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Assembly Machine for Multi Sample Needle

Model No:Assembly machine

Assembly Machine for multi sample needle Main Application This Assembly Machine is mainly used for Automatic production of pen style multi-sample needle. It consists of fully Automatic labeling Machine and Automatic Assembly Machine and Automatic Assembly Machine. It can finish feeding, needle inserting, gluing, drying, latex cover loading, needle tip silicify, front and rear protective cover loading, stickers posting and counting automatically. All processes are finished in Automatic line witho...

Hunan Liuyang Medical Instrument Factory

Liuyang City Sanli Industry.Huapao Da Dao

Blood Collection Tube Assembly Machine

Model No:Blood Collection Tube Assembly Machine

Delivery Time:5 Days

 Blood Collection Tube Assembly Machine   Product Description Main Application This Assembly Machine consists of Automatic Machine for combining the out plastic cap with inner rubber plug, Automatic labeling Machine and Automatic Assembly Machine. It can load tubes and spray additives automatically. Additive volume can be controlled freely and the additives can be sprayed on the tube wall evenly. The air-dry system is fully able to ensure that products dry quickly in a short time. It can finish ...

Automatic Assembly Machine for 13mm disposable vacutainer

Model No:PL120

  Automatic Assembly Machine for 13mm disposable vacutainer         Product Description       Capacity      Product Size Capacity Vacuum blood collection tube production line 13 mm 12000-18000 tubes/h 16mm 12000-18000tubes/h   Composition   No. Description Q'ty 1 Labeling Machine 1 set 2 Tube filling Machine 1 set 3 Automatic dosing medicine 1 set 4 Gel filling Machine 1 set 5 Cap&stopper combining and wearing Machine 1 set 6 Tube pre-vacuum&loading Machine 1 set 7 Shrinking packing mach...

Non-Standard Automatic Assembly Machine for Shower Head

Model No:RESM001

Min. Order:1

Shower Head Automatic Assembly Machine The shower head Assembly Machine is one of important industrial production line in the factory, feeding by vibrating bolws,manipulator Automatic grasping,split turntable rotation,all parts are assembled automatically,increase production, reduce the bad products.The shower head Assembly Machine to the factory bring high efficiency. 1. Machine Function: Manual placement of handle, total 12parts Automatic feeding by vibrating bolws,splitter device driving tur...

Automatic Assembly Machine

Model No:TMYZ16-II

Product Details Basic Specification Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Brand Name Tiema Condition New Model Number TMYZ16-II Color Blue Detail Description General parameter of Machine:   1.Type:Round 2.Outer size:2000×2000mm 3. Running Type : Optoelectricity sensor , rhythm PLC controlled 4. Total Power:About 5KW 5. Air Power:0.5-0.6Mpa 6. Production Capaicty :≤1000pcs/hr 7.The rejection rate of Machine is less than 4% 8. The available range:outer diameter<φ58mm 9. Operation Process:h...

Dropper Bottle Automatic Assembly Machine

Model No:STZ-116

STZ-116 Dropper Bottle Automatic Assembly Machine Product features:l        Automatic assembling of dropper bottle parts(drip chamber,plastic needle,sheath,air plug,filter screen,membrane)l        Film has the function of Automatic punchingl        Airtightness detectionl        Destaticizing on product's surfacel        Automatic glue processl        PLC intelligent operation – and – control systeml        With Automatic detection system, imperfect products will be eliminated by Machine.l      ...

H-Beam Automatic Assembly Machine (easy to operate)

Model No:Z15/18/20

Automatic clamp, centralize the web and flange, align and weld them together. The H beam Automatic Assembly Machine can improve the working efficiency by more one time than manual operation. The main engine drive is controlled by imported AC frequency adjustor to make sure stable and reliable. There is pilot arc device to ensure welding quality and accuracy. Main Features: 1, Equipment structure types: Machinery stationary, workpiece Automatic through; 2, Applicable workpiece specifications: Web...

Marker Pen Automatic Assembly Machine (Intelligent double out)

Model No:JY-400/600

Marker Pen Automatic Assembly Machine(Intelligent double out) Specifications: 1. Specialist maker. 2. For various precision plastic. 3. High speed 4. English display Operation: Automatic Speed: 4000-5400pcs/hour (Intelligent four out: About 12000pcs/hour) Power: Three-phase four-wire 380V/50HZ KVA: Main body1.5 KW Pneumatic: 6-7kg Weight: About 2500kg Dimensions: (Main Body)3.8M× 1.4M× 1.85M(L*W*H)

Heavy Steel H Beam Automatic Assembly Machine

Model No:Z15, Z18, Z28

Features about heavy steel H beam Automatic Assembly machine1.Specially designed for the molding of H beam 2.High assembing speed3.welding process adopt the PLC to realize Automatic control4. Host Controller Driver adopts AC FrequencyInstruction Of heavy steel H beam Automatic Assembly machineFlange,web,clamping,position and Automatic welding process all adopt the PLC to realize Automatic contorl,Host Controller Drive(HCD) adopts AC frequency converter,stable and reliable.Upper pressure beam usi...

Full Automatic Assembly Machine for Middle and Outer Rail

Model No:SMY-13004

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: LYB Model Number: Full Automatic Assembly Machine Contour dimention: 2500*1600*1850mm Power Supply: 220V± 5, Singe-phase, Frequency 50Hz Motor power: 1kw Gas consumption: 20.0L/min Weight: 1000kg Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: Fit for ocean ship Delivery Detail: Within 60 working days Specifications 1. Automatic control 2. Easy operation 3. High efficiency Main features: Assemble the middle rail and outer rail with ball cage a...

Automatic Assembly Machine for trigger sprayer

Delivery Time:60 Days

Specifications Automatic Assembly Machine for trigger sprayer 1.improve the efficienty of processing line. 2.save the labor's cost. Automatic Assembly Machine for trigger sprayer   1.the Assembly speed:55pcs/min 2.Automatic detection and separating of qualified and defective items. 3.Automatic counting display and auto- emergency alarm. 4.only for one size of the components ,among which,the closure between 28-400----28-415 can suits the Machine. 5.the Machine suits different sizes of spanner if ...

Shell and bearing in micromotor Automatic Assembly Machine

Model No:HS-FB00001

Delivery Time:7 Days

Specifications Shell and bearing in micromotor Automatic Assembly Machine touch panel with easy operation adopt brand name high-efficiency   Product Description   shell and bearing in micromotor Automatic assembling Machine     Adv antages: 1.The mechanic parts high-quality steel,with heat treatment which improves working life. 2.It's controlled by touch panel, with easy operation. 3.The electric parts adopts brand name products, with less failure rate and quality assurance.   Model HS-FB00001 P...

Automatic Assembly Machine TH-206H-z1

Model No:TH-206H-Z1

Delivery Time:5 Days

Specifications Cartesian robot, grantry robot-TH-206H-Z1   Automatic Assembly Machine TH-206H-z1   The Cartesian-Gantry construction of these industrial robots allows easy integration over existing automated conveyor products. Cartesian gantry industrial robots are high power servo driven dispensing robots built for durability and high performance. The robot motion is above the work making the gantry robot suitable for in-line conveyor robotic Assembly operations       Selling Points/Focus      ...

GIGA LXC Auto Cardboard Production Line Automatic Assembly Machine For Corrugated

Model No:LXC-320S

Delivery Time:70 Days

Specifications 1,Guideway slippage load-unload 2,Vacuum adsorbable wind comtrol 3,Gimbal transmission 4,Automatic Assembly Machine For Corru LXC-320S(360s) Single Facer        Automatic  Automatic Assembly Machine For Corrugated Desigh Speed:120-200m/min Expiry width:1400mm-2500mm Flute profiles:A/C/B/E etc.available discretionarily Vacuum adsorbable style transmitting cardboard equipment,lxc320s with wind comtrol Uppr-lower corrugating roller seat and whole Machine are designed separately,this ...

Automatic Assembly Machine for wooden frame

Model No:CGZK-2800X800

Delivery Time:10 Days

  Product Description  Automatic Assembly Machine for wooden frame is professional named wooden frame joining Machine with high frequency Machine .   Full Automatic Assembly ,PLC control, human-Machine interface.   Advanced wooden frame Assembly Machine  is instead of the tranditional frame joining Machine with nail ,which need not nails ,only using glue to adhensive wood frame ,the glue is solidified under the pressure with high frequenyc heating ,it is high gluing strength. which is welcome by...

Automatic Assembly Machine Assembly line

Model No:GMS-SML1

    Product: Automatic Assembly Machine Assembly line   Company Information   About Gmee Solar GMEE SOLAR, specializing in turnkey solution for solar module production line, so far has exported machines and production lines to many countries, like Mexico, UK, India, Thailand, Malaysia, US, Japan, Germany, Italy, etc., and continuously gets praise and trust from customers.  With 8+ years of experience in the Solar PV industry, GMEE SOLAR together with its solid parters, has formed a professional ...

Automatic Crimping Machine for Hydraulic Hose Fitting Assembly

Model No:Automatic Crimping Machine for Hydraulic Hose Fitting Assembly

Min. Order:1

Specifications Automatic Crimping Machine for Hydraulic Hose Fitting Assembly 1. Max opening: 120 MM 2. Crimping Range: 6 - 51 mm Automatic Crimping Machine for Hydraulic Hose Fitting Assembly   Technical Feature 1.Buckling range Φ6—Φ51mm 2.Max. buckling force 400T 3.Max opening without dies 80mm 4.Scale accuracy 0.02mm 5.Rated pressure 31.5 MPa 6.Electric power 5ml/rad (380V);  7.Optional Electric power 2.5ml/rad (220V) 8.No. of standard die set 10 sets(6,8,10,13,16,19,22,25,32,38,51mm) 9.Packi...

High-efficiency to be Automatic Screw Assembly Machine

Model No:Screw Assembly Machine

Automatic combination screw Assembly Machine Automatic feeder screw and high speed Assembly Machine, which can auto running with separate screw, transfer screw and screwing process Applications including: appliances, chemical industry, foods, tobacco automotive Improve efficiency, reduce production cost, high reliability and accuracy is it been focused reason Screw feeder consist of vibration plate, screw separator, feeder tube, guide tube Screw has been transferred to feeder tube by vibration p...

IBR Roofing Automatic rolling Machine

Model No:XF30IBR Roofing automatic rolling machine

Min. Order:1

Botou Xianfa Roll Forming Machine Factory Our factory was established in 1996, we are the professional manufactory of roll forming Machine. The main products are trapezoidal sheet roll forming Machine, corrugated sheet roll forming Machine, glazed tile roll forming Machine, double layer roll forming Machine ...... We have passed ISO9001 quality certification and European CE security certificate. Our products have been sold to worldwide, including North/South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and ...

Qt10-15 Fully-Automatic Block Machine Concrete Block

Model No:QT10-15 fully-automatic block machine

√ Almost 20 Years ==√ Factory ==√ Own Technology ==√ ISO&CE ==√ SIEMENS PLC ==√ Touch Screen ==√ Exported Over 50 Countries ==√ Good Quality ==√ Low Price ==√ Hydraulic vibration ==√ Frequency Conversion ==√ Stability & Durability ==√ Easy Operation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QT10-15 fully-Automatic block Machine concrete block: Features of our QT10-15 Fully-Automatic block making Machine 1) The body...

Scrap Paper Automatic baler Machine

Model No:NKW80Q Scrap Paper automatic baler machine

Min. Order:1

(1)Nick Nick Baler+Introduce   -------Waste paper baler Machine also called waste paper baling Machine ,it main used for waste paper ,scrap paper ,cardboard paper ,soft paper ,A4 paper ect. recycling ,most of small or big factory can use it , Automatic Horizontal Baling Press Machine, High Quality  Automatic Horizontal Baling Press Machine, AutomaticBaler For Waste Paper,Nick company produce this Machine main function for reducing transport cost and easy storage ,reduce labor cost . To believe u...

High quality custom made Automatic lathe Machine parts

Model No:automatic lathe machine parts

Min. Order:1

Specifications 1. Automatic lathe Machine parts 2. CMM for quality control 3. ISO 9001: 2008 certified 4. Great team   Product Description Product name: High quality custom made Automatic lathe Machine parts Machining parts ,CNC Machining parts, CNC milling and turning parts , CNC milling parts, C NC lathe turning parts, grinding parts, Assembly service. Specification Item NO. High quality custom made Automatic lathe Machine parts Materials Iron, aluminum, steel, copper, plastic, carbon steel, n...

Vertical and Horizontal Automatic Curved Machine

Model No:Vertical and Horizontal Automatic Curved Machine

Min. Order:1

Vertical and Horizontal Automatic Curved Machine                 

Colorful Sheet Automatic Bending Machine

Model No:Colorful Sheet Automatic Bending Machine

Min. Order:1

Colorful Sheet Automatic Bending Machine   Product Description Machine   Bending Panel Main Technical Specification  Size:4×2×2.3 (m) Weight:about 4 tons Proper profile: according to the panel Proper span without supporters: according to the panel Power: 9KW Bending speed:4m/min Steps: 4-7m Controlling system: PLC (Omron brand) Electrical standard: 380V/50HZ/3phase Product Function This Machine makes smallspan curve for designated profile roof panel. Such curving panel saves roof purlines and st...

Automatic welding Machine -ERW Mill

Model No:automatic welding machine

Min. Order:1

Automatic welding Machine--ERW Pipe Mill     This specification satisfies the Pipe:   dia.19mm-60.3mm,   square pipe: 15X15-50X50mm,   rectangular pipe: 30X15-50X25mm,   thickness 0.8-3.0mm.       To know more details for the ERW Pipe Mill, please see followings: Product Overviews This high frequency welded pipe production line is used to produce round pipes of diameter Φ19mm-Φ60.3mm, square pipe: 15X15-60X60mm, rectangular pipe: 30X15-50X25mm, thickness 1.0-3.0mm. The material is cold and hot r...

High quality new design reasonable price in china alibaba supplier semi-Automatic washing Machine parts

Model No:QDYZ semi-automatic washing machine parts

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications semi-Automatic washing Machine parts 1.220-240V 50/60Hz 2.Copper Wire or Aluminum Wire 3.ISO, CE,CQC 4.OEM   High quality new design reasonable price in china alibaba supplier semi-Automatic washing Machine parts      Product Description The specification of  1.High quality and Reasonable price 2.Lasting durable , long service life 3.High quality service 4.Well and high quality control 5.prompt delivery 6.Different specification of products 7.Standard export carton,of course we ca...

High efficiency Automatic knitting Machine

Model No:Automatic knitting machine--MZX-252Q

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications Automatic knitting Machine 1. CE verified 2. One year warranty 3. Use best component 4. OEM Availabl High efficiency Automatic knitting Machine     Main parameter (Optional):   System: Double system OR Three system and comb device for the customers' option Knitting bed width: 52''  56''  60'' Gauge: 5G,7G,8G,9G,10G,12G,14G and Multiple 3.5.7G     Our Highlight   We select every component with delicate devotion   1. For the Cam, we use LenSing cam, the best one in China   2. For th...

XN-200 Economic standard Automatic packing Machine

Model No:XN-200 automatic packing machine

Specifications Automatic packing Machine 1,fast heat 2,long use life 3,easy operation 4,packing firmly XN-200 Economic standard Automatic packing Machine       The strapping Machine for food, medicine, hardware industries carton packaging, wooden packaging, paper packaging and other small goods automatically packaged bundle   Economic standard Automatic packing Machine parameter       Feature XN-200 strapping Machine (the high-profile economic standard) can be automatically packaged, but the tab...

Full Automatic lollipop Machine

Model No:GD Full automatic lollipop machine

Delivery Time:60 Days

FAQ: Product  Name Full Automatic lollipop Machine Full Automatic lollipop Machine Product  Description  This lollipop depositing line is designed base on the hard candy depositing line, with more than 20 years’ experience of candy depositor fabricating. It is an advanced production equipment which can continuously produce various kinds of star lollipops under a strict sanitary condition.   Technical Parameter      Shipment Full Automatic lollipop Machine Wooden packing  1.Product production is ...

China Automatic lathe Machine

Model No:C5240 automatic lathe machine

Delivery Time:3 Days

Specifications 1 Automatic lathe Machine has CE &ISO 2 hardness HRC45 3 hydrostatic guideway 4 heat treatment 5 centralized lubricating China Automatic lathe Machine parameter   Parameter Unit  C5240 C5263 Max. turning diameter of vertical tool post mm 4000 6300 Working table diameter mm 3200 5600 Max. height of work-piece mm 1600 3150 Max. weight of work-piece t 32 50 Working table range of rotation speed r/min 0.8-40 0.28-21 Working table step of rotation speed step 18 stepless Horizontal ...

Dalian Guofeng Machine Tools Co., Ltd.

Liaoning Zhuanghe city in dalian

5 ply fully Automatic corrugated Machine/carton production line/corrugated box machinery with CE and ISO9001

Model No:5 ply fully automatic corrugated machine

Delivery Time:40 Days

Product Description High Speed 5 ply fully Automatic corrugated Machine/carton production line                       (100% Manufacturer) with CE & ISO9001:2011 Certifized         Mill Roll Stand                 SF-320 Single Facer        Transport Bridge       Thin Blade Slitter Scorer    Flexo Printing Slotting      Double- NC Cut Off                                     On Assembly Site                                   SF-280/320/380 Fingerless Type Single Facer Corrugated Machine         ...

Liquid Type Products Automatic Filling Machine

Model No:ZLDG-8 Liquid Type Products Automatic Filling Machine

Delivery Time:15 Days

Product Name: Liquid Type Products Automatic Filling Machine Chinese Gold Supplier Filling Machinery EquipmentZLDG-8 (CE/ISO/GMP) - Jinan Dongtai   Product Description   MachineAutomatic Filling Machine Model: ZLDG-8  Automatic Filling Machine   Our filling Machine can be customized according your requirment and the following parameters are for reference, so directly contact us, dear ! Let me to give your an intuitive introduction.   Introduction  This Automatic filling Machine is controlled ...

ZDW43J Automatic Uncoiler Machine

Model No:ZDW43J-6*1800 Automatic Uncoiler Machine

Delivery Time:35 Days

Specifications ZDW43J Automatic Uncoiler Machine 1.Automatic sheet feed 2.Smoothness by adjusting screw adjustment 3.ISO9001 certification ZDW43J Automatic Steel Sheet Uncoiler          1.Overview this Machine used to spread the steel coil,leveling and cut to the request size.after manual feed into the leveling Machine,as the cutting size,the unit will finish the leveling and cutting action.   2.Equipment combination 1).decoiler---2.)side guiding unit---3).leveling Machine---4).cutting Machine--...

SB75NC hydraulic metal pipe Automatic bending Machine

Model No:SB75NC automatic bending machine

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications Automatic bending Machine 1Microcomputer control 2High accuracy,robust design 3Steady hydraulic system 4Imported electrics SB75NC hydraulic metal pipe Automatic bending Machine   Main features:    Body by welding, mechanical parts Assembly, import hydraulic system and electronic control.   1. Using the microcomputer control, Automatic bending2. Safety:the emergengcy stop button on the bending arm3. Dialogue operation, easy to study and understand4. Partition hypothesis speed, high...

Xx0329 Sandals and Shoe Assembly Machine

Model No:Xx0329 Sandals and Shoe Assembly Machine

Delivery Time:20 Days

NAME:  Xx0329 Sandals and Shoe Assembly Machine   Features 1. Automatic locking of the last                   2. Centering and fixing of the upper on the locked last.                     3. Upper locking on inflatable cushion                 4. Automatic rotating movement                    5. Automatic side and balancing movement                 6. Strong hammering possibility on ribbon ties after their Assembly     7. Height adjustment of the work position.   Parameter   Dimension 750*900*950m...

bottle Automatic packing Machine

Model No:EC8-100,bottle automatic packing machine

Delivery Time:30 Days

  Product Description     bottle Automatic  packing Machine       Model EC8-100 Bottle type Glass Bottle ,Plastic Bottle,Metal bottle Bottle size 50mm-180mm Filling scope 5ml-2000ml Filling speed 30-60container/min Package accuracy Error<=+_1 Total power 2KW Scope of appliocation Vegetable Can,Liquid Can,Paste Can Dosing Assembly (To select according to individual needs) Filling Machine ,auger weigher,conveyor   This Automatic filling system consist of rotary filling Machine ,weigher,conveyor...

HC-SM 2016 New Type Automatic Slitting Machine

Model No:HC-SM automatic slitting machine

HC-SM 2016 New Type Automatic Slitting Machine   Main functions    1. This band saw slitting Machine is slitting equipment of high precision and high sensitivity, with inflatable bearing used for feeding and receiving materials in this slitting Machine .2. Imported magnetic powder clutch of band saw slitting machineis adopted to control the tension.  3. Imported gas sensitive device of band saw slitting machineis adopted to detect the rectification of rolling, with fully Automatic hydraulic rect...

Laser Equipment Automatic Welding Machine, Optical Fiber Welding Machine

Model No:TY-H20031 Automatic Welding Machine, Optical Fiber Welding Machine

Delivery Time:8 Days

  For SaleLaser Equipment Automatic Welding Machine, Optical Fiber Welding Machine   Taiyi's 4D fiber laser welding Machine can weld many kind of product. For example teapot, shower head, glasses, battery etc product with fast welding speed and perfect welding effect. We produce laser equipment since 2009 year with rich experience and mature technology.More and more customer choose Taiyi. Qaulity is culture, As a honest supplier we never cheat customer. Taiyi have the spirit of quality first and...

Fully Automatic Cap Machine With oversea service

Model No:KYD-N006

Min. Order:1

Fully Automatic Cap Machine With oversea service This Cap Machine is fully autlmatic Machine with oversea service.Applied to the hotel,hospital,and so on.This Machine has high quality and high reputation.Are sold to Europe Asia..And the Machine size is 3200*960*1630mm.The yield of this Machine is as much as 60 pcs/min. Machine size 3200*960*1630MM Yield 60 pcs/min Machine weight 550KG Voltage 220V Power3.3 3.3KW Pressure 6kg/cm² Fuselage material Aluminium alloy Control mode PLC Detection mode ...

Automatic I.V Flow Regulator Assembly Machine

Model No:QZ-014

Min. Order:1

This Flow Regulator Assembly Machine is a kind of Automatic Assembly Machine for I.V Flow Regulator. Actually it is also widely used for all kinds of medical product assembling such as for infusion set, blood transfusion set, medical 2-part, 3-part, 4-part, or 5-part or medical regulator assembling etc. It is the latest pneumatic Assembly Machine with vibration material hopper, can assemble various body and scroll wheel of infusion flow regulator, especially solve the problem that several regula...
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