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Channel Sterilizatin Drying Oven for Agricultural Products

Model No:SG

Min. Order:1

Applications With the advantages of easy operation, great durability and high capacity (3000kg material per lot), SG channel sterilization drying oven is widely used for drying dehydrated vegetable, fruits, and other Agricultural Products. In addition, it is also suitable for drying and calcining wooden Products, ceramic Products and various kinds of bulk materials. Features Our channel sterilization drying oven adopts central heating, which facilities the connection of heat sources, such as co...

The price of edible Agricultural Products

The price of edible Agricultural Products rose slightly last week. The price of production materials declined slightly. According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Commerce, last week (August 5th to 11th), the national edible Agricultural product market price increased by 1.8% compared with the previous week, and the market price of production materials decreased by 0.6% compared with the previous week. Edible Agricultural Products market: The average wholesale price of 30 kinds of vegetable...

Agricultural Products Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

Model No:DZR Custom

Min. Order:1

Agricultural Products Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine Introduction Agricultural Products Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine is Desicated Coconut Vacuum Packing Machine. It is Green Bean Vacuum Packing Machine. It is also Rice Vemicelli Vacuum Packing Machine.These are Form-Fill-Seal style machines that form the package from rolls of packaging film (webbing). Products are loaded into the thermoformed pockets, the top web is laid and sealed under a vacuum chamber, producing vacuum packaged produc...

Electric, Steam, Hot Wind Mesh Belt Dryer, Agricultural Products Drying Machine

Electric, steam, hot wind Mesh belt dryer, Agricultural Products drying machine 1) high effiency belt dryer  2) high output belt dryer  3) low energy consumption dryer  4) many types dryer  The overview: Mesh belt dryer is drying equipment for a batch, continuous production, mainly used for the  drying of better gas permeability material in schistose, strip, granules, such as: dried fruit, pepper, potato chips, ball, granular straw, wood, ets. The main ways of heating are by electric, by steam, ...

Agricultural Products / chemicals liner bags for containers

Model No:SI-15009

Min. Order:1

dry - bulk container bags / liners for Agricultural minerals chemicals and food Description: 1. Container liner is a cost effective solution to bulk cargo transportation, as well as for preventing contamination to containers. Using container liner would cost about 60% of using 2-ton bulk bags, about 50% of using 1-ton bulk bag. 2. We design and produce any kinds of container liner, capable of transporting any non-hazardous good flowing dry Products. Our dry-bulk container liners are used in many...

High Quality Steel Hopper Assembly Agricultural Products Silos

Model No:SH110-12

Delivery Time:20 Days

Specifications Agricultural Products Silos -Hot-Galvanized WallSheet, Roof Plate -10.9 Grade Bolts -Superior Strength,Integrity Structural High Quality Steel Hopper Assembly Agricultural Products Silos Product Description   Superior Strength, Integrity Structure and Long-Term Durability Computerized Manufacturing Process Hot Galvanized Steel Silo Sidewall Sheet Special Designed Upright Stiffener System High Strength Galvanized steel Bolts Easily installed Galvanized roof&Support H-Beam Hoppe...

well received Agricultural Products producing equipment

Model No:5-500T/D

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications well received Agricultural Products producing equipment 1.capacity:5-500T/D 2.turnkey project 3.high efficiency welll received Agricultural Products producing equipment We are a professional manufacturer of flour machinery. main design and manufacture various types of wheat flour milling machine and maize flour milling machine.   we provide a turnkey project of our machienry, including special design, installation, commissioning and training workers.   We can supply the design and...

Garden Greenhouses Agricultural Plastic Mulch Film, Used In A Variety Of Crops Agricultural Products Mulch Film, Durable Agricul

Model No:bagplastics@vip.163.com

Min. Order:10000

THICKNESS. It is one of the basic characteristics of the film and is going to predetermine some values like mechanical properties (traction and elongation) optical properties, thermal properties and durability of the film. It is normally measured in gauges, although the universal measure is in microns 1 micron = 4 gauges Specifications: Punctual thickness: + - 15% UNE 53.328 Medium Thickness: + - 5% UNE 53.328 To measure this characteristic we have a number of apparatus called micrometer which ...

Agricultural Products are naturally sweet

Model No:In cases

Min. Order:10000

In 2017, the tree apple is fresh and fresh, with straight hair, green natural and fresh picking. High quality environment, original ecological growth, rich selenium soil, scientific insecticide. Organic fertilization, scientific irrigation, has both components and flavors Ningxia hongxingda fruit industry co., LTD was established in October 2015 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Now, it has built more than 6,000 square meters of independent office buildings, 6000m cubic meters of ref...

HDPE Granules, HDPE for Extusion Products

Model No:5000s

Product Description Description: High Density Polyethylene Type: HDPE 5000S Grade: Monofilament/ Drawing grade Packaging: In 25kg/bag Application: Used in the manufacture of household goods and all kinds of industrial, Agricultural Products.                                                                                        Technical data Properties Test condition Test data Data unit MFR 190ºC/2.16kg 0.9 g/10min Density   0.95 g/m3 Impact Strength   15 KJ/m2 Yield strength   24 MPa Tensile st...

Agricultural Planting Plastic Plastic Net Net/Airport

Model No:006

Net is a kind of use the chemical additives such as adding anti aging, anti ultraviolet ray of polyethylene as the main raw material, manufactured by the drawing of mesh fabric, high tensile strength, heat, water resistance, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, avirulent insipidity, waste the advantages of easy to handle. Can kill common pests, such as flies and mosquitoes. Routine use of collection of portable, correct storage life of up to 3-5 years or so. Net covering cultivation is a pra...

Breathable Sanitary towels with organic cotton

Model No:BO24

Min. Order:300000

Breathable Sanitary towels with organic cotton Introductions Organic cotton is also called ecological cotton or biological cotton. It is a kind of cotton from seeds to Agricultural Products which are all natural and pollution-free production. So organic sanitary towel is also an bio sanitary pad, because its main raw material is not added chemicals and the like. The breathability and comfort of the organic cotton sanitary napkin can also make the women completely relieved. We have been in the ...

New Products inteley morchella Price of black morel mushroom

Model No:MV--0007

Min. Order:20

New Products inteley morchella Price of black morel mushroom Product Description Item Morchella vulgaris Features Organic Size 2-7cm MOQ 20kg Package Standard package Type Dried Product features With more than 10 amino acids contained in Collybia albuminosa, its flavor is very sweet and delicious to promote your appetite. In addition, it has the function of reinforcing the stomach and can help those with poor appetite and those who are old, weak and sick resume their appetite and physical s...

Fresh Garlics of 2018 Season

Min. Order:30

Delivery Time:10 Days

Our company locates in Shandong Province where is most famous for Agricultural Products in China. We grow and export fresh onions, garlics, carrots and ginger etc. Details for garlics: 1) Variety: pure white galric, normal white garlic 2) Sizes: 5.0-5.5cm, 5.5-6.0cm, 6.0-6.5cm, 6.5cm and up 2) Transporting and storing temperature: -3 - 0 3) Supply period: All the year round A) Fresh garlic: Early June to September B) Cold storing garlic: September to the next May 4) Plump shaped bulbs offering f...

Agricultural Products Hot Film Black Ground Cover Fabric

Model No:THGC

100GSM PP Woven Agro-textile Weed Control Fabric Mat 75GSM Black Color 210cm×100m Ground Cover Fabric PP Woven Agro-textile Weed Control Fabric Mat weight 70--120gsm Width 0.5m--5m lengths 5m,10m,15m,25m,50m,100m or as your requirement Colours Green,Black,Dark green or by requirements Material PP MOQ 100 rolls Delivery time 15days after deposite Payment Terms T/T, L/C at sight Packing Packed in roll or in bales or cartons 1.Excellent weed control 2.Exceptional UV resistance 3.Moisture,fertili...

Good Quality Garlic Products Garlic Braids

Model No:5.0-5.5cm,5.5-6.0cm, 6.0-6.5cm

Delivery Time:7-10 Days

Garlic Braids is a kind of garlic Products. Generally, people pick up good quality garlics and leave long garlic stem in advance, then weave the garlic stem by hand. The long stem can keep the water of garlic, so the garlic of braids is more fresh. In general, people use the Garlic Braids for decorating or eating purposes. Depend on the sizes of the garlic, erery garlic braids has 8 to 22 garlics. Besides Garlic Braids, we can also provide many other Agricultural Products, such as Normal White ...

Australian Polypropylene(PP) Knotless Bird Net

Min. Order:50

Delivery Time:10 Days

Australian Polypropylene(PP) Knotless Bird Net The polypropylene(PP) net can be used as a bird-proof net and a breeding net, which is suitable for large-area wild-field breeding. Through the construction of insect-proof and anti bird net, pests and bird pests can be effectively controlled and the quality of Agricultural Products can be improved. The material of the quality bird net is PP + UV, acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging and corrosion resistant. The structure of durable anti bird net i...

Heavy-Duty Stretch Wrap Film

lldpe scrap stretch film roll Our LLDPE stretch films are widely used for chemical pigment, bottles, cans, paper making, hardware and electrical appliances, plastics, chemicals, building materials, Agricultural Products, food and other industries. Product Description 1. LLDPE 3 layer co-extrusion film 2. High puncture resistance and High transparency 3. Good moisture proof 4. Stable adhesion level 5. Good aging performance, eco-friendly 6. Easily to be laminated and peeled-off

Color Changeable Temperature Indicator

Model No:YH-00211

Min. Order:5000

Types of temperature change security labels: 1. The high temperature disappears, the high temperature discolors, and the color of the ink can take two forms after heating a, irreversible type thermal ink has two kinds of color and discoloration. The color-developing irreversible thermal ink has a colorless appearance and is colored after being subjected to heat. The color is no longer restored to colorless after the temperature is lowered; the color of the irreversible ink is changed from one co...

Agricultural Part Special Plough Tip

Model No:12588

Min. Order:1

Other name:plow tip Usage: Agricultural Products Processing, Farmland Infrastructure, Tillage, Planting and Fertilization Power Source: Diesel Place of Origin: Tianjin,China Raw Material: 60si2mn, 65mn, 28simnb Surface Treatment: Spray, Painting Packaging:Can be ordered by buyer Specification: customized Type: Plow Tip/ Plow Tine / Plow Point Material: Spring Steel Weight: 4.5lbs Brand: Mu-yun tech Applications: Cultivators, Deep Plowing Machines, Subsoiling Mac Hardness: HRC 38-48 Painting Colo...

Agricultural Plant Growth Regulator Thidiazuron

Model No:YH-PGR-3

Min. Order:25

Thidiazuron is a kind of plant growth regulator.Mainly used for cotton defoliant, also can be used on apple trees and vines as disleave agent. Thidiazuron can control the growth of string beans, soybean, peanut and other crops. High Quality Agricultural Products Plant Growth Regulator Thidiazuron CAS 51707-55-2 1. Chemical Data CAS No: 51707-55-2 Other names: Thidiazauron (1-Phenyl-3-(1,2,3-thiadiazol-5-yl)-harnstoff; 1-phenyl-3-(1,2,3-thiadiazol-5-yl)urea; TDZ; N-Phenyl-N'-(1,2,3-thiadiazol...

Agricultural steel machinery design

Model No:USA-197

Min. Order:1

Generalized Agricultural machinery include forestry machinery, fishing machinery and silkworm, beekeeping, edible fungus cultivation such as rural sideline production machinery. Agricultural machinery is relative concept, refers to used for agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and fisheries all the floorboard of the machinery, Agricultural machinery belongs to the category of Agricultural machinery. Promote the use of Agricultural machinery is called Agricultural mechanization. Mechanical dyn...

ckicken rabbit hexagonal plastic flat mesh for agriculture

Model No:all sizes

Min. Order:1

Plastic Nets Plastic Nets , generally are two different kinds 1. Flat net 2. Stretched net A. Flat nets applicable for protection to keep insects away from Agricultural Products , fish breeding , fencing livestocks , construction protection , embankment netting protection , housing netting mats , plastic Products netting coverings , etc B. Stretched nets usually be used to pack fruits , vegetables , flowers , toys , foods , seafood , etc. also make bath balls , bathing towel , sink filters...

Small 40HP Agricultural Tractor 4-wheel Drive

Model No:ZH-404-1

Min. Order:1

Small 40HP Agricultural Tractor 4-wheel Drive Small 40HP Agricultural Tractor 4-wheel Drive tractor is belong to small tractor, 404 is 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive has better performance than 2-wheel drive, especially walking on the hill. 4-wheel drive can not only working on the flat ground, it will show you good preformance when it working on the hill. Dimension is 3540x1560x1975. 40hp farm tractor is easy for control and maintenance. Use farm tractor can reduce labor cost and increase work ef...


Sichuan Chengdu

Recycling Waterproof Roof Stitchbond Fabric

Min. Order:50

Delivery Time:15 Days

We are a unique name in the market to provide our respected customers an exclusive range of Waterproof roof stitchbond fabric.After use it can easily be folded & stored. The handling is also easy in view of its light weight.Our fabric can be used in various applications like pond liner, agriculture, terrace garden underlay, industrial packing, basement & swimming pool capping, Slip-membrane for concrete roads and runways, covering of Agricultural Products & industrial Products. Type ...

Last Fully Automatic Agricultural Rice Mill Machinery Price

last fully automatic Agricultural rice mill machinery price for sale Product Components I. Structure: This machine is mainly composed of four parts including rice machine, pulverizer,motor and frame. The rice machine is composed of machine cover, middle seat, rice roller, ricesieve, huller blade, feeder, separator, gravity sieve separator, belt wheel and adjusting device; The pulverizer is composed of body shell, feed hopper and discharge hopper. II. Usage: The milling part of the machine can p...

Agricultural Products

We are Cameroon based company specialized in manufacturing dried beans, like coffee beans . Our Company is dedicated at providing high quality goods to consumers nationally and internationally. We have a wide range for Products for specialized applications to the food industries also we cater to the needs of the modern homemakers energy production

Eco-friendly Products Dry sac 5g absorbent desiccant dehumid

Model No:1-5g

Eco-friendly Products Dry sac 5g absorbent desiccants dehumidifier Calcium chloride Desicant Superior Absorption: 100-200% of its own weight. Convienient placement position: Suspended or hanging Use widely: Household, container, box ,Goods protected by dry sac: Agricultural Products, Wooden Products, Electronic goods, Leather Products. Metal product Dry sac 5g absorbent desiccant has the high abrobing capacity, the absorption capacity can lasting for 60 days, the moisture rate up to its own...

Water Absorbing Resin For Widely Usage In Home 

Productintroduction 1. Thisproduct is substitute for ice, and its usage effect is better than ordinary iceby several times. Cooperate with heat preservation bags, boxes, boxes, barrelscan effectively keep the food fresh, it is suitable for school, work, outdoorwork, outdoor activities, travel, etc. 2. it iswidely used in aquatic Products, flowers, fruits and other transportation oftemperature sensitive Products. Can also be used for medical care (cold),sports, health care, beauty skin care and o...

Water Absorbing Resin For Widely Usage In Home 

Product introduction 1. This product is substitute for ice, and its usage effect is better than ordinary ice by several times. Cooperate with heat preservation bags, boxes, boxes, barrels can effectively keep the food fresh, it is suitable for school, work, outdoor work, outdoor activities, travel, etc. 2. it is widely used in aquatic Products, flowers, fruits and other transportation of temperature sensitive Products. Can also be used for medical care (cold), sports, health care, beauty skin ca...

Pp Materail Poly Paper Bag Used For Packing Mineral, Agricultural Product

PP materail poly paper bag used for packing mineral, Agricultural product 1)Material: PP and paper 2)Printing:As customer request 3)Sewing:With industry strength sewing Poly paper bag )Material: PP and paper 2)Printing:As customer request 3)Sewing:With industry strength sewing 4)Payment:T/T or L/C at sight 5)Delivery time: Within 20 days receiving deposite or original L/C at sight 6)Packing: In bale or according to customers requirements.   Mainly used for packing cements, sands, chemical raw ma...

Round Golden Natural Fresh Onion For Mexican Cuisine Contai

Model No:O926

Min. Order:1

Round Golden Natural Fresh Onion For Mexican Cuisine Contains Fibre And Fat Quick Detail: Product Type: Liliaceous Vegetabless, liliaceous vegetabless Type: Onion Style: Fresh, fresh Cultivation Type: Common Part: Non-Peeled Shape: Round Maturity: 100% Size (cm): 7 Certification: HACCP Weight (kg): 20 Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland) Brand Name: Onion Model Number: O926 Origin: local production Color: red, yellow, white Advantage: intergrating process, store ad export in a body Quantit...

5W/18W the farm solar Agricultural mosquito-lured lamp

Model No:SFL-MW2010A-1

Product Details Basic Specification Grid high power 3KV, currency<6mA Power(Watt) 18W Effective area 600m² Dimension 290.5*290.5*590mm Solar system for option Material Aluminum, Aluminum Die Casting, Glass, Iron, Steel Voltage 220V Detail Description Jiangmen Sifeili-Lighting Manufactory Co., Ltdhas more than 10 years experience in producing and selling outdoor and indoor lighting, we welcome customers all over the world doing OEM and ODM project, look forward to be one of your business partn...

Rice Bag with Handle Hole, Made of Nylon/PE, Customized Colors are Accepted

Model No:KHH052

Printing service for rice packaging bag Material: NY (15mic)/PE (120mic) Usage: to pack the food, Agricultural Products, daily chemical Products, tea and rice Function: strong sealing and laminating bond strength, excellent moisture, oxygen barrier Suitable for vacuum packaging

Mini-tiller for farmland and rice fields

Model No:LH-1WG-4

Company based in the Southern hills paddy fields slope Vegetable characteristics and needs of small farmers and friends light Practical requirements of Agricultural Products, after repeated experiments from the development of new models Mainly used for farmland and rice fields, rural management, facilities-based agriculture and other hard non-riding type operating tillage machinery After the roll forward model driven design using a simple structure, easy to use, low fuel consumption, high effici...

Anti-Butterfly Netting & Agricultural Protection Netting 2m X 8m

Model No:106

Product Description The insect proof fabric is a new kind of environmental protection Agricultural covering material. Using the high-density polyethylene as its raw material, with the application of anti-aging and anti-UV auxiliary agent, the mesh has the characters of strong pulling force, heat-resistant, corrosion resistant, age resistant and poison free. With correct usage and proper keeping, the fabric can have a life span of five years under common weather situation. The features of the ins...

CCD Cereal Color Sorter for Agricultural Products (VSN3000-C6A)

Model No:VSN3000-C6A

Product Description Specifications 1. Cereal color sorter 2. High-capacity 3. High Sensitivity 4. Low waster 5. Detecting area 0.07 square milimeter Description VISION cereal CCD color sorter 1. The color sorter uses 2048 high performances CCD sensors with the definition up to 0.07mm² And thus is able to detect fine color differences of materials in parts. 2. The sorter adopts high quality special industrial lenses designed and manufactured for color sorting of coarse cereals, dehydrated vegetab...

50 HP Agricultural Crawler Tractor

Model No:Crawler Tractor

General Introduction After 20 years' strive, JUNYU INDUSTRIAL now has become to a group company--JUNYU INDUSTRIAL GROUP, which always holds true to the design and manufacture for all kinds of farming machinery, and keeps on growing and developing. Till now, its Products have been exported to more than 200 countries and get good reputation. Today she serves customers in various fields: Agricultural Power Machinery, Construction Machinery For Farmland, Soil Cultivating Machine, Planting & Fert...

Designed Container Liner

Model No:WC67Y

1. High quality and custom-made container liners for transport of dry bulk Products in standard containers. Made from 2 piece of PP fabric and in the middle is plastic film. 2. Container liners are manufactured under highly clean conditions, from strong, durable, food-grade polyethylene. 3. Are used in many industries to store and transport chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, Agricultural Products, seeds and food Products. Can be made out of PP Woven Dry-bulk Container Liners Size: 20/30/40 Fee...

Changzhou Chuangxin Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu South-Eastern Developing Distr

Agricultural Products Sheep Hurdles

Model No:MLV019

Hot Dipped Galvanised Panels for - Animal Pens and Enclosures. DIN EN 473 und ISO 9712 Welded Products;EN15085-2 Welding work.Specifications:1) 1220mm long 7-rail sheep hurdle with loops: 7.40kg, 1800 per 40'HQ.2) 1525mm long 7-rail sheep hurdle with loops: 8.30kg, 1600 per 40'HQ.3) 1830mm long 7-rail sheep hurdle with loops: 9.40kg, 1300 per 40'HQ.4) 2440mm long 7-rail sheep hurdle with loops: 22kg.FAQQ1: We are the dealer of industrial metal components in America, Can you OEM to us?A: Dear sir...
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