so that they can be used in different system to drive multiple functionalities. Various drive solutions tailored to customer specific requirements on the range Of speed and torque are all available at a competitive price. Speed The output rotational speed marked on the Gear Motor is a reference value. Rated output speed Of the Gear Motor can be calculated on the basis Of the rated input rotational speed Of the Motor an...

Electric crane speed reducer pipe Gear Motor

Model No:RD

Min. Order:1

Electric crane speed reducer pipe Gear Motor Crane reducer Description ZQ type crane reducer is mainly used in lifting, mining, general chemical, textile, light industry and other industries. The applicable conditions are as follows: Reducer Gear drive peripheral speed is not more than 16m/s. The speed Of the high speed shaft Of the reducer is not more than 1500rpm. The operating temperature Of the reducer is -40°C~+45°C. The reducer is used for both forward and reverse directions. The reducer h...

3-in-1 Crane Gear Motor


Min. Order:2

3-in-1 crane Gear Motor combines Motor, Gear box and brake into one machine, which is a electric parts mainly used for Europe standard overhead crane and gantry crane. Weihua provides the professional 3 in 1 crane Gear Motor for overhead crane and gantry crane with features Of parallel output with Motor shaft, compact structure, big transmission torque, smooth work, low noise, and long life, etc. Brands: Purui, Boneng, SEW, etc. Weihua provides all kinds Of overhead crane, gantry crane, electric...

Construction Machinery Gear Motor

Model No:2MF

Delivery Time:45 Days

Introduction Of Group2 Gear Motors Group2 Gear motors from GRH can be divided into two types: one is a Gear pump based on a Gear pump; the other is a specially designed Gear Motor. The structure Of the Gear Motor and the Gear pump are basically the same, but since the Gear Motor needs to be loaded and started, and it is required to be able to rotate in the positive and negative directions, the Gear Motor is different in actual structure from the Gear pump. They can be divided into two types. One...

Bushing Of Gear box by auto

Model No:Bushing of gear box-Bearing Steel

Delivery Time:75 Days

Material:High-carbon chromium bearing steel Material grade: GCr15(GBT/18254-2016) 52100 SKF 3 SKF 3S 100Cr6 SUJ2 Size: O.D 15mm~O.D 120mm Heat treatment Grade: SN S0 S00 S1 S2 They are widely used in production Of auto bearing, motorcycle bearing,etc.

Gear Motor for Rice Mill

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:15 Days

Gear Motor for Rice Mill We're manufactures, supplies and exports a comprehensive range Of food processing machines which is as follows: * Rice Milling Machine: Vibratory Sieves, Vibratory De-stoners, Pneumatic Double Head Huskers, Paddy Separators, Mist Polishers, Drum Sieves, Rice Whiteners, etc * Packing & Weighing Machinery: Packing Machines, Electronically Quantitative Weighers, Stream-Mode Vacuum Shapers, Vacuum Machines, Electronic Compounding Machines, etc. * Color Sorte...

Horizontal 100W Gear Motor with low speed

Model No:RNH-100

Min. Order:1

NOSEN Gear Motor is with high quality and reasonable price,Horizontal 100W Gear Motor with low speed. NOSEN product is with Safe,reliable, economical and durable quality. NOSEN Gear Motor: Type: RNH(Horizontal Type) Power:100W-3700W; Model: RNH-100,RNH-200,RNH-400,RNH-750,RNH-1500,RNH-2200,RNH-3700, *Motor Speed 3 Phase: 50Hz 1360-1430RPM, 60Hz 1640-1740RPM 1 Phase: 50Hz 1340-1400RPM, 60H...

Gear Motor Excavator Engine Parts 6D125

Model No:6D125

Min. Order:1

Gear Motor Excavator Engine Parts 6D125 Gear Motor Excavator Engine Parts 6D125 Our factory is located in Jining city and we has produced and deal with a lot Of excavator spare parts, like Structural Parts, Structural Beams, Steel Structure, hydraulic parts, wearing parts, engine parts, Fastener Parts, Automotive Plastic Fasteners, Plastic Clips Fasteners, Retainer Clips Fasteners,G.E.Tools Parts, G.E. Horse Nippers ,G.E. Security ,G.E. Nippers, Undercarriage Parts, Excavator Undercarriage Parts...

Power Section Of Downhole Motor

Min. Order:10

Delivery Time:20 Days

As with most downhole drilling motors, Rotate utilizes a rotor and stator based on the Moineu principle. The stator is a steel tube lined with a profiled elastomer. The rotor is a steel shaft with a helical profile, which runs inside the stator. Drilling fluid is pumped downhole through the drill pipe at a given rate and pressure. Once the hydraulic energy Of the drilling fluid reaches the Motor, the fluid moving through the power section is converted into rotation and torque. This mechanical en...

Low Cost Gear Motor for Greenhouse

Supply Ability: Supply Ability:     50000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month Inflatable Plastic Film Greenhouse   Packaging & Delivery: Packaging Details:     Standard Export Package Port:                Shanghai & Guangzhou & Chongqing Lead Time:           10 to 30 Days After Advanced Payment     Characteristic Highly Standard Modular Designed High Strength,Compact Dimension Long Service Life Low Noise, High Efficiency Large radial loading ability Axial load ability Of up to 5% Of...

Electric Gear Motor Actuator

Model No:U7-2b

Min. Order:1

Electric Gear Motor Actuator TOMUU U7-2b is is an Electric Gear Moto Actuator , it designed for low load applications and moved by Gear linear actuator Motor. It has a strong metal case and the Max full load is 2000N in push .so this Gear Motor linear actuator already be wildly used for industrial and medical care. Specification Voltage:12/24 VDC Max. Load: 2,000N Min. Retracted Length: 108mm+S No- Load Speed: 5 ~ 60mm/s Full-Load Speed: 4 ~ 45mm/s Duty Cycle: 25% Protection Class: IP65 N...

Cheap White Acrylic Sheet Photo Frame Of Screws

Model No:A-2P0034

Min. Order:100

A-2P0034 Cheap White Acrylic Sheet Photo Frame Of Screws Since acrylic has a high light transparency and easy processing property, it is widely used in our daily life. Acrylic can be processed to be acrylic promotional products such as acrylic picture frames, acrylic block, acrylic awards etc. It shows its great advantage. Acrylic can be matched with other materials such as wood, metal and so on. This acrylic photo Frame Of screws is made Of white acrylic and it has metal screws to combine the ...

Champagne Gold Frame Of Glass French Press

Model No:WWFP-11

Min. Order:2000

Champagne gold Frame Of glass french press is made Of stainless steel and glass. Multi-functional glass french press coffee maker can use to brew coffee,tea,milky tea,scented tea,etc, more effective filter residue,also save your power,can reusable,eco-friendly. Glass french coffee maker is so elegant,let you enjoy elegant and exquisite life. Heat resistant black handle protect your hand not be hurt when you pour over hot water.Glass french press coffee kettle as a best gift for your friends,,cof...

White Electric sit stand Desk Frame Workstation Single Motor Ergonomic Standing Height Adjustable Base computer Desk Frame

Model No:CTT-D05-A1

Min. Order:1

Product Description Office Modern Electric Adjustable Folding Compute Table Leg For Metal Frame . The Dual Motor Two Legs standing Desk creates a 1.6 per second lift speed. The convenient touch screen controller features customizable settings for desired user heights. You can program up to 4 heights so you can get that perfect height each time. Specifications: More ...

GV2 series Of electric Motor soft starter 5.5kw to 600kw supply

Model No:GV2

  Specifications General: GV2 Motor protector 1.1Electric ratings:AC660V,0.1-80A 1.2Standard:IE/EN 60947-2,IEC60947-4-1   Product Description  electrical circuit breaker GV2 Motor protector MPCB 1.General:     1.1 Electric ratings:AC660V,0.1-80A     1.2 Standard:IEC/EN 60947-2,IEC60947-4-1 2.Operating Conditions     1.1 Temperatue:-5~+40°C,average temperature in 24 hours not exceed +35°C.     1.2Altitude:not exceed 2000m     1.3Air coditions:         Motor starter     At mounting site,relative h...

TP304 stainless steel square single slot pipes for Frame Of heavy curtain

Model No:ky

Min. Order:1

TP304 stainless steel square single slot pipes for Frame Of heavy curtain Description: 1) Grade : 201,304,304L,316,316L,etc. 2) Standard : AISI, ASTM, DIN, GB, JIS, SUS 3) Dimension(mm) : Irregular Shape pipe : as your requirements. 4)Thickness : 0.5mm-6.0mm, or as your requirements. 5) Finishing : A: Sanded B: 400#,600#,800# Mirror C: Brushed D: Tin titanlum E: Brushed & Mirror (two kinds Of finishing for one pipe) Terms: 1) Loadi...

all type Of starter Motor assembly for excavator engine

Model No:models

Min. Order:1

all type Of starter Motor assembly for excavator engine Specifications 1. High quality, reasonable & competitive price 2. Long service life 3. on time delivery time Type Starter Motor Place Of Origin Jiangsu,China(Mainland) Brand Achina packing standard export pack Warranty 12 months MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 1 pieces Condition New Availability Stock Supply Ability 1000pcs per month Port Shangahi Delivery Methods Express: DHL Fedex EMS UPS or by Air/ Sea Payment Methods Bank trans...

Hitachi Gear Motor

Hitachi Electric Motor Hitachi Gear Motor Electrical motors brand we can provide: Kawasaki Motor, Mabuchi Motor, Omron Motor, Brook Motor, GE Motor, Pittman Motor, ShinMyung Motor, Western Motor, Johnson Motor, Schneider Motor, SEW Motor, Hitachi Motor, Emotron Motor, YASKAWA Motor, Simens Motor, Sanyo Motor, MAXSINE Motor, Panasonic Motor, Emerson Motor, MIGE Motor and so on. Hitachi electric motors we supply: Hitachi Gear Motor for parking systems: CAC series(CAC 22-020-50P) Hitachi single pha...

M4GA7.5F Gear Motor Panasonic

Model No:M4GA7.5F

Brand:Panasonic Part name:M4GA7.5F Gear Motor Panasonic

CNC steel bar straightener without error

Model No:LTRE56

Min. Order:1

CNC steel bar straightener without error Performance and characteristics Of steel bar straightening and cutting machine 1. The steel bar straightener is composed Of Frame, straightening mechanism, feeding mechanism, cutting mechanism, line gun and line Frame. The straightening part is composed Of the bearing pedestals at both ends Of the double eight-wheel straightening Frame to complete the straightening Of the wire rod. Its power is installed in the lower part Of the Frame Of the Motor, throug...

Plastic injection mold for automotive door panel

Model No:SW-0007

Min. Order:1

Automotive door panel is a structure integrated with the front and rear door Frame Of a Motor vehicle, it can offer safety protection and also can provide multi-function Of people in and out, handrail, cup holder, audio installation. Automotive door panel mold is custom-made per the customer' s requirement. Sky wise has massive experience on the automotive door mold design and manufacturing, we are good at creating automotive door mold meeting very style and high quality. Tool Making Capability ...
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