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Carbon Raiser/Carbon Additive/Carburizer

Model No:Carbon Product

Carbon Raiser/Carbon additive/Carburizer 1. FC: 90-95% Min 2. Ash: 4.5-8.5% Max 3. V. M.: 1-1.5% Max 4. S: 0.25-0.35% Max 5. Moisture: 0.3-1% Max 6. Size: 0.5-3mm, 1-4mm, 0.5-4mm, 1-3mm, 90%min, or at customer's option 7. Packing: In 1000kgs big bag; Or 1200kgs big bag; Or 25kgs small bag, then into 1000kgs big bag; Or 25kgs or 50kgs small bag, then put into containers directly; Or at customer's option 8. Lead Time: 20-25 days upon receipt of your prepayment 9. Payment Term: (1) 30% TT as deposi...

Carbon Raiser

Carbon Raiser is used for foundry industry.We have various kindof Carbon Raiser / Recarburizer, the fixed Carbon canbe producedfrom 90% to 98.5%.

Carbon additive,Carbon Raiser

Carbon additive/Carbon Raiser Carbon Raiser for casting,which made from high quality Carbon material ,its including normal cast iron, casting gray iron,spheroidal graphite iron and steel making,our Carbon additive has the advantages of increasing the use of waste steel, lower even non-use of the raw iron material, it can be well absorbed in the ironing liquid and no dreg , can cut down cost of casting .it can be used as a substitute for coke for cupola furnace, electric furnace and so on .

Calcined Petroleum Coke/CPC/GPC for Graphitized Eletrode, Carbon Raiser

Model No:0.5-6mm, 2-10mm, 3-20mmand as your requirement

Graphitized petroleum coke Specification FC>98.5, S<0.03, Ash<0.5, V. M<0.5, Moisture<0.5 FC>98, S<0.05, Ash<0.7, V. M<0.5, Moisture<0.5 Size: 0-5mm, 1-5mm, 2-10mm etc. Packaging∇ivery Packaging: 1 ton jumbo bag Delivery: Within 15 days after receiving the deposit Description&Application Graphitized petroleun coke can be used as Carbon Raiser (Recarburizer) to produce high quality steel, cast iron and alloy It can also be used in plastic and rubber as an additiv...

97% Min Carbon Fixed Carbon Raiser / RawPetroleumCoke 0.07%

Model No:AIA-1

Min. Order:1

97% Min Carbon Fixed Carbon Raiser 0.07% Max Sulphur Content Specifications: Fixed Carbon Sulphur Content Ash Content Volatile Matter Moisture Content 97% min 0.07% max 1.5% max 1.5% max 0.5% max Size: 0.2-1mm or customized. Payment: T/T before shipment or L/C as sight. Inspection: Mill Certificate of Inspection, SGS Certificate or any other Certificate issued by acknowledged third party inspection. Packing: 1mt plastic woven bag or 25kgs small plastic woven bag into 1mts plastic woven bag. Desc...

RP 250 300 350 Carbon Electrodes

Model No:RP 250 300 350 Carbon Electrodes

Min. Order:20

RP 250 300 Carbon Electrodes RP 250 350 Carbon Electrodes RP 300 350 Carbon Electrodes RP 250 Carbon Electrodes RP 300 Carbon Electrodes RP 350 Carbon Electrodes Raw Materials:Needle coke,CPC,Coal Pitch; Process:Petroleum coke calcined,Crush,Forming,Baking,Graphited,Machining; Grades:RP/HP/SHP/UHP; Application:Used in EAF/LF to make steel. Category: RP---regular power electrode HP---high power electrode SHP-super high power UHP---ultra high power electrode Diameter:150-700 mm Length: 1500-27...

0-0.3mm C 98.5% Graphite Scrap Carbon Raiser Graphite Petroleum Coke

Model No:CAB II

Key Data:1.Carbon 98.5% 2.S content:0.05%3.Ash:0.7% 5.V.M:0.8%6.Moisture:0.5% 7.Particle Size:0-0.3mm8 Low Nitrogen(PPM):300Application:Foundry;steel&ironQuality:First classCertificate:ISO9001Graphitized petroleum coke, manufacturers Shandong xinyuan. Welcome visit us. Tel:0530-2651999 telephone, Fax:0530-2651666Graphitized petroleum coke, manufacturers Shandong xinyuan. Welcome new and old customers to visit. Can telephone consultation. 0530-2651999 telephone, fax, 0530-2651666

Carbon Raiser

Min. Order:5 Ton

Duratight Carbon additive has the advantages of Increasing the use of waste steel, lower,even non-use of the raw iron material, it can be well absorbed in the ironing liquid and no dreg , can cut down cost of casting.a. Usage: as Carbon additive in s

Carbon Raiser/ CPC/Calcined Petroleum Coke

Model No:0.5-5mm, 1-5mm, 3-8mm, 1-10 mm, 10-20mm, etc

Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Type: Petroleum Coke Calory (J): 7000 Model Number: Petroleum coke, Carbon additive F. Carbon: 99%, 98.5%, 98%Volatile matter: 1% max Moisture: 0.8% MaxSulphur: 0.05% MaxAsh: 1% max Crushing Strength: 82% Sulphur Content (%): 0.4

Medium Carbon Natural Graphite Supplier (Brake pads usage)

Model No:LZ-180

Graphite(Carbon Raiser) is a kind of crystalline Carbon, it has the color of iron black and dark grey in natural. It is mainly used for advanced refractory, high temperature and high pressure sealing material, thermal conductive lubricating material such as bricks, crucibles, flexible graphite product, battery, pencil, paint tubes, metal casting and forging release agent, mechanical solid lubricants and anti-friction agent. Introduction: Microcrystalline graphite Aphanitic graphite(Amorphous Gra...

Good Performace 98% Fixed Carbon Carburant/Carbon Additives/Calcined Anthracite Coal (XG-J-2)

Model No:XG-J-2

Carbon Additive/Calcined Anthracite Coal (Xingguang Brand) For Steel MakingBusiness Contact Information: dengfeng city ludian town xingguang abrasive factory Tel.:    +86-371 66550506 Fax:    +86-371 66550506 Phone:  +86-18703620525 Low price of Carbon Additive with FC 90-95% 1. FC: 90-99.5% Min 2. Ash: 4.5-8.5% Max 3. V. M.: 1-1.5% Max 4. S: 0.25-0.35% Max 5. Moisture: 0.3-1% Max 6. Size: 0.5-3mm, 1-4mm, 0.5-4mm, 1-3mm, 90%min, or at customer's option 7. Packing: In 1000kgs big bag; Or 1200kgs ...

Regular Power Graphite Electrode (RP)

Min. Order:10

Delivery Time:30 Days

Our company is mainly engaged in Φ200mm-Φ600mm regular power, impregnated, high power and ultra-high power graphite electrodes and Φ900mm-Φ1300mm big size graphite electrodes and different type of Carbon Raiser and lithium battery anode material graphiting process with the annual output of 15,000mt graphite electrodes and 25,000mt big size graphite electrodes and 10,000mt lithium battery anode material graphiting process and 3700mt Carbon Raiser monthly. The company was set up with complete calc...

Recarburizer Calcined Anthracite Coal Carbon Raiser Supplier

Min. Order:10

Delivery Time:30 Days

Fixed Carbon Sulphur Ash Volatile Nitrogen ≥ ≤ ≤ ≤ ≤ UNG90 90 0.5 8.0 1.5 0.7 UNG91 91 0.4 8.0 1.0 0.7 UNG92 92 0.4 7.0 1.0 0.6 UNG93 93 0.3 6.0 1.0 0.6 UNG94 94 0.3 5.0 1.0 0.5 UNG95 95 0.25 4.0 1.0 0.5 UNG98.5A 98.5 0.8 0.8 0.7 1.2 UNG98.5B 98.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 1.2 UNG98.5C 98.5/99.0 0.1 0.5 0.5 0.6 UNG98.5D 98.5/99.0 0.3 0.8 0.5 0.6 UNG99.0E 98.5 0.05 0.5 0.5 0.03 UNG98.5F 98.5 0.05 0.5 0.5 0.05 RECARBURIZERS ***UNG 90-95 Gas calcined anthracite ***UNG...

semi graphitization petroleum coke for sale

Brief Introduction: Semi-graphitized petroleum coke is made from high quality petroleum coke under a temperature of 2,500-3,500°C. As a high-purity Carbon material, it has characteristics of high fixed Carbon content, low sulfur, low ash, low porosity etc.It can be used as Carbon Raiser (Recarburizer) to produce high quality steel,cast iron and alloy.It can also be used in plastic and rubber as an additive. •Application: Semi-Graphite Petroleum Coke is widely used as Carburant in the steel-makin...

Calcined Anthracite Coal Carbon Raiser

Delivery Time:25-30 Days

F.C. :Min S:Max Ash:Max VM:Max Moi:Max 90% 0.3% 8.5% 1.5% 0.5% 93% 0.3% 6.0% 1.0% 0.5% 95% 0.3% ...

Sell Ferro Silicon Barium/inoculants, Ferro Silicon Fine, Ceramic Foam Filter

Sell Ferro Silicon Barium/Inoculants, Ferro Silicon Fine, Ceramic Foam Filter 1.Mesh:4-60PPI 2.Porosity:80-90% 3.Improve function of machine 4.Mend structrue of crystalloid 5.Commutated functation    Shaanxi longstar i/e co. Ltd. Own himself factory, our factory produce capacity are 1000mt per month at present of nodulize and inoculants. The following is some specification, for your reference: Ferro silicon magnesium 1. Spec: Si:44-47% mg:5.1-5.5% ca:1.8-2.5% al:1.0%max tre:1.8-2.5% Size:10-25mm...

Petroleum Coke/ Calcined Anthracite/Carbon Raiser

Model No:HSM

Calcined Anthracite:1. FC: 90-95% Min 2. Ash: 4.0-8.8% Max 3. V. M.: 1.0-1.2% Max 4. S: 0.2-0.3% Max 5. Moisture: 0.5% Max 6. Size: 1-3mm, 1-5mm, or at customer's option 7. Packing: In 1000kgs big bag;  Or 25kgs small bag, then into 1000kgs big bag; Or at customer's option Product Description:The calcined anthracite is an additive during the steel making, which is indispensible for the production of high-quality steel. In addition, it is the raw material to produce the electrode paste.Chemical c...

High Strength 100% 25mm curved Carbon fiber tube

Model No:Carbon Tube-001

Min. Order:5

High Strength 100% 25mm Curved Carbon Fiber Tube Product Description Carbon fiber tube has been widely used in hitech fields, such as aerospace, modern sewing machinery, petrochemical industry, medical machinery ,automobiles, machinery manufacturing, construction, sports and entertainment items ,etc. Surface Finish: Glossy and Matte Application:Aviation, models, vehicle modification and metal machine parts processing. The main size and specifications:Fiber Specifications:1K,3K Weaving Style: P...

Factory Direct Sales Graphite Particles Carbon Agent

Model No:98%Carbon Agent

Min. Order:1

1.Product Introduction Carburizing agent,there are many kinds of raw materials, production processes are different. It has wood Carbon, Carbon coal, coke, and graphite type in which various categories and a lot of small types. High quality carburizing agent generally refers to after graphite carburant. Under the high temperature,the Carbon atoms arranged in graphite morphology,so called forgraphitization. graphitization can reduce the content of impurities in the carburant, increase Carbon conte...


Model No:4MM pellet carbon

Delivery Time:30 Days

Pellet Carbon which diameter can be adjustable changed between 0.9-9.0mm; 4mm Pellet Carbon is made of high standard Taixi anthracite, processed through grinding, mixture, extrusion, carbonization and steam activation etc. Due to the high mechanical hardness, highly developed pore structure and huge specific surface area, it can be widely used in both of gas-phase and fluid-phase purification and adsorption, catalyst carrier, poison and security protection.

coal based-machinery for making water purification briquetted activated Carbon

Model No:briquetted activated carbon

coal based-machinery for making water purification briquetted activated Carbon 1. Product Information Activated Carbon To be used for dechlorination, deoiling of industrial water such as food,chemical industry,electric power,electric plate, etc,and further purifying treatment of potable water and sewage water. 2. Specification Particle size : 12X30mesh Iodine number:1080 mg/g (ASTM) Ash content:9.33% (ASTM) Moisture content : 1.92% (ASTM) Hardness : 91% (ASTM) Apparent : density...

HI-Tech Carbon Diamond Blade

Model No:HI-Tech Carbon

Min. Order:1

HI-Tech Carbon Co.,limited Diamond Blade Product Description Used to cut and split stone slab, block and cubes Diamond Cutting Blade for Stone Cutting and Splitting Diameter 200-3500mm Blades with quality Diamond Segments Cutting Stones- Soft, Medium Hard and Very Hard Stones Granite, Basalt, Blue Stone Marble, Limestone, Dolomite Sandstone, Abrasive Granite & Marbles, Application Graphite sintering mold is used for machining diamond cutter head of diamond saw blade, diamond milling annulus, dia...

Aeg Carbon Bruash


For the materialWe have the stable supply channels and professional supplier, they are all golden supplier of China. So we can keep the material quality and delivery date. Strictly Inspection equipmentInspection for the material Material tested by the inspection equipment, to insure the proportion is reasonable and the condition in a good quality. Advanced equipmentMost edging facilities and able to produce products in every action and specification. Professional management 1-Our advanced equipm...

Carbon Fiber Tables

Model No:carbon fiber dinner/office table

1. Quality: ISO9001 Certificate 2. Technology: Autoclave. 3. Material: Toray Carbon Fabric in Twill/Plain 4. Finish: Glossy/Matte We specialize in designing manufacturing and marketing modern furniture series. We are major in producing Carbon fiber chairs, tables. They are fashionable, multi-functions, rich colors, various styles, brilliant surface, long life and good weathering. We bear the advanced techniques and produce products with the process of Vacuum bagging, vacuum infusion.

Oya Carbon Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Shenzhen

Matt Carbon Fiber Sheet From Flink Carbon

Model No:carbon fiber sheet

We can produce the matt Carbon fiber parts according to your design.

Carbon Fiber Wrap

Model No:wrap in carbon fiber

Product Description 1. Light Weight 2. Perfect fitment 3. Incredible Strength 4. High Reflective Qualities We have hundred kinds of Carbon fiber motorcycle parts which can buy from us directly, such as front fenders, upper fairings, tank covers, rear huggers, side panels, etc. 1)Process: Vacuum Bagging Molding; 2)Material: High quality Carbon fabric, epoxy resin and UV-resistance clear coat; 3)Finish: Clear coated & UV protected for that non-fading hi-gloss look; 4)Transportion: EMS, DHL, UP...

Carbon black N330,N220,N550- Beilum-beilum.com

Model No:Carbon black N330

Min. Order:1

Carbon Black N330 Other Name:High Abrasion Furnace Black;HAF Carbon black N330 is the most widely used high abrasion furnace black. The abrasion of the N330 compounds is lower than ISAF compounds but better than those of channel black-compounds. Application:Carbon black N330 is used in the tread compound,cord fabric compound,inner tire and industrial compounds. Usage:Carbon black N330 has good re-inforcement,resulting in good tensile properties,crack resistance, abrasion and elasticity.The hyste...

Chemicals for Carbon-free Paper

Model No:Carbon-free Paper

Chemicals for Carbon-free Paper product name Micro Capsule Styrene Butadiene Latex Resin color developer Kaolin clay -yzy

ASTM A106 Grade B Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe

Model No:ASTM A106 Grade B Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe

Min. Order:1

Detailed Product Description Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes DIN17175 1.013 / 1.0405, ASTM A106 / A53 Gr. B, API 5L Gr.B YUHONG GROUP supply Carbon steel seamless pipe to Sudan Petroleum , Iran Petroleum, Peru Petroleum, Colombia Petroleum, ...Every year we export at least 150000 tons of Carbon steel seamless pipe to 42 countries . Name Carbon seamless steel pipeseamess Tube Size range Outside diameter: 10-610mm Wall thickness:5-18mm Standard ANSI, ASTM, GB, DIN, API,JIS,ASME Material ASTM A106 /A53...

Low Carbon Steel Studded T Star Picket

Model No:low carbon steel

Min. Order:5

Low Carbon Steel Studded T Star Picket T Star Picket Advantage: 1.OEM Star Picket accepted: We can mark your logo 3.Good Star Picket service: We treat clients as friend and do our best to meet your demands. 4.Good Star Picket quality: We have strict quality control system.Good reputation in market. 5.Fast & cheap Star Picket delivery: We have big discount from forwarder(Long terms of contract) Star Picket Order Guide: 1.We take great pride in our work and in the wide variety of chemicals t...

A106 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes

Model No:HZ-M Carbon Steel Pipe

Min. Order:1

A106 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes Material: ASTM A106 GRADE B; A 53 GRB; API 5L GRB/X42/X52/X60/X65/X70... A106 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes APPLICATION : Transport for water, oil, gas Construction Industry Pipeline Project Special Purpose Other Industries A106 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes Specification: Name: A106 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes Type: Seamless Size: 1/2"-72" Thickness: SCH10, SCH40, SCH80, SCH120, SCH160, STD, XS, XXS Length: 1-12 Meter Mate...

Carbon Steel Short Radius Elbow Bend Fittings

Model No:Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

Min. Order:1

Carbon Steel Short Radius Elbow Bend Fittings Butt Weld Carbon Steel 180 Degree Short Radius Elbow, ASTM 90 Deg Short Radius Carbon Steel A234wpb Seamless Elbow, Seamless steel Elbow as followed: 1. Type Seamless elbows: Elbow(45deg, 90deg and 180deg ,long raduis and short radius) 2. Size 1/2"-36" can be seamless, 5"-110" can be welded 3. Thickness Std, xs, xxs, sch10, sch20, sch30, sch40, sch60, sch80, sch160, etc. 4. Carbon steel: A234 wpb, st37.2, st35.8, API 5L GR B, API 5L X42, API 5L X52,...

AEG Carbon Brush dc motor

Model No:HL-08-001

Min. Order:500

Carbon Brush market is expected to register a steady year-on-year growth throughout the forecast period. The steady economic growth in developing regions of the globe, especially of the countries in Asia Pacific region coupled with steady industrial growth in these regions is expected to in turn fuel the demand for Carbon brushes during the forecast period. Moreover, growth of global Carbon brush market is expected to be driven primarily by the growth in demand for these from automotive industry...

Coal based pellet Carbon

Model No:0.9-9.0mm

Min. Order:1

Huahui Carbon are designed with a high surface area and a proper range of pore size distribution between macrospore, mesopore and microspore. The Liquid-phase uses include water supply treatment, sewage treatment, solvent recovery, food and beverages, Chemicals & pharmaceuticals; and the Gas-phase uses include gas purification, all-purpose protection, pollution control, and catalysts. We can produce pellet Carbon,size(diameter )from 0.9MM to 9.0MM,Carbon be used in widely fields.

HDPE Carbon Fiber Spiral Pipe

Model No:Carbon Pipe

Min. Order:100

HDPE Carbon fiber spiral pipe HDPE Carbon fiber spiral pipe refers to high density polyethylene (HDPE) as the matrix, with surface coated steel strip of adhesive resin molding for waveform as the main support structure, and wrapped with polyethylene material composite double-wall spiral corrugated pipe of whole called steel belt to enhance PE spiral corrugated pipe. HDPE strip spiral reinforced corrugated pipe the composite PE material of u-shaped steel belt is adopted to improve the ring stiffn...

Scales medium Carbon graphite

Natural flake graphite crystal was scaly; this is in the high-pressure under the metamorphism, there are large and fine pieces of the points. The scale is complete, thin and tough, floatability, lubricity, plasticity are superior to other graphite, and there are thermal shock, conductive, thermal, Naisuan Jian, corrosion resistance, high temperature (in the conditions of isolation of oxygen Under the melting point of 3000 degrees Celsius) and so on. Applied in the machinery, metallurgy, ...

Activated Carbon for gas purification

Model No:ZK-2050

Uses: It is used for purification of chemical raw material gas, chemical synthesis gas, pharmaceutical industrial gas, beverage Carbon dioxide gas and hydrogen, nitrogen, hydrogen chloride, ethylene, ethane, cracked gas, inert gas and exhaust of atomic facilities, Separation and refining. Note: According to the specific requirements of customers for production.

Carbon fiber electric operating table

Model No:MT3080 carbon fiber electric operating table

Min. Order:1

Mingtai MT3080 Carbon fiber electric operating table use advanced electromechanical transmission technology, fully imported Carbon fiber table board, with height adjustment, vertical translation and horizontal translation function, supporting GE, Siemens and other brand mobile medium and small C arm, designed for patient`s heart, peripheral blood vessels, nerve vessels, interventional radiography and DSA. Shandong Mingtai Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd is established in 2000 year, supporting o...

Multi Deoxidizer Free Silicon Carbon Alloy to Korea market

Model No:Fesi15#-20#

The Introduction of High Carbon Ferro Silicon Carbon silicon alloy is a new kind of alloy which can take in place of silicon, silicon carbide, carburant and it is used for deoxidation alloying process of converter smelting. The Characteristics of High Carbon Ferro Silicon 1. Reduce costs, increase economic efficiency, improve product quality and stable performance. 2. It can be produced according to the customer’s request The Pictures of High Carbon Ferro Silicon FAQ 1,How to get a sample. Pleas...

Activated Carbon 1kg coconut shell charcoal granulated

Model No:HY-187water purification activated carbon

Activated Carbon 1kg coconut shell charcoal granulated     Coconut shell activated Carbon with high mechanical strength, developed pore structure, large surface area, adsorption speed, high adsorption capacity, ease of regeneration, durability and other characteristics. Applicatied for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical active Carbon, alcohol, air purification activated Carbon and high purity drinking water deodorant, removal of heavy metals, remove chlorine and liquid bleaching. Solvent recover...
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