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Double Needle Pleated Sewing Machine

Model No:RD-Double Needle Pleated Sewing Machine

Double Needle Pleated Sewing Machine: Dongguan Ridong Ultrasonic Machinery Co., Ltd has been committed to the curtain equipment research and development and production over the years, after many years of technology development and production practice, launched a series of curtain equipment, we have been had automatic curtain pinch pleating Machine, curtain edge covering Sewing Machine, curtain fixed height cutting Machine, etc. Automatic curtain pinch pleating Machine is a meticulous designed ma...

Fixed Needle Bar Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Model No:FX842

Min. Order:5

Fixed Needle Bar Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine FX842 Applicable to common thin materials, medium heavy materials, heavy materials such as Knit wear, shirt, shit, leisure wear, jeans Characteristics 1) Low noise, fast speed, steady and enduring especially when Sewing underwear, jeans, coat's turning and decorative parts. 2) Synchronical feed of the Needle bar and feed dog to avoid distraction. Steady and beautiful in stitch, free adjustment available. 3) Adopt inside oil line box to...

Fixed Needle Bar Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Model No:FX842

Min. Order:1

Fixed Needle Bar Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine FX842 Applicable to common thin materials, medium heavy materials, heavy materials such as Knit wear, shirt, shit, leisure wear, jeans Characteristics 1) Low noise, fast speed, steady and enduring especially when Sewing underwear, jeans, coat's turning and decorative parts. 2) Synchronical feed of the Needle bar and feed dog to avoid distraction. Steady and beautiful in stitch, free adjustment available. 3) Adopt inside oil line box to rea...

Double Needle Moccasin Sewing Machine

Model No:FX-81

Product Description Double Needle Moccasin Sewing Machine FX-81 Feature: FOXSEW Double Needle Cylinder Bed Extra Heavy Duty Machine is suitable to stitch the level for leather shoes, leisure shoes and leather bags. Equipped with cam, it can offer nine different stitching programmers. The speed of the motor is adjusted by electron, can be mastered flexibly. Attributing to the Needle position controlled by computer and presser foot lifted automatically, production efficiency is improved greatly. 1...

2 Needle Waistband Sewing Machine With Rear Wheel

Model No:Waistband Sewing Machine

Min. Order:1

2 Needle Waistband Sewing Machine With Rear Wheel & Automatic Waistband Stretching Device · Stretch The Waist Band Device · Sewing Position

High speed Double Needle chainstitch Sewing Machine

Model No:TY-3800

Product Details Basic Specification Detail Description TY-3800 High speed Double Needle chainstitch sewuing Machine 3800 series applies unique exterior design, with smooth and beautiful outline.  The internal part applies connecting rod feeding mechanism,  Needle bar take-uo and curved Needle outline drawing, to form chain stitch.It is suitable for various ways of Sewing such as side seam of jeans, bedclothes, lapped seam and decorative seam of thin bags and leather  products,shirt sleeve and jo...

Single/Double-Needle Postbd Sewing Machine (SK9910)

Model No:SK9910

Single/Double-Needle Postbd Sewing Machine(SK9910) Consquently, the service life is long when properly lubricate. Ldeal for boots, sports shoes, work shoes, leisure, foam rubber sole pads, babies shoesand high-quality leather shoes.

Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine (LD845 LD875)

Model No:LD845 LD875

High-speed Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine (LD845 LD875) Features: The lockstitch Sewing Machine is equipped with Separate Double-Needle bar mechanism, its convenient to make comer seam as well. The synchronized feeding of Needle bar and feed dog is designed to prevent slippage between layers of materials. Advantages of the Sewing Machine has a beautiful and simple operation, low noise, lower noise, without radiation, suitable for Sewing ladys underwear, jeans overcoat decoration and com...

Double Needle Moccasin Sewing Machine for Extra Heavy Duty

Model No:FX1810

Min. Order:1

Double Needle Large Hook Lockstitch Moccasin Sewing Machine for Extra-heavy duty Machine adopts large vertical rotation hook, linked-type scale. It is suitable for Sewing leather, canvas, tents, waterproof fabric and all kinds of extra heavy duty materials. Used for Sewing saddle, harness, safty belt, tree farm working band, outdoors tents, leatherball, gloves, mountain climbing gear, luggage etc... extra heavy duty materials. This Machine utilizes bobbin winder and big rotary shuttle, especiall...

TK-VC8008 multi Needle cylinder bed Double chain stitch Sewing Machine

Model No:TK-VC8008

Min. Order:10

Taizhou Teaki Sewing Machine Co.,Ltd Adress: No.3 The Intersection of Kaifa Road and Jingwu Road, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Mob(Whatapp):0086 13736527630; Skype:toniwang1998 we have various industrial Sewing Machine, such as lockstitch Sewing Machine, overlock Sewing Machine, interlock Sewing Machine, button attaching Machine, button hole Sewing Machine, ZIGZAG Sewing Machine, cutting Machine, bar tacking Sewing Machine, shoes Machine, carpet overlock Sewing mac...

Double-Needle Level Sewing Machine

Model No:HB6-81

Characteristics of use: Applicable for ornamental stitching for super leather clothes, casual clothes, feather coats, etc. Capable to make 6/12/36 different pattern by interchangeable cams The width of Double Needle stitching is alternative between 5.5 mm and 7.5mm as required By changing the type of the Sewing needles, this Machine is suitable for all the threads from home and abroad so as to enjoy a wide applicability and meet current trends. All transmission parts of this Machine are imported...

Single Needle Metal Sewing Machine , Double Rotary Hook

Stitch Length: 0.1mm-12.7mmm Max.patterns: 255patterns Work Holder Lift: 30mm Hook: Double Size Rotary Hook Stitch Type: Single Needle,lockstitch Type: Sewing Machine     Single Needle Metal Sewing Machine , Double Rotary Hook     Descrition:   1.Single girth Button Machine features: max number of stitches 8000 stitches/pattern 2.Maximum Sewing speed: 2500 stitches / min  3.Use Needle : DP*17      Specifications:   Sewing area 250mm*160mm/200mm*100mm/300mm*200mm Stitch type  Single Needle,lockst...

Used 842 Computer Direct Drive Double Needle Industrial Sewing Machine, Grey Market

Model No:secondhand 842 two needle

95% new condition Machine Computerized auto stitch with Double Needle Similar as Brother 842 two Needle Grey market

Cylinder-Bed 12-Needle Double Chain-Stitch Sewing Machine

Model No:FIT 4421P-UTC

Cylinder-bed 12-Needle Double chain-stitch Sewing Machine Sub models: PL: Rolling strip Sewing Machine Attachment: MD-1: Before the elastic device. RT-1: Elastic tension device. UTC: Pneumatic cutting device of pnumatic cating device. Suitable for knitting, clothing and other industries, sports pats, underwear, pants head cord Sewing.

Double Needle & High-Speed Overlock Sewing Machine

Model No:MK-35

Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine LT2-842 & LT2-845 High-Speed Overlock Sewing Machine 737/747/757 & LG700-3/4/5

High-Speed Double Needle Chainstitch Sewing Machine (SE3800)

Model No:SE3800

SE3800 Series adopt link-type mechanism using Needle bar take-up and curved Needle hook threads to form two chain stitch trace. The trace is firm and flexible and suitable for linking seiwng and decorative Sewing of garment underwear, bedding and leather products there are 5 kinds of Needle spacing to choose.

Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine (MY8842Z)

Model No:MY8842Z

Product Description Such machinery have adopted the unique design and feature smooth and beautiful appearance. The adoption of the Double-Needle puncturing mechanism, the sliding bar thread-taking-up mechanism and the vertical rotating hook thread-hooking mechanism can form the two-row Double-thread lockstitches. The computer-control system can function in automatic Needle stopping and automatic thread cutting. The adoption of synchronous feeding by the Needle bar swing and the feed dog can ensu...

Mini Sewing Machine With Double Thread/handheld Sewing Machine 

1.Product Name: Mini Sewing Machine with Double thread  BW-TV04   Mini Sewing Machine with Double thread 2.Mini Sewing Machine with Double thread/Desktop Sewing Machine/portable Sewing Machine/electric Sewing Machine  Function Introduction: 1). Double thread  2). Feature:Comes Pre-threaded & Ready to use.  3). Sews in a Durable Chain Locking Stitch  4). Light and With Good Space for  5). Guiding Sewing Cloth by Hand.  6). Large Spool can be Used,with Rewinding  7). Device for easy replacemen...

Computerized High Speed Lock Stitch Multi Needle Quilting Sewing Machine YXG-64-2C/3C

Model No:YXG-64-2C/3C

Product Description Computerized High speed Lock Stitch Multi Needle Quilting Sewing Machine                                                                    YXG-64-2C/3CFunctions:1. Adopt the advanced computer and mechanistic technology.2. The Needle bar running with neddle bar frame, no need to add extra lube and avoid the materials be soiled by lube.3. Needle bar frame structure is more firm and durable, so that the cost of maintenance is cheaper.4. Sadding rack and roller are drivern by se...

Zoyer High Speed Double Needle Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine (ZY8450D)

Model No:ZY8450D, ZY845, ZY875, ZY875D

 EASY OPERATE!  SAVE POWER!  LOW NOISE!Double-Needle split Needle bar lockstitch Sewing Machine The use of direct drive mode, with a small saving motors, smoother start, quick reaction, the choice of startup and shutdown functions accurately, and small power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. It has the function of automatic shutdown, wipper, trimmer, reverse and forward and so on. According to the different requirements, users can be achieved optional settings by the...

Sewing Machine Needle

Model No:Sewing Machine Needle

1. Name: Sewing Machine Needle 2. Type: HA, DB, DC, DH, DM, DN, DO, DP, DV, EB, LW, PF, SH, TQ, TV, UO, UY 3. Material: Steel, Stainless Steel 4. Specification: 9#, 10#, 12#, 13#, 14#, 16#, 18#, 19#, 21#, 22# 5. Colors: Any Colors Possible 6. Applicable Range: For Sewing Machine Use 7. Packing: Export Packing 8. Mini Order Quantity: USD3000/Order 9. Delivery Time: About 15 to 45 days 10. Payment: T/T, Sight L/C, Western Union Remark: Various Types And Designs Are Available Wenzhou JMTACC Garment...

1721 Two Needle Hemstitch Sewing Machine

Model No:JG-118

1721 Double Needle hemstitching picot stitch Machine (Tajima type ) 1. Optional (Chinese hook / Japanese hook) 2. Size of Stitch Hole: 1.00mm-5.00mm 3. With rear puller system to increase the Sewing quality & efficiency. Main use Applicable for Sewing woman's blouse, shirt, tie, bed sheet and scarf etc This Machine can make decorative hole with diameter from 1.00 mm to 5.00mm by changing different Needle combination. Each Machine only comes with one size of Needle. (1)FUNCTION 1 : MODEL JG-1...

Roofing Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Model No:XF900/840 Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Min. Order:1

Botou Xianfa Roll Forming Machine Factory Our factory was established in 1996, we are the professional manufactory of roll forming Machine. The main products are trapezoidal sheet roll forming Machine, corrugated sheet roll forming Machine glazed tile roll forming Machine, Double layer roll forming Machine ...... We have passed ISO9001 quality certification and European CE security certificate. Our products have been sold to worldwide, including North/South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and ...

New Double Trapezoidal Roll Forming Machine

Model No:XF 900-840-1000 Double Deck Roll Forming Machine

Min. Order:1

This Double Deck Roll Forming Machine belongs to a kinds of Double Trapezoidal forming Machine. It can make different width roof panel. The effective widths are 900 mm and 840 mm, and the material width is 1000 mm. So if you are interested in this Machine. You can refer the parameters. We look forward to your cooperation with you. IBR Double deck making Machine. Quick Details Double layer roll forming Machine 1 Suitable Material Colored Steel plate, Galvanized Board,Aluminum Plate 2 Width of th...

Double Needle Washing Steel Wire Cleaning ball

Model No:Double Needle

Min. Order:1

Double Needle Washing Steel Wire Cleaning ball It stands for metal wire ball clean ball metal wire, generally used for thin steel wire for household use strong cleaning can save a dirt surface of spherical objects. It is a commonly used cleaning balls. Stainless Steel Mesh Cleaning ball production description: Automaticlly, ball tight and loosen can be adjusted according to the weight and sizes automatically. So ,it can produce balls with variety and attractive appearance. Company introduc...

Long Arm Heavy Duty Zigzag Sewing Machine For Sail making

Model No:FX-366-76-12HM

Min. Order:1

Applications: boat sails, parachutes, shade sails, tent & marquees, tarpaulins and industrial safety products, 1. Cam controlled extra heavy duty long arm zigzag Machine with large barrel shuttle hook and reverse. 2. Standard supplied with puller for strong and steady feeding, 3different cams suitable for straight stitch, 2step 3step and 4step zigzag, and pneumatic the presser foot lift and pneumatic back tack, Needle cooler and hook cooler 3. The extra long arm clearance of 800mm is very u...

Multi-function CNC Automatic Sewing Machine

Model No:JTK2-01C

JTK2 multi-function CNC automatic Sewing Machine structure to the world's recognized as the most stable and reliable industrial computer as control system, using the French schneider electric components, Japanese panasonic servo motor control system, Japan SMC pneumatic components, micro oil direct-drive Sewing machines, make the product quality is reliable and stable. This Machine has the advantage of the powerful operating system, automatic Sewing function, the front is according to the system...

Portable Bag Closer Sewing Machine

Model No:Portable Bag Closer Sewing Machine

Min. Order:1

chinacoal01 Portable Bag Closer Sewing Machine , Leathear Sewing Machine , Bag Sealer Portable Bag Closer Sewing Machine Product Introduction Applications GK26-1A portable bag closer is the most popular model in the world. It's developing from New long NP-7A, suitable for closing of all sorts of fill bags, e.g. burlap, jute, woven poly, cotton, plastic and paper with single Needle single thread chain stitch 101. GK26-1A portable bag closer could replaceable with any single Needle single thread p...

Zht Sewing Machine Needles

Model No:sewing machine needles

Sewing Machine Needles(High Quality Sewing Machine Needles, Industrial Sewing Machine Needle, The Newest Fashion Needles, Embroidery Needles) Quick Details MOQ: 300box Material: Stainless Steel, Iron Type: HA*1, DB*1, DC*1, DC*27, DP*5, TQ*1, TQ*7, DV*63, UO*113, UYX*128GAS Size: 65/9#, 70/10#, 75/11#, 80/12#, 90/14#, 100/16", 120/19#, 130/21#, 140/22# Usage: Sewing Machine Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: 10pcs/paper bag, 10paper bag/box, 100 box/ctn Delivery Detail: About 25 days af...

CS-A Double Twisted Barbed Wire Machine

Model No:double twisted barbed wire machine

CS-A Double twisted barbed wire Machine is designed to produce screens with single or Double-strand barbed steel wire, thermo-plated with zinc. The Machine is of horizontal design, consisting of two parts, assembled together at the middle. It is safe and reliable in operation, capable of turning out high quality products with consistency

Double Needle thread 20G 110mm face

Model No:Double needle thread

Min. Order:5

Double Needle thread 20G 110mm face Cosmetic Pcl Thread are hypodermic needles preloaded with a synthetic Polydioxanone Absorbable Sutures. Pcl sutures are surgical sutures that are used to perform cardiac surgery. Non-Surgical Pcl Thread are one of the safest materials that can be used in the body. Your skin will fully absorb the Face Pcl Thread within 4 to 6 months without leaving any scar tissue. While the sutures are underneath the skin, your skin gently reacts to the skin creating a [selec...

Ultrasonic Lace Sewing Machine with Amplitude Pole, Tool Head and Floral Whorl

Model No:ultrasonic lace sewing machine

Ultrasonic Sewing Machine by: Ultrasonic generator Ultrasonic transducer Amplitude pole Tool head Floral whorl Motor, driving belt Speed governor one, motor one Speed governor two, motor two, binding screw Mechanical drive part composition Ultrasonic generator Ultrasonic transducer Amplitude pole Tool head Floral whorl Motor, driving belt Speed governor one, motor one Speed governor two, motor two, binding screw Mechanical drive part composition

Bedding Quilt with 0.7D Microfiber Filling and 2.5cm Baffle Box Double Needle Stitch Sewing

Model No:HF-Q&C0917

Fabric: 300TC 100% cotton dobby Filling: 0.7D microfiber Sewing: 2.5cm baffle box Double Needle stitch Size: twin full/queen king Packing:Quantity: 1 PVC bag, 1 insert retail and bulk

Double Wall Paper Cup Machine

Model No:double wall paper cup machine

 DEBAO-WT Double wall paper cup Machine is designed for paper cup afterward process. Its main function is to wrap and sleeve printed blank perfectly to the cups. The out-layers have heat-resistant function, it can increase the strength and can have good printing effect of the cups. Performance features· Advanced cylindrical cam indexing gear· With 70-90 pcs/min high speed for hollow/solid sleeved cup· High efficiency and stable production· Using closed-loop controlled circuitMain technical param...

Raschel Double Needle-Beds Net-Bag Tricot Machine

Model No:ZEC600

Model 2818Raschel Double Needle-Beds Net-Bag Tricot MachineIntroduce products: This belongs to Raschel serial Double Needle-beds tricot Machine. With stepless speed-governor, compact structure and beautiful appearance, various mechanical properties are superior to that of its like nationwide. This Machine is suitable for producing packing bag for various kinds of vegetables and fruits such as potato, onion, garlic head, orange and apple etc. Suitable materials are various sizes of plastic flat w...

Double Carrier Cotton Braiding Machine

Model No:Double Carrier cotton braiding machine

Function or characterIts hatch is with undercam and it mainly used in the weaving of Double undercam 1/1 plain fiberglass and other fabrics. It can weave 3/1, 1/2, 2/2 and many other twilled fabrics with adding 212 multiarms equipment.Contents: Technological parameter:Nominal rating reed space150cm, 180cm, 200cm, 260cm, 280cmRotating speed 130-200r/minDiameter of beam disk sheet φ 550mm, φ 600mmDiameter of batching roller with full roll φ 400mmForm of reeling worm gear pattern intermission reeli...

Lace/Fabric/Non-Woven Cloth/Surgical Gown Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

Model No:KLC-2U, Surgical Gown Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

SURGICAL GOWN ULTRASONIC Sewing Machine, ULTRASONIC LACE Sewing Machine ABOUT PRODUCT Customized design; Safe and convenient operation and maintenance ABOUT FACTORY Comprehensive management process, leading technology and service team EXPERIENCE Internationalization of business process; Rich experience of Non-standard design AFTERSERVICE Uniform standard with special difference for each, Professional and Experienced service MARKET Yearly 30% Market share increased, One-to-one service Please cont...

Automatic Tube Sewing Machine

Model No:ST-DFSM (Automatic Tube Sewing Machine)

PRODUCE INFORMATIONAutomatic Tube Sewing Machine allows the automatization of selvedge Sewing operation of knit fabrics for dyeing. FEATURES: 1). Doubling, Sewing, plaiting any type of fabrics with inlet from plait/ loose fabrics, rolls or batchers. 2). For proper folding, special systems for thin and sensitive fabrics as well as fabrics with curled edges. 3). PLC controlled for synchronized operation. 4). Automatic alignment of selvedge on the doubling triangle with very sensitive and precise p...

Sewing Machine Parts/Sewing Needle Plate/Needle Plate/Sewing Machine Part/E18/R4305-Joe-Eoo/B2402-761-000

Model No:e18/r4305-joe-eoo/b2402-761-000

Needle Plate for Sewing Machine China supplier B series MODEL: B12, B14, B16, B18, B20, B22, B24, B26, B28, B30 E series: E16, E18, E20 ETC R4305-JOE-EOO B2402-761-000 H26

Double Needle

Model No:Double needle -012

Product Description Double needles also called air Needle. With Double wall for air intake. Professional of Double needles manufacturers. Specialize in manufacturing Double needles in China. Double Needle Features: 1)Used for the animal inject 2)Brass material with chrome plated, ultra-sharp
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