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List Of Agaricus Extract Powder Products And Quality Supplier Of Agaricus Extract Powder From China, Bossgoo.com Provide You Reliable Agaricus Extract Powder Manufacturers With Through The Certification. You May Also Be Interested In Soy Protein Isolate Powder ,aa Powder ,aaoil Dha Powder ,Abalone Extract ,abalone Powder

Hot sale Agaricus Extract Powder, Agaricus Blazei Extract / Agaricus Blazei Murrill Powder

Model No:agaricus extract powder

Delivery Time:2 Days

                                                   Hot sale Agaricus Extract Powder, Agaricus Blazei Extract / Agaricus Blazei Murrill Powder     Latin name: Agaricus Blazei Murill Extract Active ingredients:  Polysaccharides Common name:  Agaricus Blazei Murill Extract/ Agaricus Blazei Product Specification: 1.Polysaccharides (10%,20%,30%),50%); 2.beta-1,3/1,6 D glucan 20%,30%,40% Ratio:4:1~20:1  Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder Molecular formula:  (C18H30O14)n CAS Number:9012-72-0       Its fru...

Agaricus Extract, Agaricus Extract Polysaccharides, Agaricus Extract Powder with Low Price

Model No:Agaricus Extract

Delivery Time:5 Days

Agaricus Extract, Agaricus Extract Polysaccharides, Agaricus Extract Powder 100% Natural resources, very safe. Own GAP planting bases & GMP Standard factory Advanced Test Equipment in Lab No unpleasant taste Lower price with stable quality. Large output Product Description   Specification: Latin name: Agaricus blazei muril Extraction: Ethanol & water extraction Common name: Agaricus Blazei Extract, Agaricus Blazei Murrill Extract Product Specification: Agaricus Subrufescens Powder 4:1~20...

Top quality Natural Agaricus Extract Powder

Model No:zk-m-a102

Specifications Agaricus Extract Powder: 1, GMP, ISO, HACCP cerified 2, 15 years' experience 3, Free sample 4, 100% Natural 1, Our Agaricus Extract Powder specification: 1) Spec.: Polysaccharides 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% 2) Latin Name: Agaricus blazei muril Items Specification Results Appearance Yellow to light-yellow Powder Complies Odor Characteristic Complies Polysaccharides 30% 31.5% Sieve analysis 100% pass 80 mesh Complies Loss on Drying ≤5.0% 2.9% Heavy Metal <10ppm Complies Microbiology...

Factory price Agaricus blazei extracted Powder, Agaricus Blazei Powder

Model No:Agaricus Blazei Powder,Agaricus blazei extracted powder

Delivery Time:3 Days

Factory price Agaricus blazei extracted Powder, Agaricus Blazei Powder Agaricus Blazei  Powder,Agaricus blazei extracted Powder,Agaricus Blazei  Powder,Agaricus Blazei  Powder          Detailed Description   Product Name : Agaricus blazei extracted Powder Latin Name: Agaricus blazei murill         Odor & Taste: Characteristic CAS NO.:  9012-72-0  Active ingredient:  Polysaccharides Specification:  Polysaccharides 30%, 40%, 50% 60% Test method:  UV Appearance:  Brown-yellow fine Powder Molecu...

New arrival high quality goji berry Extract Powder

Model No:New arrival high quality goji berry extract powder

Min. Order:100

New arrival high quality goji berry Extract Powder The Ningxia Love Goji berry--The world's most powerful Antioxidant, Anti-aging Superfood. This berry was found to be the most nutritionally dense Superfood on earth. Dried goji berry-- tested by Eurofins Germany Botanical name:Lycium Barbarum Plant Part: Whole,ripe fruit Product format: Dried berries Origin: China Appearance: Dried berries,no impurity100% - Crop: 2017 - Taste: Sweet - Granulation: 220 size per 50g - Moisture: Max 12% - Nico...

ISO -Pygeum Africanum Extract Powder //Pygeum Africanum P. E.

Model No:Pygeum Africanum extract powder

100% Natural Pygeum Africanum Extract Powder-Supplied by NutraMax Product NamePygeum Africanum Extract Powder Latin namePygeum africanum. L ColorBrown Powder CertificateISO, KOSHER, HALAL, GMP, cGMP Specifications Ratio 4: 1, 10: 1, 20: 1 Total phytosterols 2.5% (30: 1) Total phytosterols7.0%-13% (70: 1) Total phytosterols13% (150: 1) Active ingredient: Phytosterols Part of the plant used: Bark Extract method: Grain alcohol & Water Paymen Terms: 100% T/T in advance / Western Union Free sampl...

Seaweed Extract Powder/Flake Fertilizer (Seaweed Extract Powder / Flake)

Model No:Seaweed Extract Powder / Flake

Seaweed Extract Powder / Flake (seaweed fertilizer)China patent no.: 03112663.6Product character:Black or brown Powder/flake, water soluble, pH=8-10Main ingredient:Alginic Acid: 8-15%, organic matter≥ 50%, N≥ 0.5%, P2O5≥ 3.0%, K2O: 18-22%, much secondary element and microelements, cytokinin, betaine, vitamin, trehalase, amino acid.Efficacy:Improve crop's quality, enhance resistance of crops, induce plants to enhance resistance to disease, meliorate soil, increase yield for 15 to 30%.Method of ap...

Orange Sweet Extract Powder for beverage

Model No:Sweet Orange Extract Powder

Delivery Time:7 Days

Product Description   Brand Name Tangchao Product Name Sweet Orange Extract Powder Ingredient  Sweet Orange fruit; malto dextrin State Powder; Light yellow Flavor Pure natural orange fruit aroma with fresh sense of mouthfulness  and continuity to long-lasting deeply. Application Be used as raw material Powder; widely used in instant solid  drinking, health food, health food & health product fields, baby food,  snack food, seasonings, cookies, cakes, bakery and cold food, etc. Characteristic ...

Factory Supply Natural Papain Papaya Extract Powder Organic

Model No:Papaya Extract Powder Organic

Delivery Time:5 Days

Product Description   Factory Supply Natural Papain Papaya Extract Powder Organic     Description of Papaya Extract Powder Organic     Papain is a natural enzyme, a kind of endopeptidese containing hydrosulfide group (-SH), extracted from the milky juice of the unripe papaya by biotechnology. It has strong ability of hydrolyzing protein and can be used for improving the nutritional value or function of the plants and the animal protein.     COA of Papaya Extract Powder Organic       Main Functio...

1000 mg ISO GMP Certificate and OEM Private Label Aloe Vera Extract Powder Softgel

Model No:100017 (Aloe Vera Extract Powder Softgel)

Delivery Time:3 Days

Specifications Aloe Vera Extract Powder Softgel 1000 mg / softgel ISO.GMP Certificate T/T,L/C Payment Skin Care Aloe Vera Extract Powder Softgel Product Name     Aloe Vera Extract Powder Softgel Main function:   1.Moisturize the intestine and purge, remove heat detoxifcation   2.Supply all kinds of nutritive materials needed maintaining looks    and skin from the internal parts of body  3.Eliminate all kinds of toxins of body's internal parts,maintain    skin, eliminate splash,    4.Prevent yout...


Model No:Instant black tea extract powder

Specifications Instant black tea Extract Powder 1.A variety of flavors and colour to choose. 2.Orbicular Industry Chain from plant to Extract INSTANT BLACK TEA Extract Powder   Product name INSTANT BLACK TEA Extract Powder Raw material Chinese Black Tea. CAS No 68403-26-8 Main component Theaflavin. Formula C17H20N202  Package 1kg/25kg aluminum foil bag, double PE bag in side. Store Shelf life, 24 month. Keep in dry, avoid light and hot. Product character Golden Brown Powder.Soluble in water and ...

buy radix angelica sinensis Extract Powder

Model No:buy radix angelica sinensis extract Powder

Delivery Time:25 Days

  buy radix angelica sinensis Extract Powder Product Description     Picture of  radix angelica sinensis Extract Powder   Description: 1. English name: Angelica sinensis 2. Latin name:Radix angelicae sinensis 3. CAS NO.:4431-01-0 4. botanical used part:dry tuber 5. products description and collect 6. plant Extract 1. appearance :brown Powder 2. active ingredients:ligustilide 3. specification:10:1 and ligustilid ≥1% 4. test methods:HPLC 5. molecular formula :C12H14O2 6. molecular weight:190.24 7....

Aloe Vera Gel Powder/ Aloe Vera Extract Powder

Model No:Aloe Vera Extract Powder

Delivery Time:3 Days

Aloe Vera Gel Powder/ Aloe Vera Extract Powder   Product Description Aloe Vera Gel Powder/ Aloe Vera Extract Powder   Latin name:  2016 ISO Certificate  Aloe Extract Powder/ Aloe Vera Extract Powder 40% Aloin Botanical Source: aloe barbadensis miller Part Used: Leaf Appearance:light yellow Powder and brown yellow Powder  Specification:Aloin 20%-98% ; 200:1 Test Method: HPLC /TLC Molecular Formula :C21H22O10  Molecular Weight :418.394 CAS NO:1415-73-2(aloin ) EINECS NO.: 215-808-0    Description:...

GMP factory supply lemon Extract Powder

Model No:lemon extract powder

Delivery Time:5 Days

  GMP factory supply lemon Extract Powder               Product name  GMP factory supply lemon Extract Powder Product category Lemon Material Origin Shanxi Xi'an Package 25kg/drum, packed in aluminum composite bags and placed in the drum. storage stored in sealed containers in cool dry conditions Shelf life Two years Features 1.Material: Lemon   2.Certificate:ISO9001, HACCP, Halal, Kosher   3.Active principle: It contants 15%- 20% Discription This product is the Extract from lemon juice. 100% le...

pure natural 10% 80% american ginseng Extract Powder

Model No:american ginseng extract powder

Delivery Time:1 Days

american ginseng Extract Powder   Specification:  Product name american ginseng Extract Latin Name:   Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer  Active ingredient:  Ginsenosides Producing Area:  Jilin China (Mainland) Specification:  3%(HPLC), 10%(HPLC), 80%(UV) Test Method: HPLC,UV CAS No:      90045-38-8 Scientific/medical name (s) Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer, Panax quinquefolius Other name: Panax ginseng, Asian ginseng, Oriental ginseng, Chinese ginseng,  Japanese ginseng, Korean ginseng, American ginseng Used ...

fenugreek Extract Powder 25% saponins 2016

Model No:fenugreek extract powder 10

Delivery Time:3 Days

Fenugreek Extract Powder 25% saponins 2016                      Fenugreek Extract Powder Product name Fenugreek  Extract Powder Latin name Trigonellafoenum-graecumL   Plant Source Fenugreek  seed Appearance Brown fine Powder Specification 10:1   Testing TLC Used part seed    Packing 1kg,5kg,10kg aluminum foil vacuum bag; or 20kg,25kg Fiber Drum. Storage Store in Cool and Dry place,keep away from strong light, hight temperature Guaranteed period 2 years Function 1)  Fenugreek soothe the stomach a...

GMP Saw Palmetto Extract Powder

Model No:Saw Palmetto Extract Powder

Delivery Time:3 Days

Saw Palmetto Extract Powder     Product Name:  Saw Palmetto Extract Powder   Specification: 45%25%Powder ,80% oil   COA:   Physical & Chemical Control Identification Positive Complies Appearance Fine Powder Complies Color Light yellow Complies Odor Characteristic Complies Taste Characteristic Complies Mesh Size 80 mesh Complies Loss On Drying <5% 2.3% Heavy Metals <10PPM Negative Arsenic <2PPM Negative Pesticides Negative Negative Microbiological Total Plate Count <1000CFU/gm Com...

Supply Organic Grape Seed Extract Powder

Model No:BNP-Organic Grape Seed Extract Powder

Delivery Time:1 Days

Specifications 1. Grape Seed Extract Powder 2. Polyphenols 95% 3. OPC 95% 4. Organic Grape Seed Extract     Grape seed extracts are industrial derivatives from whole grape seeds. Typically, the commercial opportunity of extracting grape seed constituents has been for chemicals known as , including recognized as . Potential anti-disease effects Human case reports and results from laboratory and animal studies show that grape seed Extract may be useful to treat such as and . By limiting , in grape...

100% Natural Ginger Extract Powder/ Ginger Root Extract

Model No:NAT-112 Ginger Extract Powder

Delivery Time:3 Days

  High Quality Natural Ginger Root Extract Powder     Product Information Latin Name:   Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens Appearance:   Yellowish brown to brownish yellow Powder Extraction Type: Liquid-Solid Extraction Part: Root Active Ingredients:  Gingerols Specifications:  5% Gingerols Botanical Source: Root   Ginger is commonly used as a cooking spice throughout the world. It is the rhizome of the perennial plant Zingiber officinale in the family Zingiberaceae. The ginger plant has a long history o...

100% Natural Guarana Extract, Guarana Extract Powder, Guarana P.E.

Model No:100% Natural Guarana Extract, Guarana Extract Powder, Guarana P.E.

Delivery Time:3 Days

100% Natural Guarana Extract, Guarana Extract Powder, Guarana P.E. Product description: Product Name: Guarana Extract Plant Resource: Paullinia cupana Kunth Active Ingredient: Caffeine Product Specification: 8% 10% Caffeine, 10:1, 20:1 CAS No.: 58-08-2 Appearance: Brown Fine Powder Plant Part Used: Fruit or Seed Extract Solution: Water/ Grain alcohol  Product introduction:   Guarana Extract, usually a light brown Powder, is water soluble. The Extract is often used mixed with water or juice. You'...
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