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Fish Feed Aquatic Fertilizer Sodium Humate With High Quality

Model No:CXKJ-003

Delivery Time:7 Days

           Fish Feed Aquatic Fertilizer Sodium Humate With High Quality     What's the sodium humate?  Sodium humate has the prominent property to absorb toxins, which decide this product is naturally an important feed additive to poultryand fish, It also can be applied in a great number of fields, such as in the removal of toxic metals from wastewater or as a mud adjuster in oil drilling.   What's the specification of sodium humate? Name  Sodium Humate High Water Soluble Sodium Humate Appearanc...

Biological Plant Growth Promoter Fulvic Humic Acid Used

Model No:NW-FA1102

Min. Order:100

Biological Plant Growth Promoter Fulvic Humic Acid Used The product integration were the three major advantages of performance, price, indisputably the best alternative coalification fulvic potassium, the product co-dissolved in water, acid and alkali, anti-divalent cation, with trace elements and a large number of elements dissolved compound, not floc Shen, can be directly applied, also can be used as Fertilizer, water flush Fertilizer and organic Fertilizer, insecticide and Fertilizer, fertili...

Balance Fertilizer NPK Triple 20

Model No:Compound fertilizer

Min. Order:20

Additional Info Packaging: <10KG bag Productivity: 8000MT each month Brand: MONBAND Transportation: Ocean Place of Origin: Hebei,China Supply Ability: 5000MT each month Certificate: ISO, SGS, BV, INTERTEK, CIQ,REACH Product Description Best price NPK 20-20-20 With Beautiful Color Monband Water Soluble Fertilizer Co.,ltd is the only one company in the name of " water soluble Fertilizer". We are specialized in water soluble fertilizers including water soluble NPK, MAP12-61-00, Calcium Nitrate,...

Fertilizer Grade 98% Zinc Sulphate

Model No:98% Granular Fertilizer Grade CAS NO.

Product Description Fertilizer Grade 98% Zinc Sulphate 1. CAS No.: 7733-02-0 2. EINECS No.: 231-793-3 3. We'r manufacturer 4. Appearance: White powder or granule 5. Factory direct supply with competitive price 6. Free sample 7. Delivery detail: Within 1 week after sales confirmation 8. Property: Zinc Sulphate is Colorless, orthorhombic system, prism crystal, its relative density is 1.957 and melting point is 100, easily soluble in water (it is in the state of 96.5g/100ml water at 20 and in the s...

Nitrogen Fertilizer Ammonium Sulphate Granular

Model No:Fertilizer for agriculture

Delivery Time:7 Days

Granular 21% Ammonium Sulphate  Ammonium sulphate is one of the most widely used nitrogen fertilizers.  Ammonium sulphate  provides an equal balance of nitrogen and sulphur and can make crops thrive and improve fruit quality and yield and  also strengthen resistance to disaster .  Ammonium sulphate is the best fast releasing, quick acting and  can be used directly for a wide range of soil and crops, and also as seed fertilizers, base Fertilizer and additional Fertilizer.    2)Specifications:  Ni...

npk Fertilizer

Model No:Monband fertilizer

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications Fertilizer npk +TE Unique combination of vitamin and RE can improve the enzyme activity and improve the quality of the fruit Products features Service object of this product: high-class growers whose goal are extremely high both in yield and quality. The formula of this products is introduced from the most advanced international import products and added with unique addictives and TE bags(various microelement mixed scientifically according to the need of the crop  ) .That makes th...

Aquatic feed packaging pp woven bag with bopp film laminated

Model No:Customized aquatic feed packaging pp woven bag

Delivery Time:15 Days

Product Description Aquatic feed packaging pp woven bag The secret of how to keep animal feed at its best? The packaging – you know that better than anyone. ZC Packaging is pleased to support you in choosing the right packaging for your product. Whether we are talking about dog food or horse feed, there is always a consumer packaging and bulk packaging for animal feed that meets your requirements. Packaging and packaging systems can make your production process more efficient and increase your r...

npk complex Fertilizer 28-28-0 granule high quality low price

Model No:Compound Fertilizer

MS. hedy liu   SHANDONG LVFENG Fertilizer CO.,LTD MOBILE: +86-133-7068-3233     wechet: hello-hedy2014   QQ: 1351709289                         SKYPE: hedy198312 line: hedy2015   Company Information       Product Description   SHANDONG LVFENG Fertilizer CO.,LIMITED     NPK is kind of Fertilizer containing two or three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.      high N series for start stage and some vegetables like spinach and cabbage.      high P series for appling after transplanting ...

UN 1005 Singapore Market Fertilizer Grade Liquid Ammonia

Model No:Fertilizer-1

Min. Order:12

UN 1005 Singapore Market Fertilizer Grade Liquid Ammonia 1. Commodity: liquid ammonia Fertilizer grade 2. Purity: ≥99.6% 3. Appearance: clear, colorless liquid or gas 4. Packaging Detail: 800L gas cylinder 5. Certificate: ISO 9001:2008 Ammonia is used in the production of fertilizers, explosives and polymers. Additional applications include DeNOx(pollution control), heat treatment, water treatment, chemical processing, and refrigeration applications. Industrial Applications Refrigeration: Due to...

AQUA/05 Natural Algae Fertilizer

Model No:AQUA/05

Min. Order:1

PANGOO Algal Fertilizer supply nutritions for benefit algae`s growth. Give the necessary natural nutritions for pond water. In China, There is an expression in China: No fish are in the much cleaning water. The ecological balance of water quality is what the fish need. PANGOO Algal Fertilizer don't supply only nutritions for benefit algae, but also save conditions and keep the ecological balance of the water. Such like: Strongly promote the organic matter changing to algae Fertilizer; Promote t...

Frozen Food And Fertilizer 500/1S Vacuum Packer

Model No:500/1S Tilt

Min. Order:1

Frozen Food And Fertilizer 500/1S Vacuum Packer Introduction Frozen Food And Fertilizer 500/1S Vacuum Packer is Plastic Toy Special Packer Machine. It is Cream Series Food Vacuum Packing Machine. It is also Cream Chocolate Vacuum Packing Machine. The tilt type packing machine for Aquatic products is suitable for Aquatic products, vegetable, cutting chicken and meat, quick frozen food, by products, exporting poultry products, etc. It can tilt four angles: 0o , 10o, 20o, 30o . It can satisfy all...

Dicyandiamide DCDA Dicyandiamide Compound Fertilizer

Model No:Dicyandiamide fertilizer

Min. Order:1

Dicyandiamide Fertilizer.Dicyandiamide compound Fertilizer can control the activity of nitrifying bacteria, regulate the transformation speed of nitrogen Fertilizer in soil, reduce the loss of nitrogen and improve the efficiency of Fertilizer application. As a raw material for guanidine and guanamine. A variety of guanidine salts can be produced by the reaction of dicyandiamide with acid. The reaction of dicyandiamide and benzonitrile to phenylated guanamine.It can be paint.laminated wood or In...

Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Model No:Liquid Fertilizer

Functional Organic Liquid FertilizerIt depends on Amino acid free in naturem Seaweed acid, Fulvic acid, complex N, P, K and many secondary and micro elements and has functions of easy absorbing, fast transfer, root inducing, improve root activity, improve soil aggregate, promote crop growth, improve yield and quality, enhance resistance etc.Characteristics:High content of Amino acid free in nature, can be absorbed and used directly, promote physiology metabolizing, enhance crop resistance, preve...

Foliar Fertilizer for Cashew

Model No:Foliar Fertilizer

Features:   * Rapid effect. The absorption of leaves is one time faster than roots, and it does not need transport to leaves     for foliar Fertilizer.   * High utilization. Compare with Soil Fertilizer, The utilization is more than 2 times for NPK, 3 times for Zn     and 8 times for B.  * Necessary elements for cashew growth during flowering period.  * Reduce the occurrence of diseases.  * Increase yield about 200KG/ha and Improve quality of cashew nuts. Usage:  *1 drum / ha.  *Dilute 1500 time...

2013 New PP Woven Bag for Packing Fertilizer

Model No:fertilizer bag

PP woven bag, woven bag, BOPP bag, Fertilizer bag 1)Material: 100% new PP, environmentally friendly 2)Different dimensions available 3)With or without inner bag 4)Customer design and logo available 5)Widely used for the packaging of rice, sugar, wheat, corn, flour, chemical products, cement, animal feed and so on.

Nitrogen Calcium Fertilizer

Model No:Fertilizer Grade

It is new nitrogenous and calcareous Fertilizer with high efficiency & quickly make-up nitrogen, applied in greenhouse/farmland. Calcium Nitrate (Calcium Ammonium Nitrate) (15.5-0-0 Ca: 19) Molecular Formula: 5Ca(NO3)2. NH4NO3.10H2O Molecular weight: 1080.71 Property: It is white granular and easily soluble in water. Applications: It is a new nitrogenous and calcareous Fertilizer with characteristics of high efficiency and quickly make-up Nitrogen, applied in greenhouse and large-area farmla...

2013 Newest Organic Fertilizer Animal Feed Pellet Machine for Poultry Vp-200

Model No:VP-200

2013 Newest organic Fertilizer animal feed pellet machine for poultry VP-200 Using scope of feed pellet machine: 1. Producing granule fuel, ball type organic Fertilizer, biomass organic Fertilizer of even and slippery granule with higher density and good fluidness; 2. Widely used in granule forming of breeding plant, feeding stuff plant and many industry such as brewage, refine sugar, paper making, medicine, tobacco, etc. And it is the ideal equipments of biomass organic Fertilizer producing ent...

100% Water Soluble Seaweed Extract Flake Fertilizer

Model No:seaweed fertilizer(Seaweed Extract Flake )

100% water soluble seaweed extract flake. Seaweed organic Fertilizer. Used by Spraying and irrigation / fertigation, or added to other fertilizers.Product character:Black or brown flake, water soluble, pH=8-10Main ingredient:Alginic Acid: 8-15%, organic matter≥ 50%, N≥ 0.5%, P2O5≥ 3.0%, K2O: 18-22%, much secondary element and microelements, cytokinin, betaine, vitamin, trehalase, amino acid.Efficacy:Improve crop's quality, enhance resistance of crops, induce plants to enhance resistance to disea...

High Productivity Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Model No:fertilizer product line

10000-200000T per annum none-drying compound Fertilizer product line We have many kinds of Fertilizer equipment lines, just like NPK compound Fertilizer production line, urea melt spraying granulation equipments line, high-efficiency compound (mix) Fertilizer equipments line, the Bulk Blending Fertilizer (BB Fertilizer) equipment line, Organic Fertilizer production line, and other Fertilizer production lines, no matter what kinds of Fertilizer production lines you want, please contact us freely,...

Bio Fermentation/Bio Fermenter/Bio Fertilizer Fermenter

Model No:bio fermentation/bio fermenter/bio fertilizer ferm

Product Description Specifications 100-10000L stainless steel bio fermentation with condensor/ 100-10000L stainless steel bio fermenter with condensor/ 100-10000L stainless steel bio Fertilizer fermenter with condensor Good quality Reasonable price Fast deliver 100-10000L stainless steel bio fermentation with condensor We supply all types and sizes of tanks to various processing industries. Some of these processing industries include food, beverage, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical...

Agriculture Fertilizer Ammonium Sulphate N21%

Model No:Nitrogen Fertilizer

Ammonium Sulfate 1). Property: Colorless crystal or white crystalline powder, white granular 2). Specification: ( National Standard GB535-1995) Note: When ammonium sulfate is used in agriculture, it is not necessary to check the content of Fe, As, heavy metal and water insolubles. 3). Packing: 25kg or 50kg pp bags, pallet available, depend on custmer requirement 4). Application: Mainly used as Fertilizer, applicable to all kinds of soil and crop. Can also be used in textile, leather, medicine, e...

NPK Fertilizer 17-17-17

Model No:Fertilizer

Product Description Specifications N: 17+-1.5% P: 17+-1.5% K: 17+-1.5% Total content: 51%Min Moisture 2.0% MAX Company: Roots date back to 1999. Professional manufacturer and exporter of Fertilizer in China Main products: Prilled Urea, Granular Urea, DAP, MAP, NPK, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Ammonium Chloride, Ammonium Sulphate, Megnesium Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate, etc. More than 10, 000 square meters facility area. Located near Qingdao Port which is base port of China. Advantages: Good Quality control...

Zinc Sulphate Mono & Hepta (ZnSO4) (Fertilizer & Industrial grade)

Model No:Fertilizer & Industial Grade

Zinc Sulfate, 7-Hydrate Synonyms: Sulfuric acid, zinc salt (1: 1) monohydrate; Zinc vitriol, monohydrate; Zinc sulfate, heptahydrate CAS No.: 7446-20-0 Chemical Formula: ZnSO4.7H2O Zinc Sulfate, 1-Hydrate Synonyms: Sulfuric acid, zinc salt (1: 1) monohydrate; Zinc vitriol, monohydrate; Zinc sulfate, heptahydrate CAS No.: 7733-02-0 Chemical Formula: ZnSO4.1H2O Zinc Sulphate Mono Feed Grade Appearance: White powder or granular Purity: 98%min Zn: 35%min Packing in 25kg/1000kg PP bag and 26MT/FCL ma...

Monopotassium Phosphate MKP as Fertilizer

Model No:Monopotassium phosphate MKP as fertilizer

Formula: KH2PO4 MW: 136.09 Executive Standard: HG2321-92 Quality: Colorless crystal of white crystal powder. Dissolve in water, Aqueous solution is acidity. Doesn't dissolve in alcohol. Usage: As high-efficient phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) compound Fertilizer for soil and crops. Package: 25kg in plastic paper bag. Transport: By train, truck and vessel, etc.      

New design hot sale high quality cheapes Interesting Aquatic Park Ride Shark Island

Model No:Interesting Aquatic Park Ride

Min. Order:1

Specifications Interesting Aquatic Park Ride 1.direct manufacture 2.vivid and beautiful design 3.exported to many countries 4.CE ISO BV Interesting Aquatic Park Ride Shark Island 1.Description   The shark island is also called fighting on the island. It is a new designed rotary type amusement equipment, the capacity is 24 passenger, the passenger can use the water gun to shoot the target. When the target is shot, the animal will make all kinds of funy action. Suh as hands up, spraying water, sha...

organic Fertilizer crushing plant at low price

Model No:BSFS series organic fertilizer crushing plant

Min. Order:1

Specifications 1.Crush organic manure Fertilizer 2.Long service life organic Fertilizer crushing plant 3.Low input and high income.   Product Description    organic Fertilizer crushing plant at low price  Introduction of organic Fertilizer crushing plant   organic Fertilizer crushing plant is mainly used to crush materials of biological fermentation organic Fertilizer with moisture of 25~55%.Half wet material crusher for Fertilizer is used to crush all kinds of manure which can be used in fertil...

ISO Factory Price White Flakes potassium hydroxide Fertilizer

Model No:potassium hydroxide fertilizer

Min. Order:25

Specifications potassium hydroxide Fertilizer 1. Apperance:White flakes 2. Purity:95% min ,90% min,88% min 3. Reasonable price, high quality    ISO Factory Price White Flakes potassium hydroxide Fertilizer       Product Description     Product Name: Caustic Potash or Potassium Hydroxide CAS No.:1310-58-3 EINECS No.:215-181-3 HS.Code:2815200000 Molecular Weight:56.11 Appearance: White Flake or colorless clear liquid Main Applications:  Potassium Hydroxide is mainly used in alkaline batteries indu...

Facory Wholesale BS-56A 90W Equal Fertilizer Aquarium Led Grow Light

Model No:BS-56A 90W

Min. Order:1

Specifications t10 led aquarium light Double layer of lens Facory wholesale OEM ODM servive Color Ratios:W&B (1:1) or (4:6) Facory Wholesale BS-56A 90W Equal Fertilizer Aquarium Led Grow Light            Product Description Aquarium is a good choice to decorate a house. LED lights are one of the latest popular trend among aquarium enthusiasts. Professional LED Aquarium Lights help create a more thriving Aquatic plants and fish community. They consume less energy and generate less heat as com...

Cost-save and environmental Aquatic feed mixer

Model No:HJJ250

Min. Order:1

Specifications 1.Cost-save and environmental Aquatic feed mixer 2.Low price wit efficent 3.Suit for poutry farm,chemical,food and flour mix Cost-save and environmental Aquatic feed mixer                Product Description     1. It is used for industries such as premix feed mill,additives,feed mill, Fertilizer,chemicals and pharmacy.   2.The mixing time is 1-3minutes and the mixing homogeneity can less than or equal to 5%.   3.Full length discharging door and quick discharging, low residue.   4....

Aquatic plants and animal disinfectant

Model No:aquatic disinfection

Specifications 1)Powder in pink color 2)Aquatic disinfectant 3)Safe and green 4)With little lemon smell 5)High quality guarantee ANQIN   Character:Powder in White or Slightly pink colour, nearly no smell or with lightly lemon favor.   Prosperities   Invariability:20°C after 26 weeks, the active oxygen only decreases 0.021; 37°C After 26 weeks, the acting force only degrade 0.014; the result is out of influence under the force of organic matter or hard water.   Solubility: diffluent in lightly wa...

Famous in Indonesia Fertilizer roller press granulator milling machine

Model No:DG series fertilizer roller press granulator

Delivery Time:25 Days

Specifications Fertilizer roller press granulator 1.Productivity: increase30%-40% 2.Energy consumption: decrease20%-30% 3.Low space consume   Brief introduction of Fertilizer roller press granulator : This kind   Fertilizer roller press granulator   is specially designed for grinding clinker and raw meal.   Features and Structures of Fertilizer roller press granulator :   1. Four row cylinder roller bearing with higher capacity.   2. The roller shaft can be solid forged, or of the structure of f...

OEM 4kg Fertilizer bag/Fertilizer packaging bag/plastic Fertilizer packaging bag

Model No:fertilizer packaging bag

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications 1) Fertilizer packaging bag 2)OEM ODM is accept 3)fast delivery :15-20 days 4)capacity:4-5kg 5)QS GMP SGS   Specifiaction:  OEM 4kg  Fertilizer bag/Fertilizer packaging bag/plastic Fertilizer packaging bag 1.Size: 440*(275+50*2)*0.1mm   Length: 440mm   Width:270mm  Thickness:0.1mm,side gusset is 50mm2.Logo and bag customized 3.MOQ:13000 bags4.OEM accepted    OEM 4kg  Fertilizer bag/Fertilizer packaging bag/plastic Fertilizer packaging bag   Name OEM 5kg  Fertilizer bag/Fertilizer ...

seaweed base Fertilizer for grape, improving the quality obviously

Model No:Mushy fertilizer

Delivery Time:15 Days

  Brief Introduction:It is the very good fertigation water soluble Fertilizer .It is muchy form .It combines alginate and humic acid perfectly.There is remarkable function of preserving moisture ,enhancing soil temperature and improving soil ,It also plays a significant role in increasing production of plants and improving quality ,It has bothway adjusting effecf ,It can improve both acid soil(Low PH) and alkaline soil (high ph).   Ingredient:   seaweed acid 2% organic matter 30% humic acid 12% ...

Fertilizer device for farming

Model No:fertilizer device

Delivery Time:10 Days

Fertilizer device for farming Venturi vacuum device. Usually for irrigation system. 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 2", 3"available. What is a Venturi Vacuum Device        A venturi vacuum device creates a vacuum when irrigation water flows through it.  This Vacuum sucks out liquid Fertilizer & chemicals from Fertilizer mixer tank into the irrigation water system.        The venturi  are water driven under the pressure of the main irrigation pipeline . They don't require a external power source.   D...

dap Fertilizer/MAP Fertilizer/ammonium phosphate solution

Model No:dap fertilizer

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications 1,dap Fertilizer 2,98% purity 3,ISO 9001:2000,HACCP,KOSHER, 4.accept OEM         dap Fertilizer/MAP Fertilizer/ammonium phosphate solution       Molecular formula: (NH4)2HPO4   Molecular weight: 132.0   Standard executed: HG/T4132-2010(technical grade)                                    HG/T4132-2010(Low As grade)   CAS Number: 7783-28-0   Properties:   White granular crystal, relative density at 1.619g/cm3, melting point at 155 °C , easily   soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol...

phosphoric acid for Fertilizer use

Model No:fertilizer grade

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications phosphoric acid for Fertilizer use 1.P2O5 52%-54% 2.liquid 3.Plastic drums ,IBC drums 4.SGS,ISO, COA etc.   Product Description PHOSPHORIC  ACID (P2O5 : 52 - 54%) Specification:           P2O5:52-54 % (W/W) SO3:2 - 4% (W/W) CaO:0.16 - 0.5% (W/W) Fe2O3:0.5 - 2.5%(W/W) Al2O3:0.7 - 2.0 %  (W/W) MgO:0.6 - 1.0 %  (W/W) F    :0.35 - 1.5 % (W/W) SiO2:< 0.12 %  (W/W) Max. Cl:< 250 PPM (W/W) Max. Solid Content:<  2 %  (W/W) Max. Na2O:0.01 - 0.02 %  (W/W) K2O:0.02 - 0.04 %  (W/W)  ...

Mining Fertilizer ball mill price

Model No:fertilizer ball mill price

Delivery Time:25 Days

    Product Description     ISO9001:2008 Horizontal Mining Fertilizer ball mill price  The ball mill generally grinds material 1/4 inch and finer down to the particle size of 20 to 75 microns.   1.Application :Mining Fertilizer ball mill price    The ball mill is a key equipment for regrinding, it is widely used for the cement, silicate product, new type building material, fireproof material, chemical Fertilizer, black and nonferrous metal, glass, ceramics and etc.  The ball mill can grind ore o...

cocoly high quality granular water soluble Fertilizer for sale

Model No:ztdh001

Min. Order:20

Specifications product name : cocoly granular water soluble Fertilizer major element : N 15% K5% other element : ZTDH-amino acid , ZTDH-fulvic acid , ZTDH- rooting powder , ZTDH-medium trace elelmnt, ZTDH-condensde molasses fermention solubes ZTDH - polymeric acid substance appearance : Shape: granular; Color: brown Granular size: Diameter:2-5 mm soluble capacity: 100% soluble Brand advantage 1 cocoly created a new variety type Fertilizer --granular water soluble Fertilizer . cocoly can add the ...

High quality gravure printing laminated heat seal plastic Fertilizer packaging bag

Model No:fertilizer packaging bag

Delivery Time:20 Days

Specifications gravure printing laminated heat seal plastic Fertilizer packaging bag 1. factory 2. Eco-friendly ink 3. good quality        Xiongxian Chengshi Plastic Industry Packaging Co.,Ltd                               Chinese Manufacturer of Plastic packaging   OEM Accepted   High quality gravure printing laminated heat seal plastic Fertilizer packaging bag   Product description                                                                                                         Item High...

agriculture Fertilizer packaging bags

Model No:agriculture fertilizer packaging bags

Delivery Time:15 Days

Fertilizer bag manufacturer Product basic information Product Name Food packing bag Material PA PE PP BOPP, OPP, CPP, RCPP,7/9 layers co-extrusion, aluminum foil Size Customized Thickness 50-300 microns Printing Gravure Printing Artwork design For free Color Up to 9 colors Type vacuum bag, retort pouch, standing up pouch, zip lock bag, spout bag, frozen bag and so on. Sample Available Features a) High Barrier Property b) Multi-function: Oil-proof, Moisture-proof, High temperature resistance, Fro...
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