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Automatic sauce Packing Machine high efficiency china

Model No:BS-240G automatic sauce packing machine high efficiency china

Delivery Time:50 Days

Automatic sauce Packing Machine high efficiency china :   Features Different filling devices can meet to pack different material like powder, liquid, granule, sauce, etc Multiple fashion bag shapes, various sealing patterns and a variety of filling method Wide pouch type, one Machine multiple Packing Swift, precise and sanitary Packing for products as required.   Application scope : With different filling device to match, the Machine is suitable for Packing various products in different form lik...

Vertical Automatic sugar Packing Machine

Model No:VP-N001 automatic sugar packing machine

Delivery Time:15 Days

        Vertical Automatic sugar Packing Machine   Product Description   Factory Supplier Multi-Function Vertical  Automatic sugar Packing Machine 1.Adopt Siemens servo motor for Packing, more accurately. 2.Work environment clean, without noise. 3.Horizontal sealing temperature independent control. 4.Easy to adjust, accurate measurement, bag length can be adjusted. 5.Heat seal roller, 4 sides seal or 3 sides seal, high-speed multi lines packaging. 6.bag making, measuring, material filling, and d...

Automatic food Packing Machine

Model No:BS-240G automatic food packing machine

Delivery Time:60 Days

Specifications food Packing Machine 1. fast pouch picking 2. easy specification change 3. reduce filling Machine by half 4. filing accuracy Automatic food Packing Machine   Application BS-240G Series Premade model for big volume flat and doypack packaging. Features: 1. fast pouch picking 2. easy specification change 3. needn't stop Machine when supply pouches 4. reduce filling time by half 5. improved filling accuracy 6. can fill 2 products simultaneously 7. ensure seal strength, no leakage 8. e...

Hot sale HC-SPP Automatic quantitate Packing Machine

Model No:HC-SPP automatic quantitate packing machine

Delivery Time:40 Days

Hot sale HC-SPP Automatic quantitate Packing Machine Main function and features  1.This Machine is suitable to package mini type and standard face tissue, handkerchief.    2.With programmable controller,and man-Machine interface,technical parameter and production breakdown display on screener. 3.As per customer's request,date printer and lable sticker can be installed.  4.Driving system adopts frequency converting control. Packaging material coneyance adopts imported electric -eye look-on system...

Hualian2014 Automatic Filling Packing Machine

Model No:DXDK-40II Automatic Filling Packing Machine

Product Details Basic Specification Brand Name Hualian Weight 350kgs Driven Type Electric Automatic Grade Automatic Material Other Voltage 220,110 Application Commodity Power(w) 1700 Packaging Type Bags Packaging Material Other Detail Description DXDK-40II Automatic Filling Packing Machine Description:DXDK series Automatic granule packaging Machine adopts PLC control bag length regulation andadjustable volumetric cups for measurement. It is suitable for heat sealable compound materials such as s...

Automatic Case Packing Machine Use Carton Box

Model No:automatic case packing machine use carton box

Automatic case Packing Machine use carton box Feeding section: 1. Vacuum suction feeding to feed warping paperboard easily 2. Quality electromagnetic clutch and brake adpoted, feeding section controled independent, operation easily 3. Scorer wheel adjustable, suit for 2-8mm thick paperboard 4. Second creasing struction can impress again the paperboard which was not creased well Guling and Folding section 1. Simpless structure and high reliability, glue quantity adjustable, cleaning easily 2. Sta...

Automatic Blister Packing Machine

Model No:Automatic Blister Packing machine

Shenzhen Hipower High Frequency Automatic Blister Packing Machine Automatic PP/PVC/PET/APET etc Transparant Box Making Machine, High Frequency Welding and Cutting Machine for Clear Plastic Box Making Application: Specialize for transparent PVC soft plastic boxes making. Can be also called transparent PVC soft plastic box forming Machine. High Frequency welding Machine for crease soft plastic box Machine for mass production of present packaging industry Such as: Stationery, plastic box packaging,...

Shenzhen Hipower Ltd.

Guangdong Shenzhen

Jienuo Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine/Vacuum Sealing Machine (DXD-120)

Model No:DXD-120 Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

Jienuo Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine/Vacuum Sealing Machine(DXD-120) Features: 1. Pre-Automatic bag bags 2. Automatic measurement of filling and sealing 3. Excellent sealing quality 4. Excellent stainless steel making 5. Computer PLC control, touch screen display in Chinese 6. Can be directly connected to the vacuum 7. Automatic feeding hopper when warehouse have no material We have been the manufacturer of Packing machines for 10 years. If you are interested in our Automatic Packing machines...

Automatic Mattress Packing Machine (LR-MP-50P)

Model No:LR-MP-50P

LR-MP-50P Automatic Mattress Packing Machine1. The Automatic level is extremely high, Under a manless working flow, the Machine itself carried out all the operations from the feeding and processing to the delivering the Mattress bodies.2. Sited freely in the end of the product line, the Machine will pack the finished products.3. Highly packaging performace. Designed three work site, the Machine will form a continuate package craftwork, in order to satisfy the requirement of high speed running.4....

KY-F01A Automatic powder Packing Machine

Model No:KY-F01A automatic powder packing machine

Min. Order:1

KY-F01A Automatic powder Packing Machine  Automatic powder Packing Machine(Servo electrical Machine) This Machine is a new-type developed Packing Machine based on KY-F01, using the cutting-edge technology with fully digital AC servo system, replacing traditional Stepping motor control mode, the performance will be more remarkable.   Characteristic: 1. Having all the software function of KY-F01 2. Whole stainless steel 3. Fully digital AC servo system controlling feeding, high control  accuracy 4...

Hotsell high-end Automatic nuts Packing Machine ziplock

Model No:NP-130 automatic nuts packing machine

Delivery Time:40 Days

Specifications 1automatic nuts Packing Machine 2 Multi-Packing Machine for liuqid , Powder ,Granual 3 3 side and 4 side   NP-130    Hotsell high-end Automatic nuts Packing Machine ziplock       Machine Introduce Three side sealing and four side sealing Packing Machine Made in China  Open-Fill-Seal Flat pouch Packing Machine, good for regular doy pack pouch, pouch with reclosable zipper, spout & cap, hanging hole, different shape. Full servo technology Machine ,fast in Packing, stable in oper...

Automatic Liquid Packing Machine Price

Model No:Automatic Liquid Packing Machine Price DXDL300

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications Automatic Liquid Packing Machine Price Speed:40-60bag/min Measure range:0-100ml 304SS Controlled by computer and step motor DXDL240   Automatic Liquid Packing Machine Price    Description 1.Can finish the function of bag making, measuring,filling,sealing,cutting and counting. 2.Controlled by computer and step motor pull bag, flexible bag length cutting, operator  needn't to adjust the unloading working, saving time and saving films. 3.Separate PID control to temperature, suitable ...

High Speed Automatic vertical Packing Machine

Model No:RL520 High Speed Automatic vertical packing machine

Delivery Time:30 Days

Product Description   High Speed Automatic vertical Packing Machine This is a vertical pouch form-fill-seal packaging Machine which is used for Packing Machine is comprised by the following parts/components:Automatic Vertical Form/fill/seal Packing Machine ,Ten beads electronic weighing scale. Z type feeding device,Vibrating feeding hopper,Final products outgong conveyor,and  Stand-up frame body.   High Speed Automatic vertical Packing Machine 1.The Machine incluing Z model conveyor ,weigher ,ma...

Towels Automatic Shrink Packing Machine

Model No:BTA-450+BM-500 Towels Automatic Shrink Packing Machine

Towels Automatic Shrink Packing Machine     1. Machine Photo:   Towels Automatic Shrink Packing Machine Towels Automatic Shrink Packing Machine 2. Uses: Full Automatic pof film shrink wrap Machine is suitable for large quantity shrink wrapping industries such as software, foodstuff, cosmetics, printing, pharmacy, flooring, ceramics, beverage and beer etc.   Towels Automatic Shrink Packing Machine 3. Packing result:   Towels Automatic Shrink Packing Machine Towels Automatic Shrink Packing Machine...

Automatic powder Packing Machine

Model No:Automatic powder packing machine

Delivery Time:40 Days

Product Description   Automatic powder Packing Machine specification: 1.   Applicable Range It is suitable for kinds of Powder and Flake Material, which cannot flow by Gravity, such as Flour, Phthalic Anhydride, Bentonite, and Starch etc.   2. Technical Rarameters Weight Range: 5 – 50 kg Fill Rate: 1-3 bags/minute (Packing speed depends on the material features and Packing bags) Accuracy: ±0.1-0.4% Applicable Voltage: AC22OV-440V 50/60HZ Three Phases and Four Lines (Clients should supply the vol...

Automatic Flour Packing Machine for Paper Bag

Model No:DXDF Automatic Flour Packing Machine for Paper Bag

Delivery Time:7 Days

Product Description Automatic Flour Packing Machine for Paper Bag The Machine is widely used for packaging bags of the powder material, such as: mask powder, milk powder, spices, pesticides, fertilizers, medicine, veterinary medicine etc.. Screw filling apply to the materials of bad fluidity, with fast, accurate, economic and practical advantages. Technical Parameters of Automatic Flour Packing Machine for Paper Bag Packaging capacity :40-60 bags / minMeasurement range :1-50gBag dimensions: leng...

Automatic Bottle Packing Machine 45packages/m

Model No:Automatic bottle packing machine

Delivery Time:45 Days

Automatic Bottle Packing Machine 45packages/m   Product introduction: Automatic bottle Packing Machine 45packages/m---It is specially designed for high speed Packing requirement of bottled drinking water (pure water, beverage, juice, milk etc.)It can wrap and shrink two bags at one time, which greatly increase the producing rate.When conveying the bottles, it can arrange and film wrap the bottles automatically, which save the time and improve the working efficiency.     Automatic bottle Packing ...

Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

Model No:MR6-200J, Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

Delivery Time:30 Days

Specifications Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine 1. PLC 2. Pneumatic components 3. Temperature Controller 4. Vacuum pump   Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine         .       Bag type: All type of heat sealable preformed side seal bags, fin seal bags, gusseted bags, and block bottom bags, zip-lock reclose able bags, stand-up pouch with spout( broadside), etc.   Product Description   Specifications   Model MR6-200J Bag size range  W:70-120mm,L:65-130mm Bag material Laminated film bag such as PA/PE,PE...

Automatic Sugar Packing Machine

Model No:DCS-A Automatic Sugar Packing Machine

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications Automatic Sugar Packing Machine: 1.Suitable for Sugar,and other granule materails,etc. 2.Speed:300bags/h 3.Miniorder: one set     Product Description Automatic Sugar Packing Machine:   1. Automatic Sugar Packing Machine has the advantage of high calculating precision, stable functioning, digital demonstration and easy operation.  2. Automatic Sugar Packing Machine  adapted software has the function of controlling the parameter setup, the self-correcting of the fall height, deviati...

Weighing Scale Small Food Grain Automatic Sugar Packing Machine

Model No:Automatic Sugar Packing Machine

Delivery Time:10 Days

Weighing Scale Small Food Grain Automatic Sugar Packing Machine   The main properties and characteristics of the organization 1 New design, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, advanced technology. 2 Imported PLC computer control system, color touch screen, operation is convenient, intuitive and efficient. 3 Imported servo film transporting system, imports of color sensor, accurate positioning, excellent performance,beautiful Packing. 4Automatic alarm and protection function of 4 kinds, m...

Automatic Mattress Packing Machine

Model No:JK-F2

Min. Order:1

Automatic Mattress Packing Machine Which is an fully Automatic Mattress Packing Machine.It can be connected with the Automatic Mattress Packing line, the effective of this Machine can reach 2 pcs/min.It`s with the PLC control system and the siemens accessories. Main technology details as below: Effective 2 pcs/min Wideth of Packing materials (PE film) ≤2700mm Gas source supply 0.7Mpa, 0.78m³/hour Power 16kw Machine weight 4800kg Machine size 8000mm*3500mm*1900mm Voltage 380V/50HZ (Customad) Cond...

Automatic Mattress Packing Machine Hs-mp-50p 

 Automatic Mattress Packing Machine HS-MP-50P Product Description: Automatic Mattress Packing Machine HS-MP-50P, produced by our company is a function Machine of the product line, lt is specially designed for the final package of the finished Mattress in the end of the product line. Automatic Mattress Packing Machine HS-MP-50P, make use of plastic to pack finished Mattress and then seal, so that protect the product and also make the product more elegant. Technical characteristics: 1. The automat...

High Quality Automatic Mattress Packing Machine

Model No:CJ-VT

Delivery Time:10 Days

High Quality Automatic Mattress Packing Machine   This semi Automatic granule Packing Machine is suitable for all the grain material,such as the seed, grain, button,candy,snack food, hardware, salt, MSG, chicken essence,seeds, pesticide, fertilizer rice, veterinary medicine feed premix, additives, detergent powder, and other granule material quantitative packaging materials.   Product details: 1.Electronic scales measurement, this semi Automatic granule Packing Machine adopts vibration filling m...

WK01-30 Automatic Packaging Machine Can Weigh Packages

Model No:WK01-30 automatic strapping packing machine

Specifications WK01-30 Automatic strapping Packing Machine 1.PP strap 2.semi-Automatic 3.suit for carton 4.OEM acce WK01-30 Automatic Packaging Machine Can Weigh Packages Specification: Model Numer WK01-30 Input Voltage 220V 50HZ single direction Power 80W Tighten Strength 5-40N Strapping Material paper/opp film tape Packing Size max:380*200mm   min:40*40mm Packing Speed 3 second/time Tool Size 590*350*510mm Control System PCB Strap Width 15-20MM   Light-duty tension,auto tighting sealing and cu...

Top Automatic coffee Packing Machine

Model No:GX-130 coffee packing machine

Description of  top Automatic coffee  Packing Machine Application&Sample It is mostly used for filling kinds of powders, agriculture pesticide, granular additive products into the small saachets and bags with 4 side sealing or 3 side sealing style. Characteristics Pouch making, sealing and filling are relatively independent system. The two systems are connected by mechanical connection and PLC. Therefore, suitable for different packaging material and pouch sizes. Finished product sealing sys...

Higher Efficiency Good Quality ZBJ1000S Continuous Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

Model No:ZBJ1000S Vacuum Packing Machine

Delivery Time:20 Days

  Higher Efficiency Good Quality ZBJ1000S Continuous Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine Company Information   Qingdao Ausense Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd is focus on Auto-Packing equipment design,commissioning and sales.it was founden in 2001 year.Early is given priority to with agents abroad Automatic identification equipment. ,Since 2005, with the domestic famous enterprises packaging equipment, focused on the development of domestic Automatic packaging market. Qingdao Ausense has professional ...

Automatic sleeve Packing Machine

Model No:CCP-XKT700

Min. Order:1

CCP-XKT700 Automatic sleeve Packing Machine Features CCP-XKT700 care for paperless goods and design, this Machine can connect with the production line, realize the Automatic film feeding, bag making, Packing, sealing and cutting, shrinkage, cooling and shaping, save labor costs Features Detail 1. High precision digital display temperature controller, Automatic control of heating temperature, and changeable. 2. Taiwan Teflon sealing knife coating anti-high temperature resistant steel, three-p...

Automatic Powder Packing Machine

Model No:DXDF

Automatic powder Packing Machine is a  perfect Machine suitable for pack coffee, spices, wheat flour, yeast, , dessert, detergents. The Machine operates on the principle of pisitive displacement screw operating. The filling cycle is controlled by electronic sensor&clutch-brake system Featurer: Body of Machine: Stainless steel Packing material: Any heat sealable laminated pet/poly, pet/metpet/poly/, aluminum foil/BOPP Seal type: Center/side seal/continuous sealing Matchment for choosen: Conve...

Hot Sale Full Automatic Walnut Packing Machine

Model No:walnut packing machine

Hot sale full Automatic walnut Packing Machine Product Description of Automatic Dry fruit/Dried fruit/Peanut/Seeds/Bean Packing Machine 1. New design with perfect fashion, more reasonable structure, more advanced technology. 2. Imported PLC control system, colorful touch screen, easy operation, intuitionistic and efficient. 3. Standard positioning with imported servo film transporting system and mark sensor, superexcellent capability for complete Machine, perfect packaging. 4. With auto warning ...

Full Automatic clothes Packing Machine

Model No:BZ packing machine

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications Full Automatic clothes Packing Machine 1,10, 15kg,20kg,25kg,30kg,50kg,70kg,100kg,etc. 2,Manufacturer, high quality &good pric Full Automatic clothes Packing Machine       1,CE,ISO,good quality2,laundry, dry cleaning shop,etc.3,Real factory, competitive price   All information is subject to change without notice. Specification:   Model BZ-6 Voltage (V) 220/240/380/415 Motor Power (kw) 0.2 Plastic Coiling Bag Width(mm) ≤600 Plastic Coiling Bag Depth(mm) 0.15-0.3 Plastic Coiling ...

Wanshen HDZ 100D Automatic Box Packing Machine For Facial Mask

Model No:HDZ 100D box packing machine for facial mask

Delivery Time:50 Days

Specifications box Packing Machine for facial mask. Pack facial mask into a carton automatically. crital unit in cosmetics Packing line. Wanshen HDZ 100D Automatic Box Packing Machine For Facial Mask    Main Application    The equipment is mainly used for Automatic Packing of products with thin-sheet (thickness ≥ 1mm) and many varieties and many specifications of products.  The kind of Machine is mainly to solve the Packing of products which difficult to sub boards and having many species in a b...

Automatic pillow Packing Machine price

Model No:QZX-15D Carton Packing Machine

Delivery Time:35 Days

Automatic pillow Packing Machine price Product Description   main application: This is a new generation packaging machinery which is developed on the basis of introducing and absorbing the advanced technology from America, Japan and Germany.  Adopts top quality components like Japanese Mitsubishi PLC, SMC pneumatic components, American Nordson hot melt adhesive, ensures the carton forming, Packing, folding, glue spraying, sealing and the following packaging process continuously and automatically...

High Quality Automatic Liquid Packing Machine,plastic bag liquid filling Machine

Model No:SMBJ

Delivery Time:5 Days

Product Description     High Quality Automatic Liquid Packing Machine,plastic bag liquid filling Machine   Automatic Liquid paste packaging Machine adopt high quality 304 stainless steel material, has a good polishing  performance, big appearance quality, resistance to corrosion, heat resistance.   Comply with the Drug  GMP/Food QS regulatory requirements. easy cleaning, not easy to breed bacteria, can solve the sanitary  problems in the production process, the Machine can be widely used in liqu...

Food Packing Machine (JT-420W vertical Packing Machine)

Model No:JT-420W vertical packing machine

JT-420W VERTICAL Automatic Packing MACHINEAutomatic Food Packing Machine (JT-420W) mutifunctional Packing Machine includes:JT-420 Packing machineJT-10 Multihead weigher JT-130 Finished products conveyer JT-350 Z-shaped elevator JT-2-2 Platform suitable for foods:suitable to pack anomalous solid and the granule material, such as: Puff snack food, potato chips, crispy rice, jelly, candy, apple chips, dumpling, small cookie, dry fruit, melon seeds, roasted seeds and nuts, medical material, deep-fro...

Fully Automatic Sugar Stick Packaging Machine with lowest price

Model No:YSDT automatic sugar packing machine

Delivery Time:7 Days

Fully Automatic Sugar Stick Packaging Machine with lowest price   Product Description  1. Description of Automatic sugar Packing Machine (1). The Automatic sugar Packing Machine is the new style equipment, it includes semi- Automatic tea filling Machine and Automatic tea bag maker, with reasonable structure, stable performance. It complete tea filling and sealing in one.(2). This Automatic sugar Packing Machine adopts microcomputer control technology, Automatic temperature control, Automatic bag...

BSD-680 Automatic wine Packing Machine

Model No:BSD-680 wine packing machine

Delivery Time:20 Days

Specifications wine Packing Machine 1.Smart on structure, 2.Easy operation, 3.Keep in constant temperature automatically. Wine Packing Machine       Main parameter : Machine size:3500*3500*2000mm Max case size:680*400mm Min case size:60*100mm Center board size:6-100mm Gutter width:3-17mm Center board thickness:0.25-5mm Flaps bending width:7-20mm Board thickness:0.5-5mm Speed:10-36pcs/min Power:10.4kw Voltage:380/220v Weight:4500kg Machine colour:gray and deige     Function of the BSD-680 Automat...

Under pads Packaging Machine,disposable Mattress Packing Machine

Model No:WD-under pads packaging machine

Delivery Time:20 Days

Specifications Underpads Packaging Machine 1.For Packing under pads(disposable Mattress) 2.Automatic fold & heat-seal bags 3.Labour saving Underpads Packaging Machine,disposable Mattress Packing Machine 1. Parameters:   1). Machine dimension:1.8m *0.9m *1.2m(L*W*H)      2). One Machine can pack different sizes.   3). Machine Power: 0.4KW(220V 50Hz)   4). Air compressor: 0.5Mpa   5). Packaging speed: about 30 bags/min,depends on workers operate speed.   2. Videos:   1). One lane underpads pac...

HS-90 Automatic horizontal Packing Machine

Model No:HS-90

Min. Order:1

HS-90 Automatic horizontal Packing Machine Automatic Coffee Packing Machine Product Description: Automatic Horizontal Packing Machine This mini Machine is the only one in Ingram Micro's present product lines which can fill&seal without vacuum pouch opening devices. It adopts fill-seal-cut process and is able to produce sachet strings besides single and twins sachets. It is suitable for the high speed packaging of small volumes of sugars coffees,sauces,shampoos etc. Horizontal Packing Machine...

Tropical Automatic Blister Packing Machine 

Tropical Automatic Blister Packing Machine is a kind of high-tech quality product which is designed and produced on the basis of the comparison with the same type machines by our technicians, especially suitable for the packaging requirements of avoiding moisture and light, sealing in tropical area and moist area. This Machine can be used in three functions including AL/PL/AL, AL/AL, and AL/PL. It is ideal multiple-purpose equipment. FEATURES:1. Adopt gear reducers from Rexnord Company of German...

Automatic Door Packing Machine

Model No:SGB-900

Product Details Basic Specification Type Film Material Carbon Steel Packaging Material PE, Plastic Driven Type Other Automatic Grade Automatic Type Shrink Packaging Machine Detail Description Automatic Door Packing MachineTechnical Data:Sealing type: full close, 4 sides sealingPower supply: 380V/50-60Hz/3phaseProduct size: 400mm < width + height < 900mm, length > 250mmMax product height: 400mmSealing knife width: 1100mmProduct length: infinite Film type: PE film, POF film  Conveyor spee...
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