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ISO Approved Ice Cream Thikener 99% Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide

Model No:food grade sodium hydroxide

Min. Order:1

ISO Approved Ice Cream Thikener 99% Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide         1. Property of Caustic Soda:  Name: Caustic Soda/Sodium Hydroxide Appearance: White flakes, solid, pearl. 2. Specifications of Caustic Soda: Industrial Grade GB209-2006 Composing Flake/pearl/solid 96% Flake/pearl/solid 98% Flake/pearl/solid 99% NaOH 96% Min. 98% Min. 99% Min. Na2CO3 1% Max. 0.5% Max. 0.4% Max. NaCl 2% Max. 0.03% Max. 0.015% Max. Fe2O3 0.01% Max. 0.005% Max. 0.001% Max 3. Outer packing of Caustic Soda: Flake:...

NaOH 99%min Caustic Soda Cas 1310-73-2 Industrial Grade Sodium Hydroxide

Model No:99%min Cas 1310-73-2 Industrial Grade Sodium Hydroxide

Caustic Soda Flakes/Pearl Cas 1310-73-2 Industrial Grade Sodium Hydroxide     Other name: Sodium Hydroxide Flakes/Pearl   Molecular Formula: NaOH   Appearance: White Flakes   Packing: 25KGS PP/PE BAG (25MT/20’Fcl)   Specifications Items Specifications Test Results Content (as Na2CO3 on dry base) 99.2%min 99.65% Content (as Na2CO3 on wet base) 97.9%min 99.60% Chloride (as NaCl) 0.7%max 0.31% Iron (Fe) 0.0035%max 0.0026% Insoluble matter in water 0.03%max 0.018% Technical Standard     Properties: ...

Supply Safety ISO Certificate Food Grade Calcium Hydroxide

Model No:Food Grade Calcium Hydroxide - 001

Delivery Time:15 Days

Supply Safety ISO Certificate Food Grade Calcium Hydroxide   Product Description   ♦♦ Tech Parameter Product Name: Calcium Hydroxide Specification: Food Grade Batch Number : 100131 Test: Full Analysis Items Standards Results Calcium Hydroxide (Base Dry)% ≥95.0 98.1 Sulfate (Base SO4) % ≤0.12 0.1 Heavy Metal (Base Pb) % ≤0.002 0.002 Pb Content % ≤0.0001 0.0001 As Content % ≤0.0002 0.0002 Chloride (Base Cl) % ≤0.05 0.04 Fluoride % ≤0.005 0.003 Mg and Alcohol Metal % ≤2 1.2 Water Content % ≤0.70 0....

Food Grade Sodium acetate heat pack

Model No:food grade sodium acetate heat pack

Delivery Time:15 Days

  Food Grade Sodium acetate heat pack               Also known as: instant heat pack, reusable heat pack, magic heat pack, durable hot pad, click hand warmer, etc.   Material PVC: EN71 or Phthalate-freeSodium Acetate: MSDS Spec.   Liquid Color Panton color as per clients’ request Design Customized Print silk screen print or offset print Packaging polybag or customized ( PVC bag, paper box, PVC box, clamshell or other packaging)   How to use: Gently bend the metal disc to activate the crystals. K...

Food Grade Sodium Saccharin Factory Price Hot Sale Origin: TIANJIN, CHINA

Model No:Food Grade Sodium Saccharin

Specifications Food Grade Sodium Saccharin 8-12mesh 10-20mesh BP/USP Food Grade & Electronic Grade 500 times sweeter than sugar TIANJIN,CN Food Grade Sodium Saccharin  Properties and uses:The product is a sweet taste agent. Its sweet degree is about 500 times sweeter than that of sugar. It is widely used in foodstuff, drinks, medicines, feed, electrcity Plating in place of sugar. The product has stable property and can be used as assay agent of bloodcirculation and Nicket-plated brightener. ...

E466 Food Grade Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose CMC

Model No:Food Grade sodium carboxymethyl cellulose

    Product Description   Food Grade Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose CMC         Food Grade Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (E466) is a modified cellulose gum (cellulose is also known as plant fibre). In foods, it is used as a stabiliser, thickener, film former, suspending agent and extender. Applications include ice cream, dressings, pies, sauces, and puddings. It is available in various viscosities depending on the function it is to serve.    Food Grade Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose tends to gi...

Food Grade Magnesium Hydroxide CAS#1309-42-8

Model No:Food Grade Magnesium Hydroxide

Specifications 1. Food Grade Magnesium Hydroxide 2. CAS#1309-42-8 3. Manufacture, ISO 4. Assay: 96%Min. 5. Packing: 25kg/bag Food Grade Magnesium Hydroxide CAS#1309-42-8   1.Introduce about Magnesium Hydroxide      Features Molecular Formula Mg(OH)2 Molecular Weight 58.32 Density 2.39g/cm3(25ºC) Refractive index 1.561-1.581 Usage Mainly used as raw material of medicine products, act as the material of antacid.    2. Packing   25kg/bag   3.Specification  Tests Standard Description White fine inco...

Sodium bi carbonate Food Grade in bulk

Model No:food grade Sodium Bicarbonate

Delivery Time:15 Days

  Product Description Hot Sale! ! Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate     Sodium bicarbonate 1.We 100% inspect our finished product. 2.We ship your orders 10% faster then competitors 3.fast delivery We are the larggest supplier for  Sodium bicarbonate  in China     No. Item Standard(GB1887-2007) Test Result 1 The Total Alkalinity Content(NaHCO3)% 99.0-100.5% 99.51% 2 Loss On Drying% ≤0.20% 0.091% 3 PH Value(10g/l) Solution ≤8.60 8.31 4 Arsentic Content% ≤0.0001% PASS 5 Heavy Metal Content(as pb) ≤0.00...

2016 high quality Food Grade Sodium Benzoate

Model No:Food Grade

Delivery Time:15 Days

Food Grade Sodium benzoate   Grannular/Powder BP98 Sodium Benzoate White grannular or powder Standard:bp98Packing:25kg/bag   Item Standard Result Content ≥99.0% 99.28% Loss on drying ≤1.5% 1.3% Acidity and alkalinity 0.2 0.1 Sulphate(SO42) ≤0.1% 0.09% Heavy Metal(Fe3+) (as Pb) ≤0.001% 0.001% Chloride ≤0.02% 0.02% Chloride conpound ≤0.03% 0.03% Arsenic(As) ≤0.0002% 0.0002% Dissolve test Meets the requirements Conform       Storage: kept in a light-proof,well-colsed,dry and cool place.   Service w...

9005-36-1 Food Grade Sodium Alginate / Potassium Alginate F

Model No:Food grade

Min. Order:1

9005-36-1 Food Grade Sodium Alginate / Potassium Alginate Food Stabilizer Thickener Quick Detail : Potassium alginate,also called as Algin, is a kind of white or light yellow granular or powder, almost odorless and tasteless. It is a macromolecular compound with high viscosity, and a typical hydrophilic colloids. Because of its properties of stability, thickening and emulsifying, hydratability and gelling property, it is widely used in Food, pharmaceutical, electricrod industry, etc. Description...

Light Yellow Food Grade Sodium AlginateTthickener Natural P

Model No:food grade

Min. Order:1

Light Yellow Food Grade Sodium AlginateTthickener Natural Polysaccharide Compound 1. Quick Detail : Food Grade Sodium alginate is a natural polysaccharide compound extracted from the cell walls of brown algae. Light yellow or white milk powder apprance, odorless and tasteless, can dissolve in water, but insoluble in alcohol and other organic solvent. it is the Sodium salt of alginic acid. Its form as a gum, is used in the Food industry to increase viscosity and as an emulsifier. It is also used ...

Food Additives Food Grade Sodium Potassium Alginate From Na

Model No:Food grade

Min. Order:1

Food Additives Food Grade Sodium Potassium Alginate From Natural Seaweed Kelp Quick Detail : Calcium alginate,also called as Algin, is a kind of white or light yellow granular or powder, almost odorless and tasteless. It is a macromolecular compound with high viscosity, and a typical hydrophilic colloids. Because of its properties of stability, thickening and emulsifying, hydratability and gelling property, it is widely used in Food, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, etc. Description : Potass...

Factory Supply Food Grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Model No:Tech and Food grade

Min. Order:21

Specifications Sodium tripolyphosphate: 1.One of top ten stpp suppliers and manufactures in China. 2.Best quality with best price.    Factory Supply Food Grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate 1. Sodium Tripolyphosphate( STPP)-Industry Grade with fine powder and granular  2. Annual Productivity is 100,000.00tons .  3. Packing can be 25kg / 50kg/ 1 ton jumbo bag.  4. 25tons per FCL for powder and 22tons per FCL for granular.  5. Shipment can be made from SHANGHAI / TIANJIN / GUANGZHOU / CHONGQING    TEST ...

SG 99% min Food Grade Sodium gluconate price

Model No:Food Grade

  High quality Food Grade Sodium gluconate     Sodium gluconate is the Sodium salt of gluconic acid. It is white or pale yellow crystalline granules or powder, quite easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether. Sodium gluconate is retardation water-reducing agent, powder and low-air-entraining, and it is a kind of nature anionic surfactant of high molecular polymer.     Product Description Application concrete admixture of set retarding agent or setting retarder, gla...

Manufacturers Food Grade Sodium metabisulphite

Model No:Industry and food grade

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications Manufacturers Food Grade Sodium metabisulphite CAS : 7681-57-4 EINECS: 231-673-0 MF: Na2O5S2 MW: 190.1065 Manufacturers Food Grade Sodium metabisulphite CAS : 7681-57-4 EINECS: 231-673-0 MF: Na2O5S2 MW: 190.1065     Sodium Metabisulfite Supplier: Lubon Industry Co.,Ltd Molecular Formula:Na2S2O5  Molecule Weight:190.10 CAS No:7681-57-4Appearance:White or light yellow crystalline powder   Specification:   ITEM Industrial Grade Food Grade Assay: 96% min 96% min SO2 content 65% min 65...

Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate/Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate

Model No:Food Grade

Delivery Time:2 Days

Company Information  Qingdao Good Prosper Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. (Good Prosper) established in 2004, is a comprehensive trading company specializing in agricultural products and byproducts.Our corporation is mainly engaged in the following products: corn gluten feed; corn gluten meal; l-lysine; edible starch, such as corn starch, modified corn starch,wheat starch; sorbitol; dextrose; soybean protein, Sodium Bicarbonate (Food Grade, feed Grade and industrial Grade) ,  etc.   Product Descriptio...

Factory Supply Sodium Erythorbate, Food Grade Sodium erythorbate, CAS NO: 6381-77-7

Model No:Food Grade

Delivery Time:3 Days

  Food Grade Sodium Erythorbate, 99% Purity   Sodium erythorbate property: White or light yellow crystalline powder or granules, odorless, slightly saline taste, soluble in water, sparingly soluble in ethanol, melting point 200°C. Sodium erythorbate is a more stable product than Sodium ascorbate and has the identical antioxdant effect.   Sodium erythoebate specification   Item Specification Characteristics White to light yellow crystalline powder or granules, odorless Identification Positive Spe...

Food Grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP)

Model No:Food Grade

Delivery Time:21 Days

Specifications Sodium Tripolyphosphate 1.CAS NO.:7758-29-4 2.MF:Na5P3O10 3.Appearance: white powder Sodium Tripolyphosphate   Commodity:  Food Grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP) CAS NO.:7758-29-4 MF:Na5P3O10 Package: 25kg net each bag Properityties: White powder; Melting point 622 °C ; Easily soluble in water; It has got salient chelating capacity to metal ions of Ca and Mg etc. and can soften hard water to make suspension into solution, alkalinity, without causticity .  Application: In foodst...

Sodium Bicarbonate 99% High Quality Food Grade

Model No:Food grade

Min. Order:1

Sodium Bicarbonate 99%-100.5% as leavening agent for manufacture of bread and biscuits.Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate. Properties:White powder or tiny crystalls, non-odorous and salty, easily soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, presenting slight alkalinity, decomposed when heated. Decomposes slowly when exposed to moist air. Specification: NaHCO3:99% MAX. Chloride (Cl):0.4% MAX. Arsenic (As):0.0001% MAX. Heavy metals (Pb):0.0005% MAX. Loss on drying:0.2% MAX. PH ...

Food Grade Sodium Hyaluronate

Model No:Food grade

Sodium Hyaluronate-Food Grade Description: The Oral Sodium Hyaluronate can support Sodium Hyaluronate levels in the body. It can help people have full energy and youthful vigor. Besides, oral Sodium Hyaluronate is useful in maintaining skin elasticity by moisturizing the skin from the dermis to epidermis. Sodium Hyaluronate is also an impressive pain reliever. It can help people ease the injury of joints, especially their knees. Sodium Hyaluronate along with other ingredients including collagen,...

Sodium Carbonate Food Grade

Model No:food grade

Sodium Carbonate Application Soda ash is one of the basic materials for chemical industry, mainly used for metallurgy, glass, textile, dye printing, medicine, synthetic detergent, petroleum and Food industry etc. Package: 25kg per bag, 25MT loaded in a container We can also pack as your requirement Specifications Sodium carbonate/soda ash dense and light for sale State-owned factory 600, 000mts per year ISO certificate Prompt shipment Specifications Sodium Carbonate Food Grade Sodium Carbonate f...

Sodium Bicarbonate (Food Grade)


Return Product Name: Food-Grade Sodium bicarbonate Customs code: 28363000 Chemical Name: Sodium bicarbonate Particle fineness: 20-300 orders Quality: It is a white, odorless crystal powder, which dissolves in water, but it is not soluble in alcohol. The solution shows weak alkaline and emits CO2 when heated. Packing: 25, 50 or 1000 kg/bag (inner-plastic-outer-woven bag), 25kg/bag (kraft paper bag) Index items Index Total alkali content (NaHCO3 )mass fraction / % 99.0~100.5 Drying loss mass fract...

98% Food Grade Sodium bisulfite

Model No:food grade

Delivery Time:10 Days

  Product Description        Sodium BISULPHITE 98% MIN Food Grade     ITEMS SPECIFICATIONS ANALYSIS RESULT MAIN CONTENT(NAHSO3) ≥98% 98.68% WATER INSOLUBLE ≤0.03% 0.01% CHLORIDE(CL) ≤0.05% 0.03% IRON(FE) ≤0.004% 0.002% HEAVY METAL(PB) ≤0.0005% 0.00002% ARSENIC(AS) ≤0.0002% 0.00008% CONCLUSION THE PRODUCT COMPLIES WITH THE STANDARD ABOVE.             Our Services Service we can provide: 1. Mixed container, we can mix different items in one container. 2. Quality control, before shipment, free samp...

competitive price high quality 68%min Tech Grade & Food Grade Sodium Hexametaphosphate

Model No:Tech grade & Food grade 68%min

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications Sodium Hexametaphosphate Tech Grade & Food Grade a)FORMULA : (NaPO3)6 b)MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 611.82 1.Product name: Sodium Hexametaphosphate 2.Formula:    (NaPO3)6 3.Appearance of Sodium Hexametaphosphate: White powder 4. Property  : Relative density is 2.484 (20oC), easily soluble in water, but not in organic solution, absorbent to dampness, and turn sticky when absorbed dampness in air. It is possible to form solvent compound with metallic ions such as Ca, Ba, Mg, Cu and Fe; it...

Dangers Sodium Hydroxide ;Manufacturer ,Industrial and Food Grade

Model No:SXH-NaOH

Delivery Time:15 Days

 naoh ;naoh price;chemical properties naoh;naoh molecular weight;50% naoh price ; NaOH;  price for industrial Sodium Hydroxide; Sodium Hydroxide uses; Sodium Hydroxide powder dangers Sodium Hydroxide; Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide; liquid Sodium Hydroxide Caustic Soda Flakes/Pearls/Pellets/Granuls/Beads/Prills Product Description: Name: Caustic Soda Flakes from Chinese Factory Alias:Sodium Hydroxide, Caustic Alkali Molecular formula: NaOH CAS NO.:1310-73-2   Application: Using in paper making, tex...

BP granular Food Grade Sodium benzoate HS 291631

Model No:Food grade

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications White granular Food Grade/pharm Grade BP/USP/E211/EP7.0/FCC8 Capacity: 15000 MT/year Good mobility   Product Description Factory Information   Factory Size (Sq.meters):     50,000-100,000 square meters  Factory Location:     NO.728 Kaiwei Road ,Binhai New Area ,Tianjn  Number of Production Lines:     Above 10  Number of R&D Staff:    11 - 20 People  Number of QC Staff:      21 - 30 People  Management Certification:  HACCP   ISO  Contract Manufacturing:      Buyer Label Offered...

Sodium metabisulfite Food Grade

Model No:Food grade

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications 1)Sodium metabisulphite; Sodium metabisulfite 2)CAS 7681-57-4 3)25 / 50 /1250 KGS/bag 4)20'FCL=25MTS 5)10000MTS/year Product: Sodium Metabisulphite Food Grade; Sodium metabisulfite 98%             Disodium disulfite, Disodium metabisulfite, Disodium pyrosulfite, Sodium disulfite,                   Sodium metabisulphite, Sodium pyrosulfite   CAS No: 7681-57-4  Application: Widely used as Bleach agent (e.g. candies, cake, bamboo shoots, etc);Loose agent (e.g. bread, cracker etc);Ant...

Industrial Grade Sodium Hydroxide Liquid Caustic Soda

Model No:Sodium Hydroxide

Delivery Time:10 Days

Liquid Caustic Soda/ Sodium Hydroxide 32% 48% 50% Product Description • Alias:Sodium Hydroxide, Hydroxyde de Sodium  • Purity: 32%, 48%, 50%                                                                                   • Appearance: Colorless Transparent Liquid • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Reagent Grade  • Application: Sodium Hydroxide is a popular strong base used in industry. Around 56% of Sodium Hydroxide produced is used by industry, 25% of which is used in the paper industry. Sod...

Food Grade HA, Hyaluronic Acid,Sodium Hyaluronate, CAS: 9067-32-7

Model No:Food Grade/Cosmetic Grade/Medicine Grade

Specifications 1. CAS: 9067-32-7; 2. Molecular weight:10kDa ~ 1,800kDa; 3. Food Grade/Cosmetic Grade/Medicine Grade; Hyaluronic acid is a mucopolysaccharide as structural units of the polymer by DN-acetyl-glucosamine and D-glucuronic acid, the product of hyaluronic acid the ships its Sodium salt, Sodium hyaluronate, referred to as HA.   CAS No.: 9067-32-7 Molecular weight:10kDa ~ 1,800kD Appearance: White to off-white fine powder Grade Standard: Food Grade, Cosmetic Grade and Injected Grade Assa...

market price Food Grade aluminum Hydroxide china supplier

Model No:aluminium hydroxide

Delivery Time:10 Days

Product Details market price Food Grade aluminum Hydroxide china supplier  What is aluminium Hydroxide?Aluminium Hydroxide, Al(OH)3, is found in nature as the mineral gibbsite (also known as hydrargillite) and its three much rarer polymorphs: bayerite, doyleite and nordstrandite. Closely related are aluminium oxide Hydroxide, AlO(OH), and aluminium oxide (or alumina), Al2O3. These compounds together are the major components of the aluminium ore bauxite. Freshly precipitated aluminium Hydroxide f...

China factory price industry and Food Grade Sodium nitrate for explosive formula nano3

Model No:industry grade

Delivery Time:10 Days

China factory price industry and Food Grade Sodium nitrate for explosive formula nano3   Sodium nitrate is the chemical compound with the formula NaNO3. This salt, also known as Chile saltpeter or Peru saltpeter (due to the large deposits found in each country) to distinguish it from ordinary saltpeter, potassium nitrate, is a white solid which is very soluble in water. The mineral form is also known as nitratine, nitratite or soda niter.   Sodium nitrate may be used as a constituent of fertiliz...

fresh Natural Food Grade Sodium lactate

Model No:Natural food grade Sodium lactate

Delivery Time:15 Days

Product Description   Sodium Lactate  1.Colorless transparent liquid 2.Min60% injection Grade 3.Dir2008/84/EC&Amendments USP31 EP6 4.pharmaceutical application The detailed product information as below: Physical properties Colorless or nearly colorless transparent liquid, it is soluble in water, ethanol and glycerol.   Product Name Sodium lactate  Appearance Colorless or nearly colorless transparent liquid Molecular Formula CH3CHOHCOONa  Molecular Weight 112.06g/mol CAS No. 867-56-1 HS Code ...

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose gum Food Grade manufacturer

Model No:Food grade

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications 1.CMC Food Grade e466 2.Free Sample 3.Professional Manufacture 4.good quality and price 5.Purity;min99.5% The Food Grade Sodium carboxymethylcellulose (or CMC, carboxymethylcellulose , cellulose gum ,Sodium CMC, cellulose Sodium, carboxymethylcellulose Sodium salt), is now a kind of cellulose with the widest range of application and the maximum usage amount. CMC is the Sodium salt of cellulous carboxymethyl ether and belongs to anionic cellulose ethers, in shape of white or light ...

Food Grade Sodium Nitrite Cas 7632-00-0

Model No:Sodium Nitrite

Min. Order:1

Food Grade Sodium Nitrite Cas 7632-00-0 Sodium Nitrite is mainly used as the raw material of productions of nitro compound and azo dyes, etc. Sodium Nitrite is also used as mordant and bleacher for fabric dyeing, as well as metal heat treatment agent, early-strength admixture and antifreeze of cement. Specifications: Item Item index Appearance White or slight yellow crystalline Sodium Nitrite (base on dry basis)% ≥ 99.0 Loss on Drying % ≤ 0.25 Water insoluble substances % ≤ 0.05 Chlorides (NaCl)...

Food Grade Sodium Chloride

Model No:premium grade

Min. Order:20

The Food Grade Sodium chloride(as known as Sodium Chloride Medicine Grade, Medical Grade Sodium Chloride and Sodium Chloride Pharma Medical Grade) is introduced into the salt field by the seawater. It is dried by sun drying, concentrated and crystallized, and the coarse salt is made of impurities in the air. Have water, steam heating, sand filter, with ion exchange membrane electrodialysis method for enrichment, get brine evaporation precipitate the bittern gypsum, centrifugal separation, Sodium...

Smbs Food Grade 97% SGS Inspection

Model No:97% food grade

Sodium metabisulphite 97% Food Grade Sodium METABISULPHITE PROPERTIES Appearance Fine, white granular material Odor Pungent sulfur dioxide odor PH 4.3 (1% solution) Specific Gravity 1.48 (@20 ° C) Solubility 39% in water (Weight, @16 ° C) Sodium METABISULPHITE SPECIFICATIONS Content (As Na2 S2 O5 ) 97.0% Min Clarity Light feculence Iron (As Fe) 50ppm Max Heavy Metals (As Pb)10ppm Max Arsenic2ppm Max Sodium METABISULPHITE SPECIFICATIONS FG Content (As Na2 S2 O5 ) 95.0% Min Iron (As Fe)50ppm Max H...

Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate NaHCO3

Model No:Sodium Bicarbonate

Min. Order:1

Food Grade Sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3 CAS No.: 144-55-8 Molecular formula: NaHCO3 Product Name Sodium bicarbonate (Food Grade) HS Code Tariff number 28363000 Standard: in conformity with GB1887-2007 Appearance: White crystalline Total alkali(NaHCO3),% ≧ 99.4% As ,% ≦ 0.0001 Heavy metal(Pb) ,% ≦ 0.0005 Loss on drying,% ≦ 0.20 pH (10g /L solution) ≦ 8.6 Ammonium salt passed Clarity passed Use Mainly used as additive in Food industry, vesicant in rubber industry, antacid in medical industry, propell...

Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide beads / caustic soda plant

Model No:CSF

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications Caustic soda Plant 1. Membrane caustic soda liquid 2, SGS, BV, CIQ proved 3, Flexible package 4.ISO9001&14001     Caustic soda appearance is pure white bead and falkes , also called Sodium Hydroxide pearls, beads flakes. Caustic soda pearls are usually dissolved twice or three times as fast as caustic soda flakes.    Our difference between other suppliers:   1.Ion-membrane process2,SGS,BV,CIQ proved the quality3,ISO9001&14001 FCC certificate4.Flexible package 5.Promt deliv...

china manufacturers supply Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide

Model No:TC-CS99,TC-CS98,TC-CS96

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications Caustic Soda Appearance:Flakes,Pearl Purity:96%,98%,99% Certification:SGS,Intertek,BV. ISO9001:2008 GB/T 19001-2008   Related Products                                                                                                                                    Sodium Hydroxide  Important Codes                                                                                                                                         Product Name  Caustic Soda MODEL NO  CROWN-CS99  ...

Food Grade Sodium Hexameta Phosphate (SHMP)

Model No:Food Grade

Delivery Time:15 Days

      Items  Industrial Grade Food Grade  Total phosphate %≥ 68 68 Not activity phosphate%≤ 7.5 7.5 Not dissolve matter%≤   0.05 0.06 Iron %≤ 0.05 0.05 PH value 5.8-7.0 5.8-6.5 Dissolove function     Qualitied Qualitied Average amass measure 10~16  10~16  Fluoride (by F) %≤   0.003 0.003   Uses:As for industrial Grade, Mainly used as soft water agent in the solution for industrial and dyeing and boiler. Diffusant of papermaking, slow corrodent, floating agent, dispersing medium high temperature ...
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