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Pharmacetical grade Artificial Joints use Hydroxyapatite 99% reliable supplier

Model No:Hydroxyapatite (HAP)

Product Introduction                                                                                                                                     Nano Hydroxyapatite is a raw-materials for medical, cosmetic, especially as an new bone substitutes. Now as the biggest producer and supplier of China, our nano hydroxyapatite presents the high quantity, more types for different applications. As raw-materials for medical, it meets the requirements of ASTM F1185 and ISO 13779. Now we have seven t...

Lubricant - China Export Customs Data

Model No:China Export Trade Data

Lubricant - China Export Customs Data Information about Lubricant A lubricant is a substance introduced to reduce friction between surfaces in mutual contact, which ultimately reduces the heat generated when the surfaces move. It may also have the function of transmitting forces, transporting foreign particles, or heating or cooling the surfaces. The property of reducing friction is known as lubricity. In addition to industrial applications, lubricants are used for many other purposes. Other use...

99% Alumina Ceramic Sheet with Electric Insulation

Model No:customized

Min. Order:10

Product Description: 99% Alumina Ceramic Sheet with Electric Insulation Alumina ceramics are also called precision ceramics, special ceramics, or high - tech ceramics. It is a highly selected material which is produced by a special manufacturing process and can accurately control the chemical composition and excellent properties of ceramics. At present, alumina ceramics are mainly used in high-tech and cutting-edge industries, such as microelectronics, nuclear reactors, aerospace, magnetic fluid...

Medical sterilizers sales prices

Medical sterilizers sales prices 1.Medical sterilizers:The plasma sterilization indicator card is made of thermal sensitive chemical substances,color developing agents and auxiliary materials.The ink is printed on special paper jams printed with standard color blocks(beige or yellow).Above, the indicator color block(grass green)is displayed.Hydrogen peroxide is used to make the sterilizer reach the required temperature,and it acts for a specified time to indicate that the color block changes fro...

UHMWPE idler puller

Model No:parts-04

Min. Order:2000

Port, ship machinery: ship parts, side rollers, wear resistant blocks and other parts for bridge cranes; General machinery: various gears, bearing shells, bushings, sliding plates, guide bodies, elastic couplings, rollers, riding wheels, sliding parts of lifting platform; Stationery: soak snow lining, power sled, skating rink pavement, skating rink protection frame; Medical supplies: rectangular outer material parts, Artificial Joints, Artificial limbs etc..

Full Solid Zirconia Ideal for Posteriors

Model No:AC010

Min. Order:1

Name: Full solid zirconia ideal for posteriors Description: The material used for dental zirconia is made using a powder that possesses crystalline properties. This makes it sturdy and durabel. The strength of the crown determines how long will it support you and reduce your trips to the dentist. As we have already seen that the Zirconia is made using a strong material that makes them unbreakable and strong enough to bear all kinds of wear and tear. Zirconia is a material that does not cause any...

Mega Dental Lab

Guangdong Shenzhen

High Quality Titanium Disc with ASTM B381

Min. Order:10

Titanium Disc Application Area 1.Being good anti-corrosion, high specific strength, high thermal stability materials, titanium and titanium-alloy are applied more and more in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy industry and sea engineering today. 2.Titanium and its alloys have been widely used as Artificial Joints materials because of their high specific strength, good corrosion resistance and excellent biocompatibility. Product Introduction Grade: gr1,gr2,gr3,gr5,gr7,gr9,gr12 GR23 or can be custom...

Series of carbon fiber tubes

Model No:ZD-15

Carbon fiber products are with high specific strength, good x-rays penetration , and good biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, wear resistant. They are used for medical purposes for Artificial bone, Artificial Joints, prostheses and so on. They are used for infrastructure construction and building materials, electronics, communication equipment, sports equipment and so on. Features: 1, light weight, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high elasticity, el...

Hot Sale colorful UHMW-PE /PE sheet/plate

Model No: SFY04

Min. Order:500

Introduction: UHMWPE is polyethylene with a molecular weight numbering in the millions, usually between 3.1 and 5.67 million. The high molecular weight makes it a very tough material, but results in less efficient packing of the chains into the crystal structure as evidenced by densities of less than high density polyethylene (for example, 0.930-0.935 g/cm3). UHMWPE can be made through any catalyst technology, although Ziegler catalysts are most common. Because of its outstanding toughness and i...

Hot Sale UHMWPE sheet/plate

Model No:SFY1

Min. Order:1

Introduction: UHMWPE is polyethylene with a molecular weight numbering in the millions, usually between 3.1 and 5.67 million. The high molecular weight makes it a very tough material, but results in less efficient packing of the chains into the crystal structure as evidenced by densities of less than high density polyethylene (for example, 0.930-0.935 g/cm3). UHMWPE can be made through any catalyst technology, although Ziegler catalysts are most common. Because of its outstanding toughness and i...


Model No:Skived

Product Description Descriptions of UHMWPE sheet:UHMW, short for Ultra High Molecular Weight, is often referred to as the world toughest polymer. Reinforced Ultra-high-molecular weight Polythene Board is a type of thermo-plastic, which combines the advantage characteristics of all types of plastic, featuring in the excellence of withstanding wear and tear, resisting impact and chemical corrosion, self-lubricating, working against low temperature, being low in abrasion loss, light in weight, abso...

UHMW-PE parts

Model No:All kinds

Min. Order:1

Specifications 1.Very heigh wear resistance 2.Good chemical resistance UHMW-PE  Property: ·        Very heigh wear resistance ·        very high impact resistance ·        Very low coefficient of friction ·        Good self-lubrication ·        Good low temperature resistance ·        Gook chemical resistance ·        Excellent electrical insulating porperties      Industry Application  Mining industry :manufacturing of Artificial slot installing liner,flashboard,chain board,vibration sieve plat...

HZRS130 Reversible Earth Plate Compactor

Model No:HZR130

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications Earth Compactor 1.Hydraulic control. 2. Step-less adjusting of walk speed. 3. Frequency over 5400T/min. 4. Motor, HondaGX160 HZR130 Reversible Earth Plate Compactor Functional Description Apply to Highway maintenance, Road pit repairing , Hot or cold asphalt fill  material compaction. Highway Subbase and Base paving construction, screed paver or both sides of the region Local compaction, treatment of Artificial Joints. Reprovision of water spray devices, to maintain the optimum mo...

DHS Goose Head Screw Plate

Model No:Orthopedic Bone Fracture Femoral Neck Fixtation System Goose Head DHS

Delivery Time:2 Days

     Searching for Thailand argent urgently bcs of 2015 Sep Medical Fair!!!                  Main Products Series:  1.Trauma Products   (Skull,Spine,Plates,Locking Plates,Locking,Intradullary nail series etc.)  2.Medical bone drill&saw  3.External Fixators  4.Artificial Joints products           supported with 20 years experience as manufacture with unique advantage       Product Name:  90 degree DCS Goose Head Screws Plate    Products Details: Product Name Product No. Holes Length*width Goo...

High Quality solid HDPE Sheet can be customized, polyethylene Product Sheets


Delivery Time:10 Days

Product Description Can be made according to your design drawing you want. Advantage 1,Good abrasion resistance2,Good lowtemperature impact resistance, not even when you are in - 180 degrees embrittlement3,Good electrical properties, low water absorption 4,High impact strength, good toughness, it is ordinary polyethylene 200 times5,The weight is light, non-toxic health6,Resistance to chemical corrosion, good comprehensive mechanical energy, can be widely used industrial mining  area, etc Applica...

slide plastic rail guider/track rail guide

Model No:XXJH023

Delivery Time:15 Days

slide plastic rail guider/track rail guide   Product Description      The property of UHMWPE guide chain: 1,Highest abrasion resistance of any polymer 2,Outstanding impact strength 3,Intricate parts, Cost efficient, Improved performance 4,Self-lubricating material 5,Light weight, Low tooling cost, Non-toxic 6,Sound dampening properties and Good chemical resistance.     Features of UHMW PE Guide Product:   (1)Health, non-toxic, food contact and medicines. (2)Having high impact energy absorption, ...

CNC milling UHMWPE guide

Model No:UP-E guide

Delivery Time:2 Days

Specifications CNC milling UHMW-PE guide 1.wear-resistance 2.corrosion-resistance 3.self-lubrication 4.Exact size Product Features (1) abrasion highest plastic, seven times higher than carbon steel, four times higher than PTFE. (2) Impact strength plastic in the first column, 2 times higher than that of polycarbonate, 5 times higher than ABS. (3) self-lubricating performance equivalent to F4, add the oil than steel and brass after high lubricity. (4) Corrosion resistance: at a certain temperatur...

light weight titanium rod

Model No:Ti-6Al-7Nb

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications 1,titanium bar 2,ASTM F136,2063,1713,1295 3,0.8-65mm 4,MOQ:10KG 5,can be customized   Product Description    1.    Product details: Item Titanium  Bar /Rod Type GR1, GR2, GR3, GR4, GR5, 6AL4V Eli, GR7, GR9, GR12, GR23 TB3, TB6, TC4, TC6, TC11, TC17, TC18 Standard ASTM B348, ASTM F67, ASTM F136, ISO5832-2, ISO5832-3, AMS 4928, AMS 4930, ASTM F1295, ASTM F1713, MIL-T-9047 Specification Dia0.8--100mm × Length≤4000mm Payment T/T, L/C at sight, as your inquiry Certificate ISO 9001:2008...

Medical implant Ti 6Al 4V titanium bar

Model No:QTA-439

Titanium bar Grade Manufacturing state Diemeter (mm) Standard Gr1  Gr2Gr3 Gr4 Gr6 Gr7Gr12     Gr2 Gr3Gr4 Gr5Gr6 Gr7  (1) hot-forginghot-presshot-rolled(2)hot-foging+machine(grind)hot-press+machine(grind)hot-rolled+machine(grind)   (3)clod-rollingcold- drawing  (1) R (2) Y(3) M (1)hot-forging 8~230  (2 )hot-press  15~18hot-rolled  8~120 ( 3)clod-rollingcold-drawingφ8~20       ASTM B348   Medical titanium bar Grade Size(mm) state Standard Gr5(Ti 6Al 4V) Φ2~Φ4 X L polishing  GB/T13810-2007ASTM F136...

Ultra High Molecular Weight UHMWPE Sheet

Ultra High Molecular Weight UHMWPE Sheet Product Description About Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW, UHMWPE) is a thermoplastic characterised by long molecular chains and high resistance to cut, wear and chemical corrosion. Its extremely long molecular chains – with molecular weight ranging between 3.1 and 5.67 million – give it the ability to withstand high impact and extreme load. Used where strength and durability are especially important...

China plastic manufacturing from jinhang

Model No:JH-US(J001)

Delivery Time:10 Days

  Product Description Product details                                                                                           Product Name  : Export uhmw plastic sheet Material introduction: Ultra high molecular weight  sheet ,also called uhmw sheet is the molecular weight of greater than 1.5 million engineering thermoplastics. Uhmw plastic having a molecular chain length is 10-20 times of high density polyethylene, a longer molecular chain (higher molecular weight) gives the major advantage o...

4000 Dtex Artificial Grass Landscape Soft Durable

  4000 DTEX Artificial Grass Landscape Soft Durable   Description: 1, on the movement of the ankle, knee, waist smaller Joints of the impact and reduce injuries and ensure the safety of movement. 2, the lawn has a good rotation, elastic characteristics, excellent grip strength and buffer performance, the use of suitable frequency. 3, breathable, good water, pavement and maintenance extremely simple. 4, increase the green space, improve space utilization, and look around the charity day. Applicat...

Artificial Grass Installation Tools Turf Fix , Turf Clutch

Model No:Turf Fix

Min. Order:1

Artificial Grass Installation Tools Turf Fix , Turf Clutch Description: Turf Clutch for fix the Joints of Artificial grass strips while glueing..

Thiolon PE Green Artificial Sports Pitch for Artificial Tur

Model No:MSPRO-50(Thiolon)

Min. Order:1

Thiolon PE Green Artificial Sports Pitch for Artificial Turf Football / Soccer , Balcony Descrition: 1, effective way to avoid sports injuries, green lawn of Austrian football can provide adequate buffer, the effective prevention of skin burns when players fall or scratch to avoid damage to the Joints. 2, the ball movement to ensure ideal. Rolling, and the ball can rebound to reach the standards of natural turf sports. 3, all-weather use. 4, wear-resistant, long service life. Particularly suitab...

Wear-Resistant Bonar/8800 DTEX Artificial Turf Football for


Min. Order:1

Wear-Resistant Bonar Composite Base Cloth Artificial Turf Football for Children Playground Descrition: 1, effective way to avoid sports injuries, green lawn of Austrian football can provide adequate buffer, the effective prevention of skin burns when players fall or scratch to avoid damage to the Joints. 2, the ball movement to ensure ideal. Rolling, and the ball can rebound to reach the standards of natural turf sports. 3, all-weather use. 4, wear-resistant, long service life. Particularly suit...

Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Model No:Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Artificial grass for landscapingLoading port: FOB Zhangjiagang, FOB ShanghaiWarranty: 6-8 yearsDelivery: 7-20 daysPackage: Black PP Cloth Width :2m/4m,Length:20-70m,can adjust according to customer's request.Application: Playground, gymnasium, hotel, parks, pet house, Badminton, tennis court, basketball, baseball, volleyball, rugby field, football field, soccer field, golf course, any place that needs grass decorationCertificationSGS anti-UV test, SGS heavy metal test, CTA certificate, ISO9001, ...

Artificial Marble Engineered Quartz Stone Slabs for Countertop and Floor

Model No:artificial marble

Material name: Artificial marbleArtificial stone slab1)Seamless Joints, non-porous surface2)Toughness Well, easy to process3)Wear-resistant, durableWe supply various kinds of aritficial marble in White, Beige, Yellow, red, Green, Pink, Gray, Brown, Black color etc.Size: 3200*1600, 3000*1400, 3000*1200, 2400*1200 (mm)Container Loadability:For 12mm thickness, 1x20'ft container can Load quartz stone 175 slabs.For 15mm thickness, 1x20'ft container can Load quartz stone 140 slabs.For 20mm thickness, ...

Artificial Quartz Stone for Kitchen Countertop&Bathroom Vanity Top

Model No:YY-Artificial quartz stone-3

Product Description Product name:Artificial Quartz Stone for kitchen Countertop&bathroom vanity topWe can provide you with all kinds of Artificial Quartz Stone kitchen Countertop and bathroom vanity top,all kinds of Artificial Quartz Stone colors are available, white Quartz Stone,black Quartz Stone,beige quartz stone,grey quartz stone, red quartz stone,blue quartz stone,brown quarz stone,yellow quarz stone etc.We have many advances of producing Artificial Quartz Stone kitchen counterop and b...

solid surface black Artificial stone

Model No:LE8128

Specifications countertop 1)Seamless Joints,non-porous surface 2)Toughness Well,easy to process 3)Wear-resistant,durable solid surface black Artificial stone   Specification Length: 2440mm, 3050mm, 3680mm (Max: 3680mm) Width: 760mm (Max:900mm) Thickness: 6mm ~30mm (Max:30mm, Min:6mm) Standard Size:  2440*760mm , 3050*760mm,3680*760mm Various Colours: about 150colours, colors from Corian ,hi-macs,staron are also available. Colors and sizes from clients are welcomed !   Features * Joint invisible,...

landscaping Artificial grass for garden decoration

Model No:landscaping artificial grass

                                        landscaping Artificial grass world is green,                  And we make every effort to keep the world green.    New style Artificial lawn for garden  Product name Artificial grass, Artificial turf, synthetic grass, rubber floor, EPDM rubber, synthetic turf, Artificial lawn, synthetic lawn,fake grass Model    L Specification Pile height 20mm Gauge 5/8 Density (e.g.200stitches/m) 21000 Detex 11000 Color  Field/apple green Backing PP + Net + SBR glue Roll ...

Artificial grass Dtex8800 PE fibrillated yarn Artificial grass for soccer

Model No:DS-50 artificial grass

Delivery Time:30 Days

Specifications Artificial grass Artificial grass for soccer Pile height:50mm aitificial grass Stitch :20/10cm Artificial grass   Artificial grass Artificial grass for football Brand LVYIN Model  GPE- 50 Yarn type PE Dtex 8800 Pile height 50mm Stitcth rate 20 stitches/10cm Gauge 3/4'' Color Emerald green &  Olive green Backing BonarPP138g+non_woven 100g±5% Coating SBR latex Application Football  UV stability DIN53887≥6000hr  Color fastness DIN54004 scale 7                      ...

Jacquard Artificial Faux Fur

Model No:Jacquard Artificial Fur

Min. Order:1000

Plush Factory offers an expanded range of services using the highest safety specifications for ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) or private label. packed by rolls; one roll to one poly bag and woven bag; paper tube inside the roll; can do as per buyers' specific requirements. Shipment for bulk orders by FCL or LCL;Shipment for samples by courier. specialized in the baby and kids plush products. With over 20 years of manufacturing and exporting experience, we have set up a reliable team to serv...

Artificial Leather Production Line

Model No:YF-PVC/PU Artificial Leather Production Line

Min. Order:1

1. Product Decription of PVC/PU Artificial Leather Production Line . a. Product Name: PVC/PU Artificial Leather b. Product Raw Material : PVC/PU c. Product Characteristic : Wrinkle free, Dirty free, Water proof, Oil resistance, light weight, Uniformity and resilience d. Products Application: Shoes Lining leather Cloth lining leather, luggage lining leather 2. PVC/PU Artificial Leather Production Line Process. Bale-opener→ Pre-opener →Big cabinet blender →Main opener→ Vibrating fiber...

8mm Artificial Grass For Garden

Min. Order:100

Leveraging over the skills of our qualified team of professionals, we are instrumental in offering a wide range of Garden Artificial Grass.The base surface will have to uniform and hard. It cannot be installed over an existing grass surface as that would make the Sun Turf (Artificial Grasses) dimensionally unstable and, due to the uneven nature of the base, the Joints would also show. Hence the important requirement of a level base surface.We have the knowledge and skills to advise you on each s...

The low cost and basketball green Artificial Grass

Model No:artificial grass-1

Min. Order:1

The low cost and basketball green Artificial Grass The basketball green Artificial grass a natural, grass-like look with soft and pleasing grass-like feel-----Providing comfort and safety of the player, reduce skin friction, skin abrasion. The basketball green Artificial grass High UV-resistance and temperature stability -----Superior durability, anti-aging and offers a high level of protection against wear. The basketball green Artificial grass Low maintenance/reduced maintenance cost -----No ...

Nonfilling High Density Anti-UV Soccer Artificial Lawn

Model No:SElite-20

Min. Order:500

Soccer Artificial Lawn Nonfilling Soccer Artificial Lawn / Advantages: 1)Nonfilling Football Grass good relations between price and quality, we produce the PU backing by oursleves, it save much cost for you and us. 2)Super durable and comfortable touch feeling. 3)Safety for playing: it effectively reduces Europe and America the shock to the Joints and ankles, protecting players from sports injury 4)Nonfilling Soccer Artificial Lawn High wear-resistance. High UV-resistance: strong color-fas...

Artificial mica sheet

Model No:Artificial mica sheet 10mmx10mmx0.2mm

About Fluorocrystalline Mica Fluorocrystalline mica, also known as fluorphlogopite mica, synthetic mica, Artificial mica, synthetic mica crystal, belongs to the silicate type Artificial mica crystal, is under the high temperature condition of 1500°C, through strict process conditions and material ratio, in platinum The mica crystals smelted in the yttrium have a chemical formula of KMg3(AISi3O10)F2(OH)-, and do not contain (OH)-. The (OH)-hydroxyl group is replaced by F-(fluoro), which is simila...

European design home office decoration Artificial flower

Model No:Artificial flower

Min. Order:100

European design home office decoration Artificial flower Specification 1. Name: Artificial flower 2. Usage: Home decoration / Festival / Wedding / Party 3. Material: Silk+iron+plastic 4. Colors Various color for choose as below showed or customized 5. Applicant for house, hotel, office decoration. 6. Can match as user need.

Artificial Quartz Tiles for Floor

Model No:KKR-Quartz

Artificial Quartz Stone Main Features: 1: high hardness, super wear resistant 2: unlimited variety of colors, style originality 3: antimicrobial, protect environment, cleanliness 4: no radiation, no harm 5: acid-resistant alkali’s performance 6: high temperature performance. 7: processing performance Our Standard Size: Length: 3000mm, 3200mm Width: 1200mm,1400mm,1500mm,1600mm Thickness: 12mm ~30mm Standard Size: 3000*1200mm, 3000*1400mm, 3000*1500mm ,3200*1600mm Welcome Customize Size!!!...

Artificial stone white star quartz stone

Model No:Artificial stone white star quartz stone

Quick Details Type: Artificial Stone Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Staraok-Artificial stone Model Number: AFQ-P001 Stone Form: Tile Stone Name: Artificial stone Artificial Stone Type: Crystallized Glass Stone Item: Newstar Artificial stone Series: Artificial stone Surface: Polished usage: Artificial stone wall, countertop... Style 1: Artificial Marble Style 2: Artificial Quartze Style 3: Artificial Onyx Style 4: Semi Precious Size 1: slab 1200*2400mm Size 2: tile, have ...
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