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Advertisement Sign Cnc Engraving Machine Op-6590

Model No:advertisement sign cnc engraving machine Op-6590

Advertisement Sign Cnc Engraving Machine Op-6590 1. The main structure of the Machine made in whole cast, which ensure the working plat more stable and within small inertia, no deformation and high precision matching accuracy. 2. The Machine with imported double screw, which is high precision, low noise and long time use. 3. Within high speed frequency water cooling spindle, high speed driving system, wich can satisfied long time continue working. 4. Within advanced control system and easy learn...

Clindrical Cnc Engraving/Router Machine with 0.01mm Processing Accuracy and Stepper Drive Motor

Model No:JCUT1200X cnc engraving machine

Sizes: Diameter: 250mm Length: 1,000mm Specifications: Large cylinder Engraving Machine High-speed water cooling spindle and high performancesubdivision driver ensure to work stably for a long time Adopts advanced Cnc system (NC studio or DSP controlsystem) This system have break point memory mode and special savingmade of different points so that can make sure continuous workingafter electronic drop or other postpone situation This function can guarantee the processing precision of longtime ope...

Big Atc Auto Tool Changer Cnc Engraving Machine

Model No:cnc engraving machine

Application: 1. Woodworking industry: Three-dimensional wave board processing, cabinet door, Craft wooden door, folding screen, process window milling shape carved Furniture products. 2. Advertising industry: Advertising signs, PVC board, chevron board, double color boards, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, characters, crystal cutting, Plate making, cutting PVC board, acrylic, LED/neon trough, the hole shape Literally cut, blister light boxes mould 3. Arts and crafts industry: In th...

Cnc Engraving Machine with 1:2 Wheel Speed Ratio to Keep High-quality Cutting Effect

Model No:CNC Engraving Machine RJ1590

Features: European style design Motorized up/down working table makes thicker materialengraving and cutting in an easy way Dark brown window keep operator's eyes safe Closed tupe design for fume exhausting Separate control box-electric parts protection and extendedparts working lifespan 1:2 wheel speed ratio to keep high-quality cutting effect Laser type: glass sealed-off CO2 laser tube Laser power: 60, 80, 100 and 150W Laser tube cooling: purified recycling water cooling Laser output control: 1...

DSP Handle Cnc Engraving Machine

Model No:TZJD-6090B

DSP handle Cnc Engraving Machine 1. Germany Ball Screw Nut and imported Guide; Guarantee the long-life using. 2. Broken-point memory ensures the continuity of work when inciddent happens. 3, Gantry movement ensures the undeformation after a long-time work as well as a higher accuracy. 4. Solid gantry, well structure of lathe bed, stable lathe table. 5. High power cutting of Desktop Cnc Router ensures the smoothness and clearness of the processed metal. 6. High-speed spindle with water cooling sy...

Cnc Engraving Machine With Rotary (QL-1200)

Model No:QL-1200

Cnc Engraving Machine with rotary QL-1200 Our Company is a professional manufacturer for Cnc Routers, mainly used for advertisement, woodworking, stones, furnitures, etc. Product Feactures: Axis under the control of software, high automation; High speed and efficiency, max. Speed over 14m/m; High power spindle and good rigidity; The Multi Spindles Cnc Router is with two motors and unique two rack driving, No deformation and vibration after a long0-time work at high speed. The main application fi...

Cnc woodworking Machine/wood Cnc Engraving Machine/wood cutting Engraving Machine

Model No:JCUT-1631

Min. Order:1

Cnc woodworking Machine/wood Cnc Engraving Machine/wood cutting Engraving Machine JCUT-1631 Professional and efficient woodworking Engraving Machine Specifications: This Machine is widely used in woodworking, carving, cutting, Engraving, work materials are wood, MDF, aluminum panels, ABS,acrylic, PVC, a variety of decorative materials. The Machine structure of strong, large cutting force, high speed,suitable for processing large quantities of material,It is equipped with 4500W spindle, cuttingf...

3030 Cnc Engraving Machine

Model No:3030

This is a compact, high precision machining, is ideal for processing small items of mini Cnc Engraving Machine,After increasing the height of the modified Machine 1.Cnc advertising models for the table, working reposeful, accurate models than models with fixed gantry high accuracy. 2.X axis adopts imported popular dust proof structure to make the Machine work for al ong time. 3.The models are suitable for architectural model,schools,enterprise,and governments. 4.Adopt advanced Cnc system (NCstu...

3D Cnc Engraving Machine

Model No:YZ3D-8-250-850

Min. Order:1piece

Feature Heavy duty speedy multi-functional 8-Head Cnc Engraving Machine for processing 3D or complicate workpieces, 360 degree rotary for Stone, white marble, Engraving human body, Buddha statue,sculpture, crafts and furniture. Technical parameters Workpiece Size 850*250mm Max load of the working bench 1400kg Work mode servo Outer Size 3000*1800*2200mm Main spindle motor power 2.2Kw Main Spindle speed 8000-24000r/min Repeated positioning precision 0.05mm Max traving speed 20m/min Max Working spe...

wood Cnc Engraving Machine

Model No:DL-1325 engraving machine

Product Details Basic Specification Detail Description wood Engraving Machine  Parameters: Model DL-1325 Working Zone: (X Y Z) 1200×2400×110mm Table Size (W×L) 1420×2680mm Resolution <0.003mm Cutting Accuracy ±0.02/300mm Repositioning Accuracy ±0.01mm Drive Type Stepper motor Spindle 1.5KW liquid-cooled with 24,000rpm,VFD Max. Working speed 8m/min Collets Type 3.175mm/ 4mm/ 6mm Command Code G*.u00*.mmg*nc.,HPGL Operational System Software Type 3/Artcam/Ucancam Control System NC studio Interfa...

High quality wood Cnc Engraving Machine 8STC-6060A

Model No:8STC-6060A

Product Details Basic Specification wood Cnc Engraving Machine wood Cnc Engraving Machine Total Power 8KW Use Woodworking Weight 2500KG Power Voltage 220V Style Horizontal Cnc Yes Type Wood Milling Machine Detail Description 1 Parameter  Item No. 8STC-1325A Platform Size 1380mm(W)*3100mm(L) Max working range 1300mm(W)*2500mm(L) Z-Axis Traveling Height 180mm Feeding Height 250mm Structure Casting iron Cnc centering (Side way, Gantry, Table, Machine frame) Table material Casting iron Cnc centering...

Woodworking Cnc Engraving Machine

Model No:MXK1224V1

Product Details Basic Specification function engrave on the door or panel Total Power 6kw Type Woodworking Machine Use Woodworking Style Other Power Voltage 380V Weight 2310kg Cnc Yes Detail Description Cnc Engraving Machine MXK1224V1Feature:It is convenient for in-feed and out-feed of material, especially for super wide workpiece.Exquisitely designed Machine structure with firm rigidity.Automatic tool change device can satisfy demand of multiple design machining (Optional).Parameter:  Worktable...

High Quality Cnc Engraving Machine Cnc Cutting Machine

Model No:FCT-1530W

High quality Cnc Engraving Machine Cnc cutting Machine Features: The lathe is founded by industrial pipe welding, box-type structure to ensure the high stablity. The special instruments to eliminate welding stress, high-precision machining planer ensure the precision and no deformation. The major Machine body makes the stability and no shacking in high speed. XYZ all apply imported screw, high precision gear frame linear square guide, ensure the high accuracy. The professional mechanical design,...

Vacuum Table Wood Cnc Engraving Machine FM1325

Model No:FM1325

Vacuum Table wood Cnc Engraving Machine FM1325 (***For Cnc router,we offer you two years warranty***)1. Main Introduction With hard steel structure, the Machine is fit for hard wood working, like cutting and Engraving on rosewood for furniture, indoor decoration, and it is qualified for mass-producing of furniture with the collet holding way and dust collector. And our Machine is with 2 years warranty. 2. Top componentsWe use top quality components for the Machine, such as HSD spindle, Delta Inv...

Woodwork Cnc Engraving Machine

Model No:JQ 1390

Woodwork Cnc Engraving Machine Description There is big improvement on this model Machine, including moving system and machines features. The outlook is more attractive, separated design is much easy for shipping and moving. Working efficient is much high mean while reduce the labor and lower the cost. This Machine proved to be warm welcome by the customers. Features With new material belt mold, which is high accurate and longer life. Laser tube is separated with the working table, this make sur...

Small Cnc Engraving Machine (YH-4040)

Model No:YH-4040

Small Cnc Engraving Machine (YH-4040) 1. DSP offline control system, broken point memory function, easy to operate. 2.1.5kw water cooling spindle cooling spindle. 3. Yako Stepper Driver, Stable working. 4. Guiders---Hiwin HG serise with 20mm thickness. Longer life, higher accuracy. 5. Dust collector, high perfromance.

Cnc Engraving Machine, Cnc Router

Model No:LM4-CNC-100*1800*3000

Cnc Engraving Machine Applicable Industries 1. Wooden areas: Main used in redwood classical and antique furniture, wood carving, gifts wooden Box, redwood jewelry boxes, ink-stone cutting, decorative products sculpture, fine jewelry carving. 2. Advertising: Used in producing all models. Such as company plate, sings, building models, emblem, Badge, display panels, fair signs, building numbers, signs of decoration, furniture and other Decoration. 3. Others: The Machine is also can be used in portr...

Cnc Engraving Machine

Model No:GM-BKH-II

This's Cnc working station with high technology, which is very professional to do Engraving on flat glass. It is able to transfer the CAD drawing directly, and create the optimized tool route automatically and process perfectly; Adopting international advanced numerical control system, Swiss NUM, achieves dynamic management of each axis and precise speed control. Cnc Engraving Machine is a special Machine for glass Engraving, the spindle and the body of the Machine are designed to fit the engrav...

Cnc Engraving Machine

Model No:BJD1326

Cnc Engraving Machine 1. Guide Rail : Adopt Taiwan HIWIN import straight party rail .Good stability , high accuracy ,lower wastage and long service time. 2. Portal Frame: Use aviation industry aluminum, long service time, resistant to wear and low noise. The X.Y.Z.Axis use import high precision and lower wastage extended nut automatic disappear gap ball-screw. 3. Principal Axis : Water-cooling principal axis, resistant to wear and low noise and can cooling the Machine timely and effective . B...

Mould Cnc Engraving Machine RM

Model No:RM5050

Min. Order:1set

Mould Cnc Engraving Machine RM5050 Working stroke for X,Y,Z 500x500x80mm Position accuracy 0.01/300mm Repeatability for X,Y,Z 0.01mm Table flatness 0.025/300mm Perpendicularity for X,Y 0.025/300mm Height for Z 220mm Spindle power 1500w Spindle RPM 5000-24000rpm Driving system Stepped Working voltage Single phase 220V/50HZ Machine weight 800KG Machine outline 1500x1100x1600mm

Cylindrical Material Cnc Engraving Machine

Model No:2516

Min. Order:1 Set/Sets

Cylindrical Material Cnc Engraving Machine 2516 Performance: 1. The Machine is equipped with imported guide rail, rack drive and large diameter rotary axis 2. Unique power and memory, guaranteed in case of accident (cutting knife) or the next day to continue processing. 3. Unique save multiple workpiece origin; 4. 2.2 kw water-cooled spindle motor with high power and long life. Performance index: Mode 2516 Z-axis working stroke 200mm X-axis working stroke 1600mm Diamet...

Cnc Engraving Machine

Product Name: FD-4030 Hit: 44 Category name: Cnc Engraving Machine Model: FD-4030 FD-4030 Cnc Engraving Machine adopts the design principle of fixed gantry mechanical structure. The low position of the lathe bed and the one-piece structure of main post and beam give the Machine more stability. In addition to the shaft joint design, the Machine also has a high-performance servo-actuator from Japan, a high-precision linear guide track from Taiwan, a high-precision ball screw, and a high-precision ...

Water Pump for Cnc Engraving Machine with 220-240V Working Voltage

Model No:AU-348

Spindle motor water-cooled circle pump For Cnc Engraving Machine Lift: 3.2m Power: 75W Flow rate: 3,000L/hour Working voltage: 220-240V Size: 150*80*140mm Water mouth diameter: 6mm Weight about: 1kg

Cnc Engraving Machine with Vaccum table and dust extractor

Model No:CTE8090G

Product Details Basic Specification Brand Creation PCUT Total Power 380w Weight 350kg Type Woodworking Machine Use Woodworking Power Voltage 220V Style Horizontal Cnc Yes Detail Description Cnc Engraving Machine with vaccum table and dust collector   *DSP system*Gear transmission *Top quality material*Vaccum table*dust collector   Model CTE 8090G Table size(mm) 900*1270 X.Y.Z working area (mm) 800*900*90 Max rapid traverse (mm/min) 16m Max Engraving speed(mm/min) 12m Mechanical resolution(mm) 0....

Cnc Engraving Machine (BL-S Series) (Linear guideway, High Quality)

Model No:BL-S series

Cnc Engraving Machine(BL-S Series)(Linear guideway, High Quality)Features:High rigidty, high speed,high precision. Integral gantry structure obviously rise the rigidity and dynamic performance.    Solid bed and heavy type guideway block let Machine can bear heavy loading and less distortion.Ball screw was pre-stretched,ensure machining precision, down positioning tolorance.       High speed, high precision spindle, low vibration and low noise, oil coolant. Standard Configuration:  ·SYNTEC 10A CN...

Cnc Engraving Machine (SXDK90140)

Model No:SXDK90140

SXDK90140 is a Cnc Engraving Machine which can install small compact tool changer, with 8 positions; What makes it different from other Cnc Engraving Machine is that the work table wont move, but the spindle. This Machine with controller fixed on the Machine boday making it compact and easy for operation, the system applies Taiwan, Syntec, a strong Cnc controls for this kind of machinery.Product Description 1. Separate Machine body with seperate control box. 2. With digital computer controled sy...

Cnc Engraving Machine for Cutting Die (DB5060)

Model No:DB5060

dB6050 Cnc Engraving Machine for cutting die Feature 1. It is suitable for Engraving, milling and drilling compactly all sorts of materials such as steel, copper, aluminum and plastics. 2. It can be widely applied in automotive, injection mould, ironware mould and Engraving mould industries. 3. Especially designed for Engraving and milling molds, eyeglasses, watch, panel, badge, brand, graphics and words of three-dimensional and outside surface's sleeking of large size. Specifications Model: dB5...

Rose Wood Furniture Cnc Engraving Machine

Model No:SK-1525W-4Z

Rose Wood furniture Cnc Engraving Machine High efficiency with multiple spindles for mass process, it is professional for 3D Engraving, relief in Woodworking, Cabinetry, Acrylic signs, guitar and musical instruments. --- Water Cooling Spindle: Multiple spindles for mass processing on solid wood, MDF, acrylic, aluminum and plastics, etc. We offers different spindle options which available with 220V-2 Phase-50-60Hz or 220V-3 Phase-50-60Hz or 380V, 3Phase-50-60Hz. Series of tools are available, for...

Cnc Engraving Machine Part

Model No:1370B

Cnc Engraving Machine Part I. Model1370B II. TypeSemi-finished Product/Cnc Machine/Cnc Lathe III. ApplicationWe could produce all kinds of bare Machine according to customers' demand. IV. Technical ParametersAs below Table V. Standard Configuration1- Taiwan BT40 Spindle, Max. Speed 8000r.p.m2- Fully Enclosed-safety Work Space and Stainless Steel Internal Cover3- Domestic Ball Screw from Hanjiang4- Domestic Screw Special Bearing from Harbin VI. CertificationISO9000/SGS (report available)CE/FCC, e...

New Design High Precision Cnc Engraving Machine (VCT-3025B)

Model No:VCT-3025B

New design high precision Cnc Engraving Machine(VCT3025B) Features: 1. Integral cast-iron frame which made by mold. 2. Rolling ball screw from Germany, P5 grade linear rail. 3. Configured 800W/1500W inverter-driven spindle motor water-cooled. 4. Strong constructions, easy operation, reliable performance. 5. Customized: Design, size, color. OEM Service is available. Applications: Special for carving in soft metal, jade, and marble with high accuracy, used for advertising, stamps processing, handc...

Cheap Cnc Engraving Machine (CEM650S)

Model No:CEM650S

Cheap Cnc Engraving Machine  (CEM650S)  Creator Precision Co., Ltd. Was established in Taiwan at 1986. In 1997, Creator Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Was found to extend Mainland China market. Till now, the registered capital is USD 5, 080, 000. The new factory covers 24, 680sqms and holds a building area of 19, 000sqms. There are 250 employers which assure the annual production at least as 600 sets of EDM and 100 sets of VMC. Unit Features of Engraving Machine/Graphite Milling Machine series: 1.T...

4 Axis 3D 8 Spindle Woodworking Cnc Engraving Machine (DT2012W-8)

Model No:DT2012W-8

High quality and precision 4 Axis 8 Spindles Cnc Engraving Machine from Professional factory! Feature: 1. Mode: DT2012W-8 2. It's specialized in processing three-dimensional (3D) and complicated process; such as 360 degree rotary for Engraving human body, Sculpture, craft, furniture, jade, ceramic,   clay etc. 3. The lathe bed has good stiffness and non-deformation, which is made up with thick- walled square pipe by welding process, lathe type move, and stabilized by relief of internal stress tr...

Carbide 3D V-Groove Cnc Engraving Machine Cutter

Model No:p10

Carbide 3D V-groove Cnc Engraving Machine Cutter for woodworking The cutter body is 45#carbon steel, the cutting parts are Micro-grain Tungsten carbide(T.C.T). The welding type is silver welding or copper welding,Depend on different carbide grade,like K10/YG6X,K20/YG8.Use Cnc machines to produce to make sure high precision and good finish.its surface can be painted with different colors, such as red, white, black, blue, and so on, or sandblast. The package: plastic box, transparent plastic box. ...

Cnc Router with 800W Spindle and 4th Axis / Cnc Engraving Machine with USB Port

Model No:USBCNC3040B

Product Description Cnc router with 800W spindle and 4th axis / Cnc Engraving Machine with USB port USBCNC3040A is not a toy, It is a commercial-grade Machine for making money. With USB port, you can use laptops to run it, stable convenient, the preferred 3-D processing, firm machinery, high precision, we not only provide machines also provide technical support and quality after-sales, one year warranty, even a new user can also use it at a rest. Application: Mainly used in PVC, acrylic, plexigl...

Cnc Engraving Machine (CAE-481)

Model No:CAE-481

PLANTEK is a joint venture company in Qingdao China, and is a professional Cnc Engraving Machine manufacturer. The production technology and Machine's practice application are following a Taiwan technology enterprise which has had 25 years experience of manufacturing Cnc equipments. Plantek's Cnc Engraving machines are widely applied in furniture, car, aerospace, yacht, high speed train industry etc. Quality first, service first. Waitting for your inquiry for our machines, and wish to have busin...

Cnc Engraving Machine for Cylinder (SY-1212/1200/2012/2010/2015)

Model No:SY-1212/1200/2012/2010/2015

Cnc Engraving Machine for Cylinder (SY-1212/1200/2012/2010/2015) Feature: 1. Optional imported ball screw, precision dividing head, clamping diameter, and can be adapted to different specifications of cylindrical material. 2. Use of advanced DSP control system, handle-operated, large screen display, more convenient, easier to maintain. 3. Unique intelligent prediction algorithm, give full play to drive the potential of high-speed processing, linear synchronous curved, the curve is more smooth. 4...

Wood/Acrylic/ PVC Cnc Engraving Machine (PEM-3030)

Model No:PEM-3030

Cnc Engraving Machine (Model: PEM-3030) Introduction of Cnc Engraving Machine PEM-3030: The engine bed is made from pure Aluminum, which ensures the parallelism, verticality and concentricity and greatly increases the precision and speed of the engine bed. It is applied in cutting of kneading board of large size and making of large-scale relief and label. The size of the Machine is calculated and customized according to optimization rules in market Statistics. It covers main sizes of marks and l...

World Popular 1224 Cnc Engraving Machine Router with CE

Model No:LXG1224

World Popular 1224 Cnc Engraving Machine router with ceWe are a professional manufacturer of Cnc routers in China.We have Cnc router Machine/laser cutting and Engraving Machine/plasma Cnc router Machine/metal Cnc router Machine and 5 Axis Cnc router Machine.We have some distributors in different countries. We are looking  agents from  all over the  world.  We can supply different Working area&Laser power  for your need ---------Working area :400*400mm//600*900mm//1200*1200mm//1200*1800mm //1...

Cnc Engraving Machine for Stone

Model No:BSC-1325

Product Description Cnc Engraving Machine for stone 1. BSC series stone Engraving Machine is mainly used in the Engraving of the hard materials such as marble, granite, glass, stone etc. 2. Adopt Taiwan Linear guide rail. The bearing of the lead guide rail is face to face, ensure a long-term service life and high accuracy 3. Double-nut automatic disappear gap ball-screw. 4 With constant power motor of spindle, powerful cutting capacity and high efficiency. 5. Break point and break knife continue...

wood hollowing Cnc router Engraving Machine

Model No:cnc router engraving machine

Product Details Basic Specification working area 1300*2500mm spindle power 6kw-9kw max working speed 25m/min guarantee 1 year Detail Description wood hollowing Cnc router Engraving Machine SF1325AT Model SF1325AT X,Y Working area 1300mmx2500mm Z Working area 200mm Table size 1300mmx2500mm Max travelling speed >50m/min Reposition precision 0.05mm Table structure By suction Command G code*.u00*.mmg*.plt X,Y,Z structure Z ballscrew, X,Y gear wheel Power(spindle is not included) 3500W Work voltag...
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