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Hot selling mango microwave Drying Equipment

Model No:mango microwave drying equipment

Min. Order:1

Our microwave Drying Equipment is suitable for fruit, especial for Drying mango. Microwave Drying Equipment is used to adjust the water content in mango to increase the shift life of it. At the same time of Drying, it also can sterilizer the fruit which can restrain various bacteria from spoiling and growing. We mainly use microwave mango Drying Equipment. Characteristics of mango microwave Drying Equipment 1. Low Drying temperatures 2. Better flavour of the products 3. Minimal product losses 4....

Soybean Vegetable Spray Drying Equipment

Model No:YPL

Min. Order:1

Product information: Pressure type pressure atomizer spray Drying granulating machine is adopted with the aid of the diaphragm pump pressure will solution or slurry material atomized into small droplets, the significant increase in surface area, through full heat exchange with hot air to dry rapidly (more than ten seconds to tens of seconds), powder or tiny particles of product Equipment is obtained. Pressure Atomizing Spray Dryier/Spray Drying machine Features Low fast Drying speed, especially ...

Hot Sale Meat Spray Drying Equipment

Model No:LPG

Min. Order:1

SULI dryer Equipment professional production Spray Drying machine for Hot Sale Meat Spray Drying Equipment LPG Meat Spray Dryer Features: The designs of our spray dryer are advanced in China, as well as worldwide. If we compare the important parameters of our spray dryers and some famous brand in the world, such as final moisture content, color, flavor, particle size, solubility and bulk density etc, they are very close, or sometimes, ours are even a little better. A lot of customers have achie...

Spray Drying Equipment

Model No:LPG

Min. Order:100

Fanqun Spray Drying Equipment spray dryer is a wide applied process in liquid process shaping and Drying industry. Particularly it is suitable for producing powder, granule or block solid product from solution, Albumen Powder, suspending liquid and pumped paste liquid. Therefore when the distribution of granule size, final moisture, bulk density, granule shape of finished product must be conformed to accuracy standard, the spray Drying is an ideal process. Spray Drying Machine Application Ch...

gingko Drying Equipment

gingko Drying Equipment:For stronger Fingko's use in our country, our factory designed model HG series Specially Drier for Gingko. It can solve the problem of keeping fresh of the Gingko leaf in transation and storation.The Equipment had been used by

drier sodium acetate plant-Drying Equipment

Min. Order:1 Set/Sets

Drying Equipment, Drying machine, drier Language Option French German Italian Russian Spanish Portuguese YUE.on(window,'load',function() { var seoTrans = new AE.run.seoTransSelecter(); seoTrans.init({targetUrl: '/product-gs/drier-sodium-acetate-p

Sugar Drying Equipment

Model No:FZG

Vibration fluid bed Drying Equipment is suitable in chemical industry, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, plastic, oil, slag, salt, sugar and so on, for Drying, cooling and wetting. Principle of work Raw materials is fed into the machine from the inlet and moves forward continuously along with the level of fluidized-bed under the action of vibration. The hot air passes through fluidized-bed and carries out hot heat exchange with damp raw material. Then the damp air is exhausted out through cy...

Xsg Flash Drying Equipment

Model No:XSG

XSG Series Flash Dryer Descriptions: Absorbed the foreign advanced Equipment and technology, our factory and Shenyang Chemical Research Institute under the Chemical Ministry of the State has developed this machine. This is a new kind of Drying Equipment used for Drying the materials, such as paste state, thixotropy, thermal sensitive powder and particles. Our factory ID equipped with the test sample machine, which can be used for carrying out the Drying tests of various feeds for our users and f...

Drying Equipment-22

Model No:HSR-1600-2200

Changjiang Drying Equipment Factoryis a famous one specialized in producing Drying Equipment and also state and China Chemical Equipment Corporation specially-designated enterprise for producing Drying Equipment. It covers an area about 30000 square meters and 21000 square meters of building area. It has $1.95 million yuan of fixed assets and holds 120 sets of special processing Equipment and powerful technical force. It can produce more 1500 sets of Equipment for Drying, granulating, mixing and...

23kw Lithium Battery Drying Equipment

Model No:lithium battery drying equipment

lithium battery Drying Equipment Inner cavity material:#304 stainless steelHeating material:ceramic heating  

Drying Oven - Drying Equipment (CT-C)

Model No:CT-C

Description Drying oven - Drying Equipment Drying oven - Drying machine Hot air circle oven is equipped with low noise axial flow fan and automatic temperat ure control system. The circle system is fully sealed. It makes the hot efficiency increased from 3-7% of traditional oven to 35-45%. The maximum hot efficiency can be 70%. The successful design of CT-C series hot air circle oven makes the hot air circle oven catch up the advanced level both at home and abroad. Drying machine Drying oven Fea...

Industrial Drying Equipment Flash Dryers Drying Inorganic s

Model No:XSG

Min. Order:1

Quick Detail: Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland) Brand Name: chuangxin Model Number: XSG Certification: CE Warranty: 12 months After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas material: Stainless steel,carbon steel type: XSG-14 barrel diameter: 200mm main machine dimensions: 300x3.6 main machine power: 5-9kw air velocity: 300-800m3/h water evaporation capacity: 10-20lg/h Description: Hot air enters into stirring and crushing and Drying chamber from the botto...

Industrial Drying Equipment Flash Dryers Drying Inorganic s

Model No:XSG

Min. Order:1

Quick Detail: Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland) Brand Name: chuangxin Model Number: XSG Certification: CE Warranty: 12 months After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas material: Stainless steel,carbon steel type: XSG-14 barrel diameter: 200mm main machine dimensions: 300x3.6 main machine power: 5-9kw air velocity: 300-800m3/h water evaporation capacity: 10-20lg/h Description: Hot air enters into stirring and crushing and Drying chamber from the botto...

High Speed Centrifugal Spray Drying Equipment

Model No:LPG

Min. Order:1

High Speed Centrifugal Spray Drying Equipment Description: A High Speed Centrifugal Spray Drying Equipment is a device used to produce dry, powdered substances from fluid suspensions or slurries by exposing a sprayed stream of the suspension to a hot gas. It is a simple, one step evaporation system which features minimal moving parts and rapid Drying times. Spray Drying processes uses various nozzles, gasses, spray, and gas flow patterns depending on the type of solids involved and the desired c...

Air Flow Drying Equipment

Model No:GFF

Min. Order:1

Applications GFF air flow Drying machine is primarily used for Drying wet viscous pasty materials, such as resin, silica gel catalyst, bone meal, copper sulfate, aluminum sulfate, sodium sulfate, calcium phosphate, aluminum hydroxide, barium hydroxide, calcium lactate, cyanuric acid, aluminum stearate, iron oxide, pigment, dye, and so on. Features The utilization of a grinding device enables our air flow dryer to complete both material Drying and grinding tasks. This Drying Equipment is space ef...

HIgh quality gland freeze Drying Equipment

Model No:LGJ-50F top press

Min. Order:1

LGJ-50F gland freeze Drying Equipment As we know, vacuum freeze dryer has been widely used in chemical and biology research. After being freeze dried, material can maintain their chemiclal and biological characteristics for a long time. LGJ-50F gland freeze Drying Equipment is a medium pilot freeze dryer with top press, which could freeze dry both bulk material and liquid material. Technical data of LGJ-50F gland freeze Drying Equipment LGJ-50F gland freeze Drying Equipment Basic parameter Free...

series Drying Equipment

Model No:XSG

series Drying Equipment Description XSG series rotary flash Drying machine is my factory in the introduction, absorption, on the basis of foreign advanced technology, successfully developed a new type of Drying Equipment. This advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, wide scope of application, large production capacity, products of good quality and high efficiency, energy saving, in a dry Equipment, crushing, sieving one-time completed, eliminate the pollution of the environmen...

High-Efficiency Fluidizing Drier Drying Equipment

Model No:GFG-300

Min. Order:1

Drying Equipment GFG Series High -Efficient Boiling Dryer WORKING PRINCIPLE The purified and heated air is introduced from the bottom by the draft fan and passed through the screen plate. The fluidization is formed through stirring and negative pressure in the working room. The moisture will be rapidly evaporated and exhausted so the material can be dried very fast. FEATURES of GFG Series Pharmaceutical Industrial Boiling Dryer with High Efficiency The structure of fluidization bed is round so i...

Flower Freeze Drying Equipment Dehydrator Lyophilizer

Model No:10N

Min. Order:1

Flower Freeze Drying Equipment Dehydrator Lyophilizer Brief Introduction Freeze Drying Equipment Dehydrator Lyophilizer Products are divided into standard type and gland, widely used in pharmaceutical, food factory, life science, and other places need to be freeze-dried process. Other Models: ******Welcome to Contact Us for More Details and Latest Price****** Packing and Delivery Packing * Qualified plywood package or carton for different products or as customer required * Strict packing proc...

Drying Equipment--Spray Dryer, belt dryer, fluid bed dryer, vacuum dryer

About the spray dryerWe are specialized in spray Drying systems of all sizes and capacities, from custom-designed large process lines to laboratory units, for food, chemical process industry applications. Depending on your needs, individual spray dry

Vacuum Freeze Drying Equipment

Min. Order:1 Set/Sets

Vacuum Freeze Drying Equipment:Vacuum cryogenic Drying technology is currently worldwide most advanced technology for food dehydration processing. Compared with the commonly used Drying method, the freeze-dried food produced with this technology feat

Professional Industrial Drying Equipment / Dehumidifier For Chemical Fiber Industry

Detailed Product Description Professional Industrial Drying Equipment / Dehumidifier For Chemical Fiber Industry   Quick Detail:   Air Purifier and Dehumidifier, Chemical Dehumidifier ,  Drying Equipment Mainly used in laminated safety glass and glass manufacturing. For example: film room together, laminating room. Plastic film laminated safety glass in transparent thin have a strong moisture absorption. Suck the moisture film, will emerge in the manufacturing process to produce steam bubbles. C...

YZG Series Squar Static Vacuum Drying Equipment

Model No:YZG

Product Details Basic Specification material SS304 Type Vacuum Drying Equipment Application Cotton, Fruit, Others, Rice, Sawdust, Wood Detail Description GENERAL DESCRIPTIONS    FZG Series Squar Static Vacuum Dryer is to let the raw material to be dried at vacuum condition heating and Drying. It used vacuum pump to pump damp and make the working chamber form vacuum status. Therefore the dry speed pf raw material is quickened and the energy is saved greatly. Vacuum dry is divided into static and ...

Electronic Industrial Drying Equipment Low Temp Low Humidit

Model No:ZLK-D-8000

Min. Order:1

Electronic Industrial Drying Equipment Low Temp Low Humidity , Sound Proof Quick Detail: Bridge Anticorrosion Humidity Control Equipment , Industrial Drying Equipment High moisture removal. Suitable for low temperature and RH process. Could be usded together with air conditioner. Start with domestic first rotor dehumidifier, With 30 years professional theoretical and practical experience in dehumidifier field Draw up the national military standard and industry standard of dehumidification equipm...

Silica Gel Wheel Industrial Drying Equipment / Desiccant Ro

Model No:ZCB-2600

Min. Order:1

Silica Gel Wheel Industrial Drying Equipment / Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifiers Quick Detail: Style: Refrigeration combined with Wheel Desiccant Rotor: Sweden Proflute Desiccant Material: Silica Gel Wheel Rated Air Flow: 2600m³ /h Supply Air Parameters: T=20℃ RH=20% Dehumidifier Quality: High Installed Power: 21.81kw Voltage: 380V, 3 phase, 50Hz or customized Certification: ISO9001:2008 Features: Economical, energy-saving Usage: Air temperature and humidity control General Description: ZCB Ser...

Ct, Ct-C Series Hot Air Circulating Drying Oven

Model No:CT-C

Hot Air Drying Oven Features:1. Most hot air is circulated in the oven. The Heat efficiency is high and the energy is saved.2. By using the forced ventilation function, there are adjustable air distribution plates inside the oven. The materials can be dried uniformly. The heating source might be steam, hot water, electricity and far infrared. With a wide selection.3. The whole machine is low in the noise. The operation is in balance. The temperature is controlled automatically. The installation ...

Drying Equipment/ Machinery (MT)

Model No:MT

Drying Equipment/machine, Drying is about the process to increase the temperature of workpieces after pre treatment, to make sure the process of the Drying curing. Drying oven and powder curing about the machinery, type, and working type is almost the same. Installation of the frame have full type, frame type; Oven body insists of half bridge type, full type and passing type, heating type: Oil type, gas type, or gas with laser thermocouple type. Using thermal radiation for Drying the workpiece c...

2014 China Type Coal Drying Equipment

Model No:800

Product Description Type Coal Drying Equipment Application: Type Coal Drying Equipment is used for Drying materials in industries like cement, mine, building materials, chemistry, food and fertilizer, etc. This Type Coal Drying Equipment comes with thermocouples on the feeding and discharging device to control the temperature. Thermometers are also adopted so as to better control the working temperature (generally DC 350-380) of the Type Coal Drying Equipment.

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Fruit Drying Equipment (DWT1.6-III)

Model No:DWT1.6-III

Fruit Drying Equipment (1)high quality! (2)more professional! (3)reliable performance! Brief introduction about Fruit Drying Equipment: Fruit is a kind of bound water, large oil-based materials, water is not easily to remove. According to this, we developed a complete Equipment of dehydration Drying Equipment for beandregs (soybean curb residue). First, Fruit was dehydrated through high pressure. Most of the water is lost in this way just in a minute. Then the beandregs enter into the Fruit dryi...

Muddy Material Rotary Drying Equipment / Muddy Material Dryers (WLT)

Model No:ZDH

Hot Selling Muddy Material Rotary Drying Equipment Application of Muddy Material Rotary Drying Equipment Rotary dryer is widely applied in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemistry and other industries, mainly stoving mineral powder, slag, clay, limestone, lignite and other materials. Working principle of muddy material Drying machine: Rotary Dryer is made up of cylinder, lifting plate, transmission, supporting devices and others. Based on reasonable layout an alternate angle-change equa...

Vacuum Drying Equipment (PerMix, PTP-D)

Model No:PTP-D

Product Description INTRODUCTION:PerMix PTP-D series Vacuum Drying Equipment is a turbulent mixing reactor-dryer. It is used as a high-speed paddle dryer, chemical reactor or, if both processes are combined, as a dryer-reactor. They are used with particular success in agglomeration-free rapid Drying, heterogeneous reactions with systems of different substances, extraction, sterilization and in general for vacuum, positive-pressure, thermal energy and comminuting aids.PerMix PTP-D series Vacuum D...

Coal slime Drying Equipment

Model No:HG

Coal slime Drying Equipment Coal slime Drying Equipment ,The specification of this Equipment is φ1.6m×16m,with processing capacity of Coal slime of 6-7T/h, Now it is under normal operation. The customer is very satisfied with the operation.

Best price fruit mesh belt Drying Equipment

Model No:ZKMBD

Min. Order:1

Contact person: Lucy Skype: zhengkelucy Mesh belt dryer application The mesh belt dryer is a kind of batch, continuous production Drying Equipment, mainly for better ventilation sheet, strip, granular materials, such as: cassava slice, fruits, vegetables, herb, pepper, potato chips, grain straw etc. It has the features of high efficiency, high-yield, high evaporation intensity, standardization of production and the capacity could be increased according to the number of segments. The main types o...

Food Waste Recycling Drying Machine Cassava Dregs/Pulp Rotary Dryer

Model No:ZJN MDD512

Min. Order:1

Product Description The main ingredient of cassava residue is starch and cellulose, a small amount of protein, many farmers often use cassava residue for feed, after scientific fermentation, and then with the right amount of protein feed and trace elements, and then used to feed pigs, You can reduce costs and significantly improve economic efficiency. Rotary drum dryer is designed to dry cassava residue which contains high moisture up to 50%.Heat is generate by hot air generator by Coal, gas, pe...

Animal manure and cow dung Drying Equipment

Model No:ZKRD

Min. Order:1

Product Description The rotary dryer, also called horizontal dryer, is a kind of Drying Equipment used to reduce moisture content of the material , and can be used for Drying sand, coal, sludge, coal slurry, brown coal, fly ash, gypsum, clay, Kaolin, mineral powder, slag, iron powder, mill scale, sawdust/wood chips, chicken manure, feed EFB etc. It is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, cement and mining industry. it has features of reasonabl structure ,excellent fabrication ,high p...


Model No:Different Model

Min. Order:1

INDUSTRIAL SLUDGE Drying Equipment 1 .Brief Introduction: INDUSTRIAL SLUDGE Drying Equipment Dyeing/Textile Sludge Drying :Printing and dyeing sludge contains a large number of chemical residues, with high proportion of inherent water, is very difficult to dehydrate. Its composition is very complex, with high content of harmful substances and a certain degree of stickiness. After the mechanical filter, the sludge moisture content is still as high as 75 ~ 85%. However, the organic components in...

Vertical Fluid Drying Equipment

Model No:FG

Min. Order:1

Vertical Fluid Drying machine Main Features: 1. Vertical Fluid Drying Equipment made by all stainless steel. 2. Vertical Fluid Drying Equipment reach GMP 3. Vertical Fluid Drying Equipment is Fluid Dryer 4. Vertical Fluid Drying Equipment is Fagopyrum tataricum Fluid Drying machine 5. Vertical Fluid Drying Equipment is Fluid Bed Dryer For Granule Vertical Fluid Drying machine Structures 1. INLET AHU The inlet AHU consists of Primary filter(G4), Post filter (F8), high efficiency filter(H13 )and h...

Activation carbon Drying Equipment Drying furnace

Activated carbon Drying Equipment Drying furnace is mainly used for Drying certain humidity or granularity materials in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments. Dryer has strong adaptability to materials, can dry all kinds of materials, and Equipment operation is simple and reliable, so it is widely used. Heat source of Drying: This machine uses wood, coal or gas as the heat source, automatic feeding, automatic discharging, with high automati...

Industrial Drying Equipment Rotary Drum Dryer

Model No:GZ800*8000

Min. Order:1

Industrial Drying Equipment Rotary Drum Dryer Rotary Dryer, also named revolving tube dryer, is used to dry slag, clay and other materials in construction metallurgy, chemical, and cement industries. The machine is made up of a rotating object, a win-nowing board, a wheeling device, and upholding device, and a sealed circle. It has a reasonable structure, high quality and low energy cost. Being of excellent workmanship, it is easy to operate. Working Principle of Industrial Drying Equipment Rota...

Industrial Drying Equipment Rotary Drum Dryer

Model No:HG-1.6x1.8

Min. Order:1

Minerals are dehydrated into dry minerals, this process called Drying. Mining Drying machine is to dry minerals to a certain moisture. Wet material is conveyed into hopper by belt, and then into mining Drying machine by hopper. This industrial dryer is mainly used for Drying large quantities of materials. Mineral Drying Equipment is widely used in cement, metallurgy, mineral processing and other industries. Industrial Drying Equipment Rotary Drum Dryer Description: Rotary dryer, also called rot...
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