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Lab Granulator and Coater

Model No:FLP

Min. Order:1

Lab Granulator and Coater Attention to order 1. When order the FLP Granulator and Coater , Client need to supply the materials name 2. When order the FLP Lab Coating Machine , Client need to supply the density of materials. 3. When order the FLP Powder Coating Machine , Client need to supply the capacity per batch or capacity per hour. 4. When order the FLP multifunction granulating coating machine, Client need to decide which kinds steel for machine-304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel. ...

Fluid Bed Granulator/Pelletizer/Coater For R&D

Model No:FLP-Mini/0.5/1.5/3/5

Min. Order:1

Product information ★ FLP pharmaceutical multi-function fluid bed Granulator/pelletizer/coater for R&D is multi-function equipment integrated spray drying-granulating-centrifugal spray coating-fluid coating-drying in one body. It is suitable for granulating, pelleting and coating of various varieties in pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry and chemical industry, etc. The finished pellet is compact and has high degree of ball. The machine has good seal, surface of the equipment i...

Swaying Granulator Machine specifications

Model No:YK

Min. Order:1

Main Application This machine is a special Granulator that makes wet powder mixture go through the screen compulsively under the positive and negative rotation of the roller.The machine is widely used to granulate in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industry etc.After drying it can be used to suppress to different kinds of products. The machine can also be used for crushing Agglomerate material. Working Principle The machine makes roller to rotate continuously under the effect of motor, tr...

200-600kg/h Capacity Pe Film Granulator Machine / Plastic Granulating Machine

Stage Of Extruding: Single Stage Or Double Stage Capacity: 100-500kg/h Pe Film Granulating Machine Labour Cost: 2-3 Person Pelletizing Way: Watering Cut Or Pull Strips Cut Screen Changing Device: Double Working Position , Screen Changing Non Stop Applied For: PP , PE Film 200-600kg/H Capacity PE Film Granulator Machine / Plastic Granulating Machine      pp pe film Granulator machine  More efficiency , less labour cost  belt conveyor, cutting compaction system single screw extruder, water-reek cu...

plastic Granulator machines

Model No:ML plastic granulator machines

Product Details Basic Specification Colour up to you Warranty one year Motor Brand SIEMENS, SIMO, DAZHONG,e.g Origin Zhangjiagang city, China Application plastic Granulator machines Diameter 85mm-180mm Power 55kW-185kW Automatic Yes Material Processed Film Plastic Type PE Size 12m*3.5m*3m( L*W*H) Capacity 100-1000kg/h Detail Description plastic Granulator machines   Model ML85 ML00 ML130 ML160 ML180 Output(kg/hr) 120-180 200-350 400-550 600-800 800-1200 Features:High efficiency and stable perfor...

Agglomerate machine

Model No:LDW-890

Product Details Basic Specification color according to buyer\'s requirement water feeding automatic Voltage 380v/3phase/50hz(according to buyer\'s requirement) Type Recycling Granulator Screw Design Other Material PP/PE Product Capacity 150-500kg/h Detail Description Description: Agglomerator adopts friction heating principle ,it can crush and granulate various kinds of plastic film all in once. It\'s an ideal device to turn waste film into profitable granules easily and quickly .Power by three-...

PP bags PE waste plastic Granulator

Model No:saiou granulator

Product Details Basic Specification category granulating machine type Plastic Granulators warranty 1 year Weight 9T Power(w) 90 Product Capacity 300 Type Recycling Granulator Screw Design Single-Screw Voltage 220 Material PP/PE Detail Description PP bags PE waste plastic Granulator   This film plastic Granulator is used to pelletize the recycling scraps to granules. But this Granulator has an agglomerator tank on extruder, it is suitable for all kinds of plastic film, such as PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLD...

Plastic Grinding Milling Granulator

Model No:Model 15, 100 Plastic Grinding Milling Granulator

Model 150, 100 Plastic Grinding Milling Granulator The machine adopts Japanese design principles, employs the principles of grinding rapidly, agitating continuously, milling and fractioning to be heated with multi-knives and cooling and contracting. It produces granules from waste materials and angle materials such as the plastic films, filament, ribbons, pieces, soft plastic pipes, foaming materials, and degrading materials, and puts then into reproduction. It is the latest ideal granulating eq...

FLP Fluid-Bed Granulator Coater Dryer Machine

Model No:FLP

FLP Fluid-Bed Granulator Coater Dryer Machine 1. Multi-Function Equipment 2. Integrated spray 3. Drying-Granulating-Centrifugal 4. Spray Coating-Fluid This machine was composed of fluidized drying, spray drying, fluidized granulating, turbojet coating, bottom spray coating, revolving bed granulating(pellent) etc. Have passed CE, GMP certificate. Features for pilot fluid bed Granulator 1. Multi-function, own granulating, pelleting, coating in one machine. 2. Powder, granule, Agglomerate materials...

Chemical Fibre Granulator with CE Approval

Model No:OULI-200

OULI-200L Chemical Fibre High Speed Granulator is a kind of equipment with which castoff thermoplastic film and articles of less than 2 mm thick can be directly granulated. Such castoff articles can be Agglomerate granulated as soft terylene PVC, HDPE and LDPE, polystyrene, polypropylene and other thermoplastic plastics or films. The castoff articles of foaming polystyrene can also be granulated. Scraps are minced into pieces soon after thrown into the machine barrel and then minced by its rotar...

Film Granulator

Model No:Film Granulator

Film, bottle flakes Granulator This plastic recycling equipment also called agglomerator for Plastic film, which will make the film plastic into big granules. 1. Product description 1) Agglomerator is mainly used to pre-plasticization the waste fiber, waste plastic film etc. 2) Compressed to be small granules in order to reprocess easily, and the particles have high density after processed. 3) The lower right corner of the picture is the finished product... Production capacity: 100kg/hr-800kg/hr...

Zhangjiagang Haihong Machinery Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Province Zhangjiagang City

Quick Stirring Granulator (KZL-80) GMP ISO

Model No:KZL-80 Granulator Series

1. The machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries with good effect. 2.The Granulator, equipped with reasonable filter net and shankpiece 3. The machine can smash those easy dispersed block materials and screen them carefully via the screen with special mesh under centrifugal force. 4. The size of granules can be acquired by changing the screens. 5.  The machine can replace the swing Granulator.

Plastic Film Granulating Machine / PE Film Granulator

Model No:GHX PE Film granulator

New type high speed PP PE Film Granulator with low power consumption This agglomerator is mainly used for cutting and recycling thermoplastic film, soft polyvinyl chlorid (PVC) waste chemical belt etc, such as garbage bags, carry bags and milk pouches It is for for augmentation of the bulk density of the LDPE, HDPE , PP , BOPP, PET film & bags flakes. Features of PP PE film Granulator strong design of double-bearing for holding the main shaft high performance blades temperature control water...

FLP Fluid-Bed Granulator/Pelletizer/Coater (lab scale)

Model No:HZG

Applications FLP Granulator/Coater/Pelleter is multi-function equipment integrated spray drying-granulating-centrifugal spray pelletizing-fluid coating-drying in one body. The machine combines various process operations. Particularly it is suitable for granulating, pelletizing and coating of various varieties in pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry and chemical industry, etc Feature of equipment 1. Multi-function such as granulating, pelletizing, coating, drying in one machine. 2. Powder ...

Two Stage Film Pellet Granulator for Plastics Recycling

Model No:granulator for plastics

Two stage film pellet Granulator for plastics recycling Granulator for plastics Applications: Applicable plastic materials: PE, HDP E, LDPE, PP, BOPP, etc Material shapes: Film, bag, (PE, PP) regrind Material types: Rolls, loose, bundled Material comes from offcut, industry defective film, washed film and printed film. Note: Depending on different material properties, various downstream equipments are needed. Granulator for plastics 1. Material will be cut, pre-heated, pre-dried, mixed and compa...

Hlsg-150 Mixing Granulator

Model No:mixing granulator

HLSG-150 Mixing Granulator Applications: 1. Our machine HLSG-150 Mixing Granulator is a high efficiency and high speed equipment. 2. It can mix different powder materials and granulate granule in one process. 3. It is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry and chemical industry. Features of equipment: 1. Our machine adopts horizontal barrel (cone) structure. Its structure is reasonable 2. The inner surface of equipment has no dead corner. It works at sealed state and conforms...

Yangzhou Nuoya Machinery Co., Ltd.

Weiyang District Yangzhou Jiangyang Industry Area

China Manufactured Glatt Equal Quality All Stainless Steel GMP Pharmaceutical Granulator (FLZB)

Model No:pharmaceutical granulator

Pharmaceutical Granulator Unique technology All production-type fluidized bed provide an optimum ratio of air volume flow to quantity of product used. The conical pressure relief zone and the resulting reduced flow speed allow even very fine products to be processed. Different bottom designs guarantee optimum inflow of the product. The double-chamber filter system ensures that the process is uninterrupted even when cleaning the filter. We offer different filter materials for different products a...

large plastic Granulator with large production capacity

Model No:RG-56E

The granulators of RG-56E series (Big and Strong Crusher)are used to crush centralizedly thick remnants of pipes, moldings, and planking, package material, containers, sheet materials, wires, cables and so on to granules.Heavy Duty Crushing Machine play an important role in recylcing plastic wastes, defective goods and rejects and therefore can increase the utilization ratio of plastic material. The characteristics of large plastic Granulator with large production capacity: (1) Integral body,stu...

Copper Granulator

Model No:Blades for M400 Machines

Min. Order:10

Blades for M400 wire Granulator machines.

Fluid Bed Drying Granulator

Model No:FL

Min. Order:1

Fluid Bed Drying Granulator Principle The powder granule in vessel (fluid bed) appears in the state of fluidization. It is preheated and mixed with clean and heated air. At the same time the solution of adhesive is sprayed into the container. It makes the particles become granulating that contains adhesive. Being of unceasing dry through hot air, the moisture in the granulating is evaporated. The process is carried out continuously. Finally it forms ideal, uniform and porous granules. Fluid Bed ...

Beside-The-Press Middle Speed Granulator

Model No:AMG-190M AMG-260M AMG-360M AMG-420M

Min. Order:1

Products Name: Medium-Speed Granulator Model: AMG-190M AMG-260M AMG-360M AMG-420M AMG-M Series middle-speed granulators are mainly used for granulating sprues or rejects fed by pickers or robot beside the molding machines. They are used to crush various soft and hard plastic sheets, twig-shaped and mesh-shaped plastic and rubber materials, such as shorts, reuse and semi-finished products. The machine is suitable for soft PC, nylon, ABS etc. AMG-M series granulators equipped paddle blades ...

Fluidized Drying Granulator inhydrophobic silica

Model No:FL

Min. Order:1

Fluidized Drying Granulator inhydrophobic silica Working Principles The powdery materials is in fluidizing state in the container. It is first heated and mixed by filtered hot air. Then the powder combines with atomizing adhesive solution. After that, the prototype of granule is formed. The moisture in granules is evaporated, as hot air constantly heats the granules. The adhesive is also solidified in the process of drying. The repeated drying process finally contributes to the microporous spher...

Factory Price Plastics Granulator And Crushers

Min. Order:1

Delivery Time:15 Days

Factory Price Plastics Granulator And Crushers 1.Tailored to meet a wide variety of requirement, able to granulating & recycle all kinds of plastics material with different texture and shapes; 2.Mature processing technology, box and other important parts by whole processing, ensure that cooperate with precision; 3.Strong structure, easy to operate , low electricity consumption & durable; 4.Fully safety device installed, to ensure safety operation; 5.Double well hopper designed, low noise...


Model No:110

Min. Order:1

Use: 1:Mainly used for HDPE, LDPE and PP plastic film to granulate after washing. 2:For nylon waste silk, stocking toe, fabric, woven bag and network material to granulate. Features: 1:Forced feeding hopper is used to ensure materials are cut evenly, less labor and high output. 2: The feeding throat of the main engine and the plasticizing segment are heated with electromagnetic heating. Dry plastic material and wet plastic material can be used to granulate....

Under Water Extrusion Granulator for TPR

Model No:LN-UW-100

Min. Order:1

LINA Underwater Extrusion Pelletizer for TPR LINA Under Water Extrusion Granulator is especially suitable for a wide range of plastic, engineering plastic, high viscosity materials and universal rubber masterbatch etc. After the Good Dispersion Kneading Machine or Two Roll Open Mill. Excellent performance of LINA 100 Underwater and Water Cooling Pelletizer plastic or rubber masterbatch or other material with automatic high effect double arm or forced feeding double taper feeding hopper, hoist, i...

HNS plastic Granulator different capacity

Model No:HNS

HNS plastic Granulator different capacity 1.Using V type cutting technology,decrease abrasion between blades and crushing chamber ,improve service lift of blades. 2.Using spherical roller bearings,bearing housing external structure ,good heat dissipation.

PE Film Squeezer Granulator

Model No:JG-500

Min. Order:1

PE Film Squeezer Granulator: This is a new Pipe Drying Equipment which used for removing most water from washed film efficiently. Sometimes, We also called water squeezer, Film squeezer, which is a new designed Drying Machines instead of traditional dewatering machines and Plastic Drying Machine for washed Pet Washing Recycling Line ,bags,woven bag ect. This machine could remove most water from washed film efficiently. The corn parts is the screw surrounded by the screen mesh which will pushes t...

Plastic Recycling Pellet Making Granulator Machine

Model No:XB-GR-1

Min. Order:1

Plastic Recycling Pellet Making Granulator Machine Product Description Plastic extrusion line/plastic extruder line/extruder/plastic recycling and granulation line Stuctrure: Thia machine is mainly suitable for processing and granulating PP/PE/PC/PS material,it use single screw extruder,much more econimical and useful. Principle and applications: 1. Increasing the operation variables and realizing the process because of two-stage machine 2. High effective and production capacity 3. Good at p...

Biofuel Rice Husk Sawdust Pellet Granulator Wood Pelletizer

Model No:XGJ560

Min. Order:1

Biofuel Rice Husk Sawdust Pellet Granulator Wood Pelletizer means this yulong XGJ series pellet machine can press varies materials like rice husk, wood sawdust, grass etc. As the pellets used for biomass fuel or animal feed is decided by materials itselves, not relationship with mateirals shape. If you have several different materials, pellet machine same type, but mould have to be changed. Because, mould thickness are different for different materials. Biofuel Rice Husk Sawdust Pellet Granulat...

Granulator Palm Production Line

Model No:SHD880

Delivery Time:10 Days

New Centrifugal Ring Die Pellet Machine Product Brief: (1) Less investment , Fast return , No risk; (2) Vertical feeding, directly in pelletizing room; (3) Die is static rollers rotate ;materials are evenly distributed around pelletizing room because of centrifugal force ; (4) SHD series Vertical ring mould Granulator is an ideal dense compression molding equipment (5) Double - layer die two layers both can be used for reduce the cost ,high efficiency and save energy. (6) Ring die and vertical s...

Feed Granulator machine hot sell

Model No:Two pressing wheels125

Delivery Time:20 Days

(Model) Power(KW) Efficiency(kg) speed Profile size(mm) Weight(kg) 125 3 80-100 320 1040*550*1140 32+36 150 4 90-150 320 1280*600*1250 48+44 180 7.5 125-175 320 1400*750*1300 72+66 210 11 400-500 320 1500*850*1400 89+100 Feed Granulator extrudes the mixed powdery feed once into a shape, which is cylindrical pellet feed. The raw materials are dried in and out. During the granulation process, there is no need to add water, no need to dry. The natural temperature rises to about 70-80 degrees. The i...

Wood Sawdust Pellet Granulator Machine for Sale

Model No:SZLH580

Min. Order:1

Vertical Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine -Wood Sawdust Pellet Granulator Machine for Sale Wood Sawdust Pellet Granulator Machine can press high crude fiber biomass materials into 2-8MM diameter pellets. specially fit for low adhesive biomass waste from wheat straw or rice straw, corn stalk, rice husk , palm fiber, palm shell or nut shell, very hard wood etc Roller bearings: high-temperature resistant bearings,enhanced compact arrangement roller,raceway optimization structure ,high loading capacity,...

High speed dry mixer Granulator equipment

Model No:HG

Min. Order:1

1. Machine Description Dry Granulator can make the powder raw material directly to granular products to meet user requirements without any intermediates and additives. after granulating Product granularity uniformity and bulk density increased significantly which not only control the pollution but also reduce the production cost and improve the appearance and liquidity material to facilitate drug next operation process and storage. Also can control the solubility, porosity, specific surface area...

Pressure Cooling Granulator /Spray Drier

Model No:YPG

Pressure Cooling Granulator /Spray Drier Description Pressure type pressure atomizer spray drying granulating machine is adopted with the aid of the diaphragm pump pressure will solution or slurry material atomized into small droplets, the significant increase in surface area, through full heat exchange with hot air to dry rapidly (more than ten seconds to tens of seconds), powder or tiny particles of product equipment is obtained. Pressure Cooling Granulator /Spray Drier Features Low fast dryin...

Spray drying Granulator

Model No:PGL-B

Min. Order:100

Spray drying Granulator Summary: PGL-BType spray drying granulating machine is suitable for the proprietary Chinese medicine granule, capsule, tablet, granules, or for coating particles. Spray drying Granulator Features: low Atomizer more fluid, more suitable for polysaccharide composition, viscosity or heat sensitive products. low Spray drying room, capture room, such as fluidized bed and the secondary air supply system structure for the important changes, more fittingTo cardiacShow the charact...

GMP Fluid-bed One Step Granulator

Model No:FLB-120

Min. Order:1

Fluid Bed Granulator (one-step Granulator), this machine is mainly used for the operations of mixing, granulating, drying and coating of granule. Top Spraying granulating of powder material in pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff ,industry, chemical industry, Such as granule of tablet, granule for quick resolving drinking, condiment. (FL Series) Top-Spray Fluid Bed Processor, Fluid Bed Dryer&Granulator, The machine is manufactured in accordance with JB20014-2004 . Fluid-bed Granulator ...

Waste Copper Wire Granulator for Copper Recycling

Model No:MX-400

Min. Order:1

Technical Specification of Scrap copper wire Granulator is as following: Model MX-300 MX-400 Picture Capacity 100-200KG/H 200-300KG/H Power 19KW 27KW Recovery rate 98% 98% Suitable cable diameter 0.5-30MM 0.5-30MM Weight 1800kg 2260kg Dimension 1900*1500*2250 (mm) 3000*2000*2300 (MM) Automatic scrap copper wire Granulator is a professional dry separation of waste wire and cable recycline.The machine has the features of large production capacity, low power consumption, the high rate of separatio...

Sound-proof Plastic Granulator with Dust Collector

Model No:RS-GJ400

Min. Order:1

Sound-proof Plastic Granulator with Dust Collector Features of the Soundproof Type Plastic Crushers, The Soundproof Plastic Crusher is installed with safety protection system & CE authenticated electrical appliances meeting the European safety standard. Installed with electrical phase controller and power isolater, safety operation and simple maintenance. The Noiseless Plastic Granulator is installed with power isolator, safety operation and simple maintenance. Movable stainless steel multi...

HQ-150 Plastic Grinding Milling Granulator

Model No:HQ-150

Min. Order:1

The HQ-150 Plastic Grinding Milling Granulator has the Main Features as following: A: Milling, mixture and staining can be processed all in one. B: The machine takes up little area of land. C: It is characterized by simple structure and ease of operation. D: The interstitial of the blade can be adjusted with convenience of replacing. E: It is characterized by high efficient in production and low consumption(1 ton of daily production ,and 200 degrees of electricity consumption ). F: Granulate...

Gold Plant Used Disc Granulator for sale

Model No: ZL10-ZL28

Min. Order:1

1. Introdution of Granulator machine for sale The pelletizing disc of Henan Hongke Heavy Machinery Company adopts the integral arc structure, and the granulation rate is high. There are three discharge ports in the pelletizing plate, which is convenient for intermittent production and greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the labor efficiency. The reducer and motor use flexible belt drive, start smoothly, slow down the impact force, and improve the service life of the equipment. The...
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