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A333 a333 xinnai steel strip Packing Machine

Model No:A333 a333 steel strip packing machine

Delivery Time:333 Days

A333 a333 xinnai steel strip Packing Machine Technical data  Mpdel number A333 strap type steel strap(metal tape) strap width 12.7-19mm strap thickness 0.38-0.58mm tool weight 3.9KG joint strength about 80% seal type sealless jonint(buckle free) strap quality 850N/mm²         Description:   A333 buckle-free steel strapping tool can operate manually,which connect with function of tensioning,sealing and cutting.it is used in flat packaging,such as pallets,boxs,and other simiar packaging.steel band...

Y81t-2500 Hydraulic Aluminum Packing Machine (factory and supplier)

Model No:Y81T-2500

1. Product Name: Y81T-2500 hydraulic Aluminum Packing Machine(factory and supplier) 2. Applications: Y81 series of metal baler are applicable in steel plants, recycling companies, ferrous & non-ferrous smelting industry to press metal scraps(steel, copper, Aluminum, stainless steel, discarded automobiles)into acceptable fumace charges(shapes: Cuboid; Cylinder or octagon), so as to reduce cost of transportation, to increase speed of fumace charging. 3. Features 1)Hydraulic drive for all machi...

DSL-160b Double Aluminum Packing Machine

Model No:DSL-160B

DSL-160B Double Aluminum Packing Machine Introduction: Wholly stainless steel cover is up to GMP standards. With frequency control, the stroke can be adjusted freely (Max. Width: 160mm). Equipped with vibration aligner feeder (with photoelectric monitoring) The processes as filling, heating sealing, pressing, lot no. Printing, cutting and etc. Can be completed automatically, and can be run at a high speed. This Machine is suitable for Packing the pills, capsules in medicine industry as well as e...

SGM060-3A-P/T Full Servo Driven Automatic Horizontal Pillow Aluminum Packing Machine

Model No:SGM060-3A-P/T

Delivery Time:45 Days

Specifications Full Automatic Pillow Horizontal Flow Packing Machine: A.Manufacturer. B.Four Servo Driven. C.Full Touch Screen Operation.   Product Description SGM060-3A-P/T Full Servo Driven Automatic Horizontal Pillow   Aluminum Packing Machine       Three View Drawing  (Unit: mm)      Applications: High speed packaging of chocolate, big sausage, block-shaped instant noodles,  cake, etc.        Standard Specifications:     Model SGM060-3A-P/T Head sealing mode Rotary type Packaging speed(Min t...

DSL-160B Double Aluminum Packing Machine , Packaging Machines

Model No:DSL-160B

Delivery Time:45 Days

Product Description   DSL-160B Double Aluminum Packing Machine Introduction: Wholly stainless steel cover is up to GMP standards. With frequency control, the stroke can be adjusted freely (Max. width: 160mm). Equipped with vibration aligner feeder (with photoelectric monitoring) The processes as filling, heating sealing, pressing, lot no. printing, cutting and etc. can be completed automatically, and can be run at a high speed. This Machine is suitable for Packing the pills, capsules in medicine...

DLL-160 Automatic Double Aluminum Packing Machine

Model No:DLL-160

Delivery Time:15 Days

1.Application of DLL-160    Double Aluminum Packing Machine It is designed with success to meet the needs in the market by our own research fellows. It has PLC Human interface, frequency converter, higher automation, easy operation, beautiful style, full function, well performance and durability. It conforms to "GMP" standards. 2.Features: 1. Vibration feeder and crisp remover can effectively remove the powder and crisps inside medicine. 2. Auto counting, horizontal perforation, slitting, waster...

SLB-220/150 Automatic Double Aluminum Packing Machine

Model No:SLB-220

Delivery Time:30 Days

SLB-220/150 Automatic Double Aluminum Packing Machine   Product Description    I. Introduction: It is suitable for automatic double-Aluminum foil hot sealing package for tablets. Candy and pills in medicine, healthcare, chemical, foodstuff etc industry. Meeting the requirement of sealing for avoiding light, and also it can be used in double plastic hot sealing package.     II. Technical diameters:     Model SLB-220 SLB-150 Speed of drum(rpm) 7-15(stepless) 7-15(stepless) Production Capacity (ten...

YJ-120 hydraulic scrap metal Aluminum Packing Machine with factory price

Model No:YJ-120

Delivery Time:30 Days

  YJ-120 hydraulic scrap metal Aluminum Packing Machine with factory price Product Description Application: This Machine is mainly used in steel plants,recyling companies,waste recovery and metal refining industry, suitable for scrap metal, waste paper/cardboard, plastic  and old material baling.   By this way, the costs of transportation and refining can be reduced. It also make the transportation easier and faster.   There are 8 grade vertical hydraulic baling Machine, from 30T to 350T. And we...

Aluminum Foil Vacuum Packing Machine with double chamber

Model No:Aluminum Foil Vacuum Packing Machine DZ700/2S

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications Aluminum Foil Vacuum Packing Machine 304 stainless steel Double chamber Easy to operate & move Factory price DZ700/2S Aluminum Foil Vacuum Packing Machine with double chamber   FeatureVacuum packaging is pumping into vacuum, seal, make inside of bag is vacuum. The packed products can be prevented from oxidation, going mould, insects or getting damp, thus can be kept fresh in a prolonged storage period, extend guarantee period and fresh time, easy to store and transport.Our vac...

flour weight and Packing Machine high efficiency china

Model No:BS-240G flour weight and packing machine high efficiency china

Delivery Time:50 Days

flour weight and Packing Machine high efficiency china:     Product Description    Features ♦ Different filling devices can meet to pack different material like powder, liquid, granule, sauce ♦ Multiple fashion bag shapes, various sealing patterns and a variety of filling method ♦ Wide pouch type, one Machine multiple Packing ♦ Swift, precise and sanitary Packing for products as required   Technical Specifications Model BS-240G Pouch Dimension (Min) 100mm*100mm Pouch Dimension (Max) 240mm*350mm ...

powder detergent Packing Machine

Model No:BS-240G powder detergent packing machine

Delivery Time:60 Days

Specifications powder detergent Packing Machine 2. easy specification change 3. reduce filling Machine by half 4. filing accur powder detergent Packing Machine  :   Product Description Features: 1. Easy specification change 2. Needn't stop Machine when supply pouches 3. Reduce filling time by half 4. Improved filling accuracy 5. Can fill 2 products simultaneously 6. Ensure seal strength, no leakage 7. Higher adaptability of film material Highlights: *Specially designed for Packing food,powder,nu...

Food Packing Machine Components CNC Machining

Model No:Food Packing Machine Components CNC Machining

  Product Description    A. Advantages: 1) We are factory providing CNC service for more than 20years, specialized in stainless steel components 2) Handling components of very tight tolerance and very complex geometry 3) Low MOQ (1pcs is even acceptable in some special conditions)     4) Offering free and quick prototyping (normally 1 week)  5) Sharp on time delivery 6) Top quality guaranteed by skilled workers, managing system and status of facilities. 7) A series of secondary service available...

High welding speed laser Aluminum soldering Machine made in China Taiyi brand with ce

Model No:TY-H20061 aluminum soldering machine

Delivery Time:6 Days

Specifications Aluminum soldering Machine 1.Eight capacitor,high stable performance 2.no pollution 3.Free maintenance       High welding speed laser Aluminum soldering Machine made in China Taiyi brand with ce      Product Description                     Applicable Industry of aluminium soldering Machine   Advertising word laser welding Machine manily used for various of stainless steel mirror surface, drawing  words, spherical and plane words, paint plastic spraying, solid words,electroplating ...

ZE-250X automatic Aluminum tube pipe bagging flow wrap Packing Machine

Model No:Aluminum tube pipe packing machine

Delivery Time:10 Days

1.The advantage of ZHIEN Packing Machine compare with traditional Packing Machine:   Traditional Packing Machine  VS   √ ZHIEN Packing Machine 1.Use the knob to adjust speed,Use buttons set the bag length   1.Packing speed can directly input the touch screen,easy to operate.Can automatically detect the bag length or direct input data on the touch screen. 2.Mechanical adjustment the bag length.Before the bag length adjustment success need empty bag running Machine for a period of time.   2.Use th...

Aluminum forming Machine

Model No:XF42 aluminum forming machine

Min. Order:1

Botou Xianfa Roll Forming Machine Factory Our factory was established in 1996, we are the professional manufactory of roll forming Machine. The main products are trapezoidal sheet roll forming Machine, corrugated sheet roll forming Machine, glazed tile roll forming Machine, double layer roll forming Machine ...... We have passed ISO9001 quality certification and European CE security certificate. Our products have been sold to worldwide, including North/South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and...

pillow (horizontal) packaging Machine,Honey Blister Horizontal Packing Machine

Model No:CCP-H320F

Min. Order:1

CCP-H320F pillow (horizontal) packaging Machine Features Pillow packaging Machine also means horizontal Packing Machine, Suitable packaging for all kinds of food, pharmaceuticals, sundries and industrial components and so on. Packaging materials are: POF shrink film, BOPP film, PE film, sometimes also used the film from paper and Aluminum foil. Features Detail 1. Control by inverter, speed adjustable simple and convenient. 2. Lightweight structural design, space-saving; 3. Electric eye tracking ...

Hualian2014 Automatic Filling Packing Machine

Model No:DXDK-40II Automatic Filling Packing Machine

Product Details Basic Specification Brand Name Hualian Weight 350kgs Driven Type Electric Automatic Grade Automatic Material Other Voltage 220,110 Application Commodity Power(w) 1700 Packaging Type Bags Packaging Material Other Detail Description DXDK-40II Automatic Filling Packing Machine Description:DXDK series automatic granule packaging Machine adopts PLC control bag length regulation andadjustable volumetric cups for measurement. It is suitable for heat sealable compound materials such as s...

Automatic Powder Packing Machine

Model No:DXDF

Automatic powder Packing Machine is a  perfect Machine suitable for pack coffee, spices, wheat flour, yeast, , dessert, detergents. The Machine operates on the principle of pisitive displacement screw operating. The filling cycle is controlled by electronic sensor&clutch-brake system Featurer: Body of Machine: Stainless steel Packing material: Any heat sealable laminated pet/poly, pet/metpet/poly/, Aluminum foil/BOPP Seal type: Center/side seal/continuous sealing Matchment for choosen: Conve...

Noodle Packing Machine

Model No:Noodle Packing Machine

Product Description Noodle Packing Machine Applications It is suitable for packaging various kinds of solid regular objects like biscuits, frozen sucker, pies, chocolates, bread, instant noodles, medical products, daily appliances, industrial accessories, paper boxes, plates, etc. Features: 1. Dual frequency convertion control, bag length can be set and cut in one step, saving time and film. 2. Imported touch screen(User-friendly human/Machine interface)for easy setting of the Machine parameters...

Food Packing Machine (JT-420W vertical Packing Machine)

Model No:JT-420W vertical packing machine

JT-420W VERTICAL AUTOMATIC Packing MACHINEAutomatic Food Packing Machine (JT-420W) mutifunctional Packing Machine includes:JT-420 Packing machineJT-10 Multihead weigher JT-130 Finished products conveyer JT-350 Z-shaped elevator JT-2-2 Platform suitable for foods:suitable to pack anomalous solid and the granule material, such as: Puff snack food, potato chips, crispy rice, jelly, candy, apple chips, dumpling, small cookie, dry fruit, melon seeds, roasted seeds and nuts, medical material, deep-fro...

Full Automatic Liquid Filling Packing Machine

Model No:Full Automatic Liquid Filling Packing Machine

CGF Series Washing, Filling, Capping 3 in 1 Monoblock Water Filling MachineFull Automatic Liquid Filling Packing MachineWith High efficiency, easy maintenanceGeneral descriptionThis model special for water filling, combined with rinsing, filling and capping. It is innovated and designed in the requirement of carbonated beverage technics, on the bases of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology abroad. It is reasonable in structure, safe to operate and easy to maintain, which is a...

Cereal Bar/ Oat Meal Chocolate Automatic Feeding and Packing Machine

Model No:ZP500 with Turntable packing machine system

  Turntable Type Automatic Feeding & Packing Line Advantages of automatic product sorting system:  1. The most simple, maintenance free automatic sorting;  2. The sorting effect is good and small occupation area;  3. A variety of innovative structure, avoid waste, without manual intervention;  4. High speed automatic arraying advantage;       Advantages of automatic product feeding system:  1. Accurate positioning, with high speed packaging;  2. Can make different belt series according to di...

High Speed Flat Medicine Blister Packing Machine

Model No:DPB-80 Blister Packing Machine

High Speed Flat Medicine Blister Packing Machine   Features: 1. Using the latest high-power transmission mechanism, driven by the main  drive shaft row chain, eliminating errors and other gear noise. 2. Imported electrical control system, can according to customer requirements, configuration, lack of material means and lack of grain fill leak detection device removed. 3. The Machine uses a combination of segmentation: PVC forming, feeding, sealing a section of tropical Aluminum cold forming, hea...

Small Flat-Plate Blister Packing Machine (DPB88)

Model No:Blister Packing Machine

Applications: The Small Flat-plate Blister Pacing Machine(DPB88 )is specially designed for hospital dosage room, laboratory institute, health care product, middle-small pharmacy factory, and featured by compact Machine body, easy operation, stroke adjustable, long durability etc, The DPB80 Flat-plate Blister Packing Machine can protect the material from steam or dust, improve product Packing degree, and increase the additional value. The Machine is used to produce small quality and many kinds of...

Yangzhou Nuoya Machinery Co., Ltd.

Weiyang District Yangzhou Jiangyang Industry Area

china best china factory sales bearing 2322 for Packing Machine cement

Model No:bearing 2322 for packing machine cement

Min. Order:1

Specifications bearing 2322 for Packing Machine cement 1. Various size of bearing for option. 2. The shortest time Product Description    china best china factory sales bearing 2322 for Packing Machine cement     Model No.: self-aligning ball bearing top quality self aligning ball bearing Brand: TXIND    OEM    ODM quality self aligning ball bearing Types: open   2RS Material: Chrome Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic,ceramic Dimensions: ------ Package: 10 PCS/ROLL OR 1PCS/BOX. Applic...

Hydraulic Waste Aluminum Shear Machine With PLC Control

Model No:NKQ43-630Hydraulic Waste Aluminum Shear Machine

Min. Order:1

Specifications Hydraulic Waste Aluminum Shear Machine 1.Gold Service For You 2.Good Quality 3.Competitive Price For you. 4.Easy Operation (1)Nick Brand Baler+Hydraulic Waste Aluminum Shear Machine  +Introduction Machinery company mainly supplys you with the waste paper baler Machine ,Horizontal Hydraulic Compactor Baler,and used in waste paper recycling company ,paper making factory ,carton production line plastic recycling mill and recycling manufacture ,with high quality and reasonable price.t...

OEM precision Aluminum cnc Machine parts

Model No:aluminum cnc machine parts

Min. Order:1

Specifications 1.Aluminum cnc Machine parts 2.CMM for quality control 3.Competitive price 4.ISO9001:2008       Product Description Product name: OEM precision Aluminum cnc Machine parts                                              products features Material Surface finish Aluminum,copper,plastic,carbon steel, Heat treatment,polishing, anodizing,nitriding, Or as per the customers’ requirements. Embossing,painting,and so on. Machining processing  Packing  CNC center machining, cnc machining, cardb...

Aluminum Forming Machine for Roofing Panel/Stand Seaming Roofing

Model No:Aluminum Forming Machine

Min. Order:1

Product Description   Aluminum Forming Machine for Roofing Panel/Stand Seaming Roofing   Main Technical Data:   Material thickness 0.3-0.8mm, Aluminum sheet, GI, PPGI sheet Material width 1000mm/1200mm/1250mm, depend on customer’s requirement Decoiler Type Manual or Hydraulic powered decoiler Capacity of Decoiler 5 tons Main Motor Power 5.5 Kw Hydraulic Motor Power 3Kw Forming Stations 18-26 stations ( depend on profile drawing ) Material of Roller High grade 45#  steel, polished and coated with...

Wanshen HDZ 100BZ carton Packing Machine for pillow pack

Model No:HDZ 100BZ carton box packing machine for pillow pack

Delivery Time:50 Days

Specifications Carton Packing Machine for pillow pack. Insert the pack into box automatically. Crital unit in medical Packing line.     Company Information   Shanghai Wanshen Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was fully invested in 1997 by Jiangxi Wanshen Headoffice. Our company is the one with the combination of researching, designing, manufacturing, marketing, tradingand servicing, which is a member of National Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association and also is amember of Chinese Packaging F...

Bread Packing Machine

Model No:SMZ-380 Auto Packing Machine

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications 1,larger range of packaging 2 easy operation, stable function, 3,sealing beautiful off.  SMZ - 380, SMZ - 400 automatic Packing Machine adopts microcomputer control, high precision photoelectric automatic tracking of effect is stable, intelligent English interface and the ingenious structure can adapt to a variety of specifications goods packaging, various ways are conveniently operate when adjusted to facilitate replacement of species, sealing and cutting position accurately. It ...

Aluminum cookware Machine die casting cookware

Model No:aluminum cookware machine die casting cookware

Delivery Time:35 Days

Specifications 1.Comfortable handle and heat resistant 2.Oil-smoke-free effect 3.Simple and stylish 4.High performance nonstick coating   Product Description   Description of cookware Product name Aluminum cookware Machine die casting cookware Color Optional Material Aluminum Thickness 2.0-4.5mm Type Pressed, Forged and die-casting Size 14/16/18/20/22/24/26/28/30/32cm Interior 2 layers non-stick coating Exterior Heat Resistant Paint/Metallic Paint Handle Could be customized as your demand Scope ...

Flat plate auto blister Packing Machine

Model No:ET-13

Min. Order:1

Product Description The Machine conforms to GMP requirement and is suitable for Aluminum-Aluminum, Aluminum-plastic, paper-plastic Packing. Product Specify: The Machine is the latest product in our company adopting PLC, frequency converter, and man-Machine interface. It can check on-line and eliminate the waste plate by itself. In accordance with GMP rule requirement, it is an ideal blister Packing Machine for Aluminum-Aluminum, Aluminum-plastic, paper-plastic Packing. And it has got highpopular...

Acctek plasma Aluminum cutting Machine AKP1325

Model No:AKP1325 plasma aluminum cutting machine

Delivery Time:9 Days

 Acctek plasma Aluminum cutting Machine plasma Aluminum cutting Machine feather:   1.Welded structure of thickening square tube, together with Taiwan imported guide rail to ensure running speed and accuracy.   2.Cutting head with cooling system can quickly cool surface of material to avoid burr and residue.   3.Power supply adjusts current according to different thickness of the material to ensure cutting materials without burr.   4.processed Materials of small and neat kerf ,without secondary p...

Olive oil filling Machine Automatic oil Packing Machine

Model No:NP-VFOlive oil filling machine Automatic oil packing machine sunflower

Delivery Time:30 Days

Specifications 1 Olive oil filling Machine Automatic oil Packing Machine sunflower oil filling Machine 2 Automatic control by servo motor 3   NP-VF    Olive oil filling Machine Automatic oil Packing Machine sunflower oil filling Machine       Overview   The NP-VF  Automatic Edible oil Filling Machine bottle   is an extremely flexible filler capable of filling accurately and rapidly any viscosity liquids. Product delivery from your bulk tank to the pistons can be configured with a buffer tank uti...

Instant noodle box heat shrink Packing Machine with competitive price

Model No:BTH-550+BM-500L Instant noodle box heat shrink packing machine

Delivery Time:7 Days

Instant noodle box heat shrink Packing Machine woth competitive price            1.Machine photos :        hot-selling shrink Packing Machine 2.Machine Photos : hot-selling shrink Packing Machine                            c packaging Machine 3.Uses: Applied to software, food, cosmetics, printing, pharmaceutical, beverage mass shrinkable packaging, hardware, and other industries, such as: wood, Aluminum frame, wider and longer items.  hot-selling shrink Packing Machine   4.Samples: hot-selling s...

2015 New style Doypack Packing Machine for Pet food

Model No:GX-PD-260 doypack packing machine

Description of Doypack Packing Machine for pet food Application&Sample GX-PD-260 Multi-function Bag Packing Machine is our company developed a new automatic 15-position versatility to the bag packaging Machine, the Machine can be suitable for high-dose, long-bags, and more automated packaging materials. Mainly suitable for stand-up pouches, flat bags, hanging bags and shaped bag filling and sealing, packaging materials can have liquids, powders, granules, suspensions, and other materials. Us...

DC-5540A skin Packing Machine

Model No:DC-5580A, DC-5540A skin packing machine

Delivery Time:10 Days

DC-5580A Skin Packing Machine Product Description   Main Features: 1. The introduction of advanced vacuum technology, high-quality silent type vacuum pump, suction is strong, and has been the installation of overvoltage protection, long pump life, high efficiency, low failure rate, especially for circuit boards and other bubble-cloth vacuum packaging.2. The control system is stable and reliable, with Japan's Mitsubishi PLC, LCD computer display, CPG motor, enough power, cabling standards used in...

Dream word Aluminum bending Machine , cnc bending Machine with DA41system

Model No:WC67K-63t/2500 aluminum bending machine

Delivery Time:15 Days

 Dream word Aluminum bending Machine , cnc bending Machine with DA41system  Best-Selling Machines (press brake ,bending Machine,shearing Machine ……) All kinds of Best -selling Machine for your choice With small MOQ Quick delivery time Target Price   Product Description Product Name:    Dream word Aluminum bending Machine , cnc bending Machine with DA41system  Description: 1.Color:Any color is available 2.Logo :Customized Logo for Best-selling Aluminum bending Machine 3.MOQ:Small MOQ,1 SET for Be...

Trade Assurance Supplier semi automatic cheese vacuum Packing Machine

Model No:VP-V002 cheese vacuum packing machine

Delivery Time:10 Days

   Trade Assurance Supplier semi automatic cheese vacuum Packing Machine   Product Description     Technical Data   Specification of  cheese vacuum Packing Machine Model    VP-M003 Voltage  220V,50hz or 110V,60 hz Vaccum  <= 1Kpa Chamber size  420*380*70mm Capacity   2-3 times/min Sealing length  405 *13 mm Size  540 * 490 * 560 mm Weight  35KGS Features of fruit and vegetable vacuum Packing Machine It is widely used for the vacuum Packing of various products to have a longer shelf time in fo...

Automatic LW-PT3320 Thermoforming Vacuum Packing Machine For Various Kind of Food

Model No:LW-PT320 thermoforming vacuum packing machine

Delivery Time:35 Days

Specifications +thermoforming vacuum Packing Machine +Used For Meat,Seafood, Fruits,Vegetables,Milk. +Reasonal Prices +Quick delivery Automatic LW-PT3320 Thermoforming Vacuum Packing Machine For Various Kind of Food 1. Thermoforming vacuum Packing Machine descripton     LW-320C full-automatic continuous stretching vacuum Packing Machine can carry on, vacuum package . It can print ink automatically. This Machine takes with vacuum, carrying on vacuum package.    The operation principle is shaping-...
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