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XN-200 Economic standard automatic Packing Machine

Model No:XN-200 automatic packing machine

Specifications automatic Packing Machine 1,fast heat 2,long use life 3,easy operation 4,Packing firmly XN-200 Economic standard automatic Packing Machine       The strapping Machine for food, medicine, hardware industries carton packaging, wooden packaging, paper packaging and other small goods automatically packaged bundle   Economic standard automatic Packing Machine parameter       Feature XN-200 strapping Machine (the high-profile economic standard) can be automatically packaged, but the tab...

SGM060-3A-P/T full servo drive 3 sides seal horizontal pillow automatic Ampoule Packing Machine

Model No:SGM060-3A-P/T

Delivery Time:45 Days

Specifications full servo drive horizontal pillow automatic Packing Machine: A.Manufacturer. B.Full Automatic. C.Touchscreen Operation.   Product Description   SGM060-3A-P/T full servo drive 3 sides seal horizontal pillow automatic Ampoule Packing Machine       Three View Drawing  (Unit: mm)      Applications: High speed packaging of chocolate, big sausage, block-shaped instant noodles,  cake, etc.         Standard Specifications:     Model SGM060-3A-P/T Head sealing mode Rotary type Packaging s...

DPP-260 Automatic Vial/Ampoule Packing Machine Manufacturer

Model No:DPP-260

Delivery Time:30 Days

Automatic Vial Ampoule Packing Machine price Main Technical Parameters: Item Model DPP-260 Punching Frequency 10-30 times/min Max. Forming Area and Depth 250×180×30 Puling length 40-200 Packaging material(I.D.Φ75) PVC(mm) (0.15-0.8)×260×(Φ400)   PTP(mm) (0.15-0.8)×260×(Φ400)   PET(mm) (0.15-0.8)×260×(Φ400) Power 380V  50Hz  4.5k Air compression(self-prepared) 0.6-0.8Mpa≥0.5m³/min Recycle water or circulating water consumption  40-80L/h Overall Dimension(L*W*H) 2750×750×1450(including foundation)...

Shanghai Wanshen HDZ 100K Automatic Injectable Ampoule Carton Box Packing Machine, Ampoule Cartoning Machine

Model No:HDZ 100K Carton Box Packing Machine

Delivery Time:50 Days

    Functions Shanghai wanshen automatic Injectable Ampoule Carton Box Packing Machine    Main function & application The Machine can insert injectable Ampoule in bubble cap board trays with the manual into a box automatically. It is widely used in medical industry and it can be connected with the front-end printing and tray loading equipment or the quipment of making tray with printing to improve the efficiency.       Product Description   Shanghai Wanshen HDZ 100K automatic  Carton Box Pac...

tiny glass Ampoule labeling Machine

Model No:MPC-AS tiny glass ampoule labeling machine

Delivery Time:30 Days

Specifications tiny glass Ampoule labeling Machine 1.PLC 2.high speed & quality 3.easy & visual to operate 4.help functions tiny glass Ampoule labeling Machine : Introduction: We are the expert of making labeling machines, how to choose labeling Machine is determined by the labeling  size and bottle shapes and bottle size. According to you bottle dimension and shape, we would like to introduce and recommend you the suitable Machine which we sold many to local china pharmacy factories.  F...

Noodle Packing Machine

Model No:Noodle Packing Machine

Product Description Noodle Packing Machine Applications It is suitable for packaging various kinds of solid regular objects like biscuits, frozen sucker, pies, chocolates, bread, instant noodles, medical products, daily appliances, industrial accessories, paper boxes, plates, etc. Features: 1. Dual frequency convertion control, bag length can be set and cut in one step, saving time and film. 2. Imported touch screen(User-friendly human/Machine interface)for easy setting of the Machine parameters...

Food Packing Machine (JT-420W vertical Packing Machine)

Model No:JT-420W vertical packing machine

JT-420W VERTICAL AUTOMATIC Packing MACHINEAutomatic Food Packing Machine (JT-420W) mutifunctional Packing Machine includes:JT-420 Packing machineJT-10 Multihead weigher JT-130 Finished products conveyer JT-350 Z-shaped elevator JT-2-2 Platform suitable for foods:suitable to pack anomalous solid and the granule material, such as: Puff snack food, potato chips, crispy rice, jelly, candy, apple chips, dumpling, small cookie, dry fruit, melon seeds, roasted seeds and nuts, medical material, deep-fro...

Full Automatic Liquid Filling Packing Machine

Model No:Full Automatic Liquid Filling Packing Machine

CGF Series Washing, Filling, Capping 3 in 1 Monoblock Water Filling MachineFull Automatic Liquid Filling Packing MachineWith High efficiency, easy maintenanceGeneral descriptionThis model special for water filling, combined with rinsing, filling and capping. It is innovated and designed in the requirement of carbonated beverage technics, on the bases of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology abroad. It is reasonable in structure, safe to operate and easy to maintain, which is a...

Cereal Bar/ Oat Meal Chocolate Automatic Feeding and Packing Machine

Model No:ZP500 with Turntable packing machine system

  Turntable Type Automatic Feeding & Packing Line Advantages of automatic product sorting system:  1. The most simple, maintenance free automatic sorting;  2. The sorting effect is good and small occupation area;  3. A variety of innovative structure, avoid waste, without manual intervention;  4. High speed automatic arraying advantage;       Advantages of automatic product feeding system:  1. Accurate positioning, with high speed packaging;  2. Can make different belt series according to di...

Bread Packing Machine

Model No:SMZ-380 Auto Packing Machine

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications 1,larger range of packaging 2 easy operation, stable function, 3,sealing beautiful off.  SMZ - 380, SMZ - 400 automatic Packing Machine adopts microcomputer control, high precision photoelectric automatic tracking of effect is stable, intelligent English interface and the ingenious structure can adapt to a variety of specifications goods packaging, various ways are conveniently operate when adjusted to facilitate replacement of species, sealing and cutting position accurately. It ...

pharmaceutical glass Ampoule labeling Machine

Model No:NP-HL pharmaceutical glass ampoule labeling machine

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications 1.Automatically check the length of labels 2.Equipped with warning device 3 pharmaceutical glass Ampoule labeling Machine NP-HL  pharmaceutical glass Ampoule labeling Machine   1.The Scope of Application:     Applicable for round objects with smaller diameter and can not stand when labeling,  such as Ampoule ,vials,blood collection tube, pen,sausage and so on.   2. Device Characteristics:   ²Adopt mature technology PLC control system,operation is stable and high-speed;   ²Using to...

2015 New style Doypack Packing Machine for Pet food

Model No:GX-PD-260 doypack packing machine

Description of Doypack Packing Machine for pet food Application&Sample GX-PD-260 Multi-function Bag Packing Machine is our company developed a new automatic 15-position versatility to the bag packaging Machine, the Machine can be suitable for high-dose, long-bags, and more automated packaging materials. Mainly suitable for stand-up pouches, flat bags, hanging bags and shaped bag filling and sealing, packaging materials can have liquids, powders, granules, suspensions, and other materials. Us...

DC-5540A skin Packing Machine

Model No:DC-5580A, DC-5540A skin packing machine

Delivery Time:10 Days

DC-5580A Skin Packing Machine Product Description   Main Features: 1. The introduction of advanced vacuum technology, high-quality silent type vacuum pump, suction is strong, and has been the installation of overvoltage protection, long pump life, high efficiency, low failure rate, especially for circuit boards and other bubble-cloth vacuum packaging.2. The control system is stable and reliable, with Japan's Mitsubishi PLC, LCD computer display, CPG motor, enough power, cabling standards used in...

dried egg powder Packing Machine

Model No:BS-180 horizontal packing machine

    Brief introduction   horizontal Packing Machine :     Characteristics: 1) PLC control , English and man-Machine interface, operating easy and simple maintain .    2) Advanced photoelectric sensor tracking system and servo motor pull for precise bag width and position of film.  3) versatile Machine could make such as doy pack bag, unique bag could be designed according to requirement .  4) Digital temperature controller for vertical and horizontal sealing, intuitive and accurate.  5) sanitary...

Trade Assurance Supplier semi automatic cheese vacuum Packing Machine

Model No:VP-V002 cheese vacuum packing machine

Delivery Time:10 Days

   Trade Assurance Supplier semi automatic cheese vacuum Packing Machine   Product Description     Technical Data   Specification of  cheese vacuum Packing Machine Model    VP-M003 Voltage  220V,50hz or 110V,60 hz Vaccum  <= 1Kpa Chamber size  420*380*70mm Capacity   2-3 times/min Sealing length  405 *13 mm Size  540 * 490 * 560 mm Weight  35KGS Features of fruit and vegetable vacuum Packing Machine It is widely used for the vacuum Packing of various products to have a longer shelf time in fo...

Ampoule Washing Machine

Model No:QCA18/1-20 Ampoule Washing Machine

Delivery Time:30 Days

Ampoule Washing Machine     Product Description   working principle:  uncleaned bottle puts into feeder groove ,and the enters the water feeder position untomatically.The bottle is filled with 60°c hot water to soak the whole bottle by the water feeder.The it enters into the ultrasonic washing groove to implement the ultrasonic cleaning treatment with optimal effect,shaking off the adherent paricle and dust.later the bottle is sent into flushing transfer drum via circulating water flushing ,clea...

JDZ-400 Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Model No:1. JDZ-400 Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications SUS304 Stainless steel frame construction; Digital vacuum degree display panel; Vacuum degree,seal temperature can be adjusted                             JDZ-400 Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine  Feature: Shanghai  brand vacuum pump; PCB electricity control; SUS#304 Stainless steel frame construction; Digital vacuum degree display panel; Vacuum degree and seal temperature can be adjusted; It is specially designed with arch design; Wearable silicon sealing wire with long-time...

DZ600/2S Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine for foods

Model No:DZ600/2S DZ800/2S DZG600 ZBJ1000 Vacuum Packing Machine

Delivery Time:10 Days

DZ600 Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine    Product Description  Product characteristics: 1.Sealing size , chamber size can be customized2.Optional BUSCH pump or ZD vacuum pump3.Imported electric appliances4.Professionally manufactures 5.Double chamber vacuum Machine is higher 1.5-2 times than single chamber Machine 6.Can configure one or more vacuum pump to improve the effeciency 7.Suitable for powder, grain, something with little liquid, such as foodstuff, electronics,medical, chemical, etc...

Food Packing Machine Components CNC Machining

Model No:Food Packing Machine Components CNC Machining

  Product Description    A. Advantages: 1) We are factory providing CNC service for more than 20years, specialized in stainless steel components 2) Handling components of very tight tolerance and very complex geometry 3) Low MOQ (1pcs is even acceptable in some special conditions)     4) Offering free and quick prototyping (normally 1 week)  5) Sharp on time delivery 6) Top quality guaranteed by skilled workers, managing system and status of facilities. 7) A series of secondary service available...

HC-PU High speed Single toilet paper roll Packing Machine

Model No:HC-PU toilet paper roll packing machine

Delivery Time:40 Days

HC-PU High speed Single toilet paper roll Packing Machine   Main functions and features   1.Double motor, double Panasonic transducer control and PLC controller,flexible bag length cutting, operator neednt to adjust the unloading working, saving time and saving films. 2.Self diagnosis failure function, clear failure display. 3.Separate PID control to temperature, suitable for various Packing materials. 4.Buttoned human-Machine screen, Chinese or English displaying, convenient and quick parameter...

Ampoule Packing Machine

NamePFS PLASTIC AMP FILLING ANP SEALING Packing Machine Max forming depth 10mm Cutting frequency ≥1018 (times/Min) Packing speed 1018(Pates/Min) 815 (flasks/board) DimensionsL: 190315mm; W:78108mm Packing material PVC/PE 0.3×345mm Capacity53

Automatic Ampoule Packing Machine 

Instruction Cartoning Machinery is suitable for inserting ampulse,injection into carton in a range. The Machine finished running by a series of photo-electro controller to make the Machine stability and guarantee the Packing quality. It includes 1to 4folds leaflet automatic folding, cantons in suction and open, products and leaflet put into, printing batch number, sealing or option hot-glue device. The Machine can be single used or linked with Filling Machine, Blister Packing Machine, Shrink Mac...

L type automatic heat shrink Packing Machine

Model No:CCP-L501

Min. Order:1

CCP- L501 automatic Packing Machine Features This series adopts PLC control, suitable for all kinds of products Packing, PE, POF plastic shrinking packaging material. The whole Machine adopts mute design, packaging tightly and sealing solidly, simple operation, easy maintenance. Can be using together with our company "CCP-R""CCP-RS" series shrinking Machine. Features Detail A. Smokeless produce when sealing, working environment clean. B. Packaging immediately, just need putting the product on th...

Fully Automatic Three-side Packing Machine

Model No:CY-Three-side Packing Machine

Product Details Basic Specification Packing speed 30-60(bags/min) Range of measure 50-50g/50-500ml Length of bag-making Length of bag-making Type Spices Processing Machinery Detail Description ● This Machine has adopted a PLC programmable controller and matched with Chinese display screens, thus it\'s easy to operate, convenient in adjustment and super automatic. ● The photoelectric tracking system and two-way compensate function are adopted,ensure the automatic correcting of the double face pri...

Hualian 2014 Kraft Paper Automatic Packing Machine

Model No:FBF-32BD Kraft Paper Automatic Packing Machine

Product Details Basic Specification Brand Hualian Net Weight 350kg Power(w) 6KW Voltage 380V/50HZ Weight 350KG Type Other Driven Type Electric Packaging Type Bags Application Commodity Packaging Material Wood Automatic Grade Automatic Sealing Diameter - Detail Description FBF-32BD  Kraft Paper Automatic Packing Machine  Description:FBF series one-line folding and sealing automatic packaging Machine is suitable for Packing paper bag, multi-ply paper bag and inner plastic layers. According to the ...

Food Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine (DZ-400)

Model No:DZ-400

Vacuum Packing Machine DZ-400It is ideal for small, flexible everyday production. Typically selected by butcher shops, hotels. Restaurants, institutions, grocery stores.This table top single chmaber Machine are perfect for vacuum packaging your product to extend shelf life. Prevent freezer burns and maintain your product in a controlled automosphere.1. Transparent lid provides clear visibility for packaging operations.2. Three Operation modes possible Vacuum only/vacuum and gas/seal only3. Compa...

Straw Packing Machine (BOPP film 4 sides sealing)

Model No:Straw packing machine (bopp film 4 sides sealing)

Straw Packing Machine (bopp film 4 sides sealing) Description: This Straw Packing Machine SDF 38 Series suitable for Packing the single pcs straw with bopp film (4 side sealing). It can Packing different size straws and no need to change the moulds, just adjusted on the Machine. The Machine with automatic cutting unit. Characteristics: 1-Single pcs feeding, Packing, cutting finished at once. 2-Packing speed can be adjustment. 3-Automatic counting, and batch alarm. 4-Automatic stop when the packa...

Hot Sale Full Automatic Walnut Packing Machine

Model No:walnut packing machine

Hot sale full automatic walnut Packing Machine Product Description of Automatic Dry fruit/Dried fruit/Peanut/Seeds/Bean Packing Machine 1. New design with perfect fashion, more reasonable structure, more advanced technology. 2. Imported PLC control system, colorful touch screen, easy operation, intuitionistic and efficient. 3. Standard positioning with imported servo film transporting system and mark sensor, superexcellent capability for complete Machine, perfect packaging. 4. With auto warning ...

Automatic Liquid Jam Blister Packing Machine (DPP-250Y)

Model No:jam blister packing machine

Automatic liquid jam blister Packing Machine Technical perfomance: Automatic liquid feeder;50L heating$stirring barrel;PLC control system;Stainless steel construction;Alarm system;Emergency stop;JOGoptional function:servo motion;safety cover;printing mark registration;500L big barrel This liquid blister Packing Machine is used for Packing liquid like butter, chocolate, jam, honey and so on.It can do one or two color feeding. And according to custmer's needs(need to feed items by hand), can add m...

PE Film Packing Machine / Warpping Machine for Pet Bottle

Model No:PE Film Packing Machine

PE Film Packing Machine / Warpping Machine for PET BottleDescription for PE Film Packing Machine 1.This PE film Packing Machine applies air-stirring mechanism in pushing bottle and hot sealing-cool cutting.(it uses flat silk pulse seal, the saw tooth knife cuts, the unique heat seal-cool cut mechanism, has guaranteed the Packing agglutination, reliable, and artistic. 2.Automatic unscrambling bottle's appliance makes bottle changing more quickly and conveniently. 3.Delivering film mechanism and t...

Automatic Case Packing Machine Use Carton Box

Model No:automatic case packing machine use carton box

Automatic case Packing Machine use carton box Feeding section: 1. Vacuum suction feeding to feed warping paperboard easily 2. Quality electromagnetic clutch and brake adpoted, feeding section controled independent, operation easily 3. Scorer wheel adjustable, suit for 2-8mm thick paperboard 4. Second creasing struction can impress again the paperboard which was not creased well Guling and Folding section 1. Simpless structure and high reliability, glue quantity adjustable, cleaning easily 2. Sta...

vegetable Packing Machine

Model No:SFD vegetable packing machine

Suitable for assembly packaging of the products of several blocks such as sausage,fresh noodles,ice pops,several blocks of instant noodle, several bags of milk, fans, rice vermicelli,etc.Special RecommendationThis series Packing Machine are specially designed for assembly Packing of several blocks. This Machine adopts film bottom sending to automatically wrap, form and seal.Characteristics:1. Two servo motors with higher control precision realize step-less control and dynamic adjusting during op...

Automatic Packaging Machine / Packing Machine

Model No:SGB Packaging Machine/Packing Machine

Automatic Packaging Machine/Packing MachineProduct features:1. This unit adopts an intelligent temperature controller to control temperature accurately so that the sealing is smooth and nice;2. This Packing Machine can be linked with different model of metering Machine to realize whole process automation from metering to bag making and packaging;3. This unit consists of PLC, servo system, pneumatic control system and man-Machine interface touch screen to form its drive core, which can fulfill an...

Coffee Bag Packing Machine (Model DXDK-300T)

Model No:Model DXDK-300T round corder bag packing machine

Model DXDK-300T Automatic coffee stick bag Packing machineMobile: 0086-13920969098Main features:1. 304 SS Cover.2. special designed feeding way: swing rode type volume cups.3. special seal side of the bag:     round corner and with two easy opening parts.4. over sized computer controller with PLC.5. certificates: CE, CM, GMP & SGS.6. special designed sealing system which is controllerd by the pnematic device. 7. special designed cutting system which is controller by the pnematic devices too....

High Speed Hard Candy Single Twist Packing Machine (YW-D800)

Model No:YW-D800 Single Twist Candy Packing Machine

YW-D800 High Speed Single Twist Packing Machine( Professional Candy Packing Machine) Function Description:This Machine is applied for the single twist Packing of candies, chocolate and other solid products with regular shapes.Main features:Easy to operate, stable work performance and low noise;Speed is adjusted by frequency inverter;The core part adopts high precision cam transmission;Single or double layers of films can be packed;Machine Picture: General information:

Fully Automatic Flour Mill and Packing Machine

Model No:HBA flour mill and packing machine

Fully automatic flour mill and Packing Machine CLEANING SECTION To make high quality flour, cleaning machiney is important, also it is for better working and safety of milling section Machine. Each impurity need special cleaning Machine to remove. MILLING SECTION Grinding and milling grain into semolina or fine flour: Roller mills Manufactured precisely and controlled pneumatic/electric mode. It can make better grinding effect comparing with other ordinary mills. Plan sifter: Made by one whole p...

Ampoule Packing Machine (DPB-320)

Model No:DPB-320

DPB-320 model Ampoule Packing MACHINEProduct Specify:This Machine is a newly designed device with the function of Ampoule automatic printing and feeding which greatly improves the efficiency. It is suitable for Al-plastic, paper-plastic composite sealing of Gentamicin, Procaine, Streptomycin, Chloromycetin syringes. With micro-computer PLC, frequency converter, touch panel operation, high automation, it is an ideal blister packaging equipment. The product has awarded the Scientific and Technolog...

Automatic Blister Packing Machine

Model No:Automatic Blister Packing machine

Shenzhen Hipower High Frequency Automatic Blister Packing Machine Automatic PP/PVC/PET/APET etc Transparant Box Making Machine, High Frequency Welding and Cutting Machine for Clear Plastic Box Making Application: Specialize for transparent PVC soft plastic boxes making. Can be also called transparent PVC soft plastic box forming Machine. High Frequency welding Machine for crease soft plastic box Machine for mass production of present packaging industry Such as: Stationery, plastic box packaging,...

Shenzhen Hipower Ltd.

Guangdong Shenzhen

Clear Clamshell Blister Packing Machine

Model No:AT-5KW clear clamshell blister packing machine

Clear clamshell blister Packing Machine, suitable for PVC, PET, PP and PVC, PET, PP sealing, welding, PVC, PET, PP and paper card sealing, welding.

Filling Packing Machine with Explosion-Proof

Model No:DCS2T filling packing machine

DCS-2T Filling Machine with explosion-proofFROM CHINA PROFESSIONAL FILLING Machine MANUFACTURER Photo show:Applications:                                                                                                    Applicable to various coatings, inks, automotive paint, furniture paint, adhensives (glue), resin, chemical solvents, curing agents, lubricants, shoes glue, spray glue, and all kinds of liquids which can flow. Function: ·Digital input to set weight and 10 recipes can be saved;·Wi...
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