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Agricultural Fertilizer consultants from Chinese manufacturer provide best service for customers from all over the world

Model No:Agricultural fertilizer

Delivery Time:7 Days

Agricultural Fertilizer consultants from Chinese manufacturer provide best service for customers from all over the world   Product Description  As Fertilizer consultants we are famaliar with the usage of each agaricultural Fertilizer. Such as: DAP18-16-0: Especially particularly suitable for drought areas. we can give you reasonable advice for what kind of Fertilizer you should choose. we are professional to make international business for you with fertilizers. Our main products: NPK compound fe...

China Agricultural Fertilizer packaging bags price

Model No:Customized China agricultural fertilizer packaging bags

Delivery Time:15 Days

Product Description China Agricultural Fertilizer packaging bags price Our products come in various shapes and sizes for different applications. Our wide range of packaging solutions include Polypropylene Woven Sacks, Bags, Fabric Cloth and Fabric used in packing food grains, sugar, salt, seeds, cattle feed, fish meal, branded products, spices, pulses, dates, agro products, cement, fertilizers, chemicals, minerals, resin, polymers and rubber etc. We offer PP Woven Sacks, Bags, FIBC/Bulk Bags of ...

NPK+TE Agricultural water soluble Fertilizer

Model No:agricultural fertilizer

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications NPK+TE Agricultural Fertilizer 1.easily absorbed by plants 2.100% water soluble 3.suitable for all growing period     NPK+TE 100% water soluble Fertilizer   N+P2O5+K2O different formulas 1.by professional manufacture with high quality 2.free from chloride and heavy metal 3.100% quick soluble in water 4. save labor cost when application of fertigation 5.reasonable pricing, and at the same time, high quality 6.TE micro nutrient elements can be adjusted from 1% to 0.5% to 0.135% to 0...

Agricultural Fertilizer Granular Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

Model No:15.5-0-0

Min. Order:27

Agricultural Fertilizer 15.5 0 0 Granular Calcium Ammonium Nitrate The main components nitrate and ammonium are present in an ideal ratio and make calcium ammonium nitrate an affordable Fertilizer for healthy plant growth in agriculture and horticulture, Calcium Ammonium Nitrate supplies nitrogen to plants in a balanced and secure manner. At the same time, the combination of ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen makes calcium ammonium nitrate a special product with neutral chemistry (pH) whic...

Agricultural Fertilizer spreader bevel transmission gearbox

Model No:fertilizer spreader bevel transmission gearbox

Delivery Time:30 Days

Agricultural Fertilizer spreader bevel transmission gearbox   Company Information                Konic Gearbox (Dalian) Co.,Ltd.  • Manufacturer which experienced in providing OEM service for processing customized nonstandard gearbox and gearbox parts according to the drawings and related details.  • Professional Engineering Capability• Stable Quality• Reasonable Price• Small Orders Accepted• Design service• Maintenance service• Prompt Delivery• Professional Service   Related gears   Gear Produc...

Low Price Talc Powder for Agricultural Fertilizer

Model No:XT serie, XT serie talc powder for fertilizer

Delivery Time:20 Days

Specifications 1. Successful cases prove our produts have perfectly been applied to chemical Fertilizer ; 2. Certified by ISO, SGS       Product Description Talc powder can be used as chemical fillers to Agricultural fertilizers, therefore it can reduce production cost and act as adhesive agent in Fertilizer.   Our Talc Products Low Price Talc Powder for Agricultural Fertilizer Our products are mainly used in paint, general modified plastics, mid-range insulation materials, papermaking, and EVA ...

Ammonium Chloride 99.5%min, Fertilizer Manufacturer in China, Agricultural Fertilizer

Model No:Agricultural Ammonium Chloride

Ammonium Chloride 99.5%min, Fertilizer Manufacturer in China, Agricultural Fertilizer             Ammonium Chloride Specification Sheet Items Granular Ammonium Chloride Powder Ammonium Chloride Total Nitrogen % ≥25 ≥25.4 Moisture % ≤1.0 ≤0.5 Na % ≤0.8 ≤0.8 Granulometry 2-5mm % ≥90 -- Remarks with anti-caking agent with anti-caking agent DAHUA GROUP is one of the MAKERS of National Standard GB/T 2946-2008 for Ammonium Chloride.   Property White powdered crystal or granular, specific gravity 1.532...

Agricultural Fertilizer Spreader Gearbox

Model No:Rotary Tiller Gearbox

Agricultural Fertilizer Spreader Gearbox Aluminum housing gearbox apply on spreader machine, Fertilizer Spreader. With forged gears. We produce gearboxes, gear, shafts, other machining parts. We produce transmission gear, engine gears, spiral gear, helical gear, bevel gears, etc. Supply kinds of gears used in trucks, tractors, and agriculture machines. Gearboxes for Agricultural machines. Produce many items of Agricultural Gearbox. Ratio: According to your demands. Shaft sizes as per customer's ...

Agricultural Fertilizer spread

Model No:RLN-2BYSF4

Min. Order:1

Specifications 1. High precision seeding; 2. High-speed operation; 3. Easy-operated Gear Box lever. Product Introdution Agricultural Fertilizer spread The RLN-2BYSF serie Corn Planters are of simple mechanism and easy to operate. You can choose from two types, one for single seeds, the other for double seeds. This kind of precision seeder must match with the four-wheel types tractors, which mainly be used for seeding the single seed or double seeds precisely (as you choose). It also sows the cry...

Agricultural Fertilizer coating machine

Model No:3X25m

Delivery Time:20 Days

Specifications Our Fertilizer coating has strong adaptability to various materials,like wood chips,sawdust,manure,Fertilizer,chemical,plastic,e Drum Rotary Dryer/ Fertilizer coating machine  /Drum Coating Machine     Agricultural Fertilizer coating machine     Product Description   Introduction rotary coating machine is made by the screw conveyor equipment, mixing tanks, pumps, etc for the host powder or liquid coating process. It can effectively prevent the agglomeration of compound Fertilizer....

Agricultural Fertilizer Urea (N :46% MIN)

Model No:57-13-6

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications 1.Agricultural Fertilizer Urea (N :46% MIN) 2.MF:CO(NH2)2 3.CAS:57-13-6 4.HS CODE:31021000 5 White or Yellow Granular Agricultural Fertilizer Urea (N :46% MIN) 1.MF:CO(NH2)2 2.CAS:57-13-63.HS CODE:310210004 White or Yellow Granular5 Exported to USA,Slovenia,India,Mauritius,AU etc.   Technical index: Total content≥46.6%(Ammonia nitrogen≥25% S≥14% MGO≥6.6%)   To be a master:N≥25% S≥15% MGO≥6.6%;   Items Specification Results (N+S+MGO+ZN)% (N) % (S) % (MGO) % (ZN)% (H2O) % (1.0-4.75M...

Agricultural Fertilizer spreader/tractor Fertilizer spreaders/manual Fertilizer spreader

Model No:AR2-600

Delivery Time:20 Days

             ♦  Tractor mounted spreader for sale   ♦   Technical features:      Spreader is fertilizing machine designed according to USA technology, mainly used to apply base Fertilizer before tillage, sow seeds after tillage and spread seeds and manure in grassland and ranch. It has advantages of compact structure, wide range of applying, high productivity, even broadcast sowing and so on Technical Pa Agricultural Fertilizer spreader/tractor  Fertilizer spreaders/manual Fertilizer spreader Mo...

2016 best selling tractor mounted Agricultural Fertilizer spreader for sales

Model No:HF120-I,HF150-I

Delivery Time:20 Days

2016 best selling tractor mounted Agricultural Fertilizer spreader for sales         Product Description The mini tractor is a multipurpose  mini tractor which can be matched with various implements, it can work in farm land, orchard, greenhouse, garden, mountains and hills.The mini tractor is a new generationtractor and has the characteristics of large power, low fuel consumption,more save manpower,more shift gears,good matched performance and convenient operation and maintaince. This tractor e...

The price of Multifunctional new type Agricultural Fertilizer spreader

Model No:2AM-2B

Delivery Time:30 Days

 The price of Multifunctional new type Agricultural Fertilizer spreader   Product Description   Introduction 2AM-2B=2 Functions(spread Fertilizer, sow seeds) 2AM-2B multifunctional Fertilizer spreader has two functions: spread Fertilizer and sow seeds. This multifunctional spreader is widely used in agriculture: Fertilizer and seeds spreading and sowing etc. It is powered by rechargeable lead acid battery. Composed of three working parts: Fertilizer tank, motor, and fertilizing plate. Motor driv...

BAMBOO CHARCOAL Agricultural Fertilizer

Model No:BBP NO.3

Delivery Time:25 Days

Specifications BAMBOO CHARCOAL Agricultural Fertilizer made of fast grow bamboo increases sugar content and taste use in organic farming BAMBOO CHARCOAL Agricultural Fertilizer   Product Description Description  SEEK Organic BamBoo Power BBP No.3 is a bamboo powder based, bio-organic Fertilizer. The product composition is based on soil biology requirements, the physical properties of bamboo and some advanced, international technology know-how. The major components include bamboo powder, bamboo b...

Online Shopping Good Quality Agricultural Fertilizer Potassium Humate


Delivery Time:10 Days

Product Description Online Shopping Good Quality Agricultural Fertilizer Potassium Humate      Specification Brand  XZH Solubility ≥85% Humic Acid(Dry basis) 50%-68% K2O(Dry basis) ≥8% Moisture 15% PH 7-10 Particle size 100 mesh Detailed Images   Application 1.Agricultural purposes   1)Organic potash Fertilizer.   Spraying with a solution of potassium humic acid could increase the rate of plant potassium and potassium uptake, mitigate the adverse effects of chemical potassium Fertilizer left in ...

Potassium Humate, Water Solubility 80% Agricultural Fertilizer Wholesaler

Model No:CXKJ-002

Delivery Time:15 Days

              Potassium Humate, Water Solubility 80% Agricultural Fertilizer Wholesaler            Defination Potassium humate is ideally suited for addition with fertilizers, such as Urea. With prominent effect to release the locked phosphate by some ions such as Fe3+, Al3+, also can slow-release nitrogen Fertilizer to promote the function of NPK fertilizers.   Description Name Potassium Humate Brand Name CXKJ Model Number CXKJ-002 Molecular Formula C9H8K2O4 CAS 68514-28-3 EINECS 271-030-1 Appe...

Agricultural Fertilizer Ammonium Sulfate (nh4)2so4

Model No:GB535-1995

Delivery Time:15 Days

Agricultural Fertilizer Ammonium Sulfate (nh4)2so4   I. Specifications: 1) Granular ammonium sulphate  2) Nitrogen :21.0% min  3) Moisture:1.0% max  4) Color: white or off white granular.    Ammonium sulphate(Ammonium sulfate) Item Standard Item Standard Nitrogen Content 21.0% min Inspect Standard  GB535-1995 Moisture 1.0% max Molecular Formula (NH4)2SO4 Free Acid 0.2% max HS Code 31022100 Grade Standard Caprolactam grade Place of origin China(mainland) Application Agriculture, Industry Brand Na...

Agricultural Fertilizer Water Soluble Type 99%min Potassium Nitrate KNO3

Model No:SXLX-704

Delivery Time:7 Days

 Agricultural Fertilizer Water Soluble Type 99%min Potassium Nitrate KNO3   Product Description         Applications   Properyies   Potassium nitrate is colorless crestal or white powder. It is easily soluble in the water, and the liquid ammonia but insoluble in anhydrous alcohol. It can not deliquesce in the air. As strong oxidizer. it will burn and explode when mixing with organics.     It is mainly applied in TV glass, glass refining agent and motor light glass; compound Fertilizer and foliar...

100% Natural Organic Humic Acid powder for Agricultural Fertilizer


100% Natural Organic Humic Acid powder for Agricultural Fertilizer 100% Natural Organic Humic Acid powder for Agricultural Fertilizer Product Description   Liquid Humic Acid contains humic acids extracted from leonardite.   It can be used as a soil or foliar application. It may enhance micro-nutrient uptake by plants. It is compatible with most Fertilizer solutions and biological and enzymatic formulations.   Functions & Benefits Detoxifying chemicals and heavy metals   Chelating all cations...

Agricultural Fertilizer spreader Truck manure spreader for sale

Model No:SFC-2600

Delivery Time:10 Days

Product Description   Agricultural Fertilizer spreader Truck manure spreader for sale      This Agricultural Fertilizer spreader is a kind of multifunction spreader, it is mainly used to apply base Fertilizer before tillage, sow seeds after tillage and spread seeds and manure, limestone, chemical or organic fertilizers in grassland and ranch.It has advantages of compact structure,wide range of applying,high productivity,even broadcast sowing and so on. As a new product, we are improving it accor...

2015 CE new tractor manure spreader Agricultural Fertilizer spreader

Model No:25GD 27GD

Delivery Time:45 Days

        2015 CE new tractor manure spreader Agricultural Fertilizer spreader     Product Description       1.Specification              2.Product Show                             Packaging & Shipping 3.Packing and Shipping       Our Services       4.CE certification           Company Information     5.Factory Show         6.Exhibition Show         7.Our Position     8.Contact Us            FAQ  9..FAQ       1.Q: Full price list for these products    A:If you need the price list for these pro...

MKP Agricultural Fertilizer

Model No:0-52-34

Delivery Time:15 Days

Agricultural Fertilizer potassium di-hydrogen phosphate (MKP) fosfito potasico Fertilizer npk 00-52-34 phan bon la kh2po4 1, Other Name(s):potassium dihydrogenortho phosphate, Potassium Phosphate Monobasic,2, Standard Executed: GB/T 1274-19933, Molecular Formula: KH2PO4 4, Molecular Weight: 136.095, Density:2.3g/cm36, Melting Point:252.6C7, HS Code:283524008, CAS:7778-77-0 9, REACH No (Pre-registration No in Europe):05-2114256300-63-000010, EINECS No:231-913-4 11, Purity: 99.0min12, P2O5: 52.0mi...

Agricultural Fertilizer

Model No:ZMG01

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications Agricultural Fertilizer 1)ZnSO4*7H2O 98%min Zn:22.%min 2)Packing:25 kg pp bags 3).Classification: Sulphate Products Name: Agricultural Fertilizer   1.lower heavy metal level 2.Packing :25kg pp bag 3.Zn>22% 4.Classification:sulphate ……………………………………………………………………^^……………………    Basic description Formula: ZnSO4·H2O CAS No.: 7446-20-0 HS Code: 283329300EIENCS: 231-793-3Quality: ISO9001:2000     Physical Description Mol Weight: 287.56Appearance: white crystalline powder or granular Odour...

2015 new Agricultural Fertilizer sprayer duster

Model No:WBD-16A

Delivery Time:2 Days

 Specificationssprayer   cement mortar  1. Type WBD-16A           sprayer  2.80psi/100psi auto cut off sprayer 3.delivery time: 2 week  self-propelled sprayer     sprayer Product Name :      2015 new Agricultural Fertilizer sprayer duster Type :     WBD-16A Work's Pressure :     0.2-0.4Mpa Individual Size :     38*20*49cm Net Weight :     5.8kg Capacity :     16L Accumulator :      12V , 8Ah Charger :       220-240V , 12V  Motor :      12V continue working hours :       >=4.5h =, ...

Agricultural Fertilizer grade K2CO3 / CAS NO 584 08 7 with good quality

Model No:lx-01

Min. Order:1

Agricultural Fertilizer grade K2CO3 / CAS NO 584 08 7 Specifications: Inspection Item Standard Purity(as K2CO3) 99.0%Min Chloride(as KCL) 0.01%Max Sulphate( as K2SO4) 0.01%Max Iron 0.01%Max Water in solubles 0.02%Max Burnt loss 0.6%Max Arsenic 0.0003%Max Appearance white crystal Product Feature: Potassium carbonate may be monoclinic crystal,white powder,granular crystal or prill.Relative density: 2.662 and the melting point is at 891 degree C.It easily soluble in water forming a slightly alkalin...

Ammonium Sulphate white Granular used for Agricultural Fertilizer

Model No:Fertilizer for agriculture

Delivery Time:7 Days

Granular 21% Ammonium Sulphate  Ammonium sulphate is one of the most widely used nitrogen fertilizers.  Ammonium sulphate  provides an equal balance of nitrogen and sulphur and can make crops thrive and improve fruit quality and yield and  also strengthen resistance to disaster .  Ammonium sulphate is the best fast releasing, quick acting and  can be used directly for a wide range of soil and crops, and also as seed fertilizers, base Fertilizer and additional Fertilizer.    2)Specifications:  Ni...

Ammonium Chloride Industrial / Fertilizer Grade

Model No:industrial / fertilizer grade

Agricultural grade ammonium chloride     Molecular formula: NH4Cl Molecular weight: 53.49 Properties: It is white crystal or granular material, stable in the air, moisture absorption, sublimating at 335 ºC, soluble in water and the water solution is weak acid reaction, it is difficult to dissolve in alcohol, insoluble in acetone and ethyl ether. CAS NO.:[12125-02-9 ]  Standard: Q/DHJ0306-2009 Uses: used in Agricultural Fertilizer  Packing: 50kg in plastic bag lined plastic woven bag. Storage and...

Agricultural Fertilizer and Pesticides integration with Drip irrigation


Delivery Time:15 Days

What is drip tape? Drip irrigation is partial root zone irrigation, to convey the water to the crop roots through dripper or eimtter built in plastic pipe.It is currently the most effective watersaving irrigation methods for the arid regions,water use efficiency up to 95%. Drip irrigation can be combined with Fertilizer, improve efficiency more than doubled. Applicable to fruit trees,vegetables,  crops and greenhouse irrigation,can also be used to irrigate farm field crops in arid or drought are...

PP woven Fertilizer bags for bulk Agricultural Fertilizer importers

Model No:JT-YY

Delivery Time:25 Days

Specifications PP bags,10kg,25kg,50kg,100kg 100% virgin materials ISO 9001:2008, FDA customized colors and designs advanced equipments Our BOPP woven bags' characteristics   1>  waterproof, table for packaging flour, grains, salt, rice, pet food etc.   2>  various shapes, styles and sizes available    3>  water-resistant and tear-resistant,  antiskid fabric   4>  100% virgin PP and OPP materials, OPP film or Matt coated film   5>  welcome to visit our production lines , storage sa...

ammonium sulphate 20.5% for Agricultural Fertilizer

Specifications Ammonium Sulpate CAS NO:7783-20-2 Colorless rhombic crystals powder N content Min:20.5% Uage:Fertilizer,Agricultural industy Ammonium sulfate Molecular formula:(NH4)2SO4  Molecular weight:132.14  CASNO:7783-20-2  HS NO: 31022100 Index Premium grade First grade Conforming product Appearance White or off-white granule crystal N content (dry basis)% ≥ 21.0 21.0 20.5 Water(H2O)content%≤ 0.2 0.3 1.0 Free acid(H2SO4)%≤ 0.03 0.05 0.20 Iron Fe)content%≤ 0.007 -- -- Arsenic As)content%≤ 0....

Wholesale Magnesium Sulphate Agricultural Grade

Model No:NW-MgS8

Min. Order:25

Wholesale Magnesium Sulphate Agricultural Grade Magnesium Sulphate is a stable quality Agricultural Fertilizer that is made from Magnesium Sulphate Oxide of good quality. It is widely used in agriculture and forestry. It is the best supplementary of Magnesium Fertilizer for insufficient Magnesium crops and soil. Magnesium Sulphate is a supplementary Magnesium additive for compound Fertilizer. It can be mixed with other Fertilizer and used alone, too. Magnesium Sulphate Mgso4.7H2O Specification G...

Greenhouse TEFEN Fertilizer Injector For Irrigation System

Model No:SKY-6

Min. Order:1

Agricultural Greenhouse TEFEN Fertilizer Injector For Irrigation System Hello ,this is tefen doser pump ,which imported from Israel . Tefen doser pump is a widely used in Agricultural .Fertilizer pump mounted directly on the pipe, the kinetic energy of pipe flow to drives the pump to work at a set ratio to suck high erconcentration drug or quantitative Fertilizer in to the pump. after mixed with the water and deliveried to downstream. No matter How to change the water pressure ,Drug or fertili...

Bio Organic Fertilizer

Model No:NY798-2015

Min. Order:25

Biochar Bio Organic Agricultural Fertilizer Product Description Carbon Base Fertilizer,new ecological compound Fertilizer: Implementation of standards:NY/T798-2015 Organic matter>35% Live microbes>50million/g Biochar>20% Wood vinegar>10% WSOC>5% NPK>8% NPK ≥8% Organic material 35% Beneficial soil organisms 50million/g WSOC ≥5% Biochar 20% Product Description 1.The main reason for low Fertilizer utilization: Minerals Nutrients have a strong tendency to organic carbon nutrition,...

Agricultural Fertilizer Spreader

Model No:CDR-600

Good Quality PVC material 600L Tractor mounted Fertilizer Spreader 1. High efficient, low consumption 2. Easy to operate, to maintain 3. High quality How To Order: 1. Please tell us the model with quantity and other requirement which you needed. 2. We issue the Proforma Invoice to you after confirmed the price and other details. 3. We arrange the order production upon receipt of confirmed PI and your deposit or T/T. 4. After the goods is ready to ship, we will inform you the shipment date and ot...

Agriculture Fertilizer Magnesium Sulphate

Model No:magnesium sulphate

Application of Magnesium Sulphate1. It is a stable quality Agricultural Fertilizer that is made from Magnesium Sulphate Oxide of good quality. It is widely used in agriculture and forestry. It is the best supplementary of Magnesium Fertilizer for insufficient Magnesium crops and soil. There are two teatures: to be absorbed easily and can't destroy the PH of soil.2. It is a supplementary Magnesium additive for compound Fertilizer. It can be mixed with other Fertilizer and used alone,too.The produ...

DAP Diammonium Phosphate DAP18-46 Agricultural (Fertilizer)

Model No:TC 46511

1. Product Information:Fertilizer DAP 18-46-0Available P2O5 46% min.Water soluble P2O5 41% min.Total Nitrogen 18% min.Moisture 2.0% max.Particle size 90% min. Between 1mm to 4mm.Color Dark Brown.2. Application:Used as a high effective non-chloride N, P compound Fertilizer in agriculture.It contains totally 74% Fertilizer elements, used as a basic raw material for N, P and K compound Fertilizer.3. Packing:In 50kg net bags, store at a cool, dry and well ventilated place.4. Delivery Time: 15 days a...

Small tractor Funnel-shaped Agricultural Fertilizer spreader

Model No:CDR-600

Min. Order:1

  Product Description   Tractor mounted stainless cone basket Fertilizer spreader equipment     This CDR series stainless steel Fertilizer spreader is produced by the leading manufacturer of spreaders and employed the world-over by farmers, landscapers, golf courses, grounds keepers and homeowners to spread both Fertilizer and many other materials. It is mainly used to apply base Fertilizer before tillage,sow seeds after tillage and spread seeds and manure in grassland and ranch. Standard featur...

Ammonia Chloride Agricultural Fertilizer

Delivery Time:10 Days

Specifications Ammonia Chloride 1.agricultrual grade 2.White crystal granular 3.CAS No.: 12125-02-9 Ammonia Chloride Molecular formula: NH4Cl CAS No: 12125-02-9 Einecs NO: 235-186-4 Purity: 99.5. % Categorie: agriculture grade Appearance: White crystal, specific gravity 1.532(17° C), easy agglomerating after moisture absorption, soluble in water. Inspect Standard GB2946-2008 Item Excellent grade Good grade Nitrogen Content 25.4%min 25.0%min Moisture 0.5%max 1.0%max Na 0.8%max 1.0%max Size(2.00mm...

Agricultural Fertilizer, humic acid granules

Model No:Humic acid granule

Delivery Time:15 Days

Specifications Humic acid raw powder is natural macromolecule organic polymer ,mostly extracted from brown coal and danty. Brife Introduction 1.Humic acid raw powder is a natural macromolecule organic polymer,mostly extracted from brown coal and danty.It contains some nutrient like NPK and have a high bio-actvity.It can be used to produce organic Fertilizer and feed supplement .It is a good soil conditioner.The products we supply have a high content of organic matter and humic acid .It is a comp...
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