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Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-Needle Quilting Machine

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:30

We provide Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-Needle Quilting Machine I, Parameter Unit (mm) Dimension(L×W×H): 4800×1600×2000 Width of quilting: 2450 Space between needle rows: 50.8,76.2,127(5") 76.2,76.2,152.4(6") Space between needles: 25.4 X-axis movement distance: 450 Thickness of quilting≤80(for all patterns) Length of step: 3-8 Speed of production: 60~230(m/hour) Model of needle: 21/130 Speed of main shaft: 200~980(RPM) Power: 7KW Voltage: 380V/50HZ 220V/60HZ Gross weight: 4500kg II, Purpose:...

Mattress Computerized Quilting Machine (HFJ-F Series)

Model No:HFJ-26F-2

HFJ-26F-2 Computerized Quilting Machine/mattress sewing Machine/single head computerized Quilting machineUsages: Suitable for Quilting patterns on duvet, mattress pad, bedcover, garments, etc. Can also quilt on sponge and leather. Specifications: 1) 19"LCD (Samsung brand) with Chinese and English version. With more than 500 patterns already in the computer; Lockstitch, high precision2) Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 2kw3) Automatically stops if thread breaks4) Automatically stop against malfunction o...

Spare parts for Quilting Machine

Model No:Suitable for All Quilting Machine

Delivery Time:5 Days

Company Information   Nantong Zhongde Making needle Co., Ltd is a professional needle manufactory. We have focued on producing for about 28 years.We produce all kinds of needles like Sewing needle,Knitting needle,Knitting sinker and so on.We have a high quality needle brand called SIGMA.Which have already sell to India,Pakistan,Turkey and some other Asian Countrys. We all use high quality raw materials to produce them. Shuttle hook for Multi Needle Quilting Machine is helpful for threading, and ...

(Your Best Choice)Quilting Machine spare parts from Dongguan supplier

Model No:BOSI-F-1235-203 quilting machine parts

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications 1.Quick delivery time Quilting Machine parts 2.ISO9001:2008 3.OEM supplier 4.We own factory & advanced equipment 5.Low price (Your Best Choice)Quilting Machine spare parts from Dongguan supplier (BOSI-F-125-203)   Description of Quilting Machine parts          This is a most popular Quilting Machine parts all over the world,high quality twisting Machine spare parts are good for you,customized welding Machine spare parts are also ok for you Material Stainless steel, iron,carbon...

Multi-Head Computerized Quilting Machine

Model No:FX6-2 Series

Min. Order:1

Uses: Quilt, coverlet, bedcover, sponge, leather and so on. Details: The head moves along X axis, and the frame moves along Y axis. Work efficiency is double the single head Quilting Machine. Each head can work independently. Using special technology, the quilt can't be broken. Using four servo motors. Using good quality hardware and software, the right-angle, sharp-angle and circle can be well quilted. 15" color monitor, Chinese or English character, on which pattern, stitch distance, current s...

Computerized Quilting Machine

Model No:FX6-2 Series

Min. Order:1

Uses: Quilt, coverlet, bedcover, sponge, leather and so on. Details: The head moves along X axis, and the frame moves along Y axis. Work efficiency is double the single head Quilting Machine. Each head can work independently. Using special technology, the quilt can't be broken. Using four servo motors. Using good quality hardware and software, the right-angle, sharp-angle and circle can be well quilted. 15" color monitor, Chinese or English character, on which pattern, stitch distance, current s...

Industrial Computeried Multi Needle Sewing Quilting Machine (YXS-128-3B)

Model No:YXS-128-3B

Product Description Popular 128'' computerized multi-needle Quilting Machine  YXS-128-3B/YXS-128-2B  [ with shuttle #7 or shuttle #10 ]Features* It is used to quilt polyster wadding and fabric together for garment, bedspred, bed sheet, pillow, etc with high precision* 200patterns already store in computer, and the computer can store 1000 patterns totally.* Core spare parts like sevo motors, drivers, bearings are improted from Japan. Delta Transducer.* Easy pattern editing function, you can desig...

Mattress Handle Strap Quilting Machine

Model No:FX-A5

Product Description Mattress Handle Strap Quilting Machine FX-A5Features: This Machine is a specialized equipment for mattress handle product. It is characterized with four needle chain stitch, retrial pull roller, material feeder, finished operation, synchronous action and convenient operation. It is one of the mattress handle sewing equipmentsSpecifications:  Model NO. FX-A5 Sewing Head Multi-needle chain stitch Rotary Speed Max. 3800 r.p.m Handle Strap Width 50-55 mm Sewing Thickness 6 mm Spa...

Quilting machines for sale HC-3500 Quilting Machine

Product Categories Quilting Machine Mattress Machine Single Needle Quilting Machine Quilting Machine Accessories Quilting Patterns Quilting machines for sale HC-3500 Quilting Machine HC-3500 Quilting Machine

shuttle spare parts for Quilting Machine

Model No:YS & USA #10

Delivery Time:5 Days

  shuttle spare parts for Quilting Machine     Specifications #6 #7 #10 etc shuttle spare parts for Quilting Machine   We sell all kinds of shuttle of schiffli Machine with good quality and service.Besides,we deal with all schiffli parts,bobbin winder.     #6 #7 #10 etc  shuttle : Smooth surface ;not easy open the plate;good tension.   Size #6, #7,#10 Material steel OEM Yes Use Perfect work on 60/2, 40/2, 80/2, 150D/1 etc and save 10% yarn Quality best Shuttle Right & Left   Packaging & ...

Single Head Computerized Quilting Machine

Model No:TA-4-A

Min. Order:1

We provide Single Head Computerized Quilting Machine, looking forward to your cooperation. TYPE TA-4-A2628 TA-4-A2832 TA-4-A3032 TA-4-A3535 Quilting Machine 2.6M*2.8M(MAX) 2.8M*3.2M(MAX) 3.0M*3.2M(MAX) 3.5M*3.5M(MAX) Needle drop size 2.4M*2.6M(MAX) 2.6M*3.0M(MAX) 2.8M*3.0M(MAX) 3.3M*3.3M(MAX) Sewing Machine Single line style, double line lock style big Rolary Shuttle Sewing thick 1200G/M2(MAX) Sewing Speed MAX 2000SPM STITCH 2-7MM Dimensions 4*3.2*1.4m 4.2*3.4*1.4m 4.5*3.6*1.4m 4.8*3.8*1.4m Pow...

High Speed Fully Computeried Sock Machine

Model No:RB-6FTP

Min. Order:1

High Speed Fully Computeried Sock Machine RB-6FTP Sock Machine under Rainbowe Brand, high speed because of fully Computeried and automatic. One year guarantee, spare parts are always available. Machine keep running for 24 hours. Professional sales team and after sales service team are waiting for you anytime if you need. Technical Specification Cylinder Diameter 3.75"(3.5") Needle Number 84N~168N, 176N, 200N Running Speed 300~350 r.p.m Driving Control Servo Motor Main Motor 1.3kw ...

Ultrasonic Quilting Machine for Mattress Sealing

Model No:JD-S02

Min. Order:1

Ultrasonic Quilting Machine for Mattress Sealing The ultrasonic laminate Machine is also called ultrasonic fabric bonding Machine, using high frequency vibration wave to generate heat, that heat allow the materials surface molecules fuse, thus completing the welding. The heat generated by the vibration was transfer to the two or more than two material which need to compound, in the case of pressure, the material surface is rubbed with each other. Finally, that material stick together, become a ...

Esq-3500 High Speed Computerized Multi-function Chain Stitch Quilting Machine 

ESQ-3500 High Speed Computerized Multi-function Chain Stitch Quilting Machine     SPECIAL FUNCTION 1: Independent sewing heads, allows quit with simple patterns, T&J patterns and single head Quilting patterns.   2: State of the art tracking, superior tracking system allows effortless movement of foam to be fed into the quilter.   3: Adjustable presser foot lifting mechanism enables you to quilt a broad range of material thickness and patterns.   4: A high powered fast speed controlled servo ...

Automatic Computerized Quilting Machine 

SL-Q multi-needle Quilting Machine 1 times step independent pattern (covering 360°, 180 °quilted pattern ) 2, the bottom line break detection automatic stop, automatic needle lifting and CNC control 3 through the CE authentication security protection standards 4 high rigidity body Machine, high running speed, vibration light, low noise, no impact 5 quilted material thickness variation is large, do not adjust the platen position 6 a new generation of computer control system for high precision, qu...

Asia Computerized Multi-functional Quilting Machine 

Product Description: · Based on the Multi-needle Quilting Machines and with all the functions of Multi-needle Quilting Machine, at the same time also with the functions of single needle Quilting. · With much more output comparing with Single Needle Quilting Machines and with more patterns comparing with Multi-needle Quilting Machines. · Adopting Chain stitch Quilting mechanism, avoiding frequently replacing bottom thread, and making the Quilting stitches much firmer. · Needle bar and press plate...

TSSM Quilting Machine Needle

Model No:EBX1

Product Details Basic Specification Metal Type Carbon Steel Detail Description TSSM Quilting Needle, Quilting Machine Needle, Sewing Needle, Household Sewing Needle, Sewing Machine Needle, Needle, Knitting Needle, Felting Needle, Stamping Needle, Double Chain Stich Needle, Sewing Machines, Household Machines       TSSM Brand Description: As a famous brand of sewing-Machine needles, TSSM needles are produced by the German equipments with advanced technology and mature management which lead the TS...

Computerized Single Needle Quilting Machine, Sewing Equipment for Producing Bedding Products

Model No:HFJ-26G

Introduction: Computerized high speed Quilting Machine (HFJ-G series) is a kind of Quilting equipment for producing bedclothes, mattress and more With characteristics of high speed, steady running, low buzz, easy operation, beautiful pattern and accurate figure With high cost performance

Richpeace Computerized Multi-needle Rotary Hook Quilting Machine

Model No:RPQ-L1500-2R-(25+26)-105(315)-NT

Min. Order:1

Unique double needle row and jumbo rotary hook multi-head lock stitch Quilting Machine, working speed up to 1500rpm. Advanced upper thread breakage detection function, auto needle lifting when Machine stopped. Quilting Tack and Jump patterns for option(cover 180º,360º patterns)with high precision without skipped stitches. First Machine in the industry to allow freely adjustable needle rows distance from 3" to 8", enable extra big patterns to be quilted. LCD touch screen computer control system w...

Computerized Multi-Needle Quilting Machine (BDNWS-1 Shuttleless)

Model No:BDNWS-1

Computerized Multi-Needle Quilting Machine(BDNWS-1 Shuttleless) This Machine is mainly used for Quilting high-grade mattress panel, bedding products and housing decoration etc, available with plentiful patterns. Its feature as: Multi-span independent pattern(including 360° And 180° Quilting pattern); Auto stop for needle thread and hook thread, auto needle positioner, CNC speed adjustor, CE certificated security protection system,; Strong steel Machine base, high Machine work speed, stable, less...

Computeried Embroidery Machine (BC-P612)

Model No:BC-P612

Computeried Embroidery Machine (BC-P612)Winding embroidery,coiling embroidery,flat embroidery,crystalloid dot embroidery lead new tide of embroidery.Its multiple functions make embroidery pictures more colorful.Its fittings and different material thread combination produce different results.

Quilting Machine, Mattress Machine

Model No:HF-2

Computerized Shuttle Multi-needle Chain Stitch Quilting Machine (HF-2)Main application and performances:All above products with computer control are new multi-needle high speed sewing Machine. The design was absorbed all kinds of advanced technology of sewing Machine in the world, and in consider of Chinese actual situation, all control system are used in advanced computer and all operating procedure are displayed on the screen, and 10, 000. Designs are deposited in, conveniently adjustment, and...

Ultrasonic Quilting Machine (MS-1550)

Model No:MS-1550

Ultrasonic Quilting Machine Basic Equipment: 1. This Machine adopts the latest ultrasonic control cabinet with stable and strong power, which is suitable for long operation. There is computer core plate in it; The multi-line ultrasonic protection system guarantees stable operation of mainframe. 2. Structure of whole Machine: (1). Embossing compound mainframe; (2). Ultrasonic control cabinet; (3). Finished products rewinding Machine; (4). Bracket for putting materials. Characteristic: 1. Without ...

Esq-II-B Quilting Machine

Model No:ESQ-II-B

Computer Single Needle Quilting Machine ESQ-II-BESQ-II-B computerized Quilting machines are Quilting equipments for producing all kinds of bedding products. The speed is very fast and the pattern is beautiful and refine. Overall arrangement of the F series is reasonable. Targets as high standard, high quality, and advanced level, company insists on combining innovation with advanced technology from abroad and home, designs elaborately and improves Machine again. Nowadays, ESQ-II-B series have ar...

Quilting Machine (HKS-1690)

Model No:HKS-1690

SPECIFICATIONS 1. Fast speed Quilting Machine 2. Good quality 3. Large quantity design 4. Different sizes available 5. Technical support FEATURE 1) 17"LCD (Samsung) with Chinese and English version. With more than 238 patterns downloaded in the computer; Lockstitch, high precision 2) Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 2kw 3) Automatically stops if thread breaks 4) Automatically stop against malfunction of computer, motor, and display 5) Pattern form: . DST 6) USB interface 7) Single stitch length: 2-7mm ...

Shenzhen Arte Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Longgang District

High Efficient Ultrasonic Quilting Machine (BD-2930)

Model No:BD-2930

Introduction: MH-2930 Ultrasonic Quilting Machine For 3 layer Feeding (MH type ultrasonic Quilting Machine, ultrasonic Quilting and embossed Machine, ultrasonic quilter for bedding, ultrasonic embossing Machine, ultrasonic quilter for mattress, ultrasonic welding Machine for storage bag), is the 5th Generation of intelligent ultrasonic laminating Machine, which is the most ideal environmental protection equipment without needle and tread sewing by using ultrasonic principle. It includes embossed...

Computerized Single Head Quilting Machine (HF-DZ-1)

Model No:HF-DZ-1

HF-DZ-1 Computerized Single Head Quilting Machine 1.Computerized Single Head Quilting Machine(HF-DZ-1)2.brand:xidengbao3.used for high level mattressProduct Description:HF-DZ-1High Speed Computerized Single Needle Quilting Machine is a new high efficiency and high automatic equipment developed by our company. It widely used to sewing many kind of beautiful patterns on the high grade cover of the mattress, bedding, home textile and so on.Technical characteristics1. Adopt advanced outsize rotary h...

Csdb94 Quilting Machine

Model No:MG001

Product Description Product Description CSDB94"-3 digital control Quilting Machine 1. D: Digital control model; B: Big shuttle (HQ10) 2.94": 94inch width (2388mm) 3.3: Three needle row 4. Overall dimensions: 4700*1200*1650mm 5: Weight: 3400kg 6: Running speed: 200-500r/m 7: Needle distance: 25.4mm 8. Rating power: 3.5kw 9. Thickness: ≤ 30mm 10. Max pattern size is 12inch by 12inch 11. The shuttle size is HQ10 (Japanese) *This Quilting Machine Adopting digital control program. *Saddles and roller...

synthetic rubber strip for needle computer Quilting Machine

Model No:NO.31637

Delivery Time:2 Days

Specifications synthetic rubber strip for needle computer Quilting Machine Excellent physical properties including abrasion resistance,high t   Product Description   synthetic  rubber strip for needle computer Quilting Machine   product number:NO.31637  color:yellow   thickness:1.8mm   max width:100MM   lenght::100-105meter  top side;synthetic rubber  bottom side:fabric   material:synthetic rubber   pattern:honeycomb  temperature:100℃  Weight:2.0kg /square meter  use:air jet weaving Machine,wate...

price of paper cups Machine Quilting Machine used Quilting Machine

Model No:TY--I

Delivery Time:7 Days

price of paper cups Machine      Quilting Machine      used Quilting Machine Item No.: TY-I Capacity: 130kg Division:          1kg                                kg only   High precision stain gauge sensors system Indicator:            LCD display       Specifications 1.Mechanical Scale 2.Material: ABS plastic part, 0.7mm Iron Sheet; 3.welcome to print logo 1.Steel material mechanical body scale 130kg Iron sheet: 0.7mm; Capacity: 130kg; Division: d=1kg; Equipment with a tempered button; Customiz...

Futan Ultrasonic Quilting Machine 1.8M

Model No:JT-1800-S

Delivery Time:15 Days

  Futan Ultrasonic Quilting Machine 1.8M     Feature: Working with no needles replacing the sewing threads. Patterns can be changed freely... Working effective width of the fabric: 0--1800mm Function: molding,welding,sealing,bonding, embossing, bronzing, etc. Suitable material :composite material, thermoplastic film and plastics slice, such as chemical fibrous cloth, nylon cloth, knitting cloth, non spin cloth, gush glue cotton, PE paper, PE,PVC,ABS, and so on. Application:Lace clothing, tablecl...

Certificated industrial computerized embroidery Quilting Machine

Model No:\'CY-334SQ

Delivery Time:15 Days

PRODUCT FEATURES   Name Item Certificated industrial computerized embroidery Quilting Machine Product Type embroidery Quilting Machine/industrial Quilting Machine/computerized Quilting Machine Model Number CY-334SQ Certificiton ISO9002,CE verall Dimensions 5.3m*1.1m*1.46m Needle Number 3 Needles Head Number 34 Heads Embroidery Area 310mm Worktable Size 5.3m*1.1m Power 2.0KW,220V MOQ 1 set Supply Ability 100 sets/month   PRODUCT PICTURES 34 Heads with 3 colors single Quilting computerised embroid...

High precision Quilting Machine parts


Specifications Quilting Machine parts 1.High quality metal parts of machines 2.15 years experience 3.Tool in house 4.OEM Quilting Machine parts 1.Description of  Quilting Machine parts   Description Product Name Quilting Machine parts Working Process Stamping, Deep stamping, Bending, Punching, Threading,Welding,Tapping, Riveting,Turning, cnc Machining,Die casting etc. Material Aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, steel, iron, alloy, zinc etc. Finish Polishing,Anodize,Sanding ,Powder coating...

high speed multihead Quilting Machine

Model No:CS64

Delivery Time:10 Days

Digital control shuttle multi-needle Quilting Machine:   1.This Quilting Machine adopting digital control program.  2. Saddles and Rollers driven by panasonic servo devices..  3. The revolution of the spindle controlled by panasonic frequenvy control devices.  4. 360 degrees Quilting Machine come with 300quilting patterns for your choice.  5. Easy pattern drawing system enable you finish the pattern design in a few minutes.  6. Tack and jump function included  7. Stitches length 2mm-6mm adjustab...

CAP Computeried EMBROIDERY Machine

Model No:GG758-902

Delivery Time:20 Days

Specifications GG758 902 CAP &TUBULAR Computeried EMBROIDERY Machine SPECIFIATIONS : with dahao servo motor or panas ap embroidery Machine works for caps,ready-garments as well as for flat embroidery. Now generally we can provide from one head to 8 heads with 6 needles, 9 needles, 12 needles . This kind of Machine can ajust the table height easily from different purposes of embroidery from the traditional faltbed embroidery for pieces of fabric to ready-garment embroidery on T-shirt,sweaters...

100% polyester sewing thread for Quilting Machine

Model No:40S/2.120D/3,150D/3

100% polyester sewing thread for Quilting Machine 1.High wearproof 2.Beautiful stitch 3.High chemical resistance 4.Avoid skip stitch 5.High color fastness 6.Excellent antistatic 7.Sewing high speed Quilting

Quilting Machine Type and Computerized Operation single head Embroidery Machine

Model No:YXD1201

Delivery Time:20 Days

1. The Description of  Quilting Machine Type and Computerized Operation single head Embroidery Machine   Two Heads (Tubular) embroidery machines are products with union of the cap embroidery and Ready-Garments embroidey   YONTHIN YXY SERIALS Cap (Tubular) embroidery machines are products with union of the normal embroidery, Ready Garment Computerized Embroidery Machine , which are convenient to use, perform with high speed, compact structure, stable function and high quality embroidery etc. One ...

gooseneck light for Quilting Machine, small but long neck

Model No:ONN-M10A

Delivery Time:10 Days

ONN-M3M flexible led Machine light, magnetic base for cnc Machine,  sewing Machine, Quilting Machine, 24v /220V IP65 CE FCC          Product Description   Specification:   Model Power Input Central lux CCT    CRI   Beam Angle ONN-M10ZM 2W DC12V24V 1100lux 5500-6000K  >80Ra   60 ° ONN-M10A 2W DC12V24V 1100lux 4000-4500K ONN-M10LXS 2W DC12V24V 850lux 5500-6000K   Features: 1. Imported high power LEDs, high lumen. 2.Fine aluminum body, waterproof rubber, good in water-proof, oil proof and heat d...

bottom sewing thread for shuttle Quilting Machine 100D/2

Model No:70d/2 100d/2

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications 1. material 100% filament polyester 2. for making mattress,making bedding 3.as the bottom thread, for shuttle Machine       Company Information              Guangzhou hengxin thread Co.ltd  with more than 10 years' experience in producing the thread , is a large-scale industrial thread production enterprise which can offer service of production ,supply and salse. we have a yearly production capacity 0f 7000tons.         we specialized in producing various kinds of thread, such as ...

CE certification 12KG laundry Quilting Machine and dry cleaning Machine for sale

Model No:GX-12

Delivery Time:10 Days

  CE certification 12KG  laundry Quilting Machine and dry cleaning Machine for sale Product Description Specifications   industrial ironing Machine series: 1.automatic or manual programs 2.Electrical or steam or gas heating 3.Good brand  dry cleaning Machine for sale industrial ironing Machine, laundry ironing Machine for hotel,hospital, laundromat series:     Usage of High-speed Ironing Machine,Automatic sheets Ironing Machine,Commercial Ironing Machine,Drum diameter 800mm  Hospital Ironing/was...
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