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List Of Adhesive Chemicals Products And Quality Supplier Of Adhesive Chemicals From China, Bossgoo.com Provide You Reliable Adhesive Chemicals Manufacturers With Through The Certification. You May Also Be Interested In Acetaminophen Chemicals ,acetoxy Adhesive ,acid Adhesive ,acid Reflux Chemicals ,acids And Chemicals

Viscoelastic Body Adhesive Tape for Pipe Flange Valve

Model No:Viscoelastic Body Adhesive Tape

Min. Order:100

Viscoelastic Body Adhesive Tape I. System description: Viscoelastic Body Adhesive tape is a new-type high-performance viscoelastic polyolefin material. It preserves the dual characteristics of the solid Adhesive material and liquid Adhesive material. In normal conditions, Viscoelastic anticorrosive tape's viscoelastic property will keep above thirty years. Viscoelastic anticorrosive tape has excellent viscoelastic, sound water-proof and easy-used characters. Ⅱ. Product feature: It can be use in ...

HCPE resin FOR Adhesive

Model No:NV-60

Min. Order:1

Product Name: High Chlorinated Polyethylene HCPE Molecular Formula: [CH2-CHCl-CH2-CH2] n EINECS No.: 208-407-7 CAS NO. : 63231-66-3 HCPE is a type of chlorinated polymer which contains chlorine at 65-69%. It is transparent, hard and brittle thermoplastic resins. It has high chemical stability, good salt water resistance and good ultraviolet resistance. It is readily soluble in organic solvents such as toluene, xylene and esters, forming a colorless to pale yellow, transparent solution. When this...

Teflon self Adhesive tape

Model No:self adhesive tape

Min. Order:1000

It has carried the features of PTFE that has very low coefficient of friction. The tapes has the non-stick surface, which made it is very easy to use and easy to fit. The adhesion belongs to quick stick type, so this series can be used in some fields that requires great initial adhesion. Main Features: 1. Temperature Resistance: This can be applied in different temperature(-196℃~300℃) and has the weather resistance and ageing resistance etc properties. Proved by practical application, if applie...

Construction Thickening Chemicals HPMC for Tile Adhesive

Model No:M150000

Min. Order:5

Gypsum hand plaster is usually applied to the exterior building. It is suitable application for small and delicate construction sites on account of its extensive use of manpower. YICHENG is playing the role of good workability, stronger adhesion, and water retention in this application. Physical and Chemical Properities Product Name: Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose CAS NO:9004-65-3 Definition: we choose high purity cotton as the original material to get the odorless and tasteless white powder aft...

Custom White Vinyl Labels With Highest Grade Uv Inks,Adhesive Scratch-proof And Fade-proof Stickers For Outdoor Use 

Custom White Vinyl Labels with Highest Grade UV inks,Adhesive Scratch-proof and Fade-proof Stickers for Outdoor Use in Australia This is white vinyl label,which we also call Pearlescent Synthetic Paper sticker.It's waterproof,weatherproof and scrath-proof with strong Adhesive. This sticker is also printed with high grade UV inks,so it's fade-proof and good for outdoor use,even for bad environment in Australia. We could also coate a matt or gloss film for the stickers if you want.Any size can be ...

Textile Auxiliaries Chemicals White Emulsion Bpd Pigment Dyeing Adhesive For Pigment Dyeing

Textile Auxiliaries Chemicals White Emulsion Bpd Pigment Dyeing Adhesive For Pigment Dyeing   White emulsion   Applications: Pigment dyeing

Double-sided Adhesive PE foam tape sticker stationery

Model No:LX-F6A06

Specifications Purpose: function the face which are uneven, lessen shocks for hard ware and electrical goods, stationery of office PE/EVA/High density PE foam based, painting solvent or hot melt pressure sensitive Adhesive, single or both sides, covering with release paper or plastic film High Adhesive, excellent performance for vibration reducing and anti-crack, good weather resistance, durable, water proof, heat resistance, anti-Chemicals and more Good isolation and buffering, applied to furni...

No Adhesive Automotive Wire Harness Tape

Model No:F D100

Standard sizes: Width: 19mm Length: 33m Core: 38mm Other sizes and cores are available, consult factory Code: FD100 Color: black Description: FD100 is a thin premium grade plasticized polyvinyl chloride tape with no Adhesive It is highly conformable and unaffected by most Chemicals and moisture Meet RoHS requirements It does not contain substances harmful to human body such as lead and cadmium Recommended uses: It is specifically designed for wire harnesses and other electrical insulating applic...

HG / T2568-08 Adhesive Raw Materials Chemicals 6834-92-0 ,


Min. Order:1

Beaded Sodium Metasilicate Adhesive Raw Materials 6834-92-0 . HG / T2568-08 Quick Detail: Replace STPP granular Basic chemical raw materials,inorganic salt, Using in the wash Industry,textile Industry, paper&printing Industry,ceramic Industry,metallurgical Industry Using in the oil Industry CAS: 6834-92-0 Description: SODIUM METASILICATE PENTAHYDRATE also named Pentahydrate Sodium Metasilicate. MOLECULAR FORMULA: Na2SiO3·5H2O USAGE: sodium metasilicate pentahydrate was mainly used in ...

Hot Melt Adhesive Paper Splicing Kraft Paper Tape

Model No:hot melt adhesive paper splicing kraft paper tape

Specifications self Adhesive kraft paper gummed tape 1.Strong Adhesive, 2.Waterproof 3.Environmental-friendly Product Name: hot melt Adhesive paper splicing kraft paper tapeself Adhesive kraft paper gummed tape Advantages: 1. Strong initial Adhesive and excellent softness 2. Be able to get highly adhesion to objects 3. Can choose the suitable tape types according to the different use and application 4. Excellent performance for temperature resistance, humidity resistance, solvent resistance, vib...

20 Years Manufacture of Adhesive Tapes

Model No:BK adhesive tape

Product Description1) Packing tape is made with BOPP film and coated with special water base acrylic adhesive2) The range of usage is sealing and packing carton box, and it is also suitable for super market sales3) It has the advantages of high resistant and tensile strength, light, high adhesion and printable4) Could be made for different color and printed your logo5)Diversified temperature-resistant tapes are available according to different seasons.FeatureWaterproof, Antistatic, Excellent adh...

PVC Electrical Insulation Adhesive Tape with UL Certification

Model No:PVC Electrical Insulation Adhesive Tape

PVC Electrical Tape with UL certificationTotal Thickness: 0.13mm & 0.18mmElongation at break ≥180%Feature: Good flexibility and high tensile strength.Adhesive: Rubber type pressure sensitive Adhesive.Dielectric strength≥5KV/minApplication: Used for insulating packing of electric wire. 

Dimethyl Carbonate in Chemicals

Model No:Dimethyl Carbonate in Chemicals

About us: Dongying Jinhao International Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Dongying City, Shandong Province and is an International Trade enterprise based on Shandong Jinhao chemical Co., Ltd. We are engaged in the production and sale of Chemicals. Our company is one of the leading chemical manufacturers in China. We have been working in the field for over 5 years. We specialize in producing and exporting basic inorganic and organic Chemicals, such as methylene chloride, chloroform, Dimethyl Carbonat...

Excellent Chemical Resistance for for Loctite Equivalent Anaerobic Adhesive Thread Lock 277 High Strength with Low Price

Model No:oem brand Adhesive

Product Description FACTORY--CUSTOMIZE CUSTOMER APPOINTED BRAND ADHESIVESpecificationsLoctite agency offer variant loctite adhesiveLocittecyanaoacrylate 416Loctite retaining compound, anaerobic, loctite e-30cSpecificationshigh strength; High temperature fast delivery loctite equivalent productsSpecification1. Withstands temperatures up to 230 ° c2. Recommended for bolts up to m36. Heating and hand tools required for disassemble.3. Provides a fast cure on most surfaces, including's received faste...

Automatic Adhesive Filling Machine with Conveyor Belt

Model No:DCS-30G2GY-D Adhesive Filling Machine

DCS-30G2GY-D Adhesive Filling Machine, FROM CHINA PROFESSIONAL FILLING LINE MANUFACTURERApplications:                                                                                                    Applicable to various coatings, inks, automotive paint, furniture paint, adhensives (glue), resin, chemical solvents, curing agents, lubricants, shoes glue, spray glue, and all kinds of liquids which can flow. About us:                                                           Guangzhou Huixin Mech...

High Performance, Acrylic Water Based Adhesive


Welcome to HONGSU  we are one of top Manufacturer & Exporter of BOPP Packing Tape in Guangdong,China.Our product is high quality and enjoy a high reputation by our customer.We would like to be your faithful and best supplier.Our main product:(1)BOPP Adhesive tape in any color,super clear & crystal.(2)Bopp tape jumbo roll(3)Low noise & no noise BOPP packing tape(4)Custom logo printed BOPP packaging tape(5)Bopp stationary tape(6)Masking tape(7)Duct tape/ Cloth tape(8)Double side tissue...

Nice Price Brittle Destructible Security Label Papers Rolls,White Self Adhesive Fragile Vinyl Paper

Model No:2015110601

Min. Order:214

Nice Price Brittle Destructible Security Label Papers Rolls,White Self Adhesive Fragile Vinyl Paper Minrui is the biggest factory of producing ultra destructible vinyl,it occupy 75% of the China market.The quality of our products is belivable and environment friendly.please contact us via:skype:Live:sky_1586 or email:sky(at)szminrui.com Product Description What are Brittle Destructible Security Label Papers? The paper is the material of destructible label,which has strong Adhesive and brittle fr...

Water Soluble Polymer Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals

Model No:AIA-1

Min. Order:1

Anionic Polyacrylamide Blufloc A 7519 Flocculant High Molecular Weight Polymer , CAS No. 9003-05-8 Blufloc A-7519 Anionic Polyelectrolyte Medium Molecular Weight Polymer Water Treatment, Paper Mill, Sugar Mill, Oil Drilling CAS No. 9003-05-8 A-7519 Grade Blufloc A-7519 Description: Appearance: white granule Molecular weight: 19 - 22 million minimum Granule: 20 - 100 mesh Solid content: 88% minimum Hydrolyzing degree: 10 - 20%, 20 - 30% or 30 - 40% Dissolving time: 2 hours maximum (10°C) Inso...

Stained Blue Pre-dispersed Rubber Chemicals CBS-80

Model No:Actmix®CBS-80GE/C

Min. Order:600

Stained Blue Pre-dispersed Rubber Chemicals CBS-80 Product composition: Approx. 80 wt% N-cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazolesulphenamide (CBS/CZ) CAS No.: 95-33-0 EINECS No.: 202-411-2 Approx. 20 wt% polymer binder and dispersing agent Specification: PRODUCT Active Content (%) Color Filtration (microns) Binder Mooney ML (1+4) 50℃ Density (g/cm3) Actmix® CBS-80GE/C 80 Grey-white or Blue 140 EPDM/EVM 50 1.20 *Other binders, such as NBR, SBR, AR, ECO also can be available for. SAFETY&TOXICITY: Please re...

Speciality Chemicals 2,4-Dichloro Acetophenone

2,4-Dichloro Acetophenone 2234-16-4 Speciality Chemicals Product Name CAS NO. 2,4-Dichloro Acetophenone 2234-16-4

Hardener and Accelerator for Epoxy Resin Counterpart for Omicure U 405

Model No:CAS NO 101-42-8

Min. Order:100

KylinCure 300 CAS No. 101-42-8 Molecular Formula: C9H12N2O Molecular Weight: 164.20 Synonyms: Phenyl Dimethyl Urea; Analogue of Dyhard UR 300 and Omicure U 405; Hardener & Accelerator for Epoxy Resin; Substituted urea accelerator Description KyinCure 300 is a latent accelerator for thermosetting epoxy resin systems used in the Adhesive and composite industry. KylinCure 300 is similar in structure to KylinCure 200/210. However, KylinCure 300 does not contain any Chlorine and therefore, is saf...

Adhesive Glass Beads for Road Marking

Model No:Adhesive Glass Beads

Min. Order:1

Product introduction of Adhesive Coating Glass Beads Reflective Glass Beads During production of paints, qualified glass beads will be mixed into them as certain proportion required by standards.Certain proportion glass beads will be dropped on during application of paint on road, which has been mixed with glass beads, before they are dry. Under the effect of gravity of glass beads itself, the glass beads will inlaid into paint by part of their surface. When the car light attaches such kind of ...

Venezuela Import Organic Chemicals Customs Data

Model No:Import Chemicals Data

Venezuela Import Organic Chemicals Customs Data The import data of any country depends on the customs of that particular country, and the same holds for Venezuela. GTO is one stop destination to provide Venezuela import shipment data loaded with customs. With GTO, you can gain access to the data related to any product imported by all the ports (Sea, Air, ICDs) of Venezuela. The companies trading with Venezuela prefer gaining access to consistent custom database for accessing genuine trade inform...

Adhesive Competitive Price Molded PTFE Sheet

Model No:10B - 147

Min. Order:100

Adhesive Competitive Price Molded Ptfe Sheet is a specialized engineering plastic which has excellent non stick properties - it has a surface to which no substance will adhere .Molded Ptfe Sheet Gasketing possesses universal resistance against common Chemicals, except melted alkali metal, fluorine at liquid and gas states. It is free from asbestos and other lung-intruding materials. Molded Ptfe Sheet meets the FDA requirements, doesn't have any corrosion and is able to be stored without any time...

Formaldehyde Solution Used for Adhesive

Model No:37% 40%

Min. Order:22

Formaldehyde Solution Used for Adhesive Formaldehyde solution Formaldehyde is a colorless chemical with a strong pickle-like odor that is commonly used in many manufacturing processes. It easily becomes a gas at room temperature, which makes it part of a larger group of Chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When an item gives off Formaldehyde Liquid, it is released into the air through a process called off-gassing.Formaldehyde Solution Used For Adhesive. Specification:Formaldehyd...

Chemicals CAS 86-29-3 Diphenylacetonitrile

Model No:X-CAS 86-29-3

Min. Order:1

Chemicals CAS 86-29-3 Diphenylacetonitrile Application: Diphenyl acetonitrile is used to synthesize isocyanate and further prepared into UV coating, PU coating, transparent elastomer and Adhesive, etc. In addition, it is also used in polyamide and epoxy resin industry. Used as an organic synthesis intermediate. In medicine, it is used to produce drugs such as gastric amines and pain relief. FAQ Q1. Are you a manufacturer Answer: Yes, we have our own factory called [ZhiShang Industry Group ", we ...

Polymer-bound Pre-dispersed Rubber Chemicals CBS-80

Model No:Actmix®CBS-80GE/C

Min. Order:600

Actmix®Polymer-bound Pre-dispersed Rubber Chemicals CBS-80 N-cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazolesulphenamide C13H16N2S2 M.W.: 264.4 CAS: 95-33-0 EINECS: 202-411-2 PROPERTIES: Vulcanization accelerator CBS can prolong scorching time of rubber compounds, high processing safety and fast vulcanization rate. It can be used alone in low-sulfur vulcanization, might as well can be used together with dithio- carbamates or thiurams. Its vulcanizate has excellent properties of anti-ageing and compres- sion set res...

Heat resistant PTFE Adhesive tape

Model No:YS7013AJ

Heat resistant PTFE Adhesive tape, non stick mold release tape Heat Resistant PTFE Tape is the non-stick PTFE fabric add the EVA glue behind. The highest temperature resistant can up to 260c, and the tape usually has long service life. The yellow release paper can make it easily to be used and stockpiled. Youngsun self Adhesive PTFE(TEFLON) tape is widely used in laminate-release sheets, food conveyor belts, electrical insulation and industrial processing. We can customized any size for your req...

Adhesive Letters Magnetic EVA Foam Fridge Sticker

Model No:CC-P02

Min. Order:100

Adhesive Letters Magnetic EVA Foam Fridge Sticker elephant decorative fluorescent foam wall sticker material:pvc,eva non-toxic kids' toy customize design 100% manufacturer Advantages A. Water resistance: closed cell structure, non-absorbent, moisture, water resistance is good. B. Corrosive: resistant to seawater, grease, acid, alkali and other Chemicals corrosion, antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, C. Processing: easy to hot pressing, cutting, coating, paste and other processing. D. anti-v...

EVA Hot Melt Glue Adhesive for Bookbinding

Model No:KG-8

Min. Order:1000

This is our milk white spine glue KG-8, Whis is also called Hot Melt Glue for Bookbinding or EVA hot melt Adhesive. color is milk white .shape is granules.flake granules. it is spine glue .It is used for binding with general paper of 80g. Its operating temperature is 160°±10° It has good adhesion.

Industrial Chemicals Butyl Methacrylate

Model No:SY-97881

Min. Order:1

Industrial Chemicals Butyl Methacrylate Description: The product name is butyl methacrylate with CAS 97-88-1.Its MF is C8H14O2 with MW 142.2. Butyl methacrylate's EINECS is 202-615-1 with Mol File 97-88-1.mol.Butyl methacrylate's product categories Industrial/Fine Chemicals;Acrylic Monomers;C8 to C9Monomers;Carbonyl Compounds;Esters;Methacrylate;ester series; Acrylic Monomers;Building Blocks;C8 to C9;Carbonyl Compounds;Chemical Synthesis;Materials Science;Monomers; Organic Building Blocks;Polyme...

Ndefb Disc 3M Adhesive magnet

Model No: Adhesive Magnet

Min. Order:1

Ndefb Disc 3M Adhesive magnet Neodymium magnet, also named NdFeB magnet, Neo magnet & Nd magnet, is mainly made of Neodymium, Iron and Boron with strongest power among all magnetic materials. Neodymium magnet can be easily shaped with high precision, widely used to motors, rotors, wind turbines, wind generators, sensors, loudspeakers, cars, mobile phones, home appliances, medical equipment, filters, and so on. Buyer Guide : In order to quote you the best price quickly . please provide the fo...

Viscoelastic Adhesive Tape For Pipe Valve Flange

Model No:T-800

Min. Order:5

System Description Visco Elastic Adhesive Tape for the Pipeline Anticorrosion is a non cure, cold applied corrosion prevention wrap adhering extremely well to the plant coating PE, PP, FBE and irregular equipment such as flanges, valves, pipe fittings, rings, manhole etc. Visco Elastic Adhesive Tape can cold flow into all irregularities of the substrate and self healing of the complete coating system. Product Composition Visco Elastic Adhesive Tape is based on a compound that consisting of n...

0.16mm PTFE Adhesive Tapes With Liner

PTFE has exceptional resistance to Chemicals. Its dielectric constant and loss factor are low and stable across wide temperature and frequency range. Our PTFE tapes demonstrate superior dielectric strength and resistance to wear, tear, cut through, breaking and flow under heat and pressure. Characteristics: ·easy to apply ·excellent high temperature resistance ·waterproof ·non-poisonous PTFE Glass fabric With Silicone Adhesive Series Code Standard Width (mm) Fabric Thick...

self Adhesive bitumen waterproof membrane

Model No:CLS-8020

Min. Order:500

self Adhesive bitumen waterproof membrane Self Adhesive aluminum bitumen waterproofing materials for concret Roof is a [peel and stick " asphalt membrane protected by Aluminum foil or a cross laminated high-density polyethylene film. It is made from two structural components. Asphalt compound with SBS and high tack resins. This special compound has been formulated to make the product easy to install. The membrane can be adjusted should it initially be placed in the wrong position, as the adhesiv...

Good quality PVC shrink film

Min. Order:10000

Delivery Time:30 Days

PVC shrink film Product introduction The Cast PVC shrink film providing full or partial body coverage, roll-sleeve films are formulated to work on roll-fed label machinery. So you get the superior graphics of shrink-label films and the high efficiency production of roll-fed labels. Specification 1. Low shrink-initiation temperature requires minimal shrink tunnel length for energy savings & high-output line speed. 2. Medium to high shrinkage properties. 3. Simple & multiple cont...

SMT High Temperature Adhesive Tape Paper 12mm

Model No:SMT High Temperature Adhesive Tape Paper

Min. Order:1

SMT High Temperature Adhesive Tape Paper 12mm Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland), China Brand Name: JGH Size: 12mm Condition: new Warranty: 12 months packaging details: foam + carton MOQ: 1 piece port: shenzhen/HK Relevant Products 1. SMT equipment and accessories: SMT Feeders( NXT Feeder, CFR Feeder, CL Feeder, SM Feeder, CM402/CM602 Electric Feeder), Smt nozzles, SMT feeder parts, Yamaha feeder storage cart, nozzle filter, THK grease gun, NSK grease, THK lubric...

High strenth Polyurethane Adhesive

Model No:Renz20

Min. Order:3000

1.POLYURETHANE SEALANT Renz20 Renz20 is one component polyurethane Adhesive with very good tensile strength and elasticity, primerless. 1. Bond very well with surface of variety material such as all kinds of metal, lumber, glass, polyurethane, epoxy, resin, and coating material, etc. Good cohesive force and durable elastic sealing performance 2. One component Adhesive with fabulous thixotropy, it`s convenient to apply with rapid curing speed 3. Excellent water, weather and aging resistance 4. ...