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Rotary Carbonization Furnace Carbonization Furnace

Rotary Carbonization Furnace Advantages : --Combustible waste can bu reduced in size by more than 95% --By-product of garbage Carbonization process "artificial carbon" fixed carbon content in high (about 90%) --Partial Carbonization of rubbish can be activated very scalable(can activate up to 75%) --EU standard emission --Energy recycling and reusing design to save fuel. The working principle of continuous coconut shell Carbonization Furnace,which is adopting advanced smoke-free and envi...

Carbonization Furnace

Model No:SL1-3

Carbonization Furnace is a stove used to change biomass briquette into charcoal briquette. The quality and efficiency of kiln affect final forming of charcoal briquette greatly. This Furnace is ideal equipment for wood briquettes to have anoxic distillation Carbonization. Due to its rational structure, the Furnace only needs small quality of heat consumption. Model No.SL-1/SL-2/SL-3 Productivity(kg) I000/I500 /2000 Carbonishing temperature(°C) 430°C/430°C /430°C Motor power consu...

Carbonization Furnace 0086-15238657921

Model No:sl-2-1 sl-2-2 sl-2-3

Carbonization Furnace is a stove used to change biomass briquette into charcoal briquette. The quality and efficiency of kiln affect final forming of charcoal briquette greatly. This Furnace is ideal equipment for wood briquettes to have anoxic distillation Carbonization. Due to its rational structure, the Furnace only needs small quality of heat consumption. Model No. SL-2-1 SL-2-2 SL-2-3 Productivity(kg) I000 I500 2000 Carbontemperature(°C) 430°C 430°C 430°C Motor power sum 1...

Smoke-free Carbonization Furnace

Carbonization Furnace is the use of dry distillation type Carbonization Furnace charring principle, the salary bar oxygen Furnace heat of decomposition of combustible gases, tar and carbon. It uses movable steel structure, followed by Furnace exhaust pipe and the top of the tar separator and fan connected with a unique structure, the effective volume of large, advanced Carbonization process, short, high yield, environmental protection and long service life, etc. advantages. I also can manufactur...

Continuous Carbonization Furnace

Model No:DYIV-8

Min. Order:1 SET

self-combustion Carbonization Furnace Introduction This machine is used to carbonized the half-product into finished product.It is equipped with hyperploid high temperature steam cooling system, and the process of cooling can be accelerated to speed up the period of the production. Wood charcoal machine , this machine can make raw wood , sawdust briquette , rice husk briquette , and coconut shell briquette into charcoal as fuel or for BBQ . Features 1 Easy operate and maintain, higher saf...

Wheat Straw Charcoal Carbon Stove/Biomass Carbonization Furnace (WLT)

Model No:WLT

Wheat Straw Charcoal Carbon Stove/Biomass Carbonization Furnace Introduction of the carbon stove/ Carbonization Furnace: The carbon stove/Carbonization Furnace is the key equipment to produce the charcoal from The briquette. It takes use of the dry distillation principle, making the wood, the briquette and Other qualitative materials in the Furnace, heat decomposition of oxygen generation combustible Gas. Using this kind machine, the materials can be carbonized directly; Also can be make the Mat...

Gas Flow Type Carbonization Furnace

Model No:UDTH-600 UDTH-800 UDTH-1000

wood briquette/log Carbonization stoveGas Flow Type Carbonization Furnace  1. Gas flow Carbonization Furnace Introduction Carbonization Furnace (gas flow type )is our newest developed products, and adopt advanced hot air carbonizing processing technology, which greatly increased carbonizing ratio(increased from about 88% to 99%)and shorted the carbonizing time (from 24hours to 6hours), and show the features of easy operation, higher safety, high efficiency, energy saving and environment protecti...

Gas Flow Type Carbonization Furnace (DZ-800)

Model No:DZ-800

1. Gas flow Carbonization Furnace Introduction Carbonization Furnace (gas flow type )is our newest developed products, and adopt advanced hot air carbonizing processing technology, which greatly increased carbonizing ratio(increased from about 88% to 99%)and shorted the carbonizing time (from 24hours to 6hours), and show the features of easy operation, higher safety, high efficiency, energy saving and environment protection. 2. Feature of the Carbonization stove 1)Easy to operate, high capacity ...

Carbonization Furnace

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:30 Days

Charring Furnace profile: Our company charring Furnace has increased carbonizing ratio (increased from 88%-99%) greatly and shorten the Carbonization time form about 24 hours to 6-8 hours, easy to operation and maintain,high efficiency, perfect working performance, energy-saving and environment protection. Charring Furnace adopts the structure of unique air storage chamber to fully reuse the smoke produced during the process of Carbonization And 95%of the redundant smoke can be used in d...

Carbonization Furnace 0086-15238616350

Model No:SL

Carbonization Stove 1. It's used for making charcoal. 2. The material could be wood, branches, sawdust briquette and so on. 3. High cabonization ratio, easy to operation. Contact: Ms Wendy Mobile: 0086-15238616350

Decolorizing granular activated carbon

Min. Order:10

Delivery Time:15 Days

Product Introduction The decolorizing granular activated carbon with high quality anthracite as raw material, which is made by the process of carbonized, activated by steam, crushed and refined. It has well-developed pore structure, large specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity characteristics. Application 1. Activated carbon used for water treatment The decolorizing granular activated carbon is widely used in water treatment because of its excellent pore structure and strong adsorp...

Biomass Waste Rice Husk Briquette Making Machine

Model No:SL-N

Min. Order:1

Brief introduction: A set of charcoal powder briqutte machine production line generally includes: crusher, charcoal making machine, dryer and Carbonization Furnace. If the particle of raw material in 1cm or less and the moisture content of raw materials is between 8-12%, the biomass briquetting machine production line only needs two devices, biomass briquetting plant and Carbonization Furnace; Carbonization Furnace can also be self-built, the customer can choose certain equipment according to th...

Ods Pilot With Mushroom Head 

We are mainly engaged in the production of fuel injection system accessories, Our products are mostly based accessories ODS.If there is any need to contact me directly.We will be happy to serve you.Our products are suitable for Environmental protection smokelessgas flow Carbonization Furnace,it install flue gas recovery device base on the original Carbonization Furnace.After flue gas was recovery ,it can achieve clean smokeless and dustless. The recoveried flue gas can be like liquefied petroleu...

refractory heat insulation ceramic fiber module

Model No:1260

Min. Order:100

A series of high temperatue vacuum Furnace insulating ceramic fiber module was processed according the fiber module structure,size by special machine on the ceramic fiber needle blanket which was corresponding material. In the course of processing, they should be maintained a certain proportional reduction, to ensure that compressed to form an integer set without joint between ceramic fiber folded blankets after ceramic fiber folded module have been built. Owing to the ceramic fiber folded m...

wood charcoal machine

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:5 Days

Brief introduction of the wood charcoal machine: The wood charcoal machine crushes the raw sawdust, peanut shells, corn cobs and other wood into granules within 10mm.It is a charring machine after granules formed into the dryer drying,then put into Carbonization Furnace.The charcoal product the charcoal of density, small size, flammability,replacing firewood and coal. The product is especially suitable for burning kang in northern winter, greenhouse heating or the fuel for ordinary life.The full...

charcoal rod briquette making machine

Model No:TF

Min. Order:1

Charcoal powder briquette machine is also called charcoal powder extruder machine, charcoal powder extruder, which is a charcoal briquette forming machine whose raw material is firstly carbonized. The biomass materials including sawdust, wood shavings ,rice husk, peanut shell, bamboo shavings, etc are firstly processed in the Carbonization Furnace for 8-12 hours. After they are fully carbonized, the powder will be sent into briquette machine to form into different shape charcoal briquettes. Char...

Biomass Briquette Making Line, Charcoal Briquette Plant

Model No:ZBJ-80

Charcoal Briquette making line 1. No need adding any binder and harmful chemicals. 2. Raw material moisture within 8-12%. 3. Adopting advanced heat flow drying system with excellent dring effect. 4. Through high temperature, purification and smoke abatement, Carbonization Furnace making semi-finished product into clean charcoals with no smoke, no taste and innoxious. Raw Material could be: Sawdust, tree branches, bamboo sawdust, coconut shells, straw, rice husks, corn cobs, peanut skins, vinasse...

Wood Pellet Machine For Sale/Wood Pelletizing Machine

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:15 Days

Briquetting production line or briquetting plant has a full set of equipments: conveyor, bin, mixer, dryer and other devices, this is not a fixed configration, can according to customer requirements to determine the specific machine. Now the whole process can be able to achieve full automation, during design considering the user, more tend to humanization and save energy. The briquetting plant is widely used in mine, chemical, metallurgy industry. Equipment Used in Briquetting Plant Manufacturer...

Briquetting Machine Exporters/Briquette Machine Price

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:25 Days

Briquette machine is mainly used for high-density metal scrap (scrap iron, copper scrap, aluminum scrap, etc.), granular powder metal powder (iron powder, aluminum powder, copper powder, lead powder, etc.), metallurgical additives, sponge iron,desulfurization gypsum etc., without adding any binder pressed into the case of cylindrical cakes of high-density block (weight 2-8 kg), the cake density of up to 5T/M3 block above (the different raw materials, press out the cake block density and not quan...

Mineral powder briquette machine

Model No:GQ430

Min. Order:1

Mineral powder briquette machine material coke powder application: Mineral powder briquette machine process coke powder using add press forming method. The process have hot press and cold press two kinds. Coke is making a certain cohesiveness coal material heat to plastic temperature(generally is 800-1000 degree) then Carbonization forming. Cold press coke is making low volatilize weak cohesiveness coal or without cohesiveness coal match with suit amount binder, under binder soft temperature(gen...

Sludge Carbonization treatment dry distillation Furnace

Model No:MCKS-130

Min. Order:1

The sludge Carbonization treatment can continuous operation, simple operation management, accessory equipment, thus make less investment, labor, energy consumption and maintenance costs are lower, at home and abroad in the sludge dewatering, widely used in domestic development especially rapidly in China at present, new cities sewage treatment plant, enterprise of sewage treatment dewatering equipment are adopted almost belt type sludge dehydrator. Diameter: 1.5m – 3.6m Length: 4m – 45m Capacit...

Laboratory Heating Equipments Classification atmosphere electric Furnace

Model No:KSS-1400

Delivery Time:15 Days

Product Description Laboratory Heating Equipments Classification atmosphere electric Furnace is widely used for heat treatment of metal materials in high vacuum,recursive,protective atmosphere,also can beused for heat treatment of special materials such as Carbonization fiber with excellent thermal insulation.Vacuum Reservoir with water cooling system.The vacuum can reach 0.01-0.1Mpa with diffusion pump or molecular pump.  Advantages Adopt mixed Furnace chamber of ultra-light refractory bricks (...

Electrode Paste For Calcium Carbide Furnace

Model No:Electrode Paste For Calcium Carbide Furnace 68uΩ·m

Min. Order:20

CarboGraphite Group was established in 1992, 27 years of production experience.It's a group company combining calcined petroleum coke,electrode paste,graphite electrode and refractory production.Our factory produces 50,000 tons of graphite electrode,200,000 tons of electrode paste,150,000 tons of refined petroleumcoke,100,000 tons of pre-baked anode, 50,000 tons of carbon brick,special sealing paste, 50,000 tons of refractory material.Including Electrode Paste Standard/Airtight Electrode Paste...

industrial induction electric Furnace for iron steel

Model No:KGPS-CL

Min. Order:1

Rongke Induction Furnace smelting systemindustrial induction electric Furnace for iron steel is of latest relay design and excellent international quality components, achieving energy and stable performance for the foundry industry. with our 20 years experience in the Furnace industry, safety precautions has covered every link of the operation and all possible situation. Our first customer, after 7 years of continuous running, still enjoy the power consumption at 520KWH/ton molten iron and [0" a...

carbon bar Furnace

This Furnace is ideal equipment for wood briquettes to have anoxic distillation Carbonization. Due to its rational structure, the Furnace only needs small quantity of heat consumption. It adopted Superheated Stream cooling system, thus can speed up t

Carbon Bar Furnace

This Furnace is ideal equipment for wood briquettes to have anoxic distillation Carbonization. Due to its rational structure, the Furnace only needs small quantity of heat consumption. It adopted Superheated Stream cooling system, thus can speed up t

metallurgical Furnace roller

Model No:furnace roller

Min. Order:20 Ton

sinking roller, casting Furnace hearth roller, GAL roller are all alloy NI-CR centrifugal casting , it is widely used in metallurgical industries, its advantage is resistance corrosion, heat etc. our famous customers are baosteel, ang steel, indian e

Gun mixes for blast Furnace

Model No:HXGS

High strength&insulating fibre gun mixes (Patented product) On the basis of general gunning and dry gunning, we develop the high strength insulating fibre compound gun mixes.(Patent No.:200610017726.1) It improves the insulating performance, reduces the heat loss, avoids overheat of Furnace shell and increases the blast temperature. Relevant chemical adhensive should be added when in use. By high-pressure gunning, the high strength ball fibre,adhensive and refractories are gunned to the surf...

Medium Frequency Induction Furnace

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:30 Days

1.Production Name: Medium Frequency Induction Furnace 2.Production Description: 1)Medium Frequency Induction Furnace for melting 2)Full digital control system with high accuracy 3) Melting steel, iron,stainless steel,copper,aluminium 4)0.15-350 tons capacity 5)Constant power output, speedy melting, good electricity saving efficiency. 3.Usage:Medium Frequency Induction Furnace Mainly used in melting steel, iron, copper, aluminum and alloy, is with high melting efficiency, good electricity...

crulible Furnace

Model No:ST- crulible furnace

crulible Furnace Efficient Energy conservation lab muffle Furnace,lab muffle Furnace...

Car Bottom Type Furnace

Model No:15kw-400kw

Delivery Time:9999 Days

Welcome to visit jtfurnace dot com. Please email to jtfurnace at hotmail dot com. Car Bottom Furnace is period operating Furnace, mainly for general metal parts of normalizing, annealing, quenching tempering etc. heat treatment.Furnace temperature is 1100oC or 950oC or 650oC. Advantages: 1. Heating elements are distributed in the Furnace chamber, the layout is reasonable. 2. Trolley's turnover, the door opens shuts is by the electric motor through the worm gear, the worm bearing adjuster and the...

Mesh Belt Conveyor Tempering Furnace

Model No:RCWH6

Delivery Time:9999 Days

Welcome to visit jtfurnace dot com. Please email to jtfurnace at hotmail dot com. Mesh Belt Conveyor Tempering Furnace is used for all kinds of middle and small metal parts (bearings, chains, automotive parts, standard parts, hardware tools) medium-temperature and low-temperature tempering etc. Mesh Belt Conveyor Tempering Furnace Advantages: 1.Optimizing the structure design, easy maintenance. 2.Stepless speed regulation, steady running belt. 3.Tempering Furnace heating elements have upper and ...

Aluminum Shell Induction Melting Furnace

Model No:JHX-001

Min. Order:1

Product Capacity: 150kg, 250kg, 350kg,500kg, 750kg, 1000kg, 2000kg,3000kg. Power Supply: 160kw up to 2500kw. Usage: Iron, Steel, Aluminum,Copper, and Alloy melting, heat holding. Equipment Composition: (1) Power Supply: 1) VIP Power Cabinet 2) DC Smoonthing Reactor 3) Filter Compensation Capacitor 4) Furnace Tilting Control Box (2) Furnace 1) Aluminum Alloy Shell 2) Inductor 3) Reduction Gear 4) Furnace Suport Shelf 5) Water Cooled Cable 6) Crucible Module (3) Cl...

refractory fiber board for Furnace

Model No:2

Min. Order:1ton

Characteristic: • Low thermal conductivity • Low thermal capacity • High thermal stability • Excellent resistance to thermal shock,flame and airflow attack • High compressive strength and resistance to corrosion • High toughness,easy to cut and install quickly • Accurate thickness and size Typical application: • Refractory lining for industrial Furnace in wall, roofs, stacks and doors,etc • Combustion chamber liners,boilers and heaters • ...

Iron Melting Induction Furnace 50KG

Model No:GW50KG

Min. Order:1

1.Production Name: Iron Melting Induction Furnace 50KG 2.Production Description: Furnace Model GW-0.05T-100KW/2.5S Rated Capacity T 0.05 Max. Capacity T 0.06 Rated Power KW 100 MF Frequency KHZ 2.5 Power Input Voltage V 380 MF Output Voltage V 750 Pulse 6 Melting Rate T/H 0.17 Melting Time Minutes/batch 18 Electricity Consumption KWH/T 620 Transformer Capacity KVA 120...

Perlite expanded Furnace

Model No:RZ-630-12

Delivery Time:60 Days

The heat-insulated mortar vitrification microsphere expansion Furnace was successfully invented in Feb, 2003 by our president, a superior engineer, Kong Keqiang. In the same year it obtains the patent in practice and in creativity, and the first Furnace was used to manufacture in industry in the world. 300 sets of them have been continuously used for five years more or less, which are specially used to manufacture closed pearlites, hollow pearlite vitrification microsphere. In order to insure th...

Glidewheel Aluminium Alloy Quenching Furnace

Model No:RGD

Min. Order:1

Uses: Glidewheel aluminium alloy solid Furnace production line is the most advanced aluminium alloy automatic quenching Furnace production line in the world. It is mainly used for fast and automatic solid solution heat treatment of car piston and precise aluminium alloy parts. It is also applied to large-scale and super large aluminium alloy parts solid solution heat treatment. Glidewhell aluminium alloy quenching Furnace is the national patent product of our company and the patent number is...

Intermediate Frequency Induction Melting Furnace, Steel Shell

Model No:GW

Min. Order:1

1)Steel Shell Intermediate Frequency Induction Furnace for melting 2) Steel shell hydraulic tilting 3) Melting steel, iron,stainless steel 4)0.15-12 tons capacity

High-Furnace Casting with 1.0-4.0mm Thickness, 8-20 Pieces/Minute Speed


Suitable for all types of alloy Casting size: 385 x 180/445 x 180mm(optional wide frame) Casting thickness: 1.0 to 4.0mm Production: up to 20 grids/minute Patented designs Saves energy and lead usage by $20,000/year                       Maximum range of casting, including: 385 x 180mm(optional 445mm) Casting speed: 8-20 pieces/minute Capacity of lead Furnace: 800kg Electric heating pipe of lead Furnace:220V/240V, 18kW (3kW x 6 pieces/group) Ladle heater: 2.5/3.2kW Electric heating block of mold...

Walking beam Furnace

Model No:Walking beam furnace

Variety of materials can be heated, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, etc; Stepping machine adopts the roller skew table, electric eccentric wheel and crank connecting rod type; Equipped with a variety of self-developed burner, with high combustion efficiency, low NOx emission characteristics; Using self-developed efficient preheater and regenerative burners, full recovery of exhaust heat; Combustion control using continuous proportional control or pulse control ; Using self-developed compu...
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